Scandal! Osmariel Villalobos in Hospital after a Fight

Miss Earth- Water 2012 Osmariel Villalobos was hospitalized after a fight with singer Diosa Canales.

In a report by El Nacional, the Venezuelan beauty queen was “taken to the clinic by a blunt blow to the head, dislocation of the thumb of one of her hands and trauma to the cervical and vertebral columns.” The incident reportedly happened in a gym’s bathroom last June 16. It is also said that Diosa Canales attacked Osmariel first in which the Venezuelan beauty queen also received several bites, aside from her reported injuries. According to several witnesses, the fight occurred when both women headed to the bathroom of the gym. It was inside the bathroom that both ladies had a “strong exchange of words”, until Canales pounced on the former Miss Venezuela Earth and began to beat her. In a counter by Diosa Canales, she said that it was Osmariel who attacked her first and only defended herself.

The two ladies had a feud previously when Osmariel called out the singer as being “vulgar”. This wasn’t the first time that Canales was involved in a violent incident as she and her husband were arrested back in 2016 for allegedly beating up her mother-in-law.


Rumor Mill: Are we Going to See the Diamond Nexus Crown Back?

This all started with the shocking news of the lawsuit between IMG Universe versus the Czech-owned Diamonds International Corp. due to breach of contract.

This saw the cancellation of their 10-year sponsorship agreement after DIC missed a couple of sponsorship payments due to financial problems. Now rumor has it that while the case is yet to be cleared on court, another crown would be used by current Miss Universe winner Iris Mittenaere. Yes, according to insider gossips the Diamond Nexus crown will be the de facto crown that will be used in most of Iris’ public appearances. But that doesn’t automatically mean that we won’t be seeing the DIC crown, it will still be used on occasions but not as frequently as we used to. 

Lately, Iris has been posting a number of pics of the Diamond Nexus crown on her IG account as well as on the Miss Universe IG account. She was also seen being photographed with it by Fadil Berisha. It is not yet clear on which occasions does she get to wear the Diamond Nexus crown. But Sashes&Scripts speculates that the DIC will still be used for the official crowning of the Miss Universe ladies while the Nexus crown is reserved for travelling, photoshoots and other occasions. 

No word is yet made available if the Mikimoto crown will make an appearance. It is said that it is kept at the vault at all times due to the delicate nature of the crown. The Mikimoto crown has a structural/ design flaw that puts most of its weight at the front. 
On a personal note, I would hope that a new crown would be used in the next MU edition. One that pays homage to the iconic Sarah Coventry crown of the past. After all, nothing beats a classic.

A New Miss Universe Crown for 2017?

With the recent news that finally clarifies why Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere been wearing the Diamond Nexus Crown on photoshoots and other public appearances, will we be seeing a new Miss Universe crown this 2017?

According to a news report by 
The producer of the Miss Universe pageant on Tuesday sued the Czech company hired to make the winners’ iconic crowns, saying it kept touting its association with the pageant even after it breached its 10-year sponsorship agreement…IMG Universe said it canceled Diamonds International Corp’s (DIC) contract last August after financial problems caused the Prague-based company to miss two required payments…DIC nonetheless kept advertising its ties to the pageant, including on its website where it displayed its logo atop the Miss Universe name…
If such is the case then the DIC crown could be replaced if the lawsuit isn’t settled. 

So far only three Miss Universe winners were crowned with the DIC crown which first garnered flak from pageant fans for its design touting its nickname “the French Fries Crown”. As of now we cannot speculate whether the DIC crowns would still be of use following the 10-year agreement. All of this would be settled when IMG and DIC is able to clear it out in court…
But if you ask us, will a new crown be possible? Yes, but it might not be likely unless a new crown-maker pops up. Takers anyone?


Once Upon a Blind Item: The High Priestess and the Sentinels of Power

Once upon a time there lived an Immortal High Priestess who was entrusted by the Greek gods to maintain the balance of the four celestial bodies: the sun through the fire stone, the moon through the ice crystal, the earth through the rock of gold and the stars through the fine powdery stardust. Each possess immense in power are too much to handle by one person alone, and despite being immortal the priestess could not handle the power all by herself. So she devised a plan of having a King, a Scholar, a Merchant and a Virgin Kouros handle three of the mystic stones of power. Together, they came to be known as the Sentinels of Power and balance. To avoid jealousy and bickering among her chosen sentinels, the High Priestess devised a cycle of rotation. Each sentinel is to possess one mystic stone in one sun cycle.

