POLL: Will the Philippine Hosting of Miss Universe 2018 Push Through?

After the resignation of the Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo from her position, pageant fans are wondering will the Miss Universe hosting in the Philippines push through?

After a controversial Php 60 million ad scandal rocked her leadership, Sec. Teo has officially handed her resignation as head of the DOT. Agriculture Undersecretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat is said to have been appointed as the new DOT secretary although no official announcement has been made yet. Question is will she continue the negotiations for the Philippines to host the annual beauty pageant?
While we have little news yet on what will happen to the negotiations, let us know your opinions if will the Philippine hosting will push through on the poll below. Drop us a comment too!



Migbelis Castellanos Speaks on the Miss Venezuela Scandal

The Miss Venezuela pageant has closed doors last March 21st for an internal investigations after accusations surfaced that some former pageant candidates would perform sexual favors to get wealthy sponsors to pay for surgeries and designer clothing. The scandal has been brewing on social media for weeks now with some past candidates flinging allegations of involvement. The controversy also involved Venezuelan government officials who allegedly misused government funds.

Former Miss Venezuela winner Migbelis Castellanos has spoken up and spilled some  beans on the issue.
Castellanos, who was Miss Venezuela in 2013, said she never had any indecent proposals but admitted that she got invitations to meet with wealthy businessmen who could pay for expensive things she needed for the pageant. Although she turned them down, she adds that she witnessed other contestants received special treatment. “In my year there, you would see a girl get there in public transportation or in a taxi, and three months later that girl had her own car, an apartment, and they came from dubious origins,” she revealed.

Her revelations has seriously put the embattled Miss Venezuela organization at a stance that they would really have to do ‘in-house cleaning’. The MVO is considered the most successful pageant at producing international winners with a record of 20 alpha pageant crowns including a Miss Universe back to back win in 2008-09.

A Lenten Introspection on the Internal Investigation of Miss Venezuela

The Cisneros / Miss Venezuela Organization has released its official statement on its MV Website in regards to the shutting down of operations for an internal investigations on allegations of trafficking and prostitution of former queens and candidates.
The first MVO memo was published March 15 was addressed to take on the allegations head on by denying knowledge and/or involvement…
In relation to the recent statements made through social networks by anonymous blogs and some people who were related to the Miss Venezuela pageant ; Cisneros Media and Venevision , companies responsible for the management of the Miss Venezuela Organization , wish to clarify that:
• They are not aware of the facts described, nor are they involved in any of the activities that their employees, candidates, advisors, representatives or associates perform outside of the own actions of the contest.
• Strongly reject any attempt to involve them in acts other than the nature of their activity and is unaware of any type of relationship or act that could violate the spirit, ethics and values ​​of the event.
• They are focused on the restructuring of the Miss Venezuela Organization and the creation of a Steering Committee committed to professionally training talent with internal and external beauty, capable of competing successfully in any national and international scenario; as well as continuing to provide quality entertainment for all Venezuelans.
Cisneros Media and Venevision will ensure that the Miss Venezuela Organization and the team of professionals that conform it, continue to fulfill their ethical and professional commitment, contributing and improving the excellence of the organization and the most important beauty pageant in the country.

Below is a Google translated version of the latest memo published last March 30…
I kindly address you with the purpose of alerting you as informed citizens about the recent campaign of false and tendentious accusations and accusations that have circulated through social networks, involving Mr. Jonathan Blum , president of Cisneros Media , as a participant of a bribery and immorality corruption network, parallel to the Miss Venezuela Organization .

