Pia Wurtzbach on Another Metro Mag Cover

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is on another magazine cover this month of July. We have the outtakes of her shoot for the magazine…

Check out @silent_totoro’s Instagram video on the BTS of the shoot…

#FashionFridays: Aleksa Gavrilovic for Men’s Health Magazine

Mister Universal Ambassador Aleksa Gavrilovic is turning out to be one of the busiest and most fashionably booked winner among last year’s bevy of winners. Aleksa is featured in the recent Men’s Health Magazine with a 7 page fashion editorial entitled “Let’s Go to the Beach”. The 6’1″ is on the June 2017 edition of the magazine with pictures shot by fashion photographer Milos Nadazdin.

That gorgeous face of his…


Olivia Molly Rogers wins Miss Universe Australia 2017!

Olivia Molly Rogers has been crowned Miss Universe Australia 2017!

Olivia and Molly are names of past MU winners and with a name like that the new MU-Australia surely seems to be destined for the Miss Universe pageant. The 25 year-old model and speech pathologist from Adelaide, South Australia bested 31 other girls in the pageant. Modeling since age 17, the blonde 5’8″ beauty prevailed over 1st  runner up Georgie Mitchell, Tahlia Giumelli who was second runner up and Marijana Radmanovic, third runner up.

With her job as a speech pathologist, she surely has quite a beefy resume. Olivia succeeds Caris Tiivel for the title…

Why Maureen Wroblewitz Won…

I have vowed to myself not to talk anymore about a certain reality-TV competition after witnessing past seasons of forgettable winners who were nothing more than accessories to boost ratings. But I think it would be a mistake not to talk about how Maureen Wroblewitz deserved to win. 

With all due respect to the fans’ opinions coming from different countries’, I believe that this season was nothing more than just a reality-TV drama series. None of this year’s candidates have it to be big-time models outside Asia. Why is that? Because true modeling big-wigs come from ‘real’ modeling competitions like the Ford Supermodel Search or the Elite Model Look. Unless this competition comes up with winners the caliber of Tao Okamoto,  Liu Wen, or Ai Tominaga… it will be just another generic competition watched for the drama.

In all honesty, I wished that Maureen wouldn’t have won as I prefer to see her instead in Binibining Pilipinas in the next couple of years. She would do much better as a beauty queen rather than a model, attitude and face-wise. But between the top 3 Maureen is undoubtedly the better choice, because of her face. Maureen is the face that could sell any product. Tu is too sexy and coudln’t seem to know how to dial it down. Shikin is too editorial and better suited on the catwalks. I honestly could not imagine either of them selling products like perfumes, toothpaste, shampoos, cosmetics or any beauty product. As a matter of fact any model would want to score those because those are the ones that pay big bucks. Let’s face it, in the end every model would want to have that 6 figure salaries that large cosmetics & beauty companies would pay for product endorsements or commercials. That is not inclusive of the fees if the commercial is to be air internationally, we are talking another set of paycheck/s for that. Magazine covers, fashion editorials and yes even catwalk shows don’t pay much to cover the bills. The difference in paycheck is as huge as the dropping of two 0’s.

If this reality TV competition wants to get afloat with sponsors, they had to wise up and select one that can actually sell products. Having Subaru as a major sponsor is not enough. Not all car brands do commercials in all ASEAN countries. So the best bet is to get someone who can sell Colgate, Pantene, Nivea, Maybelline, etc… Sadly for the top 3 only one has that face. Criticisms that she is “only face and no skill” is just that. Having a commercial face is nothing to laugh at, because that kind of face would ensure endorsement deals. 
So I will let the haters and the bitter gourds have their moment pulling down Maureen. After all, nothing is more satisfying than to watch Maureen laugh her way to the bank…

Who will join Their Ranks This Year?

