Thoughts on the Miss Universe Thailand Results

A new Miss Universe Thailand has been crowned and it has left a number of pageant fans split.

Miss Universe Thailand: #MUT20 Sophida Kanchanarin
1st Runner Up: #MUT10 Thitaree Kasorn
2nd Runners Up:
#MUT11 Valentina Giardullo
#MUT12 Palita Jubjib
#MUT14 Praveenar “Veena” Singh
* There are three 2nd runners up in Miss Universe Thailand, same like in previous years.
In terms of predictions I was almost on point. I got Thitaree’s 1st runner up position right, Valentina’s 2nd runner up placement right as well as Palita on my top 5, who also settled as one of the three ladies as 2nd runner up. I did pretty solidly this year three correct placements out of 5, though I would have preferred it if my faves won. My heart breaks that my predicted winner Natharuetai Akkarakijwattanakul didn’t advance to the top 5 and got stuck in the top 10.

I would say that this is perhaps the best looking set of MUT runners up in recent history. All four ladies are absolutely gorgeous! Valentina’s charm worked its way to her advantage and I believe she did her best. She may still need polishing on some aspects but I truly feel that if she makes a comeback in the future, she has to be very well trained for it. Veena wasn’t a surprise to make top 5 though her beauty wasn’t my cup of tea. Palita’s top 5 finish was not surprise either as she was on my radar for the last few days of the competition. Sash Factor even placed her in their top pick to win. I have to give absolute props to Thitaree as she looked smashing in the finals. If I had my way she would have been the winner.

Sophida Kanchanarin’s win was a surprise (and to some, a shock), but I wouldn’t discount the possible reasons why she won. It may have been possible that her being educated in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as well as being an investment banker might have been factors in her winning. Her win was perhaps a strategic move for the org as her resume seems to be a meaty one. The 5’7″ has raw potential IMHO and I hope that it gets to be developed soon for the international competition.
Congratulations to all the winners!


Sashes&Scripts’ Final Leaderboard for Miss Universe Thailand

Here are my Miss Universe Thailand favorites for tonight’s finals.
10. Urachaphat Dechabenjanon
9. Peerachada Kunrak
8. Praveenar Singh
7. Kitty Gissy/ Watusiri Jaiklang
6. Aniphan Chalermburanawong

5. Palita Jubjib – she is my wildcard in the contest. Palita could easily spoil it for my top three faves for the title and I only started noticing her when she won the swimsuit award. Better be on the lookout for this lady.
4. Natrapat Siranapatrasiri – she has a classy and regal air to her that i would not discount as a possible winner this year. She may have flew under the radar but I see in her the same beauty that made Lupita Jones win in MU during the 90’s.
My Miss Universe Thailand Choices
Unlike last year, this year I had my eyes on three girls and after the prelims, my favorites just solidify their status. Anyone of these girls would be great as the next MUT and I will be glad to see any of them win.

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#Pageant wisdom from #ValentinaPloy Stay true to yourself no matter what they say and be the difference you wanna see in the world. Thank you for such an inspiring day @missuniversethailand and for reminding me the real essence of the pageant.❤️ #Repost from @valentinaploy … Watch out for this young lady, my gut tells me that she is THE darkhorse that will make a splash in the competition. … #SashesandScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #roadtomissuniversethailand #roadtomut2018 #MUT2018️ #happyday #empoweringwomen #teamploy#missuniversethailand #missuniversethailand2018 #mut11#beconfident #loveyourself @bbbee39@champ_cmode @1_ralph #Thailand #Bangkok #Pattaya #Phuket #Thai

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3. Valentina Ploy Giardullo – yes a number of pageant fans are disappointed with her performance during the MUT prelims as she probably needs better pasarela and styling but she has an international quality that I like among this year’s batch. The body, the walk and the styling can be polished and can be trained but not the innate qualities of charm and magnanimity that I see in her. Those are things you cannot fake.

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There is a reason why we placed her on top of our first #SashesandScripts #Leaderboard for #MissUniverseThailand2018 Let #ThitareeKasorn captivate you with her quiet beauty and elegant charm. Her beauty doesn't scream, it invites. Her beauty isn't "in your face" but rather it captivates. …. #repost from @nook_k Photo : Chutharut Pornmuneesoontorn@schoolofhardrock  Makeup : Rattanachot Pokum @d_deaw_d  Hair stylist : Nadia Benchaporn @dnadia5  Stylist : Pitipong Pongdam @pun_pitipong . . . #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlogger #MissUniverseThailand #roadtomisteruniverse2018 #roadtomissuniversethailand #roadtomut2018 #roadtomut #IwillFindYou #Nook #thitaree #Thailand #Bangkok #Pattaya #Phuket #Thai

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2. Thitaree Kasorn – she is my underdog in the competition and I still believe that she could still cause a surprise but well-deserved win in MUT. I like her for her quiet and elegant beauty. Her beauty is the type that you would appreciate as you look at her for longer periods of time.

