What is the Perfect Age to Join Pageants?

Age is not just a matter of number but rather of maturity and confidence. But there are rules on age requirements when it comes to pageantry and that is our topic of discussion in today’s blogpost.

The average age of a Miss Universe winner is 20.17 years old, but the contestants can be anywhere from 18 years old to 27 years old. The average age of Miss World winners is at 19.41 and  is considered to be the youngest among the 4 Alpha pageants. The average Miss International winner is at 20.7 years old. While the Miss Earth winners are averaging at 21.88 years old. NOTE: For the average ages of the MU, MW, MI & MI pageants, we included the ages of the dethroned winners. 
If we put these data all together, it seems that the optimal age to join an international pageant is between the ages of 20 to 22 years old. However, that might not be the case in this past 10 years. (We’ve made an earlier post on age and the Alpha pageant winners here)

Looking at the median age of the Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss World and Miss Earth winners for the past 10 years, we see that most of them are moving towards the mid-20s. During the years 2007-2017, the median age of the winners now range between 23 to 24 years old. This could be interpreted that pageant organizations are looking for women who have substantial life experience to bring into the title. Those that are on their mid-20’s have already had enough work experience and educational attainments to brag about. The fact that pageants have continually pushed their age limits to include women between the ages of 26 to 28 years old proves that. The latest improvements of Miss International and Miss Earth to allow 27 year-olds to compete in their pageant are great moves on their part… and perhaps a message that women with life experiences are now more valued.

Teenage winners may not have enough life experiences as compared to women in their mid-20’s. They might not even have finished college and perhaps not yet equipped with qualifications for the role of a spokesperson for a pageant. Of course there are exemptions to this but they tend to be rare finds. The trend of having teenage winners are on the wane with only 5 out of 40 alpha queens in the past decade. The Miss Earth pageant only had one teenage winner in its history and the Miss Universe pageant only had 1 teenage winner in the last decade. Only Miss World has been crowning more than 4 teenagers in the past 20 years.
But then again those are just numbers. They cannot be the gauge of maturity, confidence and attitude of each of the winners. What we do know is that in terms of age, being young is generally not an advantage.

Interview with Mister Tourism United Kingdom, Kyle Vosper

Let’s get to know one of the hunks in the 3rd edition of the Mister Tourism World competition happening in Rome, Italy! Meet the studly blonde looker from London, England – Kyle Vosper.
Could he be the first hottie to win an international male pageant tile this year?

: Kyle Ian William Vosper
Age: 24 years old
Height: 6’1″

How would you describe yourself… Would you tell us something that most people do not know about you…
I’d describe myself as a very social, friendly and active person with a selfless and kind heart. Most people don’t know that I love to put on classical music and stretch to relax.

In your spare time, what hobbies or activities do you do? How often do you have time to do them?
I’m my spare time I like to spend time talking and debating with friends, watching movies, cooking, researching things about fitness and the body (and many other interesting topics including tourism)… I tend to create myself a good few hours of relaxing time outside of work and the gym to properly wind down. Continue reading “Interview with Mister Tourism United Kingdom, Kyle Vosper”

Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Wish List: Vickie Rushton

If there was one lady that I would hope to see again in the coming Binibining Pilipinas pageant, that would be Vickie Marie Rushton. She was the Binibining Pilipinas 1st runner-up last year and among the recent runners up in the pageant she is one I believe should give the pageant another shot.

At age 26, she is now only eligible for most of the titles in the BBP roster including the Miss Universe Philippines crown. However since the Miss International pageant is to increase their age requirements to 26-27 years old starting this year, then that should be a great news for pageant aspirants. IMHO, Vickie fits the MI to a “T” although I wouldn’t scratch her off my MUP list as well.

There is something about the genuineness and sincerity that we see in her that we believe will make her an amazing Binibining Pilipinas queen. I believe that it is time for her to swap her runner up tiara to a BBP crown…
You can read more about her in this post we wrote April of last year why she should give BBP another try.

