Queen of bECQi is Back!

ECQ is Back, so is Queen of bECQi (The Online Search for the Philippines’ Most Beautiful Beki)!

The return of ECQ has prompted Sir Wil Online Challenge to revive the virtual pageant that started it all – Queen of bECQi.

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Bb. Pilipinas 2021 Suggestions

With no assurances that the local NCR+ bubble will lift restrictions on mass gatherings and curfews any time soon. It is quite safe to assume that the Binibining Pilipinas 2021 would be postponed to a much latter date than the announced April 17th finals.

If our assumptions and rumors are correct, then the finals might happen sometime June 6th. With that lengthy delay, there are a few more things that we believe would be great additions to the pageant activities and finals. These are suggestions that we believe would help boost the image and brand of the Bb. Pilipinas pageant and build more exposure for the remaining 34 candidates to even out the playing field.

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Pageant Franchises: A Little or Too Much?

There has been too many franchise switching over the last two years, but none dared to ask when does a national pageant have too little international pageant franchise, or too much of it?

An international pageant franchise adds prestige to a national competition. But these days where pageants are a dime a dozen, local pageants are advised to be mindful of what pageant franchises they acquire.

Today’s blogpost will talk about local pageants that would benefit from having additional franchises and ones that need to evaluate if they have too much.

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Binibining Pilipinas 2021 Frontrunners

34 lovely captivating candidates, 4 Binibining Pilipinas crowns at stake.

After the long hiatus of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant brought by the global Coronavirus pandemic, the release of the official candidates’ latest headshots for this year’s pageant saw a vast improvement from the ladies. But there are a a handful of ladies that are currently standing out.

It may be too early to say that these are the ladies to watch out for in this year’s competition, but we firmly believe that we’ve got a good feeling coming off from these ladies…

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The Official Binibining Pilipinas 2021 Candidates

It’s official! We have 34 lovely candidates competing for the Binibining Pilipinas pageant this year!

The Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc., has posted recently the glamshot portraits of the candidates on their official social media pages. The girls will be competing for four Binibining Pilipinas titles – Bb. Pilipinas International, Bb. Pilipinas Grand International, bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental and Bb. Pilipinas Globe.

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Samantha Bernardo’s MGI Preliminary Performance

2020 Binibining Pilipinas Grand, Samantha Bernardo was perfection on stage during the Miss Grand International preliminary competition! Held at the Show DC Hall in Bangkok, the preliminaries featured all 63 candidates performing in their swimsuit and evening gowns…

Watch Samantha’s full preliminary performance here…

For the trained eye of this pageant connoisseur, it was quite clear that Samantha’s preliminary performance is arguably the best in this year’s batch. The 5’8″ Filipina stunner delivered a consistently well executed performance from the Swimsuit press presentation, the National Costume show and now the MGI preliminaries.

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Samantha Bernardo: Born to be a Queen

It was a Binibining Pilipinas journey that started in 2018, and three years later all the hardwork of Palawan’s Samantha Bernardo is paying off!

The very first time that we have written about this Palawenya was back in January of 2018. Even then she has this Bea Rose Santiago and Angelee delos Reyes vibes to her that we felt that a national title will fit perfectly on her head. Two consecutive 2nd runner up placements later, we were still on the high hopes that a Binibining Pilipinas title would fall on her lap. And it did in the most gratifying way!

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Miss Philippines Earth 2021 is On!

The search is on for Miss Philippines-Earth 2021!

After the successfully mounting its 20th anniversary virtual pageant last year, Miss Philippines-Earth once again opens its doors to aspiring beauty queens and environmental advocates to take part in a life-changing experience.

The nationwide search for the next wave of Beauties for a Cause is now open to Filipinas, 18 to 28 years old, high school graduate and of good moral standing, outstanding looks and personality, at least 5’4” in height, with above-average communication skills, and knowledge on and concern for the environment.

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Amandine for 2020, Clemence for 2021!

It’s official! Miss France 2020 Amandine Petit will compete in the 69th edition of the Miss Universe pageant in Hollywood, Metropolitan Miami, while Miss France 2020 Clemence Botino will represent France in the 2021 edition of the pageant tentatively in Costa Rica!

Usually, it is the Miss France of the previous year who competes since the national pageant takes place at the same time as the national competition in December. In an Instagram live session with Miss France national director Sylvie Tellier announced which Miss Universe edition the two Miss France winners will go to.

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The Importance of the Bb. Pilipinas Press Presentation

Every year in Binibining Pilipinas, pageant connoisseurs eagerly await the Bb. Pilipinas Press Presentation. This event is where the girls are formally introduced to the press and public.  But there is more to it than just that, for us pageant insiders, this is where we start to weed in who are the girls that will be in contention for the titles.

