Rumor Mill: 69th Miss Universe to Copy Elements from Miss Earth 2020?

Is the 69th Miss Universe pageant gonna copy several elements from the virtual pageant of the Miss Earth 2020?

There are a number of rumors floating around that the Miss Universe will adapt or adopt some of the things that we have seen Miss Earth do in their 2020th edition. While these rumors are yet to be verified, it does shed light on how the virtual Miss Earth pageant has opened a new way of doing pageants during these times.

DISCLAIMER: these are only rumors and no confirmation can be made. Be reminded that these should be taken with a grain of salt and should not be considered confirmed until an official announcement is made public.

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Rumor Mill: Miss Universe 2020 on December 6th!

THIS JUST IN! Miss Universe 2020 will likely be on December 6th!
Despite the current CoVid-19 pandemic crippling the globe, the Miss Universe 2020 is still full steam ahead! According to some insiders the National Directors of the Miss Universe pageant have been informed by the Miss Universe organization that the TENTATIVE date for the 2020 pageant is on December 6th, Sunday. Our mole also said that the date might move a week earlier or later depending on securing a viable venue aside from a host city/ country.
It was said that information has been sent to the NDs that a candidate should be named by first of November this year. This was earlier confirmed in a Facebook live by Mexican ND & former Miss Universe, Lupita Jones. This would make October as the last month for national organizations to hold their pageants to select a representative.
The November 1st deadline was set for the national orgs as the national representatives should be filling up their Miss Universe candidate forms online before the said date. Everyone must note that aside from the online forms that the ladies have to fill up, they are also to submit some photo and video requirements to be used on the website and/ or live telecast.
Aside from the communications that each national pageant should have a representative by November 1st , every National Director have these three options in selecting a MU rep:
1. Elevate the 2019 1st runner up as the new queen – this option was already availed by the Señorita Panama organization by appointing last year’s 1st runner up, Carmen Jaramillo as the Panamanian representative to Miss Universe 2020.
2. Hold the national pageant upon lifting of each of the country’s respective Covid-19 quarantine/ lockdown – this option is the preferred option of the Mexicana Universal pageant as confirmed by Lupita Jones. Other countries are on a “wait and see” status on how their respective quarantines and lockdowns would play out.
3. Hold a casting with a panel of judges – since it is indicated int he MUOrg’s rules and regulations that a MU representative must be a ‘crowned winner’ of the national pageant, a smaller competition has been allowed for MU national franchise holders.
Currently no confirmed schedule is confirmed but it is speculated that the pageant might follow last year’s schedule of a week-long pageant (7-10 days). Organizers would not want to prolong the pageant in case that the pandemic is still creating havoc around the globe. Our moles also said that the rumored venue will be held in another US city that isn’t hugely stricken by the corona virus pandemic.
As of the moment, the org is planning contingency measures should the quarantine or lockdown take longer than usual. If the dreaded 2nd wave of the CoVid-19 virus strike and take a longer time to subside, there is a high possibility of moving dates and venues.

Rumor Mill: Is This Pageant Having an Ego?

Know your worth as the saying goes but it goes both ways.
We all know of the recent moves of international pageants “shopping around” for local franchises. It seems like they are slow dancing to Patti Page’s “Changing Partners” more frequently recently.

Now there is this rumored pageant that has been said to be very ‘demanding’ when it comes to its local franchise. It is said that said pageant has been wanting to move franchise holders locally for the past 3 years. Insiders say that the demand is to make their pageant the top title in the local franchise and several other perks. While we do acknowledge their wish to be given accommodations when they visit for the local pageant’s finals, they cannot be too demanding on the franchise fee that they are asking. Rumor has it that they are demanding around US$70,000 for the local franchise. That is roughly PHP 3.5 million, almost an equivalent to a condominium unit in any of the Ayala Land developments. And that figure is expected to rise up every year.
This is said to be one of the reasons why it was rumored earlier that it was going to move from its current local franchise holder to another local pageant that holds the franchise of its male pageant counterpart. Our moles are guessing that the current local franchise bid a higher number than that to retain the franchise of the pageant.
While the pageant is quite glamorous and has a superb production, it hasn’t yet achieved that longevity and level of prestige and accolades that the Big 4 pageants have. So this is one of the things that we are baffled about. Where is their loyalties lie when the local organization remained loyal to them during the time that the pageant ran into controversy when a splinter org from within created a separate same name pageant in India? Ego much? Dementia much?
How easy was it for them to forget?

Let us know of your thoughts on this rumor mill post below. Just remember not to drop names…

Rumor Mill: 2 Pageants Goes Head to Head

In the mood for some gossip?

