Rumored Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Girls Pt.2

I thought that the first blogpost on the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 rumored girls needs a follow up. So on this post, we are gonna write about several girls that aren’t joining or won’t be qualified (for whatever reasons) to join this year’s pageant.

1. This Pinay supermodel has been floated by fans for years to be joining pageants, but a topless modeling pic may derail her from joining the Binibining Pilipinas. This should be clear now for pageant fans to stop as she clearly is focused on her modeling career that is starting to fly internationally.
2. This Binibini runner up hasn’t revealed if she is joining or not. But according to some insiders, she is not interested in joining anymore. There is still hope though as she will be aging out in a year. So she still has time should she change her mind. She may even switch camps…
3. This mestiza looker has already said to people close to her that she won’t be joining this year and would rather focus on enriching herself and preparing for the national pageant in a year or two. She is one of the runners-up in a past BBP pageant.
4. This lovely lady from one of the country’s most prominent cities is being touted to join BBP this year by pageant fans. Although she is said to be preparing for a different national pageant altogether or possibly join BBP in 2019. She was said to be joining MWP supposedly last year.
5. She’s stands 5’10”- 5’11” and this blogger first met her when she was still a student and couldn’t even walk in heels. Nowadays, she is floated as a possible name to join BBP2018. What people may not know is that she has already posed topless with another beauty queen in a photoshoot and this may bar her from joining the national pageant.
6. The girl is tall, between 5’8″ – 5’10”. While she is said to be joining BBP this year, other insiders are saying that she is possibly joining MWP instead due to her naked photoshoot. She could have made a splash in BBP…
That is it for now… Soon as we hear more, you will get a bit more blind items here…


Rumor Mill: What to Expect for Bb. Pilipinas 2018

So here are some of the juicy gossips that Sashes&Scripts has able to gather from its chismosang froglets aka pageant moles…

* If the org doesn’t find enough applicants for this year’s pageant, they might push the deadline for another week to allow more applications to come in. However if BPCI feels that they have more than enough applicants to fill in the required slots, then they are gonna proceed on their scheduled dates as planned.
* The first screening is expected to happen between January 9th to mid-January (tentatively around / near January 16th). It may happen again at the KIA theatre in Cubao as like previous year. No mention yet if it will be just one day screening or if it would be 2 screening dates. But our moles say that they will try to keep it into just 1 screening day if possible and announce the official candidates immediately thereafter.

* An estimated 40 candidates is expected to be selected this year for the pageant. Ideally 30 is the number that the org is looking for but due to the stage blocking and live telecast timing, they are pushing the number of candidates to the usual 40 candidates like in previous years.
* The Binibining Pilipinas finals is expected to be very early this year, like around mid-March. That is simply because of the Holy Week that falls between March 25th and ends in March 31st. BPCI is said to avoid such dates so that it won’t clash with the schedules of those who will be leaving for the long break.

Rumored Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Girls Pt.1

Something to bring a little bit of excitement for the Binibining Pilipinas next year…

1. This girl is rumored to be part of A camp only to find out that she is part of the other camp. She is expected to be a shoo-in for the top 2 titles, that is if she doesn’t back out. She is still young and she can come back in another year.
2. This girl is expected by her camp to join the girls who will line up for the applications come BBP2018. What they aren’t aware of is the fact that this girl has no plans yet to come back. She is said to be enjoying what she is doing and has no plans of coming back to her camp.
3. This girl has recently moved to another camp. But it is not yet clear if she is part of the rumored girls to join BBP or MWP. According to some insiders, she is a bit worried as she hasn’t seen much training considering the number of girls in her camp.
4. This girl is being groomed as the possible flagbearer of her camp despite her weak communication skills. The seasoned pageant girl has a gorgeous face though…
5. This pageant hopeful is an import and is expected to join the BBP2018 pageant. Her hopes to join might not bear fruit though as we already seen topless photos of this girl.
6. This girl is another girl that is rumored to be groomed to join BBP2018 but her topless photo might be a hindrance to her dreams. The tall lass might just be better off in MWP this year.
7. This girl is being pushed to join BBP2018 since a couple of years back. After several unsuccessful attempts to win a national title, she is said to join BBP. The only question though is if she can complete the residency requirements of the pageant.
That is all…for now…

#RumorMill! Miss Universe 2018 in Manila on an Earlier Month?!?!

Just as we have posted last November 22nd, the top 16 semi-finalists of the Miss Universe 2017 pageant will be coming to Manila as tourism ambassadresses come December.

The latest update is that Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters with her runners-up will be joined by Iris Mittenaere and Raquel Pelissier to visit Manila. The pregnant Andrea Tovar is also expected to arrive (she is in her 3rd trimester and is expected to give birth around January/ February). The  girls will take part in various activities such as fashions shows, meet-and-greet and a gala event.
Our insiders have further told us that several members of the Miss Universe organization will be flying to Manila as well. It is also said that the possible hosting of the 2018 edition will be discussed in one of their meeting with the  Philippine tourism officials. One of our speculations is that the 2018 pageant might be moved to an earlier month in the summer.

So stay tuned as we will be keeping track of developments of the Miss Universe 2018 edition!

Rumor Mill: Are you ready for Miss Universe 2018 in Manila?

If the murmurs are to be believed, there have been talks with the Miss Universe organization and Department of Tourism Wanda Teo with Renee Salud to bring back the pageant to Manila.

Earlier we posted about the Miss Universe 2017 top 16 to become Tourism Ambassadors for the DOT. It seems that if things do check out, the girls will be flying to Manila within the next 2-4 months.
Renee Salud, known as Mama Rene, was recently spotted in Las Vegas during the Miss Universe finals. It is said among pageant insiders that they are in Las Vegas to discuss talks of having the pageant again in the Philippines come 2018. Our moles believe that the hosting is going to push through as they already have sponsors lined up to come up with the budget for the pageant…

So let’s watch out for it…

Rumor Mill: Diamond Nexus Crown to be Used for MU Crowning

There is a strong buzz here in Las Vegas that the Miss Universe 2017 will be crowned with the Diamond Nexus crown as it is the one currently being used by reigning queen Iris Mittenaere.

The DIC crown is rumored to be on hold until the lawsuit between IMG| WME and the crown-makers is settled. We currently have no further information on the status of the lawsuit but it is safe to assume that its use will be kept on hold until the matter is settled in court.

Rumored Miss World 2017 Coronation Night Format

Check out the rumored finals format for the Miss World 2017 coronation night.

The Top 40 girls will be comprising of the winners of the fasttracks, head-to-head challenges and a top 15 as selected by judges. They they will be narrowed down to 15, then to 10. The top 10 will go thru the question and answer portion from which the winners will be selected. There is no word if there will be a top 5 this year. It is also said that the pageant will feature pre-taped segments of the Fast-tracks & head to head challenges alongside snippets of the Dances of the World and pre-pageant activities leading to the finals.