Pageant Candidates and Social Media at the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic

What can our pageant girls do during these times of quiet and quarantine period? Here are some of our suggestions…

Pageant girls can make use of this time to get their names out on social media when pageant activities are on hold. The great thing about this is that all pageant hopefuls have equal opportunity to ‘seen and heard’ on social media. There are no frontrunners or underdogs during this time every pageant hopeful has equal opportunities to be on every pageant fan’s and pages’ feed. Each pageant girl also has the creative control on the message she wants to send across. This pageant break is an opportunity to reach out to fans with regular social content that is timely, informative and useful.

Girls, this is the time where you should be out there creating content/ posts on your social media that will make fans remember you. Got nothing to say? Easy-peasy! Here is a list of things that you can post on your Instagram and Facebook feed: Continue reading “Pageant Candidates and Social Media at the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic”

Should Pageant Organizations Skip the 2020 Pageant Season?

With the pageant season being delayed due to the NCov-19 global pandemic, one of the possible scenarios is to cancel altogether both national and international competitions. Which leaves the question are pageant organizations willing to do so?

Here are some of our thoughts on this matter…


This may be the most drastic option but it may be the safest course of action to take.

We cannot predict when this global pandemic will end and it isn’t worth the risk to continue and have people spread the virus. Pageant organizations must need to evaluate their priorities when countries are safe-guarding its citizens from the Corona virus. Countries may even implement lockdowns and travel bans during these period and it will definitely put a dent on a pageant’s activities and live finals.

Pageants are festive activities that cannot thrive without audiences and with mass gatherings being avoided; pageants would need to rethink should they proceed… Continue reading “Should Pageant Organizations Skip the 2020 Pageant Season?”

The Top 5 Misconceptions about Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta

There have been some hate that Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. Chair person Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta had to endure over the last couple of decades from a number of pageant fans.
Today, we will try to shed some light on a woman who have championed the Filipina beauty queens for more than 50 years. A woman who calls herself a Filipina. A woman who despite the tremendous power she yields in the pageant, has never defended herself publicly. A woman who had to make tough choices for her organization, yet is mired with numerous misconceptions on her persona…

1. She is a Cheapskate – just because she knows what areas she has to spend on and where she doesn’t need to pour money on does not make her cheap. She forgoes those expenses that aren’t of major importance or does not forward the interests of the organization or the BBP pageant. We cannot imagine her not having allotted budgets to pay for franchise that would cost about 5-6 figures in US dollars. What is the point of having new crowns if she isn’t able to pay for the yearly annual fees of the international pageants she sends our BBP winners to? Granted that there is a need to change crowns, but those don’t come easy or cheap. This is just a simple case of prioritizing on SMA on what matters the most to the BBP winners and the org.
2. She is too “Alta” or she is ‘Matapobre’ – she is far from that as she would be very accommodating to pageant fans. This is illustrated on how she would accommodate a number of Filipinos during the Miss Universe pageant to be able to get in the rehearsals of the girls. Of course pageant fans have to understand that when you are meeting a person of position you would want to look your best and not appear as someone who would be begging for scraps under her table. No one would take you seriously if you would look scrappy or untidy. Nobody would like to get too close with one with unpleasant smell either.
3. She gets a cut from the girls’ winnings – this would be an flat-out lie as some of winners have mentioned in interviews that their international winnings are their own. The only time that BPCI gets a cut from the girls’ fees are from public engagements they do under BBP (meaning they go as Bb. Pilipinas winners officially with their sash and/or crown). This is also perhaps the reason why the winners’ contracts are actually 18 months long. It allows BPCI to squeeze in possible revenues from the girls’ official public appearances.

