How to Deal with Your Co-Candidates in a Pageant

Any pageant is as much of a mental game as any game of chess. Any competition is. But when it comes to pageants, you may be wary of how many mental traps you might fall into. And to complicate this further is how to deal with your co-candidates.

To lessen that worry, we are listing the ways how any pageant girl hopeful for a crown/ title should conduct herself when she is around her fellow candidates. Continue reading “How to Deal with Your Co-Candidates in a Pageant”

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Profile: Aya Abesamis

At age 27, Aya Abesamis is one of the few ladies in this batch that has fewer options in terms of fitting into the age requirements of international pageants. It is why for Aya, it may just be Miss Universe Philippines title or bust.

Born Maria Andrea Verdadero Abesamis, a Scorpio, this 5’7 1/2″ Filipina beauty boasts of a beauty queen and modeling pedigree. Her mom, Desiree Verdadero, was third runner up in the 1984 Miss Universe pageant. While her dad, Dr. JB Abesamis, was Manila’s top male model in the 1980s. Aya is also cousin to Binibining Pilipinas World 2003 and Miss World 2003 top 5 finalist, Mafae Yunon. Having grown into a family of models and beauty queens, Aya is always surrounded by her mom’s beauty queen/ model circle. That is why when she launched her own career as a model, she is mentored by the country’s renowned models of the 80’s and 90’s. Aya, even at a young age, was a regular at the Philippine Fashion Week, walking for several known brands and designer. She is also a Senior Member of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP), of which her parents are some of the organization’s founding members.

Aya had her first fashion show for Adidas at the Discovery suites when she was only 9 years old. But launched her modeling career at age 15. She credits her first big show during the Metro fashion show at ShangriLa Hotel EDSA when she was 16, barely out of high school. She then juggled her studies at the University of Santo Tomas with her modeling career. Aya earned a degree in Fine Arts with a major in Painting. It is no surprise that her current advocacy gravitates toward arts in uplifting communities and society. In her Binibining Pilipinas bio, it read: “She believes creative arts can be used as a transformative tool for vulnerable members of the society.”
She is also a member of the organization Beyond Beauty which comprises of models, designers, and stylists of the Philippines. It is a non-profit organization to value God’s works and words which she is a volunteer in charity work, fund-raising and outreach programs for children. This perhaps explains why former Binibining Pilipinas queens in attendance during the 2019 press presentation were wearing t-shirts with a “Beyond Beauty” print. Isn’t it also a coincidence that this year’s tagline is #BeyondBeauty? It seems that the stars are aligning for Aya this year.

On her free time, Aya says that she enjoys painting, baking, any type of adventure, and going to the beach. She loves travelling, and said that it helps her to be independent, appreciate other cultures, meet new people, and that she loves tasting the food from the different places she’s been to.
With her sweet and laid-back personality, do you think Aya will finally win the top plum this year? If she does, she would be crowned with the same title her mom won 35 years ago…

Interpreting Psychic Gurmeet’s Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Prediction

Predictions by psychic Gurmeet has been one of those most-awaited predictions by fans on possible outcomes of pageants. This year let’s decode his predictions on who will be the next Miss Universe Philippines.

I see this contestant who comes from a humble background or has seen the reality of life and knows the real difference between the two worlds. She has been working hard for this title, and has also gone through mental, physical torture and pain to be in a good position in her life, now is her chance to prove herself. She loves roses and knows the cost of holding one She may also have it somewhere with her in the time of her shining. There will be many other deserving contenders, however, this one will shine bright with white light and power of flowers. I see that she loves speaking in public or singing and is bold, mature person who can represent Philippines on a global platform and win many other titles as well. She may think that she has done enough but there is much more to accomplish. Number 17 is connected to her and may have a long name or be called by different names. She will do charities and will love the poor.
To summarize here is what we are looking at as clues: 1. been through hardships in life, 2. seen both sides of wealth/ abundance and struggle/ poverty, 3. roses and/ or the power of flowers, 4. speaking or singing (not necessarily good at it), 5. connected with the number 17 (not to interpret this literally as candidate #17 though) and 6. long name or a different name. With that in mind we have three ladies who this prediction could perfectly refer to. Continue reading “Interpreting Psychic Gurmeet’s Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Prediction”

Miss South Africa Pageant Faces Delays

After a very spectacular showing at Miss Universe in the past several years, the Miss South Africa pageant is out of a major sponsor this year. This prompted delays in registrations, regional legs and the pageant’s finals. Originally held during the month of March, this year the pageant has yet to announce a date for the registrations to begin.

