Sashes&Scripts Miss Universe 2nd Leaderboard

* Europe
1. Spain – Angela Ponce
2. Great Britain – Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers
3. Malta – Francesca Mifsud
* North America & the Caribbean
1. Canada – Marta Magdalena Stepien
2. USA – Sarah Rose Summers
3. Dominican Republic – Aldy Bernard
* Central & South America
1. Brazil – Mayra Dias
2. Panama – Rosa Iveth Montezuma
3. Colombia – Valeria Morales Delgado
* Africa & the Midde East
1. South Africa – Tamaryn Green
2. Nigeria – Aramide Lopez
3. Lebanon – Maya Reaidy
* Asia & Oceania
1. Philippines – Catriona Gray
2. Japan – Yuumi Kato
3. India – Nehal Chudasama
* Wildcards
1. Curacao – Akisha Albert
2. Puerto Rico – Kiara Liz Ortega
3. Venezuela – Sthefany Gutiérrez

Sashes&Scripts will be on a Social Media Break

I have to admit that discussing hard topics and relevant issues in pageantry can take a mental toll at times. Add to that is the constant social media updates that I need to be on.
So I am taking a break from Social Media for a week  or two to detox… The November 1 & 2 holiday break is also approaching and we all should take time for our loved ones.

But do not worry as Sashes&Scripts will be taking this time as well to prep for month-long Miss Universe write-up schedule for the MU season ahead.  I guarantee that you’ll get very insightful articles and glossy trivia, that I am really excited to share.
The Social Media Break starts today, although Sashes&Scripts will try to be occasionally active on Instagram or on IG stories (we still gotta campaign for everyone to vote for their faves on online pageant polls). The break will only be on social media. The blog will still be functional as we have some great posts coming up for you this week!

Why the Philippines Will Never Win in This Pageant

The Philippines will never win Miss Grand International… Probably not in the next 4-6 years and here’s why…

In the six years of the Thai-based pageant, we have come to the observance of three crucial observations about this pageant. And while it is admirable that the Binibining Pilipinas is sending topnotch girls to the pageant, pageant fans should realize that expecting to win might be more of an exercise in futility.


In my theory, the pageant is trying to win over the Latin-American market which is a captured market of the Miss Universe pageant. That is why only 1 of its 6 winners (not factoring in the ascension of a runner up to the title) have been non-Latina. I was not surprised to see that another Latina was crowned this year as that cemented my theory that the pageant wants its base to be the Latin-American market, who are crazy for pageantry. Seems like it is a rule for the pageant to have at least 1 or 2 Latinas in the top 5 every year. The pageant has to keep the Latin-American crowd interested long enough to get their following as that market is forever loyal to the Miss Universe pageant (just ask one of its previous winners who was in the MU 2017 pageant despite having no associations/ connections to the MU pageant).

That is a tactical move since the pageant already has the following of two of the biggest pageant-crazed countries in Asia: Thailand and Indonesia. Which brings us to my second observation.


As long as Filipino pageant fans have this intense rivalry between the Philippine-based Miss Earth versus the Thai-owned pageant and the pageant-crazed Indonesia who won 2 years ago, there will always be social media buzz. The pageant owner thrives on getting the attention, negative or otherwise, for his pageant and that has fueled the pageant’s popularity. That pageant doesn’t need the Pinoy fan support as long as they have Thailand, Indonesia and India giving all out support to the pageant. As long as the Philippines is sending girls to the pageant, that pageant will still get a fair share of buzz over the Pinay candidate. Keeping the crown at bay, always within reach, but never actually getting it, is a cunning move to keep Pinoy pageant fans coming back for more.


The third observation is that the pageant is concerned with appearances. Never mind if the pageant winner is barely active with its proposed advocacy as long as she is publicized regularly with glossy photos all over social media. It is also all about the image, hence key to it is a great stage and good show. If none has yet noticed, buzz and publicity is key for that newbie pageant.

My theory is that it would take years before a Filipina can win this pageant considering the fact that it has to keep its target market continuously happy.  I believe that India or Thailand would even get to win the title first before a Filipina wins it. And it will all be just to generate publicity and support from pageant fans from those countries. India should have already won over Paraguay but, looking at it Paraguay won because she could generate publicity and controversy.

