Thailand: The Next “It” Country of the Miss Universe Pageant

With the Philippines nearing the peaking point of its popularity among pageant organizations, Sashes&Scripts is now under the assumption that Thailand would be the next “It” country from Asia.

The Miss Universe Thailand pageant, through its parent org Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd. (Channel 7), acquired the rights in 2000 to send a Thai representative to compete at Miss Universe. Despite moving channels  from 20112-14, it has still maintained its prestige at the premier national pageant in Thailand. Thailand has just recently started to have its Miss Universe renaissance and it bodes well for this ASEAN country. It started with Aniporn Chalermburanawong who made it in the top 10 last 2015 in Las Vegas. She was then followed by the top 6 placement of Chalita Suansane during the 2016 edition in Manila. Chalita, who made it into the semis via the online votes, was the highest placement of Thailand in Miss Universe since  Porntip Nakhirankanok won the title back in 1988. This year there are high expectations for the Thai rep Maria Lynn Ehren to crack the top 3 in MU.

As evidenced by the high votes of the Thai reps in MU in the past two editions, we are quite sure that the MUOrg have noticed this trend. And they should capitalize on that. We are under the assumption that Thailand would be in the list of countries that the MU could convince to hold the pageant once more. Surely a lot of pageant fans would be happy to see the MU back in Thailand after its magnificent hosting of the pageant in 2005. That year was perhaps one of the best set design and stages of the MU pageant in the past two decades. Sashes&Scripts is predicting that the pageant might revisit the Land of Smiles in the next 5 years.

Just like how the Philippines had to wait several years for a MU winner while having a string of runner up placements, Thailand for sure will be enjoying placement after placement in MU before securing its 3rd MU crown. I see that with the fan support, every Thai rep will be having traction on the online voting and social media presence. Surely that would help boost their campaign for another Miss Universe title. This is not a question of if, but rather a matter of when


Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren is Miss Universe Thailand 2017!

This blogger is on a roll… After predicting the wins of Miss Universe Philippines, Binibining Pilipinas International, Mister Global, Miss Philippines Earth this year, we have predicted Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren as Miss Universe Thailand 2017!

Early on during the screening, I have placed Maria and Fahsai as top contenders for the title. Maria will be competing in November for the Miss Universe pageant which is yet to officially announce its date and venue. While Maria romped away with the title, our secondary pick Fahsai was named 2nd runner up in the pageant. Darkhorse Supaporn Ritthipreuk was named 1st runner up. Supaporn is also Miss Earth Thailand and will be competing in Manila later this year. 

The TOP 5 court of winners are as follows:
Miss Universe Thailand 2017- Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren
1st Runner up is 38 – Supaporn Ritthipreuk
2nd runner-up is 03 – Jennifer ‘Fahsai’ Paweensuda Saetan Drouin
3rd runner-up is 21 – Suraprin Artkongharn
4th runner-up is 34 – Ratchanok Naowaset

With Maria as winner, we can surely say that team Southeast Asia is to watch out for in Miss Universe 2017!

Maria and Fahsai: My Bets for Miss Universe Thailand

Miss Universe Thailand 2017? Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren and Paweensuda ‘Fahsai’ Saetan Drouin… only those two girls for me.

These two girls wouldn’t be any different from each other. Despite being both Thai-halfies, Maria has a more pronounced Caucasian features while Fahsai is looking more Oriental. Both are tall and leggy, Maria is 5’11” and Fahsai is 5’10 1/2″. But the difference in their pasarela is quite remarkable. Maria glides effortlessly onstage, while Fahsai is rough around the edges. Both are articulate and well educated with good degrees. 

In overall, Maria should be the better candidate for the Miss Universe Thailand title. However, her being Caucasian looking could work against her and this may cost her the judges’ nods for the crown. MUT seems to favor the more traditional Thai-looking delegates to pageants and might not be too accepting of too foreign looking halfies. This would be an advantage for Fahsai as her more native looking features would be appreciated much more. Her only fault is her pasarela which still could be addressed through rigorous training.