Miss World 2013, Megan Young
Miss International 2013, Bea Rose Santiago
Miss Earth 2014,  Jamie Herrell
Miss Earth 2015,  Angelia Gabrena Ong
Miss Universe 2015,  Pia Wurtzbach
Miss International 2016,  Kylie Verzosa

Rachel Peters: Gearing up for Miss Universe

Great news Rachel Peters fans as this post is an update on the reigning Miss Universe Philippines’ preparations and training.

After two months filled with public appearances, sponsor visits, media guesting, charity visits and a full PLDT provincial tour, Rachel Peters starts her Miss Universe intensive training this week. According to Sir Rodgil Flores himself, the Kagandahang Flores core team had a meeting together with Rachel and the rest of the Bb. Pilipinas queens a couple of weeks ago to do assessment plus discuss their training needs. They already have formulated the training schedule and plans with full blast training starting this week.

The 5’10” British-Filipina is blessed with what pageant experts say as the ‘Miss Universe body’. Hers is comparable to those of Paulina Vega, Gabriela Isler and Amelia Vega with her proportions. So it wouldn’t take much to hone her body to MU standards considering Rachel still manages to squeeze in some training despite her hectic schedules for the past 2 months. She has also reached out to past MUP winners like Maxine Medina to get tips and is waiting for Pia Wurtzbach to have a break in her schedule to sit down and talk about MU. Rachel definitely isn’t sitting down on her laurels.

She herself has this to say about the pressures of representing the country in Miss Universe: 
“There are many aspects to beauty pageant training. There’s the Pasarela, which is walking training. There’s fitness, Q&A, hair and make-up; so it’s gonna be exactly what I’ve been doing, but more intense…
I’m working with myself before I do my training. With the training naman, it’s kind of like riding a bike. Once you know how to walk, you’re not going to stop knowing how to work. It is what it’s really all about. Working on you in the inside and then it will shine through…
I’m still so overwhelmed and excited about everything that’s been happening to me and I really want to enjoy it and take it all in. I think it’s important to go into the pageant with a very positive mindset so I’ll just keep training, doing my best and try not to stress myself out”

So we should just be patient and wait-and-see as her training unfurls. She has been preparing herself inside and out for the pageant. This is a sure-fire way to prepare now that the Miss Universe pageant is looking for more substance in their winners. And no doubt about it, Rachel is up to the task…

* http://www.interaksyon.com/rachel-peters-begins-miss-universe-preparations-this-month/
* http://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2017/06/13/1709598/rachel-peters-begins-preparation-miss-universe-2017

Gabriel Correa for Mister Supranational 2017

Baseball athlete and former Mister Venezuela 2015 Gabriel Correa was handpicked to compete for the Mister Supranational 2017 title.

6’2″ Gabriel Jose Correa Guzman was expected to compete in Mister World 2016 but did not push through due to financial reasons. Since he has won until he relinquished his title, he has never competed in the international arena. A stark contrast to his runner up Rafael Angelucci, who was named Mister International Venezuela that year and got to compete in Mister International in Manila. 

With the Mister Supranational Venezuela franchise under ND Miguel Mendez, Gabriel’s participation in the Polish male pageant is guaranteed to push through. He will be the second consecutive Mister Venezuela alum to compete after Gustavo Acevedo last year. The finals will be held a day after the Miss Supranational finals, on December 2nd. 

Was Miss South Africa 2017 rigged?

This is a tricky topic so I thought it would be best to repost the entire write-up from the source material and you be the judge of it….

Cape Town – Ten finalists and semi-finalists have come forward claiming that the Miss South Africa 2017 pageant was rigged in Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters’ favour.
The allegations call into question Nel-Peters’ relationship with the former National Executive of Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam and fashion stylist, Werner Wessels.
The Juice followed-up on all the allegations and got comment from the Miss South Africa pageant, the contestants making the claims, pageant coach Werner Wessels, and the newly crowned winner herself. (Scroll down to see all the full responses.)
The Sowetan first reported on the “rigging” claims on Wednesday.
After just a few hours of investigation no less than 10 contestants were willing to anonymously speak to The Juice about the pageant and the backstage drama that has now clouded Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters’ win.
Miss South Africa spokesperson Claudia Henkel has called these allegations “unfounded” and chalked up reports to the “pressure” of the competition. (Scroll down to see the full response from the pageant.)

