Philippine Pageant Newsmakers of 2020

2020 was a hard year for pageantry. So it is no shocker that a number of the news-makers on this list are on the negative aspect of pageantry.

Here’s the list of 7 news-making headlines that shocked and shaped the pageant industry this past year…

7. A Question of Decency in Pageants – how far can candidates go bare before they are called out for too much exposure? That was one of the hottest topics that was taken out of context by a number of pageant pages on Instagram. During the height of the Miss Universe Philippines pageant, a number of candidates posed in too provocatively styled shoots and swimsuit photographs which prompted a huge debate between pageant admins. And with strong arguments from opposing views, some pageant admins and personalities fought for each of their sides. Unfortunately none of the candidates who posed provocatively even made top 5.

What can be considered crossing the boundaries of decency in pageantry?

6. Fake Scandal Video and Images Propagated by Catriona’s Detractors – this year we saw both Indonesian trolls and Filipino pageant haters spread malicious images and spliced videos of Catriona Gray online. It was such a huge headline that Catriona decided to go to the National Bureau of Investigations to file a case against those that propagated these fake and doctored images and videos.

5. Changes in Miss Universe National Directors – in a movement that started in 2019, the year saw more changes in leadership for several more MU franchises. Colombia, Spain, Guatemala followed the change in franchise ownership and/or leadership from 2019’s Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Thailand and the Philippines. And with the rumored new ND for the USA with former Miss USA Crystle Stewart, 2020 truly saw the “in with the new and out with the old” in franchise ownership.

4. Miss Earth’s Successful Virtual Pageant – when it was announced that the Miss Earth pageant will continue its 20th edition with a virtual pageant, a number of fans raised concerns. ME was the only Alpha pageant to stage their competition this year… Miss Universe is to hold their 69th edition in the first trimester next year while both Miss International and Miss World cancelled their pageants and will return in 2021.

3. Miss Universe Philippines Leakages – newbie pageant with newbie personnel running the organization; that was evident with the numerous leakages and slip ups that marked the first year of the organization. They started off with huge promise that would later be marred with information leaks that could only come from within their own organization. From the schedules, design of the new crown, stage design and concept, down to the actual winners of the competition, were all leaked days and/or hours before the culmination of the pageant activities. Even as they are sequestered and quarantined in a location far from the capital, numerous insider info continued to leak from within the org. Which even included the video of the crowning of the new MU-Philippines hours before the finals was finished.

2. Miss Universe Organization Financial Trouble – the signs were there but nobody saw how the pageant’s parent company, Endeavor, made headlines for its huge financial issues. With massive debts, personnel furloughs and lay-offs, to live events cancellations, the MUOrg was deeply affected by the financial woes of its parent company.

1. Covid19 Pandemic – no other news is bigger than the corona virus pandemic that gripped the entire world in 2020. Due to its nature, live events are cancelled and it basically eradicated the pageant schedules this year.

Rumor Mill: 69th Miss Universe to Copy Elements from Miss Earth 2020?

Is the 69th Miss Universe pageant gonna copy several elements from the virtual pageant of the Miss Earth 2020?

There are a number of rumors floating around that the Miss Universe will adapt or adopt some of the things that we have seen Miss Earth do in their 2020th edition. While these rumors are yet to be verified, it does shed light on how the virtual Miss Earth pageant has opened a new way of doing pageants during these times.

DISCLAIMER: these are only rumors and no confirmation can be made. Be reminded that these should be taken with a grain of salt and should not be considered confirmed until an official announcement is made public.

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Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Marie Coffey of the USA

Lindsey Marie Coffey of the US was named Miss Earth 2020 at the 20th edition of the Miss Earth pageant. Standing tall at 5’10”, the 28 year-old Lindsey is the first American to win the Miss Earth title after a series of bridesmaid placements in the recent several editions of the pageant.

With Lindsey winning Miss Earth, the US becomes the 5th country to have won all 4 biggest international pageants: Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss World. It also pushed up the rank of the United States to #2 with 15 wins, tied with the Philippines with number of wins… but with the US having 60 runner-up wins versus the Philippines’ 23 runner up placements, the US takes the 2nd place after Venezuela whose 23 crowns & 44 runner up placements is unbeatable.


The 2020 court of queens are :
Miss Earth 2020 – USA, Lindsey Coffey
Miss Earth-Air – Venezuela, Stephany Zreik
Miss Earth-Water – Philippines, Roxanne Baeyens
Miss Earth-Fire – Denmark, Michala Rubinstein

The Miss Earth 2020 queen and her court…

TOP 8 (alphabetical order)
Myanmar – Amara Shune Lei
Netherlands – Tessa le Conge
Poland – Sabina Półtawska
Puerto Rico – Krystal Badillo

Top 20 (alphabetical order)
Belarus – Mariia Reznyuk
Costa Rica – Kelly Ávila
Cote d’Ivoire – Aya Kadjo
Germany – Annabella Fleck
Japan – Anna Tode
Kenya – Fridah Kariuki
Nigeria – Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze
Panama – Anayansi De Gracia
Portugal – Ivanna Rohashko
Singapore – Christina Cai
South Africa – Lungo Katete
Thailand – Teeyapar Sretsirisuvarna

The pageant was attended by 84 entrants from around the globe through online activities and a virtual coronation night.  The candidates were split into four continental groups: Asia & Oceania, Africa, Americas, and Europe and then competed in the following categories: Earth Talk, Talent, Evening Gown, Swimsuit, Sports Wear, National Costume, and Interview

Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Marie Coffey


Lindsey’s win is remarkable because of 3 reasons:

  1. USA makes the 5th country to win all 4 biggest international pageants after Brazil, Venezuela, the Philippines and Puerto Rico. This marks the US’ first win after a series of runner-up placements in Miss Earth (Emanii Davis, Corrin Stellakis, Brittany Payne and Andrea Neu) over the past 10 years.
  2. This year has been marked with multiple surprise wins from underdogs of several national pageants. Lindsey’s victory was the first major win of a frontrunner among pageants of 2020.
  3. The Miss Earth 2020 pageant was the first of the Alpha pageants to hold a virtual  pageant as response to the on-going global Covid-19 pandemic. While it may have been unconventional, it allowed ME pageant fans to have more access to the queens through social media. After the successful staging of the virtual pageant, it only proves that it is possible to have an online pageant albeit some major adjustments on expectations how it is staged and held.

With rumors that should face-to-face meetings are possible next year, we are hoping that all 4 winners be given the chance to be crowned live to truly give them the “winning experience”.