Binibining Pilipinas 2021 Frontrunners

34 lovely captivating candidates, 4 Binibining Pilipinas crowns at stake.

After the long hiatus of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant brought by the global Coronavirus pandemic, the release of the official candidates’ latest headshots for this year’s pageant saw a vast improvement from the ladies. But there are a a handful of ladies that are currently standing out.

It may be too early to say that these are the ladies to watch out for in this year’s competition, but we firmly believe that we’ve got a good feeling coming off from these ladies…

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2020 Binibining Pilipinas Globe Contenders

There are 40 candidates vying for the Binibining Pilipinas titles at stake this year. But one of the titles that is overlooked is the Miss Globe title which is a shame considering how well the Philippines has done in recent years.

One of the possible reasons why the Albania-based pageant isn’t as popular is perhaps due to the difficulty to guess what they truly want in a winner.

Hannah Arnold – she is said to be a favorite of the pageant owners and we can all see why.  If she is one of the girls that got the nod of the international organizers of the pageant, then we should all keep her in mind for the title. Hannah is tall, pretty and with intensive training on the Q&A session, she is more than adequate to bring home another Miss Globe title for the Philippines.

Carina Cariño – she might not be one of the strongest girls facially, but she is smart and charming, qualities that will definitely be an advantage in any international pageant. This Ilocana pageant hopeful could possibly be one of the darkhorses for the title.

Gabrielle Basiano – she is arguably one of the best fit ladies for the title simply because she reminds us of one of the past MG winners whose name escapes us for the moment. Gabby has that Eurasian good looks that is Pinay enough and Caucasian enough to be noticed in any international pageant.

Karen Laurrie Mendoza – she of course is one of those ladies that can be styled and molded to fit any international competition that she is to be sent in. Karen has that cosmopolitan look to her. Her type of beauty can elevate the Miss Globe pageant with her very modern beauty.

Any of these four ladies are strong enough to represent the Philippines in the Miss Globe pageant. All we need to do is pick the one that has the highest chances of winning us the title.

Best Photos: Official Bb. Pilipinas T-Shirt Portraits

This is how you level up in a pageant!
The Binibining Pilipinas pageant continues to give reasons why they still are the most prestigious pageant in the country.

Looking at how the 40 candidates look so fresh and vibrant in their photos wearing the official Binibining Pilipinas shirt reminds us that well selected and well edited photos are still a MUST in pageants. Pageant organizations should invest on high quality shots of their candidates so that they are always presented in a proper manner.

Truth be told it was difficult to narrow down the list to just 12 as over-all the photos of the candidates well really good. It’s the proverbial ‘walang tapon‘ if we might add.
We would like to mention several ladies who almost made it in our top 12 list like Patricia Babista, Lois Badando, Shaira Rona, Vianca Marcelo, Jash Dimaculangan, Honey Cartasano and Faith Garcia. With that being said, let’s list down the 12 ladies that did best in their official Binibining Pilipinas shirt photos…

1. Samantha Bernardo – she gave the most unique pose and it paid off. She is perhaps the only one to do a 3/4 view from the back which showcased enough of her body and face.
2. Hannah Arnold – simple works and Hannah gave us simple but strong. The focal point is her face and she gave good face in the pic. Had her pose be a little more strong and created more curves, she would have been our top pick. It would have been a stronger image had the body pose been equally strong as her facial expression. Continue reading “Best Photos: Official Bb. Pilipinas T-Shirt Portraits”

Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Standouts at Farmers Garden

The earth smiles in flowers, or so they say… but seeing the Binibining Pilipinas candidates with flower crowns would surely put a smile in anyone’s face.

Last February 28th, the Binibining Pilipinas candidates were in for a lesson in gardening and another creative activity with a flower crown making. The said activity is actually a smart one considering that the top title this year, the Miss International title, has a similar activity with their Ikebana flower arrangement. IMHO, this activity should give a glimpse of the creativity of the girls.

During the activity, a number of ladies became standouts namely: Gabrielle Basiano, Karen Laurrie Mendoza, Vickie Rushton, Honey Grace Cartasano, Maureen Montagne and Lois Anne Badando.

Binibining Pilipinas tapped on the green thumb of this year's candidates through a plant care workshop and flower crown making activity on February 28, 3pm, at the Farmers Garden, Araneta City.

