Once Upon a Blind Item: The Girl Bitten by the Snake

In a beautiful land far far away, there lived a maiden with hair as straight as bamboo, with eyes as shiny as the finest carved ebony, with skin kissed by the golden sun and a heart as pure as the first fall of snow. She was named “Flowing Water”, a name that meant both life giving and selfless.

Flowing Water was named the most beautiful in her beautiful island, and as such she was to become the island’s Tribute in the selection of the Queen of the 90 Kingdoms. As a Tribute she is to be guided by two Elders, the First Elder was once a Queen herself and she blessed Flowing Water with protection. The Second Elder would help Flowing Water be clothed in the finest of garb in the land and prepare her in the rigorous transformation for the selection of the Queen of the 90 Kingdoms.

But there was a third figure that would later inject himself in Flowing Water’s life. A conniving masked snake called Maledictus that was lurking behind every step of Flowing Water’s selection as a Tribute. Once he was able to penetrate the 90 Kingdoms’ courtiers he was able to seep his venom into the palace.

Flowing Water was a trusting child and did not think of malice or ill-intent from Maledictus. In a planned encounter with one of the highest courtiers of the 90 Kingdoms, Maledictus introduced Flowing Water to the High Shepherd of the kingdom. In that encounter, Maledictus shamed Flowing Water by saying to the High Shepherd that she was impure and that she was no vestal virgin. That Flowing Water had a scroll that would prove her impurity. Shocked with Maledictus’ revelation, Flowing Water could only mumble that the case is being investigated in the high courts of her island.

That encounter would only be one of the nails that Maledictus would hammer to Flowing Water’s coffin. He would pile on her chores and errands that were planned to diminish her beauty. No rest and no sleep, Maledictus believed that her beauty would fade.

Despite all these, Flowing Water would still shine through in the selection for the new Queen of the 90 Kingdoms. Despite all that she gone through, she did well as a Tribute making the initial selection for the Queenship. She never left empty handed though as she was blessed as the silver winged goddess of birds.

The End…

The Shaman Who Broke The Law

WARNING: this is plain gossip and rumor, nothing else. We could not verify the truth of this gossip and it is up to you if you believe in these gossipy story. If you get easily offended, then we suggest you leave and get your pageant rumor fix somewhere else. This blogpost article is written in an extreme version of the gay lingo. So if you aren’t familiar with this writing style we suggest you not to read further. This writing style is known to cause migraines.

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Blind Item Galore #09082019

Let’s have tea!

WARNING: these are only rumors, cannot verify details of how true or accurate they are. They may not be even true at all…

  1. Sew si Mameetha pala ang daheelan bucket may paramapage si Aling Nikki sa Nueva York. Wahl- dash ng andaloo si Mameetha seens she can buy you, your friends and this club! Bonggalicious sa andalicious si Mameetha ha. Cyah din kazeenee ang payload ng pashoota ni Aling Nikki sa Nueva York.

Sew, as in sew sew ng kalabew, gustoh mapagusapan ang junakis nya for a ticket to a better future savvy nga ni pambansang mars. While si Kooting eh inimbitahan, see Aling Nikki eh payload for entrance feece. Gustew nya mabaleeng ang usapan from her retirement in teh muzik heendots-three. Charewt!

  1. Ayon sa mga makakating deela sa Nuevah Yorke eh malamang na dalawang Pinay ang inaasahang lalakad or at least dadalo sa parampage ni Aling Cherie Gil. Malamang si Diosa Papaya at si Kuting na yewn noh! Fererro rocher wiz pa itey confirmed according to our debel penetration ajent sa Nueva Yorke. Makakati lungz talaga deelah ng mga bahk-lush kazeenee nga nandewn na nman ang presencia ni Papaya… Farang yutithum gustew ni La Contravida Cherrie Gil na pagusa-fan ang shew nya like lasshir buy havey twoh MU winnahs from the Mabuhay islands of Pagpag Land!