Balance was kept in the realm through the cycle of rotating the mystic stones’ bearer. No two stone was held by a sentinel in one rotation, which was never happened as it upsets the balance of the realm. The heavens, the stars, the moon and the earth had its place in the sun. But that balance was upset during the time of the blue sun cycle. The blue sun cycle was a period of abundance for the realm, but it also is the time when the Immortal Priestess is at her weakest. In her weakness, the stardust and the fire stone came to the possession of the Sentinel King. But there is a reason why the Priestess never allowed one sentinel to hold two mystic stones at once, the power is so immense that it was addicting. The gods bestowed the mystic stones of power to the Priestess as a test of will for she was a descendant of Pandora the first woman who unleashed the ills of the world to humanity. Disruption to the balance of power would unleash the same calamity and this was the reason why the Priestess devised the cycle of mystic stone rotation.
The Sentinel King was immediately corrupted by the power of the two stones for it brought out all the darkness from within. Digging through the King’s nightmares and greed, the stones were a deadly combination that would bring the realm to its knees. Delirious in greed and mad for power, the once loyal Sentinel King devised a plan to permanently hold the mystic stone in his possession. He enlisted the help of Hades, the god of wealth and riches to plead to the Queen on the Gods, Hera, to allow him full possession of the most powerful of the mystic stones. This deception did not escape the Immortal Priestess and sought an audience with the gods and humbled herself that if such is their will, then she asked to be release from all burdens from the four mystic stones. Pity and with compassion for the High Priestess, the gods of Olympus allowed her to have full control of the mystic stones once again restoring her to full strength.
Renewed and restored, the High Priestess removed the most mystic stones from the Sentinel King. She restored back the balance to the realm and kept it from falling into crumble. The High Priestess, in a show of compassion to the Sentinel King, allowed him to carry over his duties as a Sentinel of Power. But the Immortal High Priestess would always have an eye at the back of her head to watch out for daggers that might come from her back.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…

Mariel de Leon: Country over Crown

Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon roars online! The newly corwned queen is taking social media by firestorm lately after posting about the appointment of blogger and sex starlet Mocha Uson as Presidential Communications Operations Office  (PCOO) assistant secretary.

She posted a series of tweets (some of which are already deleted) such as:

“What is happening, Philippines?”
“Biased and disrespectful. She insults those who are against her. I’m not for her, I’m not for the other side (whatever that may be).”
“I love my country so it breaks my heart to know someone like her got a position in government. There are so many other unbiased, educated, and respected (and respectful) people who deserve her place.”
Since then a barrage of comments from both sides of the coin has been said online. Some have criticized the 5’8″ beauty saying that she wouldn’t win Miss International because of what she posted. She has since retorted back,“Receiving messages saying I shouldn’t speak up like that, otherwise I won’t win the crown? Uh, so para sa inyo (for you), crown over country?” and followed it up with, “That’s why we’re not evolving. Because some people care more about the superficial than what really matters. It’s always country over crown.”

My take on the issue:
I love how outspoken she was on the issue. She probably have the guts to echo what a thinking majority is collectively expressing online (yep my newsfeed is full of them). The only difference is that Mariel is being singled out because she is a public figure. Mariel has the right to express what she thinks. I echo her sentiments about Mocha’s appointment as the said lady seems to propagate unverified news and news links from questionable media outlets.
As a University of the Philippines graduate, I am always taught that it is better to have an opinion (whichever side of the moral pendulum one may fall) rather than not having one at all. We are always told to be fearless and ask the hard questions that no one does. Mariel has the moral obligation to her country to ask questions on our government and so do we. I personally feel that Mariel is able to sum everything up in this statement on her Twitter: “Politics and corruption is poison for the soul of our country. Fake and biased news will just bring our country down deeper than the dirt on our feet. I hope that change will come. And I hope that I can use my voice and my platform to be part of that change.”


Once Upon a Blind Item: The Wimp Who Would be Queen

Once upon a time there lived a village wimp who was ambitious as she was ruthless. Even during her humble beginnings, the village wimp had the liking of exaggerating her minute accomplishments to which a vast majority of her villagers are easily fooled. The village wimp grew in fame and ego that of which she believes that were merely accomplishments of her alone. One fateful day the village wimp came to meet and tame a forest spirit which allowed the village wimp to use itself as a mule to carry the wimp around. The majestic forest spirit , towering with power, is the alpha of her troop. So if the forest spirit welcomes the wimp and allows her to ride her back, none of the other gorillas could be defiant.