The ladies were given a quick course on plant care by master gardener Lisa Matilla, who has been in gardening business at the Farmers Garden since 2012. The session taught the ladies about plant cultivation, maintenance, and sustenance.

After the session, the Binibini candidates had a flower crown making activity. Tenants from Farmers Garden assisted the candidates in making a "green" crown out of the flowers, leaves, and other materials provided to them.

The candidates were divided into 4 groups of ten, with one selected per group as the best in flower crown making. The winners are:

Binibini # 8 Meiji Cruz (Valenzuela City)
Binibini # 14 Hazel Joy Ortiz (Pasig City)
Binibini # 21 Hannah Arnold (Masbate)
Binibini # 33 Alexandra Faith Garcia (Olongapo City)

The workshop and activity were designed to teach the girls the essence of envisioning a dream and of making it happen.

Alexandra Mae Rosales, Samantha Bernardo, Faith Garcia, Hannah Arnold and Meiji Cruz were silent killers in the activity. Quiet but still strong enough to make an impact. These ladies are taking the low key approach but are still quite noticeable in their respective group activities…

While there were 4 girls who were named best flower crown makers, we would like to include several names that we thought also made great flower crowns like Alexandra Mae Rosales and Karen Laurrie Mendoza. We would give the best crown flower to Meiji Cruz though for the very lovely and unique crown that she made.

Photo-collage of the ladies courtesy of images shot by Andy Cayna. You can follow him on his official Instagram account:

2nd Leaderboard for Binibining Pilipinas 2020

Proving itself to be the premier national pageant in the country, the Binibining Pilipinas pageant has rolled out activity one after the other over the past 3 weeks.
From the amazing Talent Show, to the Gateway Museum tour, art and painting workshops, down to the flower crown making at the Farmers’ Garden, the Binibinis continued to impress pageant media and fans alike. In those activities, we’ve observed the ladies that are continually pulling away from the competition.

Who are the ladies that are performing well in the recent Binibining Pilipinas activities this past weeks? Here are the ladies that comprise our 2nd Leaderboard!

  1. Honey Grace Cartasano
  2. Karen Laurrie Mendoza
  3. Hannah Arnold
  4. Vickie Marie Rushton
  5. Gabrielle Basiano
  6. Maureen Montagne
  7. Meiji Cruz
  8. Patrizia Garcia
  9. Samantha Bernardo
  10. Vianca Marcelo
  11. Faith Garcia
  12. Danica Joy Acuña
  13. Alexandra Mae Rosales
  14. Hazel Joy Ortiz
  15. Carina Cariño

By this point, some of the girls are already showing signs of stress on their lovely faces and some are already suffering break outs. So we strongly advice on a skincare routine for the ladies.

We’d like to comment on several girls who is improving consistently. Gabby Basiano is starting to pull ahead and finding herself among the frontrunner category. She is always on point style-wise and her skin is absolutely glowing. Samantha Bernardo’s low key gameplan is taking a bit of getting use to, but you’d know she’s got some tricks up her sleeve. Vickie Rushton and Maureen Montagne are some of the girls who are always glowing in person and in their daily activities. Loving the energy that Alexandra Mae Rosales is exuding, fresh and young but very much one of the underdogs to look out for. Then we have Meiji Cruz who is starting to get more noticed as the days go by. We are also on the low-key lookout on Alexangela “Gila” Salvador and Samantha Panlilio as these two are among the well-spoken ladies.

What do you think of our list? Let us know if there is any of the ladies that you think should be included on the comments below!

Binibining Pilipinas 2020: The Early Frontrunners

It has barely been two weeks since the final screening of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant and we already have several names that pageant fans should watch out for.
This is our list of the ladies that pageant fans have to watch out for.

  1. Vickie Marie Rushton
  2. Maureen Montagne
  3. Samantha Bernardo
  4. Hannah Arnold
  5. Honey Grace Cartasano
  6. Karen Laurrie Mendoza
  7. Gabrielle Basiano

But those aren’t only the ladies to watch out for. Granted that the aforementioned ladies are the initial standouts, but there are several other ladies that are noteworthy to mention in the list. Here they are in random order…

  1. Justine Felizarta
  2. Carina Carino
  3. Alexandra Faith Garcia
  4. Alexandra Mae Rosales
  5. Patrizia Garcia
  6. Patricia Babista
  7. Hazel Ortiz
  8. Kimberly Tiquestiques
  9. Lesley Anne Ticaro
  10. Jash Dimaculangan
  11. Lois Anne Badando
  12. Ma. Francesca Taruc

What do you think of our first leaderboard? Do you think we missed a strong lady from our list?

