Tamaryn Green on Profile

One of the ladies that is highly touted to be one of this year’s Miss Universe front runners is Tamaryn Green of South Africa. This native of Paarl is going to try to replicate what only Venezuelan queens have done in Miss Universe: A Back to Back Victory.

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Miss Universe 2018: 4th RUMOR MILL!

This will be the last of the Miss Universe rumor mill, so we are gonna pile in everything that we have so far!

1. FACEBOOK/ INSTAGRAM LIVE of the Backstage Going-ons – this year, the Miss Universe pageant will be taking you much deeper into what happens behind the scenes of the contest. According to Thai reports there will be a live broadcast of what is happening behind the scenes of the pageant that will be simultaneously aired on some social media channels of the pageant. This is quite a treat to pageant fans as we will be seeing who will be throwing hissy fits and tantrums after the ladies get cut from the competition! Kidding! (Although everyone would love to see that.)
Though I doubt that this will be broadcasted live on television, it will nevertheless show everyone what happens backstage on the preparations of the pageant before going back live. According to our moles, the live videos will only be put on during the commercial breaks.
2. MISS UNIVERSE Tickets – by now you have read our previous hidden post about the tickets going higher by 10-20% and that is not the only thing going up this year. If you are planning to watch the National Costume show and the Preliminaries, prepare to shell out additional moolah as they won’t come in cheap. The usual USD50.00 for the prelims ticket is rumored to shoot up in price by around 20%++. Some may have guessed that it would go as high between US$60-75.00 for each ticket.
3. 15 SEMIFINALISTS – previous rumor mill that only a top 15 semifinalists will be selected to move into the finals has been confirmed! Just like in previous years 60% of the semifinal scores will be selected on the basis of the personal interviews with a split of 20% each for the swimsuits and the evening gowns. Personality and intelligence will be a huge factor in selecting the semifinalists this year so be ready to see heartbreaks in the top 15. Thankfully no regional groupings is to take place.
4. A certain pageant and runway coach was supposedly asked to be more ‘neutral’ in doing commentaries in the pageant this year. The host took a lot of flak for coaching some of the girls competing in the pageant while doing live commentary. More so this year where at least 2-3 girls participating in the pageant is seen to be coached in various pageant pages.

Miss Universe 2018: Focus on Central & South America

This is the most competitive region when it comes to pageants in general. So it is very likely that this year will be a highly contested Miss Universe pageant with strong girls from this region getting snubbed.

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Miss Universe 2018: The Who?

Today’s post is a blind item on some of the women set to compete in the Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok. These are some of the rumors and gossips that we were able to gather from different parts of the world, er universe…
Fair warning to everyone, don’t be too serious with these blind items as they may or may not turn true. Just take them lightheartedly and have fun. Now on to the gossips…
1.  Who is this lady that walked out of her training schedule after waiting for 3 hours for her trainer who is always notoriously late? Said lady traveled to another country just to be trained. She is even advised supposedly by her trainer not to take photos with local fans so as not to alert her presence in the pageant-crazed country.
2. Who is this Miss Universe hopeful who is not favored by her national director to compete in Bangkok? She is said to be having low energy and esteem for the pageant.
3. Who is this lady who was complaining to her close circle of friends that she paid for training in a foreign country and all she got were a handful of pasarela training, some make-up lessons and mostly photoshoots? She comes from the same continent as lady #1.
4. Who is this lady that is said to be a favorite of the org upon meeting her in New York City for an event?
5. Who is this lass who is rumored of having no intention of winning Miss Universe but hopes to only get to the MU stage as far as the Q&A just to get her message across. She believes that even if she is equally qualified for the title, the tides are against her to win.
6. Who is this girl who is a very strong MU contender who is not supportive of the LGBTQ community? She deems homosexual relationships to be a sin and she is very quiet about LGBTQ equal rights…
7. Who is this MU contender who was told by pageant fans that she has no chance is winning that she has become so insecure already? Needless to say, she has no energy and has resorted to follow anything that people around her tells her to do.
8. Who is this lady who cut off all communications to her previous trainer? After her trainer resigned from the national pageant, she no longer bothered to contact her trainer to the point that her former trainer is calling her unprepared for the MU pageant.

