Scandalous Revelations from “Exposing Miss World Contest” Pt.2

How has the Miss World used the Filipino pageant fandom to gain buzz? How has it been using former Miss World Megan Young and the Miss World Philippines national director to further its pageant base in the country?
The Facebook page Exposing Miss World Contest continuous to reveal shocking allegations against the MW pageant.
Disclaimer: these are expose lifted from the page itself and were copied verbatim so as not to alter meaning of the material posted on the page.

These are some of the shocking revelations…
Post Dated December 12 –  During the couple of days… I have had many messages from Filipinos to speak out against the 2016 results. Although I am not the biggest fan of Catriona (I had my other favourites) that contest was also fixed. MWO decided to no longer continue to crown Mexico (intended winner) after she posed nude on a social media site, Instagram. Which was deleted 3 minutes after. Lupita Jones the former director for Miss World in Mexico had sent the organisation the snapshot. We still don’t know why Lupita would have done such a thing. While the org assumed that it was photoshopped, Miss Mexico 2016 made a public apology to the contestants and organisation for posing nude. Yes, she admitted it! However, Miss World is a conservative brand and rightfully so. Any contestant of the 2016 class would tell you this is true. But the 2016 pageant wasn’t rigged for Catriona. She was lucky to even make it that far. I will be posting more about this soon and telling you how Megan and Arnold are being used for a PR crisis due to the 2016 incident…
Reply to a comment on December 13
Comment – All the results are fixed and Megan was also a personal choice of JM.
Exposing Miss World Contest reply – She was. It was a business deal.
Post Dated December 30 – FILIPINOS, if you all had integrity you will boycott Mr World in your country. Because with Stephanie as advisor to MWO and Beauty With a Purpose ambassador (she took over from the late Irish Indian, Krish Naidoo) will make sure to sabotaged The Philippines. Poor Arnold is being used. When MWO received the backlash from 2016 from Indonesia’s director Lilliana judging. MWO decided to make Arnold a scapegoat. He will be sitting on the judging panel annually to make it seem national directors should judge and justify Stephanie’s win. Since he started judging, Stephen Morley has not invited Crookish Lilliana. Indonesia crown is near but MW doesn’t like the plain janes, Lilliana sends.
Poor Arnold is being used! He will sit on the judging panel thinking Miss World is fair. While Donna, Mike, Andrew and Julia all have the same exact results.

Post Dated December 30, 7:45am – Meet Donna Derby Walsh. The Dance choreographer of Miss World. She is the mother of homosexual Miss World host, Barney Walsh. Barney has been having gay sex with Frankie Cena but Barney has a girlfriend, oh sweet Stephanie Del Valle… Donna has been sitting on the Miss World judging panel every year to manipulate the already known result. Come 2019 Miss World, Donna will be sitting on all the preliminary judging panel and the finale judging panel to fixed the pageant to Stephen Morley wishes. How can an unqualified dance coach have knowledge on Top Model and sit on the judging panel every year? The right questions you guys don’t ask 👀 But I don’t blame you… Mike Dixon profile is coming up next.
Post Dated December 30, 7:50am –  So you have already met Donna Walsh aka Donna Derby. Meet now, one of Britain’s best musical director and a close friend of mine, Mike Dixon. I wouldn’t be too harsh on Mike as he is a nice guy. He is the most talented producer I have ever known. Her majesty recommend him. But Mike, stop this nonsense! Mike has been on the judging panel annually to rigged the competition that is already determined. Hence Miss World under STEPHEN Morley has been using the same judges. This never happened in Eric Morley days.

