Asia: Hosting All of 2018’s Alpha Pageants

Asia is currently the focus of every international pageant as four of the biggest international pageants are held in Asia. Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World are all being hosted in Asian countries which shows why this continent is the market that the Alpha pageants are fighting for.

Miss Universe in Bangkok, Thailand – with the finale to be held in December 17 (am, Bangkok time) it is expected that the spectacle will live up to its claims as the most prestigious pageant in the Universe. With an estimated USD$15 million budget, the Ms Universe competition is going to be a most awaited event that will be broadcasted live all over the world from the Impact Arena.

Miss World in Sanya, China – China is hosting Ms World yet again with the coronation of the winner on the 8th December, a day after it’s European rival, Miss Supranational crowns its winner.
Miss International in Tokyo, Japan – judging by the teasers we have been seeing on the Ms International’s official Facebook page, we are expected to see a very packed pre-pageant activities for its candidates. The MI pageant is one of the beauty contests that have the best pre-pageant activities scheduled every year. The finals will be at the Tokyo Dome on November 9.

Miss Earth in Pasig City, Philippines – the pageant is to be held live from the Mall of Asia Arena (which also hosted the Miss Universe 2016 pageant) on November 3rd. Notable to watch would be the opening activities of the pageant in the re-opening of the paradise island of Boracay!
The international pageant season is almost upon us and each country has started  their preparations for the international pageant competitions ahead (and for some at least mid-way through preparations). A huge majority have selected their respective reps to Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World with only a few still in the process of searching for their candidates for each pageant. Asia, with its rich cultural heritage and wealth of tourist attractions is certainly going to be welcoming these gals will arms wide open…


Does the Philippines Lack Quality Beauty Queens?

Several weeks ago I have read a very intriguing piece of essay/article that practically said this: the Philippines have many beauty pageants but it lacked quality in its queens. Add to it is the criticism that the country has too many pageants, candidates being unintelligent to answer simple questions, and a general downfall on the quality of Filipina candidates.

Let’s first address the biggest issue: Do we lack great quality queens? IMHO, that’s a huge “hell the f#ck no”! Continue reading “Does the Philippines Lack Quality Beauty Queens?”

The Biggest Scandals and Controversies of Miss World

The Miss World pageant has perhaps been the pageant that has had to endure the most number of scandals through its history.
10. Resignations galore – Helen Morgan of Wales and Gabriela Brum of Germany are two high profile resignations form the pageant. Helen was found out to be an unwed mother after her coronation which prompted the pageant to change their rules regarding unwed mothers joining the pageant. Gabriela Brum on the other hand was said to have resigned due to her posing on Playboy magazine prior to winning. MW is the only pageant among the Big 4 to have multiple resignations and dethronements.
9. Miss World Apartheid – one of the biggest stain in the MW brand was its involvement in the Apartheid issue in segregating a Miss Africa South and a Miss South Africa (one black and one white)in the 70’s. This practice continued until 1976.

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Sandwich Wins in Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World

What is a ‘sandwich victory’? And what countries have claimed sandwich victories in the four biggest pageants in existence?
A sandwich victory happens when a country wins two titles within three years with a year gap between the two. Some countries might aspire for back to back wins but sandwich victories are more common and easier to achieve. The Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World are the most prestigious pageant crowns that any pageant fan would follow or for any pageant girl would aspire to win. And hence, the focus on these four pageants…

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Countries that Won Miss Universe and Miss World in the Same Year

What countries have had the Miss Universe & Miss World titles simultaneously? Well, read on and find out…

The Miss Universe and Miss World pageants ate two of the oldest pageant in in existence. So it is no surprise that they have been the most followed competitions by pageant fans around the world. To such a point that each has argued which title is more prestigious than the other. While there are other pageants like the Miss Earth and Miss International, there is no doubt that the aforementioned two are the biggest rivals in pageantry. We have already previously featured which countries have had multiple Alpha pageant wins in a single yearContinue reading “Countries that Won Miss Universe and Miss World in the Same Year”

Maeva Coucke, Miss France 2018

It has been a while since we have had a strong redhead competing in Miss Universe. Miss France 2018 Maeva Coucke is a rare find.

The newly single Miss France (reportedly she and her boyfriend of almost 3 years called it quits last month) is perhaps the most highly talked about redhead to compete in Miss Universe since Alyssa Campanella of the USA in 2011. While Alyssa may have been born blonde, Maeva is actually a brunette. The 5’9″ green-eyed beauty is one of the perceived strong contenders in Miss Universe this year. She graduated with a BTS in International Business and is taking up a law degree in hopes to become a corporate lawyer. With her mother diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, Maeva advocates for this cause during her reign as Miss France.

Pageant fans are in agreement that she would be one of the ladies to watch out for in Miss Universe.  However, there are insider rumors that the MW org wanted Maeva to compete in Miss World instead. This is despite having Eva Colas crowned as the Miss World France. Although we are just filing this under rumors for now.
No doubt about it, IMHO if Maeva is sent to Miss World she would be our next Miss World winner. How about you ladies and gents? Do you think Maeva would do better in Miss Universe or in Miss World?

