Century Tuna Superbods 2020: The Male Finalists

Every year the Century Tuna brand puts up a competition that promotes healthy lifestyle through the Century Tuna Superbods challenge.

The contest committed to fitness and health has been a launchpad for fame for some of the sought after models of the country. Proud alums of this fitness and health contest are familiar among pageant fans with names like Alaiza Malinao, John Spainhour, Monika Sta. Maria, Maureen Montagne, Angelo Cacciatore, Kim Ross delos Santos and Denver Hernandez.

This year is no different as it sttracted some well-known models in the industry. The 2020 male Superbod finalists are: Sam Ajdani, Nelson Banzuela, Kirk Bondad, Enzo Bonoan, Hans Braga, Michael Burtscher, Nicholas Chua, Aaron Davis, Robert Hamilton, Albert Lorenzo, Philippe Magalona, Erie Matic, Malcolm Mostoles, Gianpaolo Paparo, Julian Roxas, Gian Ruiz, Jason Senga, and Jojo Urquico.

Check out the male finalists of Everybod Superbod 2020 below!

Is There a Need for a Male Alpha Pageant List?

Back in 2016, in our old Sash Factor blog, we have written an article regarding the Alpha pageant for male pageants. That concept didn’t fly with the fans.

It was discussed that male pageantry does not command the same level of respect as the more established female pageants; hence an Alpha list is too difficult to sell. As compared to female pageants, male pageants are fairly young as most male pageants were borne in the late 90s and early 2000s. There were numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, crown-buying and fixing, cash prizes never awarded, and shady business practices that marred the male pageant industry. And these are possibly the reasons why an Alpha status doesn’t stick with male pageants.

But is it time for everyone to reconsider having a list for the Male Alpha Pageants?


Mister International – the annual male pageant was established in 2006 and has been consistently held until it skipped a year in 2017. Paul Iskandar reigned from 2016-2017 until he passed his title to Seung Hwan Lee in April 30, 2018.

Mister Supranational – one of the youngest established male pageants but certainly one of the glossiest in terms of its finals. The competition was established in 2016 and has 4 winners so far.

Mister Global – established in 2014 the Thai-owned pageant has had six editions so far.

Mister Gay World – this male pageant is exclusive for gay males and has been around since 2009.


Personally, there is no need to create an Alpha list for male pageants, at least NOT YET. Here’s why.
First is that male pageants need to clean up its act. If a long running male pageant has allegations of ‘fixing the winner’ to their favorites, or if another long running male pageant has alleged sexual favors being exchanged behind the scenes, then you know that the male pageant industry as a whole need to be run honorably and as clean as possible. There have been allegations of winners not receiving their cash prizes long after their reigns are over. There are also rumors of male pageant winners who did not sign their contracts with international orgs due to unfair compensation.

The male pageant industry still has long ways to go in terms of having a respectably run male pageant that is both consistently staged and with enough post-coronation activities for the winner. Mister Supranational is on its way in terms of how the pageant is run but there are areas still in need of improvement and inclusion. Among the male pageants currently in existence, the Mister Supranational is perhaps comes on top of the list in male pageants despite it being around for only 4 years. Mister World has been held inconsistently held and is deemed as a poor brother to the Miss World pageant. It is also unclear how they are judged during the finals night to bring about a winner. Manhunt International’s long hiatus in between its staging has damaged its popularity when it used to be the top male competition in the late 90s to early 2000s.

All of this contributes to our opinion that an Alpha status for male pageants is yet too early and premature.

How about you? Is it time to revisit the idea of creating a Male Alpha Pageant list?

Mister Supranational

It may be one of the youngest male competitions out there but the Mister Supranational pageant is making a mark in the world of male pageantry…

Mister Supranational aims to revolutionize the industry, being the first competition of this nature to have a super modern and high fashion television production. 36 countries and territories competed in the contest’s first edition in Poland. The idea is to discover new talent for the modeling and television industries and to produce instant celebrities.

