The Top 5 Misconceptions about Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta

There have been some hate that Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. Chair person Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta had to endure over the last couple of decades from a number of pageant fans.
Today, we will try to shed some light on a woman who have championed the Filipina beauty queens for more than 50 years. A woman who calls herself a Filipina. A woman who despite the tremendous power she yields in the pageant, has never defended herself publicly. A woman who had to make tough choices for her organization, yet is mired with numerous misconceptions on her persona…

1. She is a Cheapskate – just because she knows what areas she has to spend on and where she doesn’t need to pour money on does not make her cheap. She forgoes those expenses that aren’t of major importance or does not forward the interests of the organization or the BBP pageant. We cannot imagine her not having allotted budgets to pay for franchise that would cost about 5-6 figures in US dollars. What is the point of having new crowns if she isn’t able to pay for the yearly annual fees of the international pageants she sends our BBP winners to? Granted that there is a need to change crowns, but those don’t come easy or cheap. This is just a simple case of prioritizing on SMA on what matters the most to the BBP winners and the org.
2. She is too “Alta” or she is ‘Matapobre’ – she is far from that as she would be very accommodating to pageant fans. This is illustrated on how she would accommodate a number of Filipinos during the Miss Universe pageant to be able to get in the rehearsals of the girls. Of course pageant fans have to understand that when you are meeting a person of position you would want to look your best and not appear as someone who would be begging for scraps under her table. No one would take you seriously if you would look scrappy or untidy. Nobody would like to get too close with one with unpleasant smell either.
3. She gets a cut from the girls’ winnings – this would be an flat-out lie as some of winners have mentioned in interviews that their international winnings are their own. The only time that BPCI gets a cut from the girls’ fees are from public engagements they do under BBP (meaning they go as Bb. Pilipinas winners officially with their sash and/or crown). This is also perhaps the reason why the winners’ contracts are actually 18 months long. It allows BPCI to squeeze in possible revenues from the girls’ official public appearances.

4. She has all the money to spend – this is actually false. The BPCI gets much of its annual budget from the sponsorships they get during the BBP pageant season. Whatever income they get, they spend back on the pageant, on the franchise fees, training and wardrobe, etc… BPCI is not funded by the government and it is a non-profit organization which means that SMA has to self-sustain her organization thru its own income generators. Pageant franchises amount to several tens of thousand dollars. So imagine the scenario of having to earn your main paycheck only once in a year and you have to make sure that paycheck will allow you to survive the entire 12 months. That is actually how it is for most pageants out there.
5. She hates Filipino Designers – this one is a fallacy for the books. When SMA instituted the restrictions on pageant gowns in the late 90’s this came from terrible experiences with local designers in the past. There were those designers who would feud regarding the girls in the pageant. Then there was the straw that broke the camel’s back (so to speak). When one of our MU reps switched her gown to a local designer when SMA bought a supposed designer gown (it was said to be an expensive Bob Mackie designer label) for the prelims. MUOrg reps talked to her and was rumored to have said that she sent a gorgeous girl but was given a horrendous gown. Said girl had scores that placed her among the top 16-18 that year.

The (unconfirmed) Franchise Fee estimates of the Alpha Four Pageants…

There is a lot of flak that SMA has been receiving in the past years from Pinoy pageant fans. If she is so bad at her job then how did  SMA navigated the pageant through highs and lows in over 50 years of BPCI?
Pageant fans rarely have the chance to meet Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta in person and get to interact with her. And it is that unfamiliarity that causes them to pass quick judgement without getting the overall scene. What they usually see is a microscopic view of how a pageant is managed. Hopefully there would be less hate and a lot more respect to go around after this post…

Catriona Gray: Like She Never Passed Her Miss Universe Title

If there is something to be wowed about 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray it is that she’s more active nowadays after her reign.

Three months after passing her crown, Catriona Gray is doing public appearances left and right. This is something that pageant fans would have wanted during her reign as Miss Universe. Free from her contract with Endeavor, Catriona is gobbling up one opportunity after another.