#MANicMondays: Mister Supranational Slovakia 2018, Jan Palko

One of the sexiest men competing in Mister Supranational 2018 is this hunk of stud, Jan Palko.
Based in Trencin, Slovakia, Jan Palko is a fitness coach and a personal trainer by profession. He also dabbles in modeling with his impressive stature, standing at 6’2 3/4″ tall. This 28 year old is today’s feature on the blog!

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Sashes&Scripts Miss Universe 4th Leaderboard

Taking cue on the rumor mill we published last November 13th, we changed up how we do our Miss Universe Leaderboard picks. (The details of the rumor mill is available only to the email subscribers of the blog.) Starting from this point, we will be doing the ranking by segregating the ladies into the Alphas, Betas and the Darkhorses to highlight only the strong ladies in the list.

Here are Sashes&Scripts’ picks  of the 18 possible ladies that could comprise of the semifinalists and take the Miss Universe crown.
* Ecuador, Virginia Limongi
* Sri Lanka, Ornella Gunesekere
* Turkey, Tara de Vries
* El Salvador, Marisela de Montecristo
* India,  Nehal Chudasama
* Great Britain, Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers
* France, Eva Colas
* Venezuela, Sthefany Gutierrez
* Brazil, Mayra Dias
* Thailand, Sophida Kanchanarin
* Mexico, Andrea Toscano
* Kenya, Wabaiya Kariuki
ALPHAS (in alphabetical order)
* Colombia, Valeria Morales
* Philippines, Catriona Gray
* Puerto Rico, Kiara Liz Ortega
* South Africa,  Tamaryn Green
* Spain, Angela Ponce
* USA, Sarah Rose Summers
It is likely that the next Miss Universe will be coming from the Alphas as even if the pageant is still yet to start, these ladies have made their presence felt in the competition. If we were asked to boil it down to three ladies, the safest bets would still be South Africa, the Philippines and USA.
Although with the very timely buzz around Angela Ponce we may see her to top 5 and who knows until the top 3. Surely the MUOrg is well aware of how Angela is bullied online by pageant fans all over the world and they might have a soft spot for her because of this. Angela should make the most of the spotlight by highlighting her volunteer work with the Daniela Foundation to help transgender teens that are susceptible to suicide. Puerto Rico’s Kiara Liz Ortega is also making headway with her public appearances prior to the pageant to help victims of Hurricane Maria, the deadliest hurricane to have hit the Caribbean and the US. That would be a great platform to talk about specially with the death toll that have reached over 3k. It is still everybody’s ballgame who makes top 3.

Pia and Catriona Join Forces to Hack HIV for the World AIDS Day

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and Miss Universe-Philippines 2018 Catriona Elisa Gray join leading HIV advocacy group – LoveYourself, Inc. – in eradicating the epidemic with Hacking HIV 2.0 media event on 17 November (Saturday) at the PETA Theater.
The Hacking HIV 2.0 entails the unveiling of four new HIV programs. First of which is the establishment of three new community centers, namely LoveYourself Welcome in Manila near Welcome Rotonda, Lily by LoveYourself x DIOSSA in Parañaque City, and LoveYourself White House in Cebu City.

These new community centers will enable us to reach more people for our HIV-related services,” LoveYourself Senior Director Christopher Lagman said.
Beauty queen-ambassador turned volunteer, Gray introduces a pioneering HIV service called SelfCare. It is a HIV self-screening process that caters to people who want to have their HIV screening by themselves at their own convenient time and with utmost privacy.
We offer this alternative option to address the concerns of the people who are willing to take the test, but are not able to do so due to fear and stigma attached to HIV testing. We initiated this move, so we would be able to bring the service to them and help them know their status,” Gray said.
On the other hand, LoveYourself is also the power behind the national HIV testing day on the 24th of November dubbed as “Hot Doctors of ‘Pinas.” According to LoveYourself founder and executive director Ronivin G. Pagtakhan, the Hot Doctors of Pinas will provide HIV101 during the testing day and interested individuals should register at this link: bitly.com/HotDoctorsPinas.