WORLD BEAUTY ASSOCIATION, S.A. – Based in Panama, the World Beauty Association (WBA), S.A. has developed a trusted reputation for over twenty years of experience in the event industry and beauty contests. WBA S.A. is the proud organizer of Mister and Miss Supranational beauty contests.
NOWA SCENA – A global leader in event production, Polish-based Nowa Scena is the partner production house for the execution of the Miss Supranational TV Show, as well as its distribution and logistical support.


Mister Supranational 2016 – Diego Garcy, MEXICO
The first ever Mister Supranational was elected on December 3rd, in Poland, and he is Diego Garcy, from Mexico. Diego is 26 years old,  6’2 1/2″ tall, hails from the city of Zapopan and has a BA in Business Administration.

Mister Supranational 2017 – Gabriel Correa,  VENEZUELA
Gabriel is a former baseball player and Mister Venezuela 2015. He is currently a model and actor in Venezuela. During his reign, Gabriel traveled to Korea, Hong Kong, China, Poland, Brazil and the United States.

Mister Supranational 2018 – Prathamesh Maulingkar, INDIA
Prathamesh Maulingkar from Goa, India was named the third Mister Supranational in December 2018. During his reign, Prathamesh became actively involved in beach cleaning drives with world renowned environmental activist, Afroz Shah. He also traveled to Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Mister Supranational 2019 – Nate Crnkovich,  USA
24 year old Nate is from Omaha in Nebraska, United States. The 6’3″ former college footballer player graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. He is currently working as an ER and Trauma nurse in California. In his free time, he enjoys reading, snowboarding, riding motorcycles and spending time with his family and friends.

Nate, who is of Polish, Irish, Croatian and German descent, plans to obtain his license as a paramedic, so he can work as flight nurse and medic. During his reign, he hopes to offer his skills for humanitarian mission. He would also like to use this platform to address issues that young men face in the world. Nate would also like to explore the worlds of modeling and acting.

Mister Gay World Philippines

The Mister Gay World Philippines | Mister Fahrenheit competition selects the annual representative of the Philippines to the Mister Gay World pageant.
Since the international pageant’s inception in 2009, the Philippines only failed to join just once in 2018.

Our mission is to look for the best Filipino representative to compete for the Mister Gay World pageant every year that will carry the Mister Gay World Philippines Organization’s platform which are Mental Health Wellness/and HIV/AIDS/PreP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) Awareness.
Our vision is to be taken as a serious entity as global influence towards its mission to provide information and programs under the law for the LGBTQ+ community, and to work hand and hand with various organizations and institutions that share the same causes for an effective delivery of its message.

2009 – Wilbert Ting Tolentino
2010 – David Bosley, semifinalist at Mister Gay World
2011 – Marc Earnest Biala, semifinalist at Mister Gay World
2012 – Carlito Rosadino Jr., semifinalist at Mister Gay World
2013 – Erimar Ortiga, semifinalist at Mister Gay World
2014 – Randolph Val Palma, semifinalist at Mister Gay World
2015 – Nomer Yuzon
2016 – Christian Lacsamana, 2nd Runner Up at Mister Gay World
2017 – John Raspado,  Mister Gay World
2018 – no local competition held, appointed to compete was Gleeco Magpoc
2019 – John Jeffrey Carlos, Mister Gay World
2020 – Lenard Kodie Macayan (competition date still not known)

#MANicMondays: Chema Garcia Malavia

Meet the hot Spaniard who almost romped away with the Mister Global 2016 title.
Chema Garcia Malavia was Mister Global Spain 2016 and was 2nd runner up at the Mister Global 2016 pageant. The brown-eyed brunette stands 6’1″ tall and has been modeling since he started modeling in 2012.

