Miss Universe 2018 Pageant in Thailand (?)

You have probably heard the rumor by now that the Miss Universe is to be hosted in Thailand this year.

Well, that is nothing really surprising considering that even former DOT Secretary Wanda Teo mentioned Thailand bidding to host previously (and we’ve blogged about that last May 8).  In fact she has mentioned as well in interviews that Thailand and Vietnam are the Philippines’ biggest rivals on the bidding for the MU hosting rights. If it does pushes through, then this would be the 3rd time that the Land of Smiles will be hosting the competition.
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Will the Miss Universe Pageant be Ever Hosted Back in the Philippines

Warning! This piece of rumor is unverified and could only possibly be mere speculation. But in since it involves the possibility of ever hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Philippine shores, we put it in a #rumormill post.

With the news that the new Department of Tourism Secretary Bernadettte Puyat will be having all DOT projects reviewed by the Commission on Audit, some pageant moles are speculating that having the Miss Universe pageant held in Manila may never happen within the immediate future. One of the alleged reasons of that is the overpriced events that the former DOT Secretary Wanda has authorized during her term.
One of those is the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ event that ran from April 28 to May 6. In an article by Politiko, the said event was 100% ‘overpriced’. The report read: the value of the contract Teo signed with Minimax Advertising and Production Corp., the Philippine representative of WSM’s producer, IMG Productions LLC, was double the proposed $1-million (P52.7 million) budget for the event. The DOT paid US$ 2 million. Philippine Star adds: the contract was signed by Teo and Undersecretary Katherine De Castro, who chairs the DOT-Bids and Awards Committee. Assistant Secretary Maria Lourdes Japson, and Assistant Secretaries Eden Josephine David and Arlene Mancao also signed as vice chair and members of the BAC.
With those news report unveiled it is speculated that the possible hosting of Miss Universe could have possibly been subjected to overpricing. If the IMG owned World’s Strongest Man was grossly overpriced, then there is a possibility that the Miss Universe pageant may have been too as well. This places Teo, de Castro and their team’s efforts under question if they were aware of overspending for their programs and events. And if they were not aware of how they were throwing money on overpriced projects, this could stain their reputation either as having no concept of managing budgets and financials or even worse, possible misuse of public funds. That puts a huge dent on any possibility of ever hosting the pageant in the future as it may be deemed to be an opportunity for only a select few to grossly earn from taxpayers’ hard-earned money.
Aside from the multimillion-peso advertisement scandal of Mrs. Teo involving her brother’s television program, the controversial ‘Buhay Carinderia’ program,  all other DOT projects under the previous DOT Secretary are going to undergo an audit. With that on the works, IMHO, there may be no hope of the Philippines hosting the pageant anytime soon… or if it does, we all may have to wait another 2 decades for it to happen.
* http://politics.com.ph/commission-on-steroids-dots-p105m-strongest-man-event-is-100-overpriced/
* https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2018/05/30/1820076/dot-announced-strongest-man-hosting-months-deal-was-sealed

Sec. Teo is Out; Same for the Philippine Hosting of Miss Universe 2018?

Did you ever experience sailing the seas where everything was coasting well until a sudden thunderstorm hits you hard?

Well that seems to be the best analogy to describe the Miss Universe 2018 hosting negotiations in the Philippines. Former Department of Tourism  Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo was pushing for the pageant to happen in the Philippines until her sudden resignation. From “90% a done deal” to “we’ll keep on trying to have it hosted here“, that is what insiders were told of the possible hosting. All those work possibly all for naught.

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#RumorMill! The Vietnam and South Africa Miss Universe Hosting Bid Only a Diversionary Tactic?

If the post of DOT U-Sec Kat de Castro with MUOrg Vice-President Shawn McClain wasn’t enough, here comes a rumor that several of the MUOrg peeps are coming to Manila!

Our moles say that  reigning Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters alongside several other Miss Universe officials will be in town for an upcoming event with FrontRow. Said insider has  informed that the visit is just one of the agendas on their ‘To Do List’. The Miss Universe hosting in Manila is supposedly also one of the things to be ironed out. The mole is very adamant in saying that the hosting in the Philippines is ‘almost a done deal’ and that only certain formalities and schedules are just being rounded up before getting everything ironed out. Of course don’t take out word for it because our mole is still mum on the actual date though insists that the end November/ early December dates are most likely to happen instead of the much earlier speculated September-October dates. Continue reading “#RumorMill! The Vietnam and South Africa Miss Universe Hosting Bid Only a Diversionary Tactic?”

