PhotoCollage of the Day: DR Swim Sakura Collection

Check out these photos of Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2016 Joanna Eden, Mister Worldwide Universe Philippines Jolo Dayrit, and Man of the World Philippines 2017 Chriz Dulagan in DR Swim Sakura Collection

arvin cruz

bts photog Carlo Damocles
stylist Patrick Henry Mergano
Kevin Dela Cruz
creative director Drei Soriano
make up Oliver Bumatay Glenn Mendoza Gokongwei Lhexie Pangilinan David Yamileth Torres
accesories Christopher E Munar
shoes Jojo Bragais
set design HGR EVENTS Henry Reyes


Emma Sheedy Won’t Compete in Miss Earth 2017!

Miss Earth Guam Emma Sheedy won’t be competing in Miss Earth this year!

Below is an official press release from her regarding this matter:
Yesterday I got news of a slight set back in my journey to being Miss Earth. I will not be representing Guam in the International Miss Earth Pageant 2017, due to age requirements. The age requirement is 18. Being that I’m turning 18 in January they thought I would be able to compete due to the new year which is incorrect. The Miss Earth Guam organization misunderstood the policy. In a show of commitment in me, the Miss Earth Guam organization will not be sending a delegate to compete this year.
I however, will be competing in the International Miss Earth Pageant in 2018. My rein and journey has just begun. Watch out for Miss Earth Guam 2017/18 because I’m not going anywhere. I would like to thank MEG for their dedication and confidence in me.
Earthlings, fans, family and friends continue to follow my journey as Miss Earth Guam as I become a stronger delegate and do more for my beautiful island of Guam. Oh, one more thing- current and future delegates I will be watching- see you soon.

On a personal note, I am quite sad about this development. I believe that Emma is one of the ladies to watch out for in this year’s Miss Earth edition, and that she is definitely a shoo-in for the winners. Despite this set-back I am still relieved that she can come back next year to compete. I hope and wish her all the best, and I hope that when she competes later in 2018, she would be successful as I believed her to be…

PhotoCollage of the Day: Rachel Peters for Jeffrey Rogador

Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters’s shoot for the September issue of the Philippine Tatler is recently released and we have several photos from the mag!

Love Local Fashion Editor: Monique Madsen
Photography : Paolo Pineda
Designer: Jeffrey Rogador

Sashes&Scripts Special Feature: A Spotlight on HIV-AIDS Advocacy

Pia Wurtzbach, Bianca Guidotti, Katarina Rodriguez, Sam Ajdani, Reniel Villareal, Rick Kristopher Palencia, Willan Pagayon, Kevin Balot and even now Catriona Gray have spoken in awareness of the growing HIV-AIDS epidemic that is now gripping the country. 

Here is what we should know about this epidemic:
1. The Philippines has become the country with the fastest growing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic in the Asia Pacific region
2. The Philippines recorded a 140% increase in the number of new infections… At the end of 2016, there were 10,500 Filipinos infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) up from 4,300 in 2010.
3. The Philippines has become one of the eight countries accounting for more than 90 percent of new HIV infections in Asia and the Pacific. The number of new infections in the country, however, is not as high as several countries in the region which have tens of thousands of new infections every year.
4. In 2016, 83 percent of new HIV cases occurred among males who have sex with males (MSM) and transgender women who have sex with males (TGW). Majority of these infections were reported among 15- to 24-year-old MSM and TGW.

5. Only 35% of MSM and TGW aged 15 to 24 had correct knowledge on HIV transmission and prevention. Two out of three new HIV infections were among 15 to 24 year-old men, who she said have insufficient awareness of HIV, its symptoms and treatment.
6. In May 2017 alone saw 1,098 new cases of HIV infections in the Philippines, the highest recorded number of cases since 1984 when infections were first reported.
7. Most of the men had their first sexual encounter at 16 years old and only get tested for HIV eight years later.
8. The Department of Health is now providing free antiretroviral medicine to anyone who tests positive for HIV and other out-patient services to a maximum of P30,000 per person annually. The DOH has three HIV treatment hubs in Metro Manila—Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, San Lazaro Hospital and Makati Medical Center.