  1. Book Deal – one of the first things that was announced was her book deal with ABSCBN publishing that will detail her Miss Universe experience. What people will surely be looking at is her life in NYC and what was it like to be a Miss Universe titleholder. Catriona’s reign was marked with product endorsements and a litany of public appearances for charity that isn’t talked about by most pageant fans. Surely there will be a huge anticipation over the release of this book.
  2. Product Endorsement – if rumors are true that a endorsement as the reigning Miss Universe would cost somewhere to the tune of PHP 3.5 million, then surely some brands are lining up now that she is free from her Endeavor contracts. Catriona is still a Samsung endorser and just got another commercial with Creamsilk. And we won’t be surprised if later we see her endorsing Belo skincare products…
  3. TV Appearances and digital magazine covers – she’s had guestings in a couple of ABSCBN shows as well as a spread on which is packed into her tight schedule. On the widely popular It’s Showtime, she was a guest for a week. Then we saw her duet with veteran songstress Regine Velasquez, dubbed as Asia’s Songbird, in ASAP Official. Surely there will be more magazine covers in the months to come…

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    Catriona Gray is Smile Train Global Ambassador! • • • • • • JUST IN | Miss Universe 2018 @catriona_gray has been chosen as Smile Train Global Ambassador. As Global Ambassador, Gray will represent the organization to increase and raise awareness about the comprehensive care internationally. As she hopes to give a smile on the faces of the children this 2020, the smile maker herself maximized her special day to advocate for Filipino children born with cleft through fundraising in her social media accounts. @missuniverse 2018 Catriona Gray has raised an estimated amount of 388,200 pesos that will enable 30 surgeries to children in need. As quoted from her speech, “I’ve always believed that children deserve every chance in the world to achieve their goals and through these surgeries, they are given the opportunity to become more confident and live their lives to the fullest.” #Repost @cornerstone . . #sashesandscripts #ultimatepageantblog #pageantblogger #pageantblog #missuniverse #CatrionaGray #MissUniverse2018 #CornerstoneArtist #SmileTrainPH

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  4. Public Appearances – everyone got excited to see her being invited at the Milan Fashion Week. Unlike the NYFW, the Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week are considered the home of the biggest luxury brands in the world. Catriona was seen in the shows of luxury brands Versace and Prada, brands that are considered at the pinnacle of fashion. She’s also invited to speak at ALP Summit 2020 and as a guest in Binibining Cebu.
  5. Cultural Ambassadress – one of the cultural legacies that Catriona has left in pageantry is promotion of Philippine culture and textiles in her bid for the Miss Universe pageant.  Since her participation, pageant girls and national titleholders have followed suit in incorporating traditional Philippine weaves into their wardrobe. It is no surprise that she was named National Commission for Culture and the Arts ambassador.
  6. Charity Work – when Catriona was named as the newest Global Ambassador of Smile Train, pageant fans knew that she is being true to her reasons in joining pageants: her advocacies. During her birthday celebration she was able to raise PHP 388,200 from her “Catriona Gives A Smile” fundraiser, which will support cleft care treatment for at least 30 Filipino babies born with a cleft.

These are some of the things that Filipino pageant fans were hoping to see during her reign. Thankfully, these are the things that pageant fans are seeing her do now. And that’s just 3 months after relinquishing her title…

5 Things Every Pageant Girl Can Learn from Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s move towards financial independence from the British royal family, is one ballsy but admirable move. Set aside talks about ‘Megxit’ because here are several lessons that every pageant hopeful can learn from Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

The Duchess of Sussex is one formidable modern woman. Compared to the Duchess of Cambridge’s more traditional conformist kind of way, Meghan Markle brings an air of modernity and independent thinking that is remarkable for a member of the Royal Family. And she, perhaps, is the better role model for the modern day pageant girl. Here are five reasons why…

  1. She is Unapologetic of Who She Is – every pageant girl must accept who she is, flaws and all. Be proud of your heritage, of where you came from. Champion your community by looking into representing your ethno-linguistic group with pride and elan. So what if you speak with a regional accent? Use it to strengthen your brand. Be un-apologetically you!
  2. She Uses Fashion as a Communication Tool – what you wear is an extension of you as a person. Use it to communicate your brand. Do not blindly follow trends without evaluating if it adds to your brand equity. Be smart in wearing clothes. Use it to extend what you want people to know about you as a person. Don’t be afraid if you want to stick to what works for you but at the same time be open to evaluate if new fashions can help you in your agenda.
  3. She Doesn’t Lose Her Cool in Public – and that includes social media. There is a time and place for a meltdown but do so in the privacy of your home. If you are angry with bashers and hate comments, use that anger in the gym. If you have critics and naysayers, use their publicity to push for your causes. Redirect negativity to areas where you can do good. Use that composure like its armor.
  4. She Knows How and When to Make an Impact – always leave people something to talk about. You don’t have to be always present in everybody’s top of mind, but when you are make them remember. Be strategic when and how to reveal your cards but all the while you keep them up your sleeves where no one can guess your next move. Always keep people wanting for more but always leave something more than enough to keep fans satiated.
  5. She is a Lady Boss – be your own woman. Always be someone who is in charge of your own life and career. Follow rules but don’t be afraid to make your own rules. If your inner voice is sending you doubtful vibes, listen because that is your inner compass saying that something is not right for you.

