Miss USA & Miss Teen USA to be held in May

102 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA hopefuls are going to be competing for the two titles at Shreveport-Bossier in the Hirsch Coliseum. But hold up, before you think that all 102 candidates will be sharing the same stage, two pageants will be held on two different pageant dates.

Reigning Miss USA Kara McCullough will be crowning her successor in a finals night scheduled on May 21st (early morning May 22nd in the Philippines). The two-hour pageant will be telecast separately by FoxTV and hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, also a former Miss Teen USA winner. Vanessa, who won the title in 1998 also in Shreveport, has appeared as co-host or correspondent a couple of times before for MU & MUSA.
Miss Teen USA 2017, Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff will be there with her MUOrg sisters too.  The Miss Teen USA pageant will be broadcast by the Reelz Network and might take place in an earlier date. According to a report from Shreveport Times, “details about the Miss Teen USA have not been finalized. The event will be held in May and broadcast by the Reelz Network. It will likely be scheduled for May 17 or 18, said Stacy Brown, president of the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau“.

Shreveport isn’t new to hosting pageants as it hosted Miss USA twice before (in 1997 & 1998) and the Miss Teen USA thrice (1998, 1999 & 2000). The pageant returns to the sister cities of Shreveport-Bossier after it first hosted the event 20 years ago.


#Nostalgia: Miss Universe 1995 Chelsi Smith

One of my favorite Miss Universe winners from the 90’s is Chelsi Smith. And today, we are featuring her with photos from Miss Universe 1995 in Windhoek, Namibia.

Chelsi made history twice in 1995: first when she became the first African-American to win Miss Texas USA and when she became the first African-American Miss USA to win Miss Universe. The bi-racial beauty stood 5’8″ and was my favorite to win Miss USA back then. Her win as Miss USA became the 7th title for Texas. She was also my personal favorite in Miss Universe. She was a 21 year old Education student when she won the title in Namibia.

Chelsi’s background didn’t hinder her to become a success story. Despite being a child of divorce (both her parents and then grandparents were got divorced when she was growing up), pushed for her dream to become a beauty queen. She grew up in a predominantly Caucasian town of Deer Park, Texas. Her landmark win in both Miss Texas USA & Miss Universe were heralded as a breakthrough for African-American women in pageants during the 90’s.

As Miss USA, she received cash and prizes worth US$207,000. Her Miss Universe prize totaled to the amount of US$220,000 plus the honor of an ownership of an African elephant to be named after her.

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Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Wishlist: Maureen Montagne

Maureen Montagne is a name that most pageant aficionados are all so familiar with.

When she first competed in Mutya ng Pilipinas several years back, I thought she would be perfect to join Binibining Pilipinas as a follow up. Her joining of Miss USA in 2015 (and her top 15 finish in that pageant) and her 1st runner up finish in Miss World-America just showed how thirsty she is for a crown. Now with murmurs that she is finally joining Bb. Pilipinas 2018 this may be her last chance to secure a national title. After several failed attempts in the US, her joining BBP is something that she should have done a long time ago IMHO. I believed that she would have had a bigger chance of winning in the Philippines than in the US and I am glad she finally gave competing in BBP a chance. I think her beauty will be appreciated more by local tastes than American judges.

The 5’7″ stunner from Chandler, Arizona, took interdisciplinary studies at the Arizona State University. The 24 year old beauty queen is one of the numerous cross-over beauties that is expected to compete in Binibining Pilipinas 2018.

Are we Ready for A Transgender Miss Universe Winner?

Anita Green grabbed headlines earlier when she was named the first open transgender woman to compete in Miss Montana USA. The 26 year old beauty queen aspirant would only be the second transgender woman to vie for a state title in Miss USA after Arianna Wenzel in Miss California USA 2013. Back in 2012, then owner Donald Trump has openly allowed transgender contestants to compete in Miss Universe (and consequently in Miss USA & Miss Teen USA). This was after Jenna Talackova was initially barred from joining Miss Universe Canada that caused major uproar. While people may see this as a move towards the right direction, I thought that Trump did that just to gain publicity for the pageant not out of altruistic reasons.