Post Dated December 30, 7:58 AM – Next profile is the snobbish cunt that is Andrew. Andrew is the official hair and make up stylist of Miss World. In order for Stephen Morley to manipulate the results, Good for nothing Andrew sits on the panel to manipulate the results. Ask yourself why does a hairstylist sit on the panel every year. Aren’t they more qualified judges? Laugh out loud. Franchises are dumb not to see all this mess. I’m happy that delegates are sharing my posts and former national directors. Thank you guys so much. 
Come 2019, Andrew, Donna, Mike and Julia will sit on the panel to manipulate the results. Julia, No longer sits on the preliminary judging panel e.g. top model. Mike, Donna and Andrew still do. They will never invite professional judges.
Post Dated December 10Mexico win was POLITICAL – Miss Mexico 2018, Vanessa Ponce De Leon victory was a political move. She knew she had won Miss World as she was told by the team. Everything was a plan and she was a part of it. Vanessa knew about the Multimedia challenge before anyone. Since July. Hence she started on Mobstar (an app used for the contest) prior every other contestants. She wasn’t the one operating her Mobstar account. There were several people back in her country posting for her. Nepal became a threat for Vanessa. They led the Multimedia competition. A competition Vanessa thought she had. France win in the Top Model fast track was also determined beforehand. They tried to saved her as there wasn’t any other preliminary contest she could have done well in. As I said, France is geared towards winning in the future. This is because of a potential host country of Miss World and before Miss World 1953 from France dies. It is her dream to see France wearing the converted royal blue crown. Stephen Douglas Morley on the day for the Head to Head challenge (round two) told the judges that T&T would get in through the judges choice hence for the three (3) Miss World judges to choose Vanessa. Vanessa upon an invitation with Steve, Eric, Mike and Donna choose the remaining 13 contestants. Possible threats for her such as Australia, Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago (Oxford University Lawyer) were left out. Those three (3) countries should never send delegates to Miss World again. Hence you have seen girls that cannot speak well got in. Also, countries that are good business wise. Delegates were intentionally kept out.
Sashes&Scripts believes that there is more to this story and that we haven’t heard the last of it. We are also waiting for any signs of counter from the Miss World organization as it paints their pageant negatively. The best we can do for now is wait and drink tea…
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Scandalous Revelations from “Exposing Miss World Contest” Pt.1

Scandals and controversies aren’t new to the Miss World pageant. It has survived a number of scandals, protests, dethronement and resignations, questionable winners splayed in print media, and various controversies in its 68 years of existence but the latest expose is something that will once again put its reputation again in question. Is the MW pageant a questionable pageant? You decide…

The Facebook page Exposing Miss World Contest reveals what some pageant fans couldn’t have guessed about the London-based pageant. The first post was explosive, the succeeding ones more vicious coming from someone who used to work under the Miss World organization… The page revealed blow after blow about the Miss World pageant regarding malicious practices and questionable personalities. Even to this day, it has continued to reveal accusations of pageant fixing and corruption.
Disclaimer: these are expose lifted from the page itself and were copied verbatim so as not to alter meaning of the material posted on the page. 
These are some of the shocking revelations…