If  within a year or two a Filipina wins the title, it would be to earn publicity for the pageant for most part. By then will Filipino pageant fans even care?

Mister World Philippines 2018 Winners

Are you happy with the results of Mister World Philippines?

Well this blogger is surely satisfied with the results.
After a couple of postponements of the male pageant finals, it finally came to a conclusion at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre. Four of out of 5 of Sashes&Scripts’ faves made top 6 and was able to place the correct titles for the top 4 winners during discussions on the live finals with Tita Lavinia of Titas of Pageantry. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a major boo boo during the Q&A of the pageant. Each of the top 8 gents were able to stand their ground and gave satisfactory to excellent answers.
The Runners up: Wilfred Placencia Jr. & Ameen Sardouk
– I would have to say that these two guys gave good fight during the finals. I was quite surprised how magnetic Wilfred looked that night. He was one of the guys that looked very polished and I believe he could have deserved one of the 4 titles. Ameen on the other hand banked on his height and his smarts and gave one of the best answers that night. He does not have the magnetic appeal that Wilfred has in person and that might have been his weak area.

Mister Multinational Philippines, Denver Hernandez – his boyish good looks were his strength and he was able to give out a decent answer despite not knowing the term “machismo” “macho culture”. I think he needs to be styled to make his legs look longer as he looks to be the shortest (visually) among the winners due to having a long torso. Jackets/ blazers must be cut an inch or 2 shorter to keep the appearance of a longer leg.
Mister Eco-International Philippines, Robin Hanrath
– the night’s Mister Photogenic and arguably the one with the best Q&A that evening. Robin has a very gorgeous face and possibly the most commercial of all 4 titleholders. Like Denver, he too has a long torso and needs to visually balance that through styling. Keep the styling focus on the neck area near the face.

Mister Supranational Philippines, Marco Poli – truth be told I was rooting for Marco to get the Supra title simply because it seems to be tailor-made for him with his impressive 6’3″-6’4″ height. Marco has a short torso so he really needs to select swimwear that makes his torso look longer. Work on the legs as well to make it look more muscular and shave those leg hairs. IMHO, Marco exudes appeal with a bit of facial hair and sleek hair like he did in the finals. He got to start prepping for the international competition as the Mister Supranational will be on December 8.
Mister World Philippines, JB Saliba – the evening belonged to him garnering a lion’s share of the special awards. What is admirable with JB is that he looks very masculine and ‘expensive’ in person. He may not have the stature of Ameen and Marco, he compensates that with tons of charm. Hopefully after Andrew Wolff in 2012, we might find the Philippines back in the semis of Mister World this year.
The finals could have made more noise had it been moved to an earlier date. Even with the finals night going on, a number of us were distracted by the Miss Grand International preliminary updates (I have to admit that I was one of those that became concerned upon hearing that Eva Patalinjug slipped during the evening gown and was frantically searching for ways to be updated on MGI while in Mr World Ph). I was in good company though with Tita Lavinia and Adam Genato who got tickets for us courtesy of JB Saliba. I could say we were in the winning area that night seated among his supporters. And it was a very noisy area with a huge turnout of supporters
Overall, the set of winners are satisfactory. And hopefully we get to see 4 international winners after they all compete.
More Mister World Philippines finals night photos below:

Should Philippine Reps be Able to Speak Filipino?

Journalist Kara David asked the 2018 Miss World Philippines winners one loaded question during their guesting in GMA7’s “For the Record”: How can you represent the Philippines properly if you don’t speak the language?
That is today’s blog topic. Should being able to speak Filipino or Tagalog be a requisite for all Philippine representatives?

This topic on language, and to a certain extent culture, is a heated topic of discussion among Filipino pageant fans. I remember clearly criticisms on Mister World Philippines winners John Spainhour and Sam Ajdani on how can they represent the country when they don’t even speak the language. And that was way back in 2014. That is the same question that we are pondering now as a number of our reps in international pageants this year are ‘halfies‘.
While Filipino reps who grew up in the Philippines are questioned whether they are ‘intelligent’ enough to speak English fluently, today’s question is hurled to Philippine reps who are halfies. *Note that language intelligence is just one aspect of the entire intelligence spectrum (as there are different kinds such as intra-personal, interpersonal, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, etc…).