Marta Magdalena Stepien: A Major Force Come Miss Universe 2018

Today’s post is a feature on Miss Universe Canada, Marta Magdalena Stepien. This 5’9 brunette has the heavy task of bringing back the Mikimoto crown to Canada this year.

After 15 years, Canada will be back in the country that gave them their 2nd Miss Universe crown courtesy of Natalie Glebova. Like Natalie, Marta is also competing in Bangkok, Thailand this year. And there’s more, both ladies have European heritage with Marta having Polish origins. Having migrated to Canada at age 6, this Taylor Swift deadringer has been modelling since the age of 14. As a model she has traveled around the world and have been to major fashion cities New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Korea, Zurich, and Paris. But there is more, this lady is studying Biomedical Engineering Technology at St. Clair College. She also speaks English, French, German, and Polish.

Here is a snippet from her Miss Universe Canada 2017 (she was 1st runner up to Lauren Howe in last year’s pageant) bio:
In the past, she has taken part in charity events to raise money for breast cancer. She also enjoys volunteering her time for tutoring and teaching young children. Marta wishes to inspire young women, both in her generation and the coming ones, to build their confidence, self esteem and promote healthy body image. Marta also desires to ‘lead by example’ and inspire young girls to pursue a career in technology or the sciences, and inspire a movement of females in male-dominated work fields.

The Crowns Used in the Miss World Pageant

Just like the Miss Universe pageant  the Miss World pageant also had a number of crown changes. But did you know that the practice of crowning MW winners only started in 1955?

The very first winner Kerstin ‘Kiki’ Haakonson wasn’t crowned during the Festival Bikini Contest, as it was only the press that named the contest as Miss World. The victory rites during her time involved standing at the highest level of a podium (much like the Olympics) with a bouquet and sash. Throughout the history of the pageant the crown has been changed eleven times.

The first ‘crowned’ winner was Venezuela’s Carmen Susana Duijm. It was only used 3 times. The second crown was used at the crowning of South Africa’s Penelope Anne Coelen in 1958. It was only used for that edition of the pageant. In fact the three crowns after the original was used only once each.

The fifth Miss World crown was used for 9 years and the UK’s Rosemarie Frankland was the first to wear it. The crown made the pageant’s record for the first to be used in 9 consecutive editions. It concluded its run in 1969 with Austria’s Eva Reuber-Staier in 1969.

Jennifer Hosten of Grenada was crowned with a new one in 1970. The crown was nicknamed the jester’s crown/ the fool’s crown because of its design. That year was also controversial as the Prime Minister of Grenada was among the judges. It was also the year where the MW allowed two ladies from South Africa to compete (one black, one white) because of the apartheid issue.
In 1972 a new crown design was again used. It was only used for that year but its tenure wouldn’t end there as it is poised to make another comeback later. Belinda Green has the distinction of being the first to wear that crown.

1973 & 1974 were the years of short-lived reigns and short lived crowns. Marjorie Wallace like her rhinestone crown didn’t last long. Helen Morgan’s crown only lasted a year as well. By 1976 yet another crown was used, this time it was Jamaica’s Cindy Breakespeare’s honor to wear that crown. The crown was worn by 3 winners and lasted until 1978.
The crown design of 1972 made a comeback by 1979, Gina Swainson was first to wear the revised crown and it has been used ever since.


Why not Thitaree Kasorn or Valentina Ploy for Miss Earth?

We all know that the Miss Earth Thailand franchise is now under a new Thai organization, but still we haven’t heard anything new regarding the supposed pageant to select a Thai rep.
So we pose this question for all, why not handpick Miss Universe Thailand Thitaree Kasorn or Valentina Ploy Giardullo to compete instead?

The upside to this is that it will give the new franchise owner enough time to properly mount a competition next year. And it will give opportunity for either Valentina or Thitaree a chance to compete internationally for a title. This would also give them the necessary experience when competing for a bigger title in the future.

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The downside on the other hand is if the Miss Earth org will allow a handpicked participation considering the rumored agreement that the new org is to set up a national pageant. Add to it is the unfair disadvantage of non-English speakers with really crappy translators from the MEOrg (I really hope that they are able to address this). This kind of disadvantage is really becoming a problem and should be addressed so that language barriers do not become a hindrance for crown-worthy candidates.

Let’s us you readers who do you think would be a better choice? Thitaree or Valentina? Let us know on the comment section below…

Angela Ponce & Her Advocacy for Transgender Youth

Miss Universe Spain Angela Ponce’s participation in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant is a huge game changer in the competition. Being the first transgender female to compete in the pageant has given her a larger platform to talk about her advocacy and personal experience.

The transgender community is one of the most abused communities within the LGBT community. It is said that 30%-50% of transgender people experience dating violence a huge statistical gap compared to the 28%-33% of the general population. That is why Angela Ponce’s advocacy of helping transgender youths is such an importance as it is estimated that about 41% of transgender people will attempt suicide. The 25-year old model has been a volunteer for a bit over three years for the Daniela Foundation, where she helps provide counselling to troubled transgender teenagers as well as providing their families information on dealing with difficulties being with a transgender family member.
Continue reading “Angela Ponce & Her Advocacy for Transgender Youth”