So here’s how the story goes Newbie Pageant is said to be in talks with a broadcasting network that is the home of a very prestigious Legacy Pageant. How sure are we that the talks has already happened? Well let’s just say that the table discussions happened just earlier today! How far are the talks gone now? Rumor has it that the heads are already talking about music copyrights for songs to be used in the pageant. It is said that NP will be paying for air-time in the said Family-Friendly Network sometime May of this year. Two rival pageants in one broadcast station, LET THE DRAMA UNFOLD!
This would be a huge declaration of war as NP is on the move to set the stage for the biggest pageant in terms of number of candidates. It is rumored that the target number of candidates this year is at the minimum of 50 delegates or more! Rumor has it that it was stipulated in their contract with a Foreign Pageant that NP has to have twice as much candidates as that of LP.  But then again that is not exactly how the rumored contract is worded. But it is clear that NP has to have the biggest number of candidates in record. LP on the other hand has not set in a date for its finals but there are talks that it is in negotiations to hold its finals either on April or June. LP is said to be unaffected with NP’s overly dramatic stunts on social media and is planning something up their sleeves themselves. Pageant insiders have been gossiping about how the number of applicants in LP is of larger quantities and are of better quality. While LP’s roster of candidates will be named soon, NP is said to be struggling to fill in the 50-80 slots with quality candidates.
But that is not the only thing happening that would put their rivalry into a boil. A high profile lady by the name of Laroja is seem at the premises of the LP pageant. What she is doing there is anybody’s guess, but it will be clear that Laroja will play a major role in LP’s pageant finals. How about NP?  Well our gossipy friends are saying that another high profile lady by the name of Azura will figure prominently in NP’s activities. So it seems that the paths for Laroja and Azura are meant to go head to head as much as NP and LP currently is. As fate would have it, Laroja and Azura’s loyalties will put them at odds with each other and will test who is the stronger high profile lady…
Question will be: which will the fans support and patrionize? NP or LP? Laroja or Azura?

RUMOR MILL: The Mistake Announcement

This is perhaps one of the most problematic edition of the pageant.

WARNING: this only a rumor mill, it may or may not be true. We cannot validate the truth to these gossips and it’s up to you the reader whether or not to believe if there are any truths to these at all.

One of the issues that has been quite problematic was the mistake in one of the special awards of the pageant. During the live telecast the winner was flashed across the screens. For those who were seated at the back of the stage, they saw on the teleprompter that the winner from a pageant powerhouse country. However when the live interview was shown, it was a different girl who was invited onstage! Those at the dark VIP seats at the back who saw the teleprompter clearly were shocked. They immediately thought that the host committed another booboo in the announcement of the actual winner. Well part of the blame is on the production crew who had the other girl dress up in her national costume. Said girl thought that she won the best in national costume award. This should have been clarified to the girl that she was there just to showcase her national costume and had not really won the award. Continue reading “RUMOR MILL: The Mistake Announcement”


To say that this pageant was a mess is an understatement…and apparently there are more cleaning up that needs to be done!

WARNING: this only a rumor mill, it may or may not be true. We cannot validate the truth to these gossips and it’s up to you the reader whether or not to believe if there are any truths to these at all.

Rumor has it that the pageant is supposed to replicate its 2009 edition. Finals and prelims is supposed to happen at a ballroom of a hotel. Problem is, it’s football season and everyone was busy with the sporting event. In a country that is majorly a fanatic of football, baseball and basketball the pageant just isn’t in the priorities to watch.  In a country that the large majority thinks pageants are passé, being held in the same city as the civil rights movement is born during football season… well that seems to be a recipe for a disaster. Some peeps who kept sending us messages and we’ve talked to were describing that nobody seems to notice that the supposedly biggest deal to pageant fans around the world is happening in their city. Even cab drivers said that they have no idea. Is that because they rarely left the hotel for any outdoor activities? Or perhaps the week just passed by and nobody really noticed them?
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RUMOR MILL: Tickets, VIPs and More!

So this time we are gonna dish out some behind the scenes shockers of a recently held pageant and what happened on the ticket sales…

Gird your loins because this isn’t going to be a nice read.

WARNING: this only a rumor mill, it may or may not be true. We cannot validate the truth to these gossips and it’s up to you the reader whether or not to believe if there are any truths to these at all.

Tickets was a huge problem this year. And the reason for that is because of the relatively tiny venue. Usually said big pageant would book a huge venue to stage their finals to maximize ticket sales. This time around though the seating capacity is only an estimated 2,500 seats versus previous editions with 5-6k seating. So to recuperate the expenses incurred, a couple of things was set into place: VIP packages and more expensive tickets.

