Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers: First Black Miss Universe Great Britain

The first dark-skinned woman to win the Miss Universe Great Britain title in 66 years is one of the signs of how the Miss Universe pageant is changing what is beauty.

Dee Ann Kentish-Rogers, hails from Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean (close to the Puerto Rico, US & British Virgin Islands). She is a 25 year-old heptathlete who once dreamt of competing in the Olympics. Here are snippets of an article from the BBC on her…  Continue reading “Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers: First Black Miss Universe Great Britain”


2018 Miss International South Africa, Reabetswe Sechoaro

South Africa is in a pageant Renaissance nowadays after winning Miss World in 2014 and Miss Universe in 2017. It is no surprise that that a gorgeous woman has been selected as the new Miss International South Africa.

Meet Reabetswe Sechoaro, she is the female winner of King and Queen of South Africa, the organization that selects the SA reps to Mister International and Miss International. Nicknamed Rambi, she is the half-sister of South African superstar Bonang Matheba. She is a model and a student taking up accountancy.

Below was her message on Instagram about her win…
Yaaaaay, we did it! I’m your new Miss International South Africa ‘18… 1st of all I’d like to thank God for entrusting me with this title. To the @kingandqueenofsa organization, the judges, my family, friends and everyone who believed in me and who supported me, your kind words and motivation has seen me through it all and without all of you I wouldn’t be in this position! I truly appreciate it, love love love you all… we are going to @missinternationalofficial baby🎉💥❤😘❤#missinternationalsa18 #missqueenofsa18
Do you think Rambi could be the first Miss International winner to emerge from Africa?


Anabella Castro is Miss International Bound!

After months of speculation on whether Anabella Castro is being handpicked by Colombia’s Concurso Nacional de Belleza to compete in Miss Universe, an announcement has been officially made.

Anabella who was one of the finalists in last year’s pageant was designated the title of Srta. Colombia Internacional. This gives her the opportunity to compete in Japan for the Miss International crown. She will be aiming to win Colombia’s 4th MI crown.
Below is the official announcement on the Senorita Colombia Instagram account of her appointment!

Por designación del Concurso Nacional de Belleza®, Anabella Castro Sierra @anabellacastros , Srta. Cesar® 2017, será Colombia el certamen Miss International 2018. . Castro Sierra obtuvo los títulos de ”Reina de la Policia” y “Elegancia Primatela” durante su participación en el pasado certamen. ¡Deseamos muchos éxitos a nuestra Srta. Colombia Internacional®!

Congratulations to Anabella’s appointment as Srta. Colombia Internacional. All we need to wait for now is whether or not Vanessa Pulgarin will be designated to compete in Miss Universe this year!

Francesca Hung – Representing Australia’s Multiracial Side

For the first time in the Miss Universe Australia pageant they have crowned a Chinese-Irish-Australian  winner! Francesca Hung was so surprised to have won the title.

Since Jennifer Hawkins won Miss Universe a decade ago Australian reps to MU have largely been blue-eyed blondes or hazel-eyed brunettes of Caucasian heritage. Rarely have we seen a woman of color representing Australia in international pageants. So when Francesca Hung won the title a week ago, it was quite a pleasant surprise for all.
According to an article from SBS News Australia, Francesca ‘some will be shocked not to see a blonde haired, blue-eyed girl‘ representing Australia in Miss Universe. “I think internationally everybody has an idea of what Miss Australia should look like,” the 24-year-old told SBS News.
“And I think it will be a little bit of a shock to everyone when a blonde hair, blue-eyed girl doesn’t walk out.
“I guess looking at your past winners – Jesinta Franklin, Rachael Finch and Jennifer Hawkins – I used to think that was the typical Australian girl that everyone wanted to be and look.”

The 24 year old, Sydney-raised model has been trying for years to be re[resented by a number of modelling agencies in Sydney was always turned down due to her multi-racial heritage. She is currently studying her masters degree in publishing, while also learning piano and the Italian language. The 5’8 brown-eyed beauty hopes to represent the multiracial side of Australia in the Miss Universe pageant later this year.

Angela Ponce: “We Are More Than What You See”

It is easy for traditional fans of the Miss Universe pageant to demonize people and situations that they do not understand. So it would only be fair that people get to know Miss Universe Spain Angela Ponce in her own words…

My goal is to be a spokesperson for a message of inclusion, respect and diversity not only for the LGBTQ+ community, but also for the entire world…
Society is not educated for diversity, it’s what made me go public, I mean, here I am and I’m not weird, I just have a different story, a woman who came to life differently but I’m a woman.” – Angela Ponce, 20 Minutos
Continue reading “Angela Ponce: “We Are More Than What You See””

Thoughts on the Miss Universe Thailand Results

A new Miss Universe Thailand has been crowned and it has left a number of pageant fans split.

