2 Señorita Colombia Pageants for 2018!

There will be two Miss Colombia pageants this year!

Mark September 30 in your pageant calendars as it will be the time where we will get to know who will be the Colombian rep to Miss Universe 2018. This pageant will be different from the Señorita Colombia that will be held later in the month of November! The first pageant in September will be held in Medellin with the Concurso Natcional de Belleza pre-selecting the women who will compete for this pageant. Then the traditional pageant, Señorita Colombia for 2019, will be held in the city of Cartagena.
The reason for having two pageant this year is to follow Miss Universe rules that only a winner should be able to compete as well as to meet the deadline of submitting the country’s rep by October 1st of this year.
Below is a part of the press release by the Miss Colombia Org:
1. For the first time, the election will have 7 juries. Three of them will be figures of international stature, the fourth jury will be a former national beauty queen and the remaining three will be Colombians through the digital platforms of RCN Televisión, La Radio W, Casa Editorial El Tiempo -Revista Donjuan-. Colombia will vote for your favorite in any of the aforementioned digital portals; that means that the final count of the votes in each of the digital platforms will become a vote that will be added to that of the juries in person.

Meet the candidates of #SeñoritaColombia 2018-19 #Repost @bellezadiversa (@get_repost) ・・・ Things that only happen in COLOMBIA. Practically all the candidates for CNB 2018 -2019 and only three "confirmed" candidates for Rumbo a Miss Universe (Miss Colombia 2018) have been elected. The level we have in November, I would love to see some of these women give war in Medellin; Well, I think that many of these beauties will be wasted in Cartagena. Let me know in the comments your five favorite candidates. 👸🏼👸🏻 . . . . 👸🏿👸🏽 #misscolombia #missuniverso #missuniverse #missgrandinternational #missuniverse #missuniverse2018 #missuniverso #MissUniverso2018#MissContinentesUnidos2018 #MissContinentesUnidos #missgrandinternational20182018 #missinternational2018 … #SashesandScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #pageant

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2. Rumbo a Miss Universe will be broadcasted live and live on Canal RCN Televisión in primetime on Sunday, September 30. Prior to this broadcast, the work of dissemination of our allies (W Radio, Casa Editorial El Tiempo -Revista Donjuan) will be essential for Colombians to become juries of the event and meet the women who will compete to represent the country in Miss Universe.
3. Due to its wide experience, knowledge and experience, the Concurso Natcional de Belleza will be responsible for selecting the juries in person and each one of the Colombian women who will compete for the crown in the Rumbo a Miss Universe program.
4. The Colombian who is elected on September 30 will represent Colombia in Miss Universe 2018.
5. In November 2018, the Concurso Natcional de Belleza will hold the traditional event in the city of Cartagena to choose Miss Colombia® 2019.
(NOTE: Above translation was done via Google Translate and with the help from a Spanish speaking friend.)


Are Pageants Still Relevant in the #MeToo Era?

One of the biggest social movements happening in the world right now is women empowerment, a thrust that has put into the spotlight the pageant industry in question. Are pageants still relevant in this age of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements?

The movie releases of a full female cast/ predominantly female cast like “Ghostbusters“, “Ocean’s 8” and “A Wrinkle in Time” featuring strong and talented women are one of the signs that the world is changing. Then came one of the biggest steps for women in the Arab world, they are now allowed to drive in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia after years of the traditional ban on women drivers. These were just a reflection of how the world is changing and allowing more women to be taken seriously like equals to their male counterparts. So what does this mean for the pageant industry?
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Catriona on Trans-Females in Miss Universe

While an uproar among pageant fans has brewed over the winning and participation of Miss Universe Spain Angela Ponce in Miss Universe, Filipina-Aussie Catriona Gray has more of an open-mind in the issue.

Here is the news report by ABSCBN:
Catriona Gray, who will be representing the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant later this year, has no problem competing with a transgender woman in the prestigious beauty contest. Continue reading “Catriona on Trans-Females in Miss Universe”

Osmel Sousa Supports Transgender Women in Miss Universe!

He is not called Czar dela Belleza for nothing. With more than 20 international crowns won by beauty pageant powerhouse Venezuela under his belt, Osmel Sousa’s opinions in pageantry still carries its weight!
In one of his latest posts on Instagram, Osmel has posted his support for Miss Universe Spain, Angela Ponce, the first transgender female to compete in Miss Universe.

