Male Pageant Winners & the Adult Film Industry Pt1

This is not going to be an easy topic to post nor it would be something to be set aside. Not all pageant winners and hopefuls end up with a glamorous career in acting or modeling. Some have gone to ‘not so stellar’ careers in the adult film industry while others were stripped off their titles altogether upon learning of their porn past. For some, it’s all about sex and selling it. While there are improvements on the quality of male pageants compared to its early years, there are still some work to be done to get it into the level of respect that women pageantry enjoys. This has been one of the stigmas that is always attached with male pageants, and while there are those that work hard to overturn this nasty image it is not easy to do so. It is quite a herculean task when there are past winner who opt to enter the adult film industry.

Zack Vazquez – his appointment as Manhunt International – Cuba 2008 actually was a bit shocking as it is said that he is a US citizen with Cuban descent. He was later removed from the roster of candidates for the international competition as it was found out that he posed naked for beefcake magazines Playgirl and Men Magazine.

Edwin Enrique Iglesias Colon – this Puerto Rican hunk from Guaynabo was chosen as Mister World Puerto Rico in 2003. He then became a contract star under gay adult film outlet Kristen Bjorn under the screen name Rocko Magnus.
Mayquel ‘Zeus’ Rodriguez – a winner of Mister Handsome Venezuela in 2008, after his reign he found a career as an adult film actor. Unlike other pageant guys who dipped their feet into the adult film industry, Zeus only performs in straight porn.

Vasa Nestorovic – he was chosen as Mister World Serbia in 2010 but several years later he became an adult film actor under Lucas Entertainment. He changed his screen name to Demian Holt and was seen in a video performing with owner Michael Lucas.

Part 2 on this link

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