Oo nga naman, nagiipon nga ng major major media mileage na farang airline miles lungz si Tita Contravida Cherie Gil…

  1. His-Fee-King of Kooting, shiesemiese sha talifafa na Bong-Gay-Shoes daw ang talent fee nya farah sya latest endorsement. Mala Brooke Mahaelani Lee daw ang peg dahil “I will eat everything TWICE” ang lucky ng payroll accounting. YESTERDAY mga mumshie, magkada-dooling dooling daw ang pegaloo ng payload kay Kooting fara sa golden bench hendorshment. Kazeenee magkadooling daw from the TF ni Papaya ang worth ng hendorshment fee ni Kooting as een doble ang paningin sa pabibilang ng andaloosha. Of kors may peeliks da CUT ang org dito fererro rocher da-heel bankable ang star ni Kooting, happiness ang mga u-thaw sa Kenya.

Again we cannot vouch for the truthfulness of these rumors. It’s up to you to do diligence in verifying these gossips.

Hanggang dun na lng ang pa-tsaa…#Charot!


The Final Blind Item Madness for the Iron Throne

WARNING: Proceed under your own peril. Some of these Once Upon A Blind Item stories seem to be so incredulous to be believable, some are outright nasty, some may have truths to them… we cannot, however, confirm the validity and truth in all of them. To keep your sanity, treat this on its face value, stories from pageant people which are nothing more than funny and nasty entertaining tales… no doubt a product of an over-active imagination. A work of fiction undoubtedly.
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Once Upon a Bee Bee Pee Blind Item

It is finally time to spill the beans on some of the behind the scene shenanigans of the latest national pageant everyone is going gaga over. For this article we have asked the help of a ‘ghostwriter’ friend to give you a different spin on the blind item… FYI, this blogger had a hard time trying to spell check and edit that I just eventually gave up and left most of it as it is. Our ghost-writer friend must have interned with Ethel Booba’s punch to the gut wit & humor that we can’t understand half of what is being said or written at times.
Warning: Strong gay language is used in the following blogpost-article. It may contain offensive humor and high levels of sarcasm. Reader discretion is advised. DO NOT enter if you are easily offended. This blind item is not for the weak of convictions and slow in thoughts… Proceed in your own peril.

If you have entered unknowingly into this blind item, you are advised to go back to our regular “reader-friendly” content.
Now that we had that over with, let the fun begin after the jump!
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Catriona Gray: The Last Binibining Pilipinas Universe?

Before you proceed let it be known that this is a rumor-post. We would just want to clear that out as some may take this too much to heart. You can skip reading this post if you want to.
Now with that out of the way, we can say that our moles are telling us that the Miss Universe franchise is no longer with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated.

According to our moles, the Miss Universe franchise are usually renewed between the months of December to January/February of the following year. Hence for those that would like to negotiate to get or takeover a franchise, a inquiry or bid is usually made before a full on negotiations are arranged. Our moles said that the change of franchise “happened a long time ago” with the LCS group already securing the business deal with the Miss Universe organization. The business planning is said to have started even during the LCS funded MU pageant in Manila and that talks of acquiring the franchise away from the BPCI organization was already underway even during the unsuccessful hosting of the Miss Universe 2017 pageant in Manila. Rumors swirling around is that the LCS group has already paid in cash the MUOrg for the franchise fees for the Miss Universe Philippines franchise for the NEXT 5 YEARS. If we are to believe that rumor, then we could say that Catriona Gray is indeed the last Binibining Pilipinas Universe (note that we are now reverting to the use of the original Bb. Pilipinas title) under the Bb. Pilipinas pageant. This would make her the 55th titleholder and the last Filipina to compete in Miss Universe under BPCI.
Insiders within the BPCI have been mum on the issue while Louis Chavit Singson has been very vocal on acquiring the pageant franchise. There is also speculation as to why his daughter was invited to judge in the recently held pageant as an indication that the deal has been done. The fact that Catriona has kept silent before her flight to New York last January was said to be a planned move so as to keep things under wraps. Also rumored is the total absence of communication between her and the BPCI regarding the franchise transfer. Not to mention that pageant insiders are buzzing about Catriona’s homecoming to be arranged for by the LCS Group as if Catriona is already a product of the new Miss Universe Philippine franchise.

