Miss Earth 2017 Sashes&Scripts 2nd Leaderboard

We are already mid-way into the Miss Earth competition and we are clearly seeing several girls starting to pull away from the rest of the competition. While nothing is yet set in stone, we list down the girls who are steadily gaining momentum and steam in the pageant…

16. Eucharia Akani,  Nigeria

15. Kaylee Carlberg, US Virgin Islands
14. Michelle Alriani,  Indonesia
13. Angele Kossinda, Cameroon *new
12. Nina Robertson, Australia *new
11.  Karen Bustos, Mexico
10. Erika Parker, Panama *new
9. Le Thi Ha Thu,  Vietnam
8. Emerlinda de Matos,  Angola
7. Ninoska Vasquez,  Venezuela
6. Andreia Gibau,  USA
5. Juliana Franco,  Colombia
4. Karen Ibasco, Philippines
3. Faith Landman,  Netherlands
2. Lessie Giler, Ecuador
1. Paweensuda ‘Fahsai’ Drouin, Thailand 


Karen Ibasco is Ready for Miss Earth 2017!

In three weeks’ time the Miss Earth 2017 pageant would be in full swing. So it wouldn’t be a surprise that the Philippine rep, Karen Ibasco has started to have her presence felt on social media. Below are several of her most recent photo-releases on her official Instagram account.

It seems that the straight her is her go-to-style, but I actually think that a side parting with curls would look great on her too. Karen’s latest photos are actually looking good although I still think that soft pastels in blush pinks, sky blues, and lilacs would be great on her for the competition. Then if she brings on the fierce reds and fully saturated violets on the finals, that would be a reveal!

I trust that her team would have a thorough game-plan by now and would put it into action. By the track record of her camp, it is safe to assume that Karen is in the right hands. She will be facing a lot of tough competition in this year’s batch with a reported number of candidates breaking into the 100 mark. So she has to be prepared for the battle ahead as it is going be a hard battle, to which I have full confidence that she can make it. I trust that this medical practitioner/ physicist/ math instructor/ renewable energy advocate would have what it takes to emerge triumphant in the competition ahead…
As a bonus, check out her Miss Earth eco-video below…


Karen Ibasco: Full Support on Carbon Tax

There was a buzz recently regarding Miss Philippines Earth Karen Ibasco when she was featured on the Department Of Finance press release for TRAIN (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act). 

Natuarally I had to reach out to Karen and ask her to tell us more about it.  Here was she had to say: “I was invited by the DOF for the Senate hearing to say about the environmental aspect of carbon tax since the TRAIN  is on-going there is a section about the excise tax on petroleum products and this is a form of carbon tax. It is increasing the tax not just in gasoline but also in diesel, LPG and kerosene. Carbon tax will help people to transition using fossil fuel to renewable energy. I know it’s a lot to take in and it truly is a challenge to make people understand it because it will definitely cut more budget from their income but if people’s eyes will just be opened to what the Earth’s state is at this point in time they will also understand that this is a great investment for this generation and to the next one.

The medical physicist-slash-practitioner has been a supporter of alternative energy sources. It can be remembered that during the Miss Philippines Earth pageant she was already advocating for the Carbon Tax so that the country would start investing on more renewable sources of energy. Investing on renewable sources of energy would allow the country to lower its carbon emissions/ carbon footprint. This would mean that the Philippines wouldn’t be too dependent on oil and would be able to augment or even self-sustain itself on clean renewable energy.

Even as of writing, Karen’s schedule is packed with numerous speaking engagements and school tours advocating about the Miss Earth’s cause. Truly, she takes the pageant’s advocacy to heart.

An Encounter with Miss Philippines Earth 2017, Karen Ibasco

I was perhaps one of a couple of people who have predicted correctly the victory of Miss Philippines Earth 2017, Karen Ibasco… and to meet her in person was such a good treat.

It was a rainy evening in Greenbelt 3 where I met her for the first time courtesy of Sir Rodgil Flores of the Kagandahang Flores camp. The 5’7″ stunner is blessed with milky white skin and reminded me of former Bb. Pilipinas Maja, Marina Benipayo. Karen was one of the smartest beauty queens I have ever encountered with her intelligence and strong communications skills. Wearing a black cropped top with a full pant and a white sleeveless slouchy trench, she looked every inch a beauty queen. I hope that she take some cues on this ensemble as it shows a stronger, empowered and very statuesque side of hers.

