Age and the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth Winners

Age is such an abstract number but it has a been a fascinating topic especially in pageantry. Today’s post is all about the winners of Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth with respect to their ages. We will be talking about the average ages of the winners, what is the mode age and the age range of the winners of each of the 4 biggest international pageants.

But before we do that, let’s review some mathematical terms first. *The “average” is when you add up all the numbers and then divide it by how many the numbers are… The “mode” is the value that occurs most often on the sequence. Also we should note that the ages of the dethroned winners as well as their replacements were accounted for in the calculations below.
The Miss Earth pageant is the youngest pageant among the four with only 17 winners. Established in 2001, the pageant has only had 1 dethronement in its history.
Average Age: 21.88 years old or 21 years & 10 months old
Mode Age: 22 years old, 5 out of its 17 winners are 22 years old when they won the title.
Youngest Winner: 19 years old, Džejla Glavović (who was later dethroned for not being able to fulfill the duties and requirements of the pageant).
Oldest Winner: 26 years old, Karen Ibasco (she is the only winner to have a Masters degree when she won the title. Karen graduated with cum laude honors for BS and MS in Applied Physics).
Winning Age Range: 19 to 26 years old, although the age requirements are from 18-27 years old.

In contrast, the Miss World pageant is the oldest among the four having been established in 1951. And has three winners who were resigned/ dethroned. It is a year older than the Miss Universe pageant. It also prefers its winners very young as seen below…
Average Age: 19.41 or 19 years & 5 months old
Mode Age: 18 years old with 16 out of 56 winners were all 18 years old. Additional trivia – 30 out of its 56 winners were all teenagers when they won the title!
Youngest Winner: Wilnelia Merced of Puerto Rico, she was 18 years & 1 month old when she won in 1975.
Oldest Winner: Aneta Kręglicka of Poland, she was 24 years & 8 months old when she won in 1989.
Winning Age Range: 18 to 24 years old, although the age requirements are currently from 18-26 years old. Previously the maximum age allowed were under 25 years old.

Average Age: 20.7 years old or 20 years & 8 months old
Mode Age: 20 years old and 21 years old, these two ages has 12 winners each
Youngest Winner: 15 years old, Melanie Marquez of the Philippines although is the only one to have won in such a young age.
Oldest Winner: 25 years old, Ikumi Yoshimatsu of Japan.
Winning Age Range: 15 to 25 years old, currently the age to qualify in the pageant has been from 17 to 26 y/o.

Average Age: 21. 17 years old or 21 years & 2 months old
Mode Age: 18 years old, 15 of its winners were of this age when they won.
Youngest Winner: 17 years & 6 months old, Christiane Martel of France and 17 years & 11 months old, Armii Kuusela of Finland
Oldest Winner: 26 years & 4 months old, Brook Mahaelani Lee of Hawaii, USA and 26 years & 2 1/2  months old, Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines.
Winning Age Range: 17 to 26 years old, currently the age range requirements of the pageant are those within 18-28 y/o.

If we put them all together, it seems that the optimal age to join an international pageant is between the ages of 20 to 22 years old. However, that might not be the case nowadays. Looking at the winners of the 4 pageants in the past 10 years reveals that the median age of the winners now ranges between 23 to 24 years old. And the trend of having teenage winners are on the wane with only 5 out of 40 alpha queens from 2007-2017.
If you have any queries on how these numbers are gathered, you can always drop us a comment or two on the comments section below…
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Catriona, Katarina, Ahtisa & Celeste: Winning (Manalo) Cortesi of 2 Cats

Pardon the title but I just had to do a wordplay on the names of the Philippine reps to the four biggest international pageants.

Last October 7th saw the final addition to Team Philippines for 2018 with the crowning of Katarina Rodriguez. And finally we have the quartet of Kat for Miss World, Ahtisa Manalo for Miss International, Silvia Celeste Cortesi for Miss Earth and Catriona Elisa Gray for Miss Universe.

Silvia Celeste Cortesi – winning a back-to-back challenge in your home-turf is a huge mountain to climb, I have no doubts that Celeste (like her namesake) will shoot for the skies. Celeste should make full arsenal of the fact that the country is hosting the ME pageant.
What she should anticipate for: is to have stamina for the month long competition that would test her focus. The pageant is not only glamour but real hot-under-the-sun pre-pageant activities…so she must be prepared heavily for that.
Strong Competition from: ladies from South Africa, Guam, India and Puerto Rico.
Should focus on: public speaking. Italian being her first language and English as her second language might hinder her from expressing her thoughts in a fluid manner.