If this is indeed true, then it is quite sad for the BPCI to loose the franchise that they have held since 1964. It feels as if the rug has been unceremoniously pulled out from them by the MUOrg and that 55 years of loyalty had no value to their relationship. However, I still stick to the hope that an amicable parting of ways had taken place. I have also heard a different piece of rumor that the MUP franchise will stay with BPCI only until the year 2019 finishes, before transferring to LCS. This is a scenario that we are hoping to be true so as to give the BPCI enough time to properly “let go” of the MUP title with the pomp and pageantry that only one with BBP’s caliber and history could give. Closing the 2010’s with one final year to hold the MU franchise locally would be a perfect ending to the BBP and MUOrg relationship.
On the otherhand, having LCS takeover the MUP franchise could open up a whole new slew of possibilities. I am excited on the prospects of having past queens to be able to take another shot for the Miss Universe Philippines title. The first MUP pageant may very well look like a Binibining Pilipinas All-Star edition. My wish if this is the case is that they would let Catriona Gray take her final walk at the BBP pageant rather than make her have a final walk during the MUP pageant. That would be a blatant disrespect to the BPCI coming from both LCS and the MUOrg.

My gut tells me that the whole franchise-transfer rumor as true but there is still a suspension of belief until I hear the Fat Lady sing, so to speak. Hoping that upon Catriona’s rumored homecoming on February 24th will shed a light on this, and put the final nail in this rumor’s coffin…
Every story has to end at some point and if this is the last chapter of the BBP book, there could be no better ending than Catriona bringing the Miss Universe title to BPCI one final time.

Miss Universe 2018: 5th Rumor Mill

Just when we thought we’re done with gossips and rumors for the Miss Universe pageant, we suddenly gotten a monkey wrench threw into the well oiled machine. All because the MU org has decided to bring back the Continental groupings with the top 20.
Only for this blind item will we be posting in the colloquial Taglish thrown in with a little bit of Filipino gay lingo to spice up this post. So here we go!

So kung nagulat kayo sa biglaang pagkakaroon ng top 20 sa Miss Universe this year, more so sa mga media who were in Bangkok, Thailand in a presscon last month. Duon pa lang sinabi na at na-announce na top 15 lang ang kukunin this year at wala na ngang continental groupings. And then boom! Biglang back-pedal ang MU at top 20 ang semis this year at biglang U-turn ang return ng continental groupings.
According to our moles, kung ang pagbabasehan lang ay ang top 15 or top 16 na semis with the continental groupings, tyak na laglag ang ilang merlie na hindi afford ng MU na ilaglag for whatever reasons. Una sa lahat, malaki ang ginastos ng hosting committee at country para sa taon ngayon na muntik na talagang di matuloy dahil sa kawalan ng sponsors. Syemps kung tig-aapat ang papasok bawat grupo, alam nyo na kung sinong maaring malaglag sa team Africa-Asia-Oceania. So tigli-lima per continental groupings agad ang kasagutan. Syemps naman, di afford na ngumangangey ang puting elepante sa semis. Isa pa raw sa nanganganib kung walang continental groupings ay isang gurlash na mabango ang pangalan pero nawalan ng kinang sa Bangkok. Thumander cats daw kasi ang itsoo ni girl sa umpisa pa lang ng competition. Alangan namn daw na cya pa ang manganib na clumaperia eh di nawalan sila ng ratings. Gets na yan ha!
Now based on some of our friends currently in Bangkok, malakas na malakas ang sang-kandidatahan ng mga Latina na maaring magdominate sa semis this year kung di ibabalik ang continental groupings. Since bukambibig ng organisasyon ang salitang dibersidad, paano nila mapangangatawanan yan kung tabingi in favor sa mga Latinas ang mga makakapasok ng semis? Enter the dragon ang continental grouping comebackers. Imagine kung at least 7ng Latina ang makapasok ng semis, ang natitirang walo eh paghahatian ng Asia/Oceania, Africa, Europe and the remaining girls from North America and the Caribbean.  So it makes sense na para well represented ang bawat kontinente eh continental groupings ang kasagutan. Kahit naman magiging dehado ito para sa mga ladies galing Asia and the whole of Latin America, pihadong swak na swak na ang 5 wildcards ay manggagaling sa rehiyong iyan. Paniguradong ang mahinang grupo ay manggagaling sa Europe with only a handful of deserving girls making semis… tulad ng kaganapan nung nakaraang taon.
Your thoughts on the continental groupings dear subsribers?

