No Miss Venezuela in Miss World this Year!

Bad news for Miss World fans out there, there will be no Miss Venezuela in this year’s MW edition in China.

As posted by @revistaexclusiva and echoed in Globovision’s Sábado en la Noche’s IG account, there would be no Venezuelan representative to the British-owned pageant happening in Sanya this year. Below is the translated script:
Venezuela NO participará en el #MissWorld. Será la primera vez que ocurra. Venezuela no participará en el certamen de belleza Miss Mundo 2017, que se realizará en el Beauty Crown Theatre de la ciudad de Sanya, en China, el sábado 18 de noviembre. La Organización Miss Venezuela tomó ya la decisión de no enviar a ninguna candidata al concurso internacional debido, en primer lugar, a la crisis sociopolítica y financiera que se vive actualmente en el país, pero también por causa del aumento del dólar, moneda con la cual debe ser cancelada la franquicia, valorada actualmente en 20 mil dólares.

It will be the first time it happens. Venezuela will not participate in the Miss World 2017 beauty pageant, which will be held at the Beauty Crown Theater in Sanya, China, on Saturday, November 18. The Miss Venezuela Organization has already decided not to send any candidates to the international competition due, first, to the socio-political and financial crisis that is currently experienced in the country. But also because of the increase of the dollar value, the currency which is to be cancelled for the franchise currently valued at $20,000.

After Ivian Sarco’s win in 2011, Venezuela has been unlucky since then as they failed to make the first cut despite sending some strong girls. It was earlier mentioned that Venezuela wouldn’t be sending any reps to Miss Universe as well, although several quarters are saying that Keysi Sayago could still compete should private donors help out. 

Nostalgia – Martina Thorogood, Miss Venezuela 1999

Considered to be the best Miss Venezuela that Osmel Sousa has ever produced, Martina Thorogood Hemseem is a beauty in a league of her own.
Martina was a student of International Relations and Latin American Studies at the Lake Forrest Collage in Illinois. She was bi-lingual being able to speak fluent English and Spanish. The 5’9 1/2″ brown eyed brunette became Miss Venezuela 1999.

There are a lot of other beauty queens that were compared to this beauty who represented Miranda in MV but none IMHO comes close to her… not even fellow Venezuelan and Miss World titlist, Jacqueline Aguilera Marcano or Carolina Izsak… Jacqueline’s beauty is awe-inspiring yet intimidating and while Carolina’s beauty seems to be cold and distant, Martina’s brand of beauty is both strong and magnetic.
If one was to describe Martina, the most common words people would describe her would be magnetic, enigmatic, perfection… To call her Osmel’s best creation would be an understatement. In fact it is rumored that Osmel doctored her age from 27 to 24, a debate that until now is still on the minds of beauty pageant aficionados. This might have a grain of truth as Osmel has made modifications in age and even nationality for some of his queens previously. Whether this rumor has an iota of truth or not, it just added to Martina’s enigmatic appeal and charisma. 
Due to the consecutive non-placements in Ms World in 1997 and 1998, Osmel decided to have Martina represent Venezuela in both international pageants: Miss World and Miss Universe. It was evident then that Julia and Eric will not put a Venezuelan beauty queen in the semi-finals until Osmel sends his best girl to the said pageant. This was a gamble on his part that would later bring dire consequences to the beauty Czar. Martina ended up as 1st princess to Yukta Mookhey.

Pageant fans over the world were disheartened when MUO disallowed her to compete the following year. Her entry was denied by the Miss Universe Organization because she was the 1st Princess in Miss World and there was a chance that she could assume the title should the winner resign or lose her crown. I remember being shell-shocked when I heard the news. Miss Universe 2000 would have been her vindication from the robbery that was Miss World 1999.
After her reign, Martina opted to have a quiet family life and was blessed with it…

How Much is the Annual Franchise Fee for Miss Universe?

With the news that Miss Venezuela Keysi Sayago is likely not able to participate in Miss Universe this year, we ask if the MU franchise fee is too expensive to pay for this pageant powerhouse?

It is said that the Miss Universe pageant franchise varies from country to country. Smaller countries who have little competition in their hometown for a rival pageant could pay around US$ 10,000 for the annual fee. And if a country wins the MU title, they are exempt from paying the franchise fee the subsequent year.
In the Philippines, BPCI through its Chairperson Stella Marquez Araneta has a stable cash cow with the annual Binibining Pilipinas pageant thus is able to pay off the annual franchise fee. The BPCI stalwart has been able to manage 50 years of holding the franchise with her ability to manage the funds of the pageant. Pageant insiders has it that by the late 2000’s, the Philippines pays around US$ 40,000 annually. Rumored updated figures have it now between US$ 50,000- 60,000.

During Mariangel Ruiz’ time the Venezuelan franchise was only around US$ 70,000.00 to 80,000. And she too had the misfortune of almost not being able to be sent to MU, until other countries stepped in to pay the lacking amount. But that was in 2003, recent reports say that the Venezuelan franchise fee is currently around US$ 100,000. However, some pageant insiders estimates that it could be more and we may be looking at a figure between US$ 120,000- 150,000.
Those amounts seem to be too exorbitant compared to the annual US$ 10,000 franchise fees for Miss World. But that comes with a catch, each national organization has to select a national winner in a separate beauty pageant. And we know how extremely difficult it is to set up two national pageants for MW and MU. Just ask Osmel how the Miss World Venezuela is less spectacular than the Miss Venezuela pageant itself. That is altogether a different expense that could impound to a struggling national pageant.

