S/S 2018 Fashion Trend Series: Fabrics and Embellishments Pt.2

Continuing our scheduled #FashionFridays in this 3rd Friday of January is the 2nd part of the fabrics and prints portion of the series.
This coming Spring/ Summer 2018 expect a lot of glitters to come out of everyone’s wardrobe. And show a little (or a lot) of skin as we go into the hot summer months.

* Disco Redux – Sequins as resistance, how about that? At Paco Rabanne, Julien Dossena responded to the terror of the world by looking to Paris’s discotheques for inspiration, sending out catsuits and minidresses dripping with sequins.

* Lamé – Sparkles, sequins in gold and silver shine brightly with a resolutely contemporary energy, reflecting a desire for a dazzling elegance, made all the more magnificent when worn as a full look.

Tulle – It’s festive, it’s glamorous and it’s sheer! Tulle was the fabric of preference at the Milan shows.

Satin and Shine – Satin was the dominant fabric during the London shows for two great reasons. First, its sheen instantly elevates any silhouette; second, its inherent fluidity and lightness makes it comfortable to wear all night long.

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S/S 2018 Fashion Trend Series: Fabrics and Embellishments Pt.1

Just a clarification on this #FashionFridays series, these trends presented here are a summary of all the Spring/ Summer 2018 trends that were sifted as to those that could apply to pageants. I have also included several crossover trends from Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 that could still be very apt for the upcoming pageant season.

* Ostrich Feathers – A flurry of feathers for a touch of couture, the common denominator at Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel. White only, and soft, stylish and poised.

* Polka Dots – A simple but effective motif, polka dots zere all over this season. Use and abuse on one condition: stick to black and white.

* Galactic Prints – From flying saucers to stars via the all-over astronaut prints at Chanel, fashion took flight for new frontiers with interplanetary inspirations. Think little 60s-style dresses, silver-studded denim and silk as light as zero gravity.

Fringe – The Italian runways were brimming with a quintessential celebratory element — made livelier with party pieces that can be shaken from dusk till dawn.

* Ruffles – The spring catwalks are cascading with ruffles and it’s neat to think that perhaps it’s an antidote to all the smooth, languid silks and long, lean silhouettes we enjoyed last season.

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S/S 2018 Fashion Trend Series: The Colors

Fashion trend adoption in pageants tend to be a little late. In fact, the reason why I didn’t do a “best of” among pageant gowns of 2017 is because I felt that all the gowns I have seen were permutations of previous pageant gowns before. In the exception of Maxine Medina’s emerald green fringe dress and Kevin Liliana’s powder blue exaggerated sleeved gown, I didn’t find any new groundbreaking look among pageant gowns in 2017. That is why for the month of January during #FashionFridays, I am out to help poor fashion-unaware pageant girls of the incoming trends for Spring- Summer 2018.

First off are the fashion colors of 2018. Of course the age-old white, nude, gold, silver and red won’t be out of style in pageants. But if every girl are using those colors wouldn’t you want to experiment on something different, color-wise? Here are the colors that you might want to try from the Pantone color NYC forecast…
* Meadowlark – Pantone 13-0646, The bold and lively Meadowlark, a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade highlights the spring 2018 season, glistening with joy and illuminating the world around us.
Cherry Tomato – PANTONE 17-1563, Impulsive Cherry Tomato is a tempestuous orangey red that exudes heat and energy. Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored, shade is viscerally alive.
Little Boy Blue – PANTONE 16-4132, With the expectation of the clear blue sky, Little Boy Blue is no longer for little boys only. Suggestive of expansiveness and continuity, this azure blue shade reassures us with its promise of a new day.
Pink Lavender – PANTONE 14-3207, Pink Lavender is a soft and romantic violet rose that charms with its soothing sense of quiescence.
* Arcadia – PANTONE 16-5533, Hinting at retro yet at the same time modern, Arcadia is a cooler, cleaner take on green that with its tinge of blue undertone takes us into a new direction for the spring 2018 season.
Ultra Violet – PANTONE 18-3838, Conveying originality and ingenuity, the magical Ultra Violet is a distinctive and complex purple shade that fascinates and intrigues.
There are more S/S ’18 colors on the link provided on the source below. My personal pick would be Meadowlark as it has a very come-hither appeal to it. But I would want you to pay closer attention to the color Ultraviolet as it is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year. You might want to try this color to stand out among the rest.
More Spring/ Summer 2018 fashion forecast in the upcoming weeks ahead, so you better stay tuned!