I have no qualms whoever among the two girls would win the Miss Universe Thailand crown. My heart favours Maria while my gut instincts tells me it probably would be Fahsai. Good luck to both girls in the competition!

Baitong Jareerat for Miss Thailand Universe 2017

Baitong Jareerat Petsom, remember her name as she is one of the Miss Universe Thailand candidates that is slowly gaining grounds in this year’s competition.

Baitong is a 24 years old brunette beauty from Chumporn, Chumphon, Thailand. She stands 5’7″ tall and is an architecture graduate at the King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. 
Upon first glance you could see some Gal Gadot and Kylie Jenner in her beauty. This is perhaps one of the reasons why she is more and more support as the competition draws to an end. 

This lady might just be the next Thai representative to the Miss Universe pageant if we are to base it on the MUTOrg’s preference for oriental beauties. They wouldn’t be wrong to select her. Just look at that face! It screams international-caliber. 

Maria & Fahsai: Still Slaying the MUT2017 Competition

The field has been narrowed to 40 and while there are a handful of stunners in this year’s Miss Universe Thailand batch, only two of them completely stood out from the rest.

Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren and Jennifer ‘Fahsai’ Paweensuda Saetan Drouin hands down were the standouts, well at least for this blogger they are. Maria showed a friendly endearing side of hers, a perfect fit as Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. Her sunny personality showed in the photos and in the live videos from the Miss Universe Thailand Facebook page. Then we see the queenly stature of Fahsai. A complete standout with her poise and bearing. Proper posture is power says pageant coach Jonas Gaffud and Fahsai shows much of that in spades.

While I am still awaiting to see more of the girls bloom as the competition progresses (there are three more girls I am keeping an eye on), it would be safe to say that Maria and Fahsai slaying the competition thus far. I am expecting a lot from these two ladies in this year’s competition.

Jennifer ‘Fahsai’ Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin: Miss Universe Thailand Next-in-Line?

She is Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin, or ‘Fahsai’  for short. This Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate from the University of Calgary in Canada is one of the talked about ladies in this year’s Miss Universe Thailand screenings.

Fahsai is a 23-year old model who grew partly in the province of Alberta. She stands 5’10 1/2″ tall and has amassed quite a following on social media with her bubbly and energetic personality. She speaks both fluent Thai and English. It is quite interesting to note that during the Miss Universe Thailand screenings she opted to use her Thai name, Paweensuda Saetan, instead of her English name. A smart strategy IMHO since it helps to get her closer to more fans. 
With the alleged MUTOrg’s bias towards the full-blooded Thai girls, Fahsai’s smart move could just be the ticket to get endeared to the pageant heads. It also pays that her Thai looks is much stronger than her Caucasian looks. This will make it easier for her to be more relatable.

Looks like the Miss Universe Thailand competition is getting more intense by the day. With a bumper crop of beauties, I think the MUT org has a huge headache in picking the next Miss Universe rep. I am betting Fahsai will be one of the girls who will easily cruise into the top spot…and it will be a major fight from there for the crown.

Praewwanit Ruangthong: The Thai DarkHorse

Praewwanit Ruangthong, remember that name because if there was a lady that would give Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren a good fight, it would be her. 

Standing at 5’7 3/4″ (that’s 172cm) this 24 year old hopeful for the Miss Universe Thailand title is one of the most talked about girls this year. She has the same vibes that Chalita Suansane has. While details about her is still scarce, we can a least say that facially she is one of the most lovely girls in this batch. I see the same balance and proportion to her face as I did with Chalita last year. Plus that killer smile!
And guess what? She is pure Thai and absolutely gorgeous! With her in contention for the title, I am now torn between her and Maria. It might boil down between these two ladies in the finals!

I am still keeping out for more ladies that could pull off a surprise in the competition. But for now, I am locked-in with Praew and Maria…
Special shoutout to Nok Thanakon Chindarsi for these photos of Praew.