The Most Coveted Special Award in Binibining Pilipinas

If there is one special award that could almost guarantee you a title in Binibining Pilipinas, that would be the Best in Swimsuit.
In fact from the time where it was first introduced in 1975,  21 recipients of this special award ended up with the Binibining Pilipinas Universe title. In the years  of the late 80’s to mid-2000s, majority of its winners  went on to win the most coveted titles among the crowns at stake: Universe, International and World titles.

The first recipient of this award Rose Marie “Chiqui” Brosas ended up with the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title in 1975. She was seconded by Rosita Capuyon in 1983 winning both BBP-U and the swimsuit award. Since then the Best in Swimsuit title has been awarded to several girls who went on to get crowns in the coronation night in their respective years (in the exception of Queneerich Rehman in 2011 who later was crowned Miss World Philippines under the directorship of Cory Quirino). Other notable winners of the award were Dindi Gallardo, Charlene Gonzalez, Aileen ‘Leng’ Damiles, Abbygale Williamson Arenas, Nina Ricci Alagao and Maricar Balagtas to name a few.
FUN FACT: did you know that only Maricar Balagtas has won the special award twice? She first won it in 2001 (on her second try) where she ended up as 2nd runner up and then again in 2004 when she won Bb. Pilipinas Universe. No other Binibining Pilipinas repeater has ever done that feat since her.

In this decade, the lucky ladies who won the special award are as follows:
2010 – Krista Kleiner, Bb. Pilipinas International
2011 – Queneerich Rehman
2012 – Nicole Schmitz, Bb. Pilipinas International
2013 – Ariella Arida, Miss Universe Philippines
2014 – Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Universe Philippines
2015 – Janicel Lubina, Bb. Pilipinas International
2016 – Joanna Eden, Bb. Pilipinas Supranational
2017 – Rachel Peters, Miss Universe Philippines
2018 – Catriona Gray, Miss Universe Philippines
2019 – Bea Patricia Magtanong, Bb. Pilipinas International
The 21 recipients of this award who were also Bb. Pilipinas Universe are:
Rose Marie “Chiqui” Brosas (1975), Rosita Capuyon (1983), Desiree Verdadero (1984), Perfida Limpin (1988), Germelina Leah Padilla (1990), Maria Lourdes “Alou” Gonzales (1991, elevated to BBP-U after Anjanette Abayari’s dethronement), Elizabeth Berroya (1992), Melinda “Dindi” Gallardo (1993),  Charlene Gonzales (1994), Joanne Santos(1995), Aileen Damiles (1996), Abbygale Williamson Arenas(1997), Nina Ricci Alagao (2000), Maricar Balagtas (2004), Gionna Cabrera (2005), Lia Andrea Ramos (2006), Bianca Manalo (2009), Ariella Arida, Mary Jean Lastimosa, Rachel Peters and Catriona Gray.

So in the coming Binibining Pilipinas edition, take note on who is gonna win the Best in Swimsuit award. She might as well be one of the new titleholders of the pageant!

Country Rankings in Miss Universe

Which are the most successful countries in the Miss Universe pageant?
TRIVIA! Did you know that only 17 countries have so far won 2 or more Miss Universe crowns in its 67 year history? And that only 5 countries have won more than 2 titles?

The Miss Universe title is perhaps the most coveted international pageant title in the world. Hence it attracts nearly the most competitive entrants from 70-90 countries worldwide. While it may not have the most number of yearly entrants (that is due to the franchise fees that don’t come in cheap), it is the most talked about pageant on the face of the earth. The pageant that used to be a promotional event for Catalina Swimsuits has become one of the most recognized global brands in existence.
NOTE: Sashes&Scripts only included in this list the countries with 2 or more winners, hence countries with just 1 winner aren’t mentioned even if they have multiple runner up placements.
17. France – 2 wins, 19 placements
16. Thailand – 2 wins, 1 runner up, 11 placements
15. Trinidad & Tobago – 2 wins, 2 runners up, 8 placements
14. Canada – 2 wins, 3 runners up, 19 placements
13. Mexico – 2 wins, 5 runners up, 19 placements
12. India – 2 wins, 4 runners up, 22 placements
11. South Africa – 2 wins, 5 runners up, 22 placements
10. Japan – 2 wins, 7 runners up, 19 placements
9. Australia – 2 wins, 8 runners up, 19 placements
8. Finland – 2 wins, 10 runners up, 18 placements
7. Colombia – 2 wins, 13 runners up, 34 placements
6. Brazil – 2 wins, 13 runners up, 37 placements

