Once Upon a Blind Item: Smear Campaign

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances is purely coincidental…

Once upon a time, there was beauty queen who once had her heart broken, named Aikaterina Stormchrome Naberrie. Aika as she is fondly called lived in the Kingdom of Anque, an electoral monarchy. She was particularly a smart lady who never dreamed to become royalty. But one day she was elected eligible for the throne and become ruler of her land. New to her role she mistakenly relied on the kingdom’s High Council who only dreamed to use her to gain control of the land. The High Council was beloved by the people but were secretly vicious leaders.
So when  Aika met to discuss her future in the kingdom with members of the High Council, they thought that it would be a walk in the park to control the new queen. But the meeting was not to their liking when she sought to rule the land not with the High Council but with her own grassroots advisors. This didn’t bode well with them as they ‘negotiated’ the terms of at least having the appearance of guidance by the High Council… so that people of the land would still bow to the HC.  She wouldn’t have any of that and insisted that she does things in her unique way. This didn’t go well with the HC as they plotted against Aika.
The HC plotted every step from spreading accusations that she never gave notice to the High Court of her ruling the land with independent counsel, to besmirching her physical appearance, using past works to disqualify her from the electoral monarchy, and even to call her insincere and rehearsed. All of those attacks were carefully laid out and planned as to who will attack, how and when. Such was the malicious intent of the HC. But Aika’s loyal advisors are always at her defense. Then came her coronation to which the HC were deemed powerless to the new queen.
It appears that the story is finished, but no there more. In Queen Aika’s campaign for the High Queen title of the 95 kingdoms, the former glorious High Council is at it again! Using their minions, their sewer-rat agents, they sought to move pieces of the gameboard by spreading lies once more against Queen Aika. So beware! For the evil clutches of the High Council is never-ending and they will sought to seat a different High Queen to the Throne of 95 Kingdoms.


Once Upon a Blind Item: The Parting of Two Knights

Once upon a time, there lived two knights. The Red Knight whose emblem is the moon and stars, was the first knight to have made a name for himself. The second knight was the Yellow Knight, whose emblem was the sun and stars was a friend of the Red Knight. For years, the two were close friends with the Yellow Knight always admiring the red Knight for his gallant exploits and success. The Red Knight always appeared to have the wealth that anyone would envy. The Yellow Knight once served in the Red Knight’s golden palace and dreamed to achieve the same things that the Red Knight have.

Years later, the Yellow Knight struck on his own and achieved moderate success through the help from a Lady of Wealth. One day, the Red Knight and the Yellow Knight decided to have a feast at the Yellow Knight’s castle. This was the chance that the Yellow Knight can finally show that he is at par with the red Knight in terms of wealth. Little did anybody knew, the Red Knight’s finances was dwindling hence he immediately grabbed the chance to dine lavishly at the castle of the Yellow Knight.
It was then that the Yellow Knight found out the truth about the Red Knight’s dwindling wealth. After years of learning under the tutelage from the Red Knight, the Yellow Knight has now thought of building a golden palace to rival that of the Red Knight…. to which the Red Knight is already fully aware.
So now, both knights have the public appearance of being chummy buddies, but underneath it is a mutual resentment and loathing of each other. To everyone, things seem to be all well between the two knights but underneath it is a desire to overthrow another in prestige and wealth. So we await who will emerge victorious in this story of intrigue and deceit… we will see which among the two golden palaces will remain intact.

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Once upon a time there was an Ambitious Earl who happened to be the right-hand man of the king. The earl was a wealthy but sneaky man who conducted his business with a disregard on what other felt was a common courtesy. The earl was able to amass a fortune to rival that of the king and he set out to build a kingdom of his own. It is said that the earl was able to usurp the best craftsman and artisans from the king upon which laid the foundation of his kingdom. The king upon learning the betrayal banished the earl from his own lands but sustained quite a loss.

The earl who became a king of his own kingdom enjoyed the spoils of war. He continued to reap success one after another building his empire. So it seems that the new king was enjoying the fruits of his hard labour. But little does he know that all is not well as an emerging baron is about to topple him over in his own kingdom using the same stones he built his own palace. The baron worked hard if not harder to build his own wealth from the debris of the new kingdom and was starting to harvest his own seeds. The new king found out about the baron and ordered the baron to cease and decease from doing trade with the new king’s artisans and crafts-people. The same fear that the new king spread to his former king is now the same fear creeping back to him.
And what does the old king had to say about the turn of the events? Nothing, as he couldn’t be bothered anymore. It only goes to say: Karma’s a 13!+(h

UPDATE (6:10pm 02-10-2017)
The former ambitious earl who is now a new king have threatened his craftsmen and artisan they they will be penalized if they will conduct trade with the Baron. His pronouncement is being carried to the four corners of his kingdom to instill fear into his subjects. He is also amassing an arsenal to fire against the Baron. But the baron very well knows that the new king’s threats are to fall on deaf ears. The Baron is no subject of the new king and does not recognize his sovereign authority.
Everyone is waiting in bated breathe on what will be the new king’s next move…
To Be Continued?

