Reina Hispanoamericana Postponed Indefinitely

Promociones Gloria, the organizer of the annual Reina Hispanoamericana announced that this year’s pageant has been postponed until further notice. The pageant is originally slated for a November 9th finals.
The announcement was made after tensions rose in the capital city of Santa Cruz between supporters of President Evo Morales and sympathizers of the opposition following the results of a hotly contested election that gave the incumbent leader a narrow lead over former President Carlos Mesa. Current protests could potentially mar the finals and the organizers opted to put the safety of the ladies first.

Three delegates that have arrived early in Bolivia, which includes Reina Hispanoamericana-Filipinas Katrina Llegado,  were sent back. The representatives of Mexico, the Philippines and Canada arrived in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and were received by the organizers, but they were only one day and returned to their countries. The Filipina rep is currently in Toronto, Canada awaiting further news of the pageant.
28 candidates are expected to join in this year’s competition.

The pageant is hoped to resume towards the end of November after the Bolivian crisis is over. The international competition is targeted to take place on November 23rd this year, awaiting final confirmation from the owners of the pageant. It is the first time in almost three decades that the Reina Hispanoamericana competition is postponed.

Sashes&Scripts is on a Blog Break!

Hello everyone!

Starting today, October 28th, we will be having a quick break from pageant blogging. It’s time to take a breather during the coming Philippine holidays on October 31st/ November 1st.
However, we will still be posting on our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. So you can still get your daily pageant fix.

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8 Things You Need to Know About Nellys Pimentel

A new Miss Earth has been crowned and everyone must be eager to learn more about the new queen.

Here are several things you should know about Miss Earth 2019, Nellys Pimentel of Puerto Rico:

  1. Her full name is Nellys Rocio Pimentel Campusano, she is 22 years old and hails from the capital city of San Juan.
  2. Her parents are from the Dominican Republic but she grew up in San Juan. She is the eldest of two siblings and says her family taught her the value of love and respect.
  3. She is a Psychology student who is pursuing a second course in Marketing.
  4. The brunette beauty has brown eyes and stands 5’8″ tall. Her statuesque height complimented her beaded white gown. Dominican-Lebanese designer Giannina Azar designed her finals gown.
  5. Nellys is the first Puerto Rican woman to win Miss Earth and thus brought PR into the circle of elite countries that won the 4 biggest international pageants, Misses Universe, International, Earth and World. It became the 4th country to do so after Brazil, Venezuela and the Philippines.
  6. Nellys is also the first Caribbean woman to win the Miss Earth crown in its 19 year history. She edged out 84 other candidates in the international competition that focuses on environmental care and protection. This year the pageant’s theme is “The Earth smiles in Flowers.”
  7. Nellys arrived early in the Philippines last September to get herself settled to the country’s climate and to train with Kagandahang Flores’ Rodgil Flores. It was stylist Oli Sara that introduced her to KF.
  8. The final question: “There are many people, including notable international leaders, who do not believe in climate change. How would you convince them of the seriousness of this problem?
    Her answer: “I would have to say that addressing this issue of people not believing in climate change is more of a matter of lack of education and not only a lack of education but also the ignorance and not wanting to inform themselves of the fact that we are living in a planet that is our biggest home, and we have taken advantage of it instead of putting back what it is giving to us.


Miss Universe Host City Not Yet Confirmed

It seems that the city of Altanta is looking to be this year’s Miss Universe venue. But nothing is set in stone just yet.

The Miss Universe 2019 pageant may happen in Atlanta, Georgia says a couple of articles from local news outlets. Below is a report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The next Miss Universe pageant could be hosted in Atlanta, with the crowning of the newest beauty queen potentially taking place the day after the SEC Championship.

The international pageant recently contacted the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau about potentially hosting the annual event, according to bureau spokeswoman  Heather Kirksey. The pageant’s final night, featuring the crowning of a winner, would be held on Dec. 8, six weeks from Sunday.

Contestants typically spend at least a week in the host city, participating in rehearsals, preliminary competitions and appearances in advance of the final night.

