Final Thoughts on Miss Universe 2018 Candidates Pt.2

This is the second part of my personal thoughts on some of the ladies competing in Bangkok this year for the Miss Universe title.
While these thoughts might come off as unsweetened or not ‘pageant coated’, I wanted to say it as how I see it without sugar-coating it to the point of dishonesty. It might not be to everyone’s liking what I say but I try to be nice but brutally transparent in my opinions and thoughts.

Miss Ecuador, Virginia Limongi – this is woman who looks oh-so-perfect in paper. But despite all that beauty, her personality doesn’t seem to jump off at you. She has this gorgeous face but at the same time very cold and distant. Simply put she is a marshmallow, perfectly beautiful in any angle but comes off with nothing much to offer. Surely this lady has a nice personalty and we are all expecting that it will come out soon and be more engaging as the finals draws near. And yet we still have to see that in her. Won’t be surprised if she misses the cut this year though with the top 20 I expect her to survive at least the first cut.
Miss Venezuela, Sthefany Gutierrez – she comes off as underrated and I find her beauty not to my liking (I have a personal bias towards Veruska Ljubisavljevic among her batch of winners) but I will not deny that she is playing her cards right since the start of the pageant. It is as if she knew coming in that she was an underdog and hence she had to work within that parameters to earn her spot in the line up. That earns her my respect as she is seen as a candidate who came in prepared. Owe it to the Miss Venezuela org who never sends their girls unprepared. Do I see her winning the Mikimoto crown? Perhap no, but I see another high placement for this pageant powerhouse country courtesy of Sthefany.
Miss Thailand, Sophida Kanchanarin – the hometown girl is set to make semis this year, that we are sure of. She might not be the popular choice over Praveenar Singh and Thitaree Kasorn but she is exerting full effort to prove her merit that she deserved the national crown. And that is one of the commendable things we love about this girl. Her unconventional beauty may not be palatable to everyone but she is fighting for her spot within the best of her abilities. Hometown advantage it may be but it is not without merit.
Miss Mexico, Andrea Toscano – arguably one of the best faces in this year’s competition, and that is with and without make up on. While I find her beauty perplexing, I feel that her youthful beauty doesn’t command attention as a Miss Universe winner should. And that her beauty may be more suited for acting and not necessarily as a spokesperson for an international organization. I may be wrong on certain occasions regarding my assessment and I hope I might be on Andrea. It would be safe to say that she can easily enter the top 20 this year and perhaps the top 10.


Final Thoughts on Miss Universe 2018 Candidates Pt.1

As the Miss Universe pageant draws near, I will be posting my final thoughts on a number of the candidates in the competition. While these ladies may or may not comprise of my actual prediction for the title, these are some of my final thoughts on some of the ladies that have caught my eye.

Miss Australia, Francesca Hung – it is high time to see Australia back in the semifinals this year, even in the top 5 or top 3. Francesca has a very compelling backstory being the first Chinese-Australian girl to win their nationals. Being a model, she has experienced discrimination in modeling agencies due to her mixed-race beauty, something that should be frowned upon this day and age. What makes her interesting is that she doesn’t seem to fit the cookie-cutter mold of past Miss Australia winners and that is a refreshing break to see in what is usually a very homogeneous looking past Miss Australia winners. Francesca brings that breathe of fresh air in a sea of bleach blondes or sultry brunettes that Australia sends to international pageants. She is like a strong cut of espresso to the usual vanilla-flavoured concoction served be their national org. I have high hopes that Francesca will do great in this competition that celebrates diversity.
Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers – in all honesty, I feel like Sarah lost her sparkle in Bangkok. That is a serious problem for me because she has one of the most likeable personalities among the Miss USA winners in the past two decades. It is genuinely hard not to like how authentic she is. She still registers well on photos but some of the sparkle that I so loved about her seems to be missing. I believe that she can turn it around for her in the finals and that she still have a fighting chance for the Mikimoto crown. Nothing is ever too late to turn around in this pageant and that is one of the things that pageant aficionados love about the pageant.
Miss Kenya, Wabaiya Kariuki – there is something about Miss Universe Kenya that is so light and easy to like. Like she can easily becomes everyone’s best-friend and could easily be voted as this year’s Miss Congeniality (hopefully that award comes back this year). She seems to be enjoying the pageant without really competing against anyone (a double edge sword as some may perceive it as lack of focus while other may see it as a positive trait). But what makes Wabaiya different from the girls this year is that she seems genuinely happy and that kind of positive energy is something that everyone would be drawn into. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer so Wabaiya is easily be a well-loved lady in the competition.
Miss Puerto Rico, Kiara Liz Ortega -in contrast to another popular Latina, Kiara Liz is the Latina beauty who seems to pull you in for a closer look. She has this ability to show her personality even in just mere photos. And she keeps on peaking at the most opportune moments. Does she have the makings of a Miss Universe winner? Definitely! And everyone needs to see her a major competition and stop relegating her to second fiddle. Kiara is no slouch in the beauty department as well since she possess one of the most gorgeous faces in the pageant this year. She started making her presence felt during the Thai Silk fashion show and that was when people started to take notice that this dusky beauty is there to compete. Will we be seeing her in the final three? I expect nothing less for and from her.