4. She has all the money to spend – this is actually false. The BPCI gets much of its annual budget from the sponsorships they get during the BBP pageant season. Whatever income they get, they spend back on the pageant, on the franchise fees, training and wardrobe, etc… BPCI is not funded by the government and it is a non-profit organization which means that SMA has to self-sustain her organization thru its own income generators. Pageant franchises amount to several tens of thousand dollars. So imagine the scenario of having to earn your main paycheck only once in a year and you have to make sure that paycheck will allow you to survive the entire 12 months. That is actually how it is for most pageants out there.
5. She hates Filipino Designers – this one is a fallacy for the books. When SMA instituted the restrictions on pageant gowns in the late 90’s this came from terrible experiences with local designers in the past. There were those designers who would feud regarding the girls in the pageant. Then there was the straw that broke the camel’s back (so to speak). When one of our MU reps switched her gown to a local designer when SMA bought a supposed designer gown (it was said to be an expensive Bob Mackie designer label) for the prelims. MUOrg reps talked to her and was rumored to have said that she sent a gorgeous girl but was given a horrendous gown. Said girl had scores that placed her among the top 16-18 that year.

The (unconfirmed) Franchise Fee estimates of the Alpha Four Pageants…

There is a lot of flak that SMA has been receiving in the past years from Pinoy pageant fans. If she is so bad at her job then how did  SMA navigated the pageant through highs and lows in over 50 years of BPCI?
Pageant fans rarely have the chance to meet Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta in person and get to interact with her. And it is that unfamiliarity that causes them to pass quick judgement without getting the overall scene. What they usually see is a microscopic view of how a pageant is managed. Hopefully there would be less hate and a lot more respect to go around after this post…

Pageantry and Covid-19

With the news of several new cases of Covid-19 found, how will that affect the national pageant season?

The Covid-19 virus scare is a hot topic in the news nowadays. No one can escape it on the news and even on social media. With this global epidemic becoming more widespread, we fear that this may affect the national pageant season and more so the international pageant season come 3rd-4th quarter of 2020.

First to postpone their inaugural pageant is the Miss Charm International pageant that is supposed to happen in Vietnam this month of March. It has made public that due to the continued spreading of the said virus, they are postponing their pageant towards the latter end of the year.

Another pageant that has made changes in their finals night is the Binibining Pilipinas pageant whose April 26th coronation night is moved to May 31st. Insider rumors are saying that the said move was due to the Covid-19 virus, although no confirmation is yet available. One thing is for certain, the events and public appearances of the Binibinis for this week have been postponed for safety reasons.
One of the latest cases of the Covid-19 infection discovered in the Philippines is an employee of Deloitte Philippines in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Taguig is currently the headquarters and base of operations for the Miss Universe Philippines pageant. It was earlier reported that the MUPh activities are postponed in light of this new development. It is also likely that even pageant fans are to take up more precaution and avoid the infected locations altogether.

Two of the countries gravely affected by the Corona virus is the United States, which is the headquarters of the Miss Universe org, and the Miss International pageant, which holds the annual Miss International pageant. It is likely that these countries would be very cautious in holding these pageants. It is also likely that the Miss Earth pageant may take necessary precautions in holding the pageant in the Philippines.

The Corona virus outbreak IMHO will pose a serious blow to tourism everywhere and it will severely affect both national an international pageants. What we can hope for is that this epidemic would have treatment options before it gets any worse…

It’s No Longer Only About the Miss Universe Pageant

There are more international pageants these days than we can count. And that comes with a sudden realization that nowadays, it’s no longer just about the Miss Universe pageant anymore.

Pageant fans like myself are in this bubble thinking that the most relevant, most prestigious and most important beauty pageant is still the Miss Universe pageant. However, with the surge of newer international competitions being more aggressive in their promotions and the series of letdowns and inherent flaws of the MUOrg, we wonder if are fans unaware that the pageant is suffering an erosion of its prestige?