With national directorship comes with privileges. And one of those privileges is the pre-selling of tickets. One new ND however, abused that privilege by giving out the codes to her fellows. That is why you can hear the venue seemingly filled with people from that country, whenever their chick is on stage. This was good for them but bad for other NDs who had the finesse of being considerate to others who also wanted to watch. Such pedestrian tactic from said ND is known to the head of the pageant and was said to admitting that the pre-selling code was a mistake/ lapse of judgement on their part. Because this meant that there were a few remaining tickets left for the actual selling. So blame this new ND for you running out of tickets to buy. A clue? Well, the ND comes from a country that punched a pageant fan from Asia and broke their flag.

That isn’t the only issue with the tickets though. Here’s a not-so-very-important-treatment complaint from a number of those that purchased the “expensive $700-1300” tickets. First was the holding area of the VIP ticket holders, they were promises a “priority entry line” to which they found themselves in the same waiting area with the rest of the general audience. Then there was the “front row” or “row 7 seat” that was problematic. Originally in the booking of the VIP tix it said that the guests will be seated at Row 6 then was bumped to Row 7 several days later. But they found themselves exiled in the back of the stage where it was dim in their are, all they see were the backs of the candidates or the tree props, and basically missed the entire show. A parent of a candidate who placed in the top 5/3  of said pageant was also in the dark being seated at the “VIP” area.
Some say that in the host country, this can be a case for false advertising so a number of them complained to the org reps. And now some are demanding or are being refunded a $200 off their ticket purchase. If you will only see the backs of the candidates for a VIP tickets then it might have been more cost-friendly to watch at home. Rumor has it that a rep even said that the venue provided a large screen for the VIP to watch the proceedings at the back, which is not equal to watching at home for free in your pj’s versus spending $1.6k on the ticket (not to mention the hotel and airfare) on the finals.

That wasn’t all that was a mess on the said pageant… there might be more to come in the coming days…

Rumor Mill: Something’s up on November 9th?

Before the announced FrontRow event at the Philippine Arena coming this November 9th, there already was a certain buzz on what could the presence of reigning Miss Universe mean for that event. Our pageant friends are saying that a possible ‘major announcement’ is set to take place… and that got us thinking what could they be announcing during such a huge gathering?

WARNING: these are merely speculations on our part and there are no confirmation the any of these. Hence they are tagged into the rumor mill section of the blog.

These are only some of our speculations on what could be announced on the November 9th event…

  1. Announcement of the 2020 Miss Universe pageant venue – initially everyone thought that the event would announce the 2019 venue of the pageant, but that has been scrapped since the venue has been named. So the other possibility is to announce the venue for next year’s competition. This is specially fueled with the presence of Miss universe Org VP Shawn McClain earlier in the Miss Earth pageant at The Cove of Okada Manila.
  2. The Miss Universe Philippines is now Under FrontRow – if this speculation does come true then we now understand why the presence of FrontRow officials in every event of the MU pageant in the country. If the franchise has been taken by FrontRow, it makes sense that the rumors of a separate Miss Universe Philippines pageant is still prevalent. While there are still a number of fans who hope that the franchise stays with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. we pray that a collaboration between the two would still be possible. Or that the transition would be smooth.
  3. A New Endorsement for Whomever Wins Miss Universe 2019 – this is most possible to happen among all three possible scenarios.

Miss Universe 2019 Rumor Mill #3

The Miss Universe pageant recently was confirmed to happen in December 8th in a number of social media posts from national franchise holders. Quite an unceremonious way to announce the pageant date of the ‘biggest pageant in the universe’. But several things don’t seem to add up. So here are rumors that might explain the late announcement…

WARNING: these are only rumors and we cannot verify the truth to these claims… Read at your own risk. We are not responsible for butt-hurt feelings if you chose to proceed.
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Miss Universe 2019 Rumor Mill #2

It’s that time of the year again and we have several gossips on everyone’s favorite pageant in the universe! For those that are waiting and wanting to get any kind of news or rumors about the 2019 Miss Universe pageant, then this blogpost is for you!
Warning: these are merely gossips and we could not vouch for the accuracy or truth of the gossips we post here. This is going to be a long read so please have patience to go through it…

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An Extended Reign for Catriona Gray?

Warning: this is a rumor mill post and thus should not be treated seriously. It is also written with a heavy gay lingo that may make your heads spin so buckle up! And learn your gay lingo!