If there is one major takeaway from the Duchess of Sussex, it is this: Never Be Afraid. You are a queen, so act like one…

What Julia Saubier Must do to Win Miss Universe Philippines

One of the biggest shocking non-placements last year in Binibining Pilipinas was the exclusion of Julia Saubier. The tall leggy sportswoman was among the most talked about candidate in last year’s BBP pageant and is touted as one of the best speakers of her batch.
Now that the Miss Universe Philippines title is a separate pageant, here are some of the things we think Julia needs to do to become the next Miss Universe Philippines…

  1. Be Less Aggressive on Social Media – this is one of her bigger mistakes in last year’s BBP participation. Her overly aggressive tone and approach in social media has been a little bit off putting according to some of the pageant admins we were able to talk to last year. Julia needs to chill when it comes to social media, let things fold out organically, be of impact without being pushy. Not every social media post needs tagging of the MU and MUP accounts. It would be best if she engages with her followers instead and converse with them on issues that matter to her. That would be a more productive use of social media.
  2. Find Her Best Facial Angles and What Works – Julia’s brand of beauty isn’t necessarily the most commercial type of beauty. So there is a need to find what truly works for her. She must learn to work her best angles and make use of make up that will soften her features more. This means more smiles and less pouts. In colloquial terms, ‘less angas’. Make her look more warm, accessible and amiable.
  3. Be More Approachable/ Warm and Less Intimidating – her overall aura can be a little intimidating and she needs to be more warm and approachable to a wider range of people. Being highly educated is good thing but it should not be flaunted in every instance you have. So Julia has to learn to modulate her voice and use subtle nuances of tone, pitch and harmony to be more welcoming in her conversations, not just to judges and people of power but also to fans and regular folks.
  4. Stronger Stage Presence and Performance – this is where she failed the most in her bid for a title last year. Her facial projection was in need of polishing so that her facial expression transitions would be smoother. It would also help for her to have a more fluid presentation onstage. That means a more polished walk with better pose transitions.

Julia being a niece of Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez has high expectations riding on her shoulders. All she needs now is proper guidance to achieve and perfect a winning recipe locally. Theoretically, she is the type that would do great in Miss Universe, but that is only if the errors and mistakes of the past are corrected. She has the raw goods, all it needs is converting them into something spectacular for the audience to buy…

Gloria Diaz and her Quotable Quotes

Gloria Diaz is a Diva. With someone of her stature as the first Filipina Miss Universe and an award-winning actress, we are used to her sharp witty punchlines. And we have listed 9 instances where Gloria Diaz was a diva!

  1. Bob Barker: Is it true that you Filipinos use your hands to eat?
    Gloria Diaz: Why, do you use your feet?
    – that is how you make a comeback. This happened allegedly in a preliminary interview of the Miss Universe 1969 pageant. The instance should have been a sign that we have a diva in the making.
  2. “Alphabetically or according to rank?”
    – during the Miss Universe telecast, host Bob Barker challenged Gloria to name all her 11 other siblings. The quick-witted Gloria asked back if Bob wants them named alphabetically or according to their rank (we presume she was thinking of age).
  3. Leila Benitez (a well-known stage director): Miss Diaz, please come back on stage, who do you think you are?
    Gloria Diaz in a nonchalant manner: “Miss Universe.”
    – this supposedly happened during a rehearsal for a fashion show. Gloria took a break when she got tired. Back then Leila was one of the undisputed ‘Taray Queens’ which was a match to Gloria’s ‘diva-ness’.
  4. “Sige na nga, I was just joking. Actually, Maxine is the one talaga who is going to win. Oh, OK na ba sila? Bakit? Si Duterte nga nagbabago ang isip, eh ‘di ako rin.”
    – this was one of Gloria Diaz’ best moments when it comes to pageant trolls and haters. The 5’5″ beauty responded with a statement that was dripping with so much sarcasm.
  5. Gloria: You should join a beauty contest.
    Lady: I already did.
    Gloria: Did you win?
    Lady: Yes, I did.
    Gloria: Did you compete internationally?
    Lady: Yes.
    Gloria: What contest?
    Lady: Miss International.
    The lady was Kylie Verzosa, 2016 Miss International. Gloria later clarified that since after her stint in the BBP pageant she has graced a number of them already that she hardly remembers the faces of the winners.

