Samantha Bernardo’s MGI Preliminary Performance

2020 Binibining Pilipinas Grand, Samantha Bernardo was perfection on stage during the Miss Grand International preliminary competition! Held at the Show DC Hall in Bangkok, the preliminaries featured all 63 candidates performing in their swimsuit and evening gowns…

Watch Samantha’s full preliminary performance here…

For the trained eye of this pageant connoisseur, it was quite clear that Samantha’s preliminary performance is arguably the best in this year’s batch. The 5’8″ Filipina stunner delivered a consistently well executed performance from the Swimsuit press presentation, the National Costume show and now the MGI preliminaries.

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Samantha Bernardo: Born to be a Queen

It was a Binibining Pilipinas journey that started in 2018, and three years later all the hardwork of Palawan’s Samantha Bernardo is paying off!

The very first time that we have written about this Palawenya was back in January of 2018. Even then she has this Bea Rose Santiago and Angelee delos Reyes vibes to her that we felt that a national title will fit perfectly on her head. Two consecutive 2nd runner up placements later, we were still on the high hopes that a Binibining Pilipinas title would fall on her lap. And it did in the most gratifying way!

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Samantha Bernardo’s 20-Day Prep for MGI

From the time she is announced as the new Binibining Pilipinas Grand International to her departure today, Samantha Bernardo only have around 20 days to prepare for the pageant.

Whilst she might have had some heads-up earlier on at the last couple of weeks of January, she is full steam ahead from the February 5 official announcement to her departure today. Prior to her confirmation she and her team (from stylist Sir KennethR, Tito Rodgil Flores and her camp) Samantha is already able to film her intro video, prep for a new wardrobe, train with her mentors on catwalk, make-up and hairstyling, etc…

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Age Requirements for Major International Pageants

Age and pageants are two concepts that go hand in hand like bread and butter. As we have previously posted on the age requirements of international pageants in the past, there have been some updates since then. Before we are to post the age requirements of the four Alpha pageants, we thought it would be of help if we also posted on the age requirements of other international pageants around.

The age requirements/ age limits posted below are acquired from various sources such as the pageants’ websites, news articles, information from their national franchises (as in the case of Miss Globe), etc… Some of the pageants’ website do not actually say their age requirements which is a quandary as this would help build up their reputation.

Age Requirements for Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental & Miss Globe

Age Requirements for Misses Global, Grand International and Miss Tourism International

In the Miss Intercontinental website, the age requirements are listed as: “Delegates must be at least 18 but under 27 years of age before the date of the Miss Intercontinental pageant.” This meant that a candidate cannot turn 27 during the pageant proper until the finals. Safe to say that any delegate should be around 26 within the competition proper.
So for the ladies who are thinking of applying or joining a beauty pageant, it helps to know the age limits as required by each of the pageants you hope to join in. Make sure as well that you check the national franchisee’s website as they may have a narrower age brackets than those of the international competition.

Why the Philippines Will Never Win in This Pageant

The Philippines will never win Miss Grand International… Probably not in the next 4-6 years and here’s why…

In the six years of the Thai-based pageant, we have come to the observance of three crucial observations about this pageant. And while it is admirable that the Binibining Pilipinas is sending topnotch girls to the pageant, pageant fans should realize that expecting to win might be more of an exercise in futility.


In my theory, the pageant is trying to win over the Latin-American market which is a captured market of the Miss Universe pageant. That is why only 1 of its 6 winners (not factoring in the ascension of a runner up to the title) have been non-Latina. I was not surprised to see that another Latina was crowned this year as that cemented my theory that the pageant wants its base to be the Latin-American market, who are crazy for pageantry. Seems like it is a rule for the pageant to have at least 1 or 2 Latinas in the top 5 every year. The pageant has to keep the Latin-American crowd interested long enough to get their following as that market is forever loyal to the Miss Universe pageant (just ask one of its previous winners who was in the MU 2017 pageant despite having no associations/ connections to the MU pageant).

That is a tactical move since the pageant already has the following of two of the biggest pageant-crazed countries in Asia: Thailand and Indonesia. Which brings us to my second observation.