The pageant gods must be happy with reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray as our moles from Nueva York are so happy to chichi with us gossips direct from the headquarters of the biggest pageant in the world, the universe rather… Due to the bankability as an endorser of Catriona, insider frogettes are whispering that ‘her reign may be extended beyond‘ her original contract.

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Rumor Mill: A Disorganized Pageant?

There is male pageant being held that is a massive headache due to being very disorganized. Said pageant has been postponed numerous times already and despite those postponements, the male pageant is still fraught with disorganized people who as someone described to us “running around like headless chicken”.

Schedules are mixed up, last minute changes are frequent and regular miscommunication within the organizing team is commonplace. One pageant candidate has even been heard to complain with his fellow candidates (of similar dialect/language) about the changes in schedule. A candidate was said to have been heard talking on the phone how all of the candidates’ events are indoors and that they haven’t been to any of the famed beaches in the Philippines. Yep, no sand, sun and sea for some guys who seemed to have expected to be seeing our white sand beaches. But when the org’s reps or pageant media are around, they go back to their usual positive vibes, sunny personality.
According to numerous pageant sites/ admins covering the said male pageant, they would usually get confused on what the ‘managing director’ would say versus that of the assistants. However, they cannot make ‘complaints’ because of the “white envelope” giveaways for the media people covering their event. The new org handling the said male pageant seems to be unaware on how to run and organize events despite their so called “expertise and longstanding experience” in the pageant community.
Add to this rumor is the supposed cancellation of interviews by the owner of said pageant after going through a tough interview recently. Owner was subjected to really awkward interview where the owner was asked of past issues still haunting the pageant. Said owner was given really uncomfortable questions in that interview that it may have scarred her from doing interviews with the media.

Miss Universe 2019 Rumor Mill #1

It may still be quite some time before we get reliable news on the Miss Universe 2019 pageant dates and venue so we have to make do with the rumors floating around the net.

So here are some of the rumors we’ve been able to gather so far about the 68th edition of the Miss Universe:
1. Google Drops Hints on Date – well if you Google the term “Miss Universe” it gives us a December 19 date for the pageant’s finals, a Thursday. While this may seem legit considering that it came from Google search, we may have to say that this might not be likely true. Most Miss Universe finals tend to happen during a Sunday night US telecast which means it is usually Monday morning in Asia. Last year’s telecast was on an early Monday morning in Bangkok on December 17th. So it is more likely that the pageant finals would happen to be on December 8th or 15th as those fall on a Sunday.
EDIT, July 22 – according to the Venezuelan pageant portal MV La Nueva Era, the Miss Universe pageant will be happening in January 26th of 2020. If this rumor is true, it would be the third time that the pageant delayed staging a year. This happened for MU 2014 and 2016. Coincidentally, the rumored host for 2019 is the Philippines who hosted the pageant in 1974, 1994, and the delayed 2016.
2. Multiple Rumored Venues – first there was South Korea and Dubai, as publicly announced by MUOrg benefactor and businessman Chavit Singson. While we are not likely to believe that a Muslim country in the Middle-East is open-minded to host a beauty pageant, like many we are hoping that it would be staged in Korea. One problem though, Korea isn’t into beauty pageants which might pose some road blocks. With very little interest, there would be a problem of getting local sponsors to help foot  the bill on the pageant. Then there is also Rio de Janeiro interested to host the pageant which would be so amazing if it were to happen but there hasn’t been any other developments on that front since then.

Guess what? We’ve heard that Bangkok, Manila and Hanoi are buzzed around as possible venues. TBH, if it happens in Manila so be it. It might bode well for us and our rep if it is held in Manila. There is clamor here as well as a huge Miss Universe following. The MUOrg were given a lavish treatment when it was held in Manila in January of 2017 so they might prefer it if it comes back to the Philippines. According to our moles, the most likely countries to host would either be the Philippines or Vietnam. Though Vietnam would be a good option.
Last year, former Department of Tourism Wanda Teo (before she got sacked and replaced) let it slip that Vietnam was one of the other countries bidding to host the pageant aside from the Philippines. So the rumors that the pageant may happen in these two countries make sense. Then of course we also heard about Bangkok. While we don’t see this as a possibility for now, but their spectacular show last year is something that fans are loving to see again in the pageant. If everything else fails, there is always Las Vegas to save the day as a last minute host.

