Getting to Know Miss Universe Peru 2020, Janick Maceta

Model, beauty queen, audio engineer and music producer those are just a number of notches on 26 year-old Janick Maceta’s belt. She is one of the Miss Universe frontrunners that pageant fans have been looking out for in the 69th edition of the pageant. These are everything that you should know about this 5’9 1/2″ stunner from Peru.

Born Janick Maceta del Castillo she is crowned Miss Peru 2020 on November 29, 2020. This was the third time Maceta competed in Miss Peru. She finished among the Top 10 when she competed for the first time in Miss Peru 2016. On her return to the pageant in 2019, she was runner-up to Kelin Rivera of Arequipa, who finished in the Top 10 at Miss Universe 2019.

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Social Media’s Power in Pageantry

It has been a long drawn out debate how social media is not a barometer of one’s success in pageants. But let us reflect back on this topic now, in the context of the global pandemic, where being connected digitally is the norm rather than the exception.

In the past 3-4 years, we all have relegated Social Media as a non-essential factor in one’s pageant journey. However, here at Sashes&Scripts, we no longer subscribe to that ideology. And we believe this to have changed around 2 years ago.

Before anything else, let us first clear one thing: social media following is NOT the same as a Strong social media. They are not and will never be the same thing. Social Media Following is speaks of quantity, that’s number of followers and number of updates. Having a Strong Social Media is about quality. It’s about a strong visual language, engaging captions and conversations, discussions in the comment section, and most importantly image building. Social media strength is not about frequency of posting, but rather putting out quality content that your audience will respond positively to.

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Philippine Pageant Newsmakers of 2020

2020 was a hard year for pageantry. So it is no shocker that a number of the news-makers on this list are on the negative aspect of pageantry.

Here’s the list of 7 news-making headlines that shocked and shaped the pageant industry this past year…

7. A Question of Decency in Pageants – how far can candidates go bare before they are called out for too much exposure? That was one of the hottest topics that was taken out of context by a number of pageant pages on Instagram. During the height of the Miss Universe Philippines pageant, a number of candidates posed in too provocatively styled shoots and swimsuit photographs which prompted a huge debate between pageant admins. And with strong arguments from opposing views, some pageant admins and personalities fought for each of their sides. Unfortunately none of the candidates who posed provocatively even made top 5.

What can be considered crossing the boundaries of decency in pageantry?

6. Fake Scandal Video and Images Propagated by Catriona’s Detractors – this year we saw both Indonesian trolls and Filipino pageant haters spread malicious images and spliced videos of Catriona Gray online. It was such a huge headline that Catriona decided to go to the National Bureau of Investigations to file a case against those that propagated these fake and doctored images and videos.

5. Changes in Miss Universe National Directors – in a movement that started in 2019, the year saw more changes in leadership for several more MU franchises. Colombia, Spain, Guatemala followed the change in franchise ownership and/or leadership from 2019’s Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Thailand and the Philippines. And with the rumored new ND for the USA with former Miss USA Crystle Stewart, 2020 truly saw the “in with the new and out with the old” in franchise ownership.

4. Miss Earth’s Successful Virtual Pageant – when it was announced that the Miss Earth pageant will continue its 20th edition with a virtual pageant, a number of fans raised concerns. ME was the only Alpha pageant to stage their competition this year… Miss Universe is to hold their 69th edition in the first trimester next year while both Miss International and Miss World cancelled their pageants and will return in 2021.

3. Miss Universe Philippines Leakages – newbie pageant with newbie personnel running the organization; that was evident with the numerous leakages and slip ups that marked the first year of the organization. They started off with huge promise that would later be marred with information leaks that could only come from within their own organization. From the schedules, design of the new crown, stage design and concept, down to the actual winners of the competition, were all leaked days and/or hours before the culmination of the pageant activities. Even as they are sequestered and quarantined in a location far from the capital, numerous insider info continued to leak from within the org. Which even included the video of the crowning of the new MU-Philippines hours before the finals was finished.

2. Miss Universe Organization Financial Trouble – the signs were there but nobody saw how the pageant’s parent company, Endeavor, made headlines for its huge financial issues. With massive debts, personnel furloughs and lay-offs, to live events cancellations, the MUOrg was deeply affected by the financial woes of its parent company.

1. Covid19 Pandemic – no other news is bigger than the corona virus pandemic that gripped the entire world in 2020. Due to its nature, live events are cancelled and it basically eradicated the pageant schedules this year.