Blind Item: The Anatomy of a Pageant Loss

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances are purely coincidental…

Before we start, try to be open-minded with these things that we will about to reveal, because the loss of a girl in a pageant is a painful one. But the loss of this magnitude needs introspection on everybody concerned. WHAT WENT WRONG? According to our moles, everything!
Pre-Pageant Training – walk is one important aspect in any pageant. And if rumors are true that Pageant Girl (a.k.a. PG) had to rely on her pageant fans for pasarela training then that should have been an immediate red flag. Rumor has it that pageant girl hasn’t received proper walking guidance from her camp hence the awkward pasarela that haven’t improved since last year’s national pageant. So what ever happened to her relationship with her camp? Rumor has it that PG’s camp is more concerned in intrigues than actually training their girls. In several occasions we’ve heard how trainers would arrive 2-3 hours late for training.
Lack of Support from the Local Org – rumor has it that PG was at the receiving end of a ‘beech scorned’ member (a.k.a. BS Member)of the local org. According to insiders, BS member offered to dress up pageant girl for her national costume competition which PG refused. Why wear Forever21 when you can wear Dior haute couture? As a result, BS member didn’t lift a finger to help PG prepare for her competition despite compromise from PG to wear BS dresses for daily activities. Even her flight to China was not spared as PG almost wasn’t given the courtesy use of the executive lounge in the airport and was given a terrible flight hour to her pageant destination. Said BS Member was also heard to have condescendingly told previous year’s winner that the international org did not want a timid girl in their pageant after she failed to advance after the first cut. To think that BS is friends with previous national winner.
Not the Favorite from the onset – during the national pageant it was whispered to us that the international org favoured another girl in the competition who ended up with a minor title to her name. Favoured girl was a multiple crossover queen much like PG. This should have been another red flag considering that the previous year’s national winner wasn’t also the favorite of the international org. Hence two years of dismal performances in the international pageant. Perhaps the international org was thinking why won’t they send us the girls that we’d like? So that may have added to the convoluted mess that was.
Stubborn and Hard Headed – we’ve heard rumors that PG had a reputation of being too independent-minded that it is hard to make her follow direction and directives. This was evident when we’ve learned that one of her special projects wasn’t officially given a go-signal from the local pageant org. Gossip-mongers insist that her visit to a war-torn area wasn’t in full awareness of her camp and the national org. She was also given a directive on the key wardrobe and styling pegs to follow in several important judging segments of the pageant. But lo and behold, PG made significant changes to her outfits that cost her majorly in the middle of the pageant. She was advised to put her hair up, she had her hair down. She was told to wear a very intricate gown, she chose to wear a quinceanera dress instead. Since those mistakes were made, PG wasn’t able to regain her footing in the competition… and it showed in the finals of the pageant.
Not Aware of Pageant Rules and Regulations – being not aware of rules and regulations of the international pageant is both the fault of PG and the local org. But hey, with just weeks to prepare major omissions and missed points can be expected. Though there is no excuse that there wasn’t clear communications between PG and the local org with regards to the pageant rules. Local org should have made it their job and responsibility to know all the international rules and requirements so that those are followed, then cascaded to PG. PG should have clearly communicated her projects, preparations, and training to the local org so that things are planned smoothly.
Messy International Pageant – we’d also have to call out the international pageant org for a very messy and confusing way of running their pageant. Our insiders say that there are some last minute changes on formats that were only made known while the pageant was ongoing. This is nothing new to hear as this pageant has been plagued with lack of transparency since the 70’s.
In total, everyone share a piece of the blame for PG’s non-inclusion. Even despite a hard fought fight by PG and a team of loyal fans, sometimes fortune favours not the bold but the prepared.

