Mister Universe Model 2017 Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Men Universe Model/ Mister Universe Model contest in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico’s 6’4″ tall hunk emerged as the winner of this year’s competition…

Mister Universe Model 2017: PUERTO RICO, Kevin Montes
1st RU: BOLIVIA, Jose Roberto Velasco
2nd RU: MEXICO, Zamir Sierra
3rd RU: SPAIN, Manuel Valero
4th RU: CUBA, André Miguel Bernal
5th RU: MARGARITA ISLAND, Douglas Castro

Sashes&Scripts managed to predict 11 of the top 15 correctly… The Philippines’ Denver Hernandez was among the semifinalists and the recipient of the Mister Popularity award… Here is the rest of the Top 15 Semi-finalists this year:
1.Dominican Republic, Ariel Sanchez
2. Turkey, Mert Soydemir
3. Argentina, Ludovico Paulucci
4. Philippines, Denver Hernandez
5. Colombia, Manuel Molano
6. Czech Republic, Miroslav Dubovický
7. Paraguay, Enzo Camacho
8. Haiti, Jaly Stuve Joseph
9. Peru, Alan Massa

Below is the list of the special award winners…
Best Body: Dominican Republic, Ariel Sanchez
Mister Simpatia : Jose Roberto Velasco, Bolivia
Mister Popularity: Denver Hernandez, Philippines
Best in National Costume: Julio Cesar Mendoza, Nicaragua
Mister Fiendship: Zamir Sierra, Mexico
Mister Elegance: Mert Soydemir, Turkey
Best Pasarela: Ludovico Paulucci, Argentina
Mister TopModel: Manuel Valero, Spain
Mister Photogenic: Loïc Nirlo, French Islands

Sashes&Scripts Favorites for Mister Universe Model 2017

It was not easy to come up with a Final Leaderboard for the Mister Universe Model this year. There has been a number of strong candidates in this year’s competition. How strong is this batch you might ask? So strong that anyone of the guys in my top 8 list could easily win it. Without further a do, here is my list…

1. Peru, Alan Massa – definitely the most experienced candidate in this year’s competition. I have strong gut feel that he will definitely place high in the competition this year, if not win the title.
2. Ecuador, Jorge Mejía Erazo – a boyish face on a man’s body, he reminds me a bit of Luis Baez who has the same qualities. He might end up with the same placement as Luis. He is very photogenic and knows how to use his gorgeous face to his best advantage.
3. Czech Republic, Miroslav Dubovický – It was no fluke that he is named with one of the best physiques in the contest. He is one of the consistent candidates in the contest who delivers well in each leg of the competition.
4. Philippines, Denver Hernandez – he came in strong and it would be difficult not to see him do well in the competition. Despite having a leaner body compared to the rest of the competition, he is providing strong competition among everyone. My wildcard in the contest.
5. Spain, Manuel Valero – not in my original list but he surely looks good to win the title as well. His hazel/green eyes is one of his best asset aside from the fact that he has a good physique on a well proportioned body.
6. Mexico, Zamir Sierra – has one of the most enigmatic faces that could win you over. I think that a win is over due for Mexico and he can just be the one to do it.
7. Dominican Republic, Ariel Sanchez – he won best physique so he is easily a shoo-in for the title.
8. Venezuela, Jesus Zambrano – I believe that he will continue the placement streak of his country in the competition. He might not the appeal that his predecessor Luis Baes have but he has loads of good looks to boot.
9. Puerto Rico, Kevin Montes – one of the tallest guys blessed with good physique. Just look at those sharp angles his face has and you know he is a fierce competitor.
10. Cuba, André Miguel Bernal – one of the guys with great body and sex appeal. 
11. Bolivia, Jose Roberto Velasco – he makes the list for initially winning the Mister Simpatia award.
12. Isla Margarita, Douglas Castro – I just wish that he kept his brunette locks instead of the bleached blonde hair he is sporting. His mesmerizing eyes is to die for. He is still a heavy contender nevertheless and might pull a surprise.
13. USA, Anthony Perez 
14. Argentina, Ludovico Paulucci

#MANicMondays: Emanuele, Renz and Denver

Three Filipino hunks are competing this week in two international male pageants: Emanuele Mendoza and Renz Lesther Cerezo at Mister National Universe and Denver Hernandez in Mister Universe Model/ Men Universe Model.

