#Nostalgia: Miss Venezuela Internacional & Nuestra Belleza Internacional 1997 Daniela Kosan

While Veruska Ramirez may have been one of my favorites in Miss Universe 1998, she wasn’t my fave to win Miss Venezuela. That honor goes to Daniela Kosan Montcourt.

During the Miss Venezuela 1997 pageant, Miss Aragua Daniela Kosan was considered to be one of the heavy favorites to win the title (alongside Christina Dieckmann who became Miss Venezuela Mundo).  A medical student at that time, Daniela was every inch a beauty queen with her 35-24-36 figure on a 5’9″ frame. Pageants was a far cry from her thoughts as she used to be scared of modeling.

After placing third in Miss Venezuela, she was sent to compete in Nuestra Belleza Internacional in Miami, Florida. The Latin-American broadcast network Univision produced that competition and  gathered girls from all over the Americas and Spain to compete for a regional crown. Daniela easily won the title and became the last winner of that pageant as it was cancelled in 1998.

At Miss International, she was said to be a major favorite for the title. This was evidenced when she won the Miss Photogenic award, which a number of MI winners won. It was said that her second-place finish was attributed to the fact that the reigning winner, Consuelo Adler, was a fellow Venezuelan and that a back-to-back win was frowned upon by the organizers. Back then there was no “Mikimoto curse” as that is said to have developed only in the 2010’s.

After her 1st runner up win in Japan, Daniela then became a sought after celebrity, product endorser and host in her native Venezuela. Nowadays, she is busy with her business venture where she launched her own beauty line of cosmetics and perfume.


2017, A Better year for Osmel Sousa

Keysi Sayago made it in the top 5 of Miss Universe. Ana Carolina Ugarte was among the top 40 in Miss World. Diana Croce was named Miss International 2nd runner up. Former Mister Venezuela Gabriel Correa Guzman won Mister Supranational 2017. Has Osmel Sousa’s magic returned? Or perhaps it never left?

After a total non-placement of his three protégés in 2016, this year has been kinder to the main man of the Miss Venezuela pageant. It started with Diana Croce who was a favorite to win the Miss International title in Tokyo earlier in November. Croce, who failed in Miss World the year prior, managed to score a top 3 finish in Japan. Miss World Venezuela appointee Ana Carolina Ugarte fared well enough to make it to the top 40 in Sanya. It was rumored that the leggy beauty paid herself the USD20,000 franchise fee for Miss World. Keysi Sayago, who was earlier rumored to almost not being able to compete in Miss Universe, managed a high placement in Las Vegas as she made top 5.

Osmel’s Mister Venezuela 2015 winner, Gabriel Correa won Mister Supranational in Poland last December 3rd. Although the national director for the Mister and Miss Supranational in Venezuela belonged to a different person/ organization, Gabriel’s win in the Poland-based competition is also a feather in Osmel’s cap.

If this string of good placements would continue, we wonder what would his 2018 queens be bringing? Will Osmel add another international crown under his belt…

Miss Venezuela 2017 Winners!

Held at the Estudio 5 of the Venevision headquarters in Caracas, the glittering spectacle showcased pageantry at the world’s most awaited national pageant. It was a battle of the tall girls for Miss Venezuela 2017 as all of the top 5 winners were 5’11” in height. But the mulatta Sthefany Yoharlis Gutiérrez of Delta Amacuro triumphed over 20+ candidates for the top plum. She is the first winner in almost 2 decades representing Delta Amacuro, after Carolina Indriago in 1998. Former Miss Venezuela alums Fanny Ottati, Inés María Calero, Cynthia Lander, Vanessa Peretti, Maritza Pineda, Angela Ruíz and María Antonieta Campoli were the judges of the finals.

Full list of winners of the 65th Miss Venezuela pageant below:
Top 10
Aragua – Oriana Rodriguez
Distrito Capital – Sofia Santa Rodriguez
Miranda – Oriana Gil
Portuguesa – Nariman Batthika
Yaracuy – Rosángela Matos
Segunda Finalista/ 2nd runner up, Amazonas – Megan Beci, 20 years old, 5’11” tall
Primera Finalista/ 1st runner up, Falcon – Biliannis Álvarez,  19 years old, 5’11 1/4″ tall

Miss Venezuela Internacional, Barinas – Mariem Claret Velazco, 19 years old, 5’11” tall
Miss Venezuela Mundo, Vargas – Veruska Ljubisavljevic, 26 years old, 5’11” tall
Miss Venezuela 2017, Delta Amacuro – Sthefany Yoharlis Gutiérrez, 18 years old, 5’11” tall
The winners will all compete in the 2018 edition of their respective international pageants. 

Keysi Sayago: All Set for Miss Universe in Las Vegas!

