Osmel Sousa’s 69th Miss Universe Favorites

If the 69th Miss Universe pageant is held today, the Czar dela Belleza would pick Peru’s Janick Maceta as the winner! Mexican Andrea Meza and Brazilian Julia Gama completes his top 3 prediction.

During the live chat between Osmel and former Miss International Daniela Di Giacomo last March 19th, the current National Director for Argentina and Uruguay mentioned who the strongest ladies there are per continental grouping.

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Osmel Sousa Will Bring His Magic in Miss Universe Argentina & Uruguay

Yes! You heard it right! The Czar de Belleza will be bringing his beauty pageant expertise in Miss Universe Argentina and Miss Universe Uruguay pageants.

The 72 year old Cuban-born Venezuelan pageant master is the national director/ franchise owner of the Miss Universe Argentina & Uruguay pageants. Since his departure from the Miss Venezuela Organization last year after a scandal rocked the pageant crazy nation, Osmel Sousa’s next move was highly anticipated by pageant fans. At some point gossips swirled around that Osmel will be joining the Miss Brazil organization last year.  After 50 years at the helm of the Miss Venezuela pageant, Osmel will now head the selection of candidates from Uruguay and Argentina for Miss Universe.
Osmel also established his own beauty pageant in Venezuela to choose the representatives for the  Miss Grand International and Reina Hispanoamericana franchises that he currently holds. He is also being touted as the prime force in moving the MGI pageant to be hosted in Venezuela later this year.
SOURCE: http://genterd.do/osmel-sousa-ahora-estara-al-frente-del-miss-argentina-y-miss-uruguay/

2018 Year End Special Report – Our Best Blog-posts

2018 gave us freedom to write our thoughts unhindered and tethered by anyone. This year allowed us to cover and talk about a wider variety of topics, in numerous writing styles. From our Once Upon a Blind Item topics,  to our Leaderboard Picks and to our #HiddenPosts, we were able to dip our toes into topics that other pageant pages and writers are afraid to even tackle.

We were able to write creatively to make our post entertaining while serving a healthy dose of sarcasm and shade. Here are our best posts of the year 2018!
Miss Universe Prizes – despite being posted last December 27th, this has been the most popular blogpost for the year 2018! Most pageant fans kept on coming back to this post that we had to repost its link on our Facebook page twice in the last quarter.
Anatomy of a Pageant Loss – this blind item made quite a stir upon its release that we’ve been branded as irresponsible by certain groups. Instead of introspection and learning from errors made, some quarters took it defensively. I believe that their main issue with this post was the multitudes of mistakes made by multiple people involved in situation. It was no wonder we’ve heard a rumor that one of the key people in the organization was fired for the ineptitude that happened. At least said person has gone back to ‘mentoring’.  Continue reading “2018 Year End Special Report – Our Best Blog-posts”

Rumor Mill! Osmel’s Miss Universe Favorites!

Osmel Sousa is still a relevant name in the pageant industry despite his resignation from the Miss Venezuela organization earlier. He has written a book, putting up a televised reality pageant, and still training ladies for the Miss Universe pageant. No wonder, when he revealed his favorites for the Miss Universe pageant we all listen!

These are the 5 ladies he is rumored to have said to be his favorites!
MEXICO, Andrea Toscano – Osmel is one of Andrea’s trainors so it makes sense that she is on the list.
ECUADOR, Virginia Limongi – not a surprise considering that Virginia is one of the most popular Miss Universe candidates this year.
USA, Sarah Rose Summers – face-wise Sarah is one of the strongest girls factor in her personality and you have a great combo!
SPAIN, Angela Ponce – after a change of heart regarding transgender candidates in Miss Universe, Osmel put Angela in his top 5 list of faves.
PHILIPPINES, Catriona Gray – this is one of the few times that Osmel favours a Filipina candidate.

Shocking that he has not named Venezuela’s Sthefany Gutierrez in the list. He was said to have mentioned that he found her preparations lacking. Colombia’s Valeria Morales wasn’t spared either, he said that “she has no life” in the pageant. Notably obvious is the lack of diversity in his choices with ladies of color not mentioned at all.

Osmel Sousa Supports Transgender Women in Miss Universe!

He is not called Czar dela Belleza for nothing. With more than 20 international crowns won by beauty pageant powerhouse Venezuela under his belt, Osmel Sousa’s opinions in pageantry still carries its weight!
In one of his latest posts on Instagram, Osmel has posted his support for Miss Universe Spain, Angela Ponce, the first transgender female to compete in Miss Universe.

He posted the following message in his IG:
Siempre pensé que en los concursos de belleza femeninos no deben participar transgeneros. Ahora tengo la oportunidad de corregir y lo hago felizmente. @angelaponceofficial eres una mujer bella, eso lo puedes firmar donde quieras reina!
I always thought that female beauty pageants should not involve transgenders. Now I have the opportunity to correct it and I do it happily. @angelaponceofficial you are a beautiful woman, that you can sign where you want to reign!

