Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 Final SashPicks

This was a hotly contested Final SashPicks as we had a difficult time ranking the top three. While it may have been easy to narrow the top three best candidate to fill in the position to be vacated by reigning Christian Daniel Ortiz, the one who gets to be on top was a different debate.
Serbia’s Aleksa Gavrilovic has all the qualities of a winner but lacks the fire in his eyes to win and own the competition. Andrea Biondo of the Philippines is perfect in all aspects with fire and passion in his eyes but he does not have a commanding presence. The Dominican Republic’s bet Anlejandro Martinez on the other hand looks too perfect on paper which makes him look like his moves are calculated.

Mister Universal Ambassador – Serbia, Aleksa Gavrilovic
1st runner up – Philippines, Andrea Biondo
2nd runner up –Dominican Republic, Alejandro Martinez
4. Spain, Christian Perez Llorente
5. Brazil, Marcello Pilotti
6. Algeria
7. Romania
8. Puerto Rico
9. Malaysia
10. Sweden
11. Peru
12. Colombia
13. England
14. Lebanon
15. Netherlands

Possible Spoilers
16. Kyrgyzstan
17. Mexico
18. Macau
19. Australia
20. Vietnam

Miss World Tips for Miss World America, Audra Mari

In support to the lovely half-Filipina Audra Mari competing for Miss World later this year, here are some tips that I thought might be of help for her in the competition.

1. Height is might in Miss World – take full advantage of your height, in recent years, majority of the winners (in the exception of Megan Young) is above 5’7” in height. This means standing a couple of inches further to the front in group shots and standing at the center of the group.
2. Create a personal sense of style – have something unique in your wardrobe that clearly defines you and your personal taste. Since Audra is tall, she can wear almost anything but I suggest staying away from anything that stop below the knees, this style cuts the leg and makes anyone appear short. Go for very long or very short styles.
3. Take every opportunity to speak up – don’t be a wallflower, any opportunity to speak up during the forum/ debate, interviews, public appearances is a chance to create a mark in the competition. But do not be over-aggressive just have enough presence to be felt by the org.
4. Be consistent in your advocacy – your Beauty with a Purpose should reflect your advocacy. Be real in your interest as the BWAP is a major point earner.
5. Be active on social media – have your presence felt and always leave a mark in your Facebook page (since Facebook is where the pageant fans hang out). And do not forget t reply to messages from fans.

Audra being the host country delegate has heavy responsibilities ahead but she should still remain focused in her quest for the title. Can’t wait for the Miss World to be gin and see how she is gonna rock the contest in DC…

PhotoCollage of the Day: Sandra Lemonon’s Art

One of the interesting facts about Miss World Philippines hopeful Sandra Lemonon is that she is a fine arts graduate who has studied in France. This lady has the talent for illustration and painting and we here at Sashes&Scripts are lucky enough to be able to see some of her artworks. Sandra was gracious enough to share several of her works with us, which is the topic of this photo-collage of the day.

Arienne Louise Calingo for Miss World Philippines

Everytime I see a photo of Arienne Louise Calingo, I always reminded of Miss World top 5 finisher Mafae Yunon. And that is actually a good thing because I love Mafae during her reign and even more with the Versace-looking gown she wore in China.

Arienne, however, is a woman of her own and just anybody’s copycat. I have already detailed in a previous post that this lady is such a unique pageant girl as one of her aspirations is to either work with the United Nations or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US. Having that dream means that you gotta have the brains and guts for it. Arienne just proves that, this Ivy-League graduate of Georgetown has scholastic credentials to back her up. But despite her intimidating resume, she has a very sweet and charming disposition that not everyone could see. Don’t let her fluency in English fool you as she can speak Filipino very well.

How is she prepared for Miss World should she win? Well if you have seen her Beauty with a Purpose program, you will not doubt her preparedness. And with the MW Interviews amassing one of the biggest point eraners in the pageant, you can count on Arienne to be able to communicate well amongst her peers. How about her talent and perhaps Dances of the World? Then you might be surprised to know that Arienne dances the ballet. In fact her talent program in MWP was performing ballet en pointe entitled “The Dying Swan”. Now how is that for preparation?

I have a good feeling about the chances of this young lady to make a big impression in the competition. Could she score an upset win over other heavy favorites in the pageant? Definitely, this girl could easily be our next Miss World Philippines…

Jennifer & Nicole: Battle Ready for their International Tilts

October is going to be a busy month for pageant fans all around the world. Aside from two Alpha pageants happening this month, two other Binibining Pilipinas queens will embark to win the Miss Intercontinental and Miss Grand International titles.

