Is There a Need for a Male Alpha Pageant List?

Back in 2016, in our old Sash Factor blog, we have written an article regarding the Alpha pageant for male pageants. That concept didn’t fly with the fans.

It was discussed that male pageantry does not command the same level of respect as the more established female pageants; hence an Alpha list is too difficult to sell. As compared to female pageants, male pageants are fairly young as most male pageants were borne in the late 90s and early 2000s. There were numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, crown-buying and fixing, cash prizes never awarded, and shady business practices that marred the male pageant industry. And these are possibly the reasons why an Alpha status doesn’t stick with male pageants.

But is it time for everyone to reconsider having a list for the Male Alpha Pageants?


Mister World – established in 1996, this is one of the oldest and longest running male pageants around. The competition is originally held every other year. So far the competition has 10 winners since it was established.

Manhunt International – is the oldest existing male competition established in 1993. The annual competition has skipped 7 editions in its 26 year history.

Mister International – the annual male pageant was established in 2006 and has been consistently held until it skipped a year in 2017. Paul Iskandar reigned from 2016-2017 until he passed his title to Seung Hwan Lee in April 30, 2018.

Mister Supranational – one of the youngest established male pageants but certainly one of the glossiest in terms of its finals. The competition was established in 2016 and has 4 winners so far.

Mister Global – established in 2014 the Thai-owned pageant has had six editions so far.

Mister Gay World – this male pageant is exclusive for gay males and has been around since 2009.


Personally, there is no need to create an Alpha list for male pageants, at least NOT YET. Here’s why.
First is that male pageants need to clean up its act. If a long running male pageant has allegations of ‘fixing the winner’ to their favorites, or if another long running male pageant has alleged sexual favors being exchanged behind the scenes, then you know that the male pageant industry as a whole need to be run honorably and as clean as possible. There have been allegations of winners not receiving their cash prizes long after their reigns are over. There are also rumors of male pageant winners who did not sign their contracts with international orgs due to unfair compensation.
The male pageant industry still has long ways to go in terms of having a respectably run male pageant that is both consistently staged and with enough post-coronation activities for the winner. Mister Supranational is on its way in terms of how the pageant is run but there are areas still in need of improvement and inclusion. Among the male pageants currently in existence, the Mister Supranational is perhaps comes on top of the list in male pageants despite it being around for only 4 years. Mister World has been held inconsistently held and is deemed as a poor brother to the Miss World pageant. It is also unclear how they are judged during the finals night to bring about a winner. Manhunt International’s long hiatus in between its staging has damaged its popularity when it used to be the top male competition in the late 90s to early 2000s.

All of this contributes to our opinion that an Alpha status for male pageants is yet too early and premature.

How about you? Is it time to revisit the idea of creating a Male Alpha Pageant list?

Sashes&Scripts Final Leaderboard for Mister Global 2018

The finals of the Mister Global 2018 is upon us and here are our picks for title!

Before we reveal our picks let’s mention first three gents that are honorable mentions: Dominican Republic, Egypt and Albania. In a very competitive batch, any of those three could spoil some of the guys on my top 15 list.
15. Venezuela,  Christian Nunes
14. Afghanistan, Hamid Noor
13. Spain, Fabian Perez
12. Mexico, Antonio Merchant
11. Hong Kong, Vincent Lau
Top 10 Finalist
10. Brazil, Junior Garcia
9. Switzerland, Betim Morina
8. Puerto Rico, Engel Garcia Colon
7. Guam, Adam Suharto
6. Thailand, Staporn Moollisan

4th runner up – Denmark, Marcus Joergensen
3rd runner up – Chile, Italo Robles
2nd runner up – Korea, Kang Doohyung
1st runner up – USA, Dario Duque
Wildcard/ Spoiler – South Africa, Dwayne Geldenhuis
Mister Global 2018 –  Poland, Jakub Kucner
I believe that my top three guys should be a shoo in for the title. Dario is my darkhorse in the contest that may be the spoiler for the finals. I have a hard time choosing between Dwayne and Jakub for the title. I am torn as to where should I position Dwayne hence I placed him as the possible wildcard spoiler in the competition. But he would be a great winner if he is chosen come finals. To be honest, I feel that Jakub would be a great follow up to Pedro Gicca of Brazil. I really find Jakub looking very charismatic aside from his body of charity work.