According to several finalists and semi-finalists concerns regarding Nel-Peters’ preferential treatment were raised as early as regional judging and was even brought up with Claudia Henkel, Sun International and Cell C during the final stages of the competition.

Contestant 1: “I feel that the competition was definitely rigged. We as contestants decided to raise the issue with Claudia, Sun International and the Cell C team. During the meeting they basically just told us that our allegations were not valid and that it [preferential treatment] was not the case.”

Contestant 2: “Speculation started during the early days of top 26, when we were still semi-finalists and it got a lot more serious once we started realising favouritism. And that is when some of the girls called a meeting with Sun International and the sponsors.
“She [Claudia Henkel] made it seem as if the crux of that meeting was about the girls doing private charity work during the pageant. But the crux of that meeting was actually about Demi’s unfair advantage in the competition. The girls sitting there in that meeting with Demi were not afraid to point that out. We felt frustrated.”

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Contestant 1: “During the first round of regional judging where the auditions were open to the public, Demi had auditioned in Cape Town if I’m not mistaken. And on the official Miss South Africa account was a video of Demi-Leigh saying what she would do if she won the R1 million. The caption stated: We have found our new Miss South Africa.

“The post was quickly removed by the digital team and they said to us, ‘oh, it was a fault from the digital team.’ And again we found that Sun International was shifting blame, saying that it was a digital error. It was only regional judging and they had already posted something like that. So that for us was a red flag.”

Contestant 2: “We spoke about Demi being pushed unfairly on social media. We all handle our own social media accounts and then they post on behalf of us girls on the official Miss South Africa account. They were basically continuously posting about Demi, and the public would respond: ‘Where are the other 11 finalist? why are you posting of Demi.’
“We would all read those comments and about a day later the photo would be removed or those comments would be removed.”

Contestant 4: “You could see on the social media pages they were constantly focused on Demi. We would ask, but it was pretty obvious how this whole competition would end.”

Contestant 1: “Throughout the duration of the pageant she [Demi-Leigh] definitely had a lot of insights about the day, before we would have any insights. She would already know who we were meeting, she would know all these things when we would always be wondering how was she aware of these incidents before we even got briefed?”

Contestant 1: “One of the contestants said that she approached Werner to train her and Werner said he has been training Miss South Africa 2017 since 2015 and he won’t be taking on anyone [else] for 2017. His package doesn’t just offer styling advice. He gives insights of who they’ll be meeting, what to say and what to post on social media.

“I think that deep inside she knows that everyone was very upset at the way things were conducted. And I’m surprised that previous years nobody has ever said anything. We weren’t aware that we were allowed to have coaches. And that was part of the meeting that we had with Sun International. We were never told to get mentors or coaches.
“What we find strange is how someone could have coached six consecutive winners. They are not advertising equality or fairness throughout the pageant.”

SIDE NOTE: Werner Wessles coached former Miss South Africa Melinda Bam, Marilyn Ramos, Rolene Strauss, Liesl Laurie and Ntando Kunene.


Contestant 2: “He [Werner Wessels] trains you for interviews, he tells you what to say, he tells you how to say it, he approves what goes out on your social media. And the one thing that is preached especially during our workshop weeks as finalists is, authenticity. And if someone is coming in and telling you how to live and how to compete, it’s not a true reflection of who you are.
“I think that message is common between all of us: That we don’t think a worthy winner took that title. And I don’t think that it’s sitting well with the girls. It doesn’t make you a worthy winner just because you are trained by him. As far as I know, Demi had a personal relationship with Werner, Melinda [Bam] and Rolene [Strauss]. And as far as I know Werner had been training Demi for a number of years.”

