The New Miss Philippine Earth 2016, Kiara Giel Gregorio

Finally! We have a new Miss Earth Philippines with Kiara Giel Gregorio!

Following the voluntary resignation of Imelda Schweghart, Kiara automatically ascends to the vacated title. In a news report by ABS-CBN, “organizers of Miss Earth and Miss Philippines Earth accepted her voluntary resignation at 5:52 p.m. Monday. The decision came after Schweighart and her mother Annabeth Bautista met with Lorraine Schuck, executive vice president of Carousel Productions, which runs the pageant.
Kiara was one of my top 2 choices for the Miss Philippines Earth title but ended up winning Miss Philippines Air earlier this year. This London-bred Filipina has been a personal favorite since she competed in Miss World Philippines last year. This 19-year old pre-law student stands 5’7” and comes from a family of nurses.

Wishing the best of luck to Kiara and may her reign be a fruitful and meaningful one!


Thoughts on Imelda Schweighart’s Latest Controversy

When the video of reigning Miss Philippines Earth Imelda Schweighart surfaced calling out the new Miss Earth Katherine Espin ‘fake’, I thought she crossed the line.

Despite having multiple controversies since her coronation to the Miss Earth 2016 competition proper, I believed she still deserved the respect afforded being a bearer of the Philippine sash. However her latest antics have shown behavior unbecoming of a beauty queen… a far cry from her predecessor Angelia Ong who was the epitome of decorum and grace. Imelda’s fans or otherwise may agree or disagree with me, but in the pageant world, be it a humble baranggay competition or a grandiose Miss Universe, Schweighart’s conduct, by any standard, is the last thing that you would expect from a national title holder.
I understand if most pageant fans would withdraw their support for the beauty queen… with her latest controversy I believe that Imelda is not the best representation of the Filipino people. This is not the best that the Philippines can offer to the Earth, perhaps I was right to have supported back then Kiara Giel Gregorio or Melanie Mader as the better woman for the Miss Philippines Earth title. I hope that in time Imelda would find maturity and enlightenment, so that she could show that beneath the beautiful face, there lays a pure and beautiful heart.

PhotoCollage of the Day: Aldo Esparza in Black&White

It has been a while since I posted something on my fave Mister World bet, Aldo Esparza of Mexico. So here are several hot black and white pics of the Mister World 2nd runner up by photographer Eric Piza…

Miss Earth 2016: Latina Domination

It was a Latina domination in the Miss Earth 2016 pageant… all four of the four elemental winners come from Latin America!

Miss Earth 2016, Ecuador – Katherine Espin
Miss Air, Colombia – Michelle Gomez
Miss Water, Venezuela – Stephanie de Zorzi
Miss Fire, Brazil – Bruna Zanardo

I was quite elated with this year’s batch of winners having seen two of my personal favorites making it in the top 4. I was able to predict Colombia’s exact Miss Air placement and placed Venezuela on the 4th spot (a shy away from her eventual Water element title). Katherine’s win makes the 2nd time her country Ecuador winning the title. Coincidentally, she was crowned by an Asian winner (Angelia Ong from the Philippines) just like Olga Alava in 2011 (crowned by Nicole Faria).

Below is the continental distribution of the Miss Earth semifinalists this year:
Americas – 6
Europe – 5
Asia & Oceania – 4
Africa – 1

Mariam Habach to MU, Diana Croce to MW

It’s official! The Miss Venezuela Organazation finally announced that Mariam Habach will continue to be their rep to Miss Universe this year. On the same note, Diana Croce, Miss Venezuela 2016 1st runner up will be sent to compete in Miss World on December.

This announcement comes after numerous speculations that Mariam could not compete due to the new rules imposed by MU-owners, IMG|WME. Diana was handpicked to compete in Miss World, who is still under the MVOrg after rumors floated that they no longer hold the franchise. 

Olivia Jordan and The Luck she Brings to the Philippines

Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015, is truly a bringer of good luck to Filipina queens. On her turn in competing in Miss World 2013 and Miss Universe 2015, Megan Young and Pia Wurtzbach ended up with the title. Then came Kylie Verzosa who recently won Miss International in Tokyo. It can be remembered that it was the gorgeous blonde that asked Kylie her final question in the pageant.

This was her post when Kylie won Miss International 2016:
It was the greatest honor to judge the prestigious #binibiningpilipinas pageant earlier this year.✨ I’m overjoyed to hear of how successful the candidates have been since coronation!!! Huge CONGRATS to @kylieverzosa on being crowned @missinternationalofficial 🙌🏼👑 I wish you the best of luck this year as you represent the #philippines internationally! Go help inspire the world to be confidently beautiful with a heart!💞 #congratulations #gorgeous #kylieverzosa #proud #pageant #judge

Olivia has cemented her status as a true queen loved by Filipinos like their own…

Congratulations Angelia Ong!

This is a shoutout post for reigning Miss Earth Angelia Ong, who will be turning over her crown tonight. The lovely Eco-Warrior queen graduates today with a degree in Marketing Management (Bachelor of Business Administration) in De La Salle College of St. Benilde.
She also posted this message on her new website:
This day marks the beginning of a new phase of my life. I do not exactly know what to expect but I would dedicate the coming years to further my career and personality. It won’t be easy but I am excited for what the future holds. Just like everyone else, I’m scared too. I’m scared of the uncertainty as the 2 most certain things in my life, I’m about to let go. But that’s just life, and it’s full of adventures. More than being scared, I am more excited. I’m excited to what my next endeavor will be and I’m now ready and equipped for my next adventure as long as I have faith and as long as I have God who I owe everything to.
Join me as I turn a new page in my career and personal life. Together, let’s dream big and work our way to get there!

Check out her newly launched website at

The Last Pinay Standing in Miss Earth 2016?

I just had to do this post.
After the dust has settled among pageant websites and their predictions are out. It seems that Cloie Skarne will be the only candidate of Filipina blood that is favored to make it into the Miss Earth semi-finalists. Could this be a precursor of what may come finals night?

Cloie is representing Sweden in this year’s edition but she is Filipina by blood thru her biological parents, she is half-sister to actress KC Concepcion. The sweet natured lass has been lying low throughout the pageant activities but some sources say that she did quite well during the closed door interviews to make it easily into the semis. 

In this year’s competition, she could be a major spoiler and can possibly end up as an elemental queen. Who knows the back3back Filipina winner might be courtesy of a Miss Earth Sweden.

Making the Final SashPicks Banner for Miss Earth 2016

I had volunteered to do the banner for the Miss Earth 2016 final Sashpicks after a lengthy deliberation that spanned 600 messages between the group’s international correspondents. And aside from the deliberations that took quite some time to finish, the artwork was even more complicated. It just have to be awesome to make it worthy of the Alpha pageant that is Miss Earth.

In this banner we are pioneering the widescreen banner format for the SashPicks to introduce something new to our followers. And soon others will follow suit.