The Golden Era of Miss Universe
It can be argued that the Golden era of the Miss Universe pageant happened in the 70’s to 90’s. It was a time when the winner get to go home with a car, jewelry from sponsors, wardrobe and even fur coats, and a hefty cash prize ranging from US$10,000 to 20,000. In total, the cash and prizes awarded to the Miss Universe winner amounts up to US$250,000. Winners back in the 80’s to 90’s get to keep their Miss Universe rhinestone crown by Sarah Coventry, a trophy and a Miss Universe brooch. The last titleholder to have seen with the MU brooch was Alicia Machado back in 1996. Newspapers would even publish the cash prizes that a winner like Chelsi Smith in 1995 would receive, something that is hush hush nowadays.
Chelsi Smith's prizes amounted to around US$250,000
Big name celebrities have also served as either judge or host in the pageant. Names like Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias (Sr.), etc… aside from notable dignitaries are usually invited. The pageant is aired by big name television networks and pageant venues are announced a year in advance.
Back then, it means something to be a Miss Universe. Winners are celebrities even in celebrity circles. Imagine having breakfast together with notable artists like Salvador Dali at the St. Regis Hotel and getting an invitation from him to paint you.
It was the age of glamour and everyone knew it. Back then beauty pageants are un-apologetically glamorous. Continue reading “It’s No Longer Only About the Miss Universe Pageant”

Binibining Pilipinas 2020 in a Historical and Cultural Tour

DID YOU KNOW that the Binibining Pilipinas Gateway Museum Tour is more than just appreciation of the arts?
One of the good things in being invited to these Binibining Pilipinas events is that it puts into light the significance of these events not just to the ladies but also to the media people present.
The Gateway Museum is a joint project of the Araneta Group of Companies and the University of the Philippines, Diliman to bring cultural and historical awareness integrated through arts. With this year’s BBP hashtag #IAmBinibini this tour is very apt to bring more awareness of Philippine culture to the 40 ladies vying for the titles at stake in Bb. Pilipinas.

Continue reading “Binibining Pilipinas 2020 in a Historical and Cultural Tour”

Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Between Michele and Alaiza

It seems that the Miss Universe Philippines title may look like a battle between two Binibining Pilipinas alums after all.
During the MUP press presentation of candidates, two ladies stood taller  above the rest of the competition: Michele Gumabao and Alaiza Flor Malinao.

A volleyball player, TV personality and former Binibining Pilipinas Globe, Michele has one of the best faces in the batch. Her Filipino-American features are exquisite to begin with, and she is quite tall as well standing close to 5’10”. Her communication skills are good enough to battle it out in the international arena. She carries a conversation quite well and that comes in handy in a pageant that values a spokesperson over a physically beautiful specimen.
With all that, she does have some weak areas she needs to improve on. First is her walk that needs finesse and polish. Poise and stature is one of the things that most beauty queens have to train on until it becomes a muscle memory.
She also has to work on being more charismatic and that her personality should translate even in photographs. She does have a very cheer-y personality though but that should translate well enough that it becomes her trademark. This is the part where she can use a strong point to cover for a weak area.
One of the easiest critique pageant pundits have is on her body. Being a volleyball player, Michele’s body/ bone structure is wider than most. Even if she becomes very thin, its her bone structure that makes her look wide. We just have to accept that and for Michele to just be on her best physical shape. Instead she has to learn to make curves with her body type.
Take for instance Gul Panag of India in Miss Universe 1999. She was quite heavy set but she made sure she nailed the Q&A and posed to created curves with what she have. Michele has to learn how to do that too.

Alaiza is the embodiment of physical perfection in a kayumangging kaligatan beauty.
She is the undoubtedly the best overall girl among this batch. She is tall at 5’9″, she has the curves and a very whistle-bait body, her facial bone structure is to die for and most importantly, she can carry an interesting conversation with you. She also is a clothes-horse that can make any outfit look good without really trying. So style-wise she is easy to dress up and package to suit what the Miss Universe organization is looking for. It does help that she moves very gracefully and with panache being a model for the most part of her career.
One of Alaiza’s best asset is that she is funny and has an easy-going personality. She can win you over with her personality because she is very grounded as a person.
But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have areas that she needs to work on. Alaiza being the easy-going gal she is has this aura that you cannot take seriously when in comes to serious topics. And that is one of the areas she needs to work on. People should take her seriously when she speaks.
Let us clarify, Alaiza has no problem with her speaking skills because she is a good conversationalist. She however has to speak with authority when talking about things that she is passionate about, like her advocacy on agriculture and farmers’ welfare. She needs to be convincing and taken seriously if she is to become a spokesperson of the Miss Universe org.