He posted the following message in his IG:
Siempre pensé que en los concursos de belleza femeninos no deben participar transgeneros. Ahora tengo la oportunidad de corregir y lo hago felizmente. @angelaponceofficial eres una mujer bella, eso lo puedes firmar donde quieras reina!
I always thought that female beauty pageants should not involve transgenders. Now I have the opportunity to correct it and I do it happily. @angelaponceofficial you are a beautiful woman, that you can sign where you want to reign!

With his stamp of approval, surely the world of pageants is gonna get notice that transgender females in beauty pageant will be a thing of the future…

Sashes&Scripts’ Final Leaderboard for Miss Universe Thailand

Here are my Miss Universe Thailand favorites for tonight’s finals.
10. Urachaphat Dechabenjanon
9. Peerachada Kunrak
8. Praveenar Singh
7. Kitty Gissy/ Watusiri Jaiklang
6. Aniphan Chalermburanawong

5. Palita Jubjib – she is my wildcard in the contest. Palita could easily spoil it for my top three faves for the title and I only started noticing her when she won the swimsuit award. Better be on the lookout for this lady.
4. Natrapat Siranapatrasiri – she has a classy and regal air to her that i would not discount as a possible winner this year. She may have flew under the radar but I see in her the same beauty that made Lupita Jones win in MU during the 90’s.
My Miss Universe Thailand Choices
Unlike last year, this year I had my eyes on three girls and after the prelims, my favorites just solidify their status. Anyone of these girls would be great as the next MUT and I will be glad to see any of them win.

3. Valentina Ploy Giardullo – yes a number of pageant fans are disappointed with her performance during the MUT prelims as she probably needs better pasarela and styling but she has an international quality that I like among this year’s batch. The body, the walk and the styling can be polished and can be trained but not the innate qualities of charm and magnanimity that I see in her. Those are things you cannot fake.

There is a reason why we placed her on top of our first #SashesandScripts #Leaderboard for #MissUniverseThailand2018 Let #ThitareeKasorn captivate you with her quiet beauty and elegant charm. Her beauty doesn't scream, it invites. Her beauty isn't "in your face" but rather it captivates. …. #repost from @nook_k Photo : Chutharut Pornmuneesoontorn@schoolofhardrock  Makeup : Rattanachot Pokum @d_deaw_d  Hair stylist : Nadia Benchaporn @dnadia5  Stylist : Pitipong Pongdam @pun_pitipong . . . #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlogger #MissUniverseThailand #roadtomisteruniverse2018 #roadtomissuniversethailand #roadtomut2018 #roadtomut #IwillFindYou #Nook #thitaree #Thailand #Bangkok #Pattaya #Phuket #Thai

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2. Thitaree Kasorn – she is my underdog in the competition and I still believe that she could still cause a surprise but well-deserved win in MUT. I like her for her quiet and elegant beauty. Her beauty is the type that you would appreciate as you look at her for longer periods of time.

1. Natharuetai Akkarakijwattanakul – I seriously think that she could be the next Miss Universe Thailand. Tall with great proportions, blessed with great skin, very photogenic and oozing with sex appeal. Her Oriental features will be a hit on the international stage and I expect that she will deliver at points where it will count.

2018 International Pageant Calendar

We are almost halfway done with the year and it is almost time again for the international pageant season to begin. Today we are posting the latest updates on the international pageant dates on 8 of the most awaited international pageants…

Miss Intercontinental – latest update: according to an IG post from Missosology, the Miss Intercontinental will be held in the Philippines on January 2019. In effect, this would make the pageant skip one year in 2017.
Miss Globe – no actual date or venue has been confirmed yet but there are rumors that the pageant might travel to Vietnam for it’s next edition. Reigning Miss Globe Do Tran Khanh Ngan might pass on her crown to her successor in her homeland.
Miss Supranational – the Miss Supranational pageant will once again be held in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. It will will be a day ahead of it’s European rival Miss World by one day. The pageant finals is slated on December 7.
Miss Grand International – the earliest to announce its pageant venue and date. The Miss Grand International pageant will be held on October 25th in Myanmar.