A Gorgeous Batch for Binibining Pilipinas 2020

Just when you thought that the Philippines has run out of gorgeous ladies to join beauty pageants, you are pleasantly surprised that we’ve got more beauties than you realize.

1. Vickie Marie Rushton – we have no confirmation if and when she submitted her application but there’s no smoke if there’s no fire…

2. Samantha Bernardo – her application styling was so out of her usual peg. She looks more fresh and more relaxed this time. She is bound to win a crown this time around, she is so ripe for it.

3. Honey Grace Cartasano – she shocked everyone with her gorgeous transformation! Then she posted her glamshots in red Leo Almodal gown and we were all sold.
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Julia, Ilene, Hannah, and Vickie: What Went Wrong?

Four strong women, four shocking heartbreaks.
Among the 40 ladies that were competing in this year’s months long Binibining Pilipinas pageant, these four ladies are some of the most buzzed about favorites and darkhorses. This post tries to analyze what could have gone wrong and what mistakes that blocked them from nabbing a title this year.
Ilene de Vera, Julia Saubier, Vickie Rushton, Hannah Arnold
Julia Saubier – in the preliminaries telecast of the pageant, host Robi Domingo mentioned 4 events where the ladies were judged as to who makes top 25: the press presentation, close-door interviews, the national costume show and the Free Speak challenge. IMHO Julia did well in one of those events. Now, before Julia’s fans crucify me for stating that, let me explain why. During the press presentation, Julia’s transition in her poses and facial expression wasn’t fluid. Her walk needed tremendous work as she had too much bounce and was too shifty. We can assume that in the close door interview she could have spoken well of her achievements and did very well on that aspect. Then in the national costume show, while every other candidate showcased a full performance in their costumes, Julia just walked and did nothing extra to be even noticed. Let’s not be confused here with her Jag Jeans performance as that was just OK at best, we have to remember that at the Jag Jeans segment the ladies weren’t being judged. Her national costume performance didn’t make a dent compared to the performances of other ladies that danced or had special movements onstage. Then we have her Free Speak challenge where she did OK. I’d dare say, she did only OK because she diverted her chosen phrase ‘keto diet’ into a body shaming issue which she articulately expressed her views but not necessarily hit the bull’s eye on the phrase itself. For those not in the know of what keto diet is, the diet forces your body to eat its reserved fats by jump-starting your metabolism to work faster. There are a number of health benefits to the keto diet and it isn’t just a typical diet fad to loose weight. I think that she focused and relied too much on her social media game not knowing that it isn’t part of the judging criteria. Had she focused on her presentation skills, her pasarela instead of being overly active on social media, then she could have at least made first cut with her fit body and statuesque frame.
She has to learn that it isn’t enough to be strong in only one portion of the competition and neglect the rest. The girl who is determined to win should know that she has to be strong in all fronts…

Ilene de Vera – in all honesty, I have a hard time thinking why this darkhorse failed to make it into the first cut of the pageant. We all saw her perform just fine in the national costume show, did well in the Free Speak challenge and was fine in the press presentation. So I can only speculate as to why she didn’t even make semis. My gut feel tells me that perhaps her features reminds us too much of the ‘Mary Jean Lastimosa prototype’ which might have worked against her, just like it did with Dr. Ena Velasco last year. Perhaps BPCI is veering away from its past mistake of crowning Miriam Quiambao prototypes in the past, that it is now willing to cut short the journey of strong ladies that remind them so much of any past winner. Another theory that I am entertaining was that Cebu had sent 3 strong girls this year and to have them all making a killing at the finals is something that the pageant might be avoiding. Imagine of all 3 Cebuanas made it to the top8 circle of winners, that scenario might be too much focus on Cebuana ladies so one had to be a sort of a sacrificial lamb in the process.
Whatever the reason might be, it really stings that Ilene was eliminated too early in the competition.

