Rumors: Miss Universe Pay-per-View Prelims

Are you ready to part ways with your hard earned money once again?

Rumor has it that just like in 2019, the Miss Universe preliminary competition can only be watched via pay-per-view! Well that is the rumors we have been hearing. The swimsuit and evening gown prelims are said to be broadcasted on a link only accessible via the Miss Universe app on May 14th. Only those who have paid the 10 USD fee will be able to access the streaming link.

No word if the 10-dollar fee includes the Miss Universe National Costume Show like last 2019. Rumor has it that the national costume show will be on May 13th and thus possible that a separate fee might be charged.

We’ll keep you posted on developments regarding this matter when updates are available, so stay tuned.

Osmel Sousa’s 69th Miss Universe Favorites

If the 69th Miss Universe pageant is held today, the Czar dela Belleza would pick Peru’s Janick Maceta as the winner! Mexican Andrea Meza and Brazilian Julia Gama completes his top 3 prediction.

During the live chat between Osmel and former Miss International Daniela Di Giacomo last March 19th, the current National Director for Argentina and Uruguay mentioned who the strongest ladies there are per continental grouping.

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Amandine for 2020, Clemence for 2021!

It’s official! Miss France 2020 Amandine Petit will compete in the 69th edition of the Miss Universe pageant in Hollywood, Metropolitan Miami, while Miss France 2020 Clemence Botino will represent France in the 2021 edition of the pageant tentatively in Costa Rica!

Usually, it is the Miss France of the previous year who competes since the national pageant takes place at the same time as the national competition in December. In an Instagram live session with Miss France national director Sylvie Tellier announced which Miss Universe edition the two Miss France winners will go to.

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Shawn McClain Interview with ‘La Nacion’

Miss Universe 2021: Vice President of organization reveals how negotiation for contest in Costa Rica is progressing…

In an exclusive interview with ‘La Nación’, Shawn McClain, vice president of Miss Universe, reaffirmed the interest that exists on the part of the organization to carry out the contest in Costa Rican territory at the end of 2021

Interviewed by Kimberly Herrera
The contest would be held in December 2021, however, the place where in Costa Rica it would take place is still unknown. The possibility that the Miss Universe 2021 is held in Costa Rica is increasingly feasible.

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69th Miss Universe to “Evolve” (AGAIN!)

Over the years, pageant fans became witness to the constant changes in the Miss Universe competition. While there were lots of positives brought about by these innovations it became a question whether the pageant, and the organization itself, has lost its true north.

The pageant’s constant modification in format, number of semi-finalists, judging standards, etc… has left the pageant with an erosion of what makes the pageant truly ‘Miss Universe’. And because of the global Covid pandemic, the pageant has to “evolve” once again…

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69th Miss Universe – Official Press Release

The pageant to be held at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida….

NEW YORK, NY (March 3, 2021) – The Miss Universe Organization today announced that the 69th MISS UNIVERSE® competition will air from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood on Sunday, May 16, 2021. The competition will broadcast LIVE around the world from 8:00 to 11:00 PM ET.

“We have spent months planning and preparing safety precautions to develop this edition of MISS UNIVERSE—one that will be memorable, special and totally innovative,” said Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization. “I look forward to seeing this work come to fruition and crowning a new Miss Universe in May.”

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69th Miss Universe in Hollywood, Florida

See you in Hollywood! Well, Hollywood, Florida that is. The 69th Miss Universe candidates will be staying at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. The pageant is to be held in this city within the Broward county of Florida on May 16th.

Hollywood is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area and is 20 miles away from the city of Miami. That is around 30 minute drive away. The last time that the pageant is held in Florida, the Colombian Paulina Vega won the 2014 Miss Universe title at the FIU Arena in Doral. The first time that a Filipina won the Miss Universe crown was with Gloria Diaz who won in Miami Beach, Florida in July 19, 1969.

This year’s hotel for the 69th Miss Universe pageant…
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No Virtual Pageant for Miss Universe

We all have heard the rumors that the Miss Universe pageant was previously thinking of having a half-virtual, half-live pageant. However, we recently have heard new developments that it will not go virtual after strong opposition from its national directors.

Sashes&Scripts wasn’t the only pageant outlet to mention about the rumors that the Miss Universe organization were having thoughts of having a half-virtual, half-live pageant. But we will be the first to inform you that National Directors are not having it according to insider rumors. After paying a hefty sum for the annual franchise fees, National Directors were said to have voiced out against having the pageant done the Miss Earth 2020 way.

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How confident are we to have the Miss Universe pageant in one of the Covid hotspot states?

Former Miss International Daniela Di Giacomo said that the Miss Universe will be in Miami in an IG Story. The former beauty queen is one of the respected bloggers in Latin America with her celebrity status. Her announcement has sent pageant pages a flurry since it has been talked about that the pageant is to be held in Miami since June of last year.