Miss Universe Thailand: #MUT20 Sophida Kanchanarin
1st Runner Up: #MUT10 Thitaree Kasorn
2nd Runners Up:
#MUT11 Valentina Giardullo
#MUT12 Palita Jubjib
#MUT14 Praveenar “Veena” Singh
* There are three 2nd runners up in Miss Universe Thailand, same like in previous years.
In terms of predictions I was almost on point. I got Thitaree’s 1st runner up position right, Valentina’s 2nd runner up placement right as well as Palita on my top 5, who also settled as one of the three ladies as 2nd runner up. I did pretty solidly this year three correct placements out of 5, though I would have preferred it if my faves won. My heart breaks that my predicted winner Natharuetai Akkarakijwattanakul didn’t advance to the top 5 and got stuck in the top 10.

I would say that this is perhaps the best looking set of MUT runners up in recent history. All four ladies are absolutely gorgeous! Valentina’s charm worked its way to her advantage and I believe she did her best. She may still need polishing on some aspects but I truly feel that if she makes a comeback in the future, she has to be very well trained for it. Veena wasn’t a surprise to make top 5 though her beauty wasn’t my cup of tea. Palita’s top 5 finish was not surprise either as she was on my radar for the last few days of the competition. Sash Factor even placed her in their top pick to win. I have to give absolute props to Thitaree as she looked smashing in the finals. If I had my way she would have been the winner.

Sophida Kanchanarin’s win was a surprise (and to some, a shock), but I wouldn’t discount the possible reasons why she won. It may have been possible that her being educated in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as well as being an investment banker might have been factors in her winning. Her win was perhaps a strategic move for the org as her resume seems to be a meaty one. The 5’7″ has raw potential IMHO and I hope that it gets to be developed soon for the international competition.
Congratulations to all the winners!

Angela Ponce Wins Miss Universe Spain 2018!

History has been made! Angela Ponce is the first transgender female to win Miss Universe Spain. She will also be the first transgender female to compete in Miss Universe later this year!

26 year old Angela Ponce may not have won the Miss World Spain title in 2015 but she surely is grinning ear to ear now as she will be representing Spain in Miss Universe 2018. Her triumph is truly a win for the LGBTQ community as she won during the month of June which is considered to be the PRIDE Month.

Angela beat 19 other equally gorgeous candidates on last night’s finals held at the Augusto auditorium of the Palau Firal i de Congressos de Tarragona.
In 2012 the Miss Universe organization has allowed transgender females to compete in the pageant. She revealed in an earlier interview with Toñi  Moreno that her hardest moments took place during her adolescence and when she had to convince a psychologist that she was who she was. She also says that she could not “appear” as Miss Spain because the Miss World rejected transgender women and that now that she can, she plans to bring back to Spain the Miss Universe crown.

Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers: “Being Miss USA is a Job”

Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers sat down with for an interview and discussed how the Miss USA is more of a job than just a title.

In the interview she talked about how the Miss Universe/ Miss USA slogan of “Confidently Beautiful” aligns with her personal advocacy which is eating disorders.  Being a child life specialist, she relishes her time visiting children in hospitals through the Miss Universe organization. “I’m just really excited to distract these children from their pain for a little while and engage with their families, to get to know them on a deeper level,” she says. “That’s where my heart is and that’s where it has been and so I’m excited to bring that to the Miss USA platform.”
Here are several points she was asked and responded to in the interview… Continue reading “Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers: “Being Miss USA is a Job””

The Miss USA Theme Song by Zero Point Productions

We have had the Miss Universe theme song posted on the blog within this month of June, so we thought why not do one for the Miss USA pageant theme song?

The Miss USA theme song was composed by the same composers that made the Miss Universe theme.  Wayne Sharpe and John Sands created this modern theme that would be used in the Miss USA pageant.
Why then is this song quite familiar to international pageant fans? Well, this is simply because this track was also used in the 2016 Miss Universe pageant held in Manila. During the crowning of Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere this was played instead of the Miss Universe Main Title.

The above track shows the one that was used in the crowning of Miss USA. Another version of the Miss USA theme song is the Alternative Rock Mix. This one has a more pronounced electric guitar sound.

Shout out to Abiel Joshua Sy for linking me to these wonderful links of the song.

5 Beauty Queen Vloggers You Must Follow on Youtube

Do you ever wandered around Youtube and find out videos from your favorite pageant queens? Well I have. That is why today’s post are the five pageant girls that I watch out on Youtube.

What I really like about their Vlogs is how different is their perspective on pageants. They talk and show it coming from a pageant girl’s perspective and that is something that would help prospective beauty queen aspirants on the hows and whats of pageantry. That is why this post is more than just as a shout out to these ladies. And nope, I am not being paid to endorse any of their Vlogs. I just thought that theirs are some of the ones that stand out simply because they are talking about pageants, a topic that we all like as pageant fans… Continue reading “5 Beauty Queen Vloggers You Must Follow on Youtube”