Hannah Arnold – she had it all going for her. She had the face, the height, the advocacy, the educational achievement, and even a strong following. But it didn’t come together during the coronation night! She was so amazing during the fashion show  that we saw an completely different Hannah come finals, like the fire and presence wasn’t there. The way she owned the stage last May 29th, was the opposite way she blended into the other girls during the finals. Gone was the spark and the fierceness we saw when she was dragging several pots in her national costume. Instead we saw an innocent young girl rather than the strong independent woman we saw in the fashion show. I love Hannah, she was among my faves for the MUP crown but I cannot sugarcoat the reality that the Hannah we saw last May 29th was not the same Hannah that competed in June 9th. There was not strong energy or aura emanating from her, perhaps she wasn’t feeling well that night or she was sick, but in pageants you only have one shot at the finals. I would have wanted her to have sported a strong eye makeup with a very defined cheek and jawlines. Instead of a green colored gown, why not opt for a different color like a deep purple or indigo.
I was hoping that she would have pulled off a better answer to her question about the youth in politics. She started off with a strong point that got unraveled by a weak end statement. She could have talked more about what youth politicians can bring into governance, how younger politicians’ optimism can bring about visible change. This is why candidates have  to read on so much information about politics, pop culture and the Philippine society because in order to speak about these topics, you have to consume much content. This is the disadvantage of most halfies that join competitions in the Philippines, they have to work harder to know more about the culture and geo-politicial issues of the country to understand it and grasp questions of these nature.
What I am positive about Hannah is that she is young and she can always return should she choose to. She has to immerse herself not only in the culture but also the language, the food, the music, the histories and yes even the language.

Vickie Rushton – there were a little over a dozen special awards that night and Vickie won 6 of those. It seemed that she was on her way towards the Miss Universe Philippines crown this year and then she missed making the top 8. Undoubtedly, she was the best face of the finals. She couldn’t take any bad angle on TV cameras with such a divine face but I knew something was not right even as early as the swimsuit competition. I couldn’t understand why but I wasn’t feeling any energy in her swimsuit presentation, when the gowns came, it was the same. I knew then there must be something bothering her because I already smell trouble in her performance. It felt like she wasn’t even in a good mental head-space that night, like we are seeing a totally upgraded version of herself this year but the soul in her eyes was in a faraway place.  It almost felt like it was a beautiful shell of Vickie that was competing, it is her but like ‘she wasn’t in there mind and soul‘. Then came the question and answer where she could have easily nailed it as it wasn’t a new topic in pageants. I was hoping that she would rally up one final time but she wasn’t able to until the bell caught up with her.
Pageants are a mental game as much as it is about showmanship. Vickie had all the right ingredients to make up a international winner. But she seemed distracted and it cost her a spot at a crown. I would always root for Vickie because she is a beautiful woman inside and out. Perhaps it just wasn’t her night. Perhaps she has some personal stuff that she is dealing with. Perhaps it was the nerves. But it left me with a feeling that a possible international crown for the Philippines vanished into thin air without her representing the Philippines. Pageant fans are asking me if will she try one last time although if she does for 2020, her crown options would be limited with her being 27 this year. I cannot answer that for her but if she does, she had to do so with the determination of a tigress and a heart of a lioness.
Prior to the Binibining Pilipinas finals, I always emphasized the importance of delivering it on the finals…that one front-runner’s mistake is another candidate’s opportunity. This is  what I meant with those warnings. Your finals performance matters as it will be the basis on who gets crowned.

Final Leaderboard for Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Pt.2

This is where things gets interesting! Just when you thought we’ve given you our final word on the Binibining Pilipinas 2019 pageant, there’s more!
No crown is a minor crown when you have a strong batch of ladies. So we selected a number of ladies that we feel have the highest chances of bringing home the international crowns that suits their beauty and personalities. This time we are more concerned that the right girl is sent to the right international competition. Because that is what we believe to be the purpose of the deliberation process….that is to match the title with the right girl.
Again, we aren’t concerned in accuracy of prediction (although we would love to make it as close as we possibly could), but these are the ladies we feel have the highest chance of winning the international competitions that we placed them in.