In recent years, there is a rise in the number of Filipino halfies winning national pageants that other countries are questioning why do we always send ‘foreignays/ foreignoys’ (a play on the words foreigner and Pinoy/ Pinay) in pageants abroad. Most notable are our recent reps in MW. From 2011 to present, almost all of our reps have been halfies with non-Filipino/ Spanish sounding surnames(Ruais, Rehman, Young, Weigmann, Gray, Lehman, Wolff, Spainhour, Ajdani…) vis-a-vis Hillarie Parungao and Katarina Rodriguez. Our reps in Miss Universe on the other hand seemed to be more diverse in terms of both looks and heritage (Raj, Supsup, Lastimosa, Tugonon, Arida, Wurtzbach, Medina, Peters & Gray).
The question of knowing how to speak the language is deeply rooted on Filipino pride of his/her heritage, not just of its people and its language. Filipinos by heart are a proud race who take pride in their cultural identity but could stand shoulder to shoulder to the rest of the world. It explains why most of us would question halfies if they know our culture and language… because if we are to be represented by one who don’t look like the majority of our population, they damn-well be able to know about the country on a level that is more than just skin-deep.

Language is a manifestation of our identity and culture and that is why I understand why most non-pageant fans ask the question: can our reps speak Filipino. While we would argue that it’s the ‘Filipino at heart‘ that matters in the end of the day, we do have more affinity (generally speaking) to those who knows our culture, our food, and more so our language.
If there is something I would like to add to this debate is that reps who have grown outside of the country should take a page from Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray’ playbook. I admire Catriona for extending out to a Philippine historian for lessons to know more about the Philippines deeply. Not only that, she also took Tagalog lessons prior to joining Binibining Pilipinas in preparation for criticisms on her ability to speak the language. Now, even with an accent, Catriona is able to communicate in Tagalog in an effort to go to the level of the fans who aren’t comfortable speaking English. That is what you call Major Major effort!

As far as I could remember Valerie Weigmann and Andrew Wolff were also conversant in Filipino to which endears them to Filipino pageant fans. Something that is deeply admirable. Knowing the Filipino language isn’t a requirement in pageants but it is a must to win over Pinoy pageant fans. After all, it will be the fans who will be showing you support in your campaign for a title.
To all Filipino pageant reps, whether born and raised in the Philippines or foreignoys raised abroad, get to know the country that you are representing at a deeper level of understanding: its people, the culture and traditions, it’s own brand of pop culture, and language even more importantly. Once you get that appreciation and the ‘feel’ of the people, only then you can say that you can adequately represent them in an international competition.

Sashes&Scripts Miss Universe 1st Leaderboard

The Miss Universe pageant is fast approaching and here we are starting the hype!
But before we get into the list, we’ve thought of adding something new to the Leaderboard. We are borrowing some elements from last year’s continental groupings. But here’s the twist, instead of 3 groups, we’re having 6 groups! And we will spread out the selection more evenly with several wildcard picks! On to the list below…
* Europe
1. Great Britain – Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers
2. Spain – Angela Ponce
3. Greece – Ioanna Bella
* North America & the Caribbean
1. USA – Sarah Rose Summers
2. Puerto Rico – Kiara Liz Ortega
3. Mexico – Andrea Toscano
* Central & South America
1. Colombia – Valeria Morales Delgado
2. Brazil – Mayra Dias
3. Ecuador – Virginia Limongi
* Africa & the Middle East
1. South Africa – Tamaryn Green
2. Lebanon – Maya Reaidy
3. Nigeria – Aramide Lopez
* Asia & Oceania
1. Philippines – Catriona Gray
2. Sri Lanka – Ornella Gusenekere
3. Australia – Francesca Hung
* Wildcards
1. Canada – Marta Magdalena Stepien
2. Thailand – Sophida Kanchanarin
3. Curacao – Akisha Albert

Eva Patalinjug Keeps the Fight Going!