Gabriela Isler, former Miss Universe 2013 from Venezuela (in a statement attributed to her) said that, “there is more to being a woman. We were born female, we experience menstruation cycle for decades, we struggle to be recognized in a mad men era too, we nurture life. That is what Miss Universe is about. You don’t buy womanhood.” The Venezuela beauty told Hufftington Post that transgenders “should have their own pageant, I think, and maybe they can realize [that] in this pageant, Miss Universe, or the other pageants [were] made for women.” Owing perhaps to the narrowing area of opportunities for women to excel, her statement can be deemed in support for naturally-borne females. On the other side of the debate was Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo who had no issues against transgender women competing in Miss USA or Miss Universe.

I am on the fence regarding this issue. It is a bit difficult to allow transgender women into the pageant as it may alienate traditional pageant followers who still believe that natural-born females should compete. Yet with the “diversity” that the MUOrg seems to be shoving out on our throats lately, we have to be inclusive of all women of shapes and sizes, and yes of different forms. On a personal note, I think that transgender women should compete in pageants that are specifically designed for them and elevate it into a world-class competition to the level of the Miss Universe pageant, although I do not have any problems seeing a transgender female in MU competing for the title.

EDIT, April 26, 10:45pm – Talleen Abu Hanna is the recent transgender female to compete at the nationals of Miss Israel. Should she win, she will have the opportunity to compete in Miss World and/or Miss Universe. Back in 2015, Angela Ponce competed in the nationals of Miss World Spain (which was won by Mireia Lalaguna).
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Rachel, Keysi and Kara: the Early Miss Universe Crown Contenders?

A couple of weeks ago I posted a write up about three pageant powerhouses (Venezuela, USA and the Philippines) and how they are gearing up for the upcoming international pageant scene. This led me to ask if are they also the early Miss Universe frontrunners?

Rachel Peters, 5’10”, 25 years old – the proverbial beach babe, the girl with the bangin’ body and the “easy to get along with’ attitude. But don’t let that fool you. With her work as an events organizer reveals a sense of discipline and professionalism. She even has worked with superstars like  Katy Perry, Jessie J and Christina Aguilera under that capacity. Not to mention that she completed her International Baccalaureate at the British School in Phuket, Thailand and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business, Tourism and Events from La Trobe University in Australia. 

Keysi Sayago, 5’10”, 23 years old – the Miss Venezuela mold breaker. Being one of the only three women of color to win the Miss Venezuela title is surely a conversation starter. Then add to it her open involvement in protests for better governance, rallies against violence and economic injustices in her homeland. Surely you get not your typical Miss Venezuela winner who are trained to be politically neutral. Keysi seemingly is the type of girl that would do good with the title and use it to speak out for her chosen advocacies.

Kara McCullough, 5’10”, 25 years old – the nuclear scientist. She is the girl with the ‘heavy resume’, the girl with the proverbial brains and beauty. Kara represents the type of woman that the Miss Universe organization is looking for. Relatable, real and with accomplishments that can propel the organization towards a more modern definition of a pageant girl. 

It is no coincidence that these three ladies represent the countries with the most number of alpha pageant crowns. With pageant training as hardcore as that of an Olympic sport it would not be a hardsell to have all of them in the top 3 of Miss Universe. They may just redefine the Miss Universe title and make it modern and more relevant to this day and age…

Venezuela, USA & Philippines: Gearing up for Another Pageant Season

Venezuela, USA and the Philippines: they are three of the world ‘winning-est’ countries when it comes to beauty pageants… and with the approaching international pageant season starting this September, the world is anticipating if will they acquire more crowns this year?

Except for the United States, the three countries has won crowns from four of the biggest international pageants around: Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World. Venezuela is of course in the lead with 22 wins. If the Philippines manages to win two crowns this year, then it would take over the number 2 spot among the countries with the most overall wins. The USA has 14 crowns while the Philippines has 13, though USA has more runners up with a total of 59.
While all three countries are yet to select reps for Miss Earth and Miss World, their respective reps for Miss Universe and Miss International are regarded as heavy contenders. Shanel James was just recently crowned Miss US International 2017 while Rosangelica Piscitelli was appointed as Miss Venezuela Internacional several months ago. On the Miss Universe front, nuclear scientist Kara McCullough is easily a shoo in for the semis while Keysi Sayago is still undergoing her transformation for the pageant. Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters has started her training. While Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon is gunning for a back to back win.