Emanuel Mendoza – at 5’10- 5’11”, this Gentlemen of the Philippines hunk could easily make it to the initial cut of the contest. He represented the Philippines at the Best Global Model in Portugal last year. This year he represents Italy at Mister National Universe. A definite shoo-in on the top 5 if I may add.

Renz Lesther Cerezo – he is this year’s Philippine rep to Mister National Universe. The 5’10 1/2″ hunk oozes with sex appeal in his pictorial. He recently was named among the 4 best in talent, dancing to an Ifugao traditional dance. This guy is easily one of the underdogs of the competition and could possibly be one of the winners in the inaugural Thai-based male pageant.

Denver Hernandez – the sole Southeast Asian in this year’s Mister Universe Model competition in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. His lean tight frame is in contrast to the bulky muscular physiques of the rest of the candidates. But Denver gets the upperhand with sex appeal by the tons. For sure, another placement is at the works for us after missing the initial cut last year.

Wishing all these gentlemen the best of luck in their respective competitions! Bring home the bacon!

#Funart Banner for Mister Universe Philippines, Denver Hernandez

By now, Mister Universe Philippines Denver hernandez has packed his bags, left and arrived for Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Today we feature a fun-art banner of the Filipino rep to the Men Universe Model competition.

The Milan-based 5’10” looker speaks English, a bit Filipino and Italian. He will be competing alongside 40 other hunks from around the world.
He still leads the online voting with Nicaragua a close second. 
Keep on voting for Denver at the link below:

Sashes&Scripts Early Faves for Men Universe Model 2017

The Men Universe Model/ Mister Universe Model is now on its 10th edition this year. With candidates heavily coming from Latin America with notable participation from Europe and the Caribbean (plus a couple from Asia), their number of candidates are around the 40+ mark. 

Here are my early faves for the Men Universe Model competition:
Brazil, Vitor Seorra Andolfatto – he has an interesting look on him, he does looks more European than Latino. 
Puerto Rico, Kevin Montes – this guy knows how to work the camera and it would be interesting to see how he fares in the competition.
Czech Republic, Miroslav Dubovický – there is something about Czech men that makes them do really good in pageants.
Ecuador, Jorge Mejía Erazo – he has a boyish face on a hunk of a body, I expect that he might be the runaway winner of the photogenic award.
Peru, Alan Massa – currently he tops my list, I felt that he was robbed of a high placement in Mister World and this could be his redemption.
Margarita Island, Douglas Castro – with that face, I could easily see him among the top 2 of this year’s competition.
Philippines, Denver Hernandez – while his body is far from the body building levels that the competition favors, he has the sex appeal that goes on for days.

It is quite early to see who could be the possible winner in this edition as the batch seems to be equally strong. We just have to wait and see as the competition progresses to see who among the candidates would show consistency from start to finish.
The 10th edition of Men Universe Model is being held from 5th-16th June 2017 at IFA Bavaro Resort & Spa, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

#FunArt Banner for Mister Universe Philippines, Denver Hernandez

Check out this fun-art banner for Mister Universe Philippines 2017, Denver Hernandez with photo courtesy of Onecho Gabinete.

Continue voting of him on the Men Universe Model voting page where he is currently at the number 2 spot. You can vote for him at this link: http://m.listas.20minutos.es/lista/mister-universe-2017-419463/

#MANicMondays: Mister Universe Philippines, Denver Hernandez

For today’s #MANicMondays post we are featuring Mister Philippines – Universe 2017, Denver Hernandez. He will be representing the Philippines in the upcoming Men Universe Model 2017 to be held at the Ifa Villa Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this coming June 5th to June 16th 2017.

Denver is 22 years old and stands at 5’10”. He is one of the only two Asian representatives in this year’s competition (the other being Sri Lanka). You can help him by voting for him (you can give him as high as 5 points) on the link below:


So far no Asian country has won the competition. This year marks the 10 annual competition of the male pageant that started in 2008. An expected 30+ candidates are to join in this year’s edition. So far the pageant’s highest number of participants was in 2011 with 42 candidates.