The 2nd Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Rumor Mill!

I thought I’m done doing rumor mills with Binibining Pilipinas for this month but it seems that the gossips just can’t stop from landing on my lap. I have several insiders that has given me juicy notes that could tide us up until the next salvo of Bb. Pilipinas activities.

* There is an observation from a BBP insider that a certain group of girls doesn’t seem to know proper pageant decorum when it comes to sponsor visits. Instead of mingling and going friendly to everyone in one of the staff visits, this group of candidates are seen only amongst ladies from their same camp. Several of the staffs noticed that and rather than engage to get photos from these girls, they avoided them instead.
* Apparently, there are a couple of girls who did not come in prepared to the Binibining Pilipinas national costume shoot. They reportedly came with either an unfinished natcos or that their costume didn’t bear any resemblance to that of the sketch that they submitted. It is not surprising that those two costumes were reportedly rejected.
* A number of the candidates this year presented their national costume sketches through their phones or tablet. So when a candidate presented hers with a complete colored sketch with fabric swatches, the BPCI panel was impressed. One of the BPCI managers even showed the rest of the candidates the sketch to show how a natcos is presented properly.
* The national costume shoot is rumored to be simpler than last year. A simple white backdrop is made to make sure that the colorful national costumes will be the focal point.
* One of our moles has confirmed some of the insider buzz about the national costume/s that were leaked online this year. Our mole said that several of the girls who had either selfies or photos of their natcos that were posted online were ‘scolded’ by BPCI. This is why Sash Factor and Sashes&Scripts were adamant in releasing any of the leaked photos because there are rumors even from previous years that it will be the candidates that will get scolded, not the designers/ fans who posted them.
* This one is still to be clarified as I have some doubts regarding the sources of this ‘chismis’. The Bb. Pilipinas finals swimsuit is said to be a one-piece swimsuit that would be a ‘tribute to Pitoy Moreno’. Another conflicting rumor says that the girls would have an option to wear a two-piece.
* With regards to the swimsuit glamshots, our told us to expect something in the lines of a Miss Universe glamshot. The mole even mentioned something about flowers, gold or mustard swimsuits, and large chunky gold accessories. This is actually exciting and hopefully it will be of Miss Venezuela level in terms of concept.
* Some girls who had ‘difficulties’ with several designers with their national costumes are said to be worried about their evening gowns for the pageant. In some instances, their pageant camp/s are the ones that assign which designer would dress up which candidate/s. This doesn’t go well with some of the girls who would get last minute gowns, or gowns that don’t look like the submitted sketches.
* On the same line of rumor, at least 2 candidates that are worried about their gowns are said to be preparing a secondary ‘back up’ gown should the designers assigned to them fail to bring a finished gown (or the gown as originally sketched and submitted). There are at least a couple of designers who are notorious in submitting late gowns for the finals or submit gowns that aren’t as per submitted sketch or even with wrong/ terrible fit.

Those juicy insider gossips are a tell-tale of some problems that most pageant fans do not see or know. So I really hope that fans would be a little more cooperative and mindful about the girls. Because if there is something to take away from these rumors, its that being a beauty pageant candidate isn’t that all glamorous…the stress is definitely a killer.


Denise Quiñones, MUPR National Director

Former Miss Universe Denise Quiñones confirmed to Primera Hora that she was in talks with WapaTv for the possibility to be the National Director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico. And yesterday, she was officially announced as such.

WapaTV programming president, Jimmy Arteaga, introduced the new national director of the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant, Denise Quinones, in a press conference yesterday. According to Primera Hora, the local pageant will be held in September at the Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Center and applicants can now begin to register through as of February 19 until the 15th March.
In a separate news article by El Vocero, Denise said she is willing to count on the advice of veteran beauty pageant, Magali Febles (National Director of Miss Universe Dominican Republic), if conversations with the management of Wapa TV are successful.  She further says, “Magali is excellent at what she does, I trained with her and I definitely learned a lot. She has a lot of experience and it would not be bad to talk to her and learn a little more about this world…

A week ago Desirée Lowry and partner Luisito Vigoreaux lost the franchise of Miss Universe Puerto Rico to WapaTV. Vigoreaux indicated that he does not see himself as part of the new MUPR team. Although he commented that whether Desiree would be a part of the new team would be up to her.