These countries seem to be leagues ahead in terms of wins but other countries are thirsty as well.  It will be interesting to see how things will unfold in the months to come. 

Has Miss USA/ Miss Universe Lost its Showmanship?

After the recently concluded Miss USA pageant, fans are left wanting more from the pageant. And with the changes in both Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, we ask the question: Has Miss USA/ Miss Universe Lost its Showmanship?

In a report by Variety.com, the Miss USA has suffered a double digit decline in ratings:
The 2017 Miss USA pageant saw a significant decline in the broadcast ratings for the second straight year, according to Nielsen overnight data.
Airing on Fox from 8-10 p.m., the pageant drew an estimated 0.8 rating in adults 18-49 and 2.9 million viewers. Compared to last year (1.1, 4 million), that is a decline of over 27% in both key measures. Last year’s pageant was down a similar percentage compared to when it last aired on NBC in 2014.
We ask, why is that? Sashes&Scripts would like to try what the two pageants this year have missed and why loyal followers of the MU pageant system feel alienated with the changes that the MUOrg is doing.

Miss USA 2017 started out with a very exciting premise yet it was within that premise we all saw the hints of the decline in the entertainment factor. Michael Jackson One gave a major boost in the energy levels with a spectacular opening performance, then went donwhill when the 51 girls weren’t given enough camera time as they only paraded the stage while their states are called. I thought that is was a poor way of not showcasing the ladies as it looked like a cattle-call of livestock before they are butchered. After the first slaughter is done, or rather after the first cut is finished, the 41 girls who did not make top 10 would only have a split second of exposure on the tube during the swimsuit and evening gown performances… that  is if they are lucky enough to get caught by the camera. None of them would get a moment to shine onstage as no congeniality or photogenic awards are announced during the live telecast.
Even the top 10 are subjected to the same treatment by not giving enough airtime to the SS and EG portions. Pageant fans know that the org is looking for a spokesperson for their winner, but they shouldn’t be denied to see an actual competition happening onstage. This treatment is nothing short of the Miss World would just parade the girls in their gowns and then just call in the next girls who made the next cut…  

Unlike the Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Moscow, the Miss Universe 2016 pageant in Manila (though aired on January of 2017) had only two musical performances that night and was subjected to the same rushed pace from opening to swimsuits and gown. The Moscow edition of the pageant gave something that was decidedly missing in the two MUOrg pageants this year: entertainment with major showmanship. The 2013 edition became memorable because several factors: 1) local flavor on the marvelous stage design which allowed the viewers to “experience” Russia, 2) musical guests (with more than enough airtime if I may add) of international caliber like Panic at the Disco, Emin and Steve Tyler or Aerosmith, and 3) enough stage exposure of the girls while competing in their swimsuits, evening gowns and Q&A. 

This is why the 65th Manila edition of the Miss Universe pageant didn’t live up to the Moscow edition in terms of finals night production, it did not have all three elements present from the 2013 pageant. Thankfully the local audiences were able to carry every pre-pageant activity with such energy that coursed through up to the finals… and thankfully Boyz 2 Men had a great following that it saved the musical production of the show.
Then we should also talk about how all those redundant videos and interviews ate up precious airtime. If the MUOrg really wanted to re-brand the pageant to have empowered and outspoken women, then they should just remove the redundant video intro of the candidates during the announcement of the semi-finalists and just do a good ol’ fashioned one-on-one interview. Because having three Q&A segments (even if you rename the final Q&A as the “final word”) doesn’t fool the audiences one bit… you have 3 Q&A’s, we get it…

Miss Universe 2016 finals felt rushed and even more so in Miss USA 2017. While pageant fans may be welcoming of the fact that the MUOrg wants to make the pageant more relevant by selecting smart, empowered and articulate women, the same pageant fans also expect a great show out of the finals.
Final word: pageant fans go watch to see the girls onstage and not more of pre-taped videos or a 3-5 second exposure in their swimsuits and gowns. If the production team finds how to incorporate that into their new formula, then all will be good. All we want is simple: A good show with the girls competing for the title.

TV Ratings: Miss USA Pageant Tumbles Again in Second Year on Fox