Miss World 2021 on December in Puerto Rico

The 69th Edition of Miss World will be held at the Coca-Cola Music Hall on December 16th in the island nation 9f Puerto Rico!

The 70th anniversary of the pageant marks its first time to be hosted in a Spanish speaking country. The pageant’s finals is to be telecast by Telemundo Puerto Rico. Last year the pageant was cancelled due to the global pandemic.

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Miss World Trivia

Oldest Miss World winner – Aneta Kręglicka of Poland, she was 24 years & 8 months old when she won in 1989.

Youngest Miss World Winner – Wilnelia Merced of Puerto Rico, she was 18 years & 1 month old when she won in 1975.

Average Age – the average age of all Miss World winners is 21.2 years old.
27 out of the 66 Miss World winners were only teenagers (between the ages of 18-19)

Photogenic Miss World Winners – four Miss World titleholders were also given the Miss Photogenic award in the years they competed.
Venezuela – Astrid Herrera in 1984
India – Aishwarya Rai in 1994
Venezuela – Jacqueline Aguilera in 1995
India – Diana Hayden in 1997

The Longest Reign of a Miss World winner –  Sweden’s Kiki Hakansson for 474 days (July 29, 1951 to November 14, 1952), followed by Megan Young of the Philippines as Miss World 2013 for 442 days!

The Shortest Reign of a Miss World winner – Venezuela’s Ivian Sarcos who reigned from November 6, 2011 to August 18, 2012. She held the title for only 286 days.

First Miss World Winners from each continent:
Africa – Antigone Costanda (Egypt) Miss World 1954
Asia – Reita Faria (India) Miss World 1966
Europe – Kici Håkansson (Sweden) Miss World 1951
Oceania – Penelope Plummer (Australia) Miss World 1968
North America – Carole Joan Crawford (Jamaica) Miss World 1963
South America -Susana Duijm (Venezuela) Miss World 1955

Longest Gap between Two  Winners from the same Country – 41 years with Puerto Rico’s Wilnelia Merced (1975) and Stephanie Del Valle who won in 2016.  At second is South Africa in the years 1974-2014, the gap was 40 years.
Shortest Gap between Two  Winners from the same Country  – this is shared by three back to back wins from:
* Sweden – Kerstin ‘Kiki’ Hakansson and May Louise Flodin in 1951 and 1952
* United Kingdom – Ann Sidney and Lesley Langley in 1964 and 1965
* India – Yukta Mukhey and Priyanka Chopra in 1999 and 2000

MU, MW and MI: The Heritage Brands of Pageantry

When we speak of luxury heritage brands in fashion, we speak of the history, craftsmanship and tradition of long withstanding brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Chanel, Dior or TAG Heuer. Some of these brands have been in existence since the 1850’s to the 1950’s and carries with them a sense of timelessness and longevity.
For international pageants, only three has come close to be called such: Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International. Among the most popular international pageants, these three has withstood the test of time being in existence for at least 50 years.  Continue reading “MU, MW and MI: The Heritage Brands of Pageantry”

Evangeline Pascual: First Filipina Miss World We Never Had

Miss Republic of the Philippines 1973 Evangeline Pascual, is the first Filipina Miss World that the Philippines never had.

The former beauty queen-turned actress, public speaker, model, painter and former radio anchor Evangeline Louise Ancheta Pascual could have been the first Filipina Miss World in 1973.

At a young age of 16, the 5’11” lass from Orani, Bataan is the 8th Philippine entry at the MW pageant held which was at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England in 1973. Evangeline and USA’s Marjorie Wallace were tied for the top spot at the coronation and a re-vote was made wherein an American judge, Gregory Peck tilt the decision in favor of Miss USA. Evangeline was eventually proclaimed 1st Runner-up.

The new Miss World was later on stripped of her title 104 day since her victory. Marjorie Wallace was fired due to her much publicized scandalous affair with a very much married man, popular Welsh singer Tom Jones, while still being engaged to another man, Formula One driver Peter Revson.

Miss World organizers arrived in Manila to offer the duties and responsibilities left by the winner to Evangeline but without the title and the crown. By then she was already an upcoming movie actress and a most sought after model so she refused for personal and professional reasons. She was already signed with several film contracts that she could no longer back out of.

The crown was then offered to the 2nd runner-up that year, Patricia Teresa Yuen Leung of Jamaica. Patsy Yuen accepted the offer to complete the Miss World duties without being officially crowned as Miss World.

IMHO it was an injustice to ask anyone to complete the reign of a winner without acknowledging her as the new queen. Evangeline should have been instated as the new Miss World that year…
Do you agree? Let us know on the comments below…

The Philippines in Misses Universe, World, International & Earth

With the national pageant season again to start soon, let’s go down and list our achievements in 4 of the biggest international pageants in existence.
How did we fare so far in Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth? And in which pageant are we the winning-est?

