Miss Earth Philippines 2018: A Recap

2018 is the year that the Miss Philippines Earth has been officially renamed Miss Earth Philippines. While it may not have major bearing on the minds of fans, I see it as a step towards strengthening the Miss Earth brand.

It was a good move on the MEP org to select a top 18 on their 18 year anniversary. I guess that this would be the format for the coming Miss Earth pageant come October or November. Personally, I felt that this year is a year of ladies with lots of raw potential. While a number of the candidates don’t have the caliber of Jamie Herrell or Angelia Ong during their national stints, some of the girls showed a lot of promise from the start and they were the ones that later on brought home the title.
The major shaker of the night was the way the top 10 would immediately go to the Q&A. This wouldn’t give the ladies enough time to think and be composed. It is a good way of sifting the best and I approve of it. The top 10 ladies then competed in swimsuits and they are:
Cebu City- Marla Alforque
Taguig City- Lovely Lamptey
Dumaguete City- Nathalie Louise Roxas
Fil-Queensland, Australia- Theressa Anne Mariano
Fil-Vienna, Austria- Brazzirie Yanson

Miss Eco Tourism Philippines – Halimatu Yushawu
Miss Fire Philippines – Jean Nicole de Jesus
Miss Water Philippines – Berjayneth Chee
Miss Air Philippines – Zahra Bianca Saldua
Miss Earth Philippines – Silvia Celeste Cortesi
In terms of predictions I have three out of the top 5. I guessed correctly that Zahra Bianca Saldua at 2nd place and I have Halimatu Yushawu on the 4th spot. Glad to have Halimatu make it to the top 5 as I wanted a little more diversity in the set of winners. Being a woman of color, not a lot of them gets to win in national pageants. So to see her smashing her way to the top 5 was like a door opening for other dusky and dark-skinned Filipinas to join pageants. I have always known that Zahra will deliver come finals night and she did. Had she won I would have been very happy as she represents the Muslim community in this year’s pageant. I was glad that the organizers made adjustment for her to be a little more covered up compared to the other ladies in maillots with lots of cut outs. A little sensitivity to her faith is always a good sign.

I have placed eventual winner Celeste Cortesi on my 3rd place. An error on my part as I have placed her on my #1 spot for the 2 leaderboard. The reason why I placed her third was due to the fact that no one from the Filipino Communities abroad has ever won the title. It is being argued that it would be difficult for someone who is based abroad to fulfill the duties of a Miss Earth Philippines  winner while being based in another country. I guess that Celeste winning meant 2 things: 1) she is going to be based in Manila for the duration of her year-long reign and 2) she broke the what was thought as initially impossible.
With that in mind, could she possibly break another glass ceiling and achieve a back to back win in Miss Earth despite having recently done so in 2014-2015? We’ll just have to find out later!


Sashes&Scripts’ Final Miss Philippines Earth 2018 Leaderboard!

The Miss Philippines Earth finals is upon us! And here we present our favorites for the title!

Will we get it right and predict the winner just like we did last year with Karen Ibasco? Or would an underdog clinch the title away from the frontrunners this year?
The MPE2018 finals  is scheduled to take place on May 19, 2018, Saturday at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines, at 6 pm. The pageant will be streamed live on its official Facebook page and a delayed telecast will be aired on ABSCBN on May 27, p:45am
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2018 Miss Philippines Earth Second Leaderboard!

We believe we got it right for our first Miss Philippines Earth leaderboard, the ladies in the first list are smashing the competition winning medals here and there!

There seems to be the emerging frontrunners of the competition as early now. We are seeing that Silvia Cortesi, Marla Alforque, Gabriella Basiano are among the ladies that are pulling ahead of the competition. Of course we still have the fan favorites like Lea Macapagal and Jean de Jesus. But they are given a strong competition by darkhorses like Zahra Bianca Saldua and Halimatu Yushawu. So pretty much there isn’t a clear winner among the batch as of yet but we may be seeing tougher competition as the pageant progresses…
10. Berjayneth Chee, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental
9. Joanna Krystel Cabrezos, Zamboanga City
8. Jean De Jesus, San Rafael, Bulacan
7. Zahra Bianca Saldua, Las Pinas
6. Princess Faye Fernandez, Laak, Compostela Valley

Just like the first leaderboard, we randomize the placements of the elemental queens so as to show that their titles are of equal importance (as as declared by MPEOrg last year)
Miss Philippines Water – Lea Macapagal, Dinalupihan, Bataan
Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism – Gabrielle Camille Basiano, Tacloban
Miss Philippines Fire – Halimatu Yushawu, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay
Miss Philippines Air – Marla Alforque, Cebu
Miss Philippines Earth – Silvia Celeste Cortesi, Filipino Community of Rome, Italy

Sashes&Scripts’ 1st Miss Philippines Earth 2018 Leaderboard!