If there was something we can admire about Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Eva Patalinjug, that would be her fighting spirit. This is a lady that is not gonna go down without a fight!
From the beginning of the Miss Grand International pageant in Myanmar, she has been throwing knock out punches each time we see updates of her on social media.

First we saw how glowing she is during the special dinner with the pageant org’s head honchos during the arrivals of the candidates. A glow that she has kep to this day. Then came her scene-stealing walk and photos in a beaded gold-silver-nude number in the welcome party for the candidates. Then we saw her working the twirl in her Phillip Tampus national costume and being strategically placed in the front of the group during the costume presentation. Despite a simpler costume than the one she wore in BBP, she never the less presented it with grace. She looked glorious in her photos in the Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace decked in all white.
I also admire from her is the fact that she is not shy to go toe-to-toe against the Latinas and other favorites. It takes guts to do that in a competition. Not only that she shows her personality as well as she interacts with other girls in the pageant showing an innate confidence that could win her the Miss Grand International title for the Philippines!

As the competition progresses, there will surely be girls who will start to get noticed but I am confident that Eva would keep up with them. I hope she doesn’t get afraid to go head to head with the other girls. I don’t see her being afraid or being intimidated by other girls, and that is crucial in a competition. I see in her eyes the fire that says, “if you do good, I can do better”. If others will do their best, she’ll be going for her greatest. She has an entire country of social media savvy people backing her up and she know how to use that in her advantage. That’s why you see her truly making full use of her Instagram and Facebook feeds. She’s showing that she is no slacker in the pageant and she’s going for the gold crown like never before.

We are in high hopes that the MGI powers at be would see the big advantage of crowning Eva as the next Miss Grand International. Not only will the MGI get a boost on social media but they will have a queen that will be backed on social media by an army of a huge marketing machine that is the Filipino pageant fans.

Rome Phanuphong as the Asian Christian Gray

NSFW Warning! For mature audiences only! Before you proceed further, please note that some photos in this post are very provocative (to put it mildly) and may not be best to be seen in your work office computer…
Mister Supranational Thailand 2016 Rome Phanuphong Wanthamat posed for Harder Magazine Issue 07 in a steamy S&M/ Bondage themed shoot. The Thai hunk never shied away from steamy and racy shoots as is shown in various stages of dress (or total lack of)… Last warning before the jump! Continue reading “Rome Phanuphong as the Asian Christian Gray”

Age and the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth Winners

Age is such an abstract number but it has a been a fascinating topic especially in pageantry. Today’s post is all about the winners of Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth with respect to their ages. We will be talking about the average ages of the winners, what is the mode age and the age range of the winners of each of the 4 biggest international pageants.

But before we do that, let’s review some mathematical terms first. *The “average” is when you add up all the numbers and then divide it by how many the numbers are… The “mode” is the value that occurs most often on the sequence. Also we should note that the ages of the dethroned winners as well as their replacements were accounted for in the calculations below.
The Miss Earth pageant is the youngest pageant among the four with only 17 winners. Established in 2001, the pageant has only had 1 dethronement in its history.
Average Age: 21.88 years old or 21 years & 10 months old
Mode Age: 22 years old, 5 out of its 17 winners are 22 years old when they won the title.
Youngest Winner: 19 years old, Džejla Glavović (who was later dethroned for not being able to fulfill the duties and requirements of the pageant).
Oldest Winner: 26 years old, Karen Ibasco (she is the only winner to have a Masters degree when she won the title. Karen graduated with cum laude honors for BS and MS in Applied Physics).
Winning Age Range: 19 to 26 years old, although the age requirements are from 18-27 years old.

In contrast, the Miss World pageant is the oldest among the four having been established in 1951. And has three winners who were resigned/ dethroned. It is a year older than the Miss Universe pageant. It also prefers its winners very young as seen below…
Average Age: 19.41 or 19 years & 5 months old
Mode Age: 18 years old with 16 out of 56 winners were all 18 years old. Additional trivia – 30 out of its 56 winners were all teenagers when they won the title!
Youngest Winner: Wilnelia Merced of Puerto Rico, she was 18 years & 1 month old when she won in 1975.
Oldest Winner: Aneta Kręglicka of Poland, she was 24 years & 8 months old when she won in 1989.
Winning Age Range: 18 to 24 years old, although the age requirements are currently from 18-26 years old. Previously the maximum age allowed were under 25 years old.

