Ms. Earth versus Ms. Grand International: The Rivalry

With the recent Miss Earth and Miss Grand International pageants having overlapping schedules, pageant fans of each competition are at each others’ throats once again. Why is this bitter rivalry still wouldn’t put to rest? Here are comparisons that brings the two at odds…

The Question of Each Others’ Advocacy – In terms of relevant advocacies, both pageant are now at an equal standing. Miss Earth with global warming becoming an international issue that more and more countries are realizing, becomes stronger each year. But nowadays with war, terrorism and domestic violence being on the forefront of every news channel, the MGI peace advocacy has begun to become more socially relevant. So neither of these pageant can claim that theirs is more relevant than the other. The only part that would differentiate is how they implement their advocacy plans. Something that ME enjoys being the older among the two.
The Better Production – in terms of finals night production, both are at par with each other. ME did struggle a bit in past editions in terms of production consistency though they have delivered well in recent years. The only weak point of the ME finals are the dizzying camera panning that is more appropriate for noontime variety programs. MGI couldn’t be denied that this seemed to be their forte: Showmanship with consistency year after year. Though there are times when choreography and contestant intros go overboard, that these become memes on soc-med.

The Glamour Factor – hands down MGI wins this round, simply because ME has always been unapologetic in its mission. ME is far more focused in tree planting activities, environmental seminars and the like to be bothered with regular photoshoots of the girls. Not that ME has zero glamour but rather MGI has bigger proportion on it. This is something that MGI has mastery of. Let’s face it and be true to ourselves, glitz and glamour is perhaps a huge portion of the reason we all love pageants. All ME has to do to address that is to get more exposure for their winners in glammed up events. 
The Bitter Fan Rivalries – Let’s face it, the rivalry between the pageant is mainly fueled by each of their fans. The only difference is that Filipino fans of ME is seen to be more vocal and loud on all social media outlets, plus the advantage of being bi-lingual able to communicate in English. Thai fans of MGI are just as capable of generating noise on social media though not as strong in other forms of soc-med (mainly via Twitter). nevertheless, these two countries are the biggest consumer of pageants in Asia.

Which is the better pageant? Truthfully, both pageants have areas of improvement that needs to be addressed before we can collectively validate which pageant is superior. While Miss Earth may have slight advantage in terms of social media noise and history, Miss Grand International is hot on its heels by improving leaps and bounds. ME cannot be complacent in its status as an Alpha Pageant, because MGI alongside MS are just around the corner continuously improving. It is likely that these pageants could be the next in line to the Alpha status that ME, MI, MU and MW currently enjoys (at least just for now).
The question of who is the better pageant between Miss Earth and Miss Grand International will not likely be answered now but in years to come…


Miss Globe 2017 Schedule of Activities

Check out the schedule of activities that our Binibining Pilipinas GLobe Nelda Ibe will be having Albania for Miss Globe 2017…

OCTOBER 22 – 23 – 24

* Contestant arrivals in Tirana, Albania
* Accommodations at the Fafa Resort – Golem
* National costume photoshoot for the Miss Globe magazine
* Day tour around the 84 Karstic Lake of Belsh, including a bike tour
* 1st Talent show and then dinner in Divjaka
OCTOBER 26 – 27
* Courtesy call with the Mayor of Divjaka
* A visit to the National Park of Divjaka
* Tourism visit in Lin Mosaic, Royal Graves of Selce, Drilon National Park & National Park of Prespa
* 2nd Talent show & Disco Queen Show
OCTOBER 28 – 29
* Promotional tour in the Municipality of Kamez & courtesy call with the Mayor of Kamez
* Sampling of traditional food for lunch
* Final show for Miss Talent
* Fishing tour at the Lalzi Gulf
* Miss Bikini Show (swimsuit show)
* Visit to Dajti Mountain via cable car
* Visit to the Automaster Albania Showroom
* Day Tour in the Dajti National Park
* Night tour of the city

NOVEMBER 01 – 02
* Final night rehearsals
* Pageant’s Final Show at the Parku Olimpik, Tirane
* Miss Globe 2017 Victory After Party


Teresita Winwyn Marquez for Reina HispanoAmericana

They say you can spot a winner by looking in their eyes… and what I see whenever I see photos of Reina HispanoAmericana-Filipinas Teresita Winwyn Marquez is a fighter.

Despite backlash over the Philippines joining the Hispanic-country centered pageant, Winwyn looks more than ready to compete this year in Bolivia. She will be the first and only Asian candidate to participate in the pageant, owing to the Philippines being a colony of Spain for a little over three centuries. The 5’5″ beauty has recently revealed that the international pageant organizer offered help via a translator to facilitate her communicate with the organization, fellow candidates and pageant fans in the South American host country. She also revealed in an interview with that she only had a month’s worth of preparations for the international competition. However, we shouldn’t worry as she is capable of doing her own hair and make-up.
Winwyn will be boarding a 26 hour flight from Manila to Bolivia and she would be needing your support in the competition. So let’s cheer her up as this Pinay beauty is a fighter and is gonna fight until she win(wyn)s…

Opinion: Elizabeth as Miss Grand International & Paweensuda as Miss Earth?

The Miss Earth and Miss Grand International pageants are having overlapping schedules this year. Not withstanding the steaming rivalry between the two pageants, their finals night will be highly anticipated as to which lady is gonna run home with the titles. At this point, I can say I already have formed several favorites for the Miss Earth and Miss Grand International titles. But for this post let’s focus on just two: Elizabeth Clenci and Paweensuda Drouin.

