PhotoCollage of the Day: The Miss Universe 1st Runners Up from Colombia

Today’s photocollage features the six Colombian women who almost became Miss Universe.

The first trio of ‘Virreina Universal’ were the three-peat wins from 1992 to 1994. Paola, Paula Andrea and Carolina were just a hair away from clinching the title in their respective years.  These three women has achieved something that has never been achieved since then.

1992 – Paola Turbay
1993 – Paula Andrea Betancourt
1994 – Carolina Gomez
2008 – Taliana Vargas
2015 – Ariadna Gutierrez
2017 – Laura Gonzalez Ospina

Colombia has the same number of 1st runner up wins in Miss Universe as Venezuela. Would this number change in the next few years? Well, we would just have to find out wouldn’t we?


#RumorMill: Who Should be Appointed Miss Universe Colombia 2018?

The Señorita Colombia 2018 pageant is said to be slated for the last quarter of this year (rumors have it taking place in November). Which brings a conundrum of how the winner could prepare for Miss Universe in such notice. Hence rumors of an appointment for this year abound.

Two of the names that have been circulating online on the possible ladies to be appointed to compete in MU are Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve (last year’s Virreina) and Anabella Castro Sierra. Coincidentally these two are the ladies that I predicted to win the title back in 2017! The 5’10” Anabella ended up among the top 10 semifinalists in the nationals while Vanessa (who also stands 5’10”) represented Colombia in Miss International last year.

But I would also want to throw in my personal favorite into the mix: Reina Hispanoamericana 2016 and Señorita Colombia 2015 2nd runner up Maria Camila Soleibe (Miss Universe 2nd Runner up Andrea Tovar won over her). This 21 year old actually beat Miss Universe 1st runner up Raquel Pellisier in RH2016. Camila stand 5’9″ with hazel eyes and light brown-blonde hair which she owes to her Lebanese ancestry in her father’s side. I wished that Camila would be given a chance in Miss Universe.

Who do you think should be appointed as Miss Universe Colombia this year? Join the poll below…

Colombia: A Renaissance in Miss Universe

Ever since I have covered the Miss Universe pageant live since 2014, one country has always been in the top 3: Colombia.

It started in 2014, when I first covered the Miss Universe pageant in Doral, Miami. In Doral I saw how Paulina Vega worked the press with her bubbly personality and charm. Then it was followed by Ariadna Gutierrez in las Vegas. She may have looked aloof by some Filipino fans but she was quite amiable when I was able to interact with her. Of course we also saw Andrea Tovar in Manila who was quite regal. Then came Laura González who, despite her overly animated facial antics, was quite a looker in person.

I have watched each of them compete live during their respective finals. Luck seems to be on their side nowadays compared to the 90’s when they sent gorgeous ladies that always ended up as bridesmaids: Paola Turbay, Paula Andrea Betancourt & Carolina Gomez (1992-1994). The 2000’s wasn’t short of lovely Colombianas as well with Valerie Tarud, Catalina Acosta and Taliana Vargas making a dent in the competition but not making enough damage to romp with the Miss Universe title.
If they manage to make it to top 3 once again this 2018 when I cover the pageant, I’m starting to think that I might be the lucky charm of Colombia in MU…lols…

Colombia: The Winning-est MU Country in the Past 3 Years!

If there is one country that is currently on the top of the Miss Universe list, that would be Colombia. In the past three years, they have won Miss Universe, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up. Will Laura González Ospina continue that winning streak?

The multilingual brunette is just a bit shy of 5’10”. She is currently one of the top favorites for the title of Miss Universe among pageant fans and observers. This 22 year old actress-model was born in Cali, Colombia but grew up in Cartagena. She comes after the footsteps of Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega, 2015 MU 1st runner up Ariadna Gutierrez and 2016 MU 2nd runner up Andrea Tovar. The pressure is on her to keep Colombia to be in the top 3 of the pageant. 

DO you think she can keep Colombia’s top three streak in Miss Universe this year?

Laura González Ospina is Señorita Colombia 2017!

A new Señorita Colombia has been crowned and she is Laura Gonzalez Ospina! She is Colombia’s representative in the Miss Universe 2017 to happen later this year.

Laura is turning 22 years old this year and stands at 5’9 3/4″. She is the second lady representing Cartagena to ever win the national title. The brunette is also multilingual as she can speak fluent English, French and Spanish. She bested 22 other girls in the pageant while maintaining the lead since the beginning of the competition, earning topmarks in both swimsuit and evening gown.

Coming at second is Antioquia’s Vanessa Pulgarín who will be competing in Japan later for Miss International. Vanessa, whose looks is a mixture of Miss Universe Gabriela Isler and Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, is this blogger’s personal favorite for the title. She stands statuesque at 5’10” and is a social communications major at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. She is 24 years old.

Coincidentally all five of the Señorita Colombia top 5 are on my list of faves to win! Santander’s Yenifer Hernández was named 1st runner up, 2nd runner up honors went to Vanessa Domínguez of Bogota and 3rd runner up was María Fernanda Betancur of Magdalena.

My Favorites for Señorita Colombia 2016-2017

The Señorita Colombia pageant was supposed to be held during the last quarter of last year however due to a recent memo from IMG|WME, the parent org of Miss Universe, the pageant has to be moved to 2017. According to the new directing from the MUOrg, no concurrent queens should reign simultaneously, hence this year Señorita Colombia is crowning their bet for the Miss Universe and Miss International bets.

Here are my favorites for the title to be vacated by Andrea Tovar, who was 3rd overall in the 65th Miss Universe pageant held in Manila.
1. Antioquia, Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve
2. Cesar, Anabella Castro Sierra
3. Atlantico, Martha Martínez Insignares
4. Cartagena DTYC, Laura González Ospina
5. Santander, Yenniffer Hernández Jaimes 
6. Magdalena, María Fernanda Betancur Moreno
7. Cauca, Mayra Vitoviz Medina
8. Nariño, Camila Aguirre Jaramillo
9. Bogotá D.C., Vanessa Dominguez Field
10. Meta, Geraldine Naranjo Beltrán

65th Miss Universe Spotlight and Assessment: Colombia

Name: Andrea Tovar
Age: 23 years old
Height: 5’11”
Rating: Crown Contender
There is a reason for the other candidates to fear this lady from Colombia. Andrea is a major threat and to deny that fact is just being blind. Do I see her in the top 3? Absolutely! All she needs to do is to work her gameplan properly and not to throw attitude like the one she did in a media interview or the recent video of her throwing shade on the food and snacks. She needs to learn how to keep it cool and composed. Andrea is an improvement over her predecessor and it would be a waste if she does not learn how to control her public image.

Miss Universe profile bio:
Full of creativity, Andrea Tovar, graduated college with an Industrial Design and Photo Production degree. Tovar is described as beautiful, funny and a risk taker by some of her friends. On top of being a great friend, she also enjoys being an active volleyball player. Her confidence allows her to be goofy and she isn’t afraid to randomly get up and start dancing. If crowned Miss Universe, Tovar wants her generation to be properly educated on the environment. One of her dreams is to create an innovative foundation that uses raw materials from the Pacific region to transform Colombian products.

* Profile from