Ahtisa Manalo – the baby of the group! I am worried a bit on her age being so young and fresh but I am reminded of the fact that the average Miss International winners age is around 21 years old. So what a relief!
What she should anticipate for: daily MI activities as she and the rest of her fellow candidates will be up for numerous pre-pageant activities in Japan. She gotta have stamina!
Strong Competition from: Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Poland…
Should focus on: looking fresh and young but embedded within a professionalism and confidence that we saw on Kylie Verzosa and Bea Rose Santiago.

Katarina Rodriguez – her’s was a strategic and unsurprising win as Miss World Philippines. And hopes are now pinned to her to do much better than her predecessor in MW. Kat has a steep fight ahead but I have high hopes that she could score the second blue crown for the country.
What she should anticipate for: heavy social media voting and make use of her delegation of followers who will help her in crucial voting aspects of the pageant.
Strong Competition from: the ladies representing France, Mexico and  Puerto Rico.
Should focus on: the Topmodel competition, as most MW winners fared very well in this aspect of the pageant.

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Imagining Catriona Gray on the MU stage be like… Comment/ Like if you agree that our Philippine bet is Miss Universe ready! … PS, love her styling by @ton_lao . She was styled on point from hair down to the toes. Love the eye makeup and the soft lips, it reminds us of Pia Wurtzbach's MU2015 finals look. It's very MU competition apt! @memayfrancisco did a great job making Cat look fierce and soft both at the same time. I hope Cat can replicate the eye make up for MU. Mamang @hairbybrentsales did an amazing job too. I always thought that Cat looks best from her left side, so putting her hair on her right side was a stroke of genius. Let's not forget the @maktumang gown which made everyone think of Cat's BBP gown. I am biased to think that gold is still her best color… Kudos to team Catriona @mimsqiu @harleybarleyyy @jololuarca @bragaisjojo It seems like last night was a dry run for something we all should be expecting for MU this year. We all can't wait for more! … Photo credits to @miss_universe_philippines 📷📷📷 . . . #SashesandScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlogger #BbPilipinas #MissUniverse2018 #MissUniversePhilippines #MissUniverse #CatrionaGray #Philippines #catrionians

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Catriona Gray – save the best for last, and we have the strongest of the four competing in December 17th (morning in Bangkok). Gotta say that she is perhaps the Philippines’ highest chance of winning in an Alpha pageant this year. I’d dare say our 4th Miss Universe crown is within grasp.
What she should anticipate for: close-door interviews, it accounts for 60% of the semis. She has to come across as relatable to the judging panel despite all her personal achievements.
Strong Competition from: reps coming from South Africa, USA, Colombia, & Great Britain.
Should focus on: presenting what she could do for the MUOrg as winner.
I am with high hopes that we could bring home at least 1 major crown this year. Should we do so, the country would be the first country to bring home at least 1 Alpha pageant title for 6 consecutive years… and who wouldn’t want that?

Asia: Hosting All of 2018’s Alpha Pageants

Asia is currently the focus of every international pageant as four of the biggest international pageants are held in Asia. Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World are all being hosted in Asian countries which shows why this continent is the market that the Alpha pageants are fighting for.

Miss Universe in Bangkok, Thailand – with the finale to be held in December 17 (am, Bangkok time) it is expected that the spectacle will live up to its claims as the most prestigious pageant in the Universe. With an estimated USD$15 million budget, the Ms Universe competition is going to be a most awaited event that will be broadcasted live all over the world from the Impact Arena.

Miss World in Sanya, China – China is hosting Ms World yet again with the coronation of the winner on the 8th December, a day after it’s European rival, Miss Supranational crowns its winner.
Miss International in Tokyo, Japan – judging by the teasers we have been seeing on the Ms International’s official Facebook page, we are expected to see a very packed pre-pageant activities for its candidates. The MI pageant is one of the beauty contests that have the best pre-pageant activities scheduled every year. The finals will be at the Tokyo Dome on November 9.

