Pageant Photographs: to Filter or Not to Filter

Photographer Seven Barretto mentioned a interesting perspective on what it feels when pageant pages and accounts (like ours) edit their photographs with filters and makeup edits. He mentioned that such edits are “nakakabastos”, akin to defacing a painter’s masterpiece.

Being one of those who is guilty of making makeup edits ourself we hope to be able to touch on several points regarding this matter.

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Catriona, Alaiza and Samantha | Defining a Pageant Campaign

If there are three Filipina pageant girls that have redefined what a pageant campaign should be, those would be Catriona Gray, Alaiza Malinao and Samantha Bernardo.

These are what these three ladies brought into their pageant campaigns that revolutionized how the pageant game is played…

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Pageant Pages and their Toxic Positivity

It is no shock that the past week has been a tumultuous one on social media, specifically on Instagram. Several obscure pageant pages on Instagram have targeted Sashes&Scripts of being against a certain beauty queen simply because we posted a graphic on our IG that simply reads, “I Am Worried”.

Three words that would turn their lives upside-down and caused them to a frenzied discharge of miasma.

Imagine how fragile are such egos that it only takes 3 simple words from us to unravel their feeble sanity. How they reacted only illustrates the power we unknowingly yield that it shook them to their core. Accusations and falsehoods later abounded on how toxic and vile seem to be and it was propagated by these social media pages with dodgy reputation.

That is why following the backlash, we written a lengthy piece on why we are concerned on an article titled, “For the Record | I Am Worried“…

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2020 Bb. Pilipinas Grand, Samantha Bernardo

When the announcement that Samantha Bernardo is the official Philippine candidate for the Miss Grand International pageant this March, we were hardly surprised.

You see, we were already clued in with Samantha’s appointment about a week prior to her announcement last February 5th. One of our insider pageant friends (IPF)have clued us in that the  Miss Grand International pageant might have been emboldened by the Miss International pageant’s rescinding of their previous age limits. Of course that was a rumor still, but when IPF said that the age issue is a contention in the talks our gut told us that the talks probably is going downhill.

Then came a second IPF telling us that the Facebook screenshot of Samantha “shopping around” for travel insurance. That was when I was able to put together pieces of the puzzle. And this was just last January 30th. It also doesn’t hurt that we have common acquaintances inside BPCI who has all but verbally confirmed our suspicions by February 1st. So when we messaged Samantha’s main stylist, Sir Kenneth, we kind of knew that the announcement is about to happen within the first week of February. During our conversation, Sir asked me to keep whatever I knew a secret for the time being. And just for everyone’s information, Sir Kenneth was very tight lipped and didn’t confirm or deny what I knew. Such a professional. And so wait, we did.

Then the confirmation came. Samantha is named Miss Grand Philippines 2020.

Her appointment didn’t come without some fan confusion. First to come is the question why Samantha and not Aya Abesamis? Was this announcement with the blessing of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc.?

As mentioned, age became the deciding factor in the eventual appointment of Samantha. It seemed that the MGIOrg was adamant about their age eligibility rules and no matter how hard negotiations were, Aya was simply not eligible because of her age. This meant that the BPCI would have to offer the title to the next eligible queen (yes, you heard that right, it has to be a winner not a candidate) who ticks all the box. Samantha being the 2019 Binibining Pilipinas 2nd runner up is the only other eligible queen to ascend. While she may have relinquished her runner up post to be able to compete again, it is possible that talks were made to settle out their contracts which meant that Sam would have to give up her current BBP candidacy. Now, doesn’t that make better sense?

While it may have taken days for BPCI to put forth an official statement, it is not unlikely for the organization to have any public statements be reviewed first by their legal team before posting anything on social media. What they did instead was to share the official MGI announcement on their social media accounts instead to quench the public’s interest and queries. Sashes&Scripts also posted on our Instagram Stories the clarification from the org that Samantha has the blessing of the BPCI. This dispelled any doubts of her ascension to the throne. Once an official statement has been approved, it is then posted on their official channels.

This is what we admire about the BPCI organization, they may be at times too “by the book” but such measures have kept them out of trouble in their 60+ years of existence. Official communications have to go through the proper channels for approval and is announced officially in their official social media channels (and not through a Facebook Live chat).

Every pageant fans knows Samantha is a penultimate pageant performer, so we are without a doubt sure that this lady from Palawan will deliver her best come pageant finals. She has the face, the body, the height (she’s actually around 5’8 1/2″) and the wits to accompany her drive to always perform. Win, Lose or Draw, expect that the Binibining Pilipinas 3-timer would always be on top of her game specially this time. An opportunity like this doesn’t come easy and we are sure that Samantha would not take on representing the Philippines lightly. Samantha is going to perform. Period.