With his stamp of approval, surely the world of pageants is gonna get notice that transgender females in beauty pageant will be a thing of the future…

RumorMill: Osmel Sousa to Put Up a New Pageant in Venezuela?

Is retired Miss Venezuela President Osmel Sousa putting up a new pageant?Well that is the buzz going around in social media these days after the Czar of Beauty posted some cryptic photo on his Instagram feed…

According to rumors he has acquired the franchise of the Miss Supranational and the Miss Grand International pageants and is now looking up to setting up a national pageant for those international competitions. It is also being said that his new team/ organization is also on the works in acquiring at least two more international pageant franchises.

Will this be his redemption story after the trafficking and prostitution scandal that rocked the end of his Presidency in the Miss Venezuela pageant? Only time will tell. The only thing we are sure of is you can’t pull a good man down…

Osmel Sousa Speaks Out!

Osmel Sousa breaks his silence! Here is his statement on his official Instagram account, @zardelabelleza…

First part. In times of confusion and irresponsibility, let me be frank, direct and responsible. For more than 40 years directing the reins of Miss Venezuela, I only have today as heritage the results of a long and laborious but finally rewarding work. My riches are in memories, my millions are in applause and my greatest satisfaction is the success and projection that the event (pageant) gave to countless Venezuelan women (unique, special, talented) whom I carry forever in my heart and who are the only jewels that I keep in my treasures. During all that time, I always acted for their benefit. I was a friend, advisor, travel companion, supporter, teacher and confessor of all of them and together we went through a thousand battles, celebrated triumphs and wept defeats together. Always giving all our effort to praise the name of Venezuela in the world. No one imagines the pain that I feel seeing the name of Venezuela sullied these past few days and see how they intend to destroy achievements and reputations that took years of tireless effort to build. For more than 40 years I was president of Miss Venezuela, I am not now simply because of important differences with company executives that in recent years have been dedicated to undermining my authority and moving professionally to the point of contradicting my decisions and unauthorized openly in my work and before my work team. So, it just did not make sense to continue exercising my work. It seems unbelievable that I have to deny something that in itself is absolutely and inherently false, but for purposes of clarity and responsibility I say: At no time have I acted to the detriment of any of the thousands of candidates that passed under my command in the Miss Venezuela. My job and my vocation was always to protect the candidates above all else until reaching the point of overprotection. That can give faith to thousands of candidates who went through La Quinta.

The treatment and interaction with all the candidates of course was not the same as everyone has their own personality and attitudes differ. But respect for them as a person and the demands placed on them as professionals and representatives of the values ​​and beauty of the Venezuelan woman were always the common denominator. I recognize that some of them may have perceived some flaw in my treatment of their person and I also recognize that there is a fault on my part. If that were the case, I am now as I have always been in the greatest disposition to converse, to listen to them and to assume my responsibility in any slip or failure that I may have inadvertently committed. My career and my achievements give absolute faith of my professional and faultless conduct for more than 40 years. Achievements that would be impossible if I had acted in bad faith or using other people especially people under my responsibility and protection as a bargaining chip to profit financially. At this point, my austere and simple life and my few material possessions answer by themselves to any suggestion of undue riches. The place that I occupy in the heart of the Venezuelans and the love and respect that they profess to me in every encounter in any corner of Venezuela and the world I do not change it for all the money, much less I would exchange it for a handful of coins.  – Osmel Sousa. 

Prostitution Scandal Rocks the Miss Venezuela Organization!

Prostitution allegations has rocked the Miss Venezuela Organization!

Allegations on the Miss Venezuela organization and Osmel Sousa for pimping out girls to businessmen and government officials

Allegations surfaced that the Miss Venezuela pageant operated as a prostitution and trafficking network for women and at the center of it all is the man that brought countless crowns for the country, Osmel Sousa. According to reports from several Venezuelan media, Sousa would have subjected his candidates and queens to degrading acts, selling them to sponsors who paid for them high sums of money, to be able to pay for their participation in the contest. In the process, MVO would obtain resources that would allow them to support the famous mansion of beauty.