In a news report by, the main sponsor of the Miss South Africa pageant, Cell C, has  withdrawn their sponsorship. Cell C’s Managing Executive for Corporate Social Investment, Suzette van der Merwe told Channel24: “While we can confirm that our partnership as headline sponsor of this property has come to an end, the value that it has provided to Cell C as a brand has been outstanding.
Our decision to withdraw as sponsor follows a review of our various sponsorship properties. Cell C as a brand has evolved, and we are looking at new opportunities that are in line with our strategic focus as a business.
Suzette added: “Cell C is exceptionally proud of our sponsorship of Miss South Africa in partnership with Sun International. Globally, Miss South Africa has become a force to be reckoned with, and locally it contributes to national pride.
Sun International told Channel24 that the hotel resort chain would continue its relationship with the Miss South Africa Organisation, despite the departure of Cell C.

According to Stephanie Weil of Nine Squared Communication, the 2019 Miss South Africa pageant will “go ahead as planned,” despite registration delays and the withdrawal of the pageant’s main sponsor. Reigning Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green will continue her reign, contrary to rumors that her reign has ended, until she crowns her successor during the finals, Stephanie told Channel24. Tamaryn has returned to her medical studies last April 1st which prompted said speculations.

2019 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA in Reno, Nevada

The search for the next Miss USA and Miss Teen USA is already underway.  Over a hundred women will be competing for the two titles at stake. This will be the second time that the two pageant will be hosted concurrent with each other.

Actress, host and former Miss Teen USA Vanessa Minnillo-Lachey and multi-Platinum recording artist and television personality Nick Lachey (of 98 Degrees) will be returning as hosts for the pageant. This marks the second time the husband and wife duo will be hosting the Miss USA competition together. Last year, the two also served as hosts.
Reigning Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers will be in attendance to crown her successor. Miss Universe Catriona Gray is also set to make an appearance in the finals of the pageant.

The tickets for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants are already available at Ticketmaster. The Miss USA options include a VIP package that comes with an intimate mix-and-mingle event with the pageant contestants as well as access to the exclusive VIP pre-show lounge with complimentary food and gifts. Pricing information is listed below.
MISS USA – May 2, 5 pm (local time
Venue: Grand Theater at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
Ticket Prices: $220, $150, $100 + fees and taxes
MISS TEEN USA – April 28, 8 pm (local time)
Venue: Grand Theater at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
Ticket Prices: $150, $100 + fees and taxes

The Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) made the decision to bring the pageants to Reno last month, an investment that will cost upwards of $350,000. The Miss USA pageant will air on Fox 11 on May 2. It is yet still to be announced if the Miss Teen USA pageant will be aired via streaming on Facebook Live.

Does Pre-Pageant Activities Matter?

Pre-pageant activities are part of the pageant culture and pageant schedule every pageant girl have to experience. A lot of the fun activities of the pageant usually fall during the pre-pageant activity schedules. Not everyone, however, sees the importance of these activities in the whole of the pageant per se. Why do they matter?

Any public appearance, photo and video shooting, sponsor visits, tours and trips, etc… that doesn’t fall under the preliminary judging activities and are made prior to the finals are usually considered pre-pageant activities. The ladies are usually housed together in a hotel/ official residence during these pre- pageant activities in what people would call the “pageant quarantine period“. (Note that free time given to the girls within the “quarantine period” usually don’t fall into this category). During the quarantine period, the ladies are provided with pageant supervisors/ managers and security/ escorts in wherever they would go.

