Miss Universe 2019 Pageant in Rio de Janeiro?

The Miss Universe pageant in South Korea is not yet a done deal! That is what Miss Universe Organization President, Paula Shugart told in an interview with Don Tagala. No official confirmation is yet to be made as the venue might still change.

Now the possibility of the pageant going back to Brazil is floating around! This news came in first via an article on Brazilian site O Dia where the city of Rio de Janeiro is floated as a possible venue. After a highly publicized hosting of the Olympics several years back, having the Miss Universe pageant in Brazil after serving as venue in 2011 would be a welcome break. Ever since the delay of the 2014 pageant to January of 2015, the MU host country has been a guessing game for pageant fans. The last two MU editions held outside the US have been in the Philippines and in Thailand.
This is a snippet of the article from O Dia:
It is widely speculated that the greatest beauty contest in the planet will be held this year in Rio de Janeiro. At this point, the city, recently elected by UNESCO as the First World Capital of Architecture, would add yet another ceremony to its portentous roll of far-reaching demonstrations. We are talking about the Miss Universe contest, the third most attended event on the planet, by about one billion spectators. In this scenario, Rio hosted the largest of them: the Olympic Games and would display its vigor to host major congresses and events of all kinds. The visibility would be extraordinary. Then, the institutional support of the City Hall becomes urgent. Keep calm! No public money would be spent on the contest and the return / visibility worthy of fabulous registration.
Based on the above snippet, we can safely say that this is still filed under rumors as there hasn’t been any mention of more incriminating details of the hosting. It is possible that negotiations are still ongoing and that no concrete plans have yet been made.

PS. there are no Visa requirements for Filipinos going to Brazil. So if this pushes through, it may be a good idea for Filipinos to save up and visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
SOURCE: https://odia.ig.com.br/opiniao/2019/04/5631199-joao-baptista–concurso-miss-universo-sera-no-rio-de-janeiro.html


Margie Moran: Once a Miss Universe, Always a Miss Universe

There is something about the eloquence of words by past beauty queens of the 1960’s and 1970’s that mesmerizes us here in Sashes&Scripts. Winners like Gemma Cruz, Aurora Pijuan and Margarita Moran have ways with words that the younger generations of beauty queens could only hope to posses.
Here is Miss Universe 1973 Margie Moran in her own words…

For the third time in—gasp—43 years, the Miss Universe pageant will again be held in Manila. While Gloria Diaz became the first Filipina to win the Miss Universe crown in 1969, and I bagged the title four years later, Pia Wurtzbach’s victory in late 2015 came more than 42 years after my own.
What a relief to now have the focus on a younger winner. Full as life has been through all those years of sustained attention from the press and public, I also yearned for quieter days to attend to my advocacies and travels, and to enjoy my new role as grandmother. These past 12 months have given me that fulfillment, even though I must admit that more than four decades of being the country’s last Miss Universe felt like the crown never left my head. Continue reading “Margie Moran: Once a Miss Universe, Always a Miss Universe”

LCS to Work with BPCI to Develop Further the Miss Universe Brand?

Is Chavit Singson to work with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated to further develop the Miss Universe brand in the Philippines? And how will that arrangement look like?

That seems to be the song the LCS group is singing after the Miss Universe Organization made the announcement that the Miss Universe Philippines franchise will remain with the Araneta Group, parent company of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc.
But what does that partnership possibly mean?
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Miss International 2013, Bea Rose Santiago: Winning without ‘Trying Too Hard’

Pageant fanatics like this blogger have saved newspaper articles, magazine clippings and all sorts of pageant memorabilia. One such article is this feature story of Miss International 2013, Bea Rose Santiago for the Philippine Inquirer.
The beauty queen was one of the first Filipinas to ignite a 6-year successive winning streak in the four most respected international beauty pageants. As we continue to feature past Miss International winners for the month of March, our post today pays an homage to Bea Rose Santiago…

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The Day Aurora Won Miss International

Today’s post is a republished article about Miss International 1970, Aurora Pijuan. Aurora, was the first Miss International winner under the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated and followed the Miss Universe win of Gloria Diaz as Miss Universe.

Read the wonderful article below:
Forty-five years ago tomorrow (May 16), Aurora Pijuan won Miss International (the second Filipina to do so, after Gemma Cruz in 1964), barely 10 months after Gloria Diaz won Miss Universe, the country’s first.
Standing at 5’8” and measuring 3526-36, then 20-year-old Aurora stood out among the 46 other beauties during the Coronation Night held at the Exposition Hall Fairgrounds in Senri Hills, Osaka, Japan, including runners-up Margarita Marta Briese of Argentina (first), Karen Patricia Papworth of Australia (second, also Miss Photogenic), Toshie Suda of Japan (third) and Susan Frances Greaves of New Zealand (fourth). Continue reading “The Day Aurora Won Miss International”

Gemma Cruz-Araneta: What It Is Like

What is it like?
People who think my life has been an exciting sequence of romance and adventure often ask me that question. They want to know how it feels to be in the public eye, subject to scrutiny, the object of adulation. More than half a century ago, I won the Miss International beauty pageant in Long Beach, California and became the first Filipina to bring home the coveted crown. Since then life has never been the same again.