It’s not clear what venue would work for the pageant, which can draw thousands of spectators and is broadcast worldwide.

“We are working to see what’s available,” Kirksey said.

A spokeswoman for Miss Universe did not return a request for comment.


Miss Earth 2019: The Review

The youngest of the 4 biggest international competition opens officially the 2019 pageant season and we have lots to talk about! This review is written right after the Miss Earth finals was done so this is our unadulterated thoughts on the pageant.

First off the bat is the gorgeous stage. The Cove at Okada Manila serve as a spectacular venue to frame the pageant’s finals. Granted that the move to place the finals here was a last minute decision, it nevertheless provided a great frame to highlight the 85 delegates of the pageant. I do have one thing to say about it though, and that is it’s size. I was hoping that it could have been larger so that the ladies don’t look cramped in the stage. Other than that, the gargantuan flower at the center was an great addition to the stage design with a nod to this year’s theme: The Earth smiles in flowers…
Now here’s one negative point: the competition’s showmanship seems to be inconsistent. The set was gorgeous but the showmanship and production still needs work on. In all honesty, this is where a minor pageant rival is beating the pageant. It’s not that it isn’t good but it could have been better. I understand that the move to Okada was last minute decision but it could have been done better with a more studied panning of the camera and pre-taped segments for the opening and introduction of delegates.
Grade: 3 1/2 stars out of 5


I had to say, seeing Tajaswini Manogna of India missing the cut was heartbreaking. She would have been a great addition to the semis. I was half-expecting that Venezuela’s Michell Catellanos would make it but I wasn’t surprised that she missed semis. She just wasn’t generating enough buzz during the pre-pageant activities.
The Top 20 – (Russia, Chile, Guam, Belarus, Guyana, Portugal, Japan, Poland, Ghana, England, Thailand, Czech Republic, USA, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia, Netherlands, Nigeria, and New Zealand)
With only 8 of our predicted top 20, I immediately thought that this would be a very unpredictable pageant finals and surely it was. I do commend having a thoroughly diverse set of girls making the top 20. We have enough balance of women of color within the ladies and it clearly showcases that the Miss Earth is a different pageant compared to other international pageants right now. There seemed to be an equal footing for the girls to score a spot at the semis without special treatment for ‘sash factor’ countries.
Grade: 5 stars out of 5

Not a fan of the very short swimsuit competition of the top 20. As soon as they are called, they are immediately scored in swimsuits. If that is the case I suggest that they be given a runway where only the delegate is seen or panned in by the camera. I find it distracting that they are being scored with other delegates at the background waiting to be called into the semis. I also would suggest that the candidates all be wearing plain colored swimsuits instead of patterned ones because the patterns can often times look distracting when the girls are doing their SS presentation.
Grade:2 1/2 stars out of 5


Among the ladies in their evening gowns, the ones that truly stood out for me are: Russia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ghana, and Belarus. I think that a number of the ladies in white gowns with capes just blended together somehow. If I am not mistaken, the gold gown that Janelle Tee wore is the same gown that Samantha Bernardo wore during Binibining Pilipinas earlier this year. Personally, I liked the gown of Colombia’s Yenny Carillo and I am quite surprised that she failed to make it further in the competition. Ghana too looked divine while Nigeria was a pleasant surprise. Puerto Rico’s gown looked too similar to those of the other girls in white caped gowns, thankfully it was her face that sold her presentation. Adding a special note for Netherlands because we loved her voluptuous curves that was highlighted by her gown choice.
What I wasn’t a fan though is the pacing for the ladies to do their walk properly. It all seemed rushed and with a less-than-perfect camera panning, the girls doesn’t seem to have their best angles shown in the camera.
Grade: 3 1/2 stars out of 5

This was a nerve-wracking experience! As soon as the first name is called out, she immediately have to compose herself and think on her feet for the ME hashtag round. This I would approve as it exposes who has grace under pressure. To be able to collect her thoughts on the spot is difficult and only a couple of ladies IMHO stood out here: USA & Puerto Rico. Russia’s poorly translated answer was unfortunate. Belarus and Czech Republic opted to speak with her limited English and it paid off well for the two. I believe I am not the only one that keeps on hammering the importance of great translators. This is a perennial problem of this pageant and it still isn’t fixed despite more than a decade into its existence.
Grade: 4 stars out of 5


