What Really Happened During the Mister Global Finals?

After a huge gaffe that happened in the Mister Global finals originally scheduled last July 21st, the President of the organization has issued an apology last July 26th on the postponement of the competition finals and the confusion that ensued…

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Rumor Mill: Miss Universe 2018 Pageant Schedule?

Rumor Mill!!! Is this the Miss Universe 2018 pageant schedule?

Just got this from a Latin page over Facebook this weekend and we are now sharing this to you. This unconfirmed schedule puts the Miss Universe finals on December 16th  with the preliminaries on December 12th (which is traditionally done 4-5 days prior to the finals).
While this may look very real, we have yet to find a reliable source regarding this schedule. However, it does look authentic due to the fact that insider moles have verified to us that all national candidates must be named and submitted through the Miss Universe online website registration by the end of October.

What do you think folks does this schedule look real to you?

Thoughts on Miss Earth 2018 in Boracay

I believe I have stayed away from this topic for quite sometime already. But now, I am able to cohesively gather my thoughts on the hosting of the Miss Earth pageant in the island of Boracay.
Originally, my reaction to it was that of absolute approval. Now I have some apprehensions about it.

First off is that I want to say that I am all for promoting the island once again to boost tourism.  It would have been lovely had the Miss Universe candidates been able to visit this island if the hosting of MU pushed through. I am equally glad that Miss Earth would experience it instead, since the pageant seems to be permanently hosted in the country. My reservations on the hosting in Boracay stems from one major issue: Will the island be ready for the month long pageant that is slated to happen (unconfirmed yet) from mid-October until the 1st week of November?

Reports in April suggested that rehabilitating the entire island would take years, and that the 6 month plan was more for corrective measures says a report from ABSCBN. This probably meant that the infrastructures to truly make the island more environmentally well-planned and long term isn’t taken into consideration. Or that perhaps the 6-month rehabilitation plan may have been the quickest band-aid solution to the deteriorating eco-system of the island.

In a CNN Philippines report, it is slated that the island would open it’s pristine shores to tourists once again by October 26-27th. This coincides with the rumored November 3rd finals of the Miss Earth pageant. I only hope that if we invite candidates all over the world to witness the splendour of the beaches in Boracay, the island would be at its tiptop shape so that the candidates would have something to talk about after…

All Miss Universe Roads Lead to Thailand!

All roads seem to point towards the Miss Universe 2018 pageant happening in Thailand this year!

It is no secret anymore that the pageant is to be held in Bangkok, Thailand this year. After all, a number of moles have already confirmed that the negotiations went well between the Miss Universe organization and the Thai sponsors, TW & Partners Investment Group. With the government helping out financially to stage the pageant, it is said that only the official announcement is left to happen. Rumor has it that an estimated budget of US$ 14-16 million is to be used for the staging of the pageant (inclusive of the $6 million hosting fee rights).

Circulating the net earlier was the official schedule from the Thai government that reveals a meeting between the Miss Universe Org, headed by Paula Shugart, businessman & MU financier Thanawat Wansom and the Thai Ministry for Tourism and Sports with Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayut Chan-O-cha at the Command Building 1, Government Mansion. The meeting held late noon to mid-afternoon on July 31st announced that the 67th edition of the pageant will be on December 16th (that’s Dec 17th in the Philippines and Thailand).

December 16th has been the date that has been buzzed to be the pageant’s finals since early last month. Coincidentally, it falls on a Sunday which has traditionally been the day for the pageant’s finals for the past 3 years. Mexicana Universal’s Andrea Toscano, on her IG stories, showed in an earlier IG stories what could be a confirmation foreshadowing of the finals  on the Miss Universe application website. Contestants from participating countries should be registered in the application website no later than the end of October this year.

EDIT, July 31, 6pm:
It was confirmed today in a press conference what we have been saying since last month regarding the hosting of the pageant in Bangkok. MUOrg President Paula Shugart earlier said that an estimated 90 candidates from all over the world will be competing in Thailand this year. Impact Arena is said to play venue to the pageant finals.

Miss Universe 2016 Song Selection

I felt a bit nostalgic today to the time where the Miss Universe was held in Manila. IMHO the pageant in Manila had the best pre-pageant activities among the recent MU editions. While I might have some complaints on how the production and stage design went, I have to say that the music selection was quite okay. That is why today’s post is all about the music used in the 2016 edition of the pageant.