  6. “Happiness is for princesses. Queens take control.”
    – in 2019, the veteran actress was cast in the role of Gloria Reyes, a’former Miss Universe from the Philippines’ for the the Netflix original series Insatiable. In her episode 6 guesting, she uttered this line which was one of the more memorable lines in the dark humor series.
  7. “Nobody remembers the runners up…”
    – during her media tour with Insatiable main cast Dallas Roberts and Debby Ryan, Gloria brought her Diva game with her and uttered this sharp but very divalicious line.
  8. “My Miss Universe trophy? I left that at the airport — excess baggage.”
    – this one truly illustrates her #divaliciousness. Her trophy is supposed to be sitting somewhere in the Philippine Airlines office in San Francisco.
  9. “You can harp all you want to be a runner up, but in the end they only remember the one who won.”
    – the statement was rumored to be a snide comment on Ruffa Gutierrez’ win as Miss World 2nd Princess in 1993, when Gloria was allegedly irked at Ruffa wearing her tiara in every public appearance.

Did we miss any of her divalicious quotes? Write them down below on the comment section…

Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi

How rare is it for a black African woman to win Miss Universe?
Well very rare. Let’s put it this way, out of 67 women who have won the Miss Universe title, only 3 black African women from the continent has been named MU.
The 6th black woman and the 3rd black African lady to ever win the Miss Universe title is Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa. And today we put the spotlight on her.

Zozibini is the third woman from South Africa to win the title, and the second black woman after Leila Lopes of Angola was crowned Miss Universe 2011. The 5’8 Zozi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and image management in 2018. Her pageantry career began back in 2017, when she was named as one of the top 26 semifinalists of Miss South Africa 2017. She failed though to make it to the final 12 candidates to compete for the title on the coronation night.

"I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today is leadership. It's something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time, not because we don't want to but because of what society has labelled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity and that is what we should be teaching these young girls, to take up space, nothing is as important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself."
- Zozibini Tunzi's final answer at Miss Universe 2019

Here’s clips from a Hollywood Life article on the things you should know about her:
1. She’s a passionate advocate and activist for women’s rights and equality. Zozibini’s campaign as Miss South Africa included partnering with HeForShe, a UN organization represented by celebrities like Emma Watson that encourages men to fight alongside women for gender equality. Zozibini asked that South African men to write messages of support to women, which would be printed on pieces of ribbon. Those notes made up her national costume at Miss Universe!
2. She’s close to her parents. On the day of Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini posted a loving message to her parents, Philiswa Nadapu and Lungisa Tunzi, on Instagram. She captioned a set of photos, which showed her parents hanging out with her backstage, “I am because you are. You’ve given me life, you’ve raised me to be the woman I am so that I can stand in a far away land proudly knowing where I’m rooted and where I come from. You’ve sacrificed so much and fought battles I don’t even know about, everything so that we could have all the opportunities the Universe has to offer. I am forever grateful and hope to make you proud, every single day of my life! Ndiyabulela, kwaye ndinithanda ngentliziyo yam yonke.❤️
3. She’s a public relations specialist. Zozibini graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and image management from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, in 2018. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Technology graduate degree in public relations, also at Cape Peninsula, shortly before winning Miss South Africa. She held an internship during grad school in the PR department of Ogilvy Cape Town.

Year-End Special: 10 Filipina Beauty Queens That Defined The 2010’s

In the years 2010 to 2019, the Philippines has produced some of the most memorable wins and placements in every international pageant of note. However, only a few of them has remained in our collective psyche’s over the years.

NOTE: before we proceed with the list, this blogger has to dig deep into our image archives for the old photocollages from the early 2010’s. So you will be seeing how our visuals have changed through the years. You will be seeing our old collages from the old Sash Factor blog with its white and blue imagery to the current black and gold. This blogger hopes that this will make you truly appreciative of how long have we come in pageantry…

Here is our list of the decade defining Filipinas in Philippine pageantry:
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Was 2019 a Repeat of 2014?

