Sashes&Scripts is on a Blog Break!

Hello everyone!

Starting today, October 28th, we will be having a quick break from pageant blogging. It’s time to take a breather during the coming Philippine holidays on October 31st/ November 1st.
However, we will still be posting on our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. So you can still get your daily pageant fix.

Have a great break. We will be back soon!

The Final Blind Item Madness for the Iron Throne

WARNING: Proceed under your own peril. Some of these Once Upon A Blind Item stories seem to be so incredulous to be believable, some are outright nasty, some may have truths to them… we cannot, however, confirm the validity and truth in all of them. To keep your sanity, treat this on its face value, stories from pageant people which are nothing more than funny and nasty entertaining tales… no doubt a product of an over-active imagination. A work of fiction undoubtedly.
Now that we had that over with, let the fun begin after the jump! Continue reading “The Final Blind Item Madness for the Iron Throne”

MANicMondays: The Men of Avengers Endgame

Holler to every Marvel fan who geeked over the Avengers Engame movie over the past few weeks! Today’s MANicMondays post is a bit of a gratuitous shout-out to the men of the Avenger Endgame movie.
Today’s post is a quick departure from the pageant scene to bring in some pop culture into the blog.

Here is Chris Evans doing a Marvel/ DC crossover…

What if instead of the women being objectified for their sensuality, for once let’s flip the coin towards the men. The artist Murilo Pozzi has just launched a collection inspired by these superheroes in partnership with BtchsStore. The characters appeared in the illustrations wearing swimming trunks and almost leaves nothing to the imagination…

And oh by the way, we’re also throwing in a couple of DC hunks in the mix! Enjoy!

How a Pageant Demolition Team Works on Social Media

How do you play a real-life snakes and ladders game when there are more snakes than ladders?
Underneath the glitz and glamour is the truth of how pageant fanaticism is used to disparage and slander pageant camps, beauty queens, pageant groups and every other ‘little people’ in pageantry. Their weapon are lies, hate and fear-mongering, and their tools are gullible fanatics on social media.
DISCLAIMER: these exposés are to be categorized in the rumor mill as some of them are buzzed by different pageant moles, insiders, and generally every tindera at the talipapa in varying degrees of trust-worthiness. We encourage everyone to be skeptical on several points in this write up, because we are skeptic about these ourselves. We place them here for you to judge if these are valid and make your own judgement call. Believe under your own risk!
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2018 Year End Special Report – A Year That Was

2018 was a major year for the Sashes&Scripts blog and its social media channels. It was a year of change and growth for the blog and a year of renewal and maturity for this blogger.
Today we are posting on the important dates that marked our highest of highs and lowest of lows. In just a span of 12 months, the blog has undergone changes that may seem unnoticeable to you, our readers. These are some of the biggest triumphs and trials that we have encountered on a trying but fulfilling year.

February 25, Launch of Sashes&Scripts’ Facebook page – this day was the start of major changes on this blogger’s social media game. Establishing our own Facebook page meant spreading our wings and applying what we’ve learned from our time with Sash Factor. This companion page of the main SF page meant having this blogger to manage three social media accounts under SF. That was the original plan, little did we know that it will change in a matter of just 4 weeks…

March 15, Sashes&Scripts Blog Hit 1.5 million Clicks – certainly one of our biggest triumphs of this year. The blog hit 1.5 million clicks in less than 5 months since we hit our first million. On our first blog under the defunct website, we were able to hit the 1 million hits after a little over 2 years. With the new blog, we did that in less than a year. While earlier projections of hitting 2M within 2018 didn’t came into fruition, we are hopeful that before March 15, 2019, we will be on our 2nd million hits. All is that because of the support that the blog has been getting from our Facebook and Instagram followers…

March 18, Our First Time to Watch BBP Live – yes this year was our first time to watch the Binbining Pilipinas pageant live. After 4 years of blogging, this would be the first time that we watched the pageant live at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. We have to say that the energy we got from watching the nationals live was almost the same as the energy during the Miss Universe pageant.
March 21, Sashes&Scripts Parts Ways from Sash Factor – one of the saddest moments of this year was having to separate ways from Sash Factor. After being maliciously misreported to the BPCI powers at be, we’ve decided to take a sabbatical from Sash so as not to affect the accreditation of the team. There was a silver lining to it however. This allowed us to break from being tethered to certain limitations of fear of hurting feelings and egos with our write ups.
April, Dip in Blogsite Clicks – after leaving SF, the blog took a huge dip on monthly clicks. Not having to rely on the influx of traffic from the SF social media platforms made us realize that Sashes&Scripts have to grow itself organically on the major platforms that draws clicks and following. During the months that followed, we laid the groundwork to build our social media following as well as our email subscription and WordPress following on the blog.