The activities within this quarantine period are usually activities that would start with the official registration of the candidates where they would go submit paper copies of their requirements (like legal documents proving their age, citizenship and single status), go for various fittings (for swimsuits, shoes, wardrobes, etc…), etc…

It pays to behave on a very professional manner during the quarantine period especially on pre-pageant activities that are in public. Candidates have to show during these periods that they are potentially great reps for the organization. Think of it as an “on the job training” of sorts, this is the time where you have to wake up, show up and deliver during each important activity. Pre-pageant activities may not matter in the scoring, but it matters in the ultimate question of whether the job of being a winner is asked.

Whether you choose to go the Miss Congeniality route or the quiet wall-flower strategy, it is important to be nice and to bring your personality into the pageant. Throwing your diva attitude does not bode well for any pageant hopeful, nor does boasting as if you are already the winner. Any pageant girl should understand that like any job search, pageants are very much akin to it; pageant organizations are looking for a winner they can work with. So if you have less than stellar review from your supervisors/ pageant managers during the duration of the pre-pageant activities, then you might as kiss the title goodbye. Always ask yourself this simple but loaded question: Why would the pageant org want to work with you as a winner?

So going back to the initial question: does pre-pageant activities matter? Definitely yes! You may not be scored in these activities but you are definitely being judged…

Sashes&Scripts’ Binibining Pilipinas 2019 3rd Leaderboard

Beauty and Brains: those are the two things that we focused on Sashes&Scripts’ third Binibining Pilipinas Leaderboard.
With that in mind there was a huge shake-up in our list. Several girls who were under the radar shot up after nailing their web interviews as well as their Bb. Pilipinas website profile shots and their advocacy introduction videos on Instagram. Looking at their photos, it is easy to narrow which of the ladies did well. Judging their 2 interviews is where we sifted the wheat from the chaff. It isn’t an easy task so what we did was to ‘listen’ to the girls speak without looking at them in their videos. This way we only judge what we hear based on the way they talk, their tone of voice, intonation, the content of their message, sincerity in the way they speak… We then listed those who performed well on all three to narrow them and come up with this leaderboard. Now on with our list of 12 ladies…

12. Gazini Ganados – content is there but the delivery needs to be more convincing.
11. Emma Tiglao – speaks well but has a tendency to have a certain intonation that makes her sound a bit too ‘tweetums’.
10. Nicole Guerrero – strong communication skills but quite weak in photos.
9. Denise Omorog – sounds unrehearsed and has a good modulated voice that she needs to keep at all times.
8. Vickie Marie Rushton – her sweet personality comes across as she speaks and has more conviction now when she talks, greatly improved from last year.
7. Samantha Bernardo – delivers well in both photographs and interviews but needs to work on her diction to sound less rehearsed.
6. Ilene de Vera – great tone of voice and speaks very well, can’t help but be drawn to the way she speaks.
5. Julia Saubier – arguably one of the best speakers in the batch, she only needs to learn how to draw people in as she talks to be more effective.
4. Samantha Lo – this blogger’s personal pick as the best speaker, she only needs to work on adding more energy when she talks.
3. Patricia Magtanong – no doubt a good speaker, what she lacks in photos she compensates well when she speaks.
2. Hannah Arnold – definitely one of the ladies you love to hear speak, this gal knows how to engage people as she talks.
1. Jessica Marasigan – nails it every time she talks and she talks with much sense without veering away from the subject at hand. Keep an eye for this one!

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Profile: Vickie Marie Rushton