Sashes&Scripts Best Miss Universe National Costumes

This year, there were a great number of gorgeous national costumes at Miss Universe. There are a lot of flora and fauna inspired costumes this year and quite a number of traditional garb. This segment is traditionally filmed after the preliminaries and was used to be done as fast as an hour. This year the national costume show was almost two hours in length and the streaming of the natcos video was delayed by about 2 hours, perhaps to accommodate the viewers in the US.
Collectively, the national costumes were stronger and more fabulous this year. And while it may be difficult to narrow down the best, we’ve listed 12 that caught our eye. This is Sashes&Scripts’ list of the best costumes we’ve seen onstage during the national costume show.

12. Japan, Yuumi Kato – from a female ninja costume to Sailormoon! This is a definite fan favorite as it pays homage to strong feminine women.

11. Russia, Yulia Polyachikhina- her costume looked very rich and very aristocratic. I would say this costume would perfectly fit the runways of French couture houses.

10. Curacao, Akisha Albert – her costume is based on a real historical person and she was able to tie it with the women empowerment thrust of the MU pageant. A very smart move on her part.

9. Guam, Athena Su McNinch – perhaps one of the most stunning flora-inspired costume this year. The attention to detail is simply spectacular!
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Miss Universe 2017, Demi Leigh Nel-Peters: A Year That Was

“I think one of the things I’ll miss most is the people I got to work with, the organization, they’ve been so supportive and so helpful throughout the whole year… saying goodbye to one part of my life and also getting excited for next year.” – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Miss Universe 2017

Last year in Las Vegas, your blogger have predicted correctly that South Africa’s Demi Leigh Nel-Peters will get to win the Miss Universe title amongst the most beautiful ladies from around the globe. We were right as she ended up with the title. Little do we know that she would be in for a whirlwind of a reign.
During her reign, Demi has traveled extensively in the US and has been to at least 9 countries all over the world (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico, France, Peru, India, among others). She has been warmly welcomed in her native South Africa when she went back for her homecoming. Her travels included numerous photoshoots for endorsements and magazine covers, public appearances, national pageant guesting, etc… During those travels she was also able to continue her Unbreakable initiative. She said she was inspired by her own violent carjacking experience early in 2017. She says she plans to continue the Unbreakable initiative even after she passes on her crown later this December 17th.

But that doesn’t mean she is all hard work and no play. She also found love during her reign with Tim Tebow. She even spent her first Thanksgiving dinner with him and his family. These two lovebirds look so perfect for each other with their squeaky clean public image.
On an Instagram post last November 26th, she posted this message: “On this day a year ago my life changed forever. What a defining and life changing moment it was being crowned Miss Universe 2017. Forever grateful to everyone who believed in me and my dreams just as much as I did. South Africa, thank you for trusting me to represent you. I’m still in awe of God’s grace and the surprises he blesses us with.

Demi’s reign will culminate once she passes her title to the next Miss Universe winner in Bangkok Thailand on December 16th (that’s December 17th morning in Bangkok). She will be moving to New York where she is currently signed with IMG Models… And Sashes&Scripts wishes her nothing but the best in her career and in the next stages of her life after the crown…


Miss Universe 2018: 5th Rumor Mill

Just when we thought we’re done with gossips and rumors for the Miss Universe pageant, we suddenly gotten a monkey wrench threw into the well oiled machine. All because the MU org has decided to bring back the Continental groupings with the top 20.
Only for this blind item will we be posting in the colloquial Taglish thrown in with a little bit of Filipino gay lingo to spice up this post. So here we go!

