Miss International Nepal 2017, Niti Shah

Move over girls, there is another Asian goddess joining Miss International this year. Meet Miss International Nepal 2017, Niti Shah…

Niti was crowned Miss International Nepal who was also the 2nd runner up in the Miss Nepal pageant. The 21 year old actress and model is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in journalism from St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu. Back in Nepal, she is arguably one of the most popular and sought after models. Niti is blessed with brown hair and brown eyes. She stands at height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and hails from Dang District in Western Nepal. During the pageant she was the crowd favorite to win the title (the winner of Miss Nepal will go on to compete in Miss World).

With her in the competition, we expect at least a semifinal placement for her this year. With her good looks and lovely personality, she may just be the first Alpha pageant winner from her country.

Clarissa Bowers: USA’s Miss World Bet

Move over Polina, there’s another blonde bombshell that is gunning for the Miss World title. Meet the newly crowned Miss World America, Clarissa Bowers.

19 year-old Clarrisa Bowers is currently a student of Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. She stands 5’11” and hails from a military family. The green-eyed beauty hopes to become a reconstructive surgeon for wounded and scarred soldiers. Her Beauty with a Purpose project is enabling baseball for disabled children and adults. She is listed as one of the models in Next Model Management in Miami and measures 34-26-37. She currently lives in Florida.

Clarissa bested 28 other candidates which included former MIss USA contender Maureen Montagne from Arizona.

The Miss Earth 2016 Winners & Their International Travels

Every Miss Earth winner have enjoyed the wonderful time they have as the reigning queen. One of their perks is the different travel opportunities that they have been enjoying. But did you know that the Miss Earth is unique as it treats its runners up like winners and allow them to travel? Well, that is one of the things that makes this pageant a cut above the rest.

During Tereza Fajksova, she and her Miss Earth-Air Stephany Stephanowitz have traveled together to Indonesia to crown the Miss Earth Indonesia back in 2012. And that was just one of Tereza’s 12 country visits. In 2013, Alyz Henrich has traveled to the US just like how her Miss Earth-Water Punika Koolsunrut traveled too. Angelia has been to around 8 countries during her reign while her Miss Earth-Air elemental queen, Dayana Grageda has been to roughly around 3-4 countries herself.

Reigning Miss Earth Katherine Espin has been to every corner of the Philippines plus international travels to Angola, Chile, Dubai, Ecuador, Reunion Island, USA, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. Katherine has been around the USA as well with trips to Los Angeles, Washington, Las Vegas and did sightseeing trips to the Grand Canyon, and Rodeo Drive. But she is not the only one as her elemental court gets to travel as well. Michelle Gomez, who was hailed Miss Earth-Air, had a trip earlier to Ghana with Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell. Michelle also accompanied Katherine in her recent trips to the US, Chile and Puerto Rico. Miss Earth – Fire Corrin Stelakis have been to Nicaragua earlier too. Miss Earth Water, Stephanie de Zorzi, also went earlier to Sri Lanka as part of her duties as one of the elemental queens.

So far, this is the only batch of winners that all of the elemental queens were able to fly internationally! This is perhaps a sign of the move by the MEOrg to treat all elemental queens of equal importance. If that is the case, then that is a good move. It will only be the Miss Earth pageant that will give opportunities to its full set of winners to travel and be recognized as queens.

Which Alpha Pageant Are You Excited for this November?

Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss International… four of the biggest international pageants around, and they are filling up the November calendar. With rumors that Miss Intercontinental is also going to be in the same month and Miss Supranational to start its pre-pageant activities in November, we ask this question: What pageant/s are fans going to focus on?
Miss Earth – November 4th
Miss International – November 14th
Miss World – November 18th
Miss Universe – November 26th (?)

Vote and let us know your thoughts…

Rumors! Miss Universe 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona!

Yes folks! It’s currently circulating over the web that the Miss Universe 2017 edition will be happening on November 26th in Phoenix, Arizona!

According to MV La Nueva Era, the next edition of the pageant will be held in the 5th most populous city in the United States. 
Additional rumors also has it that the candidates are expected to arrive in Phoenix between the 1st to the 5th of November where they will kick off the pre-activities that will culminate on the Thanksgiving weekend pageant finals. Preliminaries are rumored to be scheduled either on November 21s or on the 22nd.

Miss International 2017, First SashPicks

It’s almost international pageant season and let’s start it right with Sash Factor’s first Miss International 2017 SashPicks… 

1. South Africa, Tayla Robinson
2. Nepal, Niti Shah 
3. Mexico, Citlaly Higuera
4. Colombia, Vanessa Pulgarin
5. Indonesia, Kevin Liliana
6. Philippines, Mariel de Leon
7. Vietnam, Thuy Dung
8. Poland, Paulina Mariarz
9. Venezuela, Rosangelica Piscitelli
10. Japan, Tsutsui Natsuki
The first three girls in the list are all facially gorgeous ladies, smart and easily fit into the Miss International mold. South Africa’s Tayla Robinson is arguably everyone’s top-of-mind choice among the bevy of girls this year. Nepal’s Niti Shah is a surprise addition but fans better start paying attention to her, her fresh-faced beauty is one that the Japanese could love. Mexico’s Citlaly Higuera is riding the coattails of her recent appointment, her fans feel that this lady should have been sent to Miss Universe on a stronger performance over eventual Nuestra Belleza winner. Same sentiments can be said over Colombia’s Vanessa Pulgarin who is also said to fit the MU mold better. Completing the top 6 are Indonesia’s Kevin Liliana and Philippines’ Mariel de Leon.

Nostalgia: The Pineapple Filipiniana Costume

One of the most heavily criticized national costumes that a Filipina beauty queen wore to a national pageant was the Pineapple Filipiniana costume worn by Carla Gay Balingit (to Miss Universe) and Precious Lara Quigaman (in Miss International).

The national costume was a creation by Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza. 

In retrospect, the costume wasn’t bad as we all thought. It poked a little bit of fun with its literal interpretation of the piña fabric from pineapple fibers that the traditional Filipino costumes are made from. It was festive, it was out of the box and perhaps too ahead of its time. After all it was only in 2015 when we were all surprised by a tuktuk national costume from Thailand.