Miss Earth – while no venue is still available, unconfirmed date of the pageant puts it in November 3rd this year. There has been rumors circulating that the pageant might finally find itself hosted in foreign shores but it’s best to wait for an official announcement before getting our hopes up once again.
Miss International – the pageant is consistently held in Japan since 2012 and this year is no different. The pageant is slated to be held at the Tokyo Dome on November 9th.
Miss World – China will once again host the Miss World pageant on its second straight year. Pageant finals would be in December 8th. It would be the 9th time that the pageant will be held in China.
Miss Universe – there has been several countries that came floating as possible venue after China and the Philippine hosting has confirmed that it won’t push through. Former Philippine Secretary of Tourism Wanda Teo said in previous interviews that Thailand and Vietnam is bidding to host, while businessman Chavit Singson is said to be pushing the pageant to be held in Macau or South Korea. Dates have been unconfirmed by the MUOrg as well although ABSCBN reported that the pageant will be held in November 27th. MU Puerto RIco National Director & Miss Universe 2001 Denise Quinones claimed that the pageant will be on December.

A George Wittels Crown for Miss Tacloban

The very first George Wittels crown to be used in the Philippines will be used for the Miss Tacloban pageant!

Tacloban City – A thousand dollar Venezuelan made crown by renowned beauty pageant jeweler maker awaits Ms. Tacloban 2018 wannabe and its successor. This was revealed by beauty pageant crown donor Mr. Richard James White in an interview. The crown made exclusively for Ms. Tacloban 2018 and its successor was made by famous Venezuelan pageant crown maker George Wittels. Continue reading “A George Wittels Crown for Miss Tacloban”

The Art of the Ex-Deals in Pageants

We have previously featured how costly it is to shoulder all your expenses in joining pageants in the Philippines, but that shouldn’t deter pageant hopefuls to pursue their dreams for a crown. So today, we are talking about the more commonly practiced arrangement of the ex-deal (or x-deal whichever floats your boat).

Ex-deals are personal arrangements between the pageant girl and the people that she would like to work with.  Ex deals, or in more legal terms “part exchange deals”, constitutes an agreement between two parties exchanging goods and/or services instead of the usual monetary deals. It is important to know that this still involves some monetary value (note that we are not using the term “cash” here) as goods/ services are ones being bartered.
Pageant girls can approach their chosen designers, stylists, photographers, hair & makeup artists,  etc… for ex-deals. That is why some pageant girls come in with a fully functional glamsquads on top of their pageant mentors. These glamsquads are the ones that have bigger investments as ex-deals would mean at most times pro-bono work for them not just once but as long as the pageant duration. So pageant girls have to make sure to return back the favor when they win and help them publicized so that they get more clients as referrals.
This exchange of goods/services with publicity between the pageant girl and her glamsquad is a bit tedious to quantify in terms of monetary value as this may take a long process of audit. But the marketing value for each party is huge. The publicity alone on the part of the glamsquad will allow for visibility to prospective clients while the pageant girl is always looking impeccable like a walking advertising bilboard.

This kind of helping each other out is where the pageant hopeful could minimize the cost of her pageant journey. However, this is not always in favor of the pageant girl or her collaborators as this does not guarantee a win in the nationals. At the end of the day this is a risk that everyone involved would have to take. It is just a matter of choice on what calculated risk each party is willing to take.

5 Reasons Why Being a Beauty Queen is Like Having a Job

One of the nasty habits that pageant fans have is judging beauty queens on what is posted on their social media feeds. One pageant fan has called out Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray saying that she should focus on training first and foremost and not on public appearances and travel.
Catriona responded in a classy manner saying “Yes, I am preparing for Miss Universe, but first and foremost I am Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and that in itself comes with duties and responsibilities… I post beautiful scenes of travel cause I love to share that with you all, but behind that – what you all don’t see – is me working.

Today’s blogpost centers on the question: Is being a beauty queen a full-time job? Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Being a Beauty Queen is Like Having a Job”

How Much Does It Cost to Join a Beauty Pageant in the Philippines?

Joining a pageant in the country has now been elevated into a fanatic-level interests. Every year, people would be trying to guess which girl would be joining Binibining Pilipinas, Miss Earth Philippines or Miss World Philippines. Unbeknownst to most, joining pageants is a huge drain on a pageant girl’s finances.

In pageant crazed Venezuela, the estimated total cost of joining the Miss Venezuela pageant (inclusive of cosmetic enhancements) is at US$ 32,000 or approximately Php 1.63 million. According to Miss Universe 1st runner  & former Miss USA Nia Sanchez, at Miss USA there would be those who would spend from US$ 10,000 to 30,000 for the pageant.
Let’s try to breakdown the cost of participating in a national beauty pageant in the Philippines… Continue reading “How Much Does It Cost to Join a Beauty Pageant in the Philippines?”