Let me say that the top two ladies in this competition were two of the ladies in our top six predictions. Our ME pick was Emanii Davis of the USA until she ended up with a weak finish to her final question. She also skidded the question a bit and got flustered, something that happened to her as well in Miss USA 2016. Klara Vavruskova of the Czech Republic had a strong thought for her answer but was articulated weakly. Belarus’ Alisa Manenok’s doll face just didn’t cut it with a nervous delivery and would have scored higher IMHO if she used a translator… however if her translator messes up her q&a then it might also be game over for her. IMHO it was Nellys Pimentel who really nailed this round with a strong coherent answer that went right to the point.
Over all, I think that the 4 winners all were spot on with their final titles:
Miss Fire, Alisa Manenok
Miss Water, Klara Vavruskova
Miss Air, Emanii Davis
Miss Earth 2019, Nellys Pimentel
Grade: 5 stars out of 5


The pageant quite did well overall IMHO except for the much needed showmanship for its finals. However if we factor in the pre-pageant activities then this would have been scored higher. Where in the world will you a pageant that would give-away free tablets, phones and clothes to their candidates and get to tour the host countries best spots? Only Miss Earth could do that.
So in summary, this year’s pageant is a success despite problems that it encountered. Everyone is happy with the winners and the results and that is one of the main things that matters…
Over-all Grade: 3.9 stars out of 5

Who Should Win Miss Earth 2019?

This year’s Miss Earth pageant has brought about a great number of pre-pageant activities for all 85 delegates participating. Each of them have been traveled into several parts of the Philippines, gifted with special giveaways from corporate sponsors (ranging from tablets, phones to clothes, etc…), billeted in world-class villas and hotels, gone down and dirty for environmental causes, and much more.
And throughout the activities in the past month or so, there were several ladies that stood out for us in the different aspects of the competition. For us there are four ladies that we believe would be a great embodiment of the Miss Earth brand.

THE TOP 20 PICKS – the announcement that this year would have a top 20 was a welcome news as there are a number of highly gorgeous ladies that deserve to compete it out with the more popular ladies in this batch for the ME finals.
In random order, they are:
* South Africa, Nazia Wadee
* Brazil, Maria Batistel
* Nepal, Riya Basnet
* Belgium, Caro Van Gorp
* Kenya, Susan Kirui
* Vietnam, Hoàng Thi Hanh
* Mexico, Hilary Islas
* Czech Republic, Klara Vavruskova

THE BETAS – the ladies in this list are some of those ladies that could knock down one of the ladies on the top of our list. These ladies are the real darkhorses that can give real competition to the crown contenders simply because they too have what it takes to be a winner.
12. Spain, Sonia Hernandez
11. Mauritius, Gyanisha Ramah
10.  England, Stephanie Wyatt
9. Philippines, Janelle Tee
8. Canada, Mattea Henderson

CROWN SPOILERS – these two ladies are very close to snatching a crown IMHO. It won’t be a surprise if they will manage to bag a spot among the top 4/ top 5 (if there will be a top 5 this year)…
* Venezuela, Michell Castellanos
* Ukraine, Diana Shabas
* Puerto Rico, Nellys Pimentel

THE ALPHAS – these four ladies are our crown contender picks for the Miss Earth title. Anyone of these ladies are highly capable of bringing the ME brand to great heights.
4. Ghana, Abena ‘Evelyn’ Appiah
3. Colombia, Yenny Carillo
2. India, Tejaswini Manogna
1. USA, Emanii Davis

The Shaman Who Broke The Law

WARNING: this is plain gossip and rumor, nothing else. We could not verify the truth of this gossip and it is up to you if you believe in these gossipy story. If you get easily offended, then we suggest you leave and get your pageant rumor fix somewhere else. This blogpost article is written in an extreme version of the gay lingo. So if you aren’t familiar with this writing style we suggest you not to read further. This writing style is known to cause migraines.