In an interview with the online fashion portal, Marshion, the now 33 year old Chema mentioned about his start as a Pentathlon athlete which an injury put a stop into. Here is a snippet of that interview:

My name is Chema Malavia, I'm 32 years old and I [was] borne in Hospitalet, a city closed to Barcelona. I grown up in a working class neighborhood and since I was 7 years old I have been practicing sport. Doctor recommended to my parent that I start to do swim for my spine was some crooked, I did some autonomic and nationals championships, getting some medals in them. In 2006 I received a very good news, the Spanish team of modern pentathlon gave me a sports scholarship to be able to train in a high performance sportscenter, with the best national sportsmen of different sports such as gymnastics, athletics, tennis,t etc…

I was training there 3 year representing my country in European and world championships all was really amazing until I got an injury in my knee an I had to give up the high performance sport.
Then I started to work as a teacher swimmer and life guard, and for sure I started with the gym doing very good workouts, and getting good shape, is 4 years after, in 2012 when I start to do modeling shooting for some swimwear brands.
In 2014 I participated in a national  beauty contest Mr. España when I get the 4th runner up and after that I start with professional modeling doing model travels in destinations shuch as Istanbul(Turkey), Mumbai(India) or Vienna (Austria).

In 2016 I had the opportunity to represent Spain in a international contest called Mister Global taking the second runner up position.
since I started modeling live I'm fighting to can achieve my dream as a model, and that is to arrive Miami, Los Angeles, and New York and to get good jobs there in USA.

Here are several more black and white photos of this Spanish hunk…

MANicMondays: Ivel Yordanov for Adon Mag

We have featured this Bulgarian model several months ago, and today we are posting his photos from Adon magazine…

Ivel Yordanov was Best Global Model Of The Year – Bulgaria 2016 & 2017 Mister Planet -Bulgaria 2017… Today this good looking hunk has in display his chiseled good looks, prominent washboard abs and a ‘come hither’ look that adds to his charisma and sex appeal.

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#MANicMondays: Htoo Ant Lwin for Luxe Mag

Apparently the former Mister Supranational Myanmar Htoo Ant Lwin has posed for a number of skin mags after his reign. The hunk is seen in several provocative photoshoots exposing everything to the camera.

Warning: the following post is for mature audiences and viewer discretion is advised. Mature content after the jump. And PS., no nudes are included in this post.

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Mister Model Worldwide: Gianluca Lanta

Man with a Plan: ‘Mister Model Worldwide – Philippines’ Gianluca Lanta on
Resilience, Representation, and What it Means to be a Man

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In the female-dominated world of pageantry, men have a harder time finding a platform for their advocacies. With the outdated views surrounding male pageants, contestants work hard to overcome not just the competition, but also judgment from their peers.
This is what newly crowned Mister Model Worldwide-Philippines Gianluca Lanta had to endure in order to take home the title. A proud Pinoy, born and raised in Italy, Gianluca never thought of joining pageants for men, as such  things are looked down upon in his community. But it was through pageantry that Gianluca found a platform to gain back his and the Filipino community’s voice in their continued fight for representation.

Belonging to a minority all his life, Gianluca knows about the pains of being an outcast living abroad. Often a target of discrimination, the Misters of Filipinas finalist was once called ‘Black Chinese’ because of his skin color. Isolation always accompanied Gianluca growing up, being the only Filipino in class, and always singled out because of his race.
The disparity is not superficial—Filipinos in Italy often are often stereotyped as servants, relegated to blue-collar work and denied opportunities otherwise available to locals. “It makes me really upset, seeing my community treated like that,” shares Gianluca.

The world of male pageantry was introduced to Gianluca in 2016, when he first joined Mr. Rome Pilipinas organized by the Filipino community in Italy. Though he didn’t win, Gianluca used this experienced to further his fight for Filipino representation in Italy.
His recent vacation in the Philippines turned out to be a good one, as Gianluca tried his luck for this year’s Misters of Filipinas pageant. The waiter-turned personal trainer nabbed not just the Mister Model Worldwide-Philippines title, but also the Men’s Club by AVON Choice Award during the competition.
With his new platform, Gianluca plans to take his community’s plight to the world stage, saying: “The chance to represent 50,000 Filipinos in Milan pushes me to join the competition. I want to show the world that we’re more than just our jobs, our color, or any stereotype that they may throw at us. I want to show that we can do so much more.