Contestant 4: “We became aware of the internal influences or insights that he might have, that is not accessible to us. How does it happen that all the girls that he coaches wins? They explained to us that it is just a coincidence. And that for us was not a fair or reasonable response. Her stylist [Werner Wessels] had a relationship with a sponsor. Werner was styling one of the judges, who judged two of the official judging rounds. That type of relationship by association made it uncomfortable.”


Contestants 4: “I experienced moments where it felt like an unfair competition, favouring Demi-Leigh. There was an instance where we had an event scheduled for Demi-Leigh on our itinerary. The itinerary is scheduled by the production company but they have a relationship with Sun International. An event was scheduled for Demi-Leigh specifying that all the girls are to join her.
“Given that we had made it to top 12 we were notified that there were strict rules put in place, going into top 12. You are not as flexible with your time and you can’t easily go do your own thing. But her being assigned a scheduled event in our itinerary, it raised eyebrows. As we also had our own preferred private events that we could have attended. So when we saw that her own private event was scheduled for everyone to attend it made us question the advantage towards her. When we raised this in conversation, we were told that we were allowed to go do our own events, when it was previously said that we can’t.”

Contestant 5: “What puzzles me a lot was that the girls got an invitation from Sun International saying that they were supposed to attend a charity event hosted by Demi. And it did not make sense to me. 12 girls are competing, why is it essential for the girls to attend one person’s charity event. I could see that there was a bit of a problem. Several of the girls approached the organisers and asked if they could attend charity events in their personal capacity, and they were told no.”

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

In an e-mail response to The Juice‘s questions, Claudia Henkel wrote: “These allegations are unfounded. The caliber of contestants in this year’s competition was exceptionally high and the contestants undoubtedly felt the pressure. As with many competitions, there can be only one winner and inevitably someone will end up disappointed, which is understandable.

“The judging of the contestants, which includes both the public vote and the judges vote, is supervised by independent auditors. All meetings between the judges were supervised by a representative from the audit firm.”

Speaking to The Juice stylist Werner Wessels labelled accusations that he gave Demi-Leigh “insights” into the competition as “false.”

Here is Werner’s full statement regarding the allegations made against him:
“I met Demi when she was 15 which was in 2011 and yes it usually takes me a year to work with the girls. I teach them everything that I feel they need to know about pageants. Various make-up techniques, how to do their hair for different occasions, I put together a wardrobe for them that is appropriate for different events. My role is is there to make these girls present themselves in the best way possible to judges.
“I have been very fortunate to have started with Melinda Bam, who has been my best friend since high school. We had this dream of her competing in Miss South Africa and I told her that I would help her as soon as I had a degree in BA Fashion and I would put together her styling. We just thought it would be a fun thing to do as best friends. And then she won and she did really well.
“Then people started contacting me for consultations and then it turned into the this thing where Rolene Strauss contacted me before she entered Miss South Africa and I started with her, and then Liesl Laurie contacted me the next year and then Ntando Kunene after that. As well as other various finalists I’ve walked the road with.
“This is something I do as an independent pageant trainer. This is my job, this is my passion and this is what I love to do. And I am very fortunate to have been this successful this far.
“The winning streak is attributed to that nobody does what I do in this country, as extensively as I do it. I have applied my model of training to countries like the Philippines, Venezuela and the USA.
“I’ve been very fortunate to train Miss America for the Miss World pageant in 2015. I apply my model of training like they do in those countries and in those countries you don’t enter a pageant without a pageant coach. Because it is such a big business there. And because it isn’t something that is so well-known here, people think that there must be something wrong.
“It is really unfortunate that people are spinning this into something negative when I’m really just wanting to deliver the country with more Jo-Ann Strauss’, Basetsana Kumalo’s more Cindy Nel’s and hopefully Rolene Strauss’.”

Werner Wessels


Did Demi-Leigh receive preferential treatment during the competition?
No. Every contestant was treated equally.