2019 was almost a repeat of our placements in 2014. After winning multiple crowns the year before, the placements in 2019 were  decidedly lower.

In 2014, we had Aces & Queens girls Bianca Guidotti (unplaced at Miss International),  Valerie Weigmann (top 20 at Miss World) and Kagandahang Flores girls Mary Jean Lastimosa (top 10 in Miss Universe) and Jamie Herrell (Miss Earth). This time however, 2019 saw Janelle Tee in the ME top 20, Michelle Dee in the MW top 12, Bea Patricia Magtanong in the MI top 8 and Gazini Ganados making top 20. So what possibly went wrong for our reps this year?

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Gazini Ganados’ Final Walk: Bb. Pilipinas or Miss Universe Philippines?

Will reigning Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados take her final walk in Binibining Pilipinas? Or will it be in Miss Universe Philippines?
With the establishment of a new national pageant comes with a headache. Where will Gazini Ganados take her final walk as Miss Universe Philippines 2019? Read our thoughts below…

This blogger feels that there will be a tug of war between two national pageants on Gazini Ganados’ farewell walk. There surely will be a catfight between the organizations specially if they both time their finals/ coronation night on the same date. While that possibility has a slim chance to happen, it still is a possibility if the two pageant are aired on separate television networks. So the question is not who ‘owns her contract’ but on which organization is the bigger one to be willing to share her schedule.

Gazini Ganados is the last Miss Universe Philippines produced by the Binibining Pilipinas pageant so it makes sense that she takes her final walk at Binibining Pilipinas 2020. But it also makes sense that she should be able to crown her successor in the 2020 Miss Universe Philippines pageant. Hopefully both organizations can work out their schedules so that everyone is satisfied, but most importantly both organizations are able to give nod to a winner that served them both to the best of her abilities.

Let us know your thoughts on the poll below or on the comment section…

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Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados in her national costume depicting the Philippine Eagle! Master couturier Cary Santiago used his fabric manipulation techniques for this national costume. It also features fabric laser cutting, one of the designer's favorite technique. No single feather is used in this costume which is a marvel in construction. It was all fabric! • • • • • • Atlanta Marriott Marquis Miss Universe Philippines 2019 @gazinii National Costume inspired by the Philippine Eagle by the master coutourier @carysantiago 🇵🇭👏🏻 #Repost @iamolisara . . . . . #SashesAndScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #GaziniGanados #MissUniverse #MissUniversePhilippines #MissUniverse2019 #MissUniverso #bbpilipinas #BinibiningPilipinas

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Vartika Singh: India’s Best

Can Miss Universe India, Vartika Singh bring back India in the Miss Universe finals?

One of the girls that Sashes&Scripts personally like is this lovely Indian lass, Vartika Singh. This former Miss Grand International 2nd runner up is now competing in Miss Universe and is one of the best faces in the competition.

Vartika Singh is no stranger to pageants. She previously joined Miss Diva 2014 where she was among the top 7, and then later participated in Femina Miss India 2015 where she won the title of Miss Grand India. Earlier in September she was crowned by appointment to compete in Miss Universe. Present in the ceremonies was outgoing Miss Universe India Nehal Chudasama who passed her title to Vartika.

“I am lucky to get another chance to represent my country on such a big platform. I believe that besides hard work, lady luck should be with you and yes, I believe she is with me. I thank the “The Times of India Group” for having that faith in me, I will try my level best to bring back the ultimate crown in this world. It’s more than dream come true for me and I hope everybody supports me in this journey.” - Vartika Singh, Miss Universe India 2019

Vartika hails from India’s Uttar Pradesh state and has been working for projects on nutrition as well as women’s and children’s health initiatives as part of her state’s World Bank’s Health Care Project. In 2018, Vartika founded a non-profit organization called ‘Pure Humans . She also had worked alongside Smile Train and other govermental agencies in her state on Tuberculosis awareness.

With that kind of resume, Vartika should easily coast along the semis. And if she does make it among the top20 this year, she needs to re-evaluate her evening gown choice as the red number she wore in the prelims didn’t do her justice. She also has an amazing face that she should really try to show off in the competition. India has been missing in the MU semis since 2016 and it is time for them to make a strong comeback…

Madison Anderson, Obstacles She Had to Face

Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019,  Madison Anderson Berrios has not had it easy with criticism since she won the title several month ago.

