Binibining Pilipinas Criteria for Judging

For years the subject of the judging criteria for the Binibining Pilipinas has been something that pageant fans are not completely aware of. Today, let’s discuss the current Bb. Pilipinas criteria and how the candidates are judged in the pageant.

Beauty of Face – 50%
Beauty of Figure – 30%
Poise & Personality – 10%
Intelligence – 10%
One of our pageant friends who is an insider and a former mentor of candidates joining Bb. Pilipinas, said that it is easy to spot which candidates already comprise the semifinalists. It is a commonly known secret that the semifinalists are ‘rumored to have been chosen prior to the finals‘ and that the finals serves as a competition amongst the semifinalists chosen. Our insider has revealed that the beauty of face is judged during the introduction of candidates, beauty of figure during the swimsuits, poise and personality during the evening gowns and intelligence during the Q&A portion of the pageant.
The criteria above only means that physical beauty accounts to 80% of the scores, not a surprise as this is primarily a ‘beauty contest’. If judging starts from the moment of intros, then it pays to make a good impression even at the beginning of the pageant. Hence the idea of “first impressions” must be something the ladies need to be aware of.
Those that criticize that intelligence should take a bigger portion in the criteria also makes a point. However if this reasoning is only patterned with the Miss Universe preliminary judging that 60% of their scores are taken from close-door interviews, then it might not work well for BBP which has 4-5 other titles in their roster. How the other international pageants are judged must also be taken into account should we want to make changes in the criteria.

IMHO, if I am to make changes this year in the criteria I would propose this breakdown :
Beauty of Face – 35%
Beauty of Figure – 25%
Poise  – 15%
Intelligence & Personality – 25%
I believe that this might be the ideal equation for the criteria for judging. This way we still get a huge chunk of the criteria for physical beauty while making sure that those who are intelligent and with personality are rewarded with enough points. After all, to be competitive internationally you cannot crown a lady who is all personality but no beauty, nor one who is all beauty but no intelligence. It has to be a combination of these qualities in a balanced equation.

4 thoughts on “Binibining Pilipinas Criteria for Judging”

    Beauty of Face – 50%
    Beauty of Figure – 30%
    Poise & Personality – 10%
    Intelligence – 10%
    We used to be clapper for many years and when we adopted this criteria, we have been winning beauty pageants. I don’t want this changed!!!


    1. The thing is, during our “clapper years” this was the same criteria of judging used… So if it could produce 10 years of clapping and 9 years of placements, maybe it’s time to review the criteria?


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