* https://www.pantone.com/fashion-color-trend-report-new-york-spring-2018
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Rumored Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Girls Pt.2

I thought that the first blogpost on the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 rumored girls needs a follow up. So on this post, we are gonna write about several girls that aren’t joining or won’t be qualified (for whatever reasons) to join this year’s pageant.

1. This Pinay supermodel has been floated by fans for years to be joining pageants, but a topless modeling pic may derail her from joining the Binibining Pilipinas. This should be clear now for pageant fans to stop as she clearly is focused on her modeling career that is starting to fly internationally.
2. This Binibini runner up hasn’t revealed if she is joining or not. But according to some insiders, she is not interested in joining anymore. There is still hope though as she will be aging out in a year. So she still has time should she change her mind. She may even switch camps…
3. This mestiza looker has already said to people close to her that she won’t be joining this year and would rather focus on enriching herself and preparing for the national pageant in a year or two. She is one of the runners-up in a past BBP pageant.
4. This lovely lady from one of the country’s most prominent cities is being touted to join BBP this year by pageant fans. Although she is said to be preparing for a different national pageant altogether or possibly join BBP in 2019. She was said to be joining MWP supposedly last year.
5. She’s stands 5’10”- 5’11” and this blogger first met her when she was still a student and couldn’t even walk in heels. Nowadays, she is floated as a possible name to join BBP2018. What people may not know is that she has already posed topless with another beauty queen in a photoshoot and this may bar her from joining the national pageant.
6. The girl is tall, between 5’8″ – 5’10”. While she is said to be joining BBP this year, other insiders are saying that she is possibly joining MWP instead due to her naked photoshoot. She could have made a splash in BBP…
That is it for now… Soon as we hear more, you will get a bit more blind items here…

Miss Grand International 2018 Venue Announced!

The Miss Grand International 2018 pageant has just recently announced which country will host the pageant for this year’s edition!

After Bangkok, Las Vegas, and Vietnam, the MGI pageant is traveling once again for its 6th edition. In a video post by its founder, Nawat Itsaragrisil, it was revealed via his official Instagram account that the pageant is to be slated in the “Golden Land” of Myanmar. The pageant’s finals is to be held on the 25th of October 2018.
Video post as below…

Sashes&Scripts Year-End Special: The Changing Ideals in a Beauty Pageant Winner

2017 saw a full change in what takes to win a beauty pageant. These days a new type of beauty queen is seen emerging among national and international pageants. It is no longer enough that you possess the face, height and body for beauty contests. International and national pageant organizations are looking now for far more than the proverbial “face that could launch a thousand ships“.

Changing body ideals: small bust, wide hips, thick thighs and short legs…they don’t matter anymore…

Personal Achievement – whether you are a breadwinner from an early age, or managed to get your masters degree while juggling 2 jobs, or a household helper who succeeded in getting a degree of her own, or survived sexual assault, or an orphan who was raised by nuns, you gotta have a personal story or personal achievement to tell. That is part and parcel of being relate-able. Yes, other girls wouldn’t look as gorgeous as you but at least it gives hope that life can be better for them. This is what pageant orgs seem to be looking for a winner. Someone that is admirable and aspirational to make pageants be more current and modern.
Communication Skill -smarts trumps surface beauty, that should always be one that pageants should move towards for. Gone are the days when we would cringe at pageant winners who falter at the dreaded q&a. Nowadays, beauty pageant winners are expected to be able to hold conversations and speeches in public. Being able to communicate is something that all winners required to as they are de facto spokespersons/ ambassadors of the pageant org. Just look at the bumper crop of 2017 Binibining Pilipinas queens. All of them are capable of holding conversations and look stunning both at the same time.
Community Involvement/ Advocacy – done nothing for your community? Have nothing to show in terms of charity projects? Then have one even before you think of joining a national pageant. Even as a beauty queen aspirant, you have to stand for something and show up for it. You gotta be involved in your community or in a passion project that speaks to you….whether that be a regular clean up drive, standing up against bullying, HIV-AIDS awareness, humane treatment of animals, fight against human trafficking or cancer research. You have to be less self-absorbed and more involved in the world around you.