The blonde Florida-born beauty queen was born to a Puerto Rican mother and American father on November 10, 1995, in Orlando. Having been raised in the U.S. by a Puerto Rican mother, she grew up with a strong foothold within both the American and Puerto Rican cultures. Growing up in Orlando, which has a large Puerto Rican population, Madison was able to experience the liveliness of her Latino background. But when she won the Miss Puerto Rico crown, she was inundated for her limited Spanish-speaking ability.
In an interview with Hola magazine, she details some of her struggles that came along with the title.

Your first language is English and many Puerto Ricans have criticized you for not speaking Spanish fluently. What would you tell those people?
"At first they criticized me a lot, but now I have the support of my entire island. Of course, there will always be haters, but I have the majority support of my people. I also have fans around the whole world, so my language doesn’t limit me."

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve faced dating with the language barrier?
"Definitely having to learn the language in such little time. I felt a lot of pressure and it was difficult learning Spanish because I know how it can be expressed in English and I want to say the same thing in Spanish. I learned that patience is key for this. I’m happy with the Spanish I’ve learned. Although, I still don’t speak it perfectly, I can communicate if I need to."

What social issues are important to you?
"I’m proud to have a platform to be a voice for my island, and I’m working with women and children en San Jorge Woman and Children Hospital as well as doing talks in schools to stop bullying and domestic violence."

What message do you want to send to the next generation?
"That nothing in the world is impossible. If I was able to do it, anyone can."

Language may have been a barrier for her but she has been able to prove herself to be a capable winner. Since winning, she has volunteered and helped raise funds for victims of Hurricane Maria which struck the island and displaced many of the island’s residents.
There is triumph even in obstacles and Madison is a proof that barriers can be overcome…

Sashes&Scripts on the Bottomline with Gazini Ganados

It was the first time that we saw how The Bottomline is taped and it was an experience to remember. Today’s post are about the things you will not see come airing on November 30th. These are the side stories of what happened behind the scenes!
When I was invited to join the panel for The Bottomline, I didn’t hesitate for even one second. It was a chance for me to see Gazini one last time up-close before she departs for the Miss Universe pageant on November 26th.

I was glad to know that I will be joining familiar faces for the TV guesting. I was able to chat with some pageant friends prior to the taping. Upon entering the ELJ premises we were already discussing gossips and rumors surrounding the local pageant scene, from franchise switching to pageant girls and training. But when Clint Klarkins (2018 Man of the World 1st runner up), Jehza Huelar (Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2018), George de Lumen (Mister Universal Ambassador 2018) and Sir Gio Flores of KF arrived, the gossip session got interrupted.
It was perhaps happenstance that Sir Gio and I had a conversation about the weird Miss Universe stage because it lead us to wander around to talk about how will Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados manage the stage horizontal stage. This year, the stage looked more like a side to side/ pendulum stage rather than the usual stage we see in pageants. So while we were discussing that, Sir Gio brought me to Gazini’s dressing room.
There she was with her Binibining Pilipinas chaperone Miss Jen who was more relaxed compared to her strict self during send-offs. Gazini was reviewing and writing on her notes, squeezing in more talking points while waiting for the taping to start. You see, despite all the MUP scheduled activity for her, the lovely Cebuana still manages to try and give time to do her pasarela, q&a training, and physical fitness regime. Even in during the waiting time she was busy reading her notes, asking what certain words mean, writing down some thoughts or sound bites.

Gazini was absolutely gorgeous and could not be anymore radiant than she is currently. She looks much better in person and doesn’t need much make up to look good. Our conversation centered around how long her hair is now (although she has some extensions placed in) than during the time I first sat down with her in a conversation earlier this year. We laughed about how that Pizza Hut meet and greet seemed to be so far behind when it only happened during the first quarter of this year. So much has changed since then and now she is off to compete in Miss Universe.
During the wait time, I was able to learn that on a daily basis Gazini has a morning fitness regime as well as an evening set of physical training. And due to her tight schedules, it helps that her fitness trainor is available thru an online app so that Gazini can train on her own without going to the gym. I was witness as well how accommodating she is to sudden changes in her schedule as an assistant to Tito Boy Abunda popped in asking of Gazini was up for one last training session before the weekend. After some haggling of schedules she’s moved around, a time and place was agreed upon. In between a Wednesday taping for The Bottomline and a flight back to Cebu on a Saturday, Gazini still had some public appearances and a couple of photoshoots to do plus her final one-on-one with Tito Boy. You gotta admire a lady who will go every extra mile to accomplish every work and responsibility even in a tight timetable.