The Miss Philippines Earth activities has officially kicked off with the resorts wear competition held last April 21st at the Laus Event Center in Pampanga. Early on Cebuana Marla Alforque (gold), Silvia Cortesi (silver) and Gabrielle Camille Basiano (bronze) took on the first medals of the competition.
With those in mind we present to you Sashes&Scripts’ first Miss Philippines Earth 2018 leaderboard. Basing on what we have seen on the resorts wear competition plus assessments on their respective profiles on the MPE website, here are the 10 ladies who we should all watch out for in the pageant.

10. Berjayneth Chee
9. Divine Angela Beranga
8. Halimatu Yushawu
7. Jasmine Marie Taylor
6. Gabrielle Basiano
* Since the elemental titles are now treated with equal importance, we randomize them and are no longer highest to lowest.
Miss Philippines Water – Zahra Bianca Saldua
Miss Philippines Fire – Lea Macapagal
Miss Philippines Air – Marla Alforque
Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism – Jean de Jesus
Miss Philippines Earth – Silvia Celeste Cortesi
Did your favorite among the 43 candidates made out list? Drop us a comment below and tell us who should be the next Miss Philippines Earth and why…

Karla, Jamie, Angelia and Karen as MPE2018 Co-Hosts?

Would it be a great idea to have a full female hosts for Miss Philippines Earth 2018?

But I know a lot of us are probably wanting for James Deakin to host the pageant once again, I thought that it would be a wonderful idea for the pageant to be fully hosted by an all female panel. Of course the four Filipinas who won the Miss Earth immediately come to mind. All four ladies are quite articulate and may carry the show by themselves.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to have Karla Henry, Jamie Herrell, Angelia Ong and reigning Miss Earth Karen Ibasco as hosts for the pageant?

My Early Miss Philippines Earth Favorites

We all know that the Miss Philippines Earth activities have started with a number of public appearances, a number of online postings of energy conservation from each of the candidates and a grand announcement on the schedule of the pageant’s finals.
While the actual competition hasn’t started just yet, we have certainly noticed several candidates to watch out for in the competition. Among the 30+ candidates this year I am singling out these three ladies from the confirmed roster of candidates on the MPE website.

* Lea Macapagal – 20 years old, 5’5″, from Dinalupihan, Bataan. This Customs Administration student has a fresh face that the MPE pageant would surely love. She is one of the more photogenic faces in the competition this year and my gut says that she is going to be a fan favorite as the competition progresses.
* Silvia Celeste Cortesi – 20 years old, 5’8″, from Rome, Italy. I am glad that the Miss Philippines Earth has finally branched out and included the Filipino communities outside of the country. Silvia is the first MPE-Italy winner and I am quite sure that she is going to be one to watch out for.
* Zahra Bianca Saldua – 26 years old, 5’8″, from Las Pinas. This crossover from Miss World Philippines is a definite contender. And what I am seeing as her advantage is her age and experience. With a lot of life experiences to gather strength from, I am confident that Zahra is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the pageant.

Hopefully more ladies will be stepping up their game as the weeks go by. We would welcome two or more ladies in the list of faves. I am looking forward to those girls who will be surprises and underdogs in the competition

Miss Philippines Earth Soundtrack Wish-List

It’s Miss Philippines Earth season and we are starting to drum up excitement for the coming pageant.

The Opening Song
* This tech-house remix of Kylie Minogues’ latest song “Dancing” would allow the candidates to dance and at the same time have less audio to allow them introduce themselves during the opening. This would be a good follow up after the opening billboard of the candidates. What more is that this remix itself could be shortened to suit the pageant’s time allotment.

The Swimsuit Song Selection
* The first option is a bit different as it has some reggaeton, latin, electro-house vibes to it. But it has a good base beat for the swimsuit presentation. It’s the song “Mad Love” by David Guetta and Sean Paul featuring Becky G.

* The second option pays homage to the fact that the Miss Philippine’s Earth has always had a violin cover in its choice of soundtrack. But I thought that instead of doing it on the EG segment, why not do it at the swimsuits. Here is a sample of what I am referring to:

The Evening Gown Song Selection
* It would really add a level of finesse if the evening gown would feature a toned down singing to add glamour and class to the EG presentation. Just take this acoustic rendition of the song “Baby, If you Leave me Now” by Charlie Puth and Boyz II Men.