So kung nagulat kayo sa biglaang pagkakaroon ng top 20 sa Miss Universe this year, more so sa mga media who were in Bangkok, Thailand in a presscon last month. Duon pa lang sinabi na at na-announce na top 15 lang ang kukunin this year at wala na ngang continental groupings. And then boom! Biglang back-pedal ang MU at top 20 ang semis this year at biglang U-turn ang return ng continental groupings.
According to our moles, kung ang pagbabasehan lang ay ang top 15 or top 16 na semis with the continental groupings, tyak na laglag ang ilang merlie na hindi afford ng MU na ilaglag for whatever reasons. Una sa lahat, malaki ang ginastos ng hosting committee at country para sa taon ngayon na muntik na talagang di matuloy dahil sa kawalan ng sponsors. Syemps kung tig-aapat ang papasok bawat grupo, alam nyo na kung sinong maaring malaglag sa team Africa-Asia-Oceania. So tigli-lima per continental groupings agad ang kasagutan. Syemps naman, di afford na ngumangangey ang puting elepante sa semis. Isa pa raw sa nanganganib kung walang continental groupings ay isang gurlash na mabango ang pangalan pero nawalan ng kinang sa Bangkok. Thumander cats daw kasi ang itsoo ni girl sa umpisa pa lang ng competition. Alangan namn daw na cya pa ang manganib na clumaperia eh di nawalan sila ng ratings. Gets na yan ha!
Now based on some of our friends currently in Bangkok, malakas na malakas ang sang-kandidatahan ng mga Latina na maaring magdominate sa semis this year kung di ibabalik ang continental groupings. Since bukambibig ng organisasyon ang salitang dibersidad, paano nila mapangangatawanan yan kung tabingi in favor sa mga Latinas ang mga makakapasok ng semis? Enter the dragon ang continental grouping comebackers. Imagine kung at least 7ng Latina ang makapasok ng semis, ang natitirang walo eh paghahatian ng Asia/Oceania, Africa, Europe and the remaining girls from North America and the Caribbean.  So it makes sense na para well represented ang bawat kontinente eh continental groupings ang kasagutan. Kahit naman magiging dehado ito para sa mga ladies galing Asia and the whole of Latin America, pihadong swak na swak na ang 5 wildcards ay manggagaling sa rehiyong iyan. Paniguradong ang mahinang grupo ay manggagaling sa Europe with only a handful of deserving girls making semis… tulad ng kaganapan nung nakaraang taon.
Your thoughts on the continental groupings dear subsribers?

Miss World 2018 is Vanessa Ponce!

Meet Your Miss World 2018 Vanesa Ponce!
Vanessa Ponce of Mexico has managed to beat 117 ladies for the Miss World title in Sanya, China. The 25-year old 5’8″ beauty has a degree in International Commerce from the University of Guanajuato and also holds a diploma in human rights. We had her as our 2nd choice for the MW blue crown for our final picks with Thailand’s Nicolene Limsnukan in the top 5. Who would have guessed that they would be the top 2 winners of the pageant?!?!

As the winner of the 5th Cycle of Mexico’s Next Top Model in 2014, she bested Mariana Berumen who later became a judge during Vanessa’s stint in  the Miss Mexico 2018 pageant! She volunteers with the Nenemi school which provides intercultural education to children of indigenous tribes. Aside from that, she has also traveled extensively as a model (she was also seen modeling for the Alta Moda/ Alta Costura collection of Dolce & Gabbana).