This was also the time that I was able to learn about a special project with regards to Gazini’s campaign for the Miss Universe title. That would be the special project we are calling as TIMELESS. If that hasn’t been made public as of this blogpost, I can say every pageant fan should be on the look out for that. Even ABSCBN is said to be on-board for it, so it truly is something to look out for. We are also given clues on her wardrobe and styling, as well as we were able to part with her some pageant gossips and some tips to help boost her morale. Of course there was so much more that we are witness to in Dressing Room #6. Some we cannot talk about at all, while others in the coming days to come.
Now here is our answer to what everyone is asking us after the TBL guesting: will we have a Miss Universe back to back? Our response is this: A top 10 finish – it is expected, top 5 – a little less easy, top 3 – a bit difficult, a back to back win – NOT IMPOSSIBLE…

Filipina Beauty Queens as Muses for the ASEAN Games

Filipina beauty queens who have recently won international titles will lead athletes from all over the ASEAN region for the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games during the traditional Athlete’s Parade.
You know that pageantry is innate to Philippine culture when the ladies selected to be muses of the ASEAN countries are all beauty queens!

Filipina beauties Pia Wurtzbach, Lara Quigaman, Megan Young, Angelia, Ong, Jamie Herrell leads the 11 beauty muses for the ASEAN countries participating in the sports event. Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, will accompany the Philippine delegates in the parade while Miss International 2006 Precious Lara Quigaman will be with the muse of Malaysia.
Megan Young, Miss World 2013, will be the muse of Indonesia befitting because she won the Philippines’ first MW crow in Bali, Indonesia.
Three of the most recent Miss Earth winners from the Philippines are also present. Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco will be the muse for Myanmar, Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrel for Singapore and Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong for Thailand.

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When you have more international crowns than there are ASEAN countries. This is going to be one of the biggest gathering of Filipina international titleholders in recent years, irrespective of their national orgs. • • • • • • #Repost @benjong_butones These Filipina beauty queens will serve as muses and country name bearer for each participating delegation of the 30th Southeast Asian Games on November 30 #PowerhouseOfBeauty #AndamiPaHindiKasama #KahitOlympicsKayaNatinIsustainAngPaandarNaYan Cheret!!! . . . . . #SashesAndScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #MissUniverse #MissEarth #MissInternational #MissWorld #missintercontinental #missasiapacificinternational #missecointernational

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Other beauty queens in the parade are Miss Intercontinental 2018 Karen Gallman for Brunei Darussalam; Miss Tourism 2017 Janine Alipoon for East Timor; and Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 Sharifa Akeel for Vietnam.
Two beauty queen turned actresses will also be present. Cynthia Thomalla, Miss Eco International 2018, will be the muse of Laos and Sophia Seronon, Miss Multinational 2017 will be the muse of Cambodia.

#MANicMondays: Chema Garcia Malavia

Meet the hot Spaniard who almost romped away with the Mister Global 2016 title.
Chema Garcia Malavia was Mister Global Spain 2016 and was 2nd runner up at the Mister Global 2016 pageant. The brown-eyed brunette stands 6’1″ tall and has been modeling since he started modeling in 2012.

In an interview with the online fashion portal, Marshion, the now 33 year old Chema mentioned about his start as a Pentathlon athlete which an injury put a stop into. Here is a snippet of that interview:

My name is Chema Malavia, I'm 32 years old and I [was] borne in Hospitalet, a city closed to Barcelona. I grown up in a working class neighborhood and since I was 7 years old I have been practicing sport. Doctor recommended to my parent that I start to do swim for my spine was some crooked, I did some autonomic and nationals championships, getting some medals in them. In 2006 I received a very good news, the Spanish team of modern pentathlon gave me a sports scholarship to be able to train in a high performance sportscenter, with the best national sportsmen of different sports such as gymnastics, athletics, tennis,t etc…

I was training there 3 year representing my country in European and world championships all was really amazing until I got an injury in my knee an I had to give up the high performance sport.
Then I started to work as a teacher swimmer and life guard, and for sure I started with the gym doing very good workouts, and getting good shape, is 4 years after, in 2012 when I start to do modeling shooting for some swimwear brands.
In 2014 I participated in a national  beauty contest Mr. España when I get the 4th runner up and after that I start with professional modeling doing model travels in destinations shuch as Istanbul(Turkey), Mumbai(India) or Vienna (Austria).