Age Requirements for Other Major International Pageants

After we posted the age requirements of the four Alpha pageants, we thought it would be of help if we also posted on the age requirements of other international pageants around.
The age requirements/ age limits posted below are acquired from various sources such as the pageants’ websites, news articles, information from their national franchises (as in the case of Miss Globe), etc…

Age Requirements for Misses Global, Globe and Grand International…
Age Requirements for Misses Intercontinental, Supranational and Tourism International…

So for the ladies who are thinking of applying or joining a beauty pageant, it helps to know the age limits as required by each of the pageants you hope to join in. Make sure as well that you check the national franchisee’s website as they may have a narrower age brackets than those of the international competition (like in the case of Binibining Pilipinas whose maximum is only around 26-27 years old).

Jag Jeans X Binibining Pilipinas: The 12 Standouts

The Jag Jeans videos are all out and we list down the ladies that stood out among the rest of the 40 girls in the competition!

Binibini 1, Vickie Marie Rushton – its the face again that carried the entire video. You could see a little bit of the fierce sexiness coming out but just barely. Photogenic and Telegenic, this Binibini is rising up on everyone’s lists.
Binibini 3,  Muriel Orais – this girl knows how to project on camera and actually looks better in motion. She knows how to use her face to really sell the video. And she moves seamlessly from fierce to sweet to seductive and does that within a hearbeat.

Binibini 7, Sigrid Flores – not quite a surprise because she did give good face in the video.
Binibini 10, Kayesha Chua – channeling her inner Kylie Verzosa in the video (perhaps it was the hair and makeup) and it works for her.
Binibini 11, Aya Abesamis – finally! Been waiting for her to deliver a solid performance and did it here. She is in her element in this video, total standout! Her movements were something I’d expect from a seasoned model. Though she needs to tone down those colored contacts.

Binibini 17, Ahtisa Manalo – another girl that zoomed into the top of the list. This makeup suits her, though not a fan of the overly curly hair that almost covered her lovely face.
Binibini 20, Catriona Gray – of course she also had to nail this one. She is not letting up to her competition. I didn’t think she could pull off the fierce face back in 2016 but boy did she deliver now. I only hoped that she could have created more shapes as she looked a little too linear in the vid.

Binibini 26, Wynonah Buot – the Jennifer Hammond doppelganger worked her angles in the video and did a good job.
Binibini 27, Henna Kaizzelle Nicole “KC” Cajandig – I was surprised with her in my list. Loved the fact that she looks good smiling in the video.
Binibini 32, Eva Patalinjug – registered well in videos although I would have wanted more movement knowing she could dance. Again, it was the face that nailed it for me.

Binibini 35, Sandra Lemonon – that is what I’d call movement! She gave enough of it that she stood out but not to the point that it looks too sexy.
Binibini 38, Karen Gallman – so this is how Kendall Jenner would look like endorsing a jeans brand. I totally forgot that it was Karen because she moves like a seasoned model.

But if I were to rank in my top 5, I would place them as below:
5. Catriona Gray
4. Vickie Rushton
3. Muriel Orais
2. Sandra Lemonon
1. Aya Abesamis

PhotoCollage of the Day: The Miss Universe 1st Runners Up from Colombia

Today’s photocollage features the six Colombian women who almost became Miss Universe.

The first trio of ‘Virreina Universal’ were the three-peat wins from 1992 to 1994. Paola, Paula Andrea and Carolina were just a hair away from clinching the title in their respective years.  These three women has achieved something that has never been achieved since then.

1992 – Paola Turbay
1993 – Paula Andrea Betancourt
1994 – Carolina Gomez
2008 – Taliana Vargas
2015 – Ariadna Gutierrez
2017 – Laura Gonzalez Ospina

Colombia has the same number of 1st runner up wins in Miss Universe as Venezuela. Would this number change in the next few years? Well, we would just have to find out wouldn’t we?