Arguably the best face in Binibining Pilipinas this year is former Mutya ng Pilipinas 2011 winner and 2018 Binibining Pilipinas 1st runner up, Vickie Rushton. However, beneath her gorgeous looks is a story of struggle, triumph, pain and ultimately family love.
Born as Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton on May 8, 1992, this British-Filipina beauty is an actress, commercial model and pageant titleholder. While most people recognize her as the pretty face in ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In‘, Vickie is more than what you see on the surface.
VIckie Marie Rushton
Vim-Vim, as she is fondly nicknamed, is a good daughter to her blind mother and a loving sibling to her brother Kian, who has Down’s Syndrome. It is because of her family that her advocacy for people with disabilities (PWDs)/ people with Down’s Syndrome is so personal to her. It is because of her family we see that the beauty queen we see is as grounded as anyone of us. For the 5’6″ stunner, nothing is as important as family.
Growing up, Vickie didn’t have the typical childhood of having a complete family. At age 8, she experienced one of life’s most devastating struggles: the separation of her parents. Her British father left her with her mom and  brother, which created a hole in her life that would take time to heal. It was during her stint inside the PBB house when she first opened up about her father, who left  when she was still in grade school. It was after 12 years that she finally reconciled with her father during her stint in the reality show. In 2018, after 26 years, she had finally met met her dad’s family in the United Kingdom.
Life was a  struggle when her mother went blind, which she credited as the reason she joined beauty pageants to make her visually impaired mother proud. And due to life’s circumstances then, it was the best way she knew how to earn money. Life after PBB then opened doors to an acting/ tv career to which she is thoroughly grateful and appreciative. Since then she has been part of popular television series such as “La Luna Sangre” and “Ang Probinsyano”.

Vickie also considers her older brother Kian as her “best bud”. Despite having Down’s Syndrome, Kian is one of the most loving persons Vickie has known. It is evident in her Instagram how she is loved and how she reciprocates that love back to her brother. Kian is perhaps one of the lucky persons who can make Vickie smile under any circumstances. This is one of the reasons why she is so much involved with charities that help people with the same disability. Her reasons come from a place that is more than just surface, she genuinely draws her advocacy from personal struggles and life experiences. This is why it is unquestionable when she says that she hopes for a world that is inclusive and more loving towards people with disabilities.

The brunette beauty is also in a committed relationship with her boyfriend of a little over 6 years, Jason Abalos. A relationship that long reveals how she values commitment and stability. She shares with her boyfriend a love of the outdoors too! Vickie loves travelling and hiking, and together with Jason, she has been to different parts of the country from the crater of Mount Pinatubo, Mt. Ulap in Benguet, old historic churches in Ilocos Norte, to hidden lagoons of Iloilo. They also have been to Dubai, Brunei, United Kingdom and South Korea. The two are a lovely couple and travel buddies. Looking at her Instagram account we see a lot of travels together. Their is truly what the phrase “relationship goals” mean…
Despite what we already uncovered, there is still more to this beauty representing Negros Occidental. This lady is like an onion, covered with layers and layers. Despite what we already know, she is still enshrouded with mystery that begs to be uncovered. And we cannot wait to see more of her in the days and weeks to come!

Gazini and Vickie: 2 Major Standouts

If there were only two girls that really stood out among the forty candidates at the Binibining Pilipinas press presentation that was held a week ago, it would be Vickie Marie Rushton and Gazini Ganados. Since then, the two have continuously been at the frontlines in pageant fans’ collective mindset.

The two ladies showcased the best overall presentation in the batch with their perfect executed turns during their pasarela and with their gorgeous faces that really demanded attention even in a lineup. While they are not the only ladies that took our attention during the press presentation, it  was the effortless way that they take command onstage and in group shots that really blew us away. The two were the ones that a number of the hetero-male photographers would always mention when we asked who had the best face. And yes, even the people behind the scenes, handlers, trainors, and even some of the sponsors we overheard mentioning these two ladies among that stood out. So it is indeed safe to say that this assessment is shared by a number of those present.

Gazini was a stand out that day with her very Miss Universe stance. We are reminded at how Oxana Fedorova commands everyone’s attention and that is what Gazini did. She was performance level during the press presentation. Being one of the best faces with a gorgeous bod and strong pasarela, Gazini didn’t disappoint. To say that she is one of the ladies to watch out for in this batch is an understatement. She delivers strongly on each of the important events so far and we hope that she will continue to build the momentum that she started at the Talent show.
It can now be said that the face of this year’s Binibining Pilipinas batch is none other than Vickie Marie Rushton. She was a divine revelation last April 4 with her milky complexion and dreamy face. One has to remember that last year, it was being rumored that she was among the top 2 scorers in the finals. Now we see the wisdom in her 1st runner up finish, her return was demanded and show what else she can deliver. There is something mysterious about her nowadays as we look into her styling, and it is working quite well.  If she is able to keep this momentum going then she will be a force to be reckoned with come June 9th.