Did Demi-Leigh have an unfair advantage with Werner Wessels as her coach? During the lead up to Miss South Africa, all contestants were put through a week of workshops. Individual coaches were not provided for by the organisers, however contestants were allowed to hire (at their own cost) a coach if they wanted to.

Did Demi-Leigh have insight into the competition that nobody else had?
It is important to note that many of the contestants have personal relationships with contestants from previous years and would have had some insight into the pageant. In fact a number of this year’s contestants participated previously so did not only have insight but experience. One contestant for instance has a relative who is well-known in the entertainment industry and who at some point was involved in the pageant.

Is it true that Demi-Leigh hosted a charity event during the final stages of the competition when other contestants were told they couldn’t do the same? Absolutely not, this specific topic was addressed with all contestants in the presence of the sponsors and auditors long before the pageant. We specifically indicated to all contestants that should they wish to attend a charity event that they had been supporting, that would be allowed. A number of other finalists attended their own charity events throughout the competition.

Could Demi-Leigh’s personal relationship with Melinda Bam and Rolene Strauss influence the outcome of the competition in any way?
These relationships have no bearing on the outcome of the pageant as neither were involved nor could influence the results. Again, many of this year’s finalists personally know winners and contestants from previous years.

Claudia Henkel

When asked if she received any preferential treatment throughout the pageant she said, “definitely not.” She feels “heartbroken” by the allegations made against her and wishes everyone would rather focus on the positive instead of bringing each other down.

Regarding claims that concerns about her alleged unfair advantage were raised early on she says:
“Yes, these concerns were raised and the meeting did take place and everything you’ve asked me in this interview was discussed. Sun International and Cell C explained to them that there is absolutely nothing wrong with appointing a coach and everyone is allowed to attend their charity events. The only concern the sponsors had was that these things had to be discussed with them first and we get permission to attend charity events.”

Regarding claims that she was the only contestant allowed to attend a charity event she says:
“My charity event landed on the call sheet, which maybe wasn’t the right thing to do. But the only reason it was on the call sheet was so that if any of the girls wanted to attend they knew to bring clothes for that. It was made very clear that the event was to be confirmed. Sun International later said that nobody was obliged to go. Nobody ended up coming to the charity event.
“My heart is pure, I had the best intentions and I didn’t want to upset anyone by that. It does make me sad, it’s definitely not nice. I would have loved to work with the girls. But after something like this, how to you trust anyone? I’ve forgiven everyone and I hope that they find peace.
“The Miss South Africa schedule changes all the time. My charity event was scheduled seven months in advance and couldn’t let anyone down. They gave me permission to attend, because I didn’t have anything else on that evening. There were other girls who had charity events, even weddings and private events that they attended. It definitely wasn’t just me. Everyone had an equal opportunity.”

Regarding her relationship with Werner Wessels she says:
“Having Werner as coach definitely helped me to be better prepared, to be better groomed and just to be best version of myself. I decided to appoint Werner. I’ve known him since I was 16, he is a stylist by profession and I’ve done modelling since I was 16. I know him through the industry and I asked him to help me with Miss South Africa. Because I didn’t want to look back on the competition and think, ‘Demi you could have been better prepared. You could have been better groomed.’ That is the reason I appointed him.

“Maybe it did give me an advantage but any girl was allowed to appoint a coach. I wasn’t the only girl with a coach.
“Werner did not give me any unfair insights into the competition, not at all. He is an independent stylist. He works for himself and he has no affiliation with Sun International. In fact, they have no contact.
“I knew more than what he did. I would tell him what was on the itinerary and that was the relationship. I told him what was going on. He really had no inside information whatsoever.”

Regarding her relationship with Melinda Bam and Rolene Strauss she says:
“I don’t have a personal relationship with Melinda Bam or Rolene Strauss. I attended a women’s workshop with Melinda Bam about two years ago. I met her there because she met all the girls who attended the event. We took photos as normal. And I never saw her after that, but we did become friends after the pageant. And I’m thankful for her being there for me through this time.”