Year End Special Report – 5 Beauty Queens that Defined 2020

Who among the beauty queens and pageant girls do we see as the ones who made a mark in pageantry this past year? Read on below…

2020 was a year of pageant postponements and cancellations but for the handful few that were able to push through, they were able to offer us a few competitors that made the past year bearable.

DISCLAIMER: this list is a subjective list of the women that your blogger felt to have showed some extraordinary achievements, performance and show of character during the year.

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2020 Year End Special Report – A Year That Was

2020 will be remembered as a year that shifted the entire way we live. It has shifted how pageantry could still be relevant in a society that has altered its course permanently. This is the year that was.

Same can be said of how this year has changed in the pageant industry. The industry as a whole had to re-evaluate and reassess a number of things this year. From how they select their winners, how to prep them for international competitions, to how pageants are held, how to improve revenue streams, etc… pageantry as a whole had an entire year to reconfigure what it means to hold pageants in a tumultuous year.

Through triumphs and trials, these are some of Sashes&Scripts’ actions and counter-actions to a year of difficulty…

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Miss USA and Miss Teen USA: Under New Management?

Everyone is looking forward to the official announcement that the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA will now be under a new management.

This rumor has been buzzing around Miss USA insiders for weeks now and we just can’t help but think that the separation of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA is another revenue-earning move from the Miss Universe organization.

Rumor has it that the reigning Miss USA Asya Branch and Miss Teen USA Ki’ilani Arruda will be the last queens that the Miss Universe organization will have to handle as starting 2021, Crystle and her organization will crown their own winner sometime fourth quarter of 2021 (most probably around October or November).

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What Fans Clamour for in Binibining Pilipinas

The Binibining Pilipinas pageant is the oldest running national pageant in the Philippines. Throughout the past the pageant is been deemed to be slow to change, preferring to stick to its tried and tested formulas.

All of this started to a change 4-5 years back when the pageant started to adapt and adopt progressive steps in its way of handling the pageant  and its winners. While it would be too much to ask for a new pageant franchise to be added to its roster, we nevertheless focus on the more achievable wish-list for today’s blog post.


Pageant wardrobes have always been number 1 in every Filipino pageant fan wishlist. From 2015 onwards, pageant winners were allowed to have a say on their outfitsfor their international pageants. This allowed more freedom for the BBP winners to select the designers and glam teams that they would want to work with. This has always been a sore point with fans who clamored for better gowns and national costumes for our reps. The winners now also have longer ties with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated with longer contracts of 18 months. Even the candidate contracts have also been extended to 6 months.

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A Latina Miss Universe for 2020?

With an Afro-American Miss USA winner and a biracial Filipina-American Miss Teen USA titleholder, there might be a room for a Latina Miss Universe winner for the 2020 edition of the pageant.

Diversity seems to be the mantra, or some say agenda, that the Miss Universe organization has been pushing nowadays. The conspiracy theorist in us is now looking at the possibility that the Miss Universe 2020 title may be reserved for a Latina winner to complete the set of diverse winners.
It is no secret that the Miss Universe organization loves controversy, publicity is always something that is seemingly welcomed by the organization. Last year, the MUOrg made great headlines when its set of winners, from Miss Universe to the Miss Teen USA were all black women (Cheslie Kryst, Kaleigh Garris and Zozibini Tunzi). It also helped that the Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin was also black. They have been the talk of the media that rose the wave of the Black Lives Matter movement. The publicity that they have garnered was immense, as they have been on print and broadcast media for a large part of their reign.

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Miss World Philippines Winners: Battle Ready upon Coronation

The siren call for the Miss World Philippines 2020 pageant has begun!

One of the biggest criticisms that the Miss World Philippines had was the relatively short amount of time that our winners get to prepare. Since the time that the franchise was acquired by Cory Quirino in 2011, preparations of Philippine delegates seem to be cramped within a 2-3 month period. Some even in just 5-6 weeks.

Even now as Arnold Vegafria has handled the franchise for several years, nothing much has changed in terms of the preparations for the MW pageant by our local reps. The fact that the performance of  two Filipina reps, Laura Lehman and Katarina Rodriguez, are the lowest placement/ non-placement of the Philippines since Gwendoline Ruais in 2011 is a telling of how preparation should be a key element to placing in the London-based pageant. Continue reading “Miss World Philippines Winners: Battle Ready upon Coronation”

Miss USA 2020 – Asya Branch

A new Miss USA has been crowned and she is Mississippi’s first African-American winner and now the states’ first Miss USA titleholder, Asya Danielle Branch.