Opening – Zillionaire
This was a very energetic opening song, too bad that the introduction of the candidates made it looked messy. Had it been a clean dance number for the opening with a handful of candidates who can dance were used before the individual intros, it would have been more memorable.

Announcement of the Top SemiFinalists
Not a lot of pageant fans know that the Miss Universe 2016 borrowed and used heavily the Miss USA themes. This was evident in the crowning of the winner and the selection of the semi-finalists…

Swimsuit Competition – I Took a Pill in Ibiza (SeeB Remix) by Mike Posner
I would be honest to say that I didn’t like this song for the swimsuit competition because I preferred the acoustic version. I find this chill out version devoid of energy for the swimsuit round.

Evening Gown COmpetition – Gold (Lil Wayne Remix) by Kiaara
This song sounds so good in the EG segment specially without the vocals as you are forced to look at the girl instead of focusing on the song. It has a good tempo for walking in evening gown that is why it is effective. I think that nobody paid attention to the music because everyone is preoccupied with three girls walking the runway all together.

Final Look Song – Boyz II Men Medley  (On Bended Knee, I’ll Make Love to You, & End of the Road)
Everyone who grew up in the 90’s would say that this is one of the best musical performances from high caliber entertainers in recent years of the pageant. This final look performance of Boyz II Men was definitely in the same caliber of Seal’s performance during the 2015 edition.

Coronation of Miss Universe 2016 – Miss USA Theme Song
This was quite a head-scratcher as why did the MU used lots of Miss USA tracks for the finals. Whatever the reason is, thankfully the music selection blends well with the pageant’s overall feel.

Hope everyone liked this music recap. And if you want more of this types of posts, let me know on the comments below.

Bea Rose Santiago on Trans-Beauty Queens

The Miss Universe transgender rule is still a hot topic 2 years after the participation of Angela Ponce in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant. One beauty queen to weight in  on the debate is Miss International 2013, Bea Rose Santiago who is well aware of the 2012 ruling.

Below is her interview with Push from ABSCBN…
In an interview for PUSH Bets, Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago spoke up about the possibility of transwomen joining the Miss Universe pageant. “For me, I really have no problem (in allowing transwomen in Miss Universe), because I grew up with a lot of friends and family members who are part of the LGBT community.
The beauty queen and TV Host recalled that Miss Vancouver Jenna Talackova, a transwoman, was kicked out from the Miss Universe Canada competition in 2012. Bea Rose told PUSH, “For me, it’s kind of old news because I think years ago, Miss Universe Canada wanted to push the barrier, and that’s the reason why, allowed na ‘yung transgender community to join Miss Universe, so it wasn’t really like new news, kasi alam na natin. It’s just a matter of kung sinong mauunang magpadala ng representative who’s a transgender.
Bea Rose also shared how the LGBT community has became part of her career as a beauty queen. “All of my mentors (are gay). I wouldn’t win Miss International if it wasn’t for them. So (to transwomen joining the pageant) good luck!” she said. “Sayang di ko sila makakalaban, kasi I will still be winning!” she joked.

In a Metro Manila Pride March, Bea Rose also took the Instagram to show support to the LGBT Community with a caption, “To live freely is to Love freely. Straight or LGBT, we are all fighting for diversity, inclusion, respect and the right to love – in all its forms and shapes. Because to stand up for love, is to stand up for freedom. #FreeLovePH #ThisIsMyBeauty #RiseUpTogether
* https://push.abs-cbn.com/2018/7/14/fresh-scoops/2013-miss-international-bea-rose-santiago-speaks-u-187607

The Miss Universe 2013 Song Selection

If it comes to musicality, I would perhaps argue that the best Miss Universe pageant would be the Moscow edition! At least 7-8 different songs were used throughout the pageant, not including the Miss Universe themes that were used since 2011.

During this year, two songs per segment were used plus a surprise performance by rock icon Steven Tyler. You can check out all the songs in today’s blogpost…
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Red Becomes Eva Patalinjug

Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Eva Patalinjug got our attention several weeks ago with a showstopper red gown. The porcelain skinned Cebuana wore a Jhun Ador  creation at the fundraising event, Arise Mindanao Fashion Show.