Demi-Leigh talks about how she feels following these claims:
“When I entered this competition one of my goals was to make good friends, being a business woman and an entrepreneur myself I thought these could be women that I could walk a road with. It breaks my heart to know that there are girls that would do something like this, and in Afrikaans there is a saying, ‘wat so laag sal daal’ (that will stoop so low.) And it is not something you would expect from girls that have so much going for them and that are so successful in their own way already.

“I feel that it is competition, and there can only be one winner. There are some great things going for all of these girls. And I wish we would rather focus on the positive instead of bringing each other down.”


Jennifer ‘Fahsai’ Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin: Miss Universe Thailand Next-in-Line?

She is Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin, or ‘Fahsai’  for short. This Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate from the University of Calgary in Canada is one of the talked about ladies in this year’s Miss Universe Thailand screenings.

Fahsai is a 23-year old model who grew partly in the province of Alberta. She stands 5’10 1/2″ tall and has amassed quite a following on social media with her bubbly and energetic personality. She speaks both fluent Thai and English. It is quite interesting to note that during the Miss Universe Thailand screenings she opted to use her Thai name, Paweensuda Saetan, instead of her English name. A smart strategy IMHO since it helps to get her closer to more fans. 
With the alleged MUTOrg’s bias towards the full-blooded Thai girls, Fahsai’s smart move could just be the ticket to get endeared to the pageant heads. It also pays that her Thai looks is much stronger than her Caucasian looks. This will make it easier for her to be more relatable.

Looks like the Miss Universe Thailand competition is getting more intense by the day. With a bumper crop of beauties, I think the MUT org has a huge headache in picking the next Miss Universe rep. I am betting Fahsai will be one of the girls who will easily cruise into the top spot…and it will be a major fight from there for the crown.

PhotoCollage of the Day: Chanel Olive Thomas for Tokyo Posh

Today’s photocollage features Binibining Pilipinas Supranational Chanel Olive Thomas for Tokyo Posh. Tokyo Posh provides hair extension services to models and celebrities alike. Chanel and fellow Binibining Pilipinas titleholder, Mariel de Leon, are endorsers of the brand.

Was Miss South Africa Rigged in Favour of Demi-Leigh?

Here is a word-for-word repost of The Sowetan article on the rigging claims in the Miss South Africa 2017 pageant. This controversy also claims that Miss South Africa 1st Princess, Ade van Heerden (a military officer and doctor) is to be sent to Miss World…

At least 15 semifinalists and finalists, some of whom participated in the glamorous event at Sun City last month, have alleged that the competition was rigged in Nel-Peters’s favour.
At least six finalists who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation claimed Nel-Peters had a personal trainer, a grooming expert, sponsored make-up lessons, preferential treatment during charity visits and had personal relationship with some of the judges and Sun International-affiliated officials.
Sowetan has heard voice notes in which runner-up Ade van Heerden alleged she was offered to participate in Miss World when she complained about the alleged rigging.
In the voice note she is heard telling another finalist: “We were not really smiling and stuff … I watched the video and I am like sh*t Ade, you have already rolled your eyes once when she got crowned.”
She continued: “People don’t know the whole story behind it, so they do think that I am bitter? My disappointment is not necessarily in the loss and I am not the only one that is disappointed, we are 11 girls that are disappointed that the wrong person won.”
Van Heerden, a doctor and soldier, added that organisers tried intimidating her into signing a contract that stated she was not allowed to say anything and also promised her participation in Miss World.
A letter sent to Sowetan by a group of participants alleged Nel-Peters was groomed to win by being allocated a “Sun International-affiliated” trainer known as Werner Wessels. He was also responsible for training consecutive Miss SA winners, Ntandoyenkosi Kunene, Liesl Laurie, Melinda Bam and Rolene Strauss.

