A George Wittels Crown for Miss Tacloban

The very first George Wittels crown to be used in the Philippines will be used for the Miss Tacloban pageant!

Tacloban City – A thousand dollar Venezuelan made crown by renowned beauty pageant jeweler maker awaits Ms. Tacloban 2018 wannabe and its successor. This was revealed by beauty pageant crown donor Mr. Richard James White in an interview. The crown made exclusively for Ms. Tacloban 2018 and its successor was made by famous Venezuelan pageant crown maker George Wittels. Continue reading “A George Wittels Crown for Miss Tacloban”


The Miss World Theme Song and Musical Scores

We’ve already covered songs used in the Miss Universe pageant so we move gears today and feature the Miss World song and themes today. Unlike the Miss Universe themes, there is a bit of scarcity of sources of the different themes used in the Miss World pageant. We however uncovered some interesting themes created for the pageant by composer Mike Dixon and additional trivia on the Miss World theme song, ‘Light the Passion, Share the Dream’…

Unlike the themes of the Miss Universe pageant, the themes & Miss World song are a little more melodic than adrenaline-pumping. It’s like if the MU themes are like the ‘opera’, the Miss World themes are more like charming ‘musicals’. It is more attuned for a coronation night rather than for competition.
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Long Gaps in Between Miss Universe Victories

Did you know that France had the longest wait in terms of winning its next Miss Universe title? They won their first title back in 1953 with Christianne Martel and had their second win only in 2016 with Iris Mittenaere.

Coming in second is Colombia whose Luz Marina Zuluaga won in 1958 and would only be replicated by Paulina Vega in 2014. It would also been the shortest wait for a Miss Universe victory had Paulina passed her title to Ariadna Gutierrez in what could have been a back-to-back win. Unfortunately, an error was made in the announcement winners and it was the Philippines’ Pia Wurtzbach who actually won (making the 4th longest gap between 2 wins in Miss Universe history).
Japan holds the record for the third  longest gap between two wins. So far, Japan has won the crown twice. The first time happened when Akiko Kojima became Miss Universe 1959 (8th Edition). The next and second time after 48 years, when Riyo Mori became Miss Universe 2007 (56th Edition).

Australia, 32 year gap – Miss Universe 1972 & 2004
South Africa, 39 year gap – Miss Universe 1978 & 2017
Philippines, 42 year gap – Miss Universe 1973 & 2015
Japan, 48 year gap – Miss Universe 1959 & 2007
Colombia, 56 year gap – Miss Universe 1958 & 2014
France, 63 year gap – Miss Universe 1953 & 2016
As of now, Peru (61 years and counting), Germany (57 years and counting), Argentina (56 years and counting), Greece (54 years and counting) and Brazil (50 years and counting) are the 5 countries with the longest wait for their next Miss Universe crown…

The Art of the Ex-Deals in Pageants

We have previously featured how costly it is to shoulder all your expenses in joining pageants in the Philippines, but that shouldn’t deter pageant hopefuls to pursue their dreams for a crown. So today, we are talking about the more commonly practiced arrangement of the ex-deal (or x-deal whichever floats your boat).

Ex-deals are personal arrangements between the pageant girl and the people that she would like to work with.  Ex deals, or in more legal terms “part exchange deals”, constitutes an agreement between two parties exchanging goods and/or services instead of the usual monetary deals. It is important to know that this still involves some monetary value (note that we are not using the term “cash” here) as goods/ services are ones being bartered.
Pageant girls can approach their chosen designers, stylists, photographers, hair & makeup artists,  etc… for ex-deals. That is why some pageant girls come in with a fully functional glamsquads on top of their pageant mentors. These glamsquads are the ones that have bigger investments as ex-deals would mean at most times pro-bono work for them not just once but as long as the pageant duration. So pageant girls have to make sure to return back the favor when they win and help them publicized so that they get more clients as referrals.
This exchange of goods/services with publicity between the pageant girl and her glamsquad is a bit tedious to quantify in terms of monetary value as this may take a long process of audit. But the marketing value for each party is huge. The publicity alone on the part of the glamsquad will allow for visibility to prospective clients while the pageant girl is always looking impeccable like a walking advertising bilboard.

This kind of helping each other out is where the pageant hopeful could minimize the cost of her pageant journey. However, this is not always in favor of the pageant girl or her collaborators as this does not guarantee a win in the nationals. At the end of the day this is a risk that everyone involved would have to take. It is just a matter of choice on what calculated risk each party is willing to take.

June is Pride Month!

June is Pride month!
And today we celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community with efforts from the Miss Universe pageant to be inclusive and accepting.

LGBT, or GLBT, is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. In use since the 1990s, the term is an adaptation of the initialism LGB, which was used to replace the term gay in reference to the LGBT community beginning in the mid-to-late 1980s. Activists believed that the term gay community did not accurately represent all those to whom it referred.“*

Happy Pride Month everyone!
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT

National Costume Wish-List for Jehza Huelar

The Miss Supranational pageant is more of a showcase of showmanship than a traditional pageant. So it only goes to say that the wardrobe for this pageant should look like a fashion show of sorts.
These two costume wishlist for Binibining Pilipinas Supranational Jehza Huelar would be some of the options that I feel would be reflective of her background…

1. Mascota de Zamboanga – of course I would want something that would be apt for Jehza’s background coming from Mindanao. One of the highlights of the annual Hermosa Festival  in Zamboanga City is Mascota de Zamboanga, a gala event which showcases formal and elegant gowns called the Mascota designed by local artists. This costume would greatly reflect her roots.