Average Age: 20.7 years old or 20 years & 8 months old
Mode Age: 20 years old and 21 years old, these two ages has 12 winners each
Youngest Winner: 15 years old, Melanie Marquez of the Philippines although is the only one to have won in such a young age.
Oldest Winner: 25 years old, Ikumi Yoshimatsu of Japan.
Winning Age Range: 15 to 25 years old, currently the age to qualify in the pageant has been from 17 to 26 y/o.

Average Age: 21. 17 years old or 21 years & 2 months old
Mode Age: 18 years old, 15 of its winners were of this age when they won.
Youngest Winner: 17 years & 6 months old, Christiane Martel of France and 17 years & 11 months old, Armii Kuusela of Finland
Oldest Winner: 26 years & 4 months old, Brook Mahaelani Lee of Hawaii, USA and 26 years & 2 1/2  months old, Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines.
Winning Age Range: 17 to 26 years old, currently the age range requirements of the pageant are those within 18-28 y/o.

If we put them all together, it seems that the optimal age to join an international pageant is between the ages of 20 to 22 years old. However, that might not be the case nowadays. Looking at the winners of the 4 pageants in the past 10 years reveals that the median age of the winners now ranges between 23 to 24 years old. And the trend of having teenage winners are on the wane with only 5 out of 40 alpha queens from 2007-2017.
If you have any queries on how these numbers are gathered, you can always drop us a comment or two on the comments section below…
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Catriona, Katarina, Ahtisa & Celeste: Winning (Manalo) Cortesi of 2 Cats

Pardon the title but I just had to do a wordplay on the names of the Philippine reps to the four biggest international pageants.

Last October 7th saw the final addition to Team Philippines for 2018 with the crowning of Katarina Rodriguez. And finally we have the quartet of Kat for Miss World, Ahtisa Manalo for Miss International, Silvia Celeste Cortesi for Miss Earth and Catriona Elisa Gray for Miss Universe.

Silvia Celeste Cortesi – winning a back-to-back challenge in your home-turf is a huge mountain to climb, I have no doubts that Celeste (like her namesake) will shoot for the skies. Celeste should make full arsenal of the fact that the country is hosting the ME pageant.
What she should anticipate for: is to have stamina for the month long competition that would test her focus. The pageant is not only glamour but real hot-under-the-sun pre-pageant activities…so she must be prepared heavily for that.
Strong Competition from: ladies from South Africa, Guam, India and Puerto Rico.
Should focus on: public speaking. Italian being her first language and English as her second language might hinder her from expressing her thoughts in a fluid manner.

Ahtisa Manalo – the baby of the group! I am worried a bit on her age being so young and fresh but I am reminded of the fact that the average Miss International winners age is around 21 years old. So what a relief!
What she should anticipate for: daily MI activities as she and the rest of her fellow candidates will be up for numerous pre-pageant activities in Japan. She gotta have stamina!
Strong Competition from: Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Poland…
Should focus on: looking fresh and young but embedded within a professionalism and confidence that we saw on Kylie Verzosa and Bea Rose Santiago.

Katarina Rodriguez – her’s was a strategic and unsurprising win as Miss World Philippines. And hopes are now pinned to her to do much better than her predecessor in MW. Kat has a steep fight ahead but I have high hopes that she could score the second blue crown for the country.
What she should anticipate for: heavy social media voting and make use of her delegation of followers who will help her in crucial voting aspects of the pageant.
Strong Competition from: the ladies representing France, Mexico and  Puerto Rico.
Should focus on: the Topmodel competition, as most MW winners fared very well in this aspect of the pageant.