NewsFlash! Miss Universe 2018 to have a Top 20!

Newflash Miss Universe 2018 will be selecting a top 20!

According to our Bangkok moles, the semifinalists circle will be comprising of the top 20 girls in the competition! Isn’t that exciting?!?! The last time we had a top 20 was back in 2006 when Donald Trump is still the owner.
As our mole tells us, the top 20 girls will include the so-called “Trump Cards” selected by the org coming from each of the continents to have a wider representation of beauty and diversity. That’s not the only rumor we’ve heard. Upon the selection of the top 20 girls, the semifinalists will be interviewed onstage and that is where the top 10 will be selected. Only the top 10 is rumored to be the ones competing in swimsuits and evening gowns. Although another source tells us that the top 20 will be competing in swimsuits before being narrowed to a top 10. We will have to wait and see about that in the coming days to come.
After that, the 10 will be cut down to a top 5 for the q&a and then the top 3 for the Final Word.

Miss Universe 2018: The Who Pt.2

Try to guess who are these ladies…
1. Who is this lady who is using every hashtag related to countries with strong “sash factor” in her every post. This habit of hers is getting annoying TBH but it is working. And she is getting selfies with every candidate she could.
2. There will be 3 ladies that we will be seeing a lot with Miss Universe Philippines, Catriona Gray in the nx following days. That is because they share with her the same Miss Universe Supervisor.
3. Who is this lady who has lied low in everyone’s radar but is actually bidding her time following instructions from her handlers. She is building her ‘support’ from the ground up by winning the trust of the locals first, then on to winning her supervisor, then followed by the MUOrg. Very smart plan, IMHO.
4. There is one lady from Africa who is getting much love from everyone; from co-candidates, hair and makeup artists, supervisors and MU personnel because of her ever smiling personality. Way to go girl!
5. Who is this lady who was touted to be a frontrunner but didn’t live up to the hype upon arriving in Thailand? Fans ho saw her in person actually said that her glamshots doesn’t compare to how she looks in person.
6. One lady from Asia is being talked about by some pageant fans from a pageant-crazed region because of her “pout”. Nasty comments abound including how she would ‘suck in her cheeks’ to pout and seems to only have that kind of face to show in all of her shoots.
7. Who is this Latina who has been largely ignored by most pageant fans but seems to be a strong contender. Chica’s got legs a mile long and is gaining notice among pageant fans both in Bangkok and online.
8. This lady is a favorite by a pageant sponsor. Why? Because a lot of the employees of this pageant sponsor is from the girl’s country! But the girl is one of the most beautiful faces in this year’s batch.
9.  Who is this mixed-race beauty who is getting attention from Thai fans for her unique beauty. Girl is very pretty in person says our Thai friend and photos don’t do her justice.
10. This girl was said to avoid being photographed with a major frontrunner to avoid being compared. Not confident enough?
11. Keep this darkhorse from the Caribbean in mind. Pageant fans in Thailand are saying she is absolutely gorgeous and could pull off a surprise placement in the pageant. She is a pageant veteran having competed previously in an international pageant.
12. Who is this girl that is silently being touted by ‘pageant experts’ as the one girl who could go toe-to-toe with ‘the girl to beat’. Clue? She was one of the ladies who visited the Miss Universe office in the past 10 months.