We started the mass testing campaign in 2011 where LoveYourself was still starting with one site only, and we are now holding this kind of activity twice annually. This time, we are collaborating with various community-based organizations providing HIV services to expand the program to different locations across the country,” Pagtakhan underlined.
The Hot Doctors of ‘Pinas sites in Metro Manila (i.e., Manila/Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Parañaque, Pasay and Taguig) and in cities in different provinces (Luzon: Bacoor and Imus in Cavite Mabalacat in Pampanga, Puerto Princesa in Palawan, Visayas: Cebu and Iloilo, Mindanao: Cagayan de Oro, Davao and Zamboanga).
Finally, world-renowned HIV advocacy ambassador, Wurtzbach launches the 2019 Love Gala and Ripple Awards. These are LoveYourself’s twin events that gather together advocates and supporters of the global HIV movement to magnify and mainstream the cause.

We’ve started Love Gala in 2017 during the World AIDS Day commemoration, and recognized leaders and front movers in the HIV advocacy during the Ripple Awards. In the love month next year, we will do it again to inspire more people to rally for the cause,” Wurtzbach explained.
Wurtzbach has been LoveYourself’s biggest ambassador during her stint as Miss Universe 2015.
Love Gala/Ripple Awards will take place on 23 February 2019 at One Esplanade in SM MOA Complex in Pasay City.
LoveYourself is a non-profit organization that offers a wide range of HIV-related services from education, testing, counseling and treatment. It also offers services for hormone replacement therapy for transitioning transgender people and even tuberculosis.

For details, please contact:
Deputy Communications Head (Volunteer)
E: media@loveyourself.ph; rdomingo@loveyourself.ph
M: 09065840250

Once Upon a Blind Item: Smear Campaign

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances is purely coincidental…

Once upon a time, there was beauty queen who once had her heart broken, named Aikaterina Stormchrome Naberrie. Aika as she is fondly called lived in the Kingdom of Anque, an electoral monarchy. She was particularly a smart lady who never dreamed to become royalty. But one day she was elected eligible for the throne and become ruler of her land. New to her role she mistakenly relied on the kingdom’s High Council who only dreamed to use her to gain control of the land. The High Council was beloved by the people but were secretly vicious leaders.
So when  Aika met to discuss her future in the kingdom with members of the High Council, they thought that it would be a walk in the park to control the new queen. But the meeting was not to their liking when she sought to rule the land not with the High Council but with her own grassroots advisors. This didn’t bode well with them as they ‘negotiated’ the terms of at least having the appearance of guidance by the High Council… so that people of the land would still bow to the HC.  She wouldn’t have any of that and insisted that she does things in her unique way. This didn’t go well with the HC as they plotted against Aika.
The HC plotted every step from spreading accusations that she never gave notice to the High Court of her ruling the land with independent counsel, to besmirching her physical appearance, using past works to disqualify her from the electoral monarchy, and even to call her insincere and rehearsed. All of those attacks were carefully laid out and planned as to who will attack, how and when. Such was the malicious intent of the HC. But Aika’s loyal advisors are always at her defense. Then came her coronation to which the HC were deemed powerless to the new queen.
It appears that the story is finished, but no there more. In Queen Aika’s campaign for the High Queen title of the 95 kingdoms, the former glorious High Council is at it again! Using their minions, their sewer-rat agents, they sought to move pieces of the gameboard by spreading lies once more against Queen Aika. So beware! For the evil clutches of the High Council is never-ending and they will sought to seat a different High Queen to the Throne of 95 Kingdoms.

Miss Universe 2018: Focus on Africa & the Middle East

To be honest, there is slim pickings on the African region simply due to the low number of candidates participating, hence the combining with ladies from the Middle East. Africa has traditionally been a continent that is deemed to be a captured market of the Miss Universe rival, London-based Miss World. It is not devoid, however, of strong Miss Universe candidates this year. In fact, the strong candidates in the region are truly and remarkably strong!

