Is There a Need for a Male Alpha Pageant List?

Back in 2016, in our old Sash Factor blog, we have written an article regarding the Alpha pageant for male pageants. That concept didn’t fly with the fans.

It was discussed that male pageantry does not command the same level of respect as the more established female pageants; hence an Alpha list is too difficult to sell. As compared to female pageants, male pageants are fairly young as most male pageants were borne in the late 90s and early 2000s. There were numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, crown-buying and fixing, cash prizes never awarded, and shady business practices that marred the male pageant industry. And these are possibly the reasons why an Alpha status doesn’t stick with male pageants.

But is it time for everyone to reconsider having a list for the Male Alpha Pageants?


Mister World – established in 1996, this is one of the oldest and longest running male pageants around. The competition is originally held every other year. So far the competition has 10 winners since it was established.

Manhunt International – is the oldest existing male competition established in 1993. The annual competition has skipped 7 editions in its 26 year history.

Mister International – the annual male pageant was established in 2006 and has been consistently held until it skipped a year in 2017. Paul Iskandar reigned from 2016-2017 until he passed his title to Seung Hwan Lee in April 30, 2018.

Mister Supranational – one of the youngest established male pageants but certainly one of the glossiest in terms of its finals. The competition was established in 2016 and has 4 winners so far.

Mister Global – established in 2014 the Thai-owned pageant has had six editions so far.

Mister Gay World – this male pageant is exclusive for gay males and has been around since 2009.


Personally, there is no need to create an Alpha list for male pageants, at least NOT YET. Here’s why.
First is that male pageants need to clean up its act. If a long running male pageant has allegations of ‘fixing the winner’ to their favorites, or if another long running male pageant has alleged sexual favors being exchanged behind the scenes, then you know that the male pageant industry as a whole need to be run honorably and as clean as possible. There have been allegations of winners not receiving their cash prizes long after their reigns are over. There are also rumors of male pageant winners who did not sign their contracts with international orgs due to unfair compensation.
The male pageant industry still has long ways to go in terms of having a respectably run male pageant that is both consistently staged and with enough post-coronation activities for the winner. Mister Supranational is on its way in terms of how the pageant is run but there are areas still in need of improvement and inclusion. Among the male pageants currently in existence, the Mister Supranational is perhaps comes on top of the list in male pageants despite it being around for only 4 years. Mister World has been held inconsistently held and is deemed as a poor brother to the Miss World pageant. It is also unclear how they are judged during the finals night to bring about a winner. Manhunt International’s long hiatus in between its staging has damaged its popularity when it used to be the top male competition in the late 90s to early 2000s.

All of this contributes to our opinion that an Alpha status for male pageants is yet too early and premature.

How about you? Is it time to revisit the idea of creating a Male Alpha Pageant list?

Nick Nolte: Bare, Bold and Brazen

Today is not your typical #MANicMondays! For the third time that we are posting about Mister International Thailand and 2019 Mister International top 10 semifinalist, Nick Nolte.

If you thought that the previous posts were hot, then this will make your day boil. Fair warning to those who are underage and get easily offended by the male form, you can opt out now.
Continue reading “Nick Nolte: Bare, Bold and Brazen”

Mister International Thailand, Nick Nolte Continues to Sizzle

If you thought that our first blogpost on Mister International Thailand, Nick Nolte was steamy, you’ve seen nothing yet!
WARNING: before you jump into the photos in this article, you should be 18+ to view the following risque material. If nudity is offensive to you, then you should leave. Continue reading “Mister International Thailand, Nick Nolte Continues to Sizzle”

#MANicMondays: Mister International Thailand, Nick Nolte

Hot stuff coming through!!!

Meet the hot stud from Bangkok representing Thailand in the Mister International competition. Fair warning! His modeling photos are a real scorcher! So avoid looking at them from your office place!

Nick Nolte is a 28 years old Thai-German model who was selected to become Mister International Thailand and compete in this year’s edition happening in Manila. Nick was born and raised in Germany before moving to Thailand. The brown-eyed, mixed blood hunk stands 5’10” tall (1.78m tall) and has one of the more interesting looks in the Mister International pageant this year.