Miss Venezuela 2016, Keysi Sayago has every good reason to smile these days!

After some uncertainty in her participation due to financial reasons, the Miss Venezuela organization has finally confirmed that she will be competing at Miss Universe in Las Vegas. The beauty queen has also said that, “I am very happy to know that Venezuela will be able to enjoy my participation in the Miss Universe through the Venevision channel and that without doubts, that I am with everything, for a new triumph for my beloved Venezuela.”
Snippets of a public statement of her participation posted in the MIss Venezuela social media as follows: During her reign Sayago has shown that besides beauty she has responsibility, discipline, commitment and a lot of social sensitivity, which undoubtedly makes her #OrgulloMissVenezuela and an exemplary representation of the Venezuelan woman. Keysi, knows the importance of learning, has 
therefore also strengthened her knowledge in different areas: public speaking, catwalk, English, makeup techniques and styling by the industry professionals such as: Juan Ramón Ramírez (Moncho), Elio Vásquez, Oskarosky Boyer, Luis Eduardo González… among other fundamental aspects to look and feel very good.

Keysi has participated in many activities alongside non-profit foundations and citizen initiatives, such as the Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer, the Fundación Hospital Ortopédico Infantil and the Casa Hogar Madre Teresa de Calcuta to promote the work they do for the benefit of children and people in difficult situation. And also to raise their voice and invite fellow Venezuelans to be in solidarity despite difficulties. It is important to add that the volunteer work of Sayago has been constant along with citizen initiatives that seek to provide marginalized people with food and shelter.
Keysi will be flying to Las Vegas after she crowns her Miss Venezuela successor in November 9th.

Nostalgia: Jacqueline Aguilera, Alicia Machado & Consuelo Adler

I have earlier written about countries that have managed to win major crowns in consecutive years. One particular country that have achieved that was Venezuela. One particular set of wins that stood out were those of Jacqueline Aguilera Marcano, Alicia Machado and Consuelo Adler who won Miss World 199, Miss Universe 1996 and Miss International 1997 respectively.

Jacqueline, Alicia and Consuelo were the second set of ladies coming from a single country to have won all of the 3 Alpha pageants back then? Of course, the Miss Earth wasn’t included as it started only in 2001. But these three ladies did something that only Astrid Carolina Herrera, Nina Sicilia and Barbara Palacios Teyde was able to achieve. And guess what, they also came from Venezuela!

But These three girls also have one thing in common… they all are recipients of the Miss Photogenic award. Jacqueline won the photogenic award during the Miss World pageant. Alicia was Miss Photogenic during the Miss Venezuela 1995 pageant. But it is Consuelo who is the most photogenic of them all as she won the award both in Miss Venezuela 1996 pageant as well as in Miss International 1997. In terms of height though, Alicia is the shortest of them at 5’8″. Both Consuelo and Jacqueline towers at 5’11” tall. 

A Controversial Girl is Named Miss Venezuela World 2017!

A Miss Venezuela Mundo 2017 has been appointed and she is Ana Carolina Ugarte!

The 5’10” 25 year old Ana Carolina was named as the Venezuelan rep to Miss World to be held in China this year. It is said that she is already preparing both in catwalk classes and gym training, to secure the crown that has not been won since 2011 when Ivian Sarcos won Miss World. But the shocking part is that it is rumored that she is paying for the Miss World franchise fee instead of the Miss Venezuela Organization. The Miss World franchise fee in Venezuela is estimated to be valued at USD$20,000.
This issue has been a ghost that has haunted her as it was also rumored that the lady also “paid” her way into the Miss Venezuela 2013 pageant. There were heavy speculations that a hefty amount was given to the organization for her to win the pageant, which she went later on unplaced.


Miss Venezuela 2017 will be on November 9th!

Mark your calendars everyone as November just got busier! Adding to the full schedule of pageants for that month is the Miss Venezuela finals slated on November 9th.

The Miss Venezuela Organization has recently released the date of the annual pageant to be aired in partnership with Cisneros’ Venevision Channel. Jonathan Blum, President of Cisneros Media, said: “Miss Venezuela is one of the most prestigious national and international beauty contest franchises and is an essential part of Venezuelan culture. The brand enjoys a worldwide reputation for the readiness and integrity of its winners, who work hard to make a positive impact on society.
Thanks to its constant innovations, Miss Venezuela is also the content platform preferred by advertisers. That is why at Cisneros Media we are committed to continue to bring entertainment to every home and to reap new international victories that continue to bring joy to the country and make us proud of being Venezuelans.

The start of the pageant will be marked with the official presentation of the candidates and awarding of their sashes on September 18th. From September 23 to November 4th will be the Saturday specials of “La Magia de ser Miss” where the candidates’ backgrounds will be on focus.