1. Natharuetai Akkarakijwattanakul – I seriously think that she could be the next Miss Universe Thailand. Tall with great proportions, blessed with great skin, very photogenic and oozing with sex appeal. Her Oriental features will be a hit on the international stage and I expect that she will deliver at points where it will count.

2018 Miss Universe Thailand First Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard

Miss Universe Thailand has recently released photos of their official candidates and we have listed down five amazing ladies that we feel pageant fans should watch out for…

Praveenar Singh – her beauty is a mix of Megan Young, Ninoska Vasquez and Priyanka Chopra. So it is no surprise that she is currently the ‘girl to beat’ in the competition. The 5’9″ Thai-Indian model is reportedly conversant in 3 languages – Thai, Russian and English. Even colleagues at Sash Factor have been going gaga over this 22 year old. And rightfully so as she is the presumptive Miss Universe Thailand by a lot of pageant fans. Continue reading “2018 Miss Universe Thailand First Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard”

PhotoCollage of the Day: Maria Poonlertlarp at Miss Universe Pt.2

Here is the second part of Miss Universe Thailand & Miss Universe top 5 finalist Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren during the Miss Universe 2017 finals…

Sashes&Scripts’ 3 Favorites for Miss Universe

My 2017 Miss Universe picks is gonna be a real nail-biter. And since I have been covering here in Las Vegas, seeing the girls up-close adds a different dimension to their personality which just reinforced by belief that it will boil down to just three girls…

Here are my thoughts on these girls:
3. Philippines, Rachel Peters – definitely the Miss Universe prototype. She is perhaps the most well-rounded girl that the Philippines have sent to the pageant. How she performs on the finals will rely on how she will handle the pressure onstage. Rachel has to gather all her strength and focus on the task at hand and deliver an explosive performance as she did during the Binibining Pilipinas finals.
2. Thailand, Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren – an academic achiever whose advocacy is about education. The Thai rep this year is one of the rumored favorites of the MUOrg just like how Pia was in 2015. Nevertheless it will be a tough competition as it will be the panel of judges who will pick the eventual winner. Maria just needs to stick to her gameplan and execute it flawlessly.
1. South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters – the girl who kills it in the interviews. She is most likely the real threat to the crown with her sweet and bubbly disposition. She seems to be someone that you would like to befriend because of genuine smile and lovely personality. Demi needs to make sure that she minimizes her weak areas by maximizing her strong assets. If genuineness is the main criteria of being a MU winner, then she would runaway with it without much effort.
Back when I covered the Binibini send-off of Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters in Novotel, I asked her this question: who do you think is your biggest competitor aside from yourself? She mentioned Thailand and South Africa. I observed here in Las Vegas that she is right. Maria is very on point in everyday styling and has always been very accommodating to fans. Demi-Leigh is showing her genuine personality day in and day out. Rachel on the other hand is the quiet darkhorse that will slay come finals. I believe that the title is going to be a triple-battle between the Rachel Peters, Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. It will all boil down to the judges’ picks now…
All I can say now is good luck to these three girls. May the best lady win!

Rachel & Maria: Two Multicultural Beauties from Asia

If there are three things in common Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters and Miss Universe Thailand Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren together, they are: 1) Thailand, 2) halfies 3) international studies.

Rachel was born in Bahrain to a British father and a Filipina mother. Her unique upbringing has enabled her to live in different parts of the world as she lived in Australia, Thailand, UK and the Philippines. She graduated from the British International School, Phuket in Thailand with an International Baccalaureate degree, and earned her bachelor’s degree in business, tourism, and events from La Trobe University in Australia.
Maria was born in Bangkok to a Swedish father and a Thai mother. But has lived in Vietnam and Europe. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands and later attended Stockholm Business School for her master’s degree taking up international business commerce.

Both ladies are also representing the country from which their mothers hail, both girls are in their mid-20’s, and both girls are  considered Asian frontrunners. These similarities would hopefully be a good start off point for both Thai and Philippine pageant fans to support both girls in Miss Universe.