#RumorMill: Miss Universe 2018 in Manila A Go?!?!

A couple of weeks ago, we have already heard about the possibility of having the Miss Universe pageant held earlier than the usual November-December schedule. Well we already have talked about that last December 2nd.

In fact Sashes&Scripts was the first to dish on this before everyone had heard of it. In that blogpost, I have also written that there is a possibility to move it to summer and that means summer in the US (which falls until August moving to September). And yes, the possibility to host it in Manila is about 90% sure that is according to our moles. Unlike the previous hosting, the negotiations for the 4th hosting in Manila has coasted along more smoothly. It is said that only the President’s approval was needed around January of this year and everything will be finalized before the month of May (before the Sangguniang Kabataan elections). The Philippines cannot to host the pageant in 2019 as it will be a conflict with the coming Senatorial elections as mentioned by our sources.

As for China hosting the pageant, it is still a bid to host but it isn’t necessarily sure for which year. Our moles have said that the presence of MUO officials in China doesn’t necessarily mean that the hosting was already a done deal. It is speculated that the visit there has more to do about a possible Miss Universe sponsorship or endorsement. Hangzhou is a major tea producer of China and it may have to do about that.
According to our insider moles, the Philippine hosting committee is asking that it be set earlier (probably between the months of late September to early November). The pageant will be a 3 1/2 week long celebration as girls will be going around tourist spots in the country that were not yet featured in the 2016 pageant. There already were talks between the Miss Universe org with MU local hosting committee. While businessman Chavit Singson is rumored to be footing a hefty amount of the bill, the Department of Tourism will have to come up with an estimated half of the budget through other sponsors. We don’t have new updates if Mall of Asia Arena will still be the venue for the pageant as the Araneta Coliseum was also speculated to be in the talks.
That is what we know so far, most likely there will be new developments happening in the next few weeks. Nothing is yet written in stone as MU national directors haven’t yet received any type of memo on when or where the pageant will be held as a confirmation.

Poll: Miss Universe 2018 in Shanghai or Manila?

Our pageant moles just couldn’t stay put. And here is one of the latest gossips that our insider has just whispered to our ears.

There is currently rumors that the Miss Universe organization is having talks to have the pageant held in Shanghai aside from the talks that Manila (through the DOT) also wants to host the pageant. Miss Universe VP Shawn McClain was recently spotted at the Binibining Pilipinas pageant and was seen chatting up with BPCI head honcho Stella Marquez Araneta. Could they have been possibly chatting about the possibility of the MU pageant in Manila or perhaps the scheduled visit of Shaw in Shanghai?

The 2nd Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Rumor Mill!

I thought I’m done doing rumor mills with Binibining Pilipinas for this month but it seems that the gossips just can’t stop from landing on my lap. I have several insiders that has given me juicy notes that could tide us up until the next salvo of Bb. Pilipinas activities.

* There is an observation from a BBP insider that a certain group of girls doesn’t seem to know proper pageant decorum when it comes to sponsor visits. Instead of mingling and going friendly to everyone in one of the staff visits, this group of candidates are seen only amongst ladies from their same camp. Several of the staffs noticed that and rather than engage to get photos from these girls, they avoided them instead.
* Apparently, there are a couple of girls who did not come in prepared to the Binibining Pilipinas national costume shoot. They reportedly came with either an unfinished natcos or that their costume didn’t bear any resemblance to that of the sketch that they submitted. It is not surprising that those two costumes were reportedly rejected.
* A number of the candidates this year presented their national costume sketches through their phones or tablet. So when a candidate presented hers with a complete colored sketch with fabric swatches, the BPCI panel was impressed. One of the BPCI managers even showed the rest of the candidates the sketch to show how a natcos is presented properly.
* The national costume shoot is rumored to be simpler than last year. A simple white backdrop is made to make sure that the colorful national costumes will be the focal point.
* One of our moles has confirmed some of the insider buzz about the national costume/s that were leaked online this year. Our mole said that several of the girls who had either selfies or photos of their natcos that were posted online were ‘scolded’ by BPCI. This is why Sash Factor and Sashes&Scripts were adamant in releasing any of the leaked photos because there are rumors even from previous years that it will be the candidates that will get scolded, not the designers/ fans who posted them.
* This one is still to be clarified as I have some doubts regarding the sources of this ‘chismis’. The Bb. Pilipinas finals swimsuit is said to be a one-piece swimsuit that would be a ‘tribute to Pitoy Moreno’. Another conflicting rumor says that the girls would have an option to wear a two-piece.
* With regards to the swimsuit glamshots, our told us to expect something in the lines of a Miss Universe glamshot. The mole even mentioned something about flowers, gold or mustard swimsuits, and large chunky gold accessories. This is actually exciting and hopefully it will be of Miss Venezuela level in terms of concept.
* Some girls who had ‘difficulties’ with several designers with their national costumes are said to be worried about their evening gowns for the pageant. In some instances, their pageant camp/s are the ones that assign which designer would dress up which candidate/s. This doesn’t go well with some of the girls who would get last minute gowns, or gowns that don’t look like the submitted sketches.
* On the same line of rumor, at least 2 candidates that are worried about their gowns are said to be preparing a secondary ‘back up’ gown should the designers assigned to them fail to bring a finished gown (or the gown as originally sketched and submitted). There are at least a couple of designers who are notorious in submitting late gowns for the finals or submit gowns that aren’t as per submitted sketch or even with wrong/ terrible fit.