Let me dredge up some things from my memory file: in 1968, after coming home from a clandestine trip to North Vietnam, I was summoned to Malacañang, for a scolding I was sure, because we had no diplomatic relations with communist countries. Instead, President Ferdinand Marcos announced he had to make changes in the “arteriosclerotic government” so he was appointing me as director of the National Museum. He expected me to “pierce the consciousness of the youth” and make them proud of Philippine culture. I was flattered; instead of resting on my laurels, I was given an opportunity to put the beauty title to good use.
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Precious Lara Quigaman’s 2005 Miss International Speech

Back in 2005, when the internet didn’t move in the speed of light to do fact-checking, Miss International 2005 Precious Lara Quigaman’s speech became an internet sensation for it being a fabricated hoax. The hoax speech became viral that it even birthed rumors that Oprah Winfrey wanted to invite Lara because of that speech.
Thankfully we now have video evidence of what Lara actually said that moved the judges to make her win the 4th Miss International title for the Philippines. Today we take a look back on those two speeches.

The hoax speech: “I take no offense on being typecasted as a nanny. But I do take offense that the educated people of the world have somehow denegrated the true sense and meaning of what a nanny is. Let me tell you what she is. She is someone who gives more than she takes. She is someone you trust to look after the very people most precious to you – your child, the elderly, yourself. She is the one who has made a living out of caring and loving other people. So to those who have typecasted us as nannies, Thank you. It is a testament to the loving and caring culture of the Filipino people. And for that, I am forever proud and grateful of my roots and culture.”

The actual speech: “Here in Miss International our main mission is to promote peace and goodwill, right? And if given the wonderful opportunity to be Miss International I would organize fundraising events that would benefit less fortunate children from all over the world, focusing on free education and improving their quality of life. In this way we are teaching our youngsters that there is hope for them. And we not only develop friendship among countries but we are also making way to a brighter future, because I have always believed that our hope and our future lies in the children. Thank you very much.”

While both speeches are actually quite good, it was the latter that helped Lara win the Mikimoto crown that year. The 5’6″ stunner became the fourth Filipina to win the MI title and the third under the wings of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. BPCI would later win two more Miss International titles, while Lara became an actress, a mother to two kids and wife to actor Marco Alcaraz.

The Aurora Pijuan Phenomenon in Binibining Pilipinas

There is an urban legend in the Binibining Pilipinas pageant called the #AuroraPijuanPhenomenon. This phenomenon is said to happen whenever a strong Bb. Pilipinas Universe favorite is relegated to the Bb. Pilipinas International title whenever the reigning Miss Universe is from the Philippines.

Back in 1970, this thing happened when a strong candidate was placed in the Bb. Pilipinas International title by the name of Aurora McKenney Pijuan. She was poised to be reigning Miss Universe Gloria Diaz’ successor for the Binibining Pilipinas Universe crown but was relegated instead to the Tokyo-based pageant. Urban legend has it that she was placed specifically to that position as no Miss Universe back to back winner has been crowned then (which happened only later in 2008 & 2009).

The same thing happened in 2016 when fan-favorite for the Miss Universe Philippines, Kylie Verzosa, found herself winning the Binibining Pilipinas International title, which surprised lot of her fans. Little did we know back then that the powers at be at Bb Pilipinas Org were being strategic in her placement. Lo and behold, she has become the Philippines’ 6th Miss International winner.

This wasn’t the case though in 1974, when then Bb. Pilipinas International Erlynn Bernardez failed to make the first cut in the Tokyo-based competition. It was Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1974 Guadalupe Sanchez that made past the first cut in Miss Universe. The then 17 year old Guada made top 12. Could it be that the Aurora Pijuan Phenomenon skipped a year? Will the Aurora Pijuan phenomenon happen again in the future? We are curious to see this phenomenon at work as the Philippines holds the 2018 Miss Universe crown courtesy of Catriona Gray. We definitely are excited to see whether or not the Binibining Pilipinas International 2019 winner will become the next Miss International later this November…

Miss World 2019 and the TW Investment Group/ TW Pageants

Last February 18th, an announcement has been made that Thailand will be hosting the Miss World 2019 pageant. This announcement was made by pageant owner Julia Morley with local organizing host TW Pageants’s Tanawat Wansom.