What gotten our attention is how the Ferrari red color jumps off on her and compliments her very well. We might just have found her best color for the international competition come October 25th. Red is a bold and strong color that would work best when carried with confidence. Anybody wearing red suddenly emboldens and is twice more sexy and intoxicating. Red is for those who would never second-guess themselves and I see that this perhaps  is the best color for Eva.

If I may add, it would probably help if Eva would wear outfits that put emphasis on the waistline and the neckline. This would really frame her gorgeous face more and would give a stronger impact, style-wise.
Another style strategy I think she could employ is to wear lovely pastel colors prior to the preliminaries and finals so that people around her would get used to see her in clean colors, then follow it up with a strong red evening gown for the prelims and finals for a bigger impact. This strategy of throwing people off  her trail with the bold red would make people take notice her once she does wear red.

Sashes&Scripts Final Leaderboard for Mister Global 2018

The finals of the Mister Global 2018 is upon us and here are our picks for title!

Before we reveal our picks let’s mention first three gents that are honorable mentions: Dominican Republic, Egypt and Albania. In a very competitive batch, any of those three could spoil some of the guys on my top 15 list.
15. Venezuela,  Christian Nunes
14. Afghanistan, Hamid Noor
13. Spain, Fabian Perez
12. Mexico, Antonio Merchant
11. Hong Kong, Vincent Lau
Top 10 Finalist
10. Brazil, Junior Garcia
9. Switzerland, Betim Morina
8. Puerto Rico, Engel Garcia Colon
7. Guam, Adam Suharto
6. Thailand, Staporn Moollisan

4th runner up – Denmark, Marcus Joergensen
3rd runner up – Chile, Italo Robles
2nd runner up – Korea, Kang Doohyung
1st runner up – USA, Dario Duque
Wildcard/ Spoiler – South Africa, Dwayne Geldenhuis
Mister Global 2018 –  Poland, Jakub Kucner
I believe that my top three guys should be a shoo in for the title. Dario is my darkhorse in the contest that may be the spoiler for the finals. I have a hard time choosing between Dwayne and Jakub for the title. I am torn as to where should I position Dwayne hence I placed him as the possible wildcard spoiler in the competition. But he would be a great winner if he is chosen come finals. To be honest, I feel that Jakub would be a great follow up to Pedro Gicca of Brazil. I really find Jakub looking very charismatic aside from his body of charity work.

#FashionFridays: The Blooming of Mak Tumang Bridal

The photocollage I am gonna feature for today is from the latest bridal collection of designer Mak Tumang.

Featured at the event, Weddings at The Peninsula, this collection boasts of haute couture mastery that evokes the intricate beadwork of middle-eastern designers and the exquisite draping of European ateliers. To say that I love this collection is an understatement. I am particularly enamored with the tulle layers used at to create an ombre effect on the huge draped flower details.

Mak’s stint at Central Saint Martins to study embroidery techniques paid off with this collection as it also incorporated feathers with traditional beadwork. Add to it is his mastery of cut and drape, you could see a very gorgeous bridal collection…

BLOOM | Holiday 2018
Photographed by: Doc Marlon Pecjo
Styled by: Reynaldo Santos Jr.

Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers: First Black Miss Universe Great Britain

The first dark-skinned woman to win the Miss Universe Great Britain title in 66 years is one of the signs of how the Miss Universe pageant is changing what is beauty.

Dee Ann Kentish-Rogers, hails from Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean (close to the Puerto Rico, US & British Virgin Islands). She is a 25 year-old heptathlete who once dreamt of competing in the Olympics. Here are snippets of an article from the BBC on her…  Continue reading “Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers: First Black Miss Universe Great Britain”

2018 Miss International South Africa, Reabetswe Sechoaro

South Africa is in a pageant Renaissance nowadays after winning Miss World in 2014 and Miss Universe in 2017. It is no surprise that that a gorgeous woman has been selected as the new Miss International South Africa.

Meet Reabetswe Sechoaro, she is the female winner of King and Queen of South Africa, the organization that selects the SA reps to Mister International and Miss International. Nicknamed Rambi, she is the half-sister of South African superstar Bonang Matheba. She is a model and a student taking up accountancy.