* Another option that I like for the MPE production team to consider is this song by Kygo featuring Miguel titled “Remind Me to Forget”. This song sound magical specially with some parts that is purely melody. Surely the sound engineer could find a instrumental song for this song to extend and remix the song for the evening gown competition.

What do you think guys? Are these songs good for the MPE pageant?

#Nostalgia: Miss Philippines Earth 2001 & Bb. Pilipinas World 2005 Carlene Aguilar

Winning two national titles and represent the country in the big four international pageants is a rarity afforded to a very few Filipinas. The first of which is Miss Philippines Earth 2001 and Binibining Pilipinas World 2005 Carlene Aguilar.

She was only a 19-year old student of  advertising and public relations student at the Assumption College when she was crowned Miss Philippines Earth in 2001. As the inaugural winner of the pageant, the 5’8″ Chinita stunner was the first Philippine representative to the Miss Earth pageant. The Kagandahang Flores trained beauty romped off with Miss Avon and Miss Ponds Perfect Skin awards at MPE. Coincidentally, she also won Miss Avon at Binibining Pilipinas when she joined in 2005 as well as Miss Philippine Airlines.

When she decided to join Binibining Pilipinas in 2005, she was one of the considered frontrunners for the title. At age 22, Carlene went on to win the Binibining Pilipinas World title. Some pageant analysts would say that in those years, the BBP would place the strongest girl in Miss World to appease the British owners who were beginning to want a separate pageant for their title. Pageant pundits to this day still debate should Carlene had been the one to break the drought in Miss Universe had she been sent there instead. Among her Binibini batch, it is only her with her fellow campmate Precious Lara Quigaman who went on to place in their international competitions.

Carlene finished among the top 10 of the first Miss Earth pageant in 2001 a same semifinals feat that she would replicate in Miss World 2005. Her stint in Miss World in China was an amazing one as she was considered as a front runner for the title. She was among the top bets to win actually as she was also number 1 in the worldwide SMS vote. Seeing her fail to make the top 5 was alluded to the urban legend that no Filipina is ever gonna win in Chinese soil even if we send a Chinese-Filipina to compete.

To her credits, she has won and placed in every international pageant she went on. From her stint at the first Miss Earth pageant to her 2nd runner up finish in Miss Chinese International 2004, her Miss World semi-final finish down to her Miss WWW Internet 2006 title, Carlene proved to be the quintessential pageant girl who is also a tough cookie to crack.

Nowadays, the 36 year old former beauty queen works as a part-time actress and a full-time mom. She has definitely blossomed more time passed.

Miss Philippines Earth will be on May 19th!

Mark your calendars everyone as the Miss Philippines Earth finals will be on May 19th at the Mall of Asia Arena!

31 lovely earth warriors are going to compete for the titles of Miss Philippines -EcoTourism, Miss Philippines-Fire, Miss Philippines-Air, Miss Philippines-Water and Miss Philippines Earth. Reigning Miss Philippines Earth and Miss Earth Karen Ibasco will be crowning her successor in the glittering event.
Live streaming will be provided over at the MPE official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MissPhilEarth
Official broadcast will be on the 20th of May over at ABS-CBN at 9:45am

About the Pageant
After establishing a track record in mounting world-class beauty pageants over the last decade, Carousel Productions Inc. decided to reinvent and improve the concept of beauty competitions for the new millennium.
Because many people admire and aspire to be a beauty queen, Carousel Productions, Inc. believed beauty queens would be a good and effective advocate of worthy causes. To give life to this vision, Carousel Productions Inc. organized and launched in 2001 the MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH Beauty Pageant, a beauty event whose raison d’etre was to have its candidates and winners actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth.
Together with the Miss Earth Foundation, Inc., MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH aims to give a strong emphasis on environmental awareness programs. The five titleholders will serve as the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns in the country. MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH represent the Philippines to one of the biggest international beauty competitions – the MISS EARTH Pageant.
* http://www.missphilippines-earth.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/MissPhilEarth/

PhotoCollage of the Day: Miss Earth 2015, Angelia Ong

For some these photos of Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Gabrena Ong might still be new but not for some of us who follow designer Leo Almodal’s Instagram account. Plus I just wanted an excuse to put one of my favorite Miss Philippines Earth & Miss Earth winners on the blog again (insert appropriate emoticon here)…

This photo was actually released several months ago as part of a shoot with other Miss Earth winners Katherine Espin and Jamie Herrell…

The photo on the left was just a recent release… although the shoot is perhaps almost three years old.
In this pic, Angelia is actually wearing her winning Miss Earth gown (pictured in the collage prior). This cropped close up shot focused on the former ME winners lovely face.