Miss Universe 2018: The Who?

Today’s post is a blind item on some of the women set to compete in the Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok. These are some of the rumors and gossips that we were able to gather from different parts of the world, er universe…
Fair warning to everyone, don’t be too serious with these blind items as they may or may not turn true. Just take them lightheartedly and have fun. Now on to the gossips…
1.  Who is this lady that walked out of her training schedule after waiting for 3 hours for her trainer who is always notoriously late? Said lady traveled to another country just to be trained. She is even advised supposedly by her trainer not to take photos with local fans so as not to alert her presence in the pageant-crazed country.
2. Who is this Miss Universe hopeful who is not favored by her national director to compete in Bangkok? She is said to be having low energy and esteem for the pageant.
3. Who is this lady who was complaining to her close circle of friends that she paid for training in a foreign country and all she got were a handful of pasarela training, some make-up lessons and mostly photoshoots? She comes from the same continent as lady #1.
4. Who is this lady that is said to be a favorite of the org upon meeting her in New York City for an event?
5. Who is this lass who is rumored of having no intention of winning Miss Universe but hopes to only get to the MU stage as far as the Q&A just to get her message across. She believes that even if she is equally qualified for the title, the tides are against her to win.
6. Who is this girl who is a very strong MU contender who is not supportive of the LGBTQ community? She deems homosexual relationships to be a sin and she is very quiet about LGBTQ equal rights…
7. Who is this MU contender who was told by pageant fans that she has no chance is winning that she has become so insecure already? Needless to say, she has no energy and has resorted to follow anything that people around her tells her to do.
8. Who is this lady who cut off all communications to her previous trainer? After her trainer resigned from the national pageant, she no longer bothered to contact her trainer to the point that her former trainer is calling her unprepared for the MU pageant.

Rumored Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Girls Pt.2

I thought that the first blogpost on the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 rumored girls needs a follow up. So on this post, we are gonna write about several girls that aren’t joining or won’t be qualified (for whatever reasons) to join this year’s pageant.

1. This Pinay supermodel has been floated by fans for years to be joining pageants, but a topless modeling pic may derail her from joining the Binibining Pilipinas. This should be clear now for pageant fans to stop as she clearly is focused on her modeling career that is starting to fly internationally.
2. This Binibini runner up hasn’t revealed if she is joining or not. But according to some insiders, she is not interested in joining anymore. There is still hope though as she will be aging out in a year. So she still has time should she change her mind. She may even switch camps…
3. This mestiza looker has already said to people close to her that she won’t be joining this year and would rather focus on enriching herself and preparing for the national pageant in a year or two. She is one of the runners-up in a past BBP pageant.
4. This lovely lady from one of the country’s most prominent cities is being touted to join BBP this year by pageant fans. Although she is said to be preparing for a different national pageant altogether or possibly join BBP in 2019. She was said to be joining MWP supposedly last year.
5. She’s stands 5’10”- 5’11” and this blogger first met her when she was still a student and couldn’t even walk in heels. Nowadays, she is floated as a possible name to join BBP2018. What people may not know is that she has already posed topless with another beauty queen in a photoshoot and this may bar her from joining the national pageant.
6. The girl is tall, between 5’8″ – 5’10”. While she is said to be joining BBP this year, other insiders are saying that she is possibly joining MWP instead due to her naked photoshoot. She could have made a splash in BBP…
That is it for now… Soon as we hear more, you will get a bit more blind items here…

Rumored Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Girls Pt.1

Something to bring a little bit of excitement for the Binibining Pilipinas next year…