With that being said, we should be backing those claims with some additional shots of the two during the press presentation. If these following photos won’t convince you, then we probably don’t know what would…

Even as we look at their pics on the Binibining Pilipinas website, the two are among the most facially appealing in the group! With these two gorgeous ladies in this year’s batch, we can see two possible international titles before the year is over!

The Best of the Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Candidate Profile Photos

If you by chance visited the Binibining Pilipinas website, you’ll get a glimpse of the 40 candidates vying for 6 of the most renown international competitions. Yes, the 2019 candidate profiles are up and all 40 ladies have their Owen Reyes profile photos in full display.
Our blogpost today focuses on the girls whose profile photos were the best in the batch. This is going to be a no-holds barred review!

Isabela Galeria – her smiling photo was so far off from her fierce look during the press presentation. Her photo is one of those pics that you would be in the fence if it was good or was a tad lacking.
Larah Lacap – with a face like hers, she could have had a better photo than this. There was something awkward with her lips. This could have been a good photo seeing the eyes, the cheekbones and the gorgeous jawline are in full display.
Leren Bautista – gorgeous face but too much hair! All that prettiness is overwhelmed by the volume of the hair. Haven’t I mentioned the hair? Yes, again it was all the about the hair…. really can’t get over the hair…
Patch Magtanong – this would have been a great photograph except for one very crucial flaw; the eyes. If you look at the photograph closely, Patch’s right eye made her look cross-eyed. And this is more pronounced as you zoom out the photo.

Hannah Arnold – the tilt of her head resulted to an unflattering photograph. Hannah looks better than this in person and in candids.
Vickie Rushton – the face was perfection but the hair looked flat and in need of volume. With her face shape, the center parting wasn’t at all flattering as compared to when she does side-parted hair. Had she done that this would have been a great photo!
Denise Omorog – with a face that looks like a cross between Venus Raj and Lani Misalucha, this dusky beauty surely delivered well in her profile photo. Her sultry gaze gives off a mysterious vibe about her.
Martina Diaz – another strong photo of Martina. It’s her eyes that carried the entire photographs, that intensity in her stare.
Jessica Marasigan – finally seeing her excel in her element. This lady has one of the freshest faces and she is looking so good in this photograph!

Jane Genobisa – lovely smile, one that is very genuine and sincere. The only fault in the pic is how her right arm looked like it was photoshopped and made it look too skinny in proportion to her torso, or maybe it was the lighting, which isn’t really her fault.
April Short – this is the best I have seen her in a photograph. This is her best angle so far.
Danielle Magno – gave a strong photo that reminded us of Parul Shah. If she keeps this up, she might find herself among the strong contenders for the title.
Emma Tiglao – it is expected that Emma comes out with a good pic. She never disappoints when it comes to photographs. This lady is both telegenic and photogenic.
Ilene de Vera – this is effortlessly beautiful. This is how you deliver so much without overexerting. She looks lovely at ease in this pic.
Gazini Ganados – of course she is in the list! This lady could do no wrong in front of a camera. Even her less than spectacular shots would look better than any other’s best photo.

5. Samantha Lo – she delivers whenever we talk about the face. In her profile photo, she delivers good. Nevermind the less than perfect body positioning, it was her face that carried this pic to be in our 5 best picks. This Cebuana has one of the mesmerizing faces in the batch and she used it to full effect.
4. Danielle Dolk – who would have thought that the baby of the group could give such a sultry look. She looked like a lioness ready to conquer the world. The pose was so simple yet it yielded the maximum level of impact.
3. Aya Abesamis – this girl is oozing appeal and magnetism in her photo! Aya has finally started to make her presence felt and this pic of hers is nothing short of spectacular!
2. Alannis Reign Binoya – I didn’t expect that she could churn out a gorgeous photo like this. There was enough of everything: alluring eyes, prominent cheekbones, chiseled jawline and lovely lips. She also did the very fashion illustration-esque “high hip, low shoulder”. The position of her hair was just right. There is so much to love with this photo.
1. Samantha Bernardo – this is the Samantha we all love: fierce and faboosh with tons of appeal. Her photo draws you in. The hand placement perfect and it showed some movement that was lacking among the rest of the photographs. IMHO, hers is the best photo among the 40 ladies.