Post Dated December 10, Son of Julia Morley – Okay, so let me start with the SON OF JULIA MORLEY, (Stephen Douglas Morley). You may wonder why he goes by Steve Douglas and not Stephen Morley. Well, in the 80’s he went to jail for fraud. Stealing money in a scam. He was involved in sex trafficking also in the 90’s. Eric Morley never liked him. In fact, he was the black sheep of the family. Eric Morley never liked fraud. He was an honest man but Eric too would have went down with the #MeeTOO movement. He had sexual relations with women to work for him. One of which is a writer of a very popular pageant book that I refused to name. But if you are a true pageant fan, you would know whom I am speaking about. It was only until Eric died, Steven Morley became involved in the pageant. Today, he is the event planner of Miss World since 2003. Eric Morley would be monitoring the ladies on the internet when they arrive and giving Gem (as we called her) updates on behaviour, beauty.
Post Dated December 10, Manipulations of Results – Working with the organisation, I have been exposed to the inside secrets. You guys wouldn’t know this but MWO is a pack. The winner is predetermined. Hence no matter who answers the question the best would only get a runner up spot if she is lucky. There are tabulators but what those tabulators and the audience don’t know is how the results are manipulated throughout. Here is how! Julia Morley and Steven Douglas goes into a private room with the team. Mike Dixon, Donna Walsh (she goes by the name Donna Derby) and Andrew Minarik. They decide the results from monitoring the contestants for a month and suitable business transactions countries. Then every year, they will sit on the judging panel (all smiling). The other judges on the panel don’t even know this takes place as they think the results will be fair. Ksenia Sukhinova and Zang Zilin knows much about this. This is the reason why Aishwarya Rai and Giselle Laronde didn’t judge in 2014. Only certain Miss World are always allowed to judge because they do know the process. Ask yourself, why are the same judges are on the judging panel every year?
Post Dated December 10, Venezuela and India (Countries with the Most Miss World) – These countries will not be crowned as Miss World until Julia Morley is no longer the president. 2018 was the last year for India winning under Julia Morley directorship. It doesn’t matter how strong a delegate is. MWO has recognised they need to give other countries a chance. And that some countries have never been crowned Miss World. They are giving new countries that are seen business wise a chance. Sorry India and Venezuela. Miss India 2018 was intentionally left out of the TOP 25 of Beauty with a Purpose for this reason. France is one of the options to win MW in the future.
Post Dated December 10, Millions for Charity FRAUDJulia has an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands under her eldest son’s name Julien Morley with millions from charity. An investigation needs to be done for this. Please, please investigate. Money for sick children are being used for fraud. God don’t sleep!

Posts Dated December 31 – Should I reveal Miss World paid bloggers or No?
There are three of them. They are from Brazil, Canada and Pakistan. I’m not sure if I should reveal their names but I do know that the girl is a hacker I wouldn’t want to mess with her. The guy lives in Washington DC now used to live in NYC. He is from Pakistan and the other lad is from Brazil. He owns a website
One of Miss World paid bloggers and advisor to Julia Morley …
Reply Dated December 16, 2018, Why Manushi won Miss World 2017? –  Manushi was favoured early. If you know any contestant of the 2017 class they would tell you that. Miss World wanted their fanbase stronger than ever after the 2016 fiasco. Henrique Fontes tells Miss World on territories to focus on. Why did you think Thailand won over Nepal?
These are just some of the shocking revelations posted in the page. The next part delves into some of the expose regarding winners and judging panel

Once Upon a Blind Item: Smear Campaign

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances is purely coincidental…

Once upon a time, there was beauty queen who once had her heart broken, named Aikaterina Stormchrome Naberrie. Aika as she is fondly called lived in the Kingdom of Anque, an electoral monarchy. She was particularly a smart lady who never dreamed to become royalty. But one day she was elected eligible for the throne and become ruler of her land. New to her role she mistakenly relied on the kingdom’s High Council who only dreamed to use her to gain control of the land. The High Council was beloved by the people but were secretly vicious leaders.
So when  Aika met to discuss her future in the kingdom with members of the High Council, they thought that it would be a walk in the park to control the new queen. But the meeting was not to their liking when she sought to rule the land not with the High Council but with her own grassroots advisors. This didn’t bode well with them as they ‘negotiated’ the terms of at least having the appearance of guidance by the High Council… so that people of the land would still bow to the HC.  She wouldn’t have any of that and insisted that she does things in her unique way. This didn’t go well with the HC as they plotted against Aika.
The HC plotted every step from spreading accusations that she never gave notice to the High Court of her ruling the land with independent counsel, to besmirching her physical appearance, using past works to disqualify her from the electoral monarchy, and even to call her insincere and rehearsed. All of those attacks were carefully laid out and planned as to who will attack, how and when. Such was the malicious intent of the HC. But Aika’s loyal advisors are always at her defense. Then came her coronation to which the HC were deemed powerless to the new queen.
It appears that the story is finished, but no there more. In Queen Aika’s campaign for the High Queen title of the 95 kingdoms, the former glorious High Council is at it again! Using their minions, their sewer-rat agents, they sought to move pieces of the gameboard by spreading lies once more against Queen Aika. So beware! For the evil clutches of the High Council is never-ending and they will sought to seat a different High Queen to the Throne of 95 Kingdoms.

