Miss Universe 2017 Sashes&Scripts 1st Leaderboard

This list is gonna cause some uproar among pageant fans as it names several less popular girls. But hey, Sashes&Scripts has been into hot water before for previous lists so this won’t be something new. One thing I can guarantee is that this list is gonna be a diverse set of countries and names… after all, isn’t #diversity something that WME|IMG’s Miss Universe has been trying so hard to show up on our faces in the past couple of years…

Now on to the list…
1. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, South Africa
2. Laura Gonzalez, Colombia
3. Rachel Louise Peters, Philippines
4. Kara McCullough, USA
5. Alicia Aylies, France
6. Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren, Thailand
7. Ruth Quashie, Ghana
8. Olivia Molly Rogers, Australia
9. Monalysa Alcantara, Brazil
10. Denisse Franco, Mexico
11. Davina Bennett, Jamaica
12. Kseniya Alexandrova, Russia
13. Frida Maria Fornander, Sweden
14. Keysi Sayago, Venezuela
15. Samantha Katie James,  Malaysia

This list features a diverse set of women of color (blondes, brunettes, ebony-skinned beauties, mixed race Asians,  latinas), from different parts of the world (3 Europeans, 3 Asians, 2 Africans, 3 from North America & the Caribbean, 3 from South America and one from the Land Down Under),  of different backgrounds and occupations. And the surprising part of it is that I didn’t set out to create such a diverse list, it just came out organically that way. This must be the work of the mind conditioning that the MU has been showcasing for years now.


Miss Universe 2017 will be in Las Vegas! Plus More MU2017 Tidbits!

Guess whose pageant moles are right? I hate to say this but #IToldYouSo! Last September 24th, I posted on my Facebook account that the Miss Universe 2017 pageant would be held in splendid Las Vegas.

Finally after weeks of speculating, and back and forth of venues, we can finally rest easy as the MU pageant will be pushing through this year. From Manila to Hawaii to Phoenix, Arizona, pageant fans held their breath for what seemed to be an eternity of waiting for the MUOrg to annouce its venue for this year’s pageant.
While there are no confirmed schedules yet, the pageant is rumored to run for more or less 16 days. Candidates are expected to arrive between the 5-8th of November. Preliminaries and the National Costume Show may fall between the 21st or 22nd of November.

Wait for further announcement on the official activities and schedules as Sash Factor will be covering the pageant once more in Las Vegas!

Are we Ready for A Transgender Miss Universe Winner?

Anita Green grabbed headlines earlier when she was named the first open transgender woman to compete in Miss Montana USA. The 26 year old beauty queen aspirant would only be the second transgender woman to vie for a state title in Miss USA after Arianna Wenzel in Miss California USA 2013. Back in 2012, then owner Donald Trump has openly allowed transgender contestants to compete in Miss Universe (and consequently in Miss USA & Miss Teen USA). This was after Jenna Talackova was initially barred from joining Miss Universe Canada that caused major uproar. While people may see this as a move towards the right direction, I thought that Trump did that just to gain publicity for the pageant not out of altruistic reasons.

Gabriela Isler, former Miss Universe 2013 from Venezuela (in a statement attributed to her) said that, “there is more to being a woman. We were born female, we experience menstruation cycle for decades, we struggle to be recognized in a mad men era too, we nurture life. That is what Miss Universe is about. You don’t buy womanhood.” The Venezuela beauty told Hufftington Post that transgenders “should have their own pageant, I think, and maybe they can realize [that] in this pageant, Miss Universe, or the other pageants [were] made for women.” Owing perhaps to the narrowing area of opportunities for women to excel, her statement can be deemed in support for naturally-borne females. On the other side of the debate was Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo who had no issues against transgender women competing in Miss USA or Miss Universe.

I am on the fence regarding this issue. It is a bit difficult to allow transgender women into the pageant as it may alienate traditional pageant followers who still believe that natural-born females should compete. Yet with the “diversity” that the MUOrg seems to be shoving out on our throats lately, we have to be inclusive of all women of shapes and sizes, and yes of different forms. On a personal note, I think that transgender women should compete in pageants that are specifically designed for them and elevate it into a world-class competition to the level of the Miss Universe pageant, although I do not have any problems seeing a transgender female in MU competing for the title. 