If Elizabeth Clenci wins the Miss Grand International title (finals on October 26, 2017), this would be a huge win for the Bangkok-based pageant. Filipinos love to rally behind their queens and it would be a great way to reconcile Pinoy pageant fans with MGI. There would be a huge wave of support for Liz as the winner which would benefit the pageant. Elizabeth is nailing the fashion game spot-on and she knows how to command attention without asking for it. Add to that is her ability to win you over with her winsome personality, something that the Vietnamese fans are seeing as of late.
If Paweensuda Drouin Saetan or Fahsai wins Miss Earth? That would be to the delight of Thai fans as Fahsai is perhaps the strongest girl they have sent to ME in ages. No disrespect to the gorgeous Punika Kulsoontornrut, but Fahsai is far more ME winner material. Of course Fahsai’s win could usher more Thai fans for ME, also a win-win for the Manila-based pageant. Fahsai seems to be genuinely sympathetic to the ME cause. Add to her resume, public speaking skills, impressive face and tall stature, she seems to be quite a perfect candidate for the ME title. Miss Earth finals will be on November  4, 2017.

Don’t you think that this scenario could easily play out? That both Fahsai and Liz can be the bridge to bring the ME and MGI fans together? Or that it would benefit the ME & MGI pageants in the long term? 
Your thoughts, dear readers…

Nelda Ibe: To Soar High Like an Eagle in the Land of the Eagles

Binibining Pilipinas Globe Nelda Ibe soars high these days… The gorgeous 5’9″ beauty queen pilot has one hell of a transformation for her competition in Albania and we are hoping for her to be bringing back the Miss Globe title to the Philippines…

This is a recent post of Nelda on her official Instagram account:
Albania is also known as the “Land of the Eagles” and when it rains, most of the birds head home for shelter, the eagle is the only bird that, in order to avoid the rain, starts flying above the cloud. And I am the eagle in this journey for Miss Globe. I will do my very best to fly in greater heights. Join me in this journey as I represent the Philippines to the upcoming Miss Globe Beauty Pageant 2017 in Tirana, Albania on Oct 22 – Nov 3.
PS you may now check the official candidates at the Miss Globe website 

As a pilot, Nelda surely knows the skies better than anyone. But she can still use everyone’s support as she competes this year. She will be having a full schedule of photoshoots, city tours, public appearances,  mini-competitions and rehearsals with the candidates from their arrival in October 22 til the November 3rd finals. So let’s wish her well and send her positive energies for the competition! 

Elizabeth Clenci & Jaz Cerezo: Chic, Clean and Classy Style

Elizabeth Clenci surely knows how to make an entrance… wearing a white Jaz Cerezo gown, the Binibining Pilipinas Grand International turned heads with her show stopping style.

That is all thanks to her go-to-designer Jaz Cerezo. I witnessed how Jaz and Liz interact during a meeting where Kagandahang Flores head Sir Rodgil introduced me to Liz. And I have to say that Liz is in great hands under the masterful hands of the designer. Jaz’ lines and design aesthetics are clean, crisp and classy…something that mirror’s Liz’ personal style. Liz never wears anything that overpower her and Jaz’ designs are always flattering without taking too much attention away from the wearer. That is why they are a match made in fashion heaven. 

It is no wonder that Liz will be wearing a number of gowns created by Jaz. We can’t wait if she will be wearing the designer’s gown for the evening gown finals as well. It seems that Liz manages to shine always in Jaz’ creations. Her fierce smize-then-smirk (smile with no teeth) are a deadly combination in Jaz’ chic and understated gowns. It is no wonder that Liz is given the moniker “Classy Clenci”.
Check out below videos from Instagram just to show you how Elizabeth became a showstopper during the Miss Grand International opening event…


Controversial Dethronements Du Jour

The international pageant season has just started but the controversial dethronements of four national titleholders grabbed headlines these past two weeks. Meet three ladies whose brash actions in the past haunts them and one Brazilian bombshell who couldn’t agree with her pageant org…

Itır Esen – Miss World Turkey 2017
, just merely hours upon her crowning was dethroned for a Tweet compared her menstrual cycle to the spilt blood of 15 “martyrs” who died in the July 15 military uprising. Officials of the pageant responded in a a statement that “we regret to say that this tweet has been tweeted by Itir Esen. It is not possible for the Miss Turkey Organisation to promote such a post, when it aims to introduce Turkey to the world and contribute to its image.

Shwe Eain Si – Miss Grand Myanmar 2017, was dethroned after she released a video where she has blamed the ongoing crisis in Rakhine State on the insurgency led by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

Bruna Vizintin – Miss Earth Brazil 2017, was dethroned apparently  because of disagreements on contractual matters and now she will not be representing her country in Miss Earth. Bruna fired back telling that the contract that was given to her for signature did not protect her rights, and mutual agreement wasn’t met by both parties which resulted in an impasse. No official replacement has been named so far…
Jannatul Nayeem – Miss World Bangladesh 2017, was stripped of crown after her hidden marriage controversy emerged. Reports claiming that she got married in 2013 came out after her crowning with the marriage lasting only for about two and a half months. She was is succeeded by runner up Jessia Islam.