Catriona Gray – save the best for last, and we have the strongest of the four competing in December 17th (morning in Bangkok). Gotta say that she is perhaps the Philippines’ highest chance of winning in an Alpha pageant this year. I’d dare say our 4th Miss Universe crown is within grasp.
What she should anticipate for: close-door interviews, it accounts for 60% of the semis. She has to come across as relatable to the judging panel despite all her personal achievements.
Strong Competition from: reps coming from South Africa, USA, Colombia, & Great Britain.
Should focus on: presenting what she could do for the MUOrg as winner.
I am with high hopes that we could bring home at least 1 major crown this year. Should we do so, the country would be the first country to bring home at least 1 Alpha pageant title for 6 consecutive years… and who wouldn’t want that?

Sashes&Scripts’ Favorites for Miss World Philippines 2018

Year in and year out the Miss World Philippines title would always boil down between 2-3 ladies. It has become quite predictable that those who are frontrunners remain to be the major winner come finals. What is surprising is to see that majority of the ladies in our list this year are among the facially gifted and public speaking savvy of the bunch but are all below 5’8″ tall. Petite but pretty…
The Miss World Philippines winner has traditionally been the one who is most prepared for the Miss World pageant. This year, I may not see one who would cover all bases of the MW fasttracks, but there are a number of ladies that could easily be good representatives to a number of international competitions under the MWP org.

Arienne Calingo – this MWP returnee is perhaps going to be one of the top 5 winners this year. Her 1st runner up placement a couple of years ago is an indication that she can make the requisite splash in the nationals. She might not be my main pick for the MWP crown but she will perhaps end up with one of the crowns.

Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez –  the most commercial face in her batch and is a spoiler for the MWP crown. She is one of the more underrated ladies in the competition but she could pull a major upset from the popular frontrunners for the title. I could also see her with the Miss Eco-International crown with her very friendly face. If her fierce-side is developed, she could be a good RH representative too!

Kim de Guzman – she’s my pick for the Reina HispanoAmericana title as she has the curves that could be appreciated in the pageant. Not only does she look amazing, she also looks taller than her 5’7″ fame with her good body proportions. I think that the RH title is almost tailor-made for her as she has a similar bone structure as reigning winner Teresita Marquez, with a very Asian face and oozing with sex appeal of a Latina.

Katarina Rodriguez – the popular girl to win. She has proven her merit in an international competition and being thirsty for a win could be her major advantage among her batch. Her huge fan-base could be relied on for the internet voting/ multimedia voting. Plus her gift of the gab is also undeniable with her charm and wit. Sending Katarina would be a strategic move to be sent to MW as she can make the MW pageant relevant to Filipino fans once more.

Maureen Montagne – another crown worthy girl that may pull an win for the MWP crown. This pageant veteran is perhaps a better well-rounded option for Sanya this year. Truth be told, she might be the girl that fits the MW mold might look for in a winner. Although her being 26 years old might work against her. So far no 26 year old has won the MW title as they usually prefer girls between 18 to 24 years old. Though I wouldn’t have any issue should she win, in fact my gut tells me she might be the one for MW.

IMHO the main title is between Katarina, Alyssa and Maureen. And it will be heartbreaking to see anyone of them sent to the other pageant which we currently hold the international crowns. Let’s face the fact that back-to-back wins in Miss Eco-International, Miss Multinational and Reina HispanoAmericana is gonna be close to impossible. So whoever is sent to those three pageants will be fighting an uphill battle, after all we should have learned our lesson from the 2013/2014 scenario. I could only hope that despite those blocks, whoever we send to those pageants would still do their median best to bring home the crowns again. And hopefully a second Miss World crown is in the horizon.

Eva Psychee Patalinjug on Profile

Emerging as one of the top winners in Binibining Pilipinas is no mean feat. More so if you belong in a loaded group like the 2018 batch. Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2018, Eva Patalinjug captures our attention as being one of the best faces this year and possibly even in recent Bb. Pilipinas batches.

Born Eva Psychee Soroño Patalinjug, this Kagandahang Flores trained beauty hails from Cebu and is a multi-hyphenate. She is a registered nurse, a model, a host, a budding entrepreneur (she has her Psychee Cosmetics line of lipsticks and false eyelashes), a former Sanguniang Kabataan Chair, and a future lawyer. Eva is  now in her second year as a Law student in Cebu’s University of San Carlos, but have plans of moving her studies in either Ateneo de Manila or De La Salle University upon her victory in Bb. Pilipinas 2018.