First to compete this year is Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental Jennifer Hammond. Hers is a heavy burden to bear as her predecessors have increasingly climb up the ranking with Kris Tiffany Janson making 2nd runner up in 2014 and Kristi Lynn McGarry ending as 1st runner up last year. Jennifer is banking on her model good looks and proportions to nail the international competition that has eluded the country since its inception. Her competition will bring her to Sri Lanka with the finals on October 16th.

Trying to capture the relatively young title Miss Grand International is Nicole Cordoves. She will be trying to best the 3rd runner up finishes of Parul Shah and Annalie Forbes. She will be competing in Las Vegas on the 25th of October.

Sashes&Scripts is wishing these two ladies the best of luck in the competition!

Mister Universal Ambassador Puerto Rico, Eric Manuel Gonzalez

He might have been delayed in coming into the competition but Mister Universal Ambassador Eric Manuel Gonzalez is still one of the anticipated candidates this year in Bali.

The 6’0 ½” accountant from the island-country has a large shoe to fill in as reigning titleholder, Christian Daniel Ortiz, is also from Puerto Rico. In an article by ElVocero.com he says in a statement:
“I feel very proud and happy for the responsibility that has been given me to represent Puerto Rico in this contest. I will sound to Puerto Rico in Indonesia.

I will proudly represent Puerto Rican man in this competition and at the same time remain an example of commitment, intelligence and responsibility to our youth.”

Eric is bilingual and could speak fluent Spanish and English. So he can easily get comfortable into the groove of the contest by making friends with a lot of the delegates. Not only that, he would be celebrating his birthday on the competition finals as well.
Will it be possible for him to make a historic back to back win this early into the pageant’s history? We would find that out soon. I have a feeling that he could easily make it into the winners circle if he plays his cards right and catch up on points from missing out on several challenges of the contest.

Mister Universal Ambassador – Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard 3

The third Mister Universal Ambassador Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard saw another shake up in the standing with a number of names going up from the list and several others plummeting downwards. Three re-entries are able to go back into the list with one new name completing the 16 hunks making it in the competition.

1. Algeria – Mazi Mohammed ↑
2. Dominican Republic – Alejandro Martinez ↑
3. Philippines – Andrea Biondo ↑
4. Kyrgyzstan – Nursultan Aytaliev ↓
5. Colombia – Jose Oswaldo Ramos ↑
6. Malaysia – Jason Ganesan ↑
7. Peru – Jesus Becerra Cerna ↓
8. Spain – Christian Perez Llorente ↓
9. Sweden – Alexander D’Rosso ↓
10. Brazil – Marcello Pilotti ↓
11. Indonesia – Eka Henra Wijaya *re-entry
12. Serbia – Aleksa Gavrilovic *re-entry
13. India – Parmeet Wahi ↔
14. Greece – Spyros Papakonstantinou ↓
15. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Sinan Subara *re-entry
16. Japan – Ryo Arizumi *new
The competition is about to wrap up so everyone better support their favorites as the September 30th finals is about to close…

Mister Universal Ambassador Kyrgyzstan, Nursultan Aytaliev

Kyrgyzstan, that’s a country that is hard to spell having only 1 vowel in it… and that country is sending a candidate in the Mister Universal Ambassador pageant that has instantly become a fan favorite…

Nursultan Aytaliev is a 19-year old student, who studies at the Kyrgyz State Law Academy. This is perhaps the reason why he loves martial arts like karate and judo. His introduction to the world of modeling was a surprise to him after a talent scout found him on Instagram. The 5’10” baby-faced hunk admits that he is “a little worried” as the MUA pageant is the first international competition that he has faced so far.

He is nicknamed among his fellow candidates in the Mister Universal Ambassador pageant as ‘Baby Boy’, a name that seems apt for this fresh-faced hunk. While he barely knows how to speak English, he nevertheless conveys his enthusiasm with a warm smile. Now ain’t that cute…

Sandra Lemonon for Miss World Philippines 2016

Meet Sandra Lemonon, one of the Miss World Philippines candidate who is among the underdogs in this year’s competition!

When I met Sandra in person, I am immediately captivated by her lovely face and the sweet demeanor she exuded. The raven-haired 5’7” stunner is easily one of the most facially strong in her batch. Sandra is a French-Filipina who was born in Macau and is only 22 years old but boasts of having a degree in Fine Arts from the Escola Portuguesa de Macau and continued her studies in France.  But aside from that, she can also say that she is a well traveled-multilinguist. She is fluent in English, Portuguese, French, Cantonese, Spanish and Tagalog. That’s majorly impressive!