View this post on Instagram

Binibining Pilipinas or Miss Universe Philippines? We are likely to believe that Alaiza Malinao is gearing up for MUP2020! MU looking for a woman of color? It's time that we send a dusky Pinay beauty then. @alaizamalinao fits the bill 100%. From how we see it, this 5'9" beauty is gearing up to something this national pageant season. Among the ladies floating in wish-lists, Alaiza seems to be the one who actually has no strings attached (like existing contracts and such) and is actually winnable in terms of Miss Universe criteria. Now who's with us for Alaiza? . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #AlaizaMalinao #confidentlybeautiful #MissUniversePhilippines #missuniversephilippines2020 #MUP2020

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Our pageant instincts are shouting that it will be a death match between these two for the title.
But their biggest competition is still themselves and how to conquer their perceived weaknesses. Who among these two ladies can beat their weak areas might be the one to romp away with the Miss Unvierse Philippines title.

Swimsuits in Pageants: Necessary or Not?

The two oldest beauty pageants were created to promote swimwear, the bikini for Miss World and Catalina swimsuits for Miss Universe. But in today’s changing social atmosphere, we ask: Are swimsuits still essential in pageants?

Last 2018, the Miss America decided to remove the swimsuit segment and it has unleashed a whole new discussion in pageantry about it. Earlier in September of 2019, they seem to put themselves into controversy once again with this statement:

“In reaching out to the Miss America Organization, the donor made clear the important reason for the generous gift. As a young woman who wanted to compete in a local Miss America competition in the 1980s, she was discouraged by her parents because they believed ‘Miss America does not look like us, and an educated woman does not parade around in a swimsuit.’”

That part of the statement has earned them the irk of some pageant girls who took offense saying that there is no correlation between being uneducated whilst wearing swimsuits in public. This line of thinking from the Miss America organization could easily be a license for conservative people to ‘slut shame’ anyone who is wearing bikinis. Said controversy prompted the MAOrg to release a statement that says, “We sincerely apologize to our dedicated participants, volunteers and fans. We genuinely hope our misstep does not detract from the intent of this valuable new scholarship or the openness and inclusivity of the Miss America Organization’s vision.

So now we ask are swimsuits still necessary in pageants? Here’s our thoughts:

  1. Fitness and Health never goes out of style – the swimsuit competition for this blogger is a showcase of what a healthy and fit body should look like. Today, about 40 percent of U.S. adults and nearly 20 percent of children are obese, a surge reflected worldwide, with more people now overweight or obese (1.9 billion) than underfed (800 million). In 1985, no state in the U.S. had an obesity rate above 15 percent; now every state is higher than 20.
    Fitness and healthy lifestyles are something that should be promoted and having a wider healthy body types promoted in the swimsuit competition would be a positive message. Granted that there are different body types, each body type should be given opportunity to be presented onstage to show how a healthy body to aspire to. Having curvy, athletic, short, tall, thin and other different kinds of body types represented in pageants is important because there is not just one healthy body type.
  2. Not limiting pageant girls into a boxed idea of what is respectable and socially acceptable outfits – whoever said that you cannot be smart, educated, and worth of respect while wearing a swimsuit has a very narrow understanding and thinking. Women should be given the respect regardless of what she wears, that be either a bikini or a floor length evening gown. If ‘respectability’ is the only reason why you do not approve of swimsuits in pageantry, then you should be expanding your definition of respect.
    While I personally do not endorse teen pageants to compete in two-piece swimsuits (they can compete in athletic wear), “Miss” pageants should have the option to wear one-piece or two piece bikinis for the swimsuit segment.
  3. Humans are drawn to beauty – this is self evident and self explanatory. We are hard-wired towards the attractive and beautiful. Studies have shown that even as babies, we are attracted to beautiful faces and to a larger scale to beautiful people and things. And guess what, when we see a beautiful person, there is actually an increase in our dopamine levels. Dopamine for those who are not in the know is one of the “happiness hormones” of the body, and dopamine can be addictive. That is why when you find something beautiful or desirable you tend to look for more.
    And there isn’t a lack of beauty in pageants, thus them being called beauty pageants. This is why we like to look at pageant girls in their swimsuits and gowns because we appreciate them and the hardwork they put into their physiques.