So, do we see the first MGI win for the Philippines? We wouldn’t want to jinx it so we say, we are 100% positive that Samantha will give everyone in the competition a run for their money and will give the MGI organization a freakin’ helluva show…

2021, A Repeat of Pageant Postponements of 2020?

The world thought that with the availability of the Corona virus vaccine, everything would get back to normal this 2021 like it was prior to the global pandemic. But it is likely that these assumptions are wrong.

With vaccine roll out and distribution still on the early stages, we might not be seeing live events like pageants return within the first three quarters of this year. It is most likely that international pageants are to resume towards the end of 2021 and early 2022.

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2021 Pageant Head-to-Head Clash?!?!

Can Miss World Philippines go head-to-head with the formidable Bb. Pilipinas and Miss Universe pageants?

With the recent announcement that the Binibining Pilipinas pageant will happen on the 17th of April 2021, and the possibility of the Miss Universe pageant in May, we ask if whether or not the Miss World Philippines pageant can go head-to-head with them?

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Binibining Pilipinas is Back!

Binibining Pilipinas resumes with the National Costume Photo Exhibit

Binibining Pilipinas has formally reopened the postponed 2020 pageant with an onground and online launch of the Binibining Pilipinas National Costume Photo Exhibit on January 22, 2021.

A physical photo exhibit was opened in the morning at the Gateway Mall, featuring the life-size pictures of the Binibini candidates wearing their intricate and colorful costumes. The photos were earlier released online via the official Facebook page of Binibining Pilipinas, and are now presented in an onsite gallery that will allow fans to see the pictures up-close.

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Bullynesia and the Law of Karma

There is a group of pageant trolls and haters that have terrorized Filipina beauty queens and Philippine pageant pages on social media. These group of social media accounts, pages and pageant fans have been labelled as Bullynesia for their brash attitudes and devious behaviour.

Social media accounts like Lambe Pageants, Nyairatubumi, Bunda.Latinas, etc… and their rabid followers have long been posting edited and altered images and videos of beauty queens from the Philippines. These posts are meant to demean Philippine candidates in international competitions. Much of these haters were labelled collectively as Bullynesia, have long trolled pageant pages to promote their queens at the expense of Filipina representatives.

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Social Media’s Power in Pageantry

It has been a long drawn out debate how social media is not a barometer of one’s success in pageants. But let us reflect back on this topic now, in the context of the global pandemic, where being connected digitally is the norm rather than the exception.

In the past 3-4 years, we all have relegated Social Media as a non-essential factor in one’s pageant journey. However, here at Sashes&Scripts, we no longer subscribe to that ideology. And we believe this to have changed around 2 years ago.

Before anything else, let us first clear one thing: social media following is NOT the same as a Strong social media. They are not and will never be the same thing. Social Media Following is speaks of quantity, that’s number of followers and number of updates. Having a Strong Social Media is about quality. It’s about a strong visual language, engaging captions and conversations, discussions in the comment section, and most importantly image building. Social media strength is not about frequency of posting, but rather putting out quality content that your audience will respond positively to.

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2020 Year End Special Report – Our Best Blog-posts

2020 gave us an opportunity to pivot and improve on the type of topics that we wanted to talk and discuss about. While we cannot cover and talk about everything related to pageantry, we made a vow that the topics we select to discuss and talk about would be ones that are intelligent and provoking as well as relevant and of value to our readers.

This is why for this list, we listed down our blog articles and new pages that caused a huge number of clicks/ reads and engagement from our followers on social media.

Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Talent Show Standouts – if 50% of the judging criteria is beauty of face, then these ladies would be a shoo-in for the Binibining Pilipinas titles.

A Gorgeous Batch for Binibining Pilipinas 2020 – pageant page admins have whispered this in hushed conversations. In private a number of our pageant colleagues unabashedly admitted that the Binibining Pilipinas pageant got the lion’s share in terms of the most gorgeous faces in this year’s roster of candidates.

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Once Upon a Blind Item: The Girl Bitten by the Snake

In a beautiful land far far away, there lived a maiden with hair as straight as bamboo, with eyes as shiny as the finest carved ebony, with skin kissed by the golden sun and a heart as pure as the first fall of snow. She was named “Flowing Water”, a name that meant both life giving and selfless.

Flowing Water was named the most beautiful in her beautiful island, and as such she was to become the island’s Tribute in the selection of the Queen of the 90 Kingdoms. As a Tribute she is to be guided by two Elders, the First Elder was once a Queen herself and she blessed Flowing Water with protection. The Second Elder would help Flowing Water be clothed in the finest of garb in the land and prepare her in the rigorous transformation for the selection of the Queen of the 90 Kingdoms.

But there was a third figure that would later inject himself in Flowing Water’s life. A conniving masked snake called Maledictus that was lurking behind every step of Flowing Water’s selection as a Tribute. Once he was able to penetrate the 90 Kingdoms’ courtiers he was able to seep his venom into the palace.