Those juicy insider gossips are a tell-tale of some problems that most pageant fans do not see or know. So I really hope that fans would be a little more cooperative and mindful about the girls. Because if there is something to take away from these rumors, its that being a beauty pageant candidate isn’t that all glamorous…the stress is definitely a killer.

Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Rumor Mill!

So here are several rumors that has been floating among the Binibining Pilipinas insiders and pageant friends that I was able to gather.

* The official swimsuit for the finals will be a tribute for the late Pitoy Moreno. The designer has been a pillar of the pageant since the 60’s and 70’s and is a close personal friend of Madame Stella Marquez Araneta.
* According to our moles, the official swimsuit portraits are looking more like Fadil Berisha glamshots. Photographer Raymond Saldana has showed some of the photos to several pageant people. It is also rumored that a certain girl that performed during the talent night was a favorite of the lensman.
* There is a rumored plan of having a national costume exhibit to go along the official portrait showcase for this year’s candidates. This is said to be inline with the Pitoy Moreno tribute that is going to be a major point in this year’s pageant. No location has yet been named as details of how the security of the costumes is yet to be finalized.
* There was a strict directive that should a number of the Binibining Pilipinas candidates show up with ‘unfinished’ or ‘incomplete’ national costumes during the natcos photoshoot last February 12, they would cancel the national costume show. Hence all candidates have to show up with finished costumes.
* According to another mole, SMA has gushed about this year’s batch as this is (so far) one of the most pleasant batches in recent years. No catfights between girls from different camps has ensued. Everyone seems to be professional and would get along nicely. And SMA is happy about that.
* There is/are some girl/s that are not happy with her/their respective camp/s in terms of the training schedules. Clearly I won’t be dropping name/s here and would have to stop there.
* A three-day excursion/ trip to Batangas is also in the schedule for the Binibining Pilipinas candidates this month.
That’s all for now folks. We will try to post more soon as we get more infos and juicy tidbits for you…

#RumorMill: Who Should be Appointed Miss Universe Colombia 2018?

The Señorita Colombia 2018 pageant is said to be slated for the last quarter of this year (rumors have it taking place in November). Which brings a conundrum of how the winner could prepare for Miss Universe in such notice. Hence rumors of an appointment for this year abound.

Two of the names that have been circulating online on the possible ladies to be appointed to compete in MU are Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve (last year’s Virreina) and Anabella Castro Sierra. Coincidentally these two are the ladies that I predicted to win the title back in 2017! The 5’10” Anabella ended up among the top 10 semifinalists in the nationals while Vanessa (who also stands 5’10”) represented Colombia in Miss International last year.

But I would also want to throw in my personal favorite into the mix: Reina Hispanoamericana 2016 and Señorita Colombia 2015 2nd runner up Maria Camila Soleibe (Miss Universe 2nd Runner up Andrea Tovar won over her). This 21 year old actually beat Miss Universe 1st runner up Raquel Pellisier in RH2016. Camila stand 5’9″ with hazel eyes and light brown-blonde hair which she owes to her Lebanese ancestry in her father’s side. I wished that Camila would be given a chance in Miss Universe.

Who do you think should be appointed as Miss Universe Colombia this year? Join the poll below…