Going back to the question: Are Swimsuits necessary in pageants? IMHO, they aren’t but they are an integral part of pageant tradition. If pageant organizations are to remove the swimsuits from their respective pageants, then that is their call. But they should be asking whether or not it is a move that their core audience is willing to support or not. With the recent decision that the Miss America will now be removing the evening gown competition in their pageants, will there be enough pageant fans left to support it? Apply that logic to the rest of pageants around the world. If there are no swimsuits or evening gowns in a pageant, is it still worthy to be called a “beauty pageant competition”?

Visit a related post on this topic for more – Top 5 Reasons Why the Miss Universe & Miss USA Should Keep the Swimsuit Competition

5 Things Every Pageant Girl Can Learn from Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s move towards financial independence from the British royal family, is one ballsy but admirable move. Set aside talks about ‘Megxit’ because here are several lessons that every pageant hopeful can learn from Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

The Duchess of Sussex is one formidable modern woman. Compared to the Duchess of Cambridge’s more traditional conformist kind of way, Meghan Markle brings an air of modernity and independent thinking that is remarkable for a member of the Royal Family. And she, perhaps, is the better role model for the modern day pageant girl. Here are five reasons why…

  1. She is Unapologetic of Who She Is – every pageant girl must accept who she is, flaws and all. Be proud of your heritage, of where you came from. Champion your community by looking into representing your ethno-linguistic group with pride and elan. So what if you speak with a regional accent? Use it to strengthen your brand. Be un-apologetically you!
  2. She Uses Fashion as a Communication Tool – what you wear is an extension of you as a person. Use it to communicate your brand. Do not blindly follow trends without evaluating if it adds to your brand equity. Be smart in wearing clothes. Use it to extend what you want people to know about you as a person. Don’t be afraid if you want to stick to what works for you but at the same time be open to evaluate if new fashions can help you in your agenda.
  3. She Doesn’t Lose Her Cool in Public – and that includes social media. There is a time and place for a meltdown but do so in the privacy of your home. If you are angry with bashers and hate comments, use that anger in the gym. If you have critics and naysayers, use their publicity to push for your causes. Redirect negativity to areas where you can do good. Use that composure like its armor.
  4. She Knows How and When to Make an Impact – always leave people something to talk about. You don’t have to be always present in everybody’s top of mind, but when you are make them remember. Be strategic when and how to reveal your cards but all the while you keep them up your sleeves where no one can guess your next move. Always keep people wanting for more but always leave something more than enough to keep fans satiated.
  5. She is a Lady Boss – be your own woman. Always be someone who is in charge of your own life and career. Follow rules but don’t be afraid to make your own rules. If your inner voice is sending you doubtful vibes, listen because that is your inner compass saying that something is not right for you.

If there is one major takeaway from the Duchess of Sussex, it is this: Never Be Afraid. You are a queen, so act like one…

Miss Universe 2019 Playlist

Despite the lack of musical guests in the Miss Universe 2019 pageant, it did not lack good selection of music. Notable in the playlist is the full female artists featured in their (singular) live performer and playlist.