“Sun International claims that Mr Wessels has no influence regarding the winner of the pageant and that he serves purely as an external stylist to any girl who wishes to employ his services. However, Werner does more than just styling. Part of his package includes providing the girls ‘inside information’ throughout the journey to the crown,” the letter reads.
The finalists said it saddens them to see thousands of hopefuls enter the competition with no chance of winning.
They also claimed that Nel-Peters has a personal relationship with Bam, who is also a former Sun International national executive, and one of the judges, former Miss SA Claudia Henkel.
“Henkel made her likes and dislikes of contestants very clear … sometimes during the various stages of the judging process to the discomfort of all present.”
The letter also stated they were told that Nel-Peters had won public votes, but a list of voting results which was supposed to be available on the night of the pageant was no longer available.
Yesterday, Wessels admitted to working closely with Nel-Peters during the pageant, but denied he has a relationship with Sun International. “I worked only with Demi-Leigh this year, but this has been changing for the past five [years] or so that I have been working on the pageant.
“I am in no way contracted to Sun International and none of the things they are saying are true. I’m an independent pageant coach and professional stylist. I am passionate about working with beauty queens. I started working with Demi-Leigh when she was 16 years old.”
Henkel, who speaks for both Sun International and the Miss SA pageant, dismissed the allegations as “unfounded”.
“The calibre of contestants in this year’s competition was exceptionally high and the contestants undoubtedly felt the pressure. As with many competitions, there can only be one winner and inevitably someone will end up disappointed, which is understandable.”
Henkel said they had a meeting with finalists, sponsors and auditors where they raised their concerns, and the finalists said they were happy with the outcome.

One of the judges, Maps Maponyane, said: “Mine along with other judges’s responsibility was just to find the girl we thought could best represent the country.
We would not know much about the politics of the pageant. The only complaint I heard of was that some of the girls had personal trainers and that was beyond our control… every girl brought their own.”
However, Nel-Peters said: “It was a competition and I wish that everyone could understand that it was just a competition where everyone had an equal opportunity at winning. Usain Bolt has a trainer to help him advance at the Olympics, and it is never a problem when Wayde Van Niekerk has his own personal trainer. So why is it a problem with me now?” she asked.
Nel-Peters denied she was given any special treatment by sponsors.
Bam said: “I know her since she was 16 years old. She came to my workshops about three times. I know Ade as well. Demi-Leigh is also in the same modeling agency as me, so I know her from there as well.”
Bam added that she had no influence in Nel-Peters winning as she had resigned from Sun International two years ago.
“It’s always the case and it was the same with me too because when I was crowned there were 11 other girls who were nasty to me … they said I should be disqualified because I am a former FHM model.
“It is just sad that some of these girls will not accept that they have not been crowned,” she said.


Cindy Miranda: The Binibini Gold that Never Aged!

There was one absolutely gorgeous gal that took my attention during the Miss Manila 2017 pageant, and it’s not the winner… former Binibining Pilipinas Tourism Cindy Miranda stole the show.

The now short haired 5’8″ beauty wore two lovely gowns during that night styled by Gian Carlo David. She looked immacualate and could have passed as one of the candidates for Miss Manila. Actually she could still best the candidates that night and could easily run away with the title. She still looks just as fresh as when she was crowned during Binibining Pilipinas Gold. 

Since we are at that same vein I was thinking should this Viva Entertainment artist think of a go for another pageant? I think she would definitely slam dunk and win it all. Too bad that she has probably aged out by now for most pageant. She was only 23 years old when she won in 2013 which means she is around 27 nowadays. Nevertheless, she still remains as beautiful as ever. Prooving the saying that once a Binibini, always a Binibini.

Mariel de Leon for Young Star Philippines

Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon was recently featured in Young Star Philippines (published last June 23rd). We thought we should bring some snippets of that feature on the blog for those that missed it.