The 5 most successful countries in the Miss Universe pageant have accumulated a number of wins since the inception of the pageant in 1952. Some European countries that did well in the 50’s-80’s have lost their competitive advantage at the turn of the century. Hence proving that the pageant rankings are more of a marathon run rather than a sprint.
Also surprisingly, two countries that have placed most often in the pageant did not make it into the top 5 list. Brazil and Colombia ranked number 3 and 4 respectively in terms of most placements behind USA and Venezuela. This goes to show that the pageant is skewed towards women from North and South America. Only one Asian and European country enjoys being in the top 5.
5. Sweden – 3 wins, 10 runners up, 29 placements
4. Philippines – 4 wins, 9 runners up, 22 placements
3. Puerto Rico – 5 wins, 6 runners up, 21 placements
2. Venezuela – 7 wins, 19 runners up, 42 placements
1. USA – 8 wins, 22 runners up, 61 placements
The United States has the most number of wins in the pageant and the most number of placements. It is also interesting to note that Puerto Rico, a US territory, has one of the most number of wins in MU. Let’s not forget to mention that the Philippines used to be colony of the United States. Such relationship with the pageant’s country-base isn’t new as even Miss World (a London-based pageant that started as a bikini contest) has a preference for India and Australia, two former colonies of the United Kingdom.
As the 2010s is about to close, we await which country will move up into this list…

Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Wish List: Samantha Lo

This year is the right time for Samantha Ashley Lo to join the Binibining Pilipinas pageant! This former Binibining Cebu Tourism is one of the highly awaited girls in the national pageant. Last year, pageant fans were waiting to see if she will be joining Bb. Pilipinas or Miss World Philippines. This blogger thinks that 2019 will be the year we will be seeing her in Araneta for her application.

With her being 25 years old this year, this is the perfect timing for her to be joining the national pageant as waiting for 2020 will be too risky for her age nearing the cut off for most pageants. I have met Samantha Lo when I was watching the Mister World Philippines pageant last year. Me and Tita Lavinia  (of @titasofpageantry) were mesmerized with her gorgeous face and statuesque posture. I am quite sure that she will easily be one of the most talked about ladies in the pageant should she join.

To say that one of the crowns might easily fall into her lap will be an understatement. Having grown up in the US, we could say that she would be eyeing the Miss Universe Philippines crown.

Madam Stella Marquez-Araneta’s International Crowns of the Decade

For the past 9 years, the Binibining Pilipinas pageant has earned several international titles and numerous other runner-up placements thru the dedication of Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc.’s Chairperson Stella Marquez Araneta. The BPCI Matriarch has managed to score seven international crowns in this decade alone. With only one year more ’til the 2010s close, could she produce another international winner?

Mutya Johanna Datul, Miss Supranational 2013 – she was the first of two international titles to be won that year. The 5’8 stunner from the province of Isabela had the most polished and strong ramp skills in her batch. It was a perfect match to have seen her sent to the pageant that perfectly matches her strength. Mutya was in her best element during the finals in the Poland-based pageant – the runway. It was also with her win that the Miss Supranational pageant became a budding pageant to keep tabs on.
Bea Rose Santiago, Miss International 2013 – this lady was a personal favorite from the get go and was a personal favorite for the Bb Pilipinas International title with her semblance with Aurora Pijuan. Rumor has it that it was Bea who received top scores at the nationals. Smart, articulate, tall at 5’9″, gorgeous and blessed with long limbs, Bea was an instant hit in Japan. No surprises seeing her taking home the Mikimoto crown that year.
Ann Colis, Miss Globe 2015 – IMHO, this girl would have been better sent to a more ‘substantial’ pageant. Personally, it was like sending a ‘big fish in a small pond’ scenario. We all knew she was gonna win the Canadian-based pageant, in fact some pageant fans felt that she was unjustly underutilized as she could make a bigger splash in bigger pageants. Nevertheless, Ann Colis shines as one of BPCI’s crown jewels of this decade.