Here are the songs that were prominently used in the pageant.
Opening Number  – Ally Brooke performed two of her songs ‘Higher’ , ‘Low Key’ and ‘No Good’ for the opening sequence. She was accompanied by several back up dancers with the 90 official Miss Universe candidates.

Swimsuit – this medley of songs from Normani (Motivation) and Lizzo (Good as Hell) was used for the swimsuit comeptition. It would have been better if half of the top 10 walked the ramp with the song ‘Motivation’ while the other half with ‘Good as Hell’.

Evening Gown – Ally Brooke sang a medley of Selena’s hits. While her vocal performance may have been inadequate to some Selena fans, nobody can deny that her songs were a great throwback to the Mexican songstress.

Also played during the live telecast is the Glitter Mix of the Miss Universe theme song.

The 2019 edition will probably go down in history as one of the most lackluster editions of the Miss Universe pageant. However there are some musical gems to be found in the pageant’s playlist.

Sashes & Scripts is on a Blog Break!

Hello everyone! Starting today, we will be having a quick break from pageant blogging.
My sister from the US is visiting and I am hoping to spend some time with family over the next couple of weeks. It will be a great time to bond with them because each of us seems to be going on different paths again soon (one of my sisters is set to leave the country within the year). It will also be a time for me to think and ponder what I can still offer to you in terms of pageantry.
See you again later!

Beauty or Intelligence: Which Should Weight More?

The landscape of pageantry has constantly been shifting, more so in the last decade. In the constant attempt to be relevant and modern, pageants have regularly pushed to varying degrees what it means for pageant to be “in the now“, to be a reflection of what society is looking for in a pageant winner. In the changing taste of pageants, there no other question more pertinent than this question: What should weight more in pageants, beauty or intelligence?

During the last Miss Universe pageant Filipino pageant fans argued Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados’ opening statement. Some say that she buckled but others say that her statement was of content but didn’t resonate to what the judges are looking for in a winner. And that had it been a miz of male and female judges, she would easily coasted to the top 10. So today we are taking a look into the question whether pageants should put weight more on beauty or on public speaking abilities… Continue reading “Beauty or Intelligence: Which Should Weight More?”

Why Are Some Filipino Pageant Fans so Entitled?

