New Stricter Rules for Miss Universe Puerto Rico!

New Miss Universe Puerto Rico National Director, Denise Quiñones’ would have to gird their loins for what some perceive as a controversial new rule for the pageant.

The new MUPR organization is imposing a new rule that”requires the candidate to have resided in the island continuously for six months before the date of the celebration of the final night of the pageant.” While for Filipino pageant fans, this kind of residency requirement is not new (as this was in place in Binibining Pilipinas for years/ decades), this seems to be something relatively new for the island country. Another rule that seems controversial is the part that says “one or both parents were born in Puerto Rico“. Others might argue that this would limit the girls who could participate in the pageant with such restrictions. But I do agree on these two new rules as it will prevent ‘pageant hopping’ of girls from one pageant to another.

With the new rules in place, it seems that Denise is steering the organization towards a more professional and stricter path. Ladies in Puerto Rico should consider themselves lucky as the rules for Binibining Pilipinas is far more strict than those two new rules that is being imposed… better count your blessings ladies.


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