The Biggest Scandals and Controversies of Miss World

The Miss World pageant has perhaps been the pageant that has had to endure the most number of scandals through its history.
10. Resignations galore – Helen Morgan of Wales and Gabriela Brum of Germany are two high profile resignations form the pageant. Helen was found out to be an unwed mother after her coronation which prompted the pageant to change their rules regarding unwed mothers joining the pageant. Gabriela Brum on the other hand was said to have resigned due to her posing on Playboy magazine prior to winning. MW is the only pageant among the Big 4 to have multiple resignations and dethronements.
9. Miss World Apartheid – one of the biggest stain in the MW brand was its involvement in the Apartheid issue in segregating a Miss Africa South and a Miss South Africa (one black and one white)in the 70’s. This practice continued until 1976.

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SCANDAL! Veruska Ljubisavljevic Sues Miss Venezuela Org!

The Miss Venezuela organization that Osmel Sousa left is in such a bind even after his departure. His last crowned Miss Venezuela Mundo 2017, Veruska Ljubisavljevic, is suing the MVO for damages due to her non-participation in MW this year. It was only informed earlier that due to the MW age cut off of 26 years old, she won’t be able to compete in the pageant in China this year.

Veru, on her official Instagram page, has this to say:
I have always known that as citizens (and as human beings) we all have rights and responsibilities. Fulfilling the responsibilities acquired is a serious obligation, and I have always faced them with all the aplomb and best possible disposition. But it is also an obligation to defend the rights of equality, non-discrimination and individual freedoms, when these are threatened or violated.
As is known throughout Venezuela, I was crowned Miss Venezuela World thanks to my own efforts and sacrifices, to the support and affection of my family and friends. I have been very disciplined with my obligations and the requirements of my presence and the use of my image and my name as the representative of Venezuela in the Miss World.

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Siempre he sabido que como ciudadanos (y como seres humanos) todos tenemos derechos y responsabilidades. Cumplir con las responsabilidades adquiridas es una seria obligacion, y siempre las he encarado con todo el aplomo y mejor disposición posible. Pero también es una obligación defender los derechos de igualdad, no discriminacion y libertades individuales, cuando estas son amenazadas o vulneradas. Como es conocido por toda Venezuela, fui coronada Miss Venezuela Mundo gracias a mis esfuerzos y sacrificios propios, al apoyo y cariño de mi familia y mis amigos.  He sido muy disciplinada con mis obligaciones y los requerimientos de mi presencia y el uso de mi imagen y mi nombre como la representante de Venezuela en el Miss Mundo. He llevado un mensaje de integración y respeto como bandera y entiendo que el respeto a los demás siempre empieza con la valoración y el respeto a uno mismo, por eso al haber sido electa representante de la mujer Venezolana en el próximo Miss World, no puedo permitir que me usen arbitrariamente como mujer sin exigir respeto y hacer valer mis derechos. En una reunion no formal las señoras Nina Sicilia y Maria Gabriela Isler me informarón que mi participación en el Miss World no sería efectiva. Entonces por qué en la noche del Miss Venezuela 2017 se permitió que se me otorgará la banda y corona de Miss World.? Por qué informarme de tal decisión tanto tiempo después.? Recordemos que la figura gerencial del Miss Venezuela cambió, pero siempre ha sido la misma organización y son ellos los responsables de esta injusticia, no alguna persona en particular. Apartir de este momento estoy en la obligación de hacer valer mis derechos como ciudadana , como mujer, y como Venezolana, exigiendo que me sea restituido mi total y absoluto derecho de representar a mi país VENEZUELA 🇻🇪 en la próxima Edición del #MissWorld . Un derecho adquirido de buena lid y valorado como la gran oportunidad de representar a mi país ante el mundo. A todas las personas que me han apoyado quiero hacerles llegar el más sincero de los abrazos por estar conmigo, darme aliento y fuerzas en momentos tan difíciles. Gracias Venezuela 💛💙❤ 🇻🇪