Miss Universe
– established in 1952 and was first held in Long Beach, California.
– 4 titles, 9 runner up wins and 11 finalist/ semifinalist placements for a total of 24 placements out of 62 participation. We didn’t compete during the years 1958 to 1961 as the two Filipina candidates didn’t opt to compete internationally and there were two years that no pageant was held to select a Filipina delegate. Continue reading “The Philippines in Misses Universe, World, International & Earth”

Donald Trump: Miss World Almost Owner?

Did you know that in 2000’s Donald Trump wanted to purchase the Miss World pageant?

In a couple of Vanity Fair articles, the now POTUS Trump admitted that he wanted to purchase the British-owned pageant saying, “Yeah, I’d buy it for almost nothing. . . . If I had it, it would be valuable—or maybe I’d close it.” It was during those times that the Miss World pageant was still learning how to run itself after the loss of its founder Eric Morley. Had Trump then purchased the pageant it would have probably been closed/ dismantled so that it would not rival his own Miss Universe pageant. Or perhaps merged it into the MU Organization.
Since then, the animosity between the two did not let up. It is rumored that Trump even tried to block the usage of the “USA” in the Miss World USA pageant citing copyrights issues. And in every turn, the businessman is said to have to cut any possibilities of the Miss World pageant to expand in the MU territory. This is why Miss World never really had a strong footing in the US. “Every time I try to put my head up there in the U.S., Trump used to try and blow it off. He actually took action against me for having a Miss World U.S.A.” says Julia Morley.

It can however be remembered that for a time being in the 80’s, the Miss USA first runner up is sent to Miss World. All this stopped in 1991. This was prior to Trump buying the Miss Universe organization. Quite a sharp turn of events considering Gina Tolleson (Miss USA 1990 1st runner up) was Miss World the year before.
Then came the scandalous hosting of Miss World in 2002. In that same year, violent protests saw 250 people killed  in Nigeria that stemmed out of hosting the Miss World pageant there. Of course DOnald Trump has something to say: “They [the Miss World] have been so tarnished by the stupidity of the location! You can’t go to Nigeria—everyone knows that. Because of the religious situation.
Whether or not the Miss World would have been a success under Trump’s leadership is something we could only guess at. Imagine if the Miss World was dissolved under Trump’s purchase of the pageant. It surely be a different scenario for the international pageant scene…

* www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/01/donald-trump-miss-universe-beauty-pageants
* www.vanityfair.com/news/2003/03/missworld200303

Nostalgia: Jacqueline Aguilera, Alicia Machado & Consuelo Adler

I have earlier written about countries that have managed to win major crowns in consecutive years. One particular country that have achieved that was Venezuela. One particular set of wins that stood out were those of Jacqueline Aguilera Marcano, Alicia Machado and Consuelo Adler who won Miss World 1995, Miss Universe 1996 and Miss International 1997 respectively.

Jacqueline, Alicia and Consuelo were the second set of ladies coming from a single country to have won all of the 3 Alpha pageants back then. Of course, the Miss Earth wasn’t included as it started only in 2001. But these three ladies did something that only Astrid Carolina Herrera (Miss World 1984), Nina Sicilia Hernandez (Miss International 1985) and Barbara Palacios Teyde (Miss Universe 1986) was able to achieve. Winning all 3 major pageants in successive years! And guess what, the 80’s trio also came from Venezuela!

It is interesting to note that in the Miss Venezuela 1995 pageant, it is rumored that Osmel Sousa’s favorite was the more polished model Jacqueline. Jacqueline’s height is said to also have been a reason for being the favorite as she towers over Alicia by around 3 inches. In terms of height, Alicia is the shortest of the three ladies at 5’8″. Both Consuelo and Jacqueline towers at 5’11” tall. Not considering their heights, all three girls eventually became successful product endorsers and actresses.

Aside from that these three girls also have one thing in common… they all are recipients of the Miss Photogenic award. Jacqueline won the photogenic award during the Miss World 1995 pageant. Alicia was Miss Photogenic during the Miss Venezuela 1995 pageant. But it is Consuelo who is the “most photogenic” of them all as she won the award both in the Miss Venezuela 1996 pageant as well as in Miss International 1997.

2019 International Pageant Calendar

A pageant year is usually split into two distinct pageant seasons. With the arrival of the “Ber months” the international pageant season is coming!

Here are the dates you have to remember…
* Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 – October 9 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila, Pasay City
* Miss Globe 2019 – October 20 in Ulcinj, Montenegro
* Miss Grand International 2019 – October 25 in Caracas, Venezuela
* Miss Earth 2019 – October 26 at the Jesse M. Robredo Coliseum, Naga City, Camarines Sur (Philippines)

* Miss Tourism International 2019 – November 8 at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Selangor, Malaysia
* Reina Hispanoamericana 2019 – November 9 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (source here on this link)
* Miss International 2019 – November 12 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan

* Miss Supranational 2019 – December 6 in Silesia, Poland
* Miss World – December 14 at the ExCeL London in the United Kingdom

* Miss Intercontinental 2019 – December 21, 2019 in New Delhi, India
* Miss Universe 2019 – (unconfirmed) January 26, 2020 in the Philippines
* Miss Eco International 2020 – tentatively on March 2020 in Egypt



