Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren: Why I think She is Miss Universe Thailand 2017

If you mix Marion Cottilard, Sarah Meier and a tiny bit of Farida Waller together, you get Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren.

I say that she is definitely my early pick for the Miss Universe Thailand title this year. This 5’11” model is born to a Thai mother and a Swedish father. She  speaks a number of languages: English, Thai, Chinese (not sure if it’s Mandarin) and Vietnamese. The 25 year old has taken a the MUT screenings with a storm, which is unsurprising with her interesting caucasian-oriental mix. She is currently garnering a lot of buzz and we can’t help but to want to get to know her better.

Last year my early favorite, Kusuma Chawdon, was overtaken by the gorgeous Chalita Suansane during the last legs of the competition. I hope that Maria can sustain the initial hype and maintain her lead in the competition.
If she manages to be named Miss Universe Thailand this year, it is safe to say that she (together with Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters) would probably be the strongest girls from Asia this year.

Miss Universe Thailand Fever is About to Begin!

Miss Universe Thailand winners Aniporn Chalermburanawong and Chalita Suansane struck an opportune moment of having graced the cover of Power Magazine as the MUT 2017 is about to heat up!

The two queens are featured on the magazine side by side. The two girls seem to be making waves on social media these days, perhaps as a treat to the coming Miss Universe 2017 finals coming on the Saturday of July 29th. I am excited for the pageant to come, I have a feeling that Thailand would be making another big splash in Miss Universe this year!
Check out the photos of the two former winners below…

Photography : Pisid Whangvisarn
Stylist : Jirat Subpisankul
Makeup Artist : Surapre Achirakul
Hairstylist : Pornpan Charlcholsamut

Chalita Suansane is Back in Manila!

Look who is back in Manila! Miss Universe Thailand and Miss universe 2016 top 6 finisher Chalita Suansane will be visiting Manila again!

The 5’7″ Thai looker, will be part of the Thai contingent for the Travel Tour Expo happening at the SMX Convention Center. She will be in the Philippines for two days, February 11 to the 12th. Chalita who earlier in Miss Universe arrived with 17 luggages for the competition captured Filipino pageant fans with her impeccable style and saccharine personality… It is not clear whether the lass is billeted at the Conrad Hotel or the Heritage Hotel Manila but it can be assured that she is indeed coming back to the Philippines.
So head over to the SMX for the next two days and try to catch a glimpse of Chalita…

PhotoCollage of the Day: Chalita Suansane & Kezia Warouw

This post features two ASEAN neighbors who both made waves in the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant in Manila: Chalita Suansane of Thailand and Kezia Warouw of Indonesia.

Now here’s Kezia’s photos… Kezia not only continues the semi-final streak of Indonesia in Miss Universe, she also has bested previous Puteri winners making it among the top 12 (previous winners penetrated the top 16).

Congratulations to both ladies!

Angelia Ong & Chalita Suansane: Look-a-Likes?

Someone mentioned over Facebook that Miss Earth 2015, Angelia Ong and Miss Universe Thailand, Chalita Suansane look a like and could pass off as sisters. So for this #PhotoCollage of the day post, I am featuring both ladies… you decide, can they pass off as twins? Or just have some similarities?

65th Miss Universe Spotlight and Assessment: Thailand

Name: Chalita Suansane
Age: 21 years old
Height: 5’7”
Rating: Frontrunner
Arguably the strongest Asian contender aside from the host country delegate. Despite being 5’7” she is impeccably styled to make her look 6 feet tall and her stage presence is undeniable. She knows how to stand out in groups and that is something that is commendable and would work to her advantage. She can try to converse in English for media interviews then switch to Thai during the finals. But the more important part is to have substance when she talks. I can see her among the top 5 where she can battle it out for the top 3 come finals.

Miss Universe profile bio:
Chalita Suansane is a 21 year old Thailand native currently studying Microbiology at Mahasarakham University. Ever since Suansane was young, she was often curious and eager to learn new things, including a passion to explore living organisms that you cannot see by the eyes. On top of her studies, Suansane volunteers at ‘Baan Home Hug’ which is an orphanage that houses children who have inherited HIV from their parents, children who were abused, and children who have lost their family. If crowned, she would like to raise awareness and advocate for HIV/AIDS. Suansane would also like to let young women know that fulfilling your own passions, having self-respect, and being compassionate to others will make you confidently beautiful in your own way.

* Profile from

Chalita’s Lavish Thai Siwalai Ensemble

I hope my Thai online friends would not take offense with my lack of understanding of the Thai national dress. With that out in the open, I am marveled at the splendor of the national costume reveal of Miss Universe Thailand Chalita Suansane.

If my memories of my college subject, Asian Costume History, serves me right, Chalita is wearing the Thai Siwalai  dress which is a formal attire worn by royalty. While I am floored by last year’s TukTuk costume, I am more awe-struck with the richness of this year costume for it reveals a thorough love of the Thai customs and traditions. This Thai silk ensemble is embellished and beaded to perfection reminiscing the Balmain haute couture outfits of Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit of Thailand. Those Balmain outfits were hand-finished, embroidered and beaded by the best workers at the House of Lesage (which is now owned by the same owners of Chanel). 
Here are a couple of videos from @team.chalita showing off the costume…