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015 – three times the charm. She was the perfect embodiment of an unwavering spirit and determination. Her victory after decades long drought brought back the fanaticism towards the Miss Universe pageant…
Kylie Verzosa, Miss International 2016 – a favorite even at the nationals, Kylie was the media and organization darling in Tokyo… even then-reigning Miss International Edymar Martínez loved her! Kylie’s win as the 6th Filipina MI winner further cemented the country’s status as a powerhouse in the pageant. The only country to have more Mikimoto crowns than the Philippines is Venezuela.
Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018 – she came to Bangkok to be crowned, or that is what this blogger feels. Catriona was a brand of her own, and that was the one thing that will only bring the Miss Universe pageant into greater heights now that she has won. Rumors have it that the owners of the MGI and MS pageants wanted her for their pageant. Had SMA given in to them, it would have been a travesty and the Philippines wouldn’t have its 4th MU title.
Karen Gallman – her win as the first Filipina Miss Intercontinental was the icing on the cake for the BBP2018 batch. Her win further cements the Philippines as a powerhouse in pageants.
It is thru SMA’s ability to match the right lady for the international pageant she is competing that we owe much to her. It is in that same vein that Sashes&Scripts is hoping to have all these 6 ladies attend the Bb Pilipinas 2018 coronation night. Having all winners within the decade present during the finals would be remarkable, it would be a star-studded affair for the penultimate night of Binibining Pilipinas 2019.

* NOTE: this is a republished post that we updated for accuracy and relevancy…

What Are Karen Gallman’s Chances at Miss Intercontinental

What chances does Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental Karen Gallman to win the Miss Intercontinental pageant?

The Miss Intercontinental crown is one of the most elusive titles to the Philippines to date. So far the Philippines came so close to winning Miss Intercontinental twice with Christi Lynn McGarry and Katarina Rodriguez who both finished first runner-up in the pageant in 2015 and 2018, respectively. Karen Gallman comes in with the longest preparation amongst the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 batch. And she doesn’t take that for granted, training even during Christmas and New Year.

Karen, an Australian-Filipina, will be competing on home-turf come January 26th. She  celebrated her 26th birthday last September, and is an advocate for children’s education. Her advocacy aims at improving education for primary and secondary school in rural areas in the Philippines. This Operations Analyst who has worked in London is  one of the best faces in the Bb. Pilipinas 2018 batch and her semblance with Kendall Jenner and Mila Kunis is one of the things that is guaranteed to make a mark with the pageant’s judges.

Can she be the Philippines’ first Miss Intercontinental winner? Definitely! Karen will be coming in prepared and with the support of the Filipinos behind her. The Miss Intercontinental pageant never reached heights enjoyed by other pageants with more than 30 years of history. Should they crown a Filipina, that may just change. Just ask Miss Supranational when did crown Mutya Johanna Datul. Karen can definitely increase the pageant’s followers should she win…

2018 Year End Special Report – Philippines’ Performance

How did the Philippines fare in the international pageant arena this year? Did we do better or worse than last year?
Since Venus Raj’s drought-breaking 4th runner-up finish at Miss Universe 2010, the Philippines won 2 Miss Universe crowns, 2 Miss International crowns, 3 Miss Earth crowns and 1 Miss World. Despite having major losses in some international pageants this year, the Philippines continues its winning streak!

2018 International Titles
Miss Asia Pacific International, Sharifa Akeel
Miss Eco-International, Cynthia Thomalla
Miss Multinational, Sophia Señoron
Miss Tourism Worldwide, Zara Carbonell
Miss Intercontinental 2018, Karen Gallman
In terms of international pageants outside the Alpha pageants, the Philippines has had varying degrees of success. Jehza Huelar made it to the top 10 of Miss Supranational, Michele Gumabao was a semifinalist in Miss Globe and countless other placements and victories in lesser known international pageants. We did score wins in other international pageants, notable of which are Karen Gallman, Sharifa Akeel, Cynthia Thomalla and Sophia Senoron (all Kagandahang Flores trained ladies). Zara Carbonell’s win as Miss Tourism Worldwide further cemented the illustrious batch of the 2017 Miss World Philippines winners.