Binibining Pilipinas Globe, Ilene Astrid de Vera – the underdog of the competition. I see her possibly winning either one of these titles: Intercon, Supra, Globe, or Grand… She could easily pull the rug underneath any of the more popular frontrunners this year. If any of the frontrunners make any mistake, Ilene can easily fill in for any of them for the higher titles.
What makes Ilene such a threat for the crown?  First, she came in prepared and despite her being low key everyone agree that she is a darkhorse in the competition. You cannot deny that she has that magnetism in her that draws you in once you converse with her. It is also undeniable that she got the right curves in all the right places, and just like her national costume, she has that classic ‘katawang gitara’ every straight pageant judge will drool over. Not to mention that this Cebuana is one of the more intelligent gals and definitely a good communicator. At 5’9″ tall, she also follows the ladies we’ve sent in MG who did well in the pageant: statuesque, gorgeous Filipina features and oozing with charisma and magnetism.
Binibining Pilipinas Grand, Bea Patricia Magtanong – if we want our first MGI crown, then let’s send a strong communicator with a pretty girl-next-door look to this Bangkok-based pageant. It is not a slight to put her in this pageant because her advocacy for prisoners’ welfare and rights go well with the pageant’s peace advocacy. Even with a limited styling option for Patch, she could easily get the MGI – owner’s amor with her educational background. He did promise us Filipinos the crown (albeit in a joking manner) this year. Patch is tall with a good body and has an interestingly Thai-looking face. Add to that is the fact the girls that we sent who were successful in the pageant were ones that were very articulate like Elizabeth Clenci, Nicole Cordovez and even Parul Shah.
Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental, Samantha Bernardo – a back to back win is gonna be difficult to pull off. But with the Ms. Intercon seemingly favouring women with strong fierce looks, ladies with ‘high high cheekbones‘, chiseled jawlines and drop dead gorgeous bodies, then there is no arguing that SamBer would be a great choice. Study the winners of this pageant and you would see that, beauty-wise, Sam has a number of similarities with the pageant’s crowned queens. Yes, she may have faltered a bit in the Free Speak challenge but she can redeem herself as she could communicate better when there is less stress. One thing about this lass is that she stand back up every time she falls. Besides, this pageant doesn’t put huge emphasis in the q&a as much as other pageants.

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Sashes&Scripts 6th Bb. Pilipinas Leaderboard

This was a photo-finish leaderboard as we almost didn’t go through making one. After looking at all their recent photos, performances in fashion shows and public events, we bring you our picks for Binibining Pilipinas 2019!
Here are the the ladies comprising the top 25!

25. Sigrid Flores
24. Nicole Guerrero
23. Maan Marquez
22. Honey Grace Cartasano
21. Dia Magno
20. Cassandra Chan
19. Martina Turner Diaz
18. Alannis Reign Binoya
17. Resham Saeed
16. Isabela Galeria

Before we go to our top 15 ladies, let’s discuss some sponsor & special awards. We believe that the Jag Jeans award will be a toss between the following ladies: Aya Abesamis, Vickie Rushton, Gazini Ganados, Emma Tiglao and Samantha Bernardo. As for the Miss Photogenic award it will perhaps boil down to Vickie and Gazini, although Emma, Jessica Marasigan and Martina Turner Diaz could be possible spoilers.
Now our top 15 picks:
15. Shane Tormes
14. Samantha Lo
13. Denise Omorog
12. Jessarie Dumaguing
11. Ilene de Vera
10. Emma Tiglao
9. Samantha Bernardo
And now on to our choices for the top 8 runner-ups & titleholders:

2nd runner up- Hannah Arnold
1st runner up- Leren Mae Bautista
Binibining Pilipinas Globe – Vickie Marie Rushton
Binibining Pilipinas Grand – Julia Saubier
Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental – Gazini Ganados
Binibining Pilipinas Supranational – Maria Andrea Abesamis
Binibining Pilipinas International – Jessica Marasigan
Binibining Pilipinas Universe – Bea Patricia Magtanong
Will these ladies be the penultimate winners come June 9 finals?

2019 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Contender: Hannah Arnold

Name: Hannah Consencino Arnold
Height & Age:  5’11”, 23 years old

Strengths: she has a very cosmopolitan look about her that is neither too Pinay or too Australian. This is is an advantage as she can be styled in numerous ways. Her educational background as a Forensics graduate is impressive so is her advocacy and charity work. She is a smart and gorgeous woman that could do well in any international competition.
Weaknesses: she still comes off as raw but with huge potential. This is where she needs more polishing as she is strong overall but still lacks the finesse in movement and stage presence that we have seen on Pia, Catriona and Rachel. Her ‘too kind’ personality is also a disadvantage as this would cost her to settle for second best if it means she doesn’t ruffle feathers. She is the proverbial package, it’s just that she’s 2 years early to join…

Eligible for: all six Binibining Pilipinas titles
Best Suited for
: Miss Universe Philippines…
Most Likely Will Be: either Miss Universe Philippines or a runner up. It would be best that if she doesn’t get the MUP title, she be given a runner up placement so she can still rejoin in a year or two. It would be a waste to relegate her into any minor title. It’s MUP or nothing for this young lady!