Miss Earth in Pasig City, Philippines – the pageant is to be held live from the Mall of Asia Arena (which also hosted the Miss Universe 2016 pageant) on November 3rd. Notable to watch would be the opening activities of the pageant in the re-opening of the paradise island of Boracay!
The international pageant season is almost upon us and each country has started  their preparations for the international pageant competitions ahead (and for some at least mid-way through preparations). A huge majority have selected their respective reps to Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World with only a few still in the process of searching for their candidates for each pageant. Asia, with its rich cultural heritage and wealth of tourist attractions is certainly going to be welcoming these gals will arms wide open…

Does the Philippines Lack Quality Beauty Queens?

Several weeks ago I have read a very intriguing piece of essay/article that practically said this: the Philippines have many beauty pageants but it lacked quality in its queens. Add to it is the criticism that the country has too many pageants, candidates being unintelligent to answer simple questions, and a general downfall on the quality of Filipina candidates.

Let’s first address the biggest issue: Do we lack great quality queens? IMHO, that’s a huge “hell the f#ck no”! Continue reading “Does the Philippines Lack Quality Beauty Queens?”

Sandwich Wins in Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World

What is a ‘sandwich victory’? And what countries have claimed sandwich victories in the four biggest pageants in existence?
A sandwich victory happens when a country wins two titles within three years with a year gap between the two. Some countries might aspire for back to back wins but sandwich victories are more common and easier to achieve. The Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World are the most prestigious pageant crowns that any pageant fan would follow or for any pageant girl would aspire to win. And hence, the focus on these four pageants…

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Bea Rose Santiago on Trans-Beauty Queens

The Miss Universe transgender rule is still a hot topic with the participation of Angela Ponce in the pageant. Latest beauty queen to weight in  on the debate is Miss International 2013, Bea Rose Santiago who is well aware of the 2012 ruling.

Below is her interview with Push from ABSCBN…
In an interview for PUSH Bets, Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago spoke up about the possibility of transwomen joining the Miss Universe pageant. “For me, I really have no problem (in allowing transwomen in Miss Universe), because I grew up with a lot of friends and family members who are part of the LGBT community.
The beauty queen and TV Host recalled that Miss Vancouver Jenna Talackova, a transwoman, was kicked out from the Miss Universe Canada competition in 2012. Bea Rose told PUSH, “For me, it’s kind of old news because I think years ago, Miss Universe Canada wanted to push the barrier, and that’s the reason why, allowed na ‘yung transgender community to join Miss Universe, so it wasn’t really like new news, kasi alam na natin. It’s just a matter of kung sinong mauunang magpadala ng representative who’s a transgender.
Bea Rose also shared how the LGBT community has became part of her career as a beauty queen. “All of my mentors (are gay). I wouldn’t win Miss International if it wasn’t for them. So (to transwomen joining the pageant) good luck!” she said. “Sayang di ko sila makakalaban, kasi I will still be winning!” she joked.

In the recent Metro Manila Pride March, Bea Rose also took the Instagram to show support to the LGBT Community with a caption, “To live freely is to Love freely. Straight or LGBT, we are all fighting for diversity, inclusion, respect and the right to love – in all its forms and shapes. Because to stand up for love, is to stand up for freedom. #FreeLovePH #ThisIsMyBeauty #RiseUpTogether

2018 Miss International South Africa, Reabetswe Sechoaro

South Africa is in a pageant Renaissance nowadays after winning Miss World in 2014 and Miss Universe in 2017. It is no surprise that that a gorgeous woman has been selected as the new Miss International South Africa.

Meet Reabetswe Sechoaro, she is the female winner of King and Queen of South Africa, the organization that selects the SA reps to Mister International and Miss International. Nicknamed Rambi, she is the half-sister of South African superstar Bonang Matheba. She is a model and a student taking up accountancy.

Below was her message on Instagram about her win…
Yaaaaay, we did it! I’m your new Miss International South Africa ‘18… 1st of all I’d like to thank God for entrusting me with this title. To the @kingandqueenofsa organization, the judges, my family, friends and everyone who believed in me and who supported me, your kind words and motivation has seen me through it all and without all of you I wouldn’t be in this position! I truly appreciate it, love love love you all… we are going to @missinternationalofficial baby🎉💥❤😘❤#missinternationalsa18 #missqueenofsa18
Do you think Rambi could be the first Miss International winner to emerge from Africa?