Sew this is a chaah imported from the Twin-with-a-K sea tea of the South… Continue reading “The Shaman Who Broke The Law”

Miss Universe 2019 Rumor Mill #3

The Miss Universe pageant recently was confirmed to happen in December 8th in a number of social media posts from national franchise holders. Quite an unceremonious way to announce the pageant date of the ‘biggest pageant in the universe’. But several things don’t seem to add up. So here are rumors that might explain the late announcement…

WARNING: these are only rumors and we cannot verify the truth to these claims… Read at your own risk. We are not responsible for butt-hurt feelings if you chose to proceed.
Continue reading “Miss Universe 2019 Rumor Mill #3”

20+ Questions for Samantha Lo

All these rumors and gossips surrounding Binibining Pilipinas winner Samantha Lo has put everyone into a tailspin. So many questions, and yet so little answers available…

  1. Why is Samantha carrying a tampered and altered /fake Philippine passport?
  2. She has been in the Philippines for several years now, why didn’t she made steps to procure or file for a legitimate passport?
  3. Why didn’t the BPCI undergo a more thorough inspection of her passport? Was the fake passport look so real that they were duped to believe it was a valid one?
  4. Did BPCI commit negligence in this area?
  5. Will BPCI file a case against her for breaking the rules against filing falsified documents?
  6. Did Samantha knowingly lie about her passport to the BPCI officials?
  7. Did she knowingly committed falsification of public documents with her fake Filipino passport?
  8. Does her parents’ statement that they used a “fixer” to procure for her a passport constitute an admission of a crime? Can they be legally culpable for committing a crime?
  9. If she or her family falsified her Philippine passport, does this mean she is not a Filipino Citizen? Does she have any other proof of citizenship? Was she born in the Philippines?
  10. If her proof of Filipino Citizenship is only her passport and she does not have any other legal documents proving that she is a Filipino, does this place her and her family as ‘illegal aliens’ in the Philippines?
  11. If she isn’t a Filipino Citizen, does this mean she is overstaying in the Philippines and thus an illegal alien? Is this grounds for deportation? Grounds for a legal case?
  12. If she or her family is found guilty in knowingly falsifying a Philippine passport, will they face jail time?
    Republic Act No. 8239 otherwise known as the Philippine Passport of 1996 states that anyone who – A) Makes any false statement in any application for passport with the intent to induce or secure the issuance of a passport under the authority of the Philippine Government, either for his own use or the use of another, contrary to this Act or rules and regulations prescribed pursuant hereto shall be punished by a fine of not less than Fifteen thousand pesos (P15,000) nor more than Sixty thousand pesos (P60,000) and imprisonment of not less than three (3) years nor more than ten (10) years: or  B) Uses or attempts to use any passport which was secured in any way by reason of any false statements, shall be punished by a fine of not less that Fifteen thousand pesos (15,000) nor more than Sixty thousand pesos (60,000) and imprisonment of not less that three (3) years, but not more than ten (10) years

  13. If she falsified her Philippine passport, does this mean that she broke rules of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. regarding citizenship?
  14. If indeed she submitted fraudulent/ tampered documents, will this be enough grounds for dethronement?
  15. Will she be willing to resign her title if proven that she committed falsification of public documents? If she won’t, can BPCI file a case against her?
  16. Was her camp, mentors, social media team, etc… aware that she didn’t have a valid Philippine passport? If they did, were they accessory to the crime or innocent victims of circumstances?
  17. If she doesn’t have a Filipino passport a or is proven not to be a Filipino Citizen, can she still return to the Philippines?
  18. Will she return to the Philippines if she faces legal action and/or jail time?
  19. If returns to the Philippines, will she be detained for not having a passport? Will she be immediately deported in the US or will face legal court?
  20. What should she do next?