His unique drive earned him recognition from Men’s Club by AVON, which
acknowledges trailblazing men who redefine what it means to be a modern gentleman.
“Avon believes that besides being strong and suave, men can also be graceful and emotional—and still be considered manly,” says Tisha Rodriguez, Avon Philippines’ Marketing Director. “What matters is that your heart is in the right place, and that you work to improve your life and the life of those around you.

It’s only fitting for Gianluca to receive such recognition, as he paints an image of a modern gentleman: resilient even in the face of inequality. For him, it all comes down to discipline. “If you’re disciplined on the little things, then you’ll achieve greater success—for yourself and your community.
Gianluca will return to the stage in December to represent the Philippines in this year’s Mister Model Wordwide pageant. Check out @AvonPH on Instagram to follow his journey with Avon Men’s Club…

Mister Philippines World winners Under BPCI

From 1996 until 2010, the Binibining Pilipinas pageant held the franchise of the Mister World pageant. In those years, the org produced national competitions to search for the ‘most desirable man’ in the country.
These are the BPCI winners of the Mister Philippines – World:
1996, Christopher Celis – a 20 year old Fine Arts student from UST and a commercial model. He was the Filipino rep in the inaugural competition held in Istanbul, Turkey that year. 50 candidates competed for the title, unfortunately he didn’t make the first cut into the top 10 semifinalists.
1998,  Rico Lee Miguel – a 21-year-old Marine Technology graduate of the Philippine Maritime Institute in Manila. Miguel is from Lobo, Batangas. The second edition of the Mister World pageant was held on September 18 in the Tróia Peninsula, Grândola, Portugal. There were 43 candidates that year with Venezuela’s Sandro Finoglio winning the title.

2000, Roderick Salvador – a 22-year-old AB English graduate of University of Baguio, is a full-blooded Igorot who was a model and a regional TV news anchor. The 6’0″ tall Igorot later part of ABS-CBN Baguio. The third edition of the Mister World pageant was held in Crieff Hydro Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland on 13 October with 32 candidates.
2003, Marco Antonio Tamayo – a Physical Therapist graduate from Davao Doctor’s Hospital. Being a physical therapist and business-minded, he eventually ventured into aerobics and body building business. The 6’1″ Dabawenyo competed at the fourth edition of the Mister World pageant was held at the Brewery Hall, London, England on August 9th.

2007, Emmanuel Mago – a native of Naga City, he was a Management student at the Emilio Aguinaldo College. Standing tall at 6’3″ Bhobby was a member of EAC’s senior basketball team and a coach of the school’s junior team. It is interesting to note that he was and still is the tallest Filipino rep sent to the Mister World competition.
2010, Alvin de Joya – 23 year old Alvin Aldeosa De Joya is from Cauayan City, Isabela and stands tall at 6’1″. He is a Registered Nurse and also a part-time model. He studied Nursing at the Far Eastern University in Manila. The sixth edition of the Mister World male pageant was held at Incheon, Korea. 74 delegates competed from all around the world. Later in 2013, he competed in the Mister Asia contest and was named 2nd runner up.

The six winners of the Mister Philippines World from BPCI were tall and had boyish good looks. What seems to be the issue why they all didn’t place in the international competition is that they were raw and in need of much training and polishing: from physique to communications skills, personal styling and down to the challenges unique to the Mister World competition. Based on what we know so far, we never ran out of tall hunks for Mister Philippines World with distinctly Filipino faces. Each of the guys sent just didn’t measure up to the more prepared candidates from other countries. It is also interesting to note that with the exception of Kamal Ibrahim, Francisco Escobar and Rohit Khandelwal, most Mister World winners were of Caucasian looks. It could also be because the pageant itself seems to have biases towards the more Western standards of male beauty.