Karen Gallman’s victory as the first Filipina Miss Intercontinental has raised the Philippines further up into the pageant stratosphere. This is the first win for the country since the pageant’s establishment in the 70’s. Sharifa Akeel’s win as Miss Asia Pacific International is the 5th win since the pageant was established in 1968 (it was first known as Miss Asia before growing to Miss Asia Pacific and now to its current format). Prior to Sharifa’s win, four Filipinos were crowned in past iterations of the pageant. They were Maria del Carmen Ines Zaragoza (1982), Gloria Dimayacyac (1983), Lorna Legaspi (1989), and Michelle Aldana (1993). Cynthia Thomalla winning in Miss Eco International was the first international victory in the year 2018 before being immediately followed up by Sophia in Miss Multinational in India.

Major Losses of 2018
Katarina Rodriguez’ 1st runner up finish in Miss Intercontinental 2017 earlier in January 2018 was dealt with a devastating non-placement in Miss World last December. While there were missteps made on both sides, there was no offered satisfactory explanation on Katarina’s disqualification at the BWAP and talent segments. If Katarina’s rumored martial arts presentation wasn’t considered an acceptable talent then how come Catharina Choi Nunes of Brazil was allowed to do a taekwondo demonstration for the Miss World 2015 talent competition? Another major loss was that of Alyssa Muhlach in Reina HispanoAmericana. An understandable loss considering she only had less than two weeks time to prepare for the competition. Eva Patalinjug’s shocking non placement in the Miss Grand International pageant is deemed to be an unjust decision. The pageant’s judging panel comprised of a national director and a designer/pageant trainer/ friend of a candidate, which puts the judging process in question. More so the questionable ethics of the pageant owner and the pageant itself…

The 4 Alpha Pageants
Miss World Philippines, Katarina Rodriguez
Miss Philippines Earth, Silvia Cortesi
Bb. Pilipinas International, Ahtisa Manalo
Miss Universe Philippines, Catriona Gray
Three out of 4 possible placements isn’t a bad achievement specially with the year ending with a major win in Miss Universe courtesy of Catriona Gray. Silvia Cortesi made top8 in Miss Earth and Ahtisa Manalo almost won the Mikimoto crown in Japan last November.
Over all, the year started with a bang with a handful of crowns courtesy of Karen, Sharifa, Zara, Cynthia and Sophia, and ended with the Philippines earning the most coveted international title of all, the Miss Universe crown. While we celebrate every victory we had this past year, we can predict that 2019 will be overshadowed online by every move that Catriona Gray will be making as Miss Universe. So we are hoping that the next set of national winners will be able to face being scrutinized based on the achievements of their predecessors. And we pray that pageant fans would be less aggressive or vile on social media on these ladies this year. On a final note, we do wish fervently that the winning streak would continue this 2019.
NOTE: this blogpost was originally posted in January 15th and has been edited to include updates on Karen Gallman’s win.

Chavit Singson on getting Miss Universe Franchise

Philippine STAR: There have been rumors that you’re negotiating with the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) to acquire the Philippine franchise of the pageant from Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI), but Stella Marquez-Araneta just told media on Jan. 3 that the franchise is still with them. What’s the real score?

CHAVIT SINGSON: True, the franchise is already with me, but it has not yet been announced. I think it shall be formally announced this January or February, when Catriona comes back again to the Philippines. “Binibining Pilipinas Universe” will be replaced with “Miss Universe Philippines.” Noon pa binibigay sa akin ‘yan (It was being offered to me since before), because I’ve been helping them since 2016.
How did you get it when the Miss Universe franchise has been with the Aranetas for 55 years?
I dealt with them for the hosting of the Miss Universe pageant here in the Philippines in 2016. Instead of talking to many companies before, they just talked to me and I then gave them a non-refundable deposit of $1 million. Who would disagree to that, non-refundable? I gained their trust. Before the signing in 2016, they even first asked me to pay $12 million.
Is it true you’re helping stage Miss Universe this year? Where in South Korea will it be, and can you share some details?
Yes, it’s in South Korea, but I’m not yet sure exactly where. Before, it was held in Jeju island because it doesn’t require visas for foreign tourists. The 2019 Miss Universe will be unique because for the first time in history, North Korea will participate but no swimsuit portion for their candidate, only the national costume.