5th Leaderboard: The Best Faces of Binibining Pilipinas 2019

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 has one of the most facially diverse batches in the recent years. With a highly competitive batch, the 40 candidates is evenly spread out in terms of beauty and competitive.
If we were to name only a dozen ladies from the 2019 Binibining Pilipinas batch whose faces we find to be 1) commercial, 2) possess the x-factor, and 3) universally pretty by any standards these are more likely the ladies to comprise the list…

12. Denise Omorog – her beauty is very Filipina and she has some resemblance to Venus Raj up close, in person. She has that magnetic pull in person yet it doesn’t really translate in photos. Hopefully she will be able to rally her best angles in pictorials and public appearances in the the next remaining days.
11. Aya Abesamis – IMHO, Aya has a friendlier face than most of the ladies from her camp. A veteran on the ramp, her distinctly morena beauty may be an acquired taste for some pageant fans. This blogger finds her beauty among the most underrated in the batch.
10. Leren Baustista – she has one of the most beautiful faces and yet she seems like she doesn’t know how to use it. Like the confidence isn’t there, a head-scratcher because she is very lovely and gorgeous. She has to lighten a bit because she always look so tense.
9. Samantha Bernardo – she has one of those memorable faces that is ethnically ambiguous. She also registers well in photographs (though we like her better in curls that in straight hair), both glamshots and candids.
8. Joanna Tolledo – she is arguably the most facially interesting dusky beauties in this year’s batch. She exudes that Parul Shah magnetism with a brand of beauty that is entirely her own. Our only pet peeve are those colored contacts that seem to distract from her beautiful exotic gorgeous face!
7. Isabela Galeria – she is one of the girls that aren’t given much attention by fans but she is one of the best faces in the competition. The only problem is that her styling sometimes gets in the way of her beautiful face. That kind of inconsistency makes you second-guess how beautiful she really is.  But trust us, she has a very lovely face.
6. Bb. Pilipinas Globe, Jessica Marasigan – she has one of the freshest faces in the batch but her styling to look more fierce isn’t helping at all. Darkening her color isn’t working and it takes away from her youthful glow. Jessica is one of those beauties that grows on you as you look at her longer.

5. Bb. Pilipinas Grand International, Samantha Lo – definitely one of the best faces of the batch, although she doesn’t seem to know how to maximize that to her advantage. This Kristine Florendo/ Angelique de Leon look-a-like should be one of the major frontrunners with a face like hers.

4. Bb. Pilipinas Supranational, Emma Tiglao – she knows her best angles and works it to her advantage. She is definitely one of the most gorgeous and memorable faces in this year’s batch of 40. And the best thing about her beauty is that she can pull off sweet and lovely with aplomb then do a 180 degree turn-about and nail being fierce and sultry with ease and without trying too hard!

3. Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental, Hannah Arnold – to list the best faces in the pageant without Hannah in the list is incomplete. This lady is class personified! She exudes the kind of sophistication you would like for a Binibining Pilipinas winner and she has one of the friendliest faces too!
NOTE: in the previous press releases given by BPCI, Intercon was listed third after MUP and BBP-International.

2. Bb. Pilipinas International, Gazini Ganados – this girl is on fire!!! She always brings the heat in each public appearance so far. Her universal beauty is something that even Latino pageant fans appreciate and wouldn’t be drowned out in a line-up of equally gorgeous ladies. She photographs well and when you do get that money shot, it’s always explosive! Gazini is one of the girls that you will be drawn into even from a distance.

1. Miss Universe Philippines, Vickie Marie Rushton – having her on top of our list is no surprise. She IS the face of this year’s batch and there is no denying that. Hers is a face that will do well and could win in any international pageant (barring any behind the scenes politics that is). Vickie only has one thing to do: show more personality in the days to come and keep hitting hard at areas and events that count!

50% of the BBP criteria is reliant on facial beauty, so it goes to show how these ladies are ranked this way. The theme maybe beyond beauty, but in the end of the day, beauty pageants is all about a beautiful face with a beautiful mind and body who can bring in sponsors and endorsement deals for the organization. So a winner still has to be commercially beautiful by any other standards.