Although the exact figures are unconfirmed, we are looking at huge amounts of money being spent annually. 
So can we truly grasp the enormity of Venezuela’s situation. They are currently under huge socio-political-economic crisis. Pageants might not be their priority for now…

Rachel, Keysi and Kara: the Early Miss Universe Crown Contenders?

A couple of weeks ago I posted a write up about three pageant powerhouses (Venezuela, USA and the Philippines) and how they are gearing up for the upcoming international pageant scene. This led me to ask if are they also the early Miss Universe frontrunners?

Rachel Peters, 5’10”, 25 years old – the proverbial beach babe, the girl with the bangin’ body and the “easy to get along with’ attitude. But don’t let that fool you. With her work as an events organizer reveals a sense of discipline and professionalism. She even has worked with superstars like  Katy Perry, Jessie J and Christina Aguilera under that capacity. Not to mention that she completed her International Baccalaureate at the British School in Phuket, Thailand and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business, Tourism and Events from La Trobe University in Australia. 

Keysi Sayago, 5’10”, 23 years old – the Miss Venezuela mold breaker. Being one of the only three women of color to win the Miss Venezuela title is surely a conversation starter. Then add to it her open involvement in protests for better governance, rallies against violence and economic injustices in her homeland. Surely you get not your typical Miss Venezuela winner who are trained to be politically neutral. Keysi seemingly is the type of girl that would do good with the title and use it to speak out for her chosen advocacies.

Kara McCullough, 5’10”, 25 years old – the nuclear scientist. She is the girl with the ‘heavy resume’, the girl with the proverbial brains and beauty. Kara represents the type of woman that the Miss Universe organization is looking for. Relatable, real and with accomplishments that can propel the organization towards a more modern definition of a pageant girl. 

It is no coincidence that these three ladies represent the countries with the most number of alpha pageant crowns. With pageant training as hardcore as that of an Olympic sport it would not be a hardsell to have all of them in the top 3 of Miss Universe. They may just redefine the Miss Universe title and make it modern and more relevant to this day and age…

Rosangelica & Maria Angelica: a Race for Miss International Supremacy

Rosangelica Piscitelli and Maria Angelica “Mariel” de Leon…two lovely ladies from two of the biggest pageant-crazed countries. Both aiming for a win at Miss International 2017.
Venezuela and the Philippines have the most number of Miss International titles to date. In fact even if you add the wins of Puerto Rico, Colombia, Australia and the USA in MI, the two countries still have more titles to boot.

Rosangelica was 4th runner up to Keysi Sayago last October. After her fellow Miss Venezuela comrades were sent to other international pageants (Diana Croce to Miss World, Antonella Massaro was 2nd runner up in Reina Hispanoamericana 2016), she was appointed as Miss Internacional Venezuela last February. The 5’10” blonde beauty is being compared with MI 2015 Edymar Martinez in terms of her facial beauty. This leggy beauty can speak Spanish and English quite well.
Mariel de Leon in the other hand was named Binibining Pilipinas International last April. It was said among insiders that she was eyeing the Miss International pageant all along. Mariel’s 5’8″ demure beauty is quite right for the MI prototype. But don’t let her docile looks fool you as she is quite headstrong in her opinions. 

Two lovely ladies whose differences are as night and day. Both very photogenic, both smart and articulate and both represent the ideal beauty that could easily win Miss International. 
It is no wonder that Rosangelica and Mariel would be two of the most watched girls in this edition. Will Mariel tie the number of wins at 7 each or Rosangelica leads the win 8-6?  We would have to find out on November 14th…

Venezuela, USA & Philippines: Gearing up for Another Pageant Season

Venezuela, USA and the Philippines: they are three of the world ‘winning-est’ countries when it comes to beauty pageants… and with the approaching international pageant season starting this September, the world is anticipating if will they acquire more crowns this year?

Except for the United States, the three countries has won crowns from four of the biggest international pageants around: Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World. Venezuela is of course in the lead with 22 wins. If the Philippines manages to win two crowns this year, then it would take over the number 2 spot among the countries with the most overall wins. The USA has 14 crowns while the Philippines has 13, though USA has more runners up with a total of 59.
While all three countries are yet to select reps for Miss Earth and Miss World, their respective reps for Miss Universe and Miss International are regarded as heavy contenders. Shanel James was just recently crowned Miss US International 2017 while Rosangelica Piscitelli was appointed as Miss Venezuela Internacional several months ago. On the Miss Universe front, nuclear scientist Kara McCullough is easily a shoo in for the semis while Keysi Sayago is still undergoing her transformation for the pageant. Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters has started her training. While Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon is gunning for a back to back win.

These countries seem to be leagues ahead in terms of wins but other countries are thirsty as well.  It will be interesting to see how things will unfold in the months to come. 

Scandal! Osmariel Villalobos in Hospital after a Fight

Miss Earth- Water 2012 Osmariel Villalobos was hospitalized after a fight with singer Diosa Canales.

In a report by El Nacional, the Venezuelan beauty queen was “taken to the clinic by a blunt blow to the head, dislocation of the thumb of one of her hands and trauma to the cervical and vertebral columns.” The incident reportedly happened in a gym’s bathroom last June 16. It is also said that Diosa Canales attacked Osmariel first in which the Venezuelan beauty queen also received several bites, aside from her reported injuries. According to several witnesses, the fight occurred when both women headed to the bathroom of the gym. It was inside the bathroom that both ladies had a “strong exchange of words”, until Canales pounced on the former Miss Venezuela Earth and began to beat her. In a counter by Diosa Canales, she said that it was Osmariel who attacked her first and only defended herself.

The two ladies had a feud previously when Osmariel called out the singer as being “vulgar”. This wasn’t the first time that Canales was involved in a violent incident as she and her husband were arrested back in 2016 for allegedly beating up her mother-in-law.