All these false accusations have appeared on the social network Instagram and Twitter, belonging to profiles of third parties interposed, anonymous and interested in publicly disseminating negative information against the good name, dignity and reputation of Mr. Jonathan Blum .
Therefore, in my capacity as Chief Operating Officer of Cisneros , with great respect and consideration, I warn you and I urge you not to echo that campaign generated by a person or persons who have not yet publicly clarified what their true wishes are. Interests, little concern to sully and smear before public opinion the honor, reputation and prestige of Mr. Jonathan Blum , the contest Miss Venezuela and who have been and will continue to be their candidates and queens of beauty.
It is worth noting that we, the directors of Cisneros , categorically reject any type of campaign that, based on a biased and ill-sanctioned interpretation of freedom of expression and the right to information, seeks to harm and undermine the good name, prestige and reputation of institutions and people who enjoy the appreciation, affection and admiration of the public. That is why all of us are against a harmful and damaging campaign against Mr. Jonathan Blum , a person of our highest esteem, who has devoted a large part of his professional career to the Miss Venezuela Organization , he has contributed remarkably to the success of the contest and has been leading with great success our division Cisneros Media.
In that sense, it is also worth mentioning that, with our greatest and absolute support, Mr. Jonathan Blum, in his role as President of Cisneros Media , is leading an internal review process within the Miss Venezuela Organization to determine whether some of the of their associates, during the course of their efforts within the contest, incurred in some type of activity that could have broken the values, principles and ethics of the contest.
While this revision work is being carried out, Mr. Jonathan Blum, together with other executives and executives of the Organization, will be very focused and focused on the complete reorganization of the Miss Venezuela, in the conformation of a new Beauty Committee that will be integrated by professionals absolutely committed to continue, and even to improve the lineage of the contest, so that this continues to be a quality entertainment for all Venezuelans and, finally, in the implementation of a representative figure of the misses -similar to that of the Ombudsman -, responsible for channeling any concerns on issues that could violate their values, principles and rights or that violate the code of ethics of the contest.
We also want to inform you that, through our legal department, if it becomes necessary, you will not hesitate to initiate the legal actions that correspond to us legitimately, in order to safeguard and protect the good name, honor and reputation of the pageant Miss Venezuela , its executives and even the misses. Continue reading “A Lenten Introspection on the Internal Investigation of Miss Venezuela”

Osmel Sousa Speaks Out!

Osmel Sousa breaks his silence! Here is his statement on his official Instagram account, @zardelabelleza…

First part. In times of confusion and irresponsibility, let me be frank, direct and responsible. For more than 40 years directing the reins of Miss Venezuela, I only have today as heritage the results of a long and laborious but finally rewarding work. My riches are in memories, my millions are in applause and my greatest satisfaction is the success and projection that the event (pageant) gave to countless Venezuelan women (unique, special, talented) whom I carry forever in my heart and who are the only jewels that I keep in my treasures. During all that time, I always acted for their benefit. I was a friend, advisor, travel companion, supporter, teacher and confessor of all of them and together we went through a thousand battles, celebrated triumphs and wept defeats together. Always giving all our effort to praise the name of Venezuela in the world. No one imagines the pain that I feel seeing the name of Venezuela sullied these past few days and see how they intend to destroy achievements and reputations that took years of tireless effort to build. For more than 40 years I was president of Miss Venezuela, I am not now simply because of important differences with company executives that in recent years have been dedicated to undermining my authority and moving professionally to the point of contradicting my decisions and unauthorized openly in my work and before my work team. So, it just did not make sense to continue exercising my work. It seems unbelievable that I have to deny something that in itself is absolutely and inherently false, but for purposes of clarity and responsibility I say: At no time have I acted to the detriment of any of the thousands of candidates that passed under my command in the Miss Venezuela. My job and my vocation was always to protect the candidates above all else until reaching the point of overprotection. That can give faith to thousands of candidates who went through La Quinta.

The treatment and interaction with all the candidates of course was not the same as everyone has their own personality and attitudes differ. But respect for them as a person and the demands placed on them as professionals and representatives of the values ​​and beauty of the Venezuelan woman were always the common denominator. I recognize that some of them may have perceived some flaw in my treatment of their person and I also recognize that there is a fault on my part. If that were the case, I am now as I have always been in the greatest disposition to converse, to listen to them and to assume my responsibility in any slip or failure that I may have inadvertently committed. My career and my achievements give absolute faith of my professional and faultless conduct for more than 40 years. Achievements that would be impossible if I had acted in bad faith or using other people especially people under my responsibility and protection as a bargaining chip to profit financially. At this point, my austere and simple life and my few material possessions answer by themselves to any suggestion of undue riches. The place that I occupy in the heart of the Venezuelans and the love and respect that they profess to me in every encounter in any corner of Venezuela and the world I do not change it for all the money, much less I would exchange it for a handful of coins.  – Osmel Sousa. 