One of the points we were able to talk about is how the Miss Earth this year is going to be a test of stamina. She narrated that the ME schedule would almost be a month long pageant. All the girls will be divided in at least 3 groups, though we would have to wait for confirmation as an expected 100 candidates are said to join this year. They will be touring around the Philippines from the North (Ilocos) down to the South (Davao). Karen’s schedule is still quite busy with different public appearances and school tours that she is a bit concerned that it is eating time from her training and preparations for ME.

I wish I had a little more time with Karen, but I assured her that I will be able to see her compete on November 4 at MOA Arena. Confidently, I can say that she is going to bring back the Philippines in the semis this year and at least an elemental title is not far behind…

Opinion: Jessica Rose McEwen for Miss Earth New Zealand?

One of the shocking non-inclusions in the Miss Philippines Earth top 5 is Jessica Rose McEwen. After being virtually every pageant sites’ top pick, she only managed to finish among the top 10 of this year’s competition.

Why do you think she missed the cut? I have two theories. First is that her very Caucasian features wasn’t the preferred look of the finals night judges. My second theory (and most likely to have happened) is that being the first to be called out in the top 10 was the culprit. This might be a case wherein judges would underscore the first candidate in the semis while reserving their top marks for those that will come after. This is why it is more beneficial for girls to be called in the middle of the semis call-outs. While this may sound very superficial to most, this might explain what affected Jessica’s chances in the top 5.

Personally, I would want to see Jessica represent New Zealand in Miss Earth. I believe it is time for New Zealand to be represented by a strong candidate whose pageant training is done by one of the best in the business. Jessica has the goods to become Miss Earth, more so with her heart for the pageant.

Hopefully, Jessica would give Miss Earth New Zealand a try. My intuition tells me that she might find herself competing in Miss Earth if she does so…

Filipina Beauty Queens Who are also Academic Achievers with Latin Honors

The Philippines never fell short of academic achievers in its roster of beauty queens. From lawyers, engineers, teachers, artists, to medical students and practitioners, we haven’t run out of women who are not just beautiful and academically inclined but are also very articulate. While this list isn’t all-out-comprehensive, it does take us through a journey of how those who have worn the “Miss Philippines” sash are more than just their good looks…

Elizabeth de Padua (Binibining Pilipinas Universe 1976)
– Pre-Med, summa cum laude (University of the Philippines) and later topped the medical board exams
Theresa Licaros (Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2007)
– Broadcast Communication, summa cum laude (University of the Philippines)
– Law (University of the Philippines) with Salutatorian honors
Karen Ibasco (Miss Philippines Earth 2017)
– Applied Physics, major in Instrumentation, cum laude (University of Santo Tomas)
– Masters in Applied Physics, major in Medical Physics, cum laude (University of Santo Tomas)
Jeanne Therese Hilario (Binibining Pilipinas Maja 1989 & Miss Maja International 2nd runner up)
– Chemical Engineering, magna cum laude (Universtity of Santo Tomas) and also a board topnotcher

Zorayda Ruth Andam (Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2001)
– Economics, magna cum laude (University of the Philippines)
– Law (University of the Philippines) with Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence upon graduation
Shamcey Supsup (Miss Universe 2011 3rdrunner-up)
– Architecture, magna cum laude (University of the Philippines – Diliman) and board topnotcher for architecture
Venus Raj (Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up)
– Communication Arts, cum laude (Bicol University)
– Master’s degree in Community Development (University of the Philippines – Diliman)
Janine Tugonon (Miss Universe 2012 first runner-up)
– Pharmacy, cum laude (University of Santo Tomas)
Lia Andrea Ramos (Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2006)
– Political Science, cum laude (University of the Philippines)

In the Philippines we give a premium to education, more so for those that have finished with honors. This is perhaps our fascination with beauty queens who can not just look beautiful and speak eloquently but are also academic achievers.
Surely there are more names that we could add to this list. And we jst couldn’t squeeze them in one blogpost. Can you care to share some of them names and honors?

Who will complete #TeamPhilippines2017?

With the recent crowning of Miss Philippines Earth Karen Ibasco, the Philippines is just one crowning short to complete #TeamPhilippines for 2017. First to be crowned this year was Binibining Pilipinas International Maria Angelica de Leon and Miss Philippines Universe Rachel Louise Peters during the coronation last April 30th. 

Rumor has it that the following girls are gunning for the Miss World Philippines title: Mutya ng Pilipinas alum Janela Joy Cuaton, Reyna ng Aliwan 2016 Cynthia Thomalla, former Binibining Pilipinas runner up Laura Lehman and Miss Globe 2015 Ann Colis. Some of these names are perhaps decoys for the real possible participants so unless we see them in the competition we gotta believe their joining with a grain of salt.