My gut tells me that at least 2-3 girls will be making the first cut this year and perhaps a possible top 5 finish for one or two of the ladies in this list.
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Rumor Mill! Osmel’s Miss Universe Favorites!

Osmel Sousa is still a relevant name in the pageant industry despite his resignation from the Miss Venezuela organization earlier. He has written a book, putting up a televised reality pageant, and still training ladies for the Miss Universe pageant. No wonder, when he revealed his favorites for the Miss Universe pageant we all listen!

These are the 5 ladies he is rumored to have said to be his favorites!
MEXICO, Andrea Toscano – Osmel is one of Andrea’s trainors so it makes sense that she is on the list.
ECUADOR, Virginia Limongi – not a surprise considering that Virginia is one of the most popular Miss Universe candidates this year.
USA, Sarah Rose Summers – face-wise Sarah is one of the strongest girls factor in her personality and you have a great combo!
SPAIN, Angela Ponce – after a change of heart regarding transgender candidates in Miss Universe, Osmel put Angela in his top 5 list of faves.
PHILIPPINES, Catriona Gray – this is one of the few times that Osmel favours a Filipina candidate.

Shocking that he has not named Venezuela’s Sthefany Gutierrez in the list. He was said to have mentioned that he found her preparations lacking. Colombia’s Valeria Morales wasn’t spared either, he said that “she has no life” in the pageant. Notably obvious is the lack of diversity in his choices with ladies of color not mentioned at all.

Maeva & Vanessa: Miss World 2018 Front-runners

Who will be the toughest contenders for the Miss World title? If you ask me now, that would perhaps be Maeva Coucke of France and Vanessa Ponce de Leon of Mexico.

Maeva was the winner of Miss France 2018 and was crowned last December. Due to the Miss France 2019 coinciding with the Miss Universe pageant dates, Maeva is to be sent to MW instead. Miss Mexico 2018 Vanessa Ponce was a favorite in the competition and it is no surprise she’ll be vying for the Miss Mundo title in Sanya. She follows the almost win of Andrea Meza last year.
Here’s the tale of the tape for the two ladies…

Maeva Coucke of France
Age: 24 years old, a 2nd year Law student and dreams to be a corporate lawyer.
Height: 5’9 1/2″
Eye color: Green
Interesting Facts: Maeva is actually blonde but dyes her hair red/brunette. France has not won the Miss World title since the 1950’s so she is hell-bent to do her best to win the turquoise crown. The closest France had to the crown in recent years was with Marine Lorpheline who ended up as 1st Princess to Megan Young in Bali in 2013.
Assessment: with rumors that she was “requested” to join MW instead of MU could be a good sign for France. France is one of the countries that has consistently been doing well in the past 5 years. It would be no surprise if she wins the title in Sanya.

Vanessa Ponce of Mexico
Age: 25 years old, holds a degree in International Commerce & Human Rights
Height: 5’8″
Eye color: Brown
Interesting Facts: she was the winner of the 5th Cycle of Mexico’s Next Top Model in 2014. She volunteers with the Nenemi school which provides intercultural education to children of indigenous tribes.
Assessment: Vanessa is lucky to be her country’s rep as Mexico is on a roll in the MW pageant for the past several years. Their previous placement in Mister World as 2nd runner up shows how fresh they are in the eyes of the org. Mexico has never won the Miss World crown but came close with 3 first runner-up finishes: Dafne Molina Lona in 2005, Perla Beltran in 2009 and Andrea Meza last year. This might be the year where Mexico would finally get its first MW title.

Miss Universe 2018: Focus on North America and the Caribbean

In last year’s pageant, the continental groupings ditched a number of strong candidates from the running. This year, countries from the Caribbean and North America are fielding stronger ladies.

Narrowing it down to just a handful is gonna be difficult for the judges and painful for pageant fans. Nevertheless, we have 5 names that we feel would possibly make it into this year’s semifinals in Bangkok! Continue reading “Miss Universe 2018: Focus on North America and the Caribbean”