The Triumvirate of Paola Turbay, Paula Andrea Betancourt and Carolina Gomez

Way before there ever was a Miss Universe back to back win, the most popular back2back2back win were the 1st runner up finishes of Colombia in 1992 to 1994.

Paola Turbay, Paula Andrea Betancourt and Carolina Gomez were the three Senorita Colombia winners that made the very rare distinction of a three-peat win in Miss Universe back in the 90’s. Baby faced and innocent looking Paola Turbay may not have the statuesque heights of MU frontrunners Michelle McLean and Carolina Izsak, but she surely held her own among these tall glamazons in the pageant held in Thailand. Surprisingly enough, the English speaking Senorita garnered enough points to pull a lead over the favorite Izsak and make top 3. Paula Andrea Betancourt also did well during the competition in Mexico the following year. Although she wasn’t in her best physical form (she was thinner during the nationals), she still managed to make top 3 that year and was regarded by some Latino fans to be the better choice than eventual winner Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico. Of course we also saw Carolina Gomez who did put up a good fight for the title won by Sushmita Sen. Her priceless reaction during the announcement of winners is regarded by pageant fans to be the most sportsmanlike way of making 2nd place.

There hasn’t been any country that have duplicated the achievement of these three ladies and we doubt there ever will be. While the back to back wins of Venezuela’s Stefanie Fernandez and Dayana Mendoza may be replicated in the future, the triple wins of Paola, Andrea and Carolina may be tougher to achieve.

PhotoCollage of the Day: the Hunks of Century Tuna Superbods 2018

This is supposed to be posted for the #MANicMondays post but would we care if I posted it today right? Ladies and ladies at heart, here is eight of the 10 finalists of the Century Tuna Superbods 2018!

Jules Aquino
Tony de Oteyza

Anthony Wahl
Sandro Roman

Elcid Magne Camacho
Denver Hernandez

Angelo Cacciatore
Arnold van Opstal

Farzam Nasirian
Tobias Tiangco
Looks like these guys will start the summer heat this February!

New Stricter Rules for Miss Universe Puerto Rico!

New Miss Universe Puerto Rico National Director, Denise Quiñones’ would have to gird their loins for what some perceive as a controversial new rule for the pageant.

The new MUPR organization is imposing a new rule that”requires the candidate to have resided in the island continuously for six months before the date of the celebration of the final night of the pageant.” While for Filipino pageant fans, this kind of residency requirement is not new (as this was in place in Binibining Pilipinas for years/ decades), this seems to be something relatively new for the island country. Another rule that seems controversial is the part that says “one or both parents were born in Puerto Rico“. Others might argue that this would limit the girls who could participate in the pageant with such restrictions. But I do agree on these two new rules as it will prevent ‘pageant hopping’ of girls from one pageant to another.

With the new rules in place, it seems that Denise is steering the organization towards a more professional and stricter path. Ladies in Puerto Rico should consider themselves lucky as the rules for Binibining Pilipinas is far more strict than those two new rules that is being imposed… better count your blessings ladies.

Hidden Posts – Sashes&Scripts Major ANNOUNCEMENT!

There are quite a number of people who have been asking me on socmed, email and on comments about the Hidden Posts. Why are there Hidden Posts? How do we access those posts? Can we be advised on how to be able to access them? So today I will be explaining them, its purpose and how to access them.

These password protected Hidden Posts are either 1) highly sensitive topics, 2) intellectual posts not easily digestible to the average persons, 3) blind items or rumors, or 4) a combination of those three. Each Sashes&Scripts blogpost gets viewed by an average of 2.4k to 4.5k people each day. What I’d like to do is to have these sensitive posts narrowed to only the hundreds. And engage in real intelligent conversations for these kinds of posts, specially with the followers of the blog.

I have worked a temporary solution to this conundrum. First is the emailing list. Email followers of the blog would be emailed for access link and password for each Hidden Post. I would encourage everyone to follow the blog to be included in the mailing list.
Second is via the Sashes&Scripts official Facebook page
This page has less than 200 followers and it would be perfect as it doesn’t have the 100k plus audience of the Sash Factor page. It’s more intimate and as a special feature it will be posting new blogposts on real-time as they are published. In addition, there will be a number of posts that will only appear in that page that will not appear elsewhere in other Sash Factor social media accounts.

Please do bear in mind that these changes are in line with Sashes&Scripts’ move to become more of a professional business page. We have included ways for you to help this site running (check out how you can be a patron of the blog on the upper right corner of the site) without resorting to having lots of pop-up ads that ruins the brand experience. As we move forwards, more and more exclusive content and Hidden Posts will be available for our loyal patrons and followers.