Who do some Filipino pageant fans act so high and mighty, feeling entitled, and act like they are God’s gifts to pageantry? The Philippines’ success in pageants has bloated some of our egos and forgot what it feels to keep our feet on the ground.
While Filipino pageant fans have some of the best qualities any international pageant could want, but there is a dark side to our being the ‘best pageant fans in the world’… and that is we often think that because our reps are always winning, we are the best thing since sliced bread. For all our good qualities, we as a collective pageant fandom are our own worst enemies and could cause the downfall of our ladies.
Why is it that whenever there are live streaming on social media for pageants, one of the most visible whiners are us Filipinos? We complain that the camera is shaky, we complain that the buffering is too long, that the images are blurry, etc… And worse, we are always complaining that to the organizers how sh_tty their livestreams are. Whether it’s home grown Miss Earth or foreign-owned Miss Globe, some of the loudest whiners online tend to be Pinoy fans.Can’t we just be grateful for a live-streaming? The irony of that is that we also tend to be the ones begging for a live stream when there are no live streams available.
Add to that is how we like to tag pageant girls and orgs on social media on everything negative about them. Case in point how some fans called out the Miss Globe live streaming last year, that this year one of the organizers had called us out about it. It is no coincidence that even despite an exemplary performance by our rep, Filipino pageant fans’ negative attitude probably pulled her down in the eyes of the organizers and judges.
And let’s not get started on how fans suddenly become pageant experts just by merely observing on social media. They become fashion experts even without knowing how the world of fashion works. They become expert trainers even without experience in training girls. These ‘fans’ would give their 2 cents of opinions as if theirs is the only opinion that matters.
Let’s take for example the recent episode of Cary Santiago on hi Facebook post. His mastery of his technique which is fabric manipulation is something unique to him, much like how Francis Libiran’s trademark is his architectural pieces and Michael Cinco’s dramatic flare and overly intricate beadwork. Let’s be clear here, fashion in pageants isn’t the barometer of global fashion. In fact, fashion in pageantry is actually lagging behind as mere followers of global fashion trends. Let’s take for example the fringe dress of Maxine Medina, that was forecasted to be on trend way back as early as 2014-2015; Stephanie del Valle’s and Catriona Gray’s pink colored gowns in December of 2016 were based on the 2016 color of the year – Rose Quartz – which was forecasted 12 months prior; the feathered gown of Rachel Peters was following the forecasted trend of ostrich and caribou feathers 6-12 months prior. Even Philippine fashion lags behind European fashion capitals in terms of being fashion forward. The Philippines, we follow fashion trends, we don’t make them. So it is futile to dictate that our girls should be wearing this or that, because Metro Manila lacks a fashion identity as compared to fashion capitals like Rome/ Milan, Paris, London, or even Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore.
Unless pageant fans are financially investing on the ladies’s training, wardrobe and pageant preparations, we have to accept that we are just mere spectators and our opinions, valuable as feedback as they are, do not hold weight in the final decisions. The sooner that we accept that, the less we are to be entitled in our opinions.
One of the most glaring negative character Filipino fans have is how easy is it for fans lately to dismiss a top 25/20 finish as a ‘loss’ in pageants. For the most part, the newest breed of Pinoy pageant fans grew up in the years that the Philippines are winning crowns. And they have thought that winning a title is easy and that if they missed making top 5 they they must be ‘losers’. These new breed of fans never understand what a real ‘clapper’ means, and that is to fail to make it to semis. These are the new breed of entitled fans, and they are most likely the toxic ones who think that the world, or the universe, owes them always a win. These entitled fans never learned that life does not simply gives you what you ask for and that you work hard for the success you yearn. And even for the most part, sometimes no matter how hard our reps train and work for a title, there are things that aren’t meant to be. Fans rarely see the difficulty that the girls go behind the scenes. And some Pinoy pageant fans are quick to judge and point out what was lacking from our representatives’ part, instead of being sensitive that they may be hurting on the loss as well. You can easily find comments saying ‘she was weak on this’, ‘she didn’t do that’, ‘her camp isn’t for this pageant’, etc… but rarely didn’t do much in terms of sending messages of support during the time our reps are competing.
The worst part is that we are all collectively guilty of partaking on the victories of our reps and rarely take part when our reps fail to win a crown. This is the classic, sawsaw kapag nananalo tapos hugas kamay naman pag natatalo.

It is difficult for us to say it but sometimes, Filipinos act like ingrates in the times that we are winning crowns, bringing home runner up titles and earning semifinal placements. Imagine how disappointed would we all be if and when we start missing making semis. When it would take 3-6 years to make a semifinal placement. When pageant orgs have moved on to other countries for fan support. It may be hard to fathom for this new generation of fans, but for the older and more seasoned pageant fans, we have gone through that time in the 80’s to the 2000’s where the only Alpha pageant crowns we have won were courtesy of Lara Quigaman and Karla Henry. Imagine having to win on 2 major crowns in a span of 3o years.

This is a wake up call to every Filipino pageant fan out there. Start accepting the fact that the Philippines is not the only pageant fandom that international pageants are courting. Just take a good look at our Asian neighbors. Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam are creeping up on the territory that we once enjoyed. Unless Filipino pageant fans start acting more maturely, we are risking being the ‘best pageant fans in the world‘ to become the most toxic. Luckily for us, we are quick to learn and to adapt. Here are just some of the things you can actively do to step up and become the ‘only pageant fandom that matters‘:
1. Change your attitude. Start being less of an ingrate and start being more of a grateful proactive fan. This means being supportive of  your girls without bringing others down.
2. Be involved! Start being active with your girls and their social causes. Ask your girls to be have a charity day of your own and involve everyone in her team and in your fan group to participate, donate or volunteer.
3. Don’t put others down even if they provoke you to go down and dirty with them. Block them and the noise they make on social media. Let’s focus on what our girls are doing and promote that.
4. Be gracious in defeat and humble in victory. Nobody likes a braggart.
5. When in doubt, always respond with kindness. That way you win people over to support our girls.