After 2010, the Miss World and Mister World franchise was passed on to the Miss World Philippines organization under Cory Quirino. Her first winner Andrew Wolff won the highest Filipino placement so far in the pageant ending as 1st runner up to Colombian Francisco Escobar in Mister World 2012. Her other wards, John Spainhour and Sam Ajdani didn’t fare well, failing to make the first cut. This only shows that preparation and lots of luck fares into winning the Mister World title. It also doesn’t hurt if the international org like your rep too!

Luong Gia Huy in an Asiana-themed Fashion Spread

Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 Luong Gia Huy is quite an in-demand model in his home country of Vietnam. He got hist break from the Vietnam Supermodel contest in 2015. The 22 year old model, who stands at 5’11”, was initially compared to KPop superstar Choi Siwon for his looks.

Luong Gia Huy is a veteran model in Vietnam…

#MANicMondays: Victor Candia, Mister Chile 2016

Mister Chile 2016 Victor Candia is so hot that Facebook couldn’t handle it.
Did you know that one of Sashes&Scripts’ posted photos of him was taken down by Facebook for being too risque? We thought let’s bring him back through a #MANicMonday feature!

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#MANicMondays; Matheus Song, Mister Brasil 2017

Our latest #MANicMondays hunk is the Mister Brasil CNB 2017. Matheus Song is a 24-year-old model (he was born in October 1994) and student from Joinville, Santa Catarina. He represented Brazil in the Mister Supranational pageant which he placed as 2nd runner up to the eventual winner, Gabriel Correa of Venezuela.

Matheus also won most of the Top Model awards in his local competitions as well as in Mister Supranational. If you’re wondering what his ethnicity is, he can attribute his stunning good looks from his Korean father and German mother. The 6’0″ tall model is currently trying his hand at a modelling career in Asia and is currently working in Thailand. Check out more pics below.

Matheus has a black belt in Taekwondo, but he also plays soccer as one of his hobbies, as well as surfing. He now has a 2-year old daughter named Lara and is happily hitched.

Photos taken from Instagram.com

MANicMondays: Ivel Yordanov

Ivel Yordanov, 2016 Best Global Model Of The Year  – Bulgaria & 2017 Mister Planet -Bulgaria…
At 6’0 1/2″ tall, the Bulgarian model has already paraded for major international brands, is also adept at sports. In addition to freestyle wrestling, he also regularly practices muay thai, dance and jiu-jitsu. He speaks Bulgarian, English, Spanish and French.

This brown hair, hazel eyed hunk has competed in two international competitions; Best Global Model of the Year in 2016 and Mister Planet in 2017. While he may not have won either of the titles, he won special awards for Best Photographic Model in 2016 and Mister Planet -Talent in 2017. Ivel was also chosen for the promotional campaign of the men’s underwear collection of the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

#MANicMondays: Htoo Ant Lwin for Kora Mag

It has been a long while since we posted anything new for our usual MANic Mondays post.  Today we are posting something that is quite controversial as we are featuring a ‘not safe for work’ content.

Warning: the following post is for mature audiences and viewer discretion is advised. 
What is with male pageant titleholders and their propensity to pose provocatively in gay-magazines? After Rome Phanuphong bared it for Harder magazine, here comes Htoo Ant Lwin of Myanmar out-stripping Rome in his spread for Kora magazine. Continue reading “#MANicMondays: Htoo Ant Lwin for Kora Mag”

Ambassador and Ambassadress of the World Philippines Favorites

With the finals slated this 22nd of July, the inaugural Ambassador and Ambassadress of the World – Philippines is a new competition with promises of potential.

Ambassador & Ambassadress of the World – Philippines breaks barriers of what a model can be. They have the ability to be a person of confidence, strength, power and zealous that starts within, shown to their community and competent enough to reach people all around the world. We encourage everyone to seek an opportunity that will allow themselves to reach their fullest potentials and be of service to the world and continue to model what a man and woman are truly capable of.

Here are our list of favorites to win for the Ambassador and Ambassadress of the World – Philippines 2019… Continue reading “Ambassador and Ambassadress of the World Philippines Favorites”