4 Types of Sashes and Scripts Blogposts

When you visit my blog, you would typically see a number articles posted. On a daily basis, I would post one or two articles for my readers. While I may have written hundreds of articles on the blog, they essentially fall into one or two of these 4 categories: a News bit, an Editorial, a feature article or a Photo-essay.

To further distinguish one from the other, here is a brief explanation of each…
1. News Article – they usually are articles that are packed with factual and accurate information. They should be devoid of personal biases and should stick to the cold hard facts. This type of blogpost is usually accompanied by sources to ensure that it won’t be just treated as a ‘hearsay article’.
2. The Editorial – this is where personal opinions on a subject matter or a topic is involved. Serious in tone, the editorial is an exposition of the personal thoughts of the writer. It is at times involve discussing a delicate topic or a controversial issue.
3. Feature Articles – the most common type of post in my blog as it is very versatile in tone and in mood. The feature article aims to either entertain, educate, expose or a combination of the three. It can be serious in tone, it can be funny or sarcastic, or it can be melancholy in mood. It’s versatility allows the writer to experiment in various writing styles.
4. Photo-essays – mainly an exposition of graphics or photos following a theme or a line of thought. They can be comprised of as little as one graphic in a post to as much as 3 to 15 graphic images in one post. The ‘FunArt’ banners, ‘PhotoCollage of the Day’ and the ‘MANicMonday’ posts are prime examples of the photo-essays.

There are also rare multi-combination types like the #FashionFridays post or the ‘Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard’ which can be a combination of a number of the four types… So next time you visit the blog, you can now distinguish what type of post are you looking at.

Aya Abesamis and the Polar Opposites of Her Fans and Bashers

When I read social media posts on Binibini 11, Aya Abesamis I just couldn’t help but notice the extreme polarized opinions of those that support her and those that do not like her.

Aya is in a tough position being a Binibini Legacy. She has Miss Universe 3rd runner up Desiree Verdadero as her mother, then she has Miss World top 5 finalist Mafae Yunon as her cousin. That alone is quite a burden that she has to shoulder because she would never escape being compared to either two. Being a Binibini Legacy is actually a disadvantage for Aya simply because of that reason. It opens her to attacks by those that dislike her on social media. This is exactly what we see now happening.
The harshest criticism was that she wouldn’t get any attention without her mom or cousin. This is where I would strongly disagree. Because we are witness to how she is improving as the competition progresses. Her styling is getting much better, and despite being called out for similarities with Maxine Medina’s styling, I have no problem with that. Do what works when in a competition.
On the other side of the spectrum there are supporters that say she will only be eligible for the Miss Universe Philippines title because of her age. Hence she should be getting MUP because of that technicality. Being 26 years old does not narrow her chances of winning other Binibini titles. Back in 2015, the Miss International competition has already moved the ceiling age to 26 years old (there were three 26 year-olds that competed in MI2015, two in MI2016 and one last year). Other Binibini titles like Supranational (28 y/o ceiling age), Grand International (27 y/o ceiling age) and Globe (30 y/o ceiling age) are within reach aside from the MUP.

According to pageant friends who have observed Aya closely in the competition, she is one of the nice pleasant girls that doesn’t throw attitude. In fact she seems to be on the quiet side. From what little I have observed of her, I feel that Aya could easily snatch one of the titles up for grabs in Binibining Pilipinas. My gut says that she will be taking home one of the titles this year, we only have to wait to know which title would that be.

#MANicMondays: Mister World 2012 1st Runner Up, Andrew James Wolff

Let’s sizzle your #MANicMondays with MisterWorld Philippines and Mister World 2012 1st Runner Up, Andrew James Wolff…

Undressing never looked this good…
The then 26 year old Andrew James Penaflorida Wolff  represented the Philippines in the 2012 Mister World pageant in Kent, England, on 24 November 2012. In the said competition he emerged as 1st runner up to Francisco Escobar of Colombia.

The 6’2″ Andrew was appointed as Mister World Philippines by then national director Cory Quirino. He was an accomplished model and sportsman at that time playing for the Philippine National Rugby Sevens Team, the Philippine Volcanoes. He is by far, the first and only Filipino candidate to make it to the top 3 of the said male pageant.

What’s In-store for Sashes&Scripts for the Year of the Dog?

We just recently celebrated the Chinese New Year last February 16th. And this has gotten your blogger to reminisce of what we have achieved so far. Last October 25th 2017, the new Sashes&Scripts blog has reached its first 1 million clicks in just 13 months. I promised then that we would be hitting 2 million hits in less than a year… within 10 months to be specific. I have targeted to hit 2 million by my birth month of August.