Pageant Buzz Words: Having compelling backstory and timely advocacies are a must in a pageant girl’s resume nowadays…

Market Appeal to Strengthen the Brand – it is no surprise that every pageant has made adjustments in how they select their winner in hopes to appeal to a larger world market. The latest move is how the MU pageant copied the ME’s continental grouping in selecting their semi-finalists. MW and MI have the continental queens to cover their bases. Hence this translates well into selecting its winners. Each pageant would select a queen that could further their agendas. Hence we saw a medical physicist representing the scientific community in global warming issues, an advocate of self-defense as an empowered and confidently beautiful winner, a medical student as the face of what is beautiful with a purpose… Each winner has to have market appeal to strengthen the pageant’s brand image to a worldwide audience.
Pageant Organization Favorite – this is a little bit difficult to quantify compared to the other points discussed. Nowadays, pageant organizations exert a little (to full) influence on who makes it to the semis and eventually win. They are, after all, the ones who would work with the eventual winner for a year’s duration. They might as well select one that they could work with in a professional capacity. Diva attitudes and bad behaviour are not tolerable. So it pays that pageant hopefuls be professional and courteous. This is the way to endear yourselves to the organization and get noticed. Remember that a pageant is not won during the finals but during the everyday you step out and face the day’s pageant activities.

Heard, not just Seen: Winners should be able to carry a conversation as they are spokesperson of the organization…

It is safe to say that winners should cover all of these bases to be successful at a pageant. Yes, physical beauty still counts for a lot but in a line up of very beautiful women, those that have the above points covered will most likely stand out.

Sashes&Scripts Year-End Special: Our Most Controversial Posts of 2017

With the blog hitting 1 million hits in 2017, I thought that it would be a great way to take a look back at the most controversial/ audacious post I have written this year.
Sit back as we go through some of the Sashes&Scripts posts that got pageant fans thinking, riled, and excited.

Miss World/ Miss World Philippines BWAP: Beauty Without a Purpose?this was one of the most audacious post I have written in the blog as I have poked at the heart of the MW & MWP pageants. Upon learning that the BWAP challenge was purposely omitted in MWP after copying all the rest of the MW challenges, it got me thinking if the Beauty with a Purpose portion  was just for show…
* Opportunity Losses of the Miss World Pageant in the Philippinesanother post that raised some eyebrows albeit from the international pageant fans. This was exactly what happened in MW later as the pageant was a snooze-fest in terms of its social media presence. And this is going to be an issue if the planned 2019 hosting in the Philippines pushes through…
Male Pageant Winners & the Adult Film Industry Part 1 & Part 2 – not all that glitters is gold and this is evidenced by a number of pageant hopefuls and winners that had a porn past & present. This post has perhaps raised more heads and look at how the male pageant industry has miles to go to get the same reputation as female pageants.

Is Miss Universe IMG|WME Era More Concerned in Stories to Tell? – of the ladies in this list, only 2 didn’t manage to make it into the top 16 of this year’s competition. Here is how the MU is trying to reinvent itself by appealing towards the ‘human interest’ stories of its candidates.
Ms. Earth versus Ms. Grand International: The Rivalry – this is the post that perhaps gathered the most irk from the ME fanatics. Despite the very neutral nature of the post, most ME fanatics did not agree with the comparison from a fellow pageant from Asia.
6 Reasons Why the Best Filipino Pageant Fans Can also be The Worst – arguably, this post that is a look inside the Filipinos’ worst traits (as supposed to being the best pageant fans).
The Most Damaging Scandals & Controversies to Pageant Image Part 1 and Part 2 – this is one of my most controversial posts this year and I would say it probably ranks as my top 1 most audacious post this year. Not even the Alpha pageants Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth is spared in this 2-part write up.