Having worked in the fashion industry for a little over 14 years have been a blessing when reviewing hundreds of photographs for marketing or visual merchandising purposes. Having developed that eye for nuances in photos made us more crucial when it comes to photos of the Binibinis.
We hope that the ladies would learn from their released photos and do much better in their national costume shots, Jag Jean photos and swimsuit portraits. And we can’t wait to see those!
How about you? How would you rank the ladies’ profile photos?

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Profile: Hannah Arnold

Who is Hannah Arnold? And why is she being touted as one of the ladies to look out for in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas 2019 pageant?
Let’s get to know the 5’11” Binibini representing Masbate on today’s blogpost!

The 23 year old Hannah is an Australian- Filipina who grew up in Canberra, which is the capital city of Australia, before migrating to the Philippines. She was born in January 21st  making her an Aquarius. Her mother hails from San Fernando, Masbate while her father has Irish-Australian roots. She has an older sister and grew up with Filipino food via her mom’s cooking. As a kid, she also loved dancing ballet. Her mixed-heritage gives Hannah a unique blend of beauty with a commanding height, hazel-green eyes but with a face similar to that of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurztbach… not necessarily very Caucasian but not also fully Filipina. This mixture of looks will surely captivate both local and foreign pageant fans alike.

Hannah has a degree in Applied Science in Forensic Studies from the University of Canberra. According to the University of Canberra website, Forensic Studies allow students to:
– learn analytical techniques to examine evidence
– collect and examine trace evidence
– master environmental forensic science
– investigate forensic toxicology
– understand forensic statistics
– specialize in chemical and biological analysis
– work collaboratively on forensic case studies
– interpret and report on analytical results.

That being said, we can surmise that Hannah is one smart cookie. She has previously mentioned in interviews that she liked science when she was growing up and initially wanted to be a veterinarian as a child. She completed her internship under the supervision of Dr. Ashraf Ghanem in the Chirality Research Group, where she was able to visit primary schools, demonstrate fun experiments, in the hopes that students would be inspired to continue their education in Chemistry.

She isn’t exactly new to pageantry as she was Miss Philippines Charity Queen 2014 when she was only 18 years old. That was the start of her charity work to which she still continues to do so in the present. She has been a consistent donor to the White Cross Children’s Home orphanage for the past 4-5 years and would donate funds and goods during her birthdays in the month of January. We will explore more of her advocacy and charity work in succeeding articles.
There will be more to uncover about Hannah in the days and weeks to come!


Binibining Pilipinas 2019 X DR Swim

40 official candidates wore DR Swim by Domz Ramos last April 4 during the Binibining Pilipinas press presentation of candidates. Whether you’re a pageant enthusiast or not, the brand DR Swim rings a bell upon mention of body-hugging and flattering swimwear.

Returning this year for Binibining Pilipinas 2019,  DR Swim exceeds expectations through swimsuit creations for the 40 stunning Binibinis. Inspired by the cherry blossoms of Japan, this year’s swimwear has the lightness, femininity and feeling of spring that the flower symbolizes. Delicate embroidery embellish familiar shapes and accessories throughout…with visually tactile fabrics and prints.

As we were invited during the Bb. Pilipinas press presentation, we were one of those that anticipated what the swimwear for this year will look like. The purple and lilac colored swimsuits went well with the analogous colors of the pink background. Paired with nude Jojo Bragais heels, the swimwear this year is perfect for a pictorial along Novotel’s poolside area. The malong type cover up was a stroke of ingenuity for this year’s press presentation design. Furthermore the malong cover up can be converted into a sarong skirt if tied unto the waist.
Check the 40 official candidates on the official Binibining Pilipinas Facebook page below…

The Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Candidates Presented to the Media

The 40 official candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2019 thrilled members of the media, sponsors an the general public during their Press Presentation on Thursday, April 4 at the Novotel Manila, Araneta Center.