As long as Filipino pageant fans have this intense rivalry between the Philippine-based Miss Earth versus the Thai-owned pageant and the pageant-crazed Indonesia who won 2 years ago, there will always be social media buzz. The pageant owner thrives on getting the attention, negative or otherwise, for his pageant and that has fueled the pageant’s popularity. That pageant doesn’t need the Pinoy fan support as long as they have Thailand, Indonesia and India giving all out support to the pageant. As long as the Philippines is sending girls to the pageant, that pageant will still get a fair share of buzz over the Pinay candidate. Keeping the crown at bay, always within reach, but never actually getting it, is a cunning move to keep Pinoy pageant fans coming back for more.


The third observation is that the pageant is concerned with appearances. Never mind if the pageant winner is barely active with its proposed advocacy as long as she is publicized regularly with glossy photos all over social media. It is also all about the image, hence key to it is a great stage and good show. If none has yet noticed, buzz and publicity is key for that newbie pageant.

My theory is that it would take years before a Filipina can win this pageant considering the fact that it has to keep its target market continuously happy.  I believe that India or Thailand would even get to win the title first before a Filipina wins it. And it will all be just to generate publicity and support from pageant fans from those countries. India should have already won over Paraguay but, looking at it Paraguay won because she could generate publicity and controversy.

If  within a year or two a Filipina wins the title, it would be to earn publicity for the pageant for most part. By then will Filipino pageant fans even care?

Eva Patalinjug Keeps the Fight Going!

If there was something we can admire about Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Eva Patalinjug, that would be her fighting spirit. This is a lady that is not gonna go down without a fight!
From the beginning of the Miss Grand International pageant in Myanmar, she has been throwing knock out punches each time we see updates of her on social media.

First we saw how glowing she is during the special dinner with the pageant org’s head honchos during the arrivals of the candidates. A glow that she has kep to this day. Then came her scene-stealing walk and photos in a beaded gold-silver-nude number in the welcome party for the candidates. Then we saw her working the twirl in her Phillip Tampus national costume and being strategically placed in the front of the group during the costume presentation. Despite a simpler costume than the one she wore in BBP, she never the less presented it with grace. She looked glorious in her photos in the Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace decked in all white.
I also admire from her is the fact that she is not shy to go toe-to-toe against the Latinas and other favorites. It takes guts to do that in a competition. Not only that she shows her personality as well as she interacts with other girls in the pageant showing an innate confidence that could win her the Miss Grand International title for the Philippines!

As the competition progresses, there will surely be girls who will start to get noticed but I am confident that Eva would keep up with them. I hope she doesn’t get afraid to go head to head with the other girls. I don’t see her being afraid or being intimidated by other girls, and that is crucial in a competition. I see in her eyes the fire that says, “if you do good, I can do better”. If others will do their best, she’ll be going for her greatest. She has an entire country of social media savvy people backing her up and she know how to use that in her advantage. That’s why you see her truly making full use of her Instagram and Facebook feeds. She’s showing that she is no slacker in the pageant and she’s going for the gold crown like never before.

We are in high hopes that the MGI powers at be would see the big advantage of crowning Eva as the next Miss Grand International. Not only will the MGI get a boost on social media but they will have a queen that will be backed on social media by an army of a huge marketing machine that is the Filipino pageant fans.

Eva Psychee Patalinjug on Profile

Emerging as one of the top winners in Binibining Pilipinas is no mean feat. More so if you belong in a loaded group like the 2018 batch. Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2018, Eva Patalinjug captures our attention as being one of the best faces this year and possibly even in recent Bb. Pilipinas batches.

Born Eva Psychee Soroño Patalinjug, this Kagandahang Flores trained beauty hails from Cebu and is a multi-hyphenate. She is a registered nurse, a model, a host, a budding entrepreneur (she has her Psychee Cosmetics line of lipsticks and false eyelashes), a former Sanguniang Kabataan Chair, and a future lawyer. Eva is  now in her second year as a Law student in Cebu’s University of San Carlos, but have plans of moving her studies in either Ateneo de Manila or De La Salle University upon her victory in Bb. Pilipinas 2018.

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Red Becomes Eva Patalinjug

Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Eva Patalinjug got our attention several weeks ago with a showstopper red gown. The porcelain skinned Cebuana wore a Jhun Ador  creation at the fundraising event, Arise Mindanao Fashion Show.

What gotten our attention is how the Ferrari red color jumps off on her and compliments her very well. We might just have found her best color for the international competition come October 25th. Red is a bold and strong color that would work best when carried with confidence. Anybody wearing red suddenly emboldens and is twice more sexy and intoxicating. Red is for those who would never second-guess themselves and I see that this perhaps  is the best color for Eva.