Thailand: The Next “It” Country of the Miss Universe Pageant

With the Philippines nearing the peaking point of its popularity among pageant organizations, Sashes&Scripts is now under the assumption that Thailand would be the next “It” country from Asia.

The Miss Universe Thailand pageant, through its parent org Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd. (Channel 7), acquired the rights in 2000 to send a Thai representative to compete at Miss Universe. Despite moving channels  from 20112-14, it has still maintained its prestige at the premier national pageant in Thailand. Thailand has just recently started to have its Miss Universe renaissance and it bodes well for this ASEAN country. It started with Aniporn Chalermburanawong who made it in the top 10 last 2015 in Las Vegas. She was then followed by the top 6 placement of Chalita Suansane during the 2016 edition in Manila. Chalita, who made it into the semis via the online votes, was the highest placement of Thailand in Miss Universe since  Porntip Nakhirankanok won the title back in 1988. This year there are high expectations for the Thai rep Maria Lynn Ehren to crack the top 3 in MU. She did manage to make top 5 showing the steady climb of our Asian neighbor to the top of the Miss Universe list…

As evidenced by the high votes of the Thai reps in MU in the past recent editions, we are quite sure that the MUOrg have noticed this trend. And they should capitalize on that. We are under the assumption that Thailand would be in the list of countries that the MU could convince to hold the pageant once more. Surely a lot of pageant fans would be happy to see the MU back in Thailand after its magnificent hosting of the pageant in 2005. That year was perhaps one of the best set design and stages of the MU pageant in the past two decades. Sashes&Scripts is predicting that the pageant might revisit the Land of Smiles in the next 5 years. Now with rumors that it might happen much sooner, we are quite excited for this development!

Just like how the Philippines had to wait several years for a MU winner while having a string of runner up placements, Thailand for sure will be enjoying placement after placement in MU before securing its 3rd MU crown. I see that with the fan support, every Thai rep will be having traction on the online voting and social media presence. Surely that would help boost their campaign for another Miss Universe title. This is not a question of if, but rather a matter of when

Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren is Miss Universe Thailand 2017!

This blogger is on a roll… After predicting the wins of Miss Universe Philippines, Binibining Pilipinas International, Mister Global, Miss Philippines Earth this year, we have predicted Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren as Miss Universe Thailand 2017!

Early on during the screening, I have placed Maria and Fahsai as top contenders for the title. Maria will be competing in November for the Miss Universe pageant which is yet to officially announce its date and venue. While Maria romped away with the title, our secondary pick Fahsai was named 2nd runner up in the pageant. Darkhorse Supaporn Ritthipreuk was named 1st runner up. Supaporn is also Miss Earth Thailand and will be competing in Manila later this year. 

The TOP 5 court of winners are as follows:
Miss Universe Thailand 2017- Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren
1st Runner up is 38 – Supaporn Ritthipreuk
2nd runner-up is 03 – Jennifer ‘Fahsai’ Paweensuda Saetan Drouin
3rd runner-up is 21 – Suraprin Artkongharn
4th runner-up is 34 – Ratchanok Naowaset

With Maria as winner, we can surely say that team Southeast Asia is to watch out for in Miss Universe 2017!

Maria and Fahsai: My Bets for Miss Universe Thailand

Miss Universe Thailand 2017? Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren and Paweensuda ‘Fahsai’ Saetan Drouin… only those two girls for me.

These two girls wouldn’t be any different from each other. Despite being both Thai-halfies, Maria has a more pronounced Caucasian features while Fahsai is looking more Oriental. Both are tall and leggy, Maria is 5’11” and Fahsai is 5’10 1/2″. But the difference in their pasarela is quite remarkable. Maria glides effortlessly onstage, while Fahsai is rough around the edges. Both are articulate and well educated with good degrees. 

In overall, Maria should be the better candidate for the Miss Universe Thailand title. However, her being Caucasian looking could work against her and this may cost her the judges’ nods for the crown. MUT seems to favor the more traditional Thai-looking delegates to pageants and might not be too accepting of too foreign looking halfies. This would be an advantage for Fahsai as her more native looking features would be appreciated much more. Her only fault is her pasarela which still could be addressed through rigorous training.

I have no qualms whoever among the two girls would win the Miss Universe Thailand crown. My heart favours Maria while my gut instincts tells me it probably would be Fahsai. Good luck to both girls in the competition!