The Miss Earth 2016 Winners & Their International Travels

Every Miss Earth winner have enjoyed the wonderful time they have as the reigning queen. One of their perks is the different travel opportunities that they have been enjoying. But did you know that the Miss Earth is unique as it treats its runners up like winners and allow them to travel? Well, that is one of the things that makes this pageant a cut above the rest.

During Tereza Fajksova, she and her Miss Earth-Air Stephany Stephanowitz have traveled together to Indonesia to crown the Miss Earth Indonesia back in 2012. And that was just one of Tereza’s 12 country visits. In 2013, Alyz Henrich has traveled to the US just like how her Miss Earth-Water Punika Koolsunrut traveled too. Angelia has been to around 8 countries during her reign while her Miss Earth-Air elemental queen, Dayana Grageda has been to roughly around 3-4 countries herself.

Reigning Miss Earth Katherine Espin has been to every corner of the Philippines plus international travels to Angola, Chile, Dubai, Ecuador, Reunion Island, USA, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. Katherine has been around the USA as well with trips to Los Angeles, Washington, Las Vegas and did sightseeing trips to the Grand Canyon, and Rodeo Drive. But she is not the only one as her elemental court gets to travel as well. Michelle Gomez, who was hailed Miss Earth-Air, had a trip earlier to Ghana with Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell. Michelle also accompanied Katherine in her recent trips to the US, Chile and Puerto Rico. Miss Earth – Fire Corrin Stelakis have been to Nicaragua earlier too. Miss Earth Water, Stephanie de Zorzi, also went earlier to Sri Lanka as part of her duties as one of the elemental queens.

So far, this is the only batch of winners that all of the elemental queens were able to fly internationally! This is perhaps a sign of the move by the MEOrg to treat all elemental queens of equal importance. If that is the case, then that is a good move. It will only be the Miss Earth pageant that will give opportunities to its full set of winners to travel and be recognized as queens.

Which Alpha Pageant Are You Excited for this November?

Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss International… four of the biggest international pageants around, and they are filling up the November calendar. With rumors that Miss Intercontinental is also going to be in the same month and Miss Supranational to start its pre-pageant activities in November, we ask this question: What pageant/s are fans going to focus on?
Miss Earth – November 4th
Miss International – November 14th
Miss World – November 18th
Miss Universe – November 26th (?)

Vote and let us know your thoughts…

Paweensuda Drouin: Is She going to be Miss Earth 2017?

Looks like Thailand is gonna have its first Miss Earth winner courtesy of Jennifer Paweensuda ‘Fahsai’ Saetan-Drouin!

The 23-year old model was appointed as Miss Thailand Earth following her 2nd Runner up finish at the Miss Universe Thailand pageant earlier. The 5’10 1/2″ Fahsai speaks both fluent Thai and English and is a Kinesology graduate from the University of Calgary in Canada. It is also noteworthy to mention that she is also a disc jockey at FM99 in Bangkok. Height, gorgeous face, articulate/ public speaking skills, you name it she has it in spades. All she needs is a little more polishing on her pasarela to achieve a more fluid presentation. Being a heavy favorite in MUT earlier also ensures her enough support online. It is said that the online clamor for her to be sent to Miss Earth was a factor for her selection. It can be noted that usually the 1st runner up to Miss Universe Thailand is sent to Miss Earth.

With Fahsai in the Miss Earth pageant, it will be very interesting to see what she can accomplish and how will she be transformed. For now, we can safely say that she is the one to beat so far… 

Modern Day Beauty Queens: More Diverse & Accomplished

Are we moving towards a change in the modern day beauty pageants? Are modern day beauty queens more than just surface?

Rolene Strauss (a medical student when she won) and Kylie Verzosa (a pre-school teacher and a part-time model)…

In the efforts to modernize and re-brand modern day beauty pageants, four of the biggest pageants around have updated their pageant to reflect changes in times. All four Alpha pageants have an advocacy to speak of: Miss Earth has the environment and climate change advocacy, Miss International has the Japanese Tourism Board pushing for cultural understanding among nations, Miss World has the Beauty with a Purpose ethos and Miss Universe has HIV-AIDS, Women Empowerment and various other children’s social welfare programs to support.