* http://www.elleuk.com/life-and-culture/culture/news/a38422/miss-montana-usa-first-openly-transgender-contestant/
* http://people.com/bodies/first-openly-transgender-miss-montana/
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Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 First Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard

Despite a lower turnout of candidates this year, the Mister Universal Ambassador still manages to attract a whole lotta bunch of hunks in the competition. 

Meet the 10 guys who made it into the first Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard
1. Luong Gia Huy, Vietnam
2. Erick Bolivar, Mexico 

3. Shakhboz Makhmudov, Uzbekistan
4. Andris Varga, Hungary
5. Carlos Marquez Saez, Spain
6. Nathan Howe, Australia
7. Elvis Murillo, Nicaragua 
8. Anas Dzulkefflee, Malaysia
9. Paul Guarnes, Philippines
10. Johannes Leonidas, Sweden

The finals will be on October 6th. Watch out for more of Sash Factor’s coverage…

Ruth Quashie is Miss Universe Ghana 2017

Meet the 23 year-old Business Administration graduate who was crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2017: Ruth Quashie… She bested 120 hopefuls in her country for the chance to represent Ghana in Miss Universe. The 5’10” ebony goddess was the runaway winner during the finals that saw 10 national finalists competing for the crown. She brings home with her  a brand new Hyundai saloon car plus a one year contract with Italian modeling agency, The Lab Models. 

It’s long been a childhood dream of mine to become Miss Universe, but I never had the courage to dare enter the competition. This year, I thankfully found the courage to step forward; not only to prove to everyone else that I am a winner, but most of all to prove to myself that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. So far, this experience has convinced me that my journey and courage will serve as an inspiration to hundreds of young girls who want to chase their dreams too.
— Ruth Quashie, Miss Universe Ghana 2017

This year, the Miss Universe Ghana 2017 contest is proud to support two charities – Smile Train and My Sister’s Keepers Foundation. Smile Train is an international charity that creates awareness and provides training, funding and resources to help empower local doctors to offer free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care in their own communities.
My Sister’s Keepers Foundation was founded by sisters and co-directors Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, Valerie Obaze and Edwina Akufo-Addo to be an innovative charity that seeks to support initiatives that educate and empower local women so that they can directly and indirectly deliver social impact in their communities. Every year, each co-founder chooses a new project they are passionate about and over a duration of twelve months, they offer a range of events and programs that are designed to inspire and make a difference.


Miss Universe Iceland 2017 is Arna Yr!

Being bullied in a pageant sometimes becomes a good thing, because it brings a fire in you to do better and be better for the next one. That is what recently crowned Miss Universe Iceland Arna Yr just did…

Last year, the blonde beauty grabbed the headlines when it was reported that the Director of an international pageant she was competing in told her that she needs to diet as she was “fat”. The news report was posted on an Icelandic website accounting the turn of events. Then She was later asked to say in a video posted on her social media account that it was only a misunderstanding and apologized for it. Later on, she withdrew from the said pageant and recanted her apology saying that she was coerced to do so by pageant officials. The 22 year old blue-eyed beauty, who is also an athlete, is a Nike representative in her country. Standing at 5’9″ the blonde stunner is surely gonna be a head turner in the MU competition later.

Armed with such controversy, Arna would surely have something to talk about in Miss Universe. She actually has two: 1) bullying in pageants and 2) body shaming. And we know how MU loves to bring on the drama!

A Controversial Girl is Named Miss Venezuela World 2017!

A Miss Venezuela Mundo 2017 has been appointed and she is Ana Carolina Ugarte!

The 5’10” 25 year old Ana Carolina was named as the Venezuelan rep to Miss World to be held in China this year. It is said that she is already preparing both in catwalk classes and gym training, to secure the crown that has not been won since 2011 when Ivian Sarcos won Miss World. But the shocking part is that it is rumored that she is paying for the Miss World franchise fee instead of the Miss Venezuela Organization. The Miss World franchise fee in Venezuela is estimated to be valued at USD$20,000.
This issue has been a ghost that has haunted her as it was also rumored that the lady also “paid” her way into the Miss Venezuela 2013 pageant. There were heavy speculations that a hefty amount was given to the organization for her to win the pageant, which she went later on unplaced.