When we say that the Philippines has to re-calibrate this coming 2020, that means the Filipino pageant fandom as well. It means that we are as much as involved in building up our girls by being strategic with our message… and that is to say to everyone, “Look into our Filipina reps, these is what they do and who they are… these are the kind of winners you are looking for. These are the types of ladies that should win Miss _____________.

Year-End Special: Sashes&Scripts’ Most Clicked Blog-Posts of 2019

2019 was a great year for the blog. The blog has reached over 2.6 million clicks in less than 3 and a half years. It was also a year that saw a steady growth on our social media channels: we’ve breached 10k followers on Facebook and are close to 5k followers on Instagram. Not bad for these social media channels that are only 2 years old.

As part of our Year-End Special, we are revisiting peoples/ personalities, blogposts and events that made 2019 very memorable for us. And before we end the year and open to a new chapter in pageantry, let me show you the most clicked blog articles this year.

12. Binibining Pilipinas Trivia, Part 2 – the second installment of the 4 part series was one of this year’s highly visited blogposts.
11. Binibining Pilipinas FAQs (AKA Everything You Need to Know) – this is a must read for every Filipina wanting to be a Binibining Pilipinas titleholder!
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Year-End Special: 2019, A Year to Remember for the Philippines

A bunch of full placements for Filipina reps and a bag full of lessons learned, that is Philippine pageantry this year in a gist. No major crowns but a lot of lessons learned.

2019 wasn’t as spectacular a year for the Philippines as pageant fans would have hoped for. Despite this realization the Philippines has now cemented itself as the Asian counterpart of pageant powerhouse, Venezuela. Along with it comes several realizations that Sashes&Scripts believes Filipino pageant fans need to be mindful of as we enter a new decade.

  1. ALWAYS BE HUNGRY – Never be complacent and Rest upon our old laurels
    It is time to realize that our past victories are not eternal. Every year, we have to be hungry for a victory (whether that means a crown or victories in other smaller ways). There are more mountains to climb. More battles to be fought. More crowns to win.
    And this is the time that the Filipino pageant fandom to rally behind out candidates. Yes there is that camp-war still being waged by pageant fans and even some pageant admins on social media. But once a girl is on the international stage, we should learn to respect their journey. The least we can do is to not to speak ill of them when they are doing their best in competing internationally.
  2. NEVER ASK APPROVAL OR VALIDATION – specially from people who have achieved less that we have
    IMHO, we believe that Filipino pageant fans have to evaluate who we make “patol” on social media. Collectively, we have to set our eyes higher and aim higher. We do not need to explain ourselves to those that have achieved less than we do. We do not need to be validated by any other else’s opinion.
    The country has the most number of Alpha pageant wins in among any Asian country. We come second only to Venezuela in the most number of Alpha pageant wins. We just had 6 consecutive years of continuous Alpha pageant wins, the most for any country on record.
  3. BE KINDER, MORE COMPASSIONATE – never put our girls down for the sake of ‘expressing an opinion’
    Let us never diminish the lower semifinal placements of our girls because we never know the battles they need to fight to be where they are. We never seen the demons they have to conquer to be the best they can be. They are hungry for a victory just as we all are.
  4. WIN OR LOOSE, ACT LIKE A WINNER – we are never defeated, rather we just learned a new lesson
    With such achievements, we must also learn to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Not every year we are bound to win. It is not easy to win in a field of 90 or 100+, but let’s put up a good fight that the world, or the universe rather, trembles at their feet when they see a Miss Philippines.

Take the lessons learned this year. Take the small victories as well. We can always do better… .