Currently he is working as a Management Assistant and model, and hopes to advance in both industries. He can speak 3 language; Thai, English, and German. When he is not working, he volunteers at the kids English camps teaching English.

Sashes&Scripts’ Mister International 2019 Final Leaderboard

Despite not having much fanfare this year, we list down our favorites for the Mister International title!
If there is something that male pageants have to learn about schedules and timing, that is to never coincide it with a Miss Universe homecoming parade. This is one lesson that the Mister International male pageant should have learned as all of pageantry’s attention is on Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s grand homecoming.

Nevertheless we still have listed our favorites for the title to be vacated by Seung Hwan Lee of South Korea. Here are the gents on our list!
Possible Spoilers:
Slovenia, Peru, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico
Semifinalists – If there will only be a top 15 this year, these are the hunks that we feel will most likely make it past the first cut.
15. Lebanon, Mohamad Taha (5 ft 11 1⁄2 in)
14.  India, Balaji Murugadoss (6 ft 12 in)
13. Spain, Jesús Collado (6 ft 5 12 in)
12. Korea, Hwang Dae-woong (5 ft 11 in)
11. Panama, Juan Ángel Barragán Gaviria (6 ft 1 in)
Top 5 Alternates 
Australia, Harrison Hans Luna (6 ft 3 in)
Poland, Tomasz Zarzycki (6 ft 2 in)
Norway, Mathias Duma (6 ft 1⁄2 in)
Thailand, Nick Nolte (5 ft 10 in)
Puerto Rico, Julián Rivera (5 ft 11 in)
Top 5 – This is a strong top 5 pick as each of these hunks could equally be deserving of the title. Nobody below 6′ tall made it surprisingly in this list of top candidates!
5. Dominican Rep, Arturo ‘Tuto’ Paredes (6 ft 3 in)
4. Vietnam, Trinh Bao (6 ft 1 in)
3. Hong Kong, Wai Kin Kwan (6 ft 12 in)
2. Czech Republic, Jirka Kmonicek (6 ft 1 in)
1. Venezuela, Francesco Piscitelli (6 ft 0 in)

#MANicMondays: Paul Iskandar, Mister International 2016

Paul Iskandar from Lebanon was declared as the winner of Mister International 2016 at the finale held at the Asiatique The Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand. The then 23 year old Lebanese hunk battled it out with 34 other contestants to claim the title. He succeeded Pedro Mendes from Switzerland.

Here is how he describes himself in an interview with StarCentral* magazine:
My name is Paul Iskandar, I was born in Paris, of Lebanese parents and I moved back to Lebanon when I was seven years old. I started playing Basketball when I was younger, and I ended up receiving a scholarship in high school and university. At the age of 17, I started taking on modeling jobs after being discovered on TV playing basketball by my mother agency in Lebanon. After that, I started working on my fitness career, and I got a BA in physical education and sports. I managed the best gyms in Lebanon, traveled a lot for photo shoots and work and ended up winning Mister Lebanon – I represented Lebanon in the 2016-17 Mister International competition, and I won.

After winning the competition, I became known on a bigger scale worldwide and I traveled around the world for work and attending events under the Mister International organization. I currently have a number of offers in the US, so I will be signing very soon after finishing my current contract in the Far East. I’ll later be based in Miami and NewYork.


Mister International 2017-18 Winners!

The 12th edition of the Mister International pageant, held on April 30, 2018 at National Theatre of Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar. After being delayed to a year after, Korea’s Seung Hwan Lee emerged victorious among a field of 36 competitors.

Mister International 2017 – Seung Hwan Lee
1st Runner up – Colombia, Manuel Molano
2nd Runner up – South Africa, Dwayne Geldenhuis
Top 5 (alphabetical order)
Switzerland, Alessio Costantini
Vietnam, Tran Minh Trung
The 23-year-old hunk from Seoul succeeds previous titleholder Paul Iskandar of Lebanon. He stands 6’0″ tall and was crowned Mister International Korea 2017 in October of last year.