Are you courting Catriona Gray, because the first Instagram and Facebook photos I saw of you and her, the two of you were dining and havin wine on your private jet. Your comments about her?
Hindi, hindi (No, no), I’m not courting her. Catriona deserves the crown, she’s very confident, intelligent, beautiful. Walang masabi (nothing to say), she really deserves to win.
What did you tell Catriona after she won? How about President Duterte’s reaction to her?
I told her that her life will change and she said that she still couldn’t believe it… President Duterte? Natuwa siya, gusto nga niya i-appoint siya (he’s delighted, in fact he wants to appoint her) somewhere.

We’ve lifted transcipts of the breaking news directly from the Philippine Star Article… Read more at https://www.philstar.com/lifestyle/sunday-life/2019/01/13/1884483/chavit-singson-getting-miss-universe-franchise-worlds-tallest-jesus-statue-duterte-pacquiao-erap-joma-marcos-ninoy#L6jaAFswY2Fhecoz.99

Catriona Gray: Australian, Scottish, Filipina or All of the Above?

The issue about Catriona Gray being “owned” by Australia and the Philippines is a topic that surfaced arising her win as Miss Universe.

Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray competed and won in Miss World Philippines and Binibining Pilipinas. She represented the Philippines in Miss Universe and won as Miss Philipppines. Period. Case-closed. IMHO this is a topic that we shouldn’t discuss as it is bordering to absurdity. This blogger believes that this non-issue is being brought about because she won Miss Universe. Had she not won, I don’t think she would be even mentioned in Aussie papers or tv reports. She could have chosen to compete in Miss Universe Australia which she could have easily won but she chose to compete in Binibining Pilipinas (which is one of the most competitive national pageants in the world next to Miss Venezuela and Miss USA).
I have chanced upon an Australian Youtuber (to which we will not be mentioning anymore in this blogpost) that the least Catriona could do was to acknowledged the fact that she was raised in Australia. And that part of who she is was because of her upbringing in the land down under. There were also some publications that shaded her win as an Aussie win by slashing the Philippines in her Miss Universe Philippines title on their headlines. With all due respect to our Aussie fans who feels for this issue, Catriona did acknowledge in her media tour that she was born from a Filipina mom and a Scottish father who was an Australian immigrant. That being said, Catriona is technically Sottish-Filipina based on heritage. It also does not erase the fact that she has countlessly mentioned and acknowledged her growing up in Cairns, Australia.

Back in 2016, we have asked Catriona in an interview about being mixed-race representing the Philippines in an international competition and this was how she responded:
I constantly traveled to the Philippines when I was a little girl, every school holiday to spend time with my family. And when it came time for me to choose for myself which country I wanted to live I chose the Philippines. Why should I be blamed for my parents’ decision to allow me to grow up in Australia? When it finally became my choice, I chose the Philippines and I think that counts for something. And since when does “bloodline” define someone? We Filipinos are a mixed race. At the end of the day – My heart is Filipino. My blood is Filipino.
The claim if a Filipina or an Australian won the Miss Universe 2018 title is a stupid debate, IMHO. Nobody or no country for that matter could claim ownership of her win. It was her and hers alone and to whoever she dedicates it to. Her mentors and friends who helped train her for the pageant in Bangkok summarized it perfectly: they are loosing their friend for one year to the Miss Universe organization. Catriona Gray is, for a year, owned by her duties and responsibilities as Miss Universe 2018…

2018 Year End Special Report – Our Best Blog-posts

2018 gave us freedom to write our thoughts unhindered and tethered by anyone. This year allowed us to cover and talk about a wider variety of topics, in numerous writing styles. From our Once Upon a Blind Item topics,  to our Leaderboard Picks and to our #HiddenPosts, we were able to dip our toes into topics that other pageant pages and writers are afraid to even tackle.