Venezuelan journalist, Patricia Poleo unleashed a controversy after accusing Osmel, of ‘prostituting’ candidates to government officials in exchange for ‘sponsorship’ money, operations, gifts and property. She called Sousa for using his connections and position at the MVO to procure meetings to businessmen and officials who would act as pageant ‘sponsors’. In return these sponsors and officials would support these candidates for pricey surgeries, apartments, gifts and other amenities to support the candidates in the local and/or international pageants. A hefty cut is said to be given to Osmel and the organization to be able to live comfortably in Venezuela and in the US. “Osmel is looking for the American nationality and, therefore, must live in the US“, says Julio Rodríguez Matute, beauty contest historian.
The Miss Venezuela pageant has denied such claims through the official Instagram account of the organization. Cisneros Media and Venevisión refuted the allegations that has named employees, advisers, sponsors and partners, as well as candidates as accomplices of such ‘unlawful acts’. It further stated that, “The companies responsible for managing the Miss Venezuela Organization wish to clarify that they strongly reject any attempt to involve them in acts other than the nature of their activity and are unaware of any type of relationship or act that could violate the spirit, ethics and values ​​of the event.” They also clarified that they are currently working on the restructuring of the team, after the departure of Osmel. Continue reading “Prostitution Scandal Rocks the Miss Venezuela Organization!”

Is Osmel Moving to the Miss Brazil Organization?

Just when we thought it is over and done for Osmel Sousa, we hear news of him moving to Brazil. Will this mark a new chapter in his pageant career? Is he taking over the Miss Brazil pageant or is he being recruited by Wapa TV to head the Miss Puerto Rico Universe org?

Below is a translated report snippets from the website of Primera Hora regarding Osmel’s move…
The so-called “Zar of beauty”, Osmel Sousa, the man who has managed to give 7 crowns of Miss Universe to Venezuela, resigned yesterday as president of Miss Venezuela surprising everyone, and today left for Brazil where offers are waiting for direct the Miss Brazil. The information could be announcing next week in that country, to reach an agreement, according to a source close to the maker of queens who spoke with this newspaper.
“Osmel was previously working with Miss Brazil and the Brazilians wanted him to go live there, but he was very good in Venezuela, he was an idol there, and it was hard for him to leave so many people dear. However, now that the political situation of the country has changed and the country does not offer any security, on Tuesday he shot the first bomb with his resignation and today he leaves for Brazil, “the source revealed….
Another angle offered by the source is that beyond Osmel signing an agreement with Brazil, he could be offering his knowledge to other franchises such as Puerto Rico that is now under the command of WAPA TV….
“I do not know that, but the fact that Osmel made the announcement of his resignation the day after it was made public that Desirée Lowry and Luisito Vigoreaux lost the Puerto Rico franchise makes me think that they could hire their services.”

Whatever the case maybe this is something to look out for. It has been decades since Brazil won the Miss Universe title and Osmel might just be the one to finally bring it back. Puerto Rico is also thirsty to have another title as their record of winning the MU crown at least once in every decade since the 1960’s seems to be in danger.
Do you think this would be a good move for Osmel?

Osmel Sousa: The End of an Era in Pageantry

In an Instagram post, Miss Venezuela’s main man, Osmel Sousa has made public his retirement…

Realice muchos sueños, traje muchos triunfos y di alegria a una nación. Hoy decido retirarme de la presidencia de la Organización Miss Venezuela por la puerta grande, por la misma puerta que entre hace casi 40 años de la mano de mi gran amigo Gustavo Cisneros. Continuaré luchando y trabajando por un mejor país, de la mano de Dios y de todos ustedes. Mil gracias por tantas alegrías #MissVenezuela. Nos seguiremos viendo…
I made many dreams, I brought many triumphs and I gave joy to a nation. Today I decide to retire from the presidency of the Miss Venezuela Organization through the big door, through the same door that I entered almost 40 years ago with the help of my great friend Gustavo Cisneros. I will continue fighting and working for a better country, hand in hand with God and all of you. A thousand thanks for so many joys #MissVenezuela. We will continue to see each other…

We all knew that this day would be coming but its painful sting doesn’t hurt any less. He has been looking frail for some time now and that age is taking its toll. That was evident when I first met him in Miami, then again in Las Vegas (twice). So I was glad to have been met him in person.
Osmel is part of the old guard of pageantry. One that has amassed  7 Miss Universe crowns, 6 Miss World crowns, 1 Miss Earth crown and 7 Miss International crowns. Winning 21 titles under a 40 year career at the helm of La Quinta Venezuela house is no mean feat… one that will takes years, even decades or a millennium, to surpass.

2017, A Better year for Osmel Sousa

Keysi Sayago made it in the top 5 of Miss Universe. Ana Carolina Ugarte was among the top 40 in Miss World. Diana Croce was named Miss International 2nd runner up. Former Mister Venezuela Gabriel Correa Guzman won Mister Supranational 2017. Has Osmel Sousa’s magic returned? Or perhaps it never left?

