Pageant Franchises: A Little or Too Much?

There has been too many franchise switching over the last two years, but none dared to ask when does a national pageant have too little international pageant franchise, or too much of it?

An international pageant franchise adds prestige to a national competition. But these days where pageants are a dime a dozen, local pageants are advised to be mindful of what pageant franchises they acquire.

Today’s blogpost will talk about local pageants that would benefit from having additional franchises and ones that need to evaluate if they have too much.


The Miss Philippines Earth is one of the national pageants that caters to a very specific pageant niché. Hence it is only limited by the pool of ladies that have interest in ecological-related advocacies. With only the Miss Earth pageant as its international pageant franchise, it creates a very laser-like focus on a single path to international participation.

In honesty, the MPE could use a boost by adding other environment-related pageant into its roster like the Miss Eco International pageant and the newly minted Miss Environment International. With the Miss World Philippines wanting a slice of the ME pageant niché, the MPE would need to partner with other pageant organizations before its pool of candidates be usurped by other national pageant groups.


Somewhere in the middle is the Mutya ng Pilipinas and Binibining Pilipinas pageants where there are a good number of international titles. Both pageants have a manageable set of titles within their roster.

The Mutya Pilipinas pageant currently has 4 existing international competitions under its belt: Miss Asia-Pacific International, Miss Tourism International, World Top Model and the Top Model of the World titles. Over the years, the Mutya pageant has produced over a dozen international winners as well as handled several international pageant franchises that included the Miss World franchise from 1977-1991 and Miss Intercontinental from 1981-2013.

* Five Miss Asia Pacific/ Miss Asia Pacific international titles: Maria del Carmen Ines Zaragoza in 1982, Gloria Dimayacyac in 1983, Lorna Legaspi in 1989, Michelle Aldana in 1993, and Sharifa Akeel in 2018.
* Five Miss Tourism International titles: Maria Esperanza Corazon Manzano in 2000–2001, Rizzini Alexis Gomez in 2012–2013, Angeli Dione Gomez in 2013–2014, Jannie Loudette Alipo-on in 2017–2018, and Cyrille Payumo in 2019-2020.
* Three Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International titles: Sherylle Lynne Santarin in 1996, Racquel Uy in 1999, and Leren Mae Bautista in 2015.
* One Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International: Barbara Salvador in 2010.
* One Miss Tourism Metropolitan International: Glennifer Perido in 2014.
* One Beauty of the World title: April Love Jordan in 2009.

The Mutya Pilipinas is the second oldest national pageant still in existence and has managed to survive the changing landscape of pageantry.

Considered to be the most prestigious national pageant, the Binibining Pilipinas has a long history of inspiring women who came from its roster of winners and candidates. The pageant is currently handling 4 of the most recognizable international pageants: Miss International, Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Globe. The pageant used to handle the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Supranational titles.

What this blogger believes is that the two oldest national titles could benefit from heritage branding practices. Using their long list of accomplishments and history to boost their image. In fact, we believe that a “main national title” would suffice in boosting the branding and image of the pageant. We have written on this topic for the Binibining Pilipinas pageant previously, arguing that a “main national title” would do good to increase the image of the national pageant.


On the other side of the fence we have the Miss World Philippines pageant that has become a smogasboard of international pageants! No less than 8 international pageants under one local pageant franchise:

*Miss World Philippines
*Miss Supranational Philippines
*Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas
*Miss Eco Philippines
*Miss Eco Teen Philippines
*Miss Multinational Philippines
*Miss Philippines Tourism
* Miss Environment International
*1st Princess
*2nd Princess

During its inception, the issue with the pageant was that it only had one international franchise, the Miss World pageant. It was believed then that adding more franchises would increase pageant participation (quantity and quality-wise) and level up the local pageant’s branding. Fans have now instead bemuse that too much international franchise has further eroded the prestige of the main title.

Sashes&Scripts’ Take

To wrap this all up, we do not believe that a national pageant can have too little or too much of a pageant franchise. It is all about the prestige. Because at the end of the day it will have to answer one question: does it build up the pageant’s brand?

7 thoughts on “Pageant Franchises: A Little or Too Much?”

  1. I would like Bb.Pilipinas to get the Miss Earth Philippines starting 2022. Elemental titles can still be given. Miss Fire-Globe , Miss Water-Intercontinental, Miss Air- MGI, 2 major titles Bb.Pilipinas Earth , Bb.Pilipinas International. Alternatively they can also add Miss United Continents.


  2. In the case of MPE, the only way I guess for them to acquire other pageant franchises is to be a separate franchise from ME just like the recent case of Miss USA in which it became a separate franchise from MU. Just my two cents.


    1. Nice insights! On our part we thought they would benefit from getting other environmental pageant franchises for the elemental queens… like Air goes to Eco International, Water to Environment International, etc…


  3. Philippines has rich in culture and diversities, and Pageantry also include to the Filipino Culture it is not only the beauty of a Filipina showcasing both national and international stage, over the years tons of Filipina sended to diffirent International Beauty Competition, this will be proved that Philippines can stand on it’s own, embelishing the natural beauty, holistic mind and outrageous performances as Miss Philippines. Over the past decade that Philippines sent diffirent Filipina beauties, tall, fair and stunnjng looks, Philippones can also had their fair competition to every Latina Beauties… Just like Venezuela and other Latin American beauties, Miss Philippines can also considered as a Big Threath to every Beauty Pageantry… Because Philippines know’s how to kill and nailed the Q and A, know’s how to sure fire the stage and authenticity of each preliminary competition, in other words MISS PHILIPPINES IS MISS PHILIPPINES it’s uncomparable the beauty inside and out..


  4. For MPE, I believe that they have their own brand and adding additional titles aside from the main title would delineate the other 3 titles which are Air, Water and Fire. These titles are enough and very unique even there’s no pageant for them.

    As for Mutya, it’s time to change the name of their international pageant. Miss Asia-Pacific International is such a long name and quite a laughing one. Imagine, you have Asia=Pacific and then there’s an International. It’s too much. Why not change the name? Make it more catchy. Also, I can’t stop laughing of these two international titles – World Top Model and Top Model of the World. Such a lame titles when the truth is both are the same. Burn all those titles. Such a pain to hear.

    Nothing much to say about BbP except, I really don’t like that Grand International title. Another lame title. What’s the difference between Grand and International? Is there bigger than the word International?

    On the other hand, Miss World Philippines looks cheap with its too many minor and never heard pageants. Parang namalengke lang sa talipapa at bumili ng sangkaterbang titulo kahit di naman kailangan. I miss the days when Cory Quirino used to handle it. So much elan.


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