We were able to write creatively to make our post entertaining while serving a healthy dose of sarcasm and shade. Here are our best posts of the year 2018!
Miss Universe Prizes – despite being posted last December 27th, this has been the most popular blogpost for the year 2018! Most pageant fans kept on coming back to this post that we had to repost its link on our Facebook page twice in the last quarter.
Anatomy of a Pageant Loss – this blind item made quite a stir upon its release that we’ve been branded as irresponsible by certain groups. Instead of introspection and learning from errors made, some quarters took it defensively. I believe that their main issue with this post was the multitudes of mistakes made by multiple people involved in situation. It was no wonder we’ve heard a rumor that one of the key people in the organization was fired for the ineptitude that happened. At least said person has gone back to ‘mentoring’.  Continue reading “2018 Year End Special Report – Our Best Blog-posts”

Which is the Bigger Pageant: Miss Universe or Miss World?

For years there has been a debate on which is the bigger pageant between the UK-based Miss World and the US-owned Miss Universe. This blogpost will try to answer that age-old question…
How did the rivalry start? Well it was in the early 50’s that started it all. Rumor has it that the first Miss World pageant was held as a response to rumors that there was a move to revive the old defunct Miss Universe from the late 20’s/ early 30’s. So how do we quantify which is the bigger pageant? By looking at data of course!

Google Analytics paints a very clear picture on which pageant is most searched online. With data going as far back in 2004, we can gauge how the two pageant has performed in terms of popular searches.
Interest Over Time (the popularity of that term over a specified time range) shows us that since 2004, the Miss Universe pageant has dominated search popularity, with Miss World falling behind. The only time that MW has come close to the popularity that the MU pageant is enjoying is in 2013, when Megan Young won the crown in Bali, Indonesia. In the year of Megan’s reign, the Miss world enjoyed online popularity boosted by Filipino pageant fans. However that went on a decline specially in 2015 when Ariadna Gutierrez of Colombia was mistakenly named winner. Pia Wurtzbach  enjoyed one of the most talked about reign with searches for “Miss Universe 2015” outperforming all other editions to date. It also helped that her popularity among Pinoy pageant fans kept much of the spotlight on her reign. The MU sustained its lead in the 2016 edition when the pageant was held in the Philippines.
Originally the Miss World pageant was named Festival Bikini contest with 16 candidates (11 of which were from Great Britain) participating. It was only the press that branded it as Miss World and the name has stuck and was adapted ever since. A year after the first Miss World pageant took place, the Miss Universe was born in Long Beach, California and it attracted 30 candidates on its initial outing.

In terms of pageant participation, the Miss World pageant has the slight advantage with having an average of 72. 17∼ 72 candidates since its inception. The Miss Universe pageant on the other hand has an average of 68.52 ∼69 candidates. We must note here that the Miss Universe pageant has a higher average franchise fee than Miss World, hence the higher number of countries being able to afford the relatively cheaper MW franchise fee.
The most number of Miss World participants was in 2013 with 127 candidates joining. Their least number of participants was in 1952 with only 11 ladies joining. As for the Miss Universe pageant their least number of candidates was in 1953 with 26 countries joining. They had the most number of contestants in 2018 when the pageant was held in Bangkok, Thailand for the 3rd time with 94 entrants.

Going back to the data from Google Analytics, let’s talk about the search volume. Search Volume is simply the amount or quantity of searches that occur for a particular keyword or term. Based on “high volume search” regions the countries that had the most queries on the MU pageant were: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Slovakia (Slovak Rep), United States and the Philippines. For MW searches, the countries that topped the list were: Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Looking at the search per region, inclusive of “low volume search” regions, the pageant that seems to have the biggest slice of the pie is still the Miss Universe pageant. Europe and Asia is a “blue sea” market with both pageants seemingly having equal slice of the pie. Africa leans heavily towards the Miss World pageant while the Miss Universe pageant is basically the number one in North & South America and majority of the Caribbean.
Interest per region shows that in terms of countries, the Miss World pageant has seemingly have a bigger number of countries that have queried the term. If you could also notice that the most searched years of the pageant were years when a Filipina won the crown. Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has surely boosted each of their respective pageant’s interest.

In conclusion, how you interpret the question “which is the bigger pageant” may vary based on your personal biases. However, historical data and Google Analytics don’t lie…