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Thailand Officially Confirmed as Host for 69th Miss World Final in 2019 The Miss World Organisation has announced the 69th Miss World Final will be hosted in Thailand. This is the first time in the history of Miss World that the month-long festival and final will take place in Thailand. During the press conference held at Phaya Thai Palace in Bangkok, Julia Morley said: "I am delighted to have been invited to hold the 2019 Miss World Final in Thailand. Given the country's rich culture and hospitality, the 'Land of Smiles' is the perfect place to welcome the 130 Miss World Nations." Delegates from 130 countries are scheduled to arrive in Thailand in November with the final to be held in December. During their month in Thailand they will participate in a string of preliminary activities and visit the most spectacular tourism sites across the country as well as take part in 'Beauty With A Purpose' fundraising activities to help good causes in Thailand. Tanawat Wansom, Chief Executive Officer of TW Pageants, said: "Following China, I am honoured to receive the right to host such a major beauty pageant like Miss World in Thailand. Working closely with the brilliant team of the Miss World Organisation, I believe this opportunity will bring tremendous joy to the Thai people as they will get to see the beautiful, talented Miss World contestants in action in their home country. We also expect that hosting the programme will be a major boost to promote Thai tourism, culture and hospitality to a global audience. As the official partner of Miss World Organisation, we will work hard to make sure that this prestigious event comes out perfectly." Photo by @oatnutphon Source: http://prnewswire.com . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #pageant #pageantry #vanessaponce #MissWorld #MissMundo #BeautywithaPurpose #bellezaconunproposito

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During the press conference held at Phaya Thai Palace in Bangkok, Julia Morley said: “I am delighted to have been invited to hold the 2019 Miss World Final in Thailand. Given the country’s rich culture and hospitality, the ‘Land of Smiles’ is the perfect place to welcome the 130 Miss World Nations.”*
One thing that Sashes&Scripts is a bit apprehensive with the Miss World hosting is the fact that the local organizer Tanawat Wansom, Chief Executive Officer of TW Pageants, failed to find sponsors for the Miss Universe pageant last year. Wansom, Chairman of Executive Directors of the TW Investment Group, and his local license for the MU pageant was dropped by the Miss Universe Organization 2 month before the pageant due to shady practices the company has blamed on unethical shareholders**. This prompted TPN 2018 Co., Ltd to take over the responsibility of making arrangements for the pageant in Bangkok last year.

Will TW Pageant finally make right with the Miss World pageant? Or will it have the same issues it had just like last year?
* https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/thailand-officially-confirmed-as-host-for-69th-miss-world-final-in-2019-300797175.html

Trivia on the Filipina Miss Universe Winners

Each of the Filipina Miss Universe winners have a “special story” of their own upon crowning!
And today we feature some of the lesser known facts about our Miss Universe winners: from the full regalia, to national titles, to coiffure… This is a fun look at our Miss Universe winners!

Miss Universe 1969, Gloria Diaz
– Gloria Diaz was the only Filipina MU winner to have been crowned with the full Miss Universe regalia – crown, sash, scepter, trophy and cape. The use of the cape was discontinued in 1972. Gloria also has the distinction of being the only Filipina MU to have been crowned as “Binibining Pilipinas” (back then the Miss International representative was crowned “Miss Philippines”).
Another trivia, Gloria is said to have lost her Miss Universe scepter in one of her travels. She also had helped charities by putting up her Miss Universe sash for auction. She has become so iconic that even her daughter Isabelle Daza went to a Halloween party dress as Gloria and used her mom’s crown and cape. Gloria was said to have uttered that Isabelle is “prettier” than her even when she was young.
Miss Universe 1973, Maria Margarita Moran
– Margie Moran is the only Filipina MU winner to win the Photogenic award and the Miss Universe title. She is also the 2nd woman to be officially awarded the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title, a tradition that started in 1972 when the top titles given were named as BBP-Universe and BBP-International.
She said in an interview that she regretted turning down Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali when he told her he wanted to paint her portrait as a ‘ghost’. Margie could also speak Spanish. It is said that even First Lady Imelda Marcos gave her pointers on how to create her signature coiffure for Margie to recreate for the Miss Universe competition.
Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach
– Pia Wurtzbach is the first Filipina MU titleholder to have been a repeater at Binibining Pilipinas. She competed thrice at the nationals and the only Filipina MU winner with a beauty camp affiliation. She also is the first MU winner under the IMG|WME management of the MUOrg and her ‘crowning’ has been one of the most talked about pageant event in recent history. She is also the only winner who ‘technically’ didn’t have her first walk as Miss Universe.
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