Sashes&Scripts’ 1st Leaderboard for Mister Global 2018

The 5th Mister Global pageant has already started. With 30+ hunky candidates currently in Bangkok for the pageant’s activities, we have listed down the 10 candidates that have given us great first impression… Strong this year are the candidates from Europe and the Americas with a handful strong delegates from Asia and Africa. Worthy to note is seeing 2018 Mister International 1st runner up Dwayne Geldenhuis in the competition who is risking hist runner up status in the contest.

Now on to the list!
Honorable Mentions: Thailand, Brazil, Puerto Rico & Venezuela
10. AFGHANISTAN Hamid Noor
9. KOREA Kang Doo hyung
8. GUAM Adam Suharto
7. HONG KONG Vincent Lau
6. SWITZERLAND Betim Morina
5. MEXICO Antonio Merchant
4. DENMARK Marcus Rosenberg Jørgensen
3. POLAND Jakub Kucner
2. USA Dario Duque
1. SOUTH AFRICA Dwayne Geldenhuis
Finals is slated on July 21st with the preliminaries around a day or two prior…

#MANicMondays – 2015 Mister Real Universe & Mister Chile, Cristobal Alvarez

Chilean men give a whole new definition to the word hot! Just take a look at this sampling of 2014 Mister Chile, Cristobal Alvarez!
NSFW Warning! Before you proceed know that there are some pretty risque black and white photography ahead! This is no joke… artistic nudes ahead. Continue reading “#MANicMondays – 2015 Mister Real Universe & Mister Chile, Cristobal Alvarez”

#MANicMondays: Mister Global 2017 Pedro Henrique Gicca

At 6’6″ with blue eyes and a killer bod, who wouldn’t give Pedro Henrique Gicca a second look. The now 30 year old winner (he was born in Sao Paulo on August 28, 1987) holds a degree in electrical engineering. He was actually a replacement candidate and only received 2 weeks training prior to his participation in Mister Global. The finals was held at Chiangmai Hall in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Pedro bested 27 other candidates for the title…

Sizzling hot and extremely good looking!

#MANicMondays: Mister Global Chile 2018

Chile is sending another hot hunk with a gorgeous face for Mister Global 2018!

22-year-old Mister Chile 2017/ Mister Global Chile 2018 Italo Nicolas Robles will be Chile’s representative at the 5th edition of the male pageant to be held in Thailand this coming July. He stands 6’1″tall and is a Commercial Engineering student at Universidad Andrés Bello. Will he top last year’s 3rd runner up of fellow Chilen Fabian Vera this year?

My Faves for Mister Global 2017

For the Thai-based male competition, they haven’t had a winner from Latin America since it’s inception. So it might be the first time that a Latino could bring home the title to Latin America with Brazil’s Pedro Gicca. Giving him a close fight for the title is Czech Republic’s Tomas Dvorak, who is gunning for a back-to-back win for his country. His win might not be most likely to happen as it might just be too early for a back-to-back victory in this young male pageant. Vietnam’s Thuan Nguyen is also a very strong competitor and might just snatch the title from the two.
Here’s Sashes&Scripts complete list of faves for the Mister Global 2017 title.

1. BRAZIL – Pedro Henrique Gicca
2. CZECH REPUBLIC – Tomáš Dvořák
3. VIETNAM – Thuận Nguyễn
4. CHILE Fabián Esteban Vera Abello
5. ENGLAND Christopher Joseph Bramell
6. SOUTH AFRICA Gerrie Havenga
7. KOREA Sujae Yoo
8. MYANMAR Paing Soe Htun
9. PUERTO RICO Joshua Rojas Rivera
10. IRAQ Ezzulddin Mohammed Naser
11. INDIA Srikant Dwivedi
12. BANGLADESH Naseef Rahman
Also within my list of the top 15 are the guys from Thailand, Latvia and the Philippines. They could very well be the darkhorses in the competition who could do major damage in the finals if they make the first cut.