In 2016 I had the opportunity to represent Spain in a international contest called Mister Global taking the second runner up position.
since I started modeling live I'm fighting to can achieve my dream as a model, and that is to arrive Miami, Los Angeles, and New York and to get good jobs there in USA.

Here are several more black and white photos of this Spanish hunk…

20+ Questions for Samantha Lo

All these rumors and gossips surrounding Binibining Pilipinas winner Samantha Lo has put everyone into a tailspin. So many questions, and yet so little answers available…

  1. Why is Samantha carrying a tampered and altered /fake Philippine passport?
  2. She has been in the Philippines for several years now, why didn’t she made steps to procure or file for a legitimate passport?
  3. Why didn’t the BPCI undergo a more thorough inspection of her passport? Was the fake passport look so real that they were duped to believe it was a valid one?
  4. Did BPCI commit negligence in this area?
  5. Will BPCI file a case against her for breaking the rules against filing falsified documents?
  6. Did Samantha knowingly lie about her passport to the BPCI officials?
  7. Did she knowingly committed falsification of public documents with her fake Filipino passport?
  8. Does her parents’ statement that they used a “fixer” to procure for her a passport constitute an admission of a crime? Can they be legally culpable for committing a crime?
  9. If she or her family falsified her Philippine passport, does this mean she is not a Filipino Citizen? Does she have any other proof of citizenship? Was she born in the Philippines?
  10. If her proof of Filipino Citizenship is only her passport and she does not have any other legal documents proving that she is a Filipino, does this place her and her family as ‘illegal aliens’ in the Philippines?
  11. If she isn’t a Filipino Citizen, does this mean she is overstaying in the Philippines and thus an illegal alien? Is this grounds for deportation? Grounds for a legal case?
  12. If she or her family is found guilty in knowingly falsifying a Philippine passport, will they face jail time?
    Republic Act No. 8239 otherwise known as the Philippine Passport of 1996 states that anyone who – A) Makes any false statement in any application for passport with the intent to induce or secure the issuance of a passport under the authority of the Philippine Government, either for his own use or the use of another, contrary to this Act or rules and regulations prescribed pursuant hereto shall be punished by a fine of not less than Fifteen thousand pesos (P15,000) nor more than Sixty thousand pesos (P60,000) and imprisonment of not less than three (3) years nor more than ten (10) years: or  B) Uses or attempts to use any passport which was secured in any way by reason of any false statements, shall be punished by a fine of not less that Fifteen thousand pesos (15,000) nor more than Sixty thousand pesos (60,000) and imprisonment of not less that three (3) years, but not more than ten (10) years

  13. If she falsified her Philippine passport, does this mean that she broke rules of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. regarding citizenship?
  14. If indeed she submitted fraudulent/ tampered documents, will this be enough grounds for dethronement?
  15. Will she be willing to resign her title if proven that she committed falsification of public documents? If she won’t, can BPCI file a case against her?
  16. Was her camp, mentors, social media team, etc… aware that she didn’t have a valid Philippine passport? If they did, were they accessory to the crime or innocent victims of circumstances?
  17. If she doesn’t have a Filipino passport a or is proven not to be a Filipino Citizen, can she still return to the Philippines?
  18. Will she return to the Philippines if she faces legal action and/or jail time?
  19. If returns to the Philippines, will she be detained for not having a passport? Will she be immediately deported in the US or will face legal court?
  20. What should she do next?

We personally hate this predicament both parties are in. Both committed shortcomings but it is clear that Samantha and/or her family committed the bigger crime by obtaining a fake passport. This is a crime punishable by law and goes beyond breaking BPCI rules.
IMHO, when she arrived in Venezuela she should have just posted a short message that says she has arrived and that she is competing. She shouldn’t have added the snide shady comments against her ‘local organization’ because it prompted BPCI to release a different statement of their own. A statement that will question her integrity and honesty. Painting the BPCI in a terrible light has only backfired as her can of worms is now open for everyone to see. Samantha may have the fighting spirit but she lacked the tact, grace and diplomacy to navigate these troublesome waters she is in. She and the BPCI should have kept quiet and settled this behind closed-door meetings rather than see it made public…