We personally hate this predicament both parties are in. Both committed shortcomings but it is clear that Samantha and/or her family committed the bigger crime by obtaining a fake passport. This is a crime punishable by law and goes beyond breaking BPCI rules.
IMHO, when she arrived in Venezuela she should have just posted a short message that says she has arrived and that she is competing. She shouldn’t have added the snide shady comments against her ‘local organization’ because it prompted BPCI to release a different statement of their own. A statement that will question her integrity and honesty. Painting the BPCI in a terrible light has only backfired as her can of worms is now open for everyone to see. Samantha may have the fighting spirit but she lacked the tact, grace and diplomacy to navigate these troublesome waters she is in. She and the BPCI should have kept quiet and settled this behind closed-door meetings rather than see it made public…

Raymond Saldana: the Pageant Photographer Keeps on Growing

Long time Binibining Pilipinas pageant photographer, Raymond Saldana, is having a blast this year. Why not? He has a couple of international pageants that he will be shooting for…

Aside from shooting the official Binibining Pilipinas portraits of the winners, Sir Raymond is now spreading his wings to include a wider international audience for his pageant photography business. First on his hectic schedule will be the Miss International pageant where he will be photographing an expected 85+ candidates this year. According to the main man himself, he is excited to fly to Tokyo to take photos of the ladies vying for the title. He will be flying this October 4th week to Tokyo before going to his next pageant destination sometime in November.
Just as he has confirmed with us, he is also flying to the Miss Supranational pageant to be held in Poland this year. This wouldn’t be his first for the Polish-owned pageant as he has taken official photos of last year’s candidates. So far 66 ladies have been named as official candidates to the pageant.

Sir Raymond isn’t new to photographing international competitions as he has done the swimsuit portraits of Miss Intercontinental 2018, Mister International 2017 and Supermodel International competitions. We at Sashes&Scripts are very glad to see him becoming more and more successful in the years to come!

Overlapping Pageant Dates for Misses Universe, Supranational and World?

The Miss Universe has posted its finals to be held on December 8th, Miss World is to have its coronation on December 14… then with the Miss Supranational pageant to have its finals on December 6th, how will it affect all three pageants?

It will be an interesting thing to see how all three pageants are going to go head to head against each other this comping international pageant season. Here are my thoughts on the matter…
1. Pageant participation for countries with both MU & MW franchises – this is where alliances are tested once again. Those that crown only one winner for the two pageants would by now have made a choice where their queen will compete in. This is mostly a conundrum for countries like South Africa and Russia. But they have already made announcements on their reps early on. Thankfully Latin America doesn’t have this problem as they crown separate ladies to compete for the two pageants. For the most part of Asia and the Americas, separate pageants are held for the two while castings are common way of selecting reps as well.

2. Explosion over Social Media – this will mean that social media will be dominated by pageant related news and updates. Everyone will be talking about the pageant they follow and the girls that they are supporting. Surely Latin American countries as well as Filipinos are gonna be loyal to the MU pageant and would dominate all social media platforms more so for Filipinos if the pageant is won by a back to back victory for the Philippines. Everyone has to remember that the Philippines is the biggest consumer of social media for several years in a row. That makes Filipinos as a huge marketing machine for the pageants they follow.

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More snippets of Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados' Metro.Style feature… —– "I was raised by a humble family with a humble background. With my empathy, I can relate to the marginalized. We didn't really have that much when I was growing up," she describes. She pauses for a few seconds after making the revelation in anticipation of surprise from those within earshot. When it doesn't come, she continues her story to paint the picture of who she really is—the true Gazini behind the crown and the sash that her admirers should get to know. "I tend to shy away maybe because of my background. I tend to think that everyone is [superior]. I have my insecurities [from not being] raised in an expensive [environment]. There are times when I really doubt myself," she adds. It's a part of her identity that she still grapples with despite the successes that have come her way, but she doesn't consider it a chink in her armor, at least, not anymore. Gazini has learned to leverage her natural transparency and vulnerability, using her personal experiences to reach out to many a Filipino who know exactly what she's talking about and who, like her, are all too familiar with the hardships of a family scraping to get by. She may be a queen who radiates beauty and glamour, but the throne she sits on is one that rests on backs—hers included—that have bent over backwards in order to rise above circumstances. — More on the link in bio . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #pageant #pageantry #BbPilipinas #BinibiningPilipinas #BPCI #BBP #BbPilipinas2019 #MissUniversePhilippines #GaziniGanados #MissUniverse #ConfidentlyBeautiful #MissUniverso