Deshauna Barbers (a US Army Officer) and Katherine Espin (a Lawyer)

In order to ride together with the times, each pageant has upgraded how they select their winners. Miss Earth has always had the ground breaking no-make up rounds and close door interviews, and now they have added the public transparency of judging the girls in several areas of the competition. Miss International has adapted the Women’s Forum as a gauge to see how candidates perform in public speaking. Miss World recently has adapted the head to head challenge which is much more likened to a death match between candidates. Then Miss Universe earlier this year emphasized the closed door interviews having the biggest weight to make it to semis. 
With these changes, we can also see how the winners selected are evolving. The recent winners of Miss USA is proof the change as women with diverse background and meaty resumes are crowned winners: a US Army officer and a Nuclear Scientist. Miss Philippines Earth also is seen with its revolutionary winner, Karen Ibasco, who is a multi-hyphenate winner being a physicist, a medical practitioner, a Latin Honors graduate, a professor and now a beauty queen. She is aiming to succeed reigning Miss Earth Katherine Espin who is a Lawyer by profession. Binibining Pilipinas has crowned a pre-school teacher in the person of Miss International Kylie Verzosa, a strong willed, independent person who happens to also be an events manager in Rachel Peters, an opera singer in Mariel de Leon…and their list goes on. Miss World, whose winners are mostly in their early twenties and yet to achieve much career-wise, have a medical student Rolene Strauss as one of its winners in recent years.

The Scientists: Kara McCullough and Karen Ibasco

It is not enough to be just beautiful nowadays. Pageant girls who aspire to become full-fledged beauty queens has to have more weight in their resumes and achievements. Substance and surface must go hand-in-hand nowadays, and that is just fitting as pageants have to change with the times. 
Beauty pageants are still viewed as archaic institutions by majority of the world. But if it is able to redefine itself through its winners to become more relevant, more modern and of more social value, then we can just see a renewed Renaissance for pageantry around the world.

Opinion: Jessica Rose McEwen for Miss Earth New Zealand?

One of the shocking non-inclusions in the Miss Philippines Earth top 5 is Jessica Rose McEwen. After being virtually every pageant sites’ top pick, she only managed to finish among the top 10 of this year’s competition.

Why do you think she missed the cut? I have two theories. First is that her very Caucasian features wasn’t the preferred look of the finals night judges. My second theory (and most likely to have happened) is that being the first to be called out in the top 10 was the culprit. This might be a case wherein judges would underscore the first candidate in the semis while reserving their top marks for those that will come after. This is why it is more beneficial for girls to be called in the middle of the semis call-outs. While this may sound very superficial to most, this might explain what affected Jessica’s chances in the top 5.

Personally, I would want to see Jessica represent New Zealand in Miss Earth. I believe it is time for New Zealand to be represented by a strong candidate whose pageant training is done by one of the best in the business. Jessica has the goods to become Miss Earth, more so with her heart for the pageant.

Hopefully, Jessica would give Miss Earth New Zealand a try. My intuition tells me that she might find herself competing in Miss Earth if she does so…

Karen Ibasco Adds to the List of Beauty Queens slash Academic Achievers

Karen Ibasco joins the growing list of smart, articulate academic achievers turned beauty queens this year. This physicist/DOST scholar/university instructor/ academic achiever is perhaps the first scientist to win the Miss Philippines Earth title, not so different with Kara McCullough who won Miss USA earlier this year.
In a post coronation interview she mentioned that she wants to utilize her background to make people aware so that they would care about the environment. The well-spoken lady also believes that the pageant is a great platform to reach out to a wider range of audience to make them understand the science behind climate change. 
Her environmental advocacy is also tied to her profession as a physicist. She understands the dynamics of physics and energy and says that this is why her cause is towards renewable sources of energy in the country. 

Karen has a simplistic beauty that is enhanced by her beautiful mind. A lot may not see that on her right now but this blogger saw it way before people saw her with a crown. Brain and beauty does go hand in hand when it comes to the newly crowned Filipina representative for Miss Earth.

Scandal! Osmariel Villalobos in Hospital after a Fight

Miss Earth- Water 2012 Osmariel Villalobos was hospitalized after a fight with singer Diosa Canales.

In a report by El Nacional, the Venezuelan beauty queen was “taken to the clinic by a blunt blow to the head, dislocation of the thumb of one of her hands and trauma to the cervical and vertebral columns.” The incident reportedly happened in a gym’s bathroom last June 16. It is also said that Diosa Canales attacked Osmariel first in which the Venezuelan beauty queen also received several bites, aside from her reported injuries. According to several witnesses, the fight occurred when both women headed to the bathroom of the gym. It was inside the bathroom that both ladies had a “strong exchange of words”, until Canales pounced on the former Miss Venezuela Earth and began to beat her. In a counter by Diosa Canales, she said that it was Osmariel who attacked her first and only defended herself.

The two ladies had a feud previously when Osmariel called out the singer as being “vulgar”. This wasn’t the first time that Canales was involved in a violent incident as she and her husband were arrested back in 2016 for allegedly beating up her mother-in-law.