#FashionFridays: Five Spring 2018 Haute Couture Gowns for Pageants

Today’s #FashionFridays post is all about five standout haute couture gowns that, if re-imagined creatively, would be standout pageant gowns.

I have been complaining (okay to some extent, whining) about the lack of fashion-forwardness of pageant gowns used in the Philippines. And unlike the exorbitant and crazy pageant gowns used in Miss Venezuela, the pageant gowns used in Binibining Pilipinas or Miss Philippines Earth are still a far-cry. In order to help feed the creative juices of our designers, I listed down 5 Spring-Summer 2018 gowns from haute couture shows that could easily be a good pageant gown if they are interpreted correctly. While this list may show you photos of the gowns, I do suggest that you try to look for the actual shows on the internet and see them in motion.

1. Ralph & Russo – this black velvet gown with draping that evokes those of Charles Frederick Worth or Charles James makes any pageant girl a bombshell… a true “Jessica Rabbit” or Marilyn Monroe with a dash of a red lip. Of course avoid the mistake that Demi Leigh Nel-Peters in doing one in lime green velvet (that didn’t photograph well on her). Imagine this in rich saturated jewel colors of red, purple and deep indigo blue. Throw in some opera gloves and you get old world sex appeal in spades.

2. Valentino – if you wanna go the “showstopper route”, then you gotta wear something in red.  And nobody does red like Valentino. This ballgown in layers of silk organza would just be eye-popping on-stage. It moves as you walk, it brings tons of drama and it will be perfect for those perpetually tanned. Just a little bit of editing on the silhouette, especially on the upper torso and you will have a fabulous gown for any pageant.

3. Armani Privé – it’s silk, it’s ombré, it’s beaded, but more importantly it’s Armani. Nobody knows sartorial elegance as well as Giorgio Armani and this gown brings a healthy dose of that. What makes this design standout is how very on-trend satin gowns are for this season. If you can imagine this in a negligé / serpentine silhouette with ombré effects then you can see how this would be a good pageant gown. More so if you do it in shades of pink, purple and blush… the dash of purple being the 2018 color of the year would make it more modern.

4. Christian Dior – Maria Grazia Chiuri’s  Dior collection may seem lackluster but her homage to Surrealism and Dali offers several gems.  This optical illusion gown is just one of those that can be mined for pageant gowns. It can create optical shapes and curves, it can make you look taller and more statuesque, it can be an eye-popper. This type of black & white gown has been successful for Andreina Goetz, Carolina Gomez and Lola Odusoga in Miss Universe… all of whom made at least top 6.

5. Zuhair Murad – yes I know it’s a caftan gown but hey look at how transparency and feathers are cleverly translated into the design. Plus no more of those tacky lace applique’s! Instead it relied on beadwork and embroidery to add something new to the transparent gown trend that has been overdone in pageants.
For designers and pageant girls out there, if some of these designers sound new to you, I encourage you to look at their work to get a feel of the latest trends in fashion. Aside from these names, I also prompt you to look at designers like Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier and Carolina Herrera for more inspiration.

PhotoCollage of the Day: Olivia Culpo gets Naked (Again)

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo gets naked… again.

This isn’t the first time we have seen former Miss Universe winner strip down to nothing. She first bared all in a fashion spread with Treats! Magazine. The now 25 year-old beauty queen-model bared it all for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She is one of several women who bared it all for the “In Her Own Words” shoot, where words are painted on to her bare skin.

A snippet from Harper’s Bazaar explained the concept of the pictorial…
In Her Own Words is a continuation and evolution of the essence of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. It is a platform that allows the voice, the strength and the passion of these women to be expressed in the rawest form…on the naked body…with all the artistic and creative control left to them. With a stripped down studio and team of all females, we handed over the control to the women who are our brand. We believed in, supported and encouraged them to become a canvas and share their truth.
Will we see her baring it all again in the future? Would we even care?