Opinion: Elizabeth as Miss Grand International & Paweensuda as Miss Earth?

The Miss Earth and Miss Grand International pageants are having overlapping schedules this year. Not withstanding the steaming rivalry between the two pageants, their finals night will be highly anticipated as to which lady is gonna run home with the titles. At this point, I can say I already have formed several favorites for the Miss Earth and Miss Grand International titles. But for this post let’s focus on just two: Elizabeth Clenci and Paweensuda Drouin.

If Elizabeth Clenci wins the Miss Grand International title (finals on October 26, 2017), this would be a huge win for the Bangkok-based pageant. Filipinos love to rally behind their queens and it would be a great way to reconcile Pinoy pageant fans with MGI. There would be a huge wave of support for Liz as the winner which would benefit the pageant. Elizabeth is nailing the fashion game spot-on and she knows how to command attention without asking for it. Add to that is her ability to win you over with her winsome personality, something that the Vietnamese fans are seeing as of late.
If Paweensuda Drouin Saetan or Fahsai wins Miss Earth? That would be to the delight of Thai fans as Fahsai is perhaps the strongest girl they have sent to ME in ages. No disrespect to the gorgeous Punika Kulsoontornrut, but Fahsai is far more ME winner material. Of course Fahsai’s win could usher more Thai fans for ME, also a win-win for the Manila-based pageant. Fahsai seems to be genuinely sympathetic to the ME cause. Add to her resume, public speaking skills, impressive face and tall stature, she seems to be quite a perfect candidate for the ME title. Miss Earth finals will be on November  4, 2017.

Don’t you think that this scenario could easily play out? That both Fahsai and Liz can be the bridge to bring the ME and MGI fans together? Or that it would benefit the ME & MGI pageants in the long term? 
Your thoughts, dear readers…


Elizabeth Clenci & Jaz Cerezo: Chic, Clean and Classy Style

Elizabeth Clenci surely knows how to make an entrance… wearing a white Jaz Cerezo gown, the Binibining Pilipinas Grand International turned heads with her show stopping style.

That is all thanks to her go-to-designer Jaz Cerezo. I witnessed how Jaz and Liz interact during a meeting where Kagandahang Flores head Sir Rodgil introduced me to Liz. And I have to say that Liz is in great hands under the masterful hands of the designer. Jaz’ lines and design aesthetics are clean, crisp and classy…something that mirror’s Liz’ personal style. Liz never wears anything that overpower her and Jaz’ designs are always flattering without taking too much attention away from the wearer. That is why they are a match made in fashion heaven. 

It is no wonder that Liz will be wearing a number of gowns created by Jaz. We can’t wait if she will be wearing the designer’s gown for the evening gown finals as well. It seems that Liz manages to shine always in Jaz’ creations. Her fierce smize-then-smirk (smile with no teeth) are a deadly combination in Jaz’ chic and understated gowns. It is no wonder that Liz is given the moniker “Classy Clenci”.
Check out below videos from Instagram just to show you how Elizabeth became a showstopper during the Miss Grand International opening event…


Elizabeth Clenci is Ready for Miss Grand International!

After the release of these latest photos of Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Elizabeth Clenci by Raymond Saldana, has every pageant fan gawking at her full transformation. The Binibini is now [grand] international, pun intended, competition ready.

These are actually some of her best pics we have seen and there are more photos from her shoot that is yet to be released. I am actually impressed and it makes me think that she could be the next Miss Grand International!
Enjoy these photos!

Here is a BTS video of her shoot…

Elizabeth Clenci is Named National Peace Ambassador of the Philippines

A huge honor has been bestowed to the Philippine bet to Miss Grand International Elizabeth Clenci! She was named as a National Peace Ambassador for the Philippines. 

This was personally informed by Elizabeth and Sir Rodgil Flores to me when I visited Manila last month. Upon their request, we kept it under the lid so as not to spoil the official announcement from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (or OPAPP). Liz expressed her excitement as this honor came from out of the blue. She was doing her research regarding the peace situations and processes when the government agency sought her out for the title. With the cat out of the bag, I can now finally discuss this with much freedom. 
This honor comes with a huge responsibility of promoting peace on a national scale. The title is of course mandated by the Malacañang Palace thus the gravitas of the title. With her smarts and tactful way of speaking in public, Liz will surely nail this position with aplomb. Moreover, this would be a great padding to her growing list of accomplishments and honors. 

Below is the official appointment announcement from OPAPP:
Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2017 Elizabeth Durado Clenci formally accepts the role as one of the National Peace Ambassadors in line with the mandate of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) to pursue and promote just and lasting peace, and sustainable development.
In a letter addressed to the Presidential Peace Adviser Sec. Jesus G. Dureza, Clenci put a premium on promoting open dialogue, mutual respect and understanding, and strengthening the desire for unity in humanity to attain perpetual peace.
“As an empowered woman, I also believe that achieving long-lasting peace is not about taking up arms; it is about educating and helping our fellowmen, especially those who are impoverished, to be productive and participative citizens of our country,” she stated in the same letter.
“We need to focus on being able to co-exist despite our differences; it is the strength of our country,” Clenci said, underscoring that equality and acceptance of cultural diversity is the key in uniting the country.
National Peace Ambassadors take on a vital role of promoting and communicating peace building efforts and initiatives to the general public, to encourage more people to engage and be involved in building a culture of peace.