This former Miss Mississippi America 2018 stands 5’6 1/2″ tall and  is a 22-year-old University of Memphis marketing major. Despite making up almost 40 percent of Mississippi’s population, Asya is the first Black contestant from the state to take home the top honor at the pageant’s national level.

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Shudufhadzo for MU| Thato for MW | Natasha for MS

Last October 24, Shudufhadzo Musida was named Miss South Africa 2020 with Thato Thelma Mosehle as 1st runner-up and Natasha Joubert as 2nd runner-up. The winners have been named a little over a week ago and yet we are still on the edge of our seats on who will be sent to the Miss Universe, Miss Supranational and Miss World pageants.

Although the announcement has yet to be made there are numerous speculations on which pageant should the three winners be sent. Some have already speculated that either Thato or Shudu will be sent to the Miss Universe pageant. While others argue that Shudu will be great in Miss World. With that in mind, these are our thoughts on who do we think would be perfect for which pageant. Continue reading “Shudufhadzo for MU| Thato for MW | Natasha for MS”

Is 2020 the Rise of the WOC/ Bi-Racial Queens?

Women of color and bi-racial women are on the rise in pageantry. At least 5 recently crowned Miss Universe representatives are women with mixed ancestry and heritages. Featuring several high profile national titleholders, we are delving into this emerging trend among national pageants.

Women of mixed ancestry aren’t hardly new in the Miss Universe pageant. One of the high profile winners of the pageant, Brooke Mahaelani Lee, is Hawaiian-Korean-Chinese and is also perhaps one of the most outspoken Miss Universe winners. However, in most cases winners of the pageant in the last 10-20 years have seen mostly Latinas or those with half Caucasian ancestry with the MU title. It is rare seeing women of color or bi-racial women of color winning the title.

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Miss South Africa 2020 Winners

Congratulations to the new winners of the 2020 Miss South Africa pageant! Shudufhadzo Musida of Ha-Masia, Limpopo emerged victorious from a pool of 9 finalists during the finale of the pageant.

First runner-up was medical doctor Thato Mosehle (25) from Klerksdorp in the North West who received R250,000 in cash. Second runner-up Natasha Joubert (23), a B Com graduate and entrepreneur from Pretoria, Gauteng, collected R100,000. The winner and runner-ups of Miss South Africa 2020 will represent South Africa at Miss Universe 2020, Miss World 2021, and Miss Supranational 2021.

Modern and trendy but also very cultural. These uniform outfits still showcases the individuality of the Miss SA 2020 finalists.

The 24 year-old winner has proclaimed winner and was crowned at the luxurious five-star Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town. Shudufhadzo earned her bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Pretoria. She is currently completing her Honors degree in International Relations at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.She is advocate for mental health awareness and educational and economic empowerment of women and children.

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Rabiya Mateo | Miss Universe Philippines 2020

Meet your new Miss Universe Philippines 2020, Rabiya mateo from Iloilo! The 5’7″dusky skinned beauty was crowned last October 23rd at the Cordillera Convention Hall in Baguio City. The finals aired both on TV and online on Sunday, October 25.

The 23-year-old has beaten over 40 other candidates for the coveted inaugural title. A licensed physical therapist, Rabiya graduated with Latin Honors (cum laude) from the Iloilo Doctor’s College back in 2018. She works as a lecturer at review centers in different provinces for both local and international PT exams. Rabiya is also part of a charity that helps educate children who live near a dumpsite in Iloilo City. Continue reading “Rabiya Mateo | Miss Universe Philippines 2020”

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Quick Review

Congratulations to the new winners of the 2020 Miss Universe Philippines pageant! Rabiya Mateo is named the inaugural winner of the first MUPh pageant.

The 5’7″ tall Ilongga was named the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 beating out other top 5 finalists Michele Gumabao, Bella Ysmael, Billie Hakenson and Pauline Amelinckx. Held at the Cordillera Convention Center last October 23rd, a new set of winners were named after undergoing a long arduous process of selection.



From an original 50 candidates around 47 ladies representing different provinces, cities and municipalities all over the Philippines vied for the title.

Here are our thoughts on several aspects of the pageant…

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