July 27, 2k Followers on Sashes&Scripts Facebook Page – from 0 to 2k followers in just a span of 5 months! That is such a feat to achieve considering the new Facebook algorithms that makes it difficult for newly established pages to have massive reach and following. The next milestone to achieve after this is hitting the 3k, 4k, 5k then 10k follower mark.
August, Sash&Scripts Facebook Engagements Skyrockets – during this period we started to experience double digit percentages on engagements per post. This means that despite having low numbers of followers, our post are having more clicks, replies, shares, likes, etc…  However, these high engagements illustrated that we are outperforming other similar blogs and pages having 5k or 10k followers.
August-October, Growth of Website Clicks from Instagram – from 0 website clicks to a single digit to a double digit clicks per week. This month marks the last time that our IG page would only have a single digit website clicks per week. This also marked peak of our #MANicMondays that sparked some heated discussion with pageant friends on whether we should continue such feature.

October 23, 1k Followers on Sashes&Scripts Instagram – this social media platform is a bit alien to me when I started it on December 15th of 2017. Slow but sure progress. Despite the slow crawl, we’ve been able to have 1k following in less than a year (10 months to be exact). It was after a #MANicMonday series and a video profile on Bb. Pilipinas Grand, Eva Patalinjug that we got our first 1k followers…
November 13, 
3k Followers on Sashes&Scripts Facebook Page – an additional 1k Facebook followers were added on this date, less than 3 months since we hit 2k. And as the year closed we had 3k followers on Facebook and all of that was built organically from scratch. No paid followers, bots or fake profiles to follow. That is quite remarkable considering we never took paid ads to increase followers, impressions or reach.

December 31, 4k Followers on Sashes&Scripts Facebook Page – before the year closed, in just a matter of a month, our Facebook page took in an additional 1k followers.
There are also several other milestones we have reached this year. One of which is being part of the team that conceptualized the national costume of Catriona Gray for Bb. Pilipinas. Having that attire win the Pitoy Moreno Award for Best in National Costume was a huge honor as I have always been a fan of the late Fashion Czar of Asia. And having Catriona recognize us was just the icing to the cake…

More and more small triumphs lined our year but so far these are the ones that had massive impact on us. 2018 was the year that this blogger started to move the blog from merely providing news & updates to catering you with important pageant news, balanced and perceptive insights, valuable updates and mouth-watering rumor mills/ blind items/ hidden posts that informs, amuses & entertains, as well as enlightens. We started to make the blog more than just your source of info but part of your pageant lifestyle.  This coming 2019, we have in place a couple of things for our followers to look out for and be excited about. We will be revealing each of them as the year unfolds…

What’s In-store for Sashes&Scripts for the Year of the Dog?

We just recently celebrated the Chinese New Year last February 16th. And this has gotten your blogger to reminisce of what we have achieved so far. Last October 25th 2017, the new Sashes&Scripts blog has reached its first 1 million clicks in just 13 months. I promised then that we would be hitting 2 million hits in less than a year… within 10 months to be specific. I have targeted to hit 2 million by my birth month of August.

Guess what? In just 4 months we already hit 1.43 million clicks! In fact, if this trend continues, we might overshoot that target and reach our second million much faster than expected! So I am working to reach that goal of achieving just that plus getting more followers of my blog.
Of course this is not just the only thing that I dreamed of achieving this year. I also have recently launched @sashesandscriptsofficial on Instagram. Being a neophyte in the Instagram world, I have been taking baby steps in improving our IG feed. I am planning to create more exclusive content for Instagram and will be launching that real soon. Of course we couldn’t just do this without any form of metrics to track our progress. I am targeting to reach 10k followers by end of the year. So I hope you can all help me to do so by following @sashesandscriptsofficial on Instagram.

Add to that is a Sashes&Scripts Facebook official page where you can get the latest blog updates immediately at your convenience plus exclusive content that won’t be seen on any Sash Factor pages. And we have recently launched the newest featured post which we call “The Hidden Post“. This password-protected blogpost will pop up every now and then for special interest topics that will only be available to a few… The first hidden post received quite a remarkable feedback from the initial group of readers and will be a mainstay in the blog.

This blogger also dreams of helping more pageant girls in the future. One of my fervent wishes is to be able to talk to a group of pageant hopefuls and inspire/prepare them on their journey to become beauty queens. I have to admit that I have dreams of being able to guide pageant hopefuls through inspirational talks and explaining about either: 1) social media strategy, 2) self-image and branding or 3) image consultation. I have worked long enough in the fashion industry to share a few things on those topics. Hopefully  one day someday I get to be invited for a talk on any of those…

Your Sashes&Scripts blogger have more dreams to achieve and hopefully, this would become a full-blown career in the following years ahead. The poet Yeats once said, “In dreams begins responsibilities…” Once you have a dream, you are aligning yourself to goals. With those goals come duties and responsibilities to make those come true.