Below is an excerpt from the Macau Daily Times on an article about her:
She volunteers with an orphanage in Pasig city as an English and art teacher. She believes that the local youth could contribute to non-profit organizations or foundations abroad through financial or material donations.
She also hopes she can raise funds with the orphanage in order to improve the living environment for the children who live there.
She wishes to make meaningful contributions to society and let people know about Miss World 2016 project “Beauty with a Purpose”. The project aims to help give a better life for youngsters in Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal, where abandoned children await adoption, so they can live happily with a family.


MDT Exclusive | Macau-born Filipina joins Miss World Philippines

PhotoCollage of the Day: Candidly Kylie

Check out these lovely photos of Binibining Pilipinas International 2016 Kylie Verzosa as made up by Anthea Bueno and Anton Patdu.

With a face like this, it won’t be difficult for her to make it as Miss International 2016. Our exclusive interview with Kylie, coming soon…

Vinie Camille DyQuianco for Miss World Philippines

Let’s know more about Miss World Philippines candidate #19, Vinie Camille DyQuianco…

* She is 23 years old (turning 24) and was born on November 9, 1992 in Sapian, Capiz, Roxas City.
* She holds a bachelor degree in International Studies (Major in International Politics, Minor in Peace Studies) from Miriam College in 2013.
* After her graduation, she has worked as an administrative assistant and researcher at the Asian Institute of Management – Dr. Andrew L. Tan Center for Tourism for a year, where she was was involved in studies pertaining to tourism within the context of the regional (ASEAN) integration and cultural heritage.
* This bright young lady is set to enroll in the Master of Development Communication program of the University of the Philippines Open University.

* She worked as a Missionary/ Volunteer and was based in Mindanao for 18 months where she had the “opportunity to share the Good News with several communities and render service, particularly teaching of basic reading and writing to children”.
* Earlier this year she signed up as a volunteer for the Mabuhay Deseret Foundation, one of the largest surgical charity organizations in the Philippines. It provides life-changing medical treatment to the poor suffering from clubfoot, cleft lip/palate, cataracts, crossed eyes, burn contractures, and artificial legs for below the knee amputees.

Mister Universal Ambassador Spain 2016, Christian Perez Llorente

He was 1st runner up in the Mister International Spain 2016 contest and earned himself the Mister Universal Ambassador Spain title. The 6’0 1/2” hunk is now one of the considered favorites for the Mister Universal Ambassador title currently being held in Bali, Indonesia.

Christian Perez Llorente seems to be one of the silent faves currently for the title. The 25 year old hunk from Valencia is a natural in front of the lens as he was adjudged as Best Model during the national competitions in Spain. It would not be surprising to see if he might be one of the candidates with the best portfolio/ fashion books in the contest. The Spanish model is currently doing quite well in the competition having landed among the top finishers in the sports/ physical fitness competition.

Will reigning titleholder Christian Daniel Ortiz be crowning another guy named Christian come September 30th? We will have to wait and see. So far, we can see that Christian Perez is coasting the competition with ease…

Shauny Bult for Miss Universe Netherlands

Even as early as now, I am claiming the Miss Universe Netherlands title for Shauny Bult. Yes, I am that confident that this blue-eyed 5’11” brunette would be her country’s rep to the 65th Miss Universe pageant to be held here in Manila on January.

Whilst the finals night for the Miss Nederland pageant would still be on September 26th, I have several pageant advice for Shauny for the Miss Universe pageant. First and foremost is to practice a strong catwalk; this is something that I found to be a waterloo during her stints at Miss International and Miss Grand Int’l. A strong presentation skill on the ramp is very much a must in MU. Second is for her to showcase more of her personality during the competition. Shauny looks perfect on paper, the next step is to let her personality and character jump out. Be real and don’t be afraid to show ‘you’, or rather the best version of yourself. Third is to experiment on your style, by now she will be making an appearance into her 3rd international pageant, so it’s time to do some refresher on her looks… dye her hair blonde, change the arc of her brows, anything to differentiate herself from her previous incarnations in pageants. Point is she needs to do something to make her interesting again to the eyes of pageant fans.

I have high hopes for Shauny to make it in Miss Universe and I would really love to see her finally in person in Manila.
Claim the title Shauny and own it. The Universe will not give you what you haven’t asked for, so ask, claim and receive it…

Everyone can help my good friend Shauny Bult and vote for her on this link:https://premium.easypromosapp.com/voteme/310363/623731931 . Just click ‘stem’ and verify you’re not a robot. Voting closes this Sunday!