#MANicMondays: Vinicio Modolo, 2016 Mister International 2nd Runner Up

Distinctly handsome and drop dead gorgeous. That is Vinicio Modolo, Mister International – Italy 2016 and Mister International 2016 2nd runner up.

The 6’2″ Vinicio is today’s featured hunk for today’s MANic Mondays post. The brown-haired, brown-eyed hunk was a student of engineering when he competed in the Mister International competition held in Bangkok. He finished behind Paul Iskandar of Lebanon and Masaya Yamagishi of Japan…


Mister World 2018 to Happen in the Philippines!

I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Last March during a wake of the mom of a mutual friend, I got to meet Sir Arnold Vegafria of the Miss World Philippines. He mentioned that the Philippines will be hosting the Mister World competition this year!

The competition is slated to happen around September 1-16 this year. The finals is reportedly expected to be held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. According to Mr. Vegafria, the Mister World competition will follow the day after the Miss World Philippines pageant. This means that there would be the Miss World Philippines organization will be busy with two simultaneous competitions this year. A press conference is slated to be made regarding the hosting on May 1st.
An expected 50+ candidates are to join the competition that is held every other year. At least 16 candidates are officially confirmed as of yet. A Chinese website earlier reported that the Mister World pageant was to be held in Hainan this year. But apparently talks didn’t push through and now we hear confirmation that it will indeed happen in the Philippines.

#MANicMondays: Manhunt International 1999 Ernesto Calzadilla

The first and only Manhunt International winner from Latin America (so far) is Ernesto Calzadilla, and he is the featured hunk in today’s #MANicMondays post.

Born Juan Ernesto Calzadilla Regalado, the 6’1″ tall looker won the Mister Venezuela title in 1998. His Mister Venezuela predecessor, Sandro Finoglio, was also Manhunt International 1st runner up in 1997 and was the then reigning Mister World 1998. Their multiple international wins in Mister World and Manhunt International, as well as Nadir Nery Djiukich’s victory as Grasim Mr. International 1999, was then heralded as an amazing feat. (Note: back in the days those three were the biggest international male competitions. The Grasim Mr. International pageant ran from 1998 to 2003 was based in India. The now known Mister International competition started in 2006 is based in Singapore.)

Ernesto was originally intended to compete for Mister World the same year but since the pageant is only held every other year, he was sent to Manhunt instead. He was only 24 years old when he won the Manhunt International 1999 title, besting 42 other candidates in Manila. He was a favorite to win the title with his  brown-haired, brown-eyed charismatic looks and his charming ways of winning over the judges in Manila.

After his reign he continued modeling and became a sought out actor in Latin America. He has had a string of telenovela hits and has at least 9 telenovelas under his name. He is now based in Colombia working as an actor.

PhotoCollage of the Day: Kevin Hernandez

Mister Model International Philippines 2017 Kevin Hernandez is currently in Miami, Florida for the Mister Model International 2018 competition. Standing tall at 6’1″, the Italy-raised Filipino has been doing his best in the two week long competition. As Mister Bachelor Philippines-Italy, he competed in the Gentlemen of the Philippines competition where he earned the right to compete for the international title.

Kevin will be competing against 24 other male models from around the globe for the title.  On March 8-9, at 8pm (at the380 District 380 ne 59th st. Miami),  Kevin wil be walking for several designers for the Men’s Fashion Week Miami. For Filipinos and supporters near the venue you can purchase your tickets via: mensfashionweekmiami.ticketleap.com or www.mrmodelinternational.com. Tickets on sale at www.ticketmaster.com for the competition finale on March 10th (that’s March 11th morning in the Philippines) at the Ash Theater James L Knight Center.

Wishing Kevin the best of luck in the competition! May you be the first Filipino to win the Mister Model International title!

#MANicMondays: Mister World 2012 1st Runner Up, Andrew James Wolff

Let’s sizzle your #MANicMondays with MisterWorld Philippines and Mister World 2012 1st Runner Up, Andrew James Wolff…

Undressing never looked this good…

The then 26 year old Andrew James Penaflorida Wolff  represented the Philippines in the 2012 Mister World pageant in Kent, England, on 24 November 2012. In the said competition he emerged as 1st runner up to Francisco Escobar of Colombia.

Andrew, Then and Now… the hunk’s hotness hasn’t diminished over the years…

The 6’2″ Andrew was appointed as Mister World Philippines by then national director Cory Quirino. He was an accomplished model and sportsman at that time playing for the Philippine National Rugby Sevens Team, the Philippine Volcanoes. He is by far, the first and only Filipino candidate to make it to the top 3 of the said male pageant.

Kevin Hernandez is All Set for Mister Model International 2018

2017 Mister Bachelor Philippines- Italy 1st runner up, 2017 Gentlemen of the Philippines- Model International, and Mister Model Philippines 2018 Kevin Hernandez is ready for the Mister Model International competition!

The 6’1″ Filipino hunk based in Italy is currently under the tutelage of Mister Bachelor Philippines- Italy Director/ President Chase Dasalla. He was in Rome recently to finalize his preparations for the Mister Model International 2018 pageant. It included some shoots that will be released soon upon the start of the international competition. He has considerably bulked up in his recent shoots and looks to be more prepared for the competition.
Kevin will be leaving for Miami on February 27 from Rome and will compete for the Mister Model International Pageant with its finals to be held on March 10, 2018. He was supposed to compete last year but the pageant was moved to this year.

An estimated 30+ candidates will vie for the title currently being held by Narrapat Sakulsong/ Papungkorn Sakunsong of Thailand. The highest placement the Philippines had in the competition was a 3rd Runner up finish by Adam Davies in 2014.

#MANicMondays: Mister World 1998 Sandro Finoglio

The second man to win the Mister World title is the 6’0″ tall Sandro Finoglio. I consider him as one of the winning-est male pageant winner in the history of male pageants having won 1st runner up in Manhunt International 1997 and Mister World 1998.

Sandro in a couple of magazine covers…on the left he is pictured with Miss World Venezuela 1998 Veronica Schneider…

Born Sandro Finoglio Speranza to Italian immigrants in Venezuela, he was only  24 years old when he won the Mister Venezuela title in 1997. His parents traces their roots in Rome and in Pisa.
At the 2nd edition of Mister World pageant, he beat out 42 other candidates for the title. Puerto Rico’s German Cardoso won the first runner-up title and French Gregory Rossi was 2nd runner up. While Kinte Thelwell from Jamaica, Enrique Miranda Garcia from Spain and Daniel Weaver from United States were the other top 6 finalists. The Mr. World pageant took place at the Troia Peninsula, Grandola, Portugal on 18th Septermber, 1998.

Sandro during the Mister Venezuela 1997 contest. He was candidate #11…

After his reign, he became a sought after model having done Versace, Giovanni Scutaro, Armani, Gianfraco Ferre and Dolce & Gabbana during his prime. Sandro also did several soap operas, one of his most notable was Gata Salvaje. He is currently an entrepreneur and runs a restaurant and a franchise of churros in the United States.