Flowing Water was a trusting child and did not think of malice or ill-intent from Maledictus. In a planned encounter with one of the highest courtiers of the 90 Kingdoms, Maledictus introduced Flowing Water to the High Shepherd of the kingdom. In that encounter, Maledictus shamed Flowing Water by saying to the High Shepherd that she was impure and that she was no vestal virgin. That Flowing Water had a scroll that would prove her impurity. Shocked with Maledictus’ revelation, Flowing Water could only mumble that the case is being investigated in the high courts of her island.

That encounter would only be one of the nails that Maledictus would hammer to Flowing Water’s coffin. He would pile on her chores and errands that were planned to diminish her beauty. No rest and no sleep, Maledictus believed that her beauty would fade.

Despite all these, Flowing Water would still shine through in the selection for the new Queen of the 90 Kingdoms. Despite all that she gone through, she did well as a Tribute making the initial selection for the Queenship. She never left empty handed though as she was blessed as the silver winged goddess of birds.

The End…

Dirty, Messy, Controversial National Pageants of Miss Universe

The last couple of years saw a slew of changes in the national franchises of the Miss Universe pageant but what is interesting is how old and new pageant franchises seem to have messy, dirty controversies haunting the national pageants.

Over the past several months we saw controversy upon controversy that popped out against various national competitions and at times national directors who seems to have behaved unethically or are alleged to have rigged pageant results in favor of favorites.

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Are Pageant Bloggers Good as Pageant Mentors?

One of the most common discussions your blogger have with pageant fans and followers in social media is about becoming a pageant trainer. We have long skirted this question because we felt that this is such a mature topic to discuss. That is because we personally believe that PAGEANT WRITERS OR BLOGGERS ARE NOT USUALLY CUT OUT TO BE PAGEANT MENTORS.

Shocker isn’t it? For this blogger, not it isn’t. But some of you may disagree with that thought. Let us explain that in today’s post.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: before we begin let us reiterate that this blogpost is mainly based on your blogger’s personal experience. Hence this piece is seen through a personal perspective rather than an over-arching view of all pageant bloggers experiences of it.
Also, most of the photos included in this blogpost were taken during our shoots with Binibining Pilipinas 2017 1st runner up Charmaine Elima prior to her joining BBP… to which this blogger styled her outfits.

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Pageant Hot-Picks Are No Longer Relevant

Over the past several months, our Sashes & Scripts followers have increasingly noticed that we no longer do pageant hot-picks anymore. That is simply because we believe that they have now become irrelevant and obsolete.

Here are our reasons why…


One of our reasons why we no longer believe in pageant hot-picks is because it is a convenient but lazy way of having people talk about a pageant page. We believe it is an uninspired way of garnering social media engagements and usually based on popularity not really a gauge to see how pageant girls stack up in the competition. In fact in most cases, they are jumbled up to give a sense of movement in their ‘arbitrary rankings’. Continue reading “Pageant Hot-Picks Are No Longer Relevant”

Donation Drives for Victims of Flooding in Cagayan and Isabela

Today, we are taking a break from posting pageantry-related post in our blog. Instead we are urging you to help via the following donation drives for victims of the floods and devastation caused by the recent typhoons Rolly, Siony, Tonyo and Ulysses in the Philippines.

Any amount would be of great help to the victims who lost homes, livehoods, and loved ones.

Our Bangon Luzon relief drive, in partnership with the Office of VP Leni Robredo, will embark on relief operations to the communities affected by Typhoons #RollyPH and #UlyssesPH.

For those who want to help our fellow Filipinos, kindly read the details in the pub mat or go to

For inquiries, you can contact us at 0948 189 6875 or email us at


It only takes a few minutes to help those affected by #UlyssesPH though #LazadaForGood. Just click to donate to our advocacy partners ABS-CBN Foundation, Caritas Manila, Kaya Natin, Project Pearls, UNICEF, and World Vision.

Your contribution for food, shelter, and hygiene kits will go a long way! 💙

Matapos ang matinding hagupit ng bagyong #UlyssesPH, ang Shopee Bayanihan ay bukas para makalikom ng tulong para sa ating mga kababayang higit na naapektuhan at nasalanta ng bagyo.

Maaring mag-donate sa mga organisasyong ito:

Philippine Red Cross -

Habitat for Humanity -

Kaya Natin Movement -


From Quinta, Rolly, Siony, Tonyo, to Ulysses - the same areas continue to be battered by typhoons, one after another.

Our Kapamilyas are in urgent need of our help.

Dahil sa pananalasa ng Super Typhoon Rolly at Bagyong Ulysses, patuloy na nagsisikap ang GMA Kapuso Foundation na makapaghatid ng tulong sa lahat ng mga nangangailangan nating kababayan. #BuongPusoParaSaPilipino

GMA Kapuso Foundation

We hope that everyone would help spread the word and donate.