After a total non-placement of his three protégés in 2016, this year has been kinder to the main man of the Miss Venezuela pageant. It started with Diana Croce who was a favorite to win the Miss International title in Tokyo earlier in November. Croce, who failed in Miss World the year prior, managed to score a top 3 finish in Japan. Miss World Venezuela appointee Ana Carolina Ugarte fared well enough to make it to the top 40 in Sanya. It was rumored that the leggy beauty paid herself the USD20,000 franchise fee for Miss World. Keysi Sayago, who was earlier rumored to almost not being able to compete in Miss Universe, managed a high placement in Las Vegas as she made top 5.

Osmel’s Mister Venezuela 2015 winner, Gabriel Correa won Mister Supranational in Poland last December 3rd. Although the national director for the Mister and Miss Supranational in Venezuela belonged to a different person/ organization, Gabriel’s win in the Poland-based competition is also a feather in Osmel’s cap.

If this string of good placements would continue, we wonder what would his 2018 queens be bringing? Will Osmel add another international crown under his belt…

The Re-Crowning of Stephanie de Zorzi

They say he who laughs last, laughs the best… in this case, the last laugh is from Stephanie de Zorzi. After unceremoniously removed from competing in Miss Earth by then National Director, Osmel Sousa, she now finds herself in the same waters of representing her country in the Miss Earth pageant come October 29.

After confirmation of a new owner of the Miss Earth franchise for Venezuela, Stephanie was handpicked for the title that she once held in 2013. The 5’9” redhead is being groomed by Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich for the competition, who was appointed by the new MVE owner as National Director.

In her latest IG post, Stephanie confirms the new ND and says:
Good evening to all my followers dear, I am extremely grateful for all the support I received after assuming the challenge of being the new Miss Earth Venezuela 2016 and represent #Venezuela in @missearth in the coming days. I want to make clear that I am not an exclusive #katypulido model and my preparation for this new challenge is from the organization in charge of @missvenezuelaearth @ alyzhenrich1 and @princejuliocesar #missvenezuela #missearth #miss #earth

Former Miss Venezuela 2013 batchmate and Miss Universe 2014 top 10 finisher Migbelis Castellanos took to Instagram to show her support and happiness over the news. 
Here is a video greeting of Migbelis…

RUMOR MILL! Miss World Franchise Slips Off the Hands of Osmel Sousa?!?!

Keysi Sayago may have been the one to win the Miss Venezuela 2016 title but the focus is not on her win but rather why she was the only one crowned.

By now everyone knows that the Miss Earth franchise is no longer under Venevision and people are wondering why there was not Miss Mundo Venezuela that was crowned. According to rumors from pageant insiders the Miss World franchise is no longer under Osmel Sousa, hence only one queen was crowned. It is said that the Miss World Chair Julia Morley approached former winner Ivian Sarcos to take the franchise for Venezuela. Ivian that time doesn’t have the financial means to take over, but now it is said that a new owner has been selected to handle the Miss World Venezuela pageant. Potro Alvarez and former Miss Venezuela International Dayana Colmenares are said to have recently acquired the Miss World franchise in econimic-crisis embattled country. The couple is said to have appointed Ivian Sarcos to be the National Director of the new pageant and will be responsible for training all future Venezuelan reps to Miss World. It’s even whispered that the new franchise will have a pageant of its own and will be broadcast over at TVES with the Caracas Polyhedron as venue! No word yet whether this year’s rep would be selected via hand-picking or via a new pageant.

With that being said, it seems that only the Miss Universe and the Miss International franchise is left with Venevision and Osmel Sousa. But we are still waiting for developments as there are new gossips starting to float that Jessica Duarte might be the last girl that MWOrg will be fielding for Miss International in Japan and that her participation might even be in danger should no funds be available for her.
So far the economic crisis has taken toll on the beauty pageant crazy nation.

Has Osmel Lost the ME, MW & MI Franchises?

Has Osmel Sousa & Venevision lost the Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss International franchises?

Bringing into surface truth of the gossips that we heard yesterday, former Miss Tierra Venezuela 2013 Stephanie de Zorzi is now competing in Miss Earth. It has been confirmed by the Miss Earth Facebook page that Stephanie de Zorzi will be competing in Manila this October. The olive green-eyed Stephanie stands 5’9” and is now 23 years old. It is said that the ME-Venezuela franchise has been transferred from Venevision to an unnamed businessman who has tasked Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich to train and groom Stephanie for the competition. Stephanie, who was supposed to compete in 2014, was barred by then ND Osmel Sousa from competing for gaining weight weeks before leaving for the international contest.

Add to that is the unending rumor that the Czar of Beauty will not send a Miss World participant this year. Earlier Venezuela failed to send a representative for Mister World in the UK due to the financial crisis it is facing. Adding flame into the fire is the buzz around some latin pageant circles that Jessica Duarte might be the last girl to be sent to Miss International under Venevision. It is yet unclear if the Miss Venezuela 2016 will be crowning a rep to those international pageants.