PhotoCollage of the Day: Miss International 2017 Kevin Liliana

One of the prettiest winners of 2017 is Kevin Liliana (who was trained by Sir Rodgil Flores himself). And today we are posting a collage of her photos taken by FD photography… check them out!

This is Kevin in her winning gown in Miss International…

Here is a bonus video of her in a shoot with FD Photography…


The Winning Streak for the Philippines Continues!

After the dust has settled and all the major pageants has finished, we can now say that the Philippines continues its winning streak in the 4 most relevant pageants in the world. Since 2013, the Philippines has been winning one crown after another in Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth (arranged according to date of establishment).

Every year since 2013, we have been winning one title after another.
2013 – Miss International Bea Rose Santiago & Miss World Megan Young
2014 – Miss Earth Jamie Herrell
2015 – Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach & Miss Earth Angelia Gabrena Ong
2016 – Miss International Kylie Verzosa
2017 – Miss Earth Karen Ibasco

The latest addition to the list is Miss Earth Karen Ibasco who allowed the Philippines its 7th Alpha pageant win in 5 consecutive years. The medical physicist wowed the judges with her gift of gab and earning the 4th Miss Earth title for the country. She brought in a sandwich victory after Angelia Ong’s back-to-back win with Jamie Herrell.
With 7 wins in 5 years, will we be seeing another Filipina winner come 2018?

Rachel Peters and her Miss Universe Top 10 Finish

At the heat of the debate regarding Rachel Peters’ top 10 finish, I have refrained from posting my own thoughts and feelings on the said outcome. Now that I have had more than enough time to ponder thru it, here are my thoughts on the matter…

Despite a strong performance during the finals (swimsuit and evening gown) what we should have to consider is that the judges are all briefed on what the Miss Universe organization is looking for in a winner. So it is unfair to solely blame Pia Wurtzbach alone on the outcome as all the judges are briefed accordingly by the org. By the time the judges were introduced, they may already have a winner picked in their minds and they probably stuck through their favorites throughout the telecast. Not to mention that the highest and lowest scores by the judges are cancelled to get the median scores.
We should also consider that the judging panel is heavily comprised of Americans and that their perception of beauty may be different from ours. Their perception on the girls could have easily been influenced by the sexual harassment issue enveloping the US right now and hence they chose someone like Demi who was speaking in behalf of self-defense for women.

We cannot fault the gown as well since Rachel’s Val Taguba gown was immaculate onstage. Because if we fault the gown, then how can we explain Jamaica’s yellow gown that didn’t look very chic onstage. Personally, the Val Taguba powder blue confection is the best evening gown that a Miss Universe Philippines worn on the MU stage since 2010. Rachel carried the gown with an elegance and she didn’t have to over-do her facial expressions (yes I’m looking at you Laura, even Shandy Finnessey called you out on it). Here are several recorded videos of Rachel during the Miss Universe from Instagram… and I couldn’t see a flaw on Rachel’s overall performance.

IMHO, I still believe that Rachel deserved a top 5 spot during the Miss Universe finals. She could have given the Philippines at least another runner up placement in the pageant. Too bad that the judges didn’t see her as Miss Universe potential as we did… I believe that it all boiled down to luck. Former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz once summarized it briefly saying that winning is a matter of luck, of being in the right place at the right time with the right judges.

Special Spotlight on Miss Universe 2nd Runner-up, Davina Bennett

I had written and posted on Miss Universe Jamaica and Miss Universe 2nd Runner-up, Davina Bennett even before she competed in Las Vegas. So to me, to see her go far into the competition was no surprise.

During the Miss Universe finals, a lot of people booed the 3rd place finish of Davina because the majority of us felt that she deserved to be in the top 2. The booes in the Axis Theatre were so loud that the audio during the telecast was lowered to minimize it. What people also didn’t see in the telecast was how more candidates flocked to greet Davina than those that went to congratulate Miss Universe winner Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Then when a moment later, Davina was ushered to stand in the front of the stage where the audience gave her warm round of applause!

Davina may not have been the girl that everyone initially saw as a potential Miss Universe but she ended up as the one that won the hearts of many with her authenticity, wit and spontaneity. And even this blogger believes that she is worth a top 2 finish in Miss Universe…

Here below is a special video of her during the Miss Universe 2017 pageant’s contestant introduction video…

PhotoCollage of the Day: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters at Miss Universe Pt.3

Here is Demi Leigh leading up to the coronation… The 5’7″ Miss Universe winner from South Africa bested 91 other candidates for the title.

*Note: Look at how Miss South Africa’s hands are on top. According to urban myths, those that have their hands on top during the final 2 usually wins…

Below are photos from the press conference after the Miss Universe finals. The press conference was held at the Melrose 1 ballroom of the Planet Hollywood at the Mezzanine floor.