2. Yakan Costume – I am deeply amazed at the white face-painting that these tribes would do during weddings. With their adoption of colorful garb, it would be interesting to see how it can be translated into very intricate outfit for a beauty pageant. Yakan weaving of cottons and silks are some of the most remarkable textiles in Mindanao. I can just imagine the numerous possibilities for this wonderful attire.

Mister National Universe 2018 Winners

Mister National Universe had recently finished with its second annual competition. And here are the winners of the Thailand-based male pageant…

Grand Winner – Phanendra Prasai (Nepal)
1st Runner-Up – Natchanon Singlum (Thailand)
2nd – Markos Vinicius (Brazil)
Top 5 – India & Malaysia
Kenley Filarca Ong of the Philippines was heralded as Mister National Universe Ambassador  at the finals of the competition.

Special awardees were:
Mr. Congeniality – David Ponte (USA)
Mr. Photogenic – Lionel Luthi (Switzeland)
Best National Costume – Natchanon Singlum (Thailand)
After the pageant, we were able to ask a couple of question from out rep, Keny Ong about the competition and here is what he had to say…
What is the most difficult thing you had to do for the competition?
The most difficult thing I had to do for the competition was to manage my time because I work in the bank, I manage my restaurants and I work on my thesis
What does the Mr National Universe Ambassador title mean to you?
When we say Ambassador, we mean the spokesperson aside from being the role model. The organization has entrusted me the responsibility of representing them, same with the MNU 2018. I am very thankful that still, I got one of the titles. I am still a winner.

Congratulations to all winners!

Miss Universe Theme Songs of 2008-2014

There have been people who kept on visiting the blog requesting for the different Miss Universe Theme songs. Today’s post is all about the music that we all identify with the pageant during the early 2000’s until the mid 2010’s.
Pardon if we could not get (or find) good videos with hi-def sounds. These themes were used back before YouTube even became massive as a social media platform.

The soundtrack used for the Miss Universe pageant during this time period was called the Orente Musical Score.  The entire musical score was divided into 9 parts and this is perhaps the most loved theme by millennial pageant fans. Note that this theme was predominantly used during the middle part of the Trump Era of the Miss Universe pageant.
* Orenté Introduction — the musical score played during the live-telecast as the voice over begins the Miss Universe pageant
* Orenté Major — used for the cue after commercial and during the announcement of the newly-crowned Miss Universe
* Orenté Elimination — used for the announcement of semi-finalists,
* Orenté Fashion Presentation
* Orenté Interlude — used while showing the ten finalists
* Orenté Pregunta Final — used while the final five finalists answer the final question
* Orenté Final Look — used for the final look of the five finalists,
* Orenté Announcement — used while announcing the positions of the final five delegates
* Orenté Curtain Call – used before the announcement of the semifinalists
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Miss Universe Winners Who also Topped the Swimsuit Competition

Today’s blogpost focuses on the elite few Miss Universe winners who also topped the swimsuit competition.

Back in the days, the lady who earns the highest swimsuit scores during the final night is given a special prize by the swimsuit sponsors (back in the 90’s it was Jantzen). I remember in Miss Universe 1994, Minorka Mercado (Venezuela) and Rea Tounzi (Greece) were given special citation for topping the swimsuit competition. Rea had the highest swimsuit scores during the preliminary swimsuit contest while Minorka topped the swimsuits during the finals. Neither ladies ended up with the crown but Minorka was close placing 3rd overall…
1. Philippines’ Gloria Diaz – Miss Universe 1969 (18th Edition)
2. Thailand’s Porntip Nakhirunkanok – Miss Universe 1988 (37th Edition)
3. USA’s Chelsi Smith – Miss Universe 1995 (44th Edition)
4. Venezuela’s Alicia Machado – Miss Universe 1996 (45th Edition)
5. Trinidad & Tobago’s Wendy Fitzwilliam – Miss Universe 1998 (47th Edition)
6. India’s Lara Dutta – Miss Universe 2000 (49th Edition)
7. Puerto Rico’s Denise Quiñones – Miss Universe 2001 (50th Edition)
8. Russia’s Oxana Fedorova – Miss Universe 2002 (51st Edition)
9. Dominican Republic’s Amelia Vega – Miss Universe 2003 (52nd Edition)
10. Japan’s Riyo Mori – Miss Universe 2007 (56th Edition)

When the Miss Universe removed the televised scores, there was no longer a way to check whomever topped the swimsuit competition. However when the televised scores were on its last 3 years (2008-2010), it’s interesting to note that 1st runner up winners Yendi Phillips & Taliana Vargas topped the swimsuit competitions in 2008 & 2010 respectively and 3rd runner up Rachael Finch got the highest scores in 2009.

#MANicMondays – 2015 Mister Real Universe & Mister Chile, Cristobal Alvarez

Chilean men give a whole new deifintion to the word hot! Just take a look at this sampling of 2014 Mister Chile, Cristobal Alvarez!

NSFW Warning! Before you proceed know that there are some pretty risque black and white photography ahead! This is no joke… artistic nudes ahead. Continue reading “#MANicMondays – 2015 Mister Real Universe & Mister Chile, Cristobal Alvarez”