1. This girl is rumored to be part of A camp only to find out that she is part of the other camp. She is expected to be a shoo-in for the top 2 titles, that is if she doesn’t back out. She is still young and she can come back in another year.
2. This girl is expected by her camp to join the girls who will line up for the applications come BBP2018. What they aren’t aware of is the fact that this girl has no plans yet to come back. She is said to be enjoying what she is doing and has no plans of coming back to her camp.
3. This girl has recently moved to another camp. But it is not yet clear if she is part of the rumored girls to join BBP or MWP. According to some insiders, she is a bit worried as she hasn’t seen much training considering the number of girls in her camp.
4. This girl is being groomed as the possible flagbearer of her camp despite her weak communication skills. The seasoned pageant girl has a gorgeous face though…
5. This pageant hopeful is an import and is expected to join the BBP2018 pageant. Her hopes to join might not bear fruit though as we already seen topless photos of this girl.
6. This girl is another girl that is rumored to be groomed to join BBP2018 but her topless photo might be a hindrance to her dreams. The tall lass might just be better off in MWP this year.
7. This girl is being pushed to join BBP2018 since a couple of years back. After several unsuccessful attempts to win a national title, she is said to join BBP. The only question though is if she can complete the residency requirements of the pageant.
That is all…for now…

Binibining Pilipinas Blind Items

Since it is Binibining Pilipinas season already, I thought it would be good to do some sort of blind item on the girls this year. So fasten your seat-belts  as this is gonna be a roller-coaster ride!

1. Girl A has been one of the most buzzed about girls who is expected to compete this year in Bb Pilipinas. She has already amassed a huge fan following online but according to several insider rumors, she is not the immediate pick for the MUP title of her camp.
2.On to the next lady on the list. Girl B is a returnee who crossed over to another pageant. Will her luck finally bid well in BBP this time? We have to wait and see as people are on the fence on her chances. Rumor has it that she is much more prepared than the first time she competed in BBP.
3. Girl C is a repeater from a very competitive batch. This time the girl is adamant to join the pageant, saying this is the pageant for her. Will this de buena familia girl finally nail one of the crowns this year? We sure hope so as this girl has one of the sweetest personalities…
4. Girl D is also a repeater from a previous BBP batch. She is poised to make huge waves in the competition this year with an improved communication skills. Rumor has it that several of her mentors think that she is the best bet for the MUP title.
5. Make way for a very articulate lass. Girl E is a crossover from another national pageant who fared well in that pageant. This tall leggy mestiza is giving one of the BBP titles a shot.
6. Girl F is not joining this year despite pageant fans clamoring for her return. She is said to be preparing herself for the 2018 edition. 
7. Third times a charm for Girl G. Taking a page from the Pia Wurtzbach & MJ Lastimosa gameplan, this voluptuous beauty has time running out and this could be her swan song.
8. This barrio lass whom we shall call Girl H is quite a raw talent and a first timer in BBP. We just need to wait and see if she is gonna deliver come competition…
9. Then we have Girl I who is rumored to have moved camps. It is said that she is being convinced to join BBP again for a final try. Will she bite the bullet one last time?
10. We also have Girl J who everybody is expecting to be joining Bb Pilipinas this year. But her participation is not guranteed, she might try for another national pageant instead.
11. Girls K & L have something in common: they are said to be ‘napasubo na lang‘ to participate. With a very competitive batch this year, we hope both ladies the best of luck.
12. Then comes Girl M who IMHO is still a bit young at 19-20 years old. I hope that she gets more life experiences, finish her studies or be more exposed to the rest of the world. She has huge potential though still needs more maturity.
13. Can we get a shoutout for Girl N who is being urged by pageant fans to participate in this year’s pageant but chose to go a different route. She is now tagged to be a strong contender for a modeling competition.
14. And finally 2 rumored girls that may pass their application come February 24th. We have Girls O and P who are tagged as among the best bets from their camp. Girl O has a really gorgeous face but a bit short, while Girl P is uber-gorgeous and hopefully is more comfy in public speaking. I would love to see these two girls compete this year.
There are several more insider gossips to be revealed but I guess I have to stop here for the moment. Let it simmer first before we give it another go…