Guess what? In just 4 months we already hit 1.43 million clicks! In fact, if this trend continues, we might overshoot that target and reach our second million much faster than expected! So I am working to reach that goal of achieving just that plus getting more followers of my blog.
Of course this is not just the only thing that I dreamed of achieving this year. I also have recently launched @sashesandscriptsofficial on Instagram. Being a neophyte in the Instagram world, I have been taking baby steps in improving our IG feed. I am planning to create more exclusive content for Instagram and will be launching that real soon. Of course we couldn’t just do this without any form of metrics to track our progress. I am targeting to reach 10k followers by end of the year. So I hope you can all help me to do so by following @sashesandscriptsofficial on Instagram.

Add to that is a Sashes&Scripts Facebook official page where you can get the latest blog updates immediately at your convenience plus exclusive content that won’t be seen on any Sash Factor pages. And we have recently launched the newest featured post which we call “The Hidden Post“. This password-protected blogpost will pop up every now and then for special interest topics that will only be available to a few… The first hidden post received quite a remarkable feedback from the initial group of readers and will be a mainstay in the blog.

This blogger also dreams of helping more pageant girls in the future. One of my fervent wishes is to be able to talk to a group of pageant hopefuls and inspire/prepare them on their journey to become beauty queens. I have to admit that I have dreams of being able to guide pageant hopefuls through inspirational talks and explaining about either: 1) social media strategy, 2) self-image and branding or 3) image consultation. I have worked long enough in the fashion industry to share a few things on those topics. Hopefully  one day someday I get to be invited for a talk on any of those…

Your Sashes&Scripts blogger have more dreams to achieve and hopefully, this would become a full-blown career in the following years ahead. The poet Yeats once said, “In dreams begins responsibilities…” Once you have a dream, you are aligning yourself to goals. With those goals come duties and responsibilities to make those come true.

Janette Sturm: Independently Beautiful in Binibining Pilipinas 2018

I met Janette Roanne Sturm in one of the candidate meet and greets earlier this month. And what I observed is a very unassuming beauty who is going at the nationals as an independent candidate.

Janette is 26 years old and stands just a little over 5’7″. Janette is from General Santos City. She was born in Vlissingen, Netherlands but was raised in General Santos City. She graduated Cum Laude from Ateneo de Davao University with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. You probably remember her from her stint at Miss World Philippines in 2015.
What I vividly remembers about our conversation is how she told me that I am perhaps one of the few people who could pronounce her last name correctly. The core topic of our short conversation was how difficult for her to be an independent candidate. She have to everything herself from coordinating with designers for outfits, ex-deals with photographers for photoshoots and still be on time for daily Bb. Pilipinas activities. You have to admire that kind of grit and determination in her. She also said that being 26 years old, it is now or never. She sent in her applications because she does not believe in living life with “what ifs” nagging behind her head.

She was also instrumental in my blogpost regarding the age requirements of the Alpha pageants. Janette mentioned that she was worried that she isn’t eligible for several titles at stake. I clarified to her that she is still eligible for a number of titles including the Miss International pageant as they have already increased the ceiling ages.
I hope her the best in her bid for a title in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant. I would be happy to see her coming home triumphantly.

Kevin Hernandez is All Set for Mister Model International 2018

2017 Mister Bachelor Philippines- Italy 1st runner up, 2017 Gentlemen of the Philippines- Model International, and Mister Model Philippines 2018 Kevin Hernandez is ready for the Mister Model International competition!

The 6’1″ Filipino hunk based in Italy is currently under the tutelage of Mister Bachelor Philippines- Italy Director/ President Chase Dasalla. He was in Rome recently to finalize his preparations for the Mister Model International 2018 pageant. It included some shoots that will be released soon upon the start of the international competition. He has considerably bulked up in his recent shoots and looks to be more prepared for the competition.
Kevin will be leaving for Miami on February 27 from Rome and will compete for the Mister Model International Pageant with its finals to be held on March 10, 2018. He was supposed to compete last year but the pageant was moved to this year.

An estimated 30+ candidates will vie for the title currently being held by Narrapat Sakulsong/ Papungkorn Sakunsong of Thailand. The highest placement the Philippines had in the competition was a 3rd Runner up finish by Adam Davies in 2014.

#FashionFridays: Charlene Gonzales’ Miss Universe National Costume

If I was asked what is my favorite national costume ever worn in Miss Universe, I would unequivocally say the T’boli-Manobo costume of Charlene Gonzales in 1994.

During the live finals telecast, Charlene did not wear the headdress portion of her national costume like the rest of the candidates…

This was the only Philippine national costume so far to win Best National Costume in the history of Miss Universe. It was designed by the Fashion Czar of Asia and National Artist Jose “Pitoy” Moreno. In his book “Philippine Costume” the entire ensemble was described as follows:
This ensemble draws inspiration from the Bagobo and the Higanon. Her upper garment is of gold material appliqued with authentic Bagobo t’nalak bands. In lieu of tapis, Charlene dons a skirt with t’nalak panels, this is further held in place with an authentic female Bagobo belt of glass beads and brass bells. The whole ensemble is reiterated further with gold beads, more brass bells. A Higanon headdress crowns her to complete the ensemble.