Prostitution Scandal Rocks the Miss Venezuela Organization!

Prostitution allegations has rocked the Miss Venezuela Organization!

Allegations on the Miss Venezuela organization and Osmel Sousa for pimping out girls to businessmen and government officials

Allegations surfaced that the Miss Venezuela pageant operated as a prostitution and trafficking network for women and at the center of it all is the man that brought countless crowns for the country, Osmel Sousa. According to reports from several Venezuelan media, Sousa would have subjected his candidates and queens to degrading acts, selling them to sponsors who paid for them high sums of money, to be able to pay for their participation in the contest. In the process, MVO would obtain resources that would allow them to support the famous mansion of beauty.

Venezuelan journalist, Patricia Poleo unleashed a controversy after accusing Osmel, of ‘prostituting’ candidates to government officials in exchange for ‘sponsorship’ money, operations, gifts and property. She called Sousa for using his connections and position at the MVO to procure meetings to businessmen and officials who would act as pageant ‘sponsors’. In return these sponsors and officials would support these candidates for pricey surgeries, apartments, gifts and other amenities to support the candidates in the local and/or international pageants. A hefty cut is said to be given to Osmel and the organization to be able to live comfortably in Venezuela and in the US. “Osmel is looking for the American nationality and, therefore, must live in the US“, says Julio Rodríguez Matute, beauty contest historian.
The Miss Venezuela pageant has denied such claims through the official Instagram account of the organization. Cisneros Media and Venevisión refuted the allegations that has named employees, advisers, sponsors and partners, as well as candidates as accomplices of such ‘unlawful acts’. It further stated that, “The companies responsible for managing the Miss Venezuela Organization wish to clarify that they strongly reject any attempt to involve them in acts other than the nature of their activity and are unaware of any type of relationship or act that could violate the spirit, ethics and values ​​of the event.” They also clarified that they are currently working on the restructuring of the team, after the departure of Osmel. Continue reading “Prostitution Scandal Rocks the Miss Venezuela Organization!”

CONTROVERSY! Was Miss Universe 2002 Rigged?

The Donald Trump- Russia link just couldn’t stop from getting bigger in the news. With allegations of collusion shadowing his Presidency, another blow is coming to the former owner of the Miss Universe pageant. It now has brought attention to allegations of rigging in the Miss Universe 2002 pageant where Oxana Fedorova of Russia was named as the original winner.

So as to avoid any misinformation, Sashes&Scripts is posting the full article by Nathan Francis of inquisitr.com below…
Donald Trump may have a new tie to Vladimir Putin: a conspiracy theory that claims Trump rigged the 2002 Miss Universe pageant so Putin’s mistress would win the title.
Trump’s campaign is currently under investigation for allegations of collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential race, with the Russia probe from special counsel Robert Mueller turning in the first indictments, including Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort.
There is still no evidence connecting Trump to Russia, but a new theory spun by a popular independent journalist claims that their relationship is nearly 15-years-old. Seth Abramson, who has shared information from sources close to the Russia investigation and pointed out connections between Trump associates and Russia, claims that sources say Trump rigged the 2002 Miss Universe competition to help Putin’s rumored girlfriend.
According to an individual with firsthand knowledge of the judging of the 2002 Miss Universe pageant, Trump tried to rig the outcome of the international contest to award the prestigious ‘Miss Universe’ title to Vladimir Putin’s then-mistress, Oxana Fedorova,” he wrote on Twitter.
Abramson went on to claim that once the competition reached the final 10, Trump instructed the judges on how he would like to see it end.
There’s definitely, clearly one woman out there who’s head and shoulders above the rest. She’s the one I’d vote for,” Trump reportedly said. Sources said Trump’s statement came across as an instruction to the judges.