If I may add, it would probably help if Eva would wear outfits that put emphasis on the waistline and the neckline. This would really frame her gorgeous face more and would give a stronger impact, style-wise.
Another style strategy I think she could employ is to wear lovely pastel colors prior to the preliminaries and finals so that people around her would get used to see her in clean colors, then follow it up with a strong red evening gown for the prelims and finals for a bigger impact. This strategy of throwing people off  her trail with the bold red would make people take notice her once she does wear red.

2018 International Pageant Calendar

We are almost halfway done with the year and it is almost time again for the international pageant season to begin. Today we are posting the latest updates on the international pageant dates on 8 of the most awaited international pageants…

Miss Intercontinental – according to an IG post from Missosology, the Miss Intercontinental will be held in the Philippines on January 2019. In effect, this would make the pageant skip one year for 2016.
Miss Globe – after the pageant was on the discussions to be held in Vietnam, it was announced it will be back in Albania again this year. Negotiations failed as government officials were strict with the numerous pageant hosting proposals in the country (as rumors have it). Finals will be on October 21st.
Miss Supranational – the Miss Supranational pageant will once again be held in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. It will will be a day ahead of it’s European rival, the Miss World pageant, by one day. The pageant finals is slated on December 7.
Miss Grand International – the earliest to announce its pageant venue and date. The Miss Grand International pageant will be held on October 25th in Myanmar.

Miss Earth – with the opening of the pageant rumored to be on the newly opened island of Boracay, the pageant is will be hosted at the MOA Arena on November 3rd this year.
Miss International – the pageant is consistently held in Japan since 2012 and this year is no different. The pageant is slated to be held at the Tokyo Dome on November 9th.
Miss World – Sanya will once again host the Miss World pageant on its second straight year. Pageant finals would be in December 8th. It would be the 9th time that the pageant will be held in China.
Miss Universe – MU Puerto Rico National Director & Miss Universe 2001 Denise Quinones was right after all. She claimed that the pageant will be on December and indeed the pageant will be on December 16th (that’s December 17th in Asia) in the Impact Arena in Bangkok.
NOTE: This article was first published in June this year and was updated with the latest data available.

RumorMill: Osmel Sousa to Put Up a New Pageant in Venezuela?

Is retired Miss Venezuela President Osmel Sousa putting up a new pageant?Well that is the buzz going around in social media these days after the Czar of Beauty posted some cryptic photo on his Instagram feed…

According to rumors he has acquired the franchise of the Miss Supranational and the Miss Grand International pageants and is now looking up to setting up a national pageant for those international competitions. It is also being said that his new team/ organization is also on the works in acquiring at least two more international pageant franchises.

Will this be his redemption story after the trafficking and prostitution scandal that rocked the end of his Presidency in the Miss Venezuela pageant? Only time will tell. The only thing we are sure of is you can’t pull a good man down…

National Costume Wish-List for Eva Patalinjug

If I were given the opportunity to create a concept art for a national costume to be worn by Eva Patalinjug for Miss Grand International, I would gladly accept the chance.

I actually have a couple of ideas for her national costume that I feel would be great for her pageant in Myanmar come October 25th.
1. Sinulog Festival Costume – of course this should be an option as Eva comes from Cebu. The Sinulog festival queen outfit would be so perfect for her mestiza beauty and will tie-up perfectly with her hometown of Cebu. I would love to make the concept art in a grandiose and extravagant manner, something that the MGI pageant seems to favor.

2. Boxer Codex Pintados Costume – one of the oldest documents in existence regarding the pintados of Visayas is the Boxer Codex that illustrated the ornate tattoos and the rich gold heritage of pre-Hispanic Philippines. The difference here is I would make it with a little more color to make it festive.
The national costume for Eva should be something that represents her and her background. I hope that Eva would be given a great wardrobe for her competition. I believe that she can actually be the first Filipina Miss Grand International winner…

Could We Have Nicole Cordoves as Host for Binibining Pilipinas 2018?

If there is one recent Binibining Pilipinas winner I would like to host this year’s pageant, that would 2016 Binibining Pilipinas Grand International and Miss Grand International 1st runner-up Nicole Cordoves.