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Tale of the Two Town-Criers

Once upon a time, there was a powerful Chinese king named XingXon who was fond of bloody sports and big games. He ruled his kingdom in the north with such mercantile skill that his kingdom grew rich with abundance. His reach became far and wide that he has made trades with people far far East with much gold and silver to throw about that he is able to bring forth a contest of that a Trojan Prince like Paris would envy. King Xingxon has brought the Apple of Hesperides to his kingdom to be awarded to the most beautiful on the land.

Everyone in his kingdom would want a glimpse of the spectacle naturally as everyone would want to know who is the fairest of them all. There was a proud primary town-crier who bears the insignia “son of the wolf” who would assume to bring forth news even without consent from the king and his trade partners. The shrewd and boastful town-crier assumed that his post would automatically be the chief source of all information but it would not be so. The more cunning King sought out a different town-crier, a tertiary town-crier, a humble man who carried the insignia of the sun, to carry out all communications. It has been whispered in the hushed chambers of the palace that should the carrier of the wolf insignia want to have a piece of the contest for the Hesperides Apple, they should “purchase” and bargain with the carrier of the sun insignia… and it will cost the primary town crier a cart full of gold.
The kingdom is not yet aware of the goings on inside the palace of King Xingxon but the walls have ears and they talk…
To Be Continued…

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Once Glorious Empress

Once upon a time there lived a glorious golden empress, who had wealth and power over the lands as far as her eyes could see. But her powers were not of her own, which she is blindly unaware of. Her powers actually come from a magic shell that sheds tears of pearls. It is those pearls that would make people around the empress give in to her with whatever she wants. And then one day, the magic shell would no longer cry tears of pearls for her and all her powers were lost.
So the once golden empress was removed from her castle and was forced to rebuild her wealth from scratch. And then one day she was able to see an opportunity if only she could lay claim to a princess from the orient seas who could give back her pearls. The empress tried to work her way around the princess and undermine the knights and guardians surrounding her. But it was unsuccessful, every ace move she had was blocked off by the princess’ protectors. She failed to acquire the princess for her own and claim that she alone can make the princess a woman worthy of a crown.
In defeat the empress tried to convince people from other lands that the princess was a no-good brat who would never be queen. She flung mud on the princess so that anyone who could hear her would see how clean and pure she was. But the princess was not disheartened and fought on. So on the night of the winter solstice, she claimed a crown of crystals to become the fairest in the land.
The empress sulkily hid in her new found lands, waiting… just waiting until her time is to come to strike back at the new queen and her kingdom…

* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Legend of the Bitter Gourd

Once upon a time, there was handsome king whose magic hands would turn any food he touches into delectable and succulent feasts. In his possession are four magic stones: a diamond that could bring light to any dark corner of the cosmos, a sapphire that that would bring good fortune and karma to those who are of pure of heart, an emerald that would make flowers, plants and fruits grow even on barren land, and a shiny pearl that would bring love and peace to the world. With immense power comes with great responsibility and the prince enjoyed such power over his dominion. And with time the once loving king became drunk in his power. His feasts became an extravagance of excess with the help of the four stones.

These four stones, however, have minds of their own… they go to wherever to those who are the most deserving of their gifts. One night, while the king was sleeping, the emerald gem chose to depart with the prince after being neglected and flew to the skies with lady who was born in the land of falcons. The falcon princess once crossed paths with the king and upon learning that the king got mad. Furious that he lost the gem, he spat bitter words that he never believed that the stone was in the same powers as those of the other three…that it was not a loss.

But it did not end there; quietly the sapphire gem flung itself into the arms of a brown-skinned princess who grew up alone in a forest relying on the help of her woodland friends. Leaving only the diamond and the pearl in his possession. Embittered with the turn of events, the once glorious king sulked and retreated to himself. In each passing day the king got older, weaker and more wrinkled, until one day the palace guards could no longer find him in the palace. All they could find was a green vine with a wrinkled looking fruit crawling on the king’s bedposts. Upon tasting the vegetable’s fruit it was bitter to taste and so became the first bitter gourd…

* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…