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Valeria Morales: Miss Colombia 2018

She was one of our top faves to win Rumbo a Miss Universo and boy were we right to say she would win! Valeria Morales was the top faves to win the title since the beginning and she ended up with the Senorita Colombia title for 2018!

Born Valeria Morales Delgado, the 20 year old model is also a student of social communications. She has lived in Miami for five years and can speak English and Spanish. Valeria was crowned as Miss Colombia 2018 at the grand finale on 30th of September with former Miss Universe 1st runner Carolina Gomez as one of the hosts. From the beginning of the competition, Valeria took lead with a score of 9.8 points in swimsuits and 9.9 in her evening gown. Virreina nacional went to the representative of Antioquia, Isabella Atehortúa. The first runner up was Alma Díaz of Choco.
The 5’9″ brunette representing Valle is to have the most short-lived crown in the history of the pageant as the Senorita Colombia for 2019 will be crowned later this November. The hazel-eyed beauty will also have the shortest preparation time before competing in Miss Universe with only 2 months compared to the usual 12…

She caused an earlier buzz on social media with her stance against transgenders joining the Miss Universe pageant. Valeria said in  an interview for the television channel RCN,  that “the reign of beauty (beauty pageants) for Miss Universe is for women who are born women, and I think that for her would also be a disadvantage, so that’s why I respect the idea, but not share it.” While this may cause further stir come MU pageant season, she did express her thoughts diplomatically which this blogger can respect.

Personally, I have no issue with her stance of the matter with transgender women joining MU. This blogger does not agree with her stance though as the pageant has progressively moved towards inclusion and diversity. Even former Miss Universe Gabriela Isler have changed her opinion on transwomen in pageants as she is now open to have them join the Miss Venezuela pageant. The MVO has now implemented an open policy for transwomen to join in their pageant following Canada, the US, Puerto Rico, Israel and Spain.

ABS-CBN Ball 2018: Best Dressed Beauty Queens

Everything sparkled during the ABS-CBN Ball last Saturday, September 29th. But those that truly shone were the beauty queens in attendance!
Sashes&Scripts ranked the top 5 best dressed beauty queens that night… All 5 girls showed major leg action with slits that showed off their lovely gams in shiny sparkling outfits that stole the red carpet.

5.  Pia Wurtzbach – Pia took a major fashion risk with her outfit that night. There was a split whether you like it or not. I love the golden goddess look that was part Versace, part Bond Girl (Golden Finger)… It wasn’t an easy look to pull off. I could only imagine that it would have looked great in person and that photos don’t do justice to the whole ensemble. I would have only changed the hair to a Taras Bulba to make it more sleek.

4. Ariella Arida – she showed major skin that night while maintaining a very polished and dignified overall look. Plunging neckline with a revealing slit and sides, a look that she pulled off effortlessly. She looked every inch a goddess in her peach Hannah Kong gown with an impeccable Grecian updo. The only thing I’d change would be the earring and used a statement shoulder sweeper earring to add more pizzazz to the over all outfit.

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3. Kylie Verzosa – she looked gorgeous in white and I have to say that the white and the bronzed effect on her skin was a perfect combination. Kylie was throwing major curves with her Francis Libiran gown. The gown itself reminded me of Denise Quinones in 2001. Kylie pulled off her ensemble magnificently!

2. Catriona Gray – loved everything about this outfit. From the hair down to the color of her strappy sandals. But I would really give it to Memay Francisco’s makeup that made Catriona’s face luminous that night. Gold is still Catriona’s best color IMHO and the sparkling Mak Tumang gown amplified the sensual aspect of the outfit.

1. Nicole Cordoves –  the golden girl in my list. Love how everything in her outfit was on point. She had on a very understated face and a gold gown cut simply but brought major bling! If you look at her earrings and ring (courtesy of Riqueza Jewellery), it was very Hollywood glam. Then what brought her outfit all together was her nails by Mi & Me Luxury Nails. She was channeling Miss Grand International colors with the emerald and gold colors! Even her eye shadow had gold/ emerald in it (makeup by Anton Patdu). Now that’s what you call well planned.

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