Top 10(alphabetical order)
Japan, Taizan Matsuura
Nicaragua, Elvis Murillo
Philippines, Raven Renz Lansangan
Puerto Rico, Joseph Disdier
Venezuela, Ignacio Milles
Top 16 (alphabetical order)
Indonesia, Alvalino Kasenda
Lebanon, Michael Khouri
Mexico, Armando Osuna
Netherlands, Jeremy Lensink
Poland, Arkady Zadrozny
Spain, Ruben Castillero

L-R: Colombia’s Manuel Molina, Mister International Seung Hwan Lee and 2nd runner up Dwayne Geldenhuis of South Africa…

Mister International 2016-17 Paul Iskandar wasn’t on the host city to crown his successor. He explained his absence in a Facebook post explaining that the Mr. International organization failed to arrange for his papers to be able to fly to Myanmar.

An Inspiring tale of Jaren N. Guerrero, Mister International Guam 2018

Today’s #MANicMondays blogpost is about Jaren N. Guerrero. He is one of the hunks competing in Mister International 2018 finals today, April 30th in Yangon, Myanmar. Jaren Guerrero is a 25 year old body building enthusiast who dreams of becoming a firefighter one day.

I come from a rough up bringing, growing up we didn’t always have it all. My family struggled to make ends meet and keep me and my siblings fed and happy. I remember our house roof would leak when it rained and the house was made purely of tin.
As I got older things got a better but in high school I was diagnosed with scoliosis. It’s a curvature of the spine. The doctor told my parents that if I didn’t get surgery, my right lung would have been punctured, causing me some major health issues. I got the surgery and now have two titanium plates holding my spine straight.
I was bedridden for 2 weeks and had to learn how to walk again at the age of 17. The doctors told me after surgery I wasn’t allowed to play any physical or extreme sports that would hurt the body. I didn’t listen and ended up seeing bodybuilding as an outlet for me.

Looking at my physique you wouldn’t guess I had surgery. I am now Guam’s Top 6 physique. I come from a lot of trials and tribulations, but nothing ever stopped me from doing what i love. With the love and support i receive from my family, i hope to change not only my life but my family’s as well. I’m doing this for them.

#MANicMondays: Vinicio Modolo, 2016 Mister International 2nd Runner Up

Distinctly handsome and drop dead gorgeous. That is Vinicio Modolo, Mister International – Italy 2016 and Mister International 2016 2nd runner up.

The 6’2″ Vinicio is today’s featured hunk for today’s MANic Mondays post. The brown-haired, brown-eyed hunk was a student of engineering when he competed in the Mister International competition held in Bangkok. He finished behind Paul Iskandar of Lebanon and Masaya Yamagishi of Japan…

Lebanese Mister International Winners

Lebanon has the most number of winners from this Singapore-based pageant with three winners since its inception in 2006. To perk up your day, we feature today three Mister International winners from Lebanon: Wissam Hanna, Ali Hammoud and Paul Iskandar.

Wissam Hanna – On October 7, 2006, Wissam Hanna made history when he was crowned Mister International, becoming the first ever man from Lebanon and the world to bring home the title. Wissam was a showstopper, topping every competition during the inaugural pageant held in Singapore. During his reign, he was actively involved in various charities in his native Lebanon and across the Middle East; and still continues to do so today. His current success includes acting, TV hosting, and modeling.

Ali Hammoud – In November 24, 2012 Ali Hammoud was announced Mister International 2012 live from Esplanade Theater in Bangkok, Thailand. Ali is a 23-year-old Businessman from Beirut, Lebanon, who once played for the Lebanese national soccer team. He has made history for his country by becoming the second Lebanese to win the Mister International title in seven years. The organization later dethroned him as winner appointing 1st runner up Ron Teh as 2012 winner.

Paul Iskandar – Born in Paris, Paul migrated to Beirut when he was 4 years old. A sports fanatic, Paul is into basketball, tennis, swimming and fitness. This 24-year-old fitness manager and group exercise instructor hopes to realize his ambition on becoming a lawyer. Paul is also a professional MBA basketball player.
Take your pick and tell us who do you think is the hottest among these three?