Below was her message on Instagram about her win…
Yaaaaay, we did it! I’m your new Miss International South Africa ‘18… 1st of all I’d like to thank God for entrusting me with this title. To the @kingandqueenofsa organization, the judges, my family, friends and everyone who believed in me and who supported me, your kind words and motivation has seen me through it all and without all of you I wouldn’t be in this position! I truly appreciate it, love love love you all… we are going to @missinternationalofficial baby🎉💥❤😘❤#missinternationalsa18 #missqueenofsa18
Do you think Rambi could be the first Miss International winner to emerge from Africa?

* https://www.all4women.co.za/1520600/entertainment/celebrity-photo-galleries/everything-we-know-about-reabetswe-sechoaro-bonang-mathebas-sister

IMG|WME Played Cupid for Miss Universe Demi Leigh and Tim Tebow?

Did IMG|WME play match-maker with sports superstar Tim Tebow and reigning Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel-Peters?

Looks like it as both talents are currently under IMG management and have confirmed to be dating.
Tim broke the news in an interview with ESPN’s Pedro Gomez gushing about Demi saying,”she is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life. I am usually very private with these things but I am very thankful.”
This isn’t the first time that the sportsman dated a beauty queen as he has dated another former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo. Olivia is currently back with Danny Amendola after a split earlier in the year.
* http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41023505-4

2 Señorita Colombia Pageants for 2018!

There will be two Miss Colombia pageants this year!

Mark September 30 in your pageant calendars as it will be the time where we will get to know who will be the Colombian rep to Miss Universe 2018. This pageant will be different from the Señorita Colombia that will be held later in the month of November! The first pageant in September will be held in Medellin with the Concurso Natcional de Belleza pre-selecting the women who will compete for this pageant. Then the traditional pageant, Señorita Colombia for 2019, will be held in the city of Cartagena.
The reason for having two pageant this year is to follow Miss Universe rules that only a winner should be able to compete as well as to meet the deadline of submitting the country’s rep by October 1st of this year.
Below is a part of the press release by the Miss Colombia Org:
1. For the first time, the election will have 7 juries. Three of them will be figures of international stature, the fourth jury will be a former national beauty queen and the remaining three will be Colombians through the digital platforms of RCN Televisión, La Radio W, Casa Editorial El Tiempo -Revista Donjuan-. Colombia will vote for your favorite in any of the aforementioned digital portals; that means that the final count of the votes in each of the digital platforms will become a vote that will be added to that of the juries in person.

2. Rumbo a Miss Universe will be broadcasted live and live on Canal RCN Televisión in primetime on Sunday, September 30. Prior to this broadcast, the work of dissemination of our allies (W Radio, Casa Editorial El Tiempo -Revista Donjuan) will be essential for Colombians to become juries of the event and meet the women who will compete to represent the country in Miss Universe.
3. Due to its wide experience, knowledge and experience, the Concurso Natcional de Belleza will be responsible for selecting the juries in person and each one of the Colombian women who will compete for the crown in the Rumbo a Miss Universe program.
4. The Colombian who is elected on September 30 will represent Colombia in Miss Universe 2018.
5. In November 2018, the Concurso Natcional de Belleza will hold the traditional event in the city of Cartagena to choose Miss Colombia® 2019.
(NOTE: Above translation was done via Google Translate and with the help from a Spanish speaking friend.)

Sashes&Scripts’ 1st Leaderboard for Mister Global 2018

The 5th Mister Global pageant has already started. With 30+ hunky candidates currently in Bangkok for the pageant’s activities, we have listed down the 10 candidates that have given us great first impression… Strong this year are the candidates from Europe and the Americas with a handful strong delegates from Asia and Africa. Worthy to note is seeing 2018 Mister International 1st runner up Dwayne Geldenhuis in the competition who is risking hist runner up status in the contest.

Now on to the list!
Honorable Mentions: Thailand, Brazil, Puerto Rico & Venezuela
10. AFGHANISTAN Hamid Noor
9. KOREA Kang Doo hyung
8. GUAM Adam Suharto
7. HONG KONG Vincent Lau
6. SWITZERLAND Betim Morina
5. MEXICO Antonio Merchant
4. DENMARK Marcus Rosenberg Jørgensen
3. POLAND Jakub Kucner
2. USA Dario Duque
1. SOUTH AFRICA Dwayne Geldenhuis
Finals is slated on July 21st with the preliminaries around a day or two prior…