Drunk with such power, the village wimp believed she can trample anyone on her path. Then came one unfortunate day when one simpleton irked the proud ambitious wimp and suffered the wrath of her ilk. The poor simpleton retreated to himself badly beaten to tend to his own wounds. The village wimp did the same to one simpleton after another until an army of begrudged villagers surrounded her. So it was that the ambitious wimp would go on unchallenged and haughty and proud. Then came one day when the village chieftain (or chieftess in this instance) is to retire to live in the realm of the shamans. Naturally she chose an heir to her seat, so the symbol of power of the village, the chieftess’ staff, was passed on to the ambitious wimp. However, little does everyone know that when the chieftess turned over her staff to the new chieftain, it was with a curse that the chieftess herself could not remove from her village. A wicked witch cast a spell on the staff that as long as her tribute is not paid in full, the village will see famine in its future. Such curse has landed their village isolated from the rest of the kingdom. No one could reach the village to trade, less and less merchants could reach the village. Harvests that were once bountiful came scarce.
Soon the simpletons and then villagers were leaving en masse leaving the village behind. With little support, the village is expected to shrink and wither. It is not known what would come to the village but a bleak future is expected. For as the curse on the staff of power is not lifted by the one who cast it, the curse remains… the only hope of the village is to have the wicked witch fall to the gates of the goddess Hela or to give the spellcaster her just tribute.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…

Once Upon a Blind Item: A Lady and the Eight Princes

Once upon a time there lived a granddaughter of a wealthy Duke. The lovely granddaughter was blessed with beauty beyond praise and a silver tongue that could only speak of truth and honesty. These gifts of hers would bring her mostly good fortune upon blossoming as a young lady. Petite, pretty and princess-like the young lady continued to be admired in their village for the beauty she brings and the blessings bestowed by the reigning royal family to the Duke. She lived a blessed life being born into privilege and status.

Then one day she heard of eight travelling brothers, all princes from the royal family, looking for brides in their kingdom. Each of the six princes bore with them a different jewel to be gifted as engagement gifts for their chosen bride: a diamond as large as grown man’s fist for the eldest prince, a large pearl that glows brighter than the moon for the second prince, a blue sapphire that puts the seas into shame with its color for the third prince, a white crystal that is light as air for the fourth brother, a red ruby that changes color for the fifth prince, a rare yellow colored emerald for the sixth prince, and a golden egg for each of the seventh and eighth youngest princes. Each of them has travelled the breadth and scope of the land together in search for a bride of their own choosing.
Upon seeing the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter, the fourth prince was smitten and taken by the beauty and honesty the lady posses. He gave his crystal to the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter in hopes that she would reciprocate his adoration. The wealthy Duke’s granddaughter was all smiles upon accepting the prince’s engagement gift. All was well as the entire kingdom rejoiced and celebrated the announcement of the wedding engagements of all eight princes. Alas such happiness was not to live long as upon hearing the gifts that the other princes bore for their chosen brides, the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter mused that her gift was far less in value than those of the other brides… and that she would like to rescind her gift.
Upon learning of her intention, the prince was in an uproar as how could a maiden of fair upbringing and status rescind a gift that bore his heart and soul? His seven brothers were also taken aback and appalled with such mindless behavior from the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter. So the royal family sent an emissary to the wealthy Duke demanding an explanation. The Duke was shamed for his granddaughter’s tactlessness and he in turn reprimanded his kin to placate the prince through his emissary. The granddaughter argued that she was being honest to herself that she may not be happy with the prince in a marriage that would bind her for life. The Duke then warned his granddaughter of wrath that the royal family could bestow their family and their village should she not accept the engagement. They may no longer bear the royal coat of arms in any trade they have with other kingdoms should the royal family remove from them their blessings. This will abode ill for their village and will drive out all other lovely maidens and their families out to other neighboring villages where the wrath of the royal family would not reach them.
The wealthy Duke’s granddaughter was reprimanded heavily and was reminded that every action has a consequence and that a pebble she drops in a pond creates ripples through the water. It is with a heavy heart that the Duke’s granddaughter has to honor back the engagement and to live the loveless marriage through. She has to put a charade every day of her life showing a happy and contented bride for the world to see… a sad end to one who once lived her life in beauty and honesty.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…