Every year during the press presentation, all of the Binibining Pilipinas candidates are all dressed uniformly in their DR Swim by Domz Ramos swimsuits. They all sashayed in their best pasarela (despite the difficulty in doing so on the carpeted floor). Being in two-piece swimsuits in front of a crowd is a test of confidence for the girls. And that is first tested at the press presentation. The event is where we can see each girls and the bodies they worked hard for. It is a small taste of what the girls will be expecting come finals. Those that buckle here would have difficulty in facing a bigger crowd come finals.

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For the Record | I AM WORRIED

If it only takes 3 words to unravel your sanity, then that must be some very fragile ego… So after that “I Am Worried” post on Instagram some pageant pages are spreading news that we are hating on Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo. That is a lie propagated by people with small minds and people with no knowledge of what happens behind the scenes.

After weighting on the pros and cons of speaking up, we deemed it detrimental if we choose to be quiet. More so when other pageant friends and colleagues are being dragged into the issue simply because of proximity.

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The Strength of the Binibining Pilipinas Brand

In just a matter of one year, the Binibining Pilipinas has lost two major pageant franchise, the Miss Universe and Miss Supranational. And yet despite this, the Bb. Pilipinas pageant remains still the most prestigious and most awaited national pageant in the Philippines. Why?

Well it is because of the strong Binibining Pilipinas brand.

In this blogpost article, we will be explaining to you the How and the Why the Binibining Pilipinas brand is enduring and timeless.

This year’s Binibining Pilipinas Theme…

However, before we begin listing down what makes the Bb. Pilipinas brand strong, let us first define what is a Brand.

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Binibining Pilipinas 2021: The (Un)Official List of Candidates

Rumors have it that for the first time in years the Binibining Pilipinas roster of candidates won’t be a set of 40 lovely ladies from all over the Philippines. This year’s edition is said to only have 34 candidates from the original batch of 40 and they will be competing for the titles up for grabs…

DISCLAIMER: the names we are providing below are only mere hearsay/ rumors. We have yet to confirm this with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities (or BPCI).

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BBP2021 Rumor Mill: the Good, the Bad and the Fabulous

According to pageant moles, insiders and yes even frenemies, there will be a lot of reasons pageant fans will be glued to the Binibining Pilipinas pageant this year. So we have gathered all the rumors and gossips we have been hearing for quite some time and present to you in one neat package…

Disclaimer: these are just rumors, so let’s manage our expectations as these may turn out to be false after all…

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Natasha Joubert Launches Her Social Responsibility Campaign

We have partially decoded the Miss South Africa social media plan for Miss Universe South Africa, Natasha Joubert. First, be visible and always post quality content. Second, when posting glamshots always navigate it towards inspirational messages so that beauty serves a purpose. Then step three, when you’ve already established a strong/ dedicated following, serve them with your social responsibility program.

And that plan was followed to a T by Natasha and her Miss SA social media team as she launches Destiny Designed, her social responsibility campaign as she journey towards her Miss Universe back-to-back campaign.

Ina TimesLive news report, it writes “the initiative will see designers invited to submit details on their design label and explain how their business has been affected by the pandemic.”

Ten entrants will then be selected to make two garments each and have them modelled by former Miss SA title holders and finalists as well as special guest models in a virtual fundraiser fashion show on April 10.

The show will also feature items from Joubert’s own line, Natalia Jefferys. After the show, the designers’ garments will be auctioned off online with the proceeds going to the respective designers.  

#DestinyDesigned will also showcase these talented designers’ work on a global platform, as viewers from around the world will be able to tune into the show and have the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition custom-designed T-shirt in aid of the  project.

The campaign was launched last February 17th by Natasha herself and the Miss South Africa organization through their social media channels. Here below was Natasha’s post on her official Instagram account:

Introducing #DestinyDesigned ✨

Growing up I knew that my challenges and hardships will have purpose and meaning. My father was unemployed for three years when he unexpectedly passed away placing us in financial difficulties. At a young age I started renting out my modeling dresses and doing pageants to financially support and sustain myself, paying my studies and hockey tour, and supporting my mother. This sparked my entrepreneurial side which later on led me to my passion, @nataliajefferys.

I am calling on all my fellow South African fashion design entrepreneurs who have been affected by the pandemic to be part of my campaign by sharing your entrepreneurship journey and how you have been affected by Covid-19. #DestinyDesigned will give you an opportunity to showcase your talent.

Designers can apply by sending an email to natasha@misssa.co.za with the following information:
- your design label name
- social media handles
- contact details
- website if applicable
- as well as how your business has been affected by COVID-19
**Entries close on 22 February 2021.

Ten entrants will be selected to make two garments each and participate in a virtual fashion show (you will be seeing some of my own pieces😉) that is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 10. Viewers can support my campaign by subscribing to misssa.live and pay a minimal fee to watch the show. All proceeds from the show will be donated to the 10 designers. More information to follow on when viewers can subscribe.

I am incredibly excited to launch this initiative with @official_misssa.

Let’s take on the Universe!