A post shared by Veruska Ljubisavljevic (@verulju) on

I have carried a message of integration and respect as a flag and understand that respect for others always begins with the valuation and respect for oneself, that’s why having been elected representative of the Venezuelan woman in the next Miss World, I can not afford that they use me arbitrarily as a woman without demanding respect and asserting my rights. In a non-formal meeting, ladies Nina Sicilia and Maria Gabriela Isler informed me that my participation in Miss World would not be effective. So why on the night of the Miss Venezuela 2017 did you allow me to be awarded the Miss World band and crown? Why inform me of such a decision so much later? Remember that the managerial figure of Miss Venezuela changed, but it has always been the same organization and it is they who are responsible for this injustice, not any one person in particular. From this moment I am obliged to assert my rights as a citizen, as a woman, and as a Venezuelan, demanding that I be restored my total and absolute right to represent my country VENEZUELA 🇻🇪 in the next edition of #MissWorld. An acquired right of good fight and valued as the great opportunity to represent my country before the world.
To all the people who have supported me I want to send you the most sincere hug to be with me, to give me encouragement and strength in such difficult times.
Gracias Venezuela.

What Really Happened During the Mister Global Finals?

After a huge gaffe that happened in the Mister Global finals originally scheduled last July 21st, the President of the organization has issued an apology last July 26th on the postponement of the competition finals and the confusion that ensued…

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Pia, Denise & Zuleyka: Yes to Transfemales in Miss Universe

More and more past winners are now speaking through their actions their support and/or approval on the participation of transfemales in  Miss Universe.
Latest to show her support is Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach who in a news report from ABSCBN said that, “you don’t have to be natural born woman to be Miss Universe.” Pia who is a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community is reported to be open to transgender females in the Miss Universe competition.

In a related report former Miss Universe from Puerto Rico and current Miss Universe Puerto Rico National Director Denise Quiñones confirmed that the local organization will follow the international rules of the MU pageant. In February 17 this year, the MUPR organization eliminated the “birth” clause requirement that included the naturally-born female aspect and instead replaced it with the clause “born in Puerto Rico” and resided in the country for 6 consecutive months. This would make Puerto Rico the latest country to open its pageant to transfemales. This makes 5 with Canada, USA, Israel, Spain and now Puerto Rico.

Former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera also expressed her support for Angela Ponce in the coming pageant. In the Spanish TV show Un Nuevo Dia on Telemundo, the former MU winner gave her support to Ponce and gave her advise for the MU competition. She said to relish every moment of the competition and drown out the noise coming from everywhere because ‘you can never get back the experience‘.

Seems like inclusion is the name of the game. The three former winners alongside Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo are just a few of the recent titleholders who are in favor of transfemales in the MU pageant.

Why is Angela Ponce a Threat to Miss Universe Pageant Fans Who are Gay?

During the weekend, we have had a historical and very controversial win with Angela Ponce winning Miss Universe Spain. What is controversial about that is having seen pageant friends and acquaintances be at the pro and con sides of her win. One side rejoices at the first transgender female to participate in Miss Universe. The other side, wanting to not allow her to be able to participate in the international competition. We then ask, why is  there such a polarity on this matter, specially from pageant fans who mainly comprises of the gay community?

Here are some of my personal thoughts and my final arguments on how pageant fans should ponder on their opposing stand on Angela Ponce.  Continue reading “Why is Angela Ponce a Threat to Miss Universe Pageant Fans Who are Gay?”