In the end, Oxana Fedorova won the competition, but would have quite a short reign as Miss Universe. Within four months, Trump had worn thin of Fedorova blowing off her obligations and fired the pageant winner, which the New York Post noted was the first time a winner was ever cut loose by the pageant’s governing body.
Pageant officials said Fedorova gave a series of excuses for missing her appearances, none of which the pageant officials could verify. 
We never got a straight answer from her on anything,” said Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart. “She would call and tell me her mother was hospitalized with an unspecified illness. The first time, we were very concerned and asked if we could send flowers to the hospital. She said they don’t do that in Russia.
With Fedorova stripped of her title, runner-up Justine Pasek of Panama took over as Miss Universe.
At the time, media had been romantically linking Oxana Fedorova to Vladimir Putin, including reports that the Russian president hand-picked Fedorova to represent Russia in the beauty pageant. Oxana denied having a relationship with Putin.

Controversial Dethronements Du Jour

The international pageant season has just started but the controversial dethronements of four national titleholders grabbed headlines these past two weeks. Meet three ladies whose brash actions in the past haunts them and one Brazilian bombshell who couldn’t agree with her pageant org…

Itır Esen – Miss World Turkey 2017
, just merely hours upon her crowning was dethroned for a Tweet compared her menstrual cycle to the spilt blood of 15 “martyrs” who died in the July 15 military uprising. Officials of the pageant responded in a a statement that “we regret to say that this tweet has been tweeted by Itir Esen. It is not possible for the Miss Turkey Organisation to promote such a post, when it aims to introduce Turkey to the world and contribute to its image.

Shwe Eain Si – Miss Grand Myanmar 2017, was dethroned after she released a video where she has blamed the ongoing crisis in Rakhine State on the insurgency led by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

Bruna Vizintin – Miss Earth Brazil 2017, was dethroned apparently  because of disagreements on contractual matters and now she will not be representing her country in Miss Earth. Bruna fired back telling that the contract that was given to her for signature did not protect her rights, and mutual agreement wasn’t met by both parties which resulted in an impasse. No official replacement has been named so far…
Jannatul Nayeem – Miss World Bangladesh 2017, was stripped of crown after her hidden marriage controversy emerged. Reports claiming that she got married in 2013 came out after her crowning with the marriage lasting only for about two and a half months. She was is succeeded by runner up Jessia Islam. 

Miss Universe 2017 in Las Vegas is Still “Full Steam Ahead”

According to our insiders, the Miss Universe 2017 pageant will still proceed despite the recent violence in Las Vegas! 

The recent Las Vegas shootings will be given a “minute of silence” to commemorate the victims during the live telecast of the pageant on November 26th( Vegas time). Our sources tells us that despite the recent violence, the pageant will push through as planned. There will be, however, tighter security measures that will be implemented not only for the safety of the candidates but of the audiences watching on the prelims and finals at the Axis Theatre in Planet Hollywood.

It is also mentioned that the Miss Universe org will be having security talks with several Las Vegas authorities to secure the safety of the candidates who are set to arrive between the 9th to 11th of November.
EDIT (8:45pm)
Further rumor from our moles indicated that all preparations for the pageant to happen in Vegas is almost all finished. The Axis Theatre has been booked for the possible preliminaries on November 21st or 22nd leading up to rehearsals and the finals night. The TV airing on November 26th has also been booked so it would be costly to have the pageant moved from its current venue and date.
We are just waiting for further details and gossips on the outcome of the security talks of the MUOrg with Las Vegas authorities that is supposed to be scheduled in the next several days…
EDIT (Oct, 7, 9:30am)
ABS-CBN News have confirmed that the Miss Universe pageant will push through in Las Vegas.


A Controversial Girl is Named Miss Venezuela World 2017!

A Miss Venezuela Mundo 2017 has been appointed and she is Ana Carolina Ugarte!

The 5’10” 25 year old Ana Carolina was named as the Venezuelan rep to Miss World to be held in China this year. It is said that she is already preparing both in catwalk classes and gym training, to secure the crown that has not been won since 2011 when Ivian Sarcos won Miss World. But the shocking part is that it is rumored that she is paying for the Miss World franchise fee instead of the Miss Venezuela Organization. The Miss World franchise fee in Venezuela is estimated to be valued at USD$20,000.
This issue has been a ghost that has haunted her as it was also rumored that the lady also “paid” her way into the Miss Venezuela 2013 pageant. There were heavy speculations that a hefty amount was given to the organization for her to win the pageant, which she went later on unplaced.


Conspiracy Theory: Miss Universe & Miss World Eager to Crown a Filipina?