The costume may have earned a bit of controversy for winning as the majority of the judges who selected the winner were Filipinos. Nevertheless, the award is very much deserved as it made noise literally and figuratively.
What made me love this costume is its authenticity and the research that went into making the costume. Nowadays, designers seem to be very lazy in doing costumes that should feature our culture and customs. The country is rich with tradition and there should be more than enough resources to make one that is impactful, well-designed and authentic. And I found all of that in Charlene’s national costume…

The 3rd Sashes&Scripts Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Leaderboard Pt.2

This is the second of two parts and it still will be a shocker for a number of pageant fans.

One of the things I have observed in this batch is how they collectively seem to be all gifted on the chest area. That is a stark contrast with the 2016 batch that looked all too flat on the bussom area. I noticed that because they all fill in their swimsuits well. DR Swim by Domz Ramos provided teal blue colored two piece bikinis.
8. Kayesha Chua – channeling a Kylie Verzosa vibe with her straight hair. I happen to notice her performance as it was one that left an impression. It just happened that she is up in a strong batch who are to out-do each other. So she needs to keep on delivering on every occasion.
7. Eva Patalinjug – because she is blessed on the chest area, she tends to look shorter because her torso appears to look longer.  Thankfully her face is one that carries it all. I hope that she tries to experiment a bit on her hairstyle as she tends to default on her usual big curls.
6. Vickie Marie Rushton – looks very graceful onstage. Her biggest asset are the fact that she is one of the best faces in the group and is blessed with a curvy body. She is perhaps one of the bussom-y beauties in the batch.
5. Samantha Bernardo – she gave it everything she got. She knew her twirls and her poses well and looked good doing it. She was like Riyo Mori on Gatorade with her hip sway.

4. Muriel Orais
– not a surprise in the list as her lean and lithe body coupled with a very arresting face won me hands down. The girl is a performer and delivers onstage without overdoing it. I could say that she is the Janine Tugonon of her batch.
3. Catriona Gray –  she slides down from my list although still high in the leaderboard. Catriona showed that she can do fierce and is not stuck to the tweetums look. Visibly trimmed down but we all want to see more definition on her midsection.
2. Binibining Pilipinas International, Aya Abesamis – surprise, surprise! She was in her element onstage. The catwalk is her domain and she lords over it. She has the stature that makes her 5’7″ frame look 6 feet tall. I have to comment on the heavy make up though as it looked cake-y on some photographs.
1. Miss Universe Philippines, Ena Velasco – The doctor is IN! (Sorry just had to put that in). Ena surely looked good and was a standout in the press presentation. According to my moles, she was one of the girls that looked great in motion and had strong commanding presence. If you have that plus a meaty resume to bank up on, then you surely know why this gal is a dynamite in the contest.

#Nostalgia: Miss Universe 1999 Mpule Kwelagobe

What does Anne Lena Hansen, Michelle McLean and Mpule Kwelagobe have in common? Well, they all failed in winning the Miss World title only to bag other prestigious international crowns on their second attempt.
Mpule is a success story from Africa. She was the first black African to win the Miss Universe title, the first woman to win two national titles in Botswana and the youngest woman to win the Miss Botswana title at the age of 17 years old.
Mpule Keneilwe Kwelagobe first won the Miss Botswana title while being barely out from high school. That year she flew to compete in the Miss World 1997 pageant in Seychelles where she failed to even crack the semis. It was India’s Diana Hayden who romped away with the blue crown.

A couple of years later, she joined the inaugural Miss Universe Botswana pageant and won once again. Competing in Miss Universe 1999, Mpule was an underdog who rarely got noticed by pageant fans. She, however, delivered consistently during the finals night which saw her besting 84 other girls for the title. Mpule’s win became the first Miss Universe to come from a debuting nation since 1958.
As Miss Universe, Mpule  traveled to more than 20 countries in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean representing the official cause of the Miss Universe Organization, HIV/AIDS. She also became a spokes-model for the brand Clairol.
Mpule was also appointed by the United Nations as one of its Goodwill Ambassadors focusing mainly on youth and HIV-AIDS issues.
After her reign she had put on a number of hats including that of a human health rights activist, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, politician, businesswoman, model, and wife. Her government awarded her full scholarship to attend any university she wanted and took a Political Science degree (International Political Economy) at the Columbia University in New York City (Ivy league university).
Since then Mpule has been active in her advocacies and charity work focusing on developing the poor in Africa. She has undoubtedly become one of the most respected Miss Universe in history.