I find her more fluid, have more grace and pleasant than most females who had hosted the pageant in recent years. I believe Nicole is born for hosting especially when she served as co-host with Xian Lim in the Miss Grand International pageant last year. Nicole has a pleasant tone of voice and a strong command of the English language and you feel she can carry possible blunders with seasoned professionalism and presence of mind. Not to mention that she is possibly the most articulate Binibini winner from her batch.

Currently a staff correspondent at the Manila Bulletin, Nicole was once praised by one of her camp’s mentor, Atty. Nad Bronce, as the gold standard when it comes to public speaking among the girls he has trained. So I am confident in my recommendation for her as Binibining Pilipinas host…

Miss Grand International 2018 Venue Announced!

The Miss Grand International 2018 pageant has just recently announced which country will host the pageant for this year’s edition!

After Bangkok, Las Vegas, and Vietnam, the MGI pageant is traveling once again for its 6th edition. In a video post by its founder, Nawat Itsaragrisil, it was revealed via his official Instagram account that the pageant is to be slated in the “Golden Land” of Myanmar. The pageant’s finals is to be held on the 25th of October 2018.
Video post as below…

Sashes&Scripts’ Favorites for Miss Grand International 2017

Today’s post is going to feature five girls that I have been looking at as possible successor to Ariska Pertiwi of Indonesia. Just like last year, I think that an Asian domination in the top 5 is highly possible. We also have the remaining 7 girls that could comprise of the semi-finalists of the competition.

Edit (10/24/2017, 7:21pm): While I may have written this post during the last weekend, recent events led me to scrap the original artwork banner and just retain the photo-collage. I also have removed the rest of the girls on my list of possible semi-finalists to accommodate a lengthier write up on the ladies in my top 5.   

#5. Malaysia, Sanjeda John – she was always on the periphery of my very short attention span but after the preliminaries, I thought she has just an equal chance of bagging the MGI title. 
#4. Thailand, Premika Pamela Pasinetti​ – I have to say that this lady really delivered during the preliminaries. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her replicating a top 5 finish of her Miss Grand Thailand predecessor. She was perhaps the girl that peaked at the most opportune moment of the competition and I should say that she could definitely steal the spotlight come finals.
#3. Philippines, Elizabeth Clenci – at first I was very confident that Liz has the title in the bag. She has been performing so well in the competition by nailing every segment or event day in and day out. That is until Pinoy fans intensified their bashing of the MGI pageant. How would a pageant org crown a winner from a country that is its main basher, when there are several equally deserving girls in the competition? This I why I have been building Elizabeth on a series of my posts for the title because we finally had a strong chance with her, only to be ruined by overzealous Filipino haters of the pageant. Nevertheless, I pray that this won’t affect her chances of winning the MGI title. Despite all these negativity stacked against her, I pray she wins. It is a ‘Hail Mary Pass‘ as of now but I still believe in Liz, she is equally deserving to be Miss Grand International. 
#2. India, Anukriti Gusain – my darkhorse bet in the competition. India has sent their best girl (in my opinion) to Miss Grand International this year. I might be too ambitious in saying that I see some similarities with Amal Clooney on this girl and I have been watching over her since day 1. If she is able to hold her own until the q&a portion, we might see an Asian back to back win with her. I am almost sure now that she has the highest chance among the Asians to win this year.
#1. Peru, Maria Jose Lora –  I would have to say that she owned the prelims, she totally eclipsed everyone specially after the evening gown presentation. And she moves like a seasoned pro onstage which made her standout even more. 

At this point all I can say is good luck to the ladies and may the best girl win!

The Classy Miss Elizabeth Clenci

Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Elizabeth Clenci is a masterclass of chic and elegance. To call her classy Clenci is an understatement!

Elizabeth’s wardrobe in Miss Grand International is worth blogging about. Working in the fashion industry for a little over a decade now, I can honestly say that this is how a pageant wardrobe should be like. Liz is masterfully nailing every event with her choice of wardrobe. She has been very hands-on in the selection of her dresses and gowns to which she says, “I know what works for my body”. This is translated with very subdued but ultra-chic  styles. She chose silhouettes that complimented her body without overpowering her.

The wardrobe that she brought to Vietnam is truly enviable. Hopefully,  all our Binibini girls has taken a page from her strategy and that is to never an outfit that you cannot master…. and Liz does quite master her outfits with lots of class.