To be honest, I’ve never been good at predicting the results of Miss World. Last year’s winner, Manushi Chillar was an early fave but we regret not making a final prediction leading to the finals. This year we felt the same vibes on Vanessa as we had on Manushi. Vanessa was since the beginning one of Sashes&Scripts’ favorites for the Miss World title!
Here is a list of the winners of the Miss World pageant
Miss World 2018: Mexico – Vanessa Ponce
1st Runner-up: Thailand – Nicolene Limsnukan
Top 5: Belarus, Jamaica, Uganda

Continental Queen of Beauty
Miss World Africa 2018 Quiin Abenakyo (Uganda)
Miss World Americas 2018 Solaris Barba (Panama)
Miss Asia and Oceania 2018 Nicolene Limsnukan (Thailand)
Miss World Caribbean Kadijah Robinson (Jamaica)
Miss World Europe Maria Vasilevich (Belarus)
Top 12: Scotland, Panama, Martinique, France, Mauritius, Nepal, New Zealand
Top 30: Cook Islands, China, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Barbados,Bangladesh, Chile, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam
Fast Track Winners
Top Model: France
Beauty With a Purpose: Nepal
Multimedia: Nepal
Sports: United States
Congratulations to all the winners!

NewsFlash! Miss Universe 2018 to have a Top 20!

Newflash Miss Universe 2018 will be selecting a top 20!

According to our Bangkok moles, the semifinalists circle will be comprising of the top 20 girls in the competition! Isn’t that exciting?!?! The last time we had a top 20 was back in 2006 when Donald Trump is still the owner.
As our mole tells us, the top 20 girls will include the so-called “Trump Cards” selected by the org coming from each of the continents to have a wider representation of beauty and diversity. That’s not the only rumor we’ve heard. Upon the selection of the top 20 girls, the semifinalists will be interviewed onstage and that is where the top 10 will be selected. Only the top 10 is rumored to be the ones competing in swimsuits and evening gowns. Although another source tells us that the top 20 will be competing in swimsuits before being narrowed to a top 10. We will have to wait and see about that in the coming days to come.
After that, the 10 will be cut down to a top 5 for the q&a and then the top 3 for the Final Word.

Sashes&Scripts Miss Universe 5th Leaderboard

As we approach the culmination of the Miss Universe pageant, we are starting to separate the wheat from the chaff. The winnowing of only the strong begins!

Ecuador, Virginia Limongi
Canada, Marta Magdalena Stepien
Ireland, Grainne Gallanagh
Nepal, Manita Devkota
Lebanon, Maya Reaidy
Venezuela, Sthefany Gutierrez
USA, Sarah Rose Summers
Ukraine, Karina Zhosan
Brazil, Mayra Dias
Denmark, Helena Heuser
Colombia, Valeria Morales
Australia, Franchesca Hung
The ALPHAS (in random order)
Mexico, Andrea Toscano
Spain, Angela Ponce
South Africa, Tamaryn Green
Kenya, Wabaiya Kariuki
Philippines, Catriona Gray
Puerto Rico, Kiara Liz Ortega

Sashes&Scripts’ Miss World 2018 Favorites

Here are Sashes&Scripts’ list of women who we believe to make waves in the Miss World finals happening later today.

Wildcard Picks
Chile, Anahi Hormazabal
Philippines, Katarina Rodriguez
Australia, Tayla Cannon
We have three strong girls as part of our wildcard picks for the title. These ladies are articulate and one of the most facially gorgeous of the batch. It will be a tough choice on who should make top 5 between these three…
Top 5

* Thailand, Nicolene Limsnukan – Thailand is sending a very articulate lady in the competition who have been selected from a strong batch of group during the nationals. Nicolene is very engaging and that could work to her advantage. Nicolene’s advocacy for children with autism will surely ring true for the pageant’s BWAP motto.

* South Africa, Thulisa Keyi –  she looks every inch the type of traditional South African beauty that the MWOrg prefers. And it won’t be a surprise if she manages to score a win in the pageant. She speaks with such clarity and purpose and it is sure that she will be an asset to the MWOrg to have her in their roster.

2nd PRINCESS:  China, Peirui Mao – this Ivy League educated beauty is currently the co-founder and CEO of an Education Technology start up Company and has dreams of becoming a leader in the field of Education.

1st PRINCESS: Mexico, Vanessa Ponce de Leon –  another gorgeous gal who could make a killing in the MW finals as well specially with Mexico seeming to be a favorite country of the org nowadays. Vanessa is just too beautiful to be ignored not to mention she could further the MW brand in the Latin American market, which is a traditionally MU territory.

MISS WORLD 2018: France, Maeva Coucke – she is the one to beat since Day 1 in Sanya. The moment she won the Topmodel fasttrack, she is already guaranteed a sure spot on top. It would be more of a shock if she does not end with the Miss World crown.