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3. Declaration of (Pageant) War – we all know the unspoken rivalry of Miss Supranational and Miss World, and of course the obvious rivalry of Miss Universe vs Miss World. It if happens that their pageant dates overlap, only one pageant will emerge winner in terms of publicity. The MS and MW rivalry is simply due to the proximity of their origins. MS is on the rise in Europe, a territory traditionally held by MW. MU and MW have always had a shaky past as the MUOrg formely held the franchise in the US. In the 90’s the Miss USA 1st runner up is sent to MW. All three pageants are trying to amp up their production and finals with interesting mix up on their formats.
Sure enough, pageant fans will be having to choose between the three pageants. Without difficulty in saying that most will focus on just one pageant and the others will be relegated to secondary priorities. In the end there could only be one.

Finding Samantha Lo

Where is Binibining Pilipinas winner, Samantha Lo?
That has been a question that we have tried to avoid for days now and it has finally come to a point that we could no longer avoid it.

In a report by Sir Bobby Requintina of the Manila Bulletin, Samantha is said to have been detained in Paris. Below are excerpts of the news report:
Reigning Bb. Pilipinas Grand International Samantha Lo was deported by French authorities after finding out that she allegedly carried a fake passport, sources said Thursday.
French authorities say she carried a fake passport,” said the sources, who requested anonymity as they are not authorized to speak on the issue.
Lo, of Cebu City, was en route to Venezuela to represent the Philippines at the Miss Grand International (MGI) beauty contest when she was held at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.
Sources said Lo was held in Paris for 13 hours over her fake passport. French authorities reportedly found out that the passport she was carrying was issued to a man.

There has been numerous rumors that circulated among pageant insiders that it had branched into multitudes of theories on what really happened. There had been rumors that she isn’t holding a valid Filipino passport because her father isn’t really a Filipino citizen, that her US visa isn’t real, or that a passport fixer made arrangements for her passport during the Miss Cebu pageant. All rumors that couldn’t be verified and kept on being whispered in silence among pageant admins. Of course we have heard all about them but wouldn’t want to comment as we felt it would have been unfair for Samantha who cannot address these rumors herself at that time. But now that it has been brought up to the surface by reputable news outlets like the Manila Bulletin and ABS-CBN News.
During the send-off for Bb. Pilipinas International, Bea Patricia Magtanong, we have conversed with some BPCI officials and they informed us that a press statement is being prepared. And while we are writing this piece, we are hoping that it would have been released before this article is posted. We understood that they are making sure that they are careful with their statement so as to protect everyone involved, including their crowned queen Samantha.

It is no secret that Sam was one of the ladies I believed could make it in the BBP pageant earlier this year. I didn’t place her in the winning circle then because I already have heard the rumors about her passport issues in the Binibining Cebu pageant. We chose to ignore that rumor as we thought she could have made arrangements to fix issues in that area… since she was sent to compete at the Best Model of the World 2018 in Istanbul through the national competition, Global Asian Model (GLAM) Philippines, helmed by Jonas Gaffud. We assumed that she had a valid Philippine passport to have been able to compete internationally using her Filipino passport. Unless she has used her US passport for that competition.
Now that this has surfaced, we feel extremely sad, disappointed and let-down because this was a totally avoidable disaster. What this issue does it to taint not only the reputation of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (who is now open to attacks from those that would say they should have practiced tighter due diligence in having more thorough background checks), but that of her local Cebuano trainers, her camp, her social media admins (who can be accused of knowing about this issue beforehand and just being enablers to let this happen) as well as pageant supporters in general (who would go into social media to fight for her against online trolls). I just hope this was something that those who ‘fixed’ her fake passport should have realized by now.
On a personal note, I wish that the BPCI and Samantha would survive this. Because my heart breaks for them both, for opportunities that were missed: Opportunity that would have been given to either Aya Abesamis or Samantha Bernardo to compete internationally if this was found out earlier. Opportunity missed for Samantha Lo herself because this would have been her chance to prove her merit at an international stage. The opportunity lost to put forth what her team of designers could have showcased the world.
This would be the last time I will be talking about this issue. Because it is an issue now that Samantha would have to clarify herself. We feel that any statement by the BPCI would be insufficient if Samantha herself would not be bold to come forward. That is if she chooses to speak up. I would also want to encourage pageant fans not to pester her anymore on social media. Let her speak if she chooses to. We should just try to understand her silence at this point as we cannot fathom to comprehend the kind of shame she must be feeling right now for all the hullabaloo that happened. What we can all do is to move on from this mess and focus on Sam’s sister queens competing internationally.