A Pageant Break Filled with Beauty Queens

During the past several weeks,  I was feeling a bit burned out with the stress of coming up with a blogpost everyday. So I made the decision to take a short break and relax away from pageants. I was expecting a full week of non-pageant related meet ups with friends and family in Manila… but that was the farthest from what happened during my vacation.
I did not expect that my vacation in Manila would bring me to meet a number of beauty queens during my short stay. From Janela Joy Cuaton, to Angelique de Leon, to Elizabeth Clenci, Karen Ibasco and Rachel Peters, I was able to converse and meet them up all crammed into several days.

The first one I had encountered was Janela Joy Cuaton during her presentation of her MWP Intro vid and BWAP project. In person Janela was charming and full of energy. She actually had a very small face and looked prettier in person. After a year, I was also able to meet again Angelique de Leon and her mom Tita Vicky. It was a blast to see Angie once again who was looking even more beautiful these days. She really has bloomed with her makeup tutorial as she was sporting red eye makeup that looked great on her. She’s as kalog, funny and as witty ever.

Then I met Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters and Miss Philippines Earth Karen Ibasco. Rachel, who was wearing flats at that time, was every inch competition ready. She actually has a small face, tiny waist, and long legs in person. She was also sporting a nice tan and was looking gorgeous with very minimal make up. That evening I was able to talk lengthily to Rachel about what I have observed during the three Miss Universe pageants I was able to cover. Karen on the other hand was very well put together. The girl clearly knows her fashion and was styled impeccably. I joked with them that I might run out of English words as both girls were very articulate and have great command of English.

The last girl I was able to meet was Bb. Pilipinas Grand International, Elizabeth Clenci. I would have to say that she is hands down the girl that floored me. Undeniably, she is the best Filipina rep this year in terms of speaking skills and confidence. She could talk about anything under the sun and would even make the most boring of topics sound interesting. She is indeed that good!

While I may have met with a number of beauty queens, I wished that I was able to meet Catriona Gray or Angelia Ong or even Mariel de Leon in any of their public appearances. It would also be interesting to meet Cynthia Thomalla, but her meet and greet was moved on the last minute so I wasn’t able to attend. I would also cherish the chance to see Chanel Olive Thomas and ask how was her move from MPE to BBP. But those perhaps are reserved for another time, maybe in the near possible future. I may see myself back in Manila some time soon!

Mesmerized by Bb. Pilipinas Grand International Elizabeth Clenci

I had quite a nice vacation and one of the highlights was being able to meet up with reigning Binibining Pilipinas Grand International, Elizabeth Clenci. Kagandahang Flores head Sir Rodgil Flores facilitated this meet up with Elizabeth (or Liz for short) and I can honestly say that I was floored with what I have observed in her.

What is most striking about Liz is how self-assured and confident she is in her own skin. I observed a lovely lady who is not afraid to show me photos her worst when she had severe eczema, and how she has lifted herself up from such predicament. Mesmerized at her story of how she became a vegan from her experience, I asked more and more about her healthy lifestyle choices. I am even more impressed that she can say that she could be a vegan for the rest of her life.
Liz is addictive to listen to, when she talks you just want her to go on and on. Smart, articulate, engaging  and fun, that is how she is when I met her… More importantly she knows who she is. She was talking to her go-to designer at that time on fashion choices (gown and national costume included) for the Miss Grand International competition in Vietnam. Liz was talking about her body type and how she wants emphasis on her best assets…coming from someone working in the fashion industry, she nails her style choices spot on.

While there are no confirmed dates on her departure or the MGI schedule of activities, we can assume that she would probably be the first to compete this year among her Bb. Pilipinas batch (the finals is on October 25th). With a rep as self-assured as she is, I have a feeling that she would perhaps equal or surpass the placement of her predecessors.

Elizabeth Clenci: Made from Tougher Stuff

We are often lead to believe that beauty queens are rarely touched by pain, heartache, difficulties or any form of sickness. Nothing can be farther from the truth for Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Elizabeth Clenci.

Elizabeth failed to secure a crown on her first attempt at a Binibining Pilipinas title, then a year and a half ago she battled a severe case of eczema (a skin condition where the skin gets inflamed) that almost put a stop to her pageant dreams. Here is her story as illustrated on an post on her official Instagram account:
The past year and a half has been the toughest by far- physically and emotionally. The photo on the left was taken exactly a year ago today on my birthday. My body out of nowhere suddenly erupted with the most severe eczema, my skin was oozing and weeping, covered in fleshy wounds. My eyebrows fell off, my skin would itch furiously, Sudden movements would crack and create more wounds, resulting in the most agonising year and a half of my life. Everything became painful. I invested thousands of dollars and precious time with multiple doctors and specialists who vaguely addressed my case and had no answers. Or pumped me full of useless drugs that didn’t help at all. One doctor even told me that this is how I would live the rest of my life. I spent hours online trying to find a cure and knew that there had to be some other way. The photo on the right is me today……..healed. I found true healing through change in diet and natural medicine.

With that kind of grit and determination, we see how Eliza is made out of tougher material. And this will serve this Parul Shah-cum-Nanette Medved doppelganger in her international competition. The spirit of not giving up is a quality that is both admirable and inspirational that Elizabeth posses. That will serve her well in life…