Binibining Pilipinas 2019, Sashes&Scripts’ 4th Leaderboard

We are mixing it up today for our 4th Leaderboard for Binibining Pilipinas 2019 by throwing a monkey wrench to how we usually do it. Instead of listing them down numerically, we are placing the ladies in very highly possible crown-matching rank.

Our 4th pick is based on their most recent activities in which the reveal of their national costumes and swimsuit glamshots are heavily relied on.
Possible Crown Contenders:
Samantha Lo – one of the girls you’d love to engage and talk with. She has one of the better faces in this batch and could possibly pull a surprise come finals.
Jessica Marasigan – watch out for this girl, her petite stature will not be a hindrance to her being an underdog that could pull a surprise in the competition.
Isabela Galeria – extremely underrated but definitely a winnable candidate. She should start stepping up her social media game and create stronger impressions in their BBP events.

Leren Bautista – she has greatly improved since a month ago. Although her styling still needs more improvement, she no longer looks dated in her styling nowadays.
Ilene de Vera – she is one of the most engaging girls you can talk to. One of the underdogs that could possibly win a crown.
Emma Tiglao – seriously this girl could be higher up the list and she could! She is one of the girls that is consistently performing in this year’s pageant activities. Consistency is key!

The Possible Titleholders:
Bb. Pilipinas Grand International, Patricia Magtanong – this position might be a great fit for her as she follows the same line of smart women who did great in the Bangkok-based pageant. Patch, just like Nicole Cordoves, Liz Clenci and Parul Shah, is one of the gifted speakers in the batch. Patch’s advocacy for prisoners would also fit greatly with MGI’s Peace Advocacy.
Bb. Pilipinas Globe, Aya Abesamis – with her age being restrictive with the titles she could get, the safest position is to put her at pageants that are safe. If last year’s Miss Globe posts is to be looked at it may seem that she is the organization’s fave. Strategy-wise this would be a good title for her, although we think she could get a a higher title than this.
Bb. Pilipinas Supranational, Gazini Ganados – she is the most enigmatic and magnetic in the batch. She walks the ramp with such power and would do great in this Polish-owned pageant. Gazini has a commanding presence that would have everyone take notice, not to mention that her universally beautiful face would easily be appreciated by different races. And that would be a great advantage to have.
Bb. Pilipinas International, Vickie Marie Rushton – one of the few perfect ladies that could be best for the Tokyo-based pageant. She fits perfectly like a glove with the MI pageant and would also be a decent rep for MU. So she could have the pick for any title and she could do well in any. Vickie is that bankable internationally.
Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental,  Hannah Arnold – yes, having a back to back win is close to impossible but Hannah can pull it off with the proper styling. The good thing about her is that her face is like a blank canvas that any painter can transform into a masterpiece. If styled fiercely and packaged more towards what the international competition is looking for, Hannah maybe able to pull off that tough back-to-back challenge.
Miss Universe Philippines, Samantha Mae Bernardo-one of the best girls in terms of overall performance. She can talk, walk, has a great advocacy, very driven and focused. When you are to look at who among the ladies are strong in each every aspect, Samantha is not far from our collective psyche. You know that she will deliver in every step of the way.
Binibining Pilipinas 4th Leaderboard
How did your bets do in this latest leaderboard? Let us know what you think on the comment section below…

Hannah Arnold: A Forensics Graduate Advocating for Science and Education for Children

A Forensic Sciences graduate who currently works as an online English teacher, Hannah Consencino Arnold is arguably the only Binibini candidate with a very strong, solidly fleshed out advocacy that feels genuine and not put on just for the pageant.

Unlike other candidates in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas competition, you can sense those that have advocacies only created or thought off prior to their candidacy, Hannah’s charity work is opposite of that  as it started back in 2014. You can be assured that she has devoted time, resources and effort in her chosen charity.
Hannah’s profile and advocacy background, according to her bio:
She loves Science and wants to be the voice of Science in the Philippines. With her degree in Forensic studies, she said she wants to help on how to prevent crimes in the Philippines. She was formerly crowned as Miss Charity Queen Australia 2014. Since then she devoted herself to charity. In 2015 she visited orphanages in the Philippines to give scholarships and school supplies to children. She spent her 18th and 23rd birthday in an orphanage to donate funds raised by her friends and family. She believes that it is very important to keep the children motivated so that they wouldn’t end up committing crimes or be victims of crime.