Miss Universe 2019 on December 8th in the US!

BREAKING UPDATE! The 68th Miss Universe edition will be held on December 8th in the United States but the city is still set to be announced.

An Instagram post from the Miss Universe Dominican Republic official account has revealed that the 68th edition of the pageant is to be held on Sunday, December 8th in a yet to be disclosed city in the US. This was confirmed as well by the Miss Venezuela official Instagram account. Speculations arise now that the rumored hosting in Reno, Nevada may come true after all. Earlier this year, speculations that the Philippines, South Korea, Israel and Dubai were bidding to host the pageant. Hosting talks failed failed due to political/tradition restrictions for some of the countries mentioned.

We feel that Philippine representative Gazini Ganados would have an easier time to face the back to back challenge to win the Miss Universe crown now that it won’t be held in the Philippines. Newly crowned national winners must now rush to apply for a US visa to be able to compete.

High Hopes for Leren Bautista in Miss Globe 2019

Miss Globe 2019, Leren Mae Bautista! Let’s claim it!
Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2019, Leren Bautista may be on her way to capture her 2nd international title. Sashes&Scripts feels that Leren has the best chance among her Binibining Pilipinas batch of winners to bring home an international crown this year. Boastful as it may seem but the Miss Globe crown is looking to be a walk in the park for this gorgeous morena beauty after what we have seen her do in the pageant currently being held in Albania.

Months ago we posted Leren’s on Instagram with this on the caption:

"I wanna talk about Leren Bautista. I like her since she was Mutya ng Pilipinas several years back. Apparently, she and Emma were Facebook friends from years ago. (Imagine that!)
I really wish her to win, I really really do. This year, I would love to see her stepping down the host country as if she already won and is just waiting for her to be crowned... I want that kind of a winner mindset for her when she competes."

Come to think of it, Leren did exactly just that! She came out on the first day of the Miss Globe pageant as if she was waiting to be crowned. From day 1 she was continuously slaying the competition with well calculated looks and styling. She is always photographed and posted on the Miss Globe’s official Instagram account. She made top 8 in the talent rounds and her team/ glamsquad has been posting non-stop updates on her as well as releasing glamshots after another.

While she may have been bullied for having dark skin when she was young, we believe that it is her morena complexion coupled with her undeniably gorgeous face to be her best asset. And that has translated well in her photographs. If during the Binibining Pilipinas competition her styling wasn’t always on point, that is totally different in Albania. Her styling team headed by Vhee Co surely made great fashion choices for Leren.
We have high hopes that Leren will follow the footsteps of Maricar Balagtas and Ann Colis who both won and became Miss Globe in their respective years. We can only wait now if she will be the lucky lady to be crowned the next Miss Globe come finals on October 21st…

Gazini Ganados’ Miss Universe Preparations: Silent but Deadly

Over the past several weeks pageant fans have been clamoring for more social media exposure for Miss Universe Philippines, Gazini Ganados. Away from the spotlight the Cebuana-Palestinian beauty is silently preparing for the competition.

Last month, she revealed in an interview with ABSCBN that she almost didn’t have time to train due to the numerous public appearances and speaking engagements she had.