Photo from Philippine Star…

Those who are 90’s babies are quite familiar with the HIV-AIDS epidemic that gripped the world in the 1970’s to the mid-90’s. This was quite a huge deal for the LGBT community back then as it further ostracized the gay community. It is just sad that despite advancement in communications and technology, the fight still lingers on with HIV-AIDS gaining an upper-hand.

This is why there is a need for this post, a need for beauty queens  and pageant fans to spread awareness of how this disease is a huge risk to Filipinos, specially to the LGBT community. It is timely, it is relevant (as Pia Wurtzbach said back in Miss Universe 2015), even more so now that the Philippines seems to be at the eye of the storm. The Filipino pageant community should help to their part, not just our beauty queens to spread awareness.
Below are some of the available links for HIV-AIDS awareness and support in the Philippines:
Don’t be another statistic in the HIV epidemic. Protect yourselves and your partner, be in the know, get tested, spread the word… 


The Top 5 Misconceptions about Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta

There have been some hate that Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. Chair person Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta over the years from a number of pageant fans. Today, we will try to shed some light on a woman who have championed the Filipina beauty queens for more than 50 years. A woman who calls herself a Filipina. A woman who despite the tremendous power she yields in the pageant, has never defended herself publicly. A woman whose had to make tough choices for her organization, yet is mired with numerous misconceptions on her persona…

1. She is a Cheapskate – just because she knows what areas she has to spend on and where she doesn’t need to pour money on does not make her cheap. She forgoes those expenses that aren’t of major importance or does not forward the interests of the organization or the BBP pageant. We cannot image her not having allotted budgets to pay for franchise that would cost about 5-figures in USD. What is the point of having new crowns if she isn’t able to pay for the yearly annual fees of the international pageants she sends our BBP winners to? Granted that there is a need to change crowns but those don’t come easy. This is just a simple case of prioritizing on SMA on what matters the most to the BBP winners and the org.
2. She is too “Alta” or she is ‘Matapobre’ – she is far from that as she would be very accommodating to pageant fans. This is illustrated on how she would accommodate a number of Filipinos during the Miss Universe pageant to be able to get in the rehearsals of the girls. Of course pageant fans have to understand that when you are meeting a person of position you would want to look your best and not appear as someone who would be begging for scraps under her table. No one would take you seriously if you would look scrappy or untidy. Nobody would like to get too close with one with unpleasant smell either.

3. She gets a cut from the girls’ winnings – this would be an flat-out lie as some of winners have mentioned in interviews that their international winnings are their own. The only time that BPCI gets a cut from the girls’ fees are from public engagements they do under BBP (meaning they go as Bb. Pilipinas winners officially with their sash and/or crown). This is also perhaps the reason why the winners’ contracts are actually 18 months long. It allows BPCI to squeeze in possible revenues from the girls’ official public appearances. 
4. She has all the money to spend – this is actually false. The BPCI gets much of its annual budget from the sponsorships they get during the BBP pageant season. Whatever income they get, they spend back on the pageant, on the franchise fees, training and wardrobe, etc… BPCI is not funded by the government and it is a non-profit organization which means that SMA has to self-sustain her organization thru its own income generators. So imagine the scenario of having to earn your main paycheck only once in a year and you have to make sure that paycheck will allow you to survive the entire 12 months. That is actually how it is for any pageant out there. 
5. She hates Filipino Designers – this one is a fallacy for the books. When SMA instituted the restrictions on pageant gowns in the late 90’s this came from terrible experiences with local designers in the past. There were those designers who would feud regarding the girls in the pageant. Then there was the straw that broke the camel’s back (so to speak). When one of our MU reps switched her gown to a local designer when SMA bought a supposed designer gown (it was said to be a Bob Mackie) for the prelims. MUOrg reps talked to her and was rumored to have said that she sent a gorgeous girl but was given a horrendous gown. Said girl had scores that placed her among the top 16-18 that year.

There is a lot of flak that SMA has been receiving in the past years from Pinoy pageant fans. If she is so bad at her job then why did the Miss Universe rumored to have turned down a takeover that is willing to pay twice the current franchise of the pageant? Or that SMA had navigated the pageant through highs and lows in over 50 years of BPCI?
Pageant fans rarely have the chance to meet Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta in person and get to interact with her. And it is that unfamiliarity that causes them to pass quick judgement without getting the overall scene. What they usually see is a microscopic view of how a pageant is managed. Hopefully there would be less hate and a little more respect to go around after this post…