3. Steve Harvey Returns as Host – well, this is more likely a reality than a rumor. Remember back in 2015, he signed a 5-year contract to host the Miss Universe pageant and 2019 is still within that contract. An opportunity to have a different host will only arise in 2020, when his contract expires.
It is also rumored that Lu Sierra is coming back as a color commentator though we haven’t heard anything about Karlsson Kresley or Ashley Graham returning. Lu will be serving as catwalk coach to the girls as well.
4. Other Rumors – it is said that at least 75 countries are confirmed to compete in this year’s pageant. And with some countries expected to return like Siera Leone, Tanzania , and Turks & Caicos, that number may grow up to around 80+. We should be cautiously optimistic if  it would hit over 90 participants this year.

Once Upon a Juicy Blind Item

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances is purely coincidental…

Once Upon a Blind Item,  in the electoral monarchy of Anque lived a vile sorcerer named Bacao. Bacao was an overly ambitious usurper of power who dreams of ruling the lands of Anque. After vacating his  seat from the High Council, his alliance with a wealthy tradesman named QingXon allowed started his climb to usurp power from the Pillars of the Palace of Anque. A conquest that didn’t exactly end with a full victory.
In one of their annual elections, Bacao with his high and mighty air demanded to be included in the selection of the next electoral monarch of the kingdom. But the Pillars of the Palace did not allow him to pass through the doors of deliverance, the sacred hall where secrets of how a queen is elected has been kept for centuries. All he was allowed was to peek from a glance of how things are done, an insider but never truly part of how the Kingdom is run. All he was able to do is to listen behind closed doors by keeping his ears on the ground. In spite, he sent out his little sparrows to spread what he heard from the election of a new queen. This was to discredit the newly elected queen of the kingdom.
The sparrows were quick to dispatch what had allegedly came about during the elections. Three vestal virgins were said to have been considered to have performed well in their task: one of limited beauty named Delilah, one who came from the North named Sarya and one of limited speech named Dergein. They were said to have ranked accordingly to their vestal tasks. The instructions to the sparrows was to make it look like it was Delilah who deserved to have been named the new queen. And that her loosing the election was due to circumstances of her birth. But that shouldn’t have been the case because other ladies who were born outside of Anque were crowned queens in the past.
In a separate record from the Master of Books revealed that Delilah was never the highest choice to be new queen. One of the Pillars has always been outspoken on who should be elected as monarch based on how the ladies delivered their finals tasks as vestal virgins. The said pillar was said to have been the defender of the ladies in waiting who did well in the final task like for Raka-el who was up against Napa-yit years before Dergein; same as the Pillar did for Queen Aika of the 95 Kingdoms. Because of the lies that was woven by Bacao’s minions, they couldn’t keep straight which version is true. Some of the minions was spreading a version that it was one of the Pillars who argued against Delilah, another would argue that the Master of Laws was the one that argued against Delilah, while another version was that it was the Prime Pillar’s The Hand that barred Delilah as the the new queen. With different versions coming out, you would know that only the Master of Books knew what really surmised.
In a pages from the master of Books, it was revealed that on sheer beauty alone Dergein was far beyond any of the two other vestal virgins. And that the Pillar defended Dergein being the one who performed best in 3 out of the 4 finals tasks. Nobody would have guessed that it was not Delilah, nor Sarya, nor Dergein who was the favorite for the crown. A lady with skin as white as snow and lips as red as the rose named Deiwat-a was the Pillars favorite for the crown. But her concentration in one of the final tasks broke when a member of the High Council showed his deadly face to her. That mistake cost her dearly, much to the delight of the High Council.
This was nothing new to the people of Anque, as in the past when Bacao still headed the High Council, they too had devised a plan to dethrone former Queen Merrien Jei from her seat as the ruler of Anque by spreading a falsified claim from the Master of Books that the second to the throne, Guideia, was the rightful vestal virgin. They even devised to a way to suppress one of their own vestal virgins in favor of Napa-yit,  which only ended up in failure as Napa-yit never succeeded on her own. And that they even used Napa-yit to call Queen Aika insincere.
Bacao and his evil minions will be setting up one trap after another for Dergein so she needs to be careful of next moves.  His next move was to spread falsehood that Dergein was never a vestal virgin and will use a lady resembling her committing salacious acts that would strip Dergein of her crown. Then being connected with the Vanguards of the 95 Kindgoms, he will use the same venom against Dergein that she is either lazy, stubborn and hard-headed, difficult to deal with, unprofessional, doesn’t listen to advise and instructions, and anything to make Dergein look like a diva in the eyes of the Vanguards.  This is all in the hopes that Dergein will fail in her quest for the crown of the 95 Kingdoms.
A sorcerer like Bacao is a vile creature who will stop at nothing even if it meant burning everything in the Kingdom of Anque. This vile creature must be stopped from spreading more lies and creating more hate. Only the people of Anque being vigilant will this sorcery be vanquished…