Rumors! Miss Universe 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona!

Yes folks! It’s currently circulating over the web that the Miss Universe 2017 edition will be happening on November 26th in Phoenix, Arizona!

According to MV La Nueva Era, the next edition of the pageant will be held in the 5th most populous city in the United States. 
Additional rumors also has it that the candidates are expected to arrive in Phoenix between the 1st to the 5th of November where they will kick off the pre-activities that will culminate on the Thanksgiving weekend pageant finals. Preliminaries are rumored to be scheduled either on November 21st or on the 22nd.
UPDATE (9pm, August 30, 2017)
One of our pageant friends have advised us that some members of the Miss Universe Org are currently in Phoenix, Arizona. They are supposedly staying at one of the Marriot Hotel affiliates in Phoenix.
It is not clear whether their visit has something to do with the rumored Miss Universe pageant to be held there but it might be one of the reasons for their visit. Perhaps they might be in Phoenix inspecting possible finals venue or possibly finalizing talks about the city’s hosting duties. While no actual venue has yet been confirmed, it is speculated that the pageant might be looking at the Phoenix Symphony Hall or the Comerica Theatre. 


Rumor Mill! Is San Miguel Corporation Sponsoring Miss Universe 2017?

Ever wondered why several Miss Universe 2016 candidates flew back to Manila during the time that the Miss Universe organization also visited the country?

Well it all has something to do with the rumor that San Miguel Corporation is said to be going for a sponsorship of the Miss Universe 2017 pageant in Manila (should it push through, which our moles say is likely). Come to think of it, the product endorsements, public activities and even charity visits of the girls are all tied up with SMC: the bar hopping activity, liquor endorsement shoots for Ginebra & San Miguel Beer, Petron Road Safety Ambassadors, even the Hope for Change International charity activity. If you look closely at the tee shirts that the girls wore, the San Mig logo is front and center.
So how would this spell for the Miss Universe pageant? Well it simply means that a global company like SMC is willing to shell out millions to sponsor the pageant, so it makes perfect sense that the MU 2017 edition can likely happen in Manila. 

With this development in the pageant, I am likely to believe that an announcement of the Miss Universe host country is just around the corner… 

Rumor Mill! 66th Miss Universe Updates!

Get ready Philippines as it looks like the Miss Universe 2017 pageant is going to be in Manila afterall.

Arriving low key in the Philippines are the Miss Universe organization headed by Shawn McClain with President Paula Shugart. They had a welcome dinner hosted by LCS head Chavit Singson who is said to be one of the major backers of the pageant again in Manila. Our mole tells us that Okada Manila is also on-board the discussions and that the venue is not going to be at the Araneta Coliseum as previously (rather erroneously) reported but still possibly in the Mall of Asia Arena. No final dates of the pageant is yet available to us but it still will happen within November until the first week of December. 

So far only those details are available to us from our moles but stay tuned as Sashes&Scripts are keeping tabs of these developments.

Rumor Mill: Are we Going to See the Diamond Nexus Crown Back?

This all started with the shocking news of the lawsuit between IMG Universe versus the Czech-owned Diamonds International Corp. due to breach of contract.

This saw the cancellation of their 10-year sponsorship agreement after DIC missed a couple of sponsorship payments due to financial problems. Now rumor has it that while the case is yet to be cleared on court, another crown would be used by current Miss Universe winner Iris Mittenaere. Yes, according to insider gossips the Diamond Nexus crown will be the de facto crown that will be used in most of Iris’ public appearances. But that doesn’t automatically mean that we won’t be seeing the DIC crown, it will still be used on occasions but not as frequently as we used to. 

Lately, Iris has been posting a number of pics of the Diamond Nexus crown on her IG account as well as on the Miss Universe IG account. She was also seen being photographed with it by Fadil Berisha. It is not yet clear on which occasions does she get to wear the Diamond Nexus crown. But Sashes&Scripts speculates that the DIC will still be used for the official crowning of the Miss Universe ladies while the Nexus crown is reserved for travelling, photoshoots and other occasions. 

No word is yet made available if the Mikimoto crown will make an appearance. It is said that it is kept at the vault at all times due to the delicate nature of the crown. The Mikimoto crown has a structural/ design flaw that puts most of its weight at the front. 
On a personal note, I would hope that a new crown would be used in the next MU edition. One that pays homage to the iconic Sarah Coventry crown of the past. After all, nothing beats a classic.

RUMOR MILL! MU & MW to Happen in December?

Published several days ago, Sashes&Scripts have revealed that the possible date for the Miss World pageant might be on the 2nd of December. But the juicy part is that the Miss Universe might also happen during the same month, on December 17th! Surely a clash between the two rival pageants is gonna heat up!!!

Sanya, China is to host the Miss World pageant (yet again for the 7th time) while according to some of our moles the Miss Universe is still being ironed out to be hosted in Australia (although Las Vegas might be the default venue if it does not push thru). The dates have not yet been confirmed but the two rival pageants are said to go head to head come December. If such is the case, countries like Russia and South Africa would have to make a selection where their main winner would have to participate in.

But more than that, a possible repeat of what happened in 2015 might occur. During that time, the whole pageant community has fixed their eyes on what was happening in Las Vegas than the coronation happening in Sanya (then came the infamous glib of announcing the wrong winner which buried the Miss World pageant in terms of publicity). Could that same scenario happen again this year?

Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Rumor Mill: The Designers for the Candidates

Take hold of your seats as you are about to get a boatload of Binibining Pilipinas fashion rumors…

During the submission of designs for the national costumes and evening gowns a couple of weeks ago, some of the topnotch designers have already been named to dress up several Binibini candidates. But insiders are abuzz on who will be the designers for several Binibini’s. Charmaine Elima will be dressed by Pablo Galicia Mendez. Rumor has it that Mariel de Leon is gonna be dolled up in Albert Andrada (most likely) or Cary Santiago. Angelique de Leon is most likely to wear Jun Escario like she did last year. While Sirene Sutton is rumored to have submitted national costume and gown designs by Francis Libiran. It is not yet known who will Rhett Eala will be dressing. Although we have heard that Dindi Pajares might be wearing Andrada as well.

But that is not the end of it. Several insider moles have mentioned that Middle Eastern designer heavyweights Ezra Santos and Michael Cinco are being tapped to dress a couple of girls from one of the camps. If that is gonna be true, then we can expect that it will be a full battle ahead for the Binibining Pilipinas competition. It really seems that the girls are going all out this time around for Binibining Pilipinas 2017!

So stay tuned in this blog for more updates and rumors…. We will be keeping our ears on the ground to give you juicy news and tidbits in the weeks to come!

#RUMORMILL!!! Miss Universe Little Sisters’ Comeback!

Yes, you heard it right! The Miss Universe ‘Little Sisters are making a comeback!

Yes, the rumors that have been floating around about the return of the Little Sisters turns out to be true.But before you get your panties in a bunch so hold your horses, they are not going to be back in the MU pageant finals. According to our sources, the Little Sisters will be making a comeback on the Miss Universe Empowered Women grand fashion show scheduled on the 22nd of January. The little girls will be wearing gold alongside the reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines.
The fashion show will be headed by designer Albert Andrada and directed by Robby Carmona.