This is what happens when I have too much coffee coupled by too much pageant news on my social media. But are we seeing both Miss Universe and Miss World racing against each other to crown a Filipina queen?

Let’s first review several key points here: One, the Miss Universe wants the Philippines to host the next MU pageant again after an outstanding pre-pageant activities & schedules during it’s 65th edition. Two, the Miss World is racing against Miss Universe to hold the pageant in the country (2019 they say) after seeing the success of the Philippine hosting of MU. Three, both pageants need the fan support of Filipino pageant fans to get any support for their pageant to be held in the country. Four, there is money involved, big money to be gained by these pageants if the Philippines will host.

If both pageants really would like for the Philippines to host, they might be willing to have our Filipina reps place highly in the pageant. I am not saying that neither Rachel Peters nor Laura Lehmann aren’t winnable, in fact they are. Or that there will be rigging in their favor. What I am saying is that the business and insider politics could easily boost their chances of winning. This is quite true with Laura’s case (since she is the first among the two to compete). With the Philippine government getting to be cozy with the Chinese, this may break the curse that no Filipina will ever win a crown in Chinese territory. A political advantage  for Laura. MW could give her the crown as a sort of payment from the unbelievable and shocking loss of Catriona Gray in 2016. This just might be the ticket for the MW to be accepted back by Pinoy pageant fans who have unfollowed the pageant on social media. And from my viewpoint, MW has to do a lot of damage control as evidenced by the dwindling audience of the last several editions of the Miss World Philippines pageant and the lack of online buzz for the Miss World winner. MW seems to owe the Philippines big time to even get back half of the lost fan support. That puts any Filipina rep to MW at an advantage (this holds true regardless of Winwyn or Laura is sent to compete in Sanya this year). 
Of course Miss Universe wouldn’t just sit there and let their huge slice of the Filipino market be taken by their rival. They would have to go head to head. Haven’t you noticed how the MU beefed up Gabriela Isler’s schedule to go head to head when Megan Young won MW? That is what I see happening this year. If it happens that MW would crown Laura on November 18, then imagine the scenario if Rachel bags the crown on the 26th of the same month. Since MU is a bigger deal in the Philippines, it could easily swallow down the publicity of the newly crowned Filipina MW. Add to that is how Rachel easily fits into the mold of past Miss Universe winners. That is a recipe for victory. This is why Rachel is such a threat (both to local and foreign detractors). It is no surprise that even as now we are hearing detractors from the Philippines saying ‘stuff’ against. Not to mention the concerted efforts of foreign bashers as well. She is a huge threat to the crown, everybody knows that…and that is why people are afraid of her winning. Everybody is afraid of what Rachel can do in MU. When she wins, then everything else will be eclipsed by her Miss Universe victory.
This is an opportunity for our reps to make the most out of it. Go in prepared with the correct mindset, leave no stone un-turned so that there is no reason to doubt their victories later. The most lucky scenario is we see two Filipinas with international victories in their arms and a couple of crowns on their pretty little heads.  

Now before everybody screams bloody hell at this scenario, just remember that India did this before with Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai and repeated it again later with Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra. So why wouldn’t it be different here and now? Politics and economics do play a part in any pageant. Remember that the Topmodel sponsors of MW last year were Kenya, Indonesia and Puerto Rico..and weren’t they the same girls who made top 5 last year? Also look at how the then reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach lobbied for the MU pageant to be held in Manila… it’s much easier to have your pageant hosted in the country of your reigning winner. Or the fact that Grenada had its Prime Minister as judge when it won MW in the 1970’s. Or that several countries that Russia does not recognize as independent states were barred from participating in MU2013 in Moscow. Remember the year 2012? Does the term “host it to win it” ring a bell? That was the year that pageant fans named it the year of hometown victories. This is not altogether new in the pageant world. It happens… Pageants are just as about the bottom-line as they are about beauty and women.
This is all of course just speculations and theories in my head. A product of an over-active imagination or even perhaps due to several shots of Bailey’s and Vodka (#LOLS). This scenario may or may not happen, but its fun to come up with these kinds of interesting conspiracies-slash-theories… I am largely entertained with these scenarios playing out over a huge bowl of sour cream and onion flavoured popcorn.