" schedule is really tight. I attend events spearheaded by the Miss Universe Philippines Organization and Binibining Pilipinas almost everyday. Most of the time, when I get home, it’s already midnight and I lack the energy to work-out and do other training[s].
But I think it’s about having a proper and positive mindset. I consider every event as a training in itself and a learning opportunity as well because I get to do my hair and make-up, prepare my clothes to wear, meet people and talk to them. Tell you the truth, I enjoy every speaking engagement precisely because I always get the chance to hone my communication skills.
I also organize my schedule so that I will have time to go the gym, do yoga, and meditate. I pamper my well-being and condition my mind so that when the time comes, I am prepared for the Miss Universe pageant.
I look forward to the actual formal training which will happen in the next few weeks. I have a lot of groups that I will be working with, including Miss Universe Philippines Organization, KF Cebu, and Origin Model and Artist Management. They will focus on my pasarela, styling, make-up training, and the equally important question and answer training. I also have a team that helps me in pushing for causes that I care about which I will bring to the Miss Universe pageant."

Despite the very hush-hush preparations for the pageant, Gazini was still able to send ripples of waves in social media when several images from her photoshoots were released. Needless to say, keeping her pageant training under wraps was a great tactic as it has kept everyone guessing. Now, we are slowly seeing the number of people lending a hand in her preparations for the coming Miss Universe competitions.
It is safe to say that her Kagandahang Flores & KF Cebu family with Sir Rodgil Flores and Jonas Borces are at the center of her preparations. Also seen lending a hand is renowned master couturier Cary Santiago of Cebu, who we are speculating to be the one to do her evening gowns for the finals. They have been with her since her Miss World Philippines days and she has been very grateful to her KF mentors ever since. Her One Management family is also involved with her preparations and rumor has it that they are going to reveal more photoshoots and videos of her shoots come pageant proper. Then we also have to mention that several stylists are also helping her out. Notable names that floated were Justine Aliman and Sir Patrick Henry, who were also part of reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s team a year prior. Also involved is stylist Vhee Co who could make anyone look 6 feet tall with his fashion styling. Then we also have the Miss Universe Philippines team helping her out with pageant tips from former MU Pia Wurtzbach and Jonas Gaffud.

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Gazini looks even better in motion. Earlier this year during Binibining Pilipinas, we immediately noticed Gazini Ganados during the press presentation of candidates. She is channeling that same vibes here. • • • • • • For this #fashion and #beauty special, we celebrate the Cebuana beauty #GaziniGanados @gazinii as she gears up for the world stage of Miss Universe. Following her successful bid for the Binibining Pilipinas crown, she's all set rise up and go for the jugular in seeking for a return of the title while creating a legacy that is remarkably hers. Videography by Niko Gonzales @niko.gonzales and Joe Andy @heyjoeandy Editing by Joyce Villanueva Produced by Rxandy Capinpin @rxandy Sitiings editor: Leo Balante Shoot Assistant: Bhernn Saenz @bhernn.saenz Styling by Keith Angelo @misskeithmanila Makeup by Katchie Mejias @katchmejias using Nars Cosmetics @narsissist Hair by Jay Wee @jayweehair Special thanks to Jonas Antonio Gaffud at Empire Studios and Miss Universe Philippines @themissuniverseph #GaziniForRank #RankTakeoverIssue #Repost @rankmagazine …. #SashesAndScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #Gaziniverse #GaziniGanados #Gazininjas #MissUniverse #MissUniversePhilippines #bbpilipinas #BinibiningPilipinas #bbpilipinas2019 #MissUniverse2019 #ConfidentlyBeautiful #missuniverso #missuniverso2019

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Interview and public speaking is also being polished with the help of the heavy weight TV personality Boy Abunda. A session with Atty. Nad Bronce is also helpful. To say that her training is complete is assumption we won’t make. Gazini is using her public appearances as training of sorts to polish her public speaking skills. That being said, each speaking engagement she has is an opportunity to learn and enhance her communication skills.
This are the reasons why yours truly has been calm in Gazini’s preparations. She has the best people behind her and helping her. We surely cannot wait for the competition to start so she can show everyone the stuff that she is made of…