Anabella Castro is Miss International Bound!

After months of speculation on whether Anabella Castro is being handpicked by Colombia’s Concurso Nacional de Belleza to compete in Miss Universe, an announcement has been officially made.

Anabella who was one of the finalists in last year’s pageant was designated the title of Srta. Colombia Internacional. This gives her the opportunity to compete in Japan for the Miss International crown. She will be aiming to win Colombia’s 4th MI crown.
Below is the official announcement on the Senorita Colombia Instagram account of her appointment!

Por designación del Concurso Nacional de Belleza®, Anabella Castro Sierra @anabellacastros , Srta. Cesar® 2017, será Colombia el certamen Miss International 2018. . Castro Sierra obtuvo los títulos de ”Reina de la Policia” y “Elegancia Primatela” durante su participación en el pasado certamen. ¡Deseamos muchos éxitos a nuestra Srta. Colombia Internacional®!

Congratulations to Anabella’s appointment as Srta. Colombia Internacional. All we need to wait for now is whether or not Vanessa Pulgarin will be designated to compete in Miss Universe this year!

The Winning-est Countries & Continents in Miss International

Today’s post focuses on the countries and the continents of the winners of the Miss International pageant. Established in 1960, the Japan-based pageant has 57 winners in its roster. The following breakdown shows the numbers per country and continent where the winners come from.

30 countries so far has won the Miss International title at least once… Out of the 57 winners of the Miss International pageant, only 7 countries account for almost half of its winners.  28 of the MI winners come from these top 7 countries, which is practically 49.12% of the total MI winnings…
1. Venezuela – 7 wins, 7 runners up
2. Philippines – 6 wins, 3 runners up
3. United States – 3 wins, 19 runners up
4. Australia – 3 wins, 6 runners up (Australia gets the lead over Colombia on our list as it has 3 1st runner up placements compared to the 2 of Spain)
5. Spain – 3 wins, 6 runners up
6. Colombia – 3 wins, 4 runners up
7. Poland – 3 wins, 2 runners up
Venezuela and the Philippines are the two countries with the most wins and have a share of 22% of the total number of wins.

Africa – ø wins
Asia & Oceania – 13 wins
Europe – 20 wins
North, Central America & the Caribbean – 8 wins
South America – 16 wins
35% of the MI winners come from Europe, the most for any continent followed by Asia with 13 wins. Africa has no crowns so far, which is why the pageant is criticized as being racist as no African has won the pageant. Even the first dark-skinned winner of the pageant, Cristina Sawaya is from Lebanon. Even that Cristina isn’t totally black, she is more of a mixed mulatto in color, much like Elizabeth Mosquera of Venezuela who isn’t totally black. Asia’s wins is mostly through the Philippines with half of the Asian titleholders being Filipinas.
Will this statistic see some changes this year? We will find out on November when a new winner is crowned.

Miss International Mikimoto Crown

Tokyo-based international beauty pageant is organized by The International Culture Association. Since 1968, the pageant has been mostly hosted in the Land of the Rising Sun with the exception of the years 1971, 2004, 2006, 2008-11.

The pearl crown of the Miss International pageant is one of the most iconic crowns among the Alpha pageants. It is even older in use than the Miss World crown which was first used in 1972. The first version of the MI pearl crown was used in 1967 when Mirta Massa of Argentina was crowned. In the year 1970 the second version of the crown was made to add the bigger arch at the front and the first to wear that crown was Aurora Pijuan of the Philippines. That crown was used until 1998 with Lia Victoria Borrero of Panama. In 1999, Paulina Galvez of Colombia wore the third version of the Miss International pearl crown made by Estelle As-me Jewellery Japan. This was used from the years 1999 to 2014, (15 years) with Valerie Hernandez being the last one to wear it.
Miss International made by the Japanese jewelry company Mikimoto, Japan. It is made of pearls and gold  with an overall total value of US$ 550,000*. The red velvet cap of the crown is attached to the fur-lined base (unconfirmed stories say that it is lined with mink  or ermine fur) to which a silk ribbon is used to fasten the crown to the head.

All Miss International winners get to go home with a smaller pearl and gold tiaras. The tiaras were part of the prizes given to the winners and came in a pink box lined with satin cushion.