Wearing their swimsuits, the gorgeous women competing in the country’s most prestigious beauty pageant wowed the guests with their beautiful physique and winsome personality as they introduced themselves and posed for photos at the hotel’s pool area.
The roster of this year’s finalists is composed of models, flight attendants, performers, students, multi-hyphenates and pageant veterans, who have their own stories to tell and advocacies to promote, proving that they exemplify traits #BeyondBeauty.
They are all vying for the chance to represent the Philippines in the most prominent international beauty competitions. They are the cream of the crop, having been chosen by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. executive committee led by chairperson Mrs. Stella Marquez Araneta in a rigorous screening process.
Up for grabs in this year’s contest are six crowns: Miss Universe Philippines, Binibining Pilipinas International, Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental, Binibining Pilipinas Supranational, Binibining Pilipinas Globe and Binibining Pilipinas Grand International.

The 40 official candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2019 thrilled members of the media, sponsors an the general public during their Press Presentation on Thursday, April 4 at the Novotel Manila, Araneta Center.

Posted by Sashes&ScriptsOfficial on Thursday, April 4, 2019

The official Binibining Pilipinas 2019 candidates are the following ladies:
1. Jessica Marasigan, 25,  Malabon
2. Danielle Magno, 25,  Pangasinan
3. Martina Turner Diaz, 22, Muntinlupa City
4. Malka Shaver, 23, Zamboanga Sibigay
5. Sigrid Flores, 26, Iloilo
6. Jane Genobisa, 22, Davao del Sur
7. Honey Grace Cartasano, 25, Rizal
8. Joanna Saad, 26, Dumaguete
9. Melba Macasaet, 25, Negros Oriental
10. Marianne Marquez, 26, Marikina City
11. Sherry Anne Tormes, 27, Polangui, Albay
12. Gazini Ganados, 23, Talisay, Cebu
13. Aya Abesamis, 27, Pasig City
14. Leren Bautista, 26, Laguna
15. Maria Isabela Galeria, 20, Sorsogon
16. Denise Omorog, 24,  Baras, Cantanduanes
17. Patricia Magtanong, 24, Bataan
18. Hannah Arnold, 23,  Masbate
19. Ilene de Vera, 23, Mandaue City, Cebu
20. Julia Saubier, 24,  Daraga, Albay
21. Anne Barker, 26,  Isabela
22. April Short, 24,  Zamboanga City
23. Larah Lacap, 25,  Quezon City
24. Nicole Guerrero, 25, Ilocos Sur
25. Samantha Lo, 26,  Cebu
26. Emma Tiglao, 24, Pampanga
27. Samantha Bernardo, 26, Palawan
28. Rubee Faustino, 23, Bulacan
29. Cassandra Chan, 24, Bacolod
30. Resham Saed, 25, Maguindanao
31. Danielle Isabelle Dolk, 18,  San Pablo,  Laguna
31. Faye Cunanan, 22,  Tarlac
33. Jessarie Dumaguing, 23, Puerto Princesa
34. Alannis Reign Binoya, 22,  Batangas
35. Kimberle Penchon, 26,  La Union
36. Francia Layderos, 26, Libon, Albay
37. Samantha Poblete, 22, Cavite
38. Vickie Marie Rushton, 26,  Negros Occidental
39. Dia Magno, 24, Butuan, Caraga Region
40. Joanna Tolledo, Caloocan City

NOTE: The numbers indicated here in the list are just a guide on the chronological order of the candidates. The ladies are wearing sashes instead of numbers this year.

Trinh Van Bao – Mister International from Vietnam

Trinh Van Bao is your Mister International 2019! This Vietnamese hunk is one of the underdogs in the competition that suddenly zoomed up leading into the finals. His victory over Venezuelan favorite Francisco Piscitelli drew some raised eyebrow, mainly from Latin fans of the competition. Trinh Van’s victory isn’t without merits though as he started to make his presence felt during the latter part of the contest.

He bested 38 other contestants from around the world. This made Trinh the second Vietnamese man to win the Mister International title. The first one was Ngô Tien Doàn, who was crowned Mister International 2008 on November 24th, 2008 in Taiwan.
Enjoy the following images of the 6’1″ Vietnamese hunk!