Hannah supports the White Cross Children’s Home here in the Philippines. White Cross is an orphanage that takes care of abandoned children ranging from newborns to teenagers. The orphanage also serves as a school for these kids. According to their page, the orphanage’s vision is  to provide“Quality Care and protection of children. A community of Christian Healers promoting the rights and empowerment of Children- thus enabling them to attain success and be responsible and contributing members of society.
Being active since 5 years ago, Hannah continues her charity work to this day. The gray/green/hazel eyed Hannah also posted this message earlier this year on her Go Fund Me page for the orphanage: “Since my 18th birthday, my family and I have made it our mission to visit and donate to White Cross every time we come to the Philippines. This year on my 23rd birthday I will be going to donate some funds again and was wondering and hoping if some of my dear family and friends would like to contribute.” You can check out and donate on her #GoFundMe page on this link address –

Now we can all see that Hannah’s advocacy  is no joke and that this is one of the things everyone should admire about her and hope to replicate on our own lives. Hannah’s kind heart and loving personality endears her  not only to pageant fans but to beauty connoisseurs. Her’s is a brand that is truly beyond beauty.

The Best Bb. Pilipinas Jag Jeans Videos

40 Binibinis with 40 videos, but only one Jag Jeans Denim Queen. After the recent release of the videos from their Jag Jeans shoot, we now list the 10 ladies who stood out among the rest of the girls in their videos…

Before we start naming the ladies in the list we’d just want to mention 3 ladies that almost made our list. Samantha Lo and Patricia Magtanong almost made it into our top10 best videos if it were not for the awkward movements that the two ladies had in their videos. Granted that the shoot was done weeks ago, they exhibited rawness the needs polish in their movements. Had their moves be a less boxy and looked more coordinated, they would have been among the best of the bunch. Another lady that almost made our list was Ilene de Vera who would have benefited had the video been shot recently as she looks more physically fit than in previous weeks. She looked visibly slimmer when we saw her at the Photo Exhibit opening and wished this was her body during the video shoot.

Now here is our Top 10 list of the best Jag Jeans videos:
10. Jessica Marasigan – the strong makeup used in the video didn’t compliment her sweet personality. Despite that she was one of the more memorable girls among the 40 videos.
9. Alannis Reign Binoya – she knows how to move and she had one of the more fluid movements among the candidates this year. Her dance training definitely helped.
8. Resham Saeed – she had the best voice projection and created one of the better angles in her vid. She also selected 3 impactful words to describe herself in the video.
7. Jessarie Dumaguing – this lady is one of the girls with the better faces in the competition and she used her pretty face well.

6. Hannah Arnold – raw but full of potential. The video isn’t her best yet but she gave enough angles to pull off a decent showing that trumps most of the other girls in their respective vids.
5. Emma Tiglao – arguably one of the girls who has great projection skills. She kills it every time in videos!
4. Samantha Bernardo – one of the best IMHO. The only flaw I could find was the volume of her hair (it needed more bounce to her curls) but everything is perfection! She moves like a pro and she knows it, and she uses everything at her disposal.
These three ladies have arguably the best videos among all the 40 candidates. It won’t be a surprise if one of these ladies will end up with the Jag Jeans Denim Queen special award come finals. What separates them from the rest? It’s a combination of magnetism, fluid movements, great facial expressions and the x-factor that is hard to define.
Gazini Ganados, Vickie Rushton, Aya Abesamis
3. Vickie Marie Rushton – her face is perhaps the most commercial of the girls this year. She could easily endorse Jag Jeans with that face of hers alone. Adding to her appeal is the way she moves in the video making sure she brings her best angles in every shot.
2. Aya Abesamis
– for her to do well here is no surprise to us. She may not be the type of beauty that most would find commercial but she makes do with what she has. Her years on the ramp translates well in her Jag Jeans video.
1. Gazini Ganados – I was surprised that she ended up as my top pick among the 40 Jag Jeans videos. She came in as enigmatic but magnetic and engaging in her video, which I expected should be coming from the BBP repeaters having gone through this exercise before. She gave us leg that goes on for days, different poses, sex appeal for days and facial expressions that aren’t boring. She was on a league of her own IMHO.