Outspoken and Unapologetic
Mariel has been vocal on social media about current events and political issues. Her stated opinions thus far have been extremely firm, which is pleasantly surprising. For instance, in an interview with Boy Abunda, Mariel boldly stated her position against the return of the death penalty, saying that there is too high a risk of wrongful conviction and that the justice system needs to be reformed into something trustworthy and incorruptible. Likewise, when the TRO on contraceptives was recently brought up, Mariel expressed disappointment, saying, “You’re not ‘pro life’ if you deprive women of something that’s good for our health and our future.

The Weird One
She recounts a story from her childhood, where she excitedly shared with her friends that her favorite genre of music was classical. Her announcement was met swiftly with, “What’s wrong with you?” Mariel explains with a laugh, “I have three older brothers: one’s into gypsy jazz, one’s into classical music, and one’s a rocker. So growing up, it’s what shaped me into, like, a… weirdo, I guess.” She also talks about how she’s a bit of a goth, which might surprise most people to know. She enjoys watching horror and gory films, and she has a special place in her heart for Quentin Tarantino’s work, especially Kill Bill.

Tailor-fit for Miss International
Mariel was somewhat peculiar, saying, “I felt that International was the one I wanted, but I couldn’t say it out loud.” No one comes to Binibining Pilipinas and asks to be a runner-up; everyone is in it to get the Universe title. But the clear difference is that between the two, Universe is a high-octane, largely celebrity, quite Hollywood-oriented pageant that requires a certain amount of spunk, sexiness, and fierce attitude. International is slightly more regal, more reserved, and requires its participants, instead of braving the dreaded Q&A, to compose a minute-long speech that touches on international affairs and cultural values. In short, it is a much more introvert-friendly pageant, and is definitely more Mariel’s speed. One could say that it’s almost as if she was made for it.

Text by Gabbie Tatad
Photos by Cenon Norial III
Produced by Maine Manansala & Marga Buenaventura
Styled by Andrea Ang
Makeup by Don de Jesus
Hair by Raymund Defeo for Phyto

Young Star Philippines, published June 23, 2017

#PhotoCollage of the Day: Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, Samantha Katie James

Today we feature the beautiful mixed-blood Miss Universe Malaysia, Samantha Katy James. This Chinese-Brazilian stunner has posted this encouraging message about body positivity on her Instagram:
“Gotta love your curves ladies!! People will always have something to say, nevermind them!! Whatever You feel comfortable in works! There’s menses bloating or water retention, or different body types! Above all, healthy eating and a balanced workout is definitely ideal, which is what I will be sharing in the next upcoming episode of Sammy Show!! I wanted to point out to everyone who’s asking me if I’ve put on weight…that we can’t be in perfect shape 💯 of the time 😫 sometimes to get to the perfect ideal body, we have to fall out of diets and workouts and come back stronger than ever! A break is well needed! This applies to everything else in life! Especially for food lovers!! Who’s a food lover??? “

Maria Venus Raj: University of the Philippines Graduate!

Education is the ticket to a better future says Miss Universe 2013 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida, and that is exactly what Venus Raj has shown us…

Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner Up, Maria Venus Raj graduated yesterday at the University of the Philippines with a Master’s Degree on Community Development. Dressed in a Barong-Tagalog dress by designer Jot Losa, the former Binibining Pilipinas winner walked the steps of the country’s premier university for her diploma.
“The dusky beauty also posted this message on her Instagram account:
Nagbunga na ang apat na taong pagsisikap. Sa mga kapwa ko magtatapos, isang taos-pusong pagbati sa inyo.”
[The results of four year’s hardwork has come into fruition. To my fellow graduates, a heart-felt congratulations to you all.]

While the Master’s Degree may not be as shiny as a pageant crown, it is far more valuable in weight. This only goes to show that Filipina queens are more than skin-deep. And we salute Venus for showing that education is indeed a ticket to a better future. Proud to call you kapwa Iskolar ng Bayan!