This has also caused speculation that the Miss Universe organization might be looking for a Latina winner arise among pageant fans. After all the last Latina to win the title was crowned in Doral, Miami.


RUMOR MILL: Miss Universe by End of 2021?!

The Miss Universe pageant is said to be pushed back towards the end of the year after latest developments in USA’s travel bans and restrictions.

Here are what we have been hearing so far:

  • The pageant is being pushed towards the end of the year due to the continuing corona virus pandemic.
  • Pageant officials are in talks with Costa Rican Authorities to hold the next edition of the pageant.
  • US government officials puts in effect new travel restrictions for 30+ countries, mostly European.
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Philippine Pageant Newsmakers of 2020

2020 was a hard year for pageantry. So it is no shocker that a number of the news-makers on this list are on the negative aspect of pageantry.

Here’s the list of 7 news-making headlines that shocked and shaped the pageant industry this past year…

7. A Question of Decency in Pageants – how far can candidates go bare before they are called out for too much exposure? That was one of the hottest topics that was taken out of context by a number of pageant pages on Instagram. During the height of the Miss Universe Philippines pageant, a number of candidates posed in too provocatively styled shoots and swimsuit photographs which prompted a huge debate between pageant admins. And with strong arguments from opposing views, some pageant admins and personalities fought for each of their sides. Unfortunately none of the candidates who posed provocatively even made top 5.

What can be considered crossing the boundaries of decency in pageantry?

6. Fake Scandal Video and Images Propagated by Catriona’s Detractors – this year we saw both Indonesian trolls and Filipino pageant haters spread malicious images and spliced videos of Catriona Gray online. It was such a huge headline that Catriona decided to go to the National Bureau of Investigations to file a case against those that propagated these fake and doctored images and videos.

5. Changes in Miss Universe National Directors – in a movement that started in 2019, the year saw more changes in leadership for several more MU franchises. Colombia, Spain, Guatemala followed the change in franchise ownership and/or leadership from 2019’s Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Thailand and the Philippines. And with the rumored new ND for the USA with former Miss USA Crystle Stewart, 2020 truly saw the “in with the new and out with the old” in franchise ownership.

4. Miss Earth’s Successful Virtual Pageant – when it was announced that the Miss Earth pageant will continue its 20th edition with a virtual pageant, a number of fans raised concerns. ME was the only Alpha pageant to stage their competition this year… Miss Universe is to hold their 69th edition in the first trimester next year while both Miss International and Miss World cancelled their pageants and will return in 2021.

3. Miss Universe Philippines Leakages – newbie pageant with newbie personnel running the organization; that was evident with the numerous leakages and slip ups that marked the first year of the organization. They started off with huge promise that would later be marred with information leaks that could only come from within their own organization. From the schedules, design of the new crown, stage design and concept, down to the actual winners of the competition, were all leaked days and/or hours before the culmination of the pageant activities. Even as they are sequestered and quarantined in a location far from the capital, numerous insider info continued to leak from within the org. Which even included the video of the crowning of the new MU-Philippines hours before the finals was finished.

2. Miss Universe Organization Financial Trouble – the signs were there but nobody saw how the pageant’s parent company, Endeavor, made headlines for its huge financial issues. With massive debts, personnel furloughs and lay-offs, to live events cancellations, the MUOrg was deeply affected by the financial woes of its parent company.

1. Covid19 Pandemic – no other news is bigger than the corona virus pandemic that gripped the entire world in 2020. Due to its nature, live events are cancelled and it basically eradicated the pageant schedules this year.

Rumor Mill: 69th Miss Universe to Copy Elements from Miss Earth 2020?

Is the 69th Miss Universe pageant gonna copy several elements from the virtual pageant of the Miss Earth 2020?

There are a number of rumors floating around that the Miss Universe will adapt or adopt some of the things that we have seen Miss Earth do in their 2020th edition. While these rumors are yet to be verified, it does shed light on how the virtual Miss Earth pageant has opened a new way of doing pageants during these times.

DISCLAIMER: these are only rumors and no confirmation can be made. Be reminded that these should be taken with a grain of salt and should not be considered confirmed until an official announcement is made public.

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69th Miss Universe Edition: Lesser Number of Candidates

It is speculated that the 69th Miss Universe pageant would have the least number of candidates. With countries still grappling the Corona virus pandemic, it is likely that around 70 countries would participate in this edition of the pageant.

So far only 61 candidates have been officially named as their countries’ reps to the pageant with only a handful countries left to select a rep. Nepal, Great Britain and Belize are still to announce their candidates while Germany and Sweden have made public that they will not be able to participate in this edition, and would return for the 2021 edition (tentatively to be held in December next year). It was rumored that national directors and organizers were given until the end of the year to submit their respective candidates to the Miss Universe Organization.

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