Successful Miss World to Miss Universe Crossovers

Crossovers aren’t new to pageantry but there is something interesting about successful Miss World to Miss Universe contestants. Today let’s meet 5 prominent Miss Universe winners who first competed in t Miss World pageant…

1. Georgina Rizk of Lebanon, Miss Universe 1971 – from being unplaced at Miss World in 1970 and winning Miss Universe in 1971. The green-eyed 5’8″ brunette’  beauty was  the first and only victory of Lebanon in MU. Although she made history by being the first Middle Eastern to win the title and the 4th Asian to become MU.
It is also interesting to note that she wasn’t able to turn over her crown to the 1972 Miss Universe winner. On 30 May 1972, a month before the pageant telecast, 17 Christian pilgrims from Puerto Rico along with other victims, were killed during an attack at the Lod Airport in Israel (now Ben Gurion International Airport). The massacre was perpetrated by three members of the Japanese Red Army on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Due to the possible retaliation from the massacre, Rizk was not allowed to attend the Miss Universe Pageant to crown her successor in Puerto Rico.

2. Angela Visser of the Netherlands, Miss Universe 1989 – from being unplaced at Miss World in 1988 to winning Miss Universe in 1989. She remains as the only Dutch beauty to win the Miss Universe pageant. Their longest drought in the Miss Universe is staggering 20 years from 1993 to 2013. Angela’s 5’9″ stature coupled with her green eyes and blonde hair was a hit in Miss Universe as she garnered one of the highest scores during the finals in every area of the competition. TRIVIA: Angela’s evening gown score was one of the highest scores ever in MU. After her reign she would then serve as a color commentator for the Miss Universe pageants in years to come. She also established for herself a Hollywood career with a notable roles in TV’s Baywatch.

3. Michelle Mclean of Namibia, Miss Universe 1992 – from Top 5 Finalist at Miss World in 1991 and winning Miss Universe in 1992.
Despite being the perceived frontrunner in the competition, Michelle only placed amongst the top 5 in the Miss World 1991 pageant. The 6’0″ statuesque model became the first and only Miss Universe winner from Namibia after her participation in Bangkok, Thailand a year later. After her victory, this African nation took 11 years before placing again in the Miss Universe pageant in 2003. As for Michelle, she later made a name as a philanthropist with the establishment of the Michelle McLean Children’s Trust in Namibia, which focuses on the education and care of under-privileged children.

4. Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana, Miss Universe 1999 – unplaced at Miss World 1997 to winning Miss Universe 1999.
The lithe 5’10” first competed in the Miss World pageant held in 7 in Baie Lazare, Seychelles against 85 other contestants. It was the first time that Botswana joined the Miss World pageant. Her participation in Miss Universe in 1999 was the first for her country as well. For the record, she is the only winner from Botswana and the only placement for them in MU. After her win, Botswana has never placed in the Miss Universe pageant for almost 2 decades. But that may change soon as Mpule is the current President of the Miss Universe Botswana Organization.

5. Catriona Gray of the Philippines, Miss Universe 2018 – Top 5 Finalist at Miss World 2016 and Miss Universe 2018.
She is the 4th Filipina to win the Miss Universe pageant and the Philippines is the 4th most successful country in the Miss Universe pageant after USA with 8 wins, Venezuela with 7 wins and Puerto Rico with 5 wins.Like Michelle McLean, Catriona was poised to be one of the major favorites to win the crown but only had to settle for a top 5 finish. The parrallels doesn’t end there as both were also crowned in Bangkok, Thailand.

Which Country Ruled the 90’s, Venezuela or India?

Over the years, pageant fans have asked what country dominated pageantry in the 1990’s. Some are quick to say that it is India who holds this distinction but I am here to fact check to see whether or not India or Venezuela who dominated that decade…


Miss Universe 1994, Sushmita Sen
Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai
Miss World 1997, Diana Hayden
Miss World 1999, Yukta Mookhey
Miss World 1991, Ninibeth Leal
Miss World 1995, Jacqueline Aguilera
Miss Universe 1996, Alicia Machado
Miss International 1997, Consuelo Adler

In terms of number of crowns won, both countries equaled each other. So we look into the runner up placement to break the tie and we see that Venezuela leads with 10 runner up placements to India’s 4.
Sharon Luengo, 2nd runner up MW1990
Francis Gago, 2nd runner up MW1992
Milka Chulina, 2nd runner up MU1993
Irene Ferreira, 2nd runner up MW1994
Minorka Mercado, 2nd runner up MU1994
Ana Maria Amorer, 1st runner up MI1995
Marena Bencomo, 1st runner up MU1997
Verushka Ramirez, 1st runner up MU1998
Daniela Kosan, 1st runner up MI1998
Martina Thorogood, 1st runner up MW1999

Madhu Sapre, 2nd runner up MU1992
Manpreet Brar, 1st runner up MU1995
Diya Abraham, 1st runner up MI1997
Shvetha Jaishankar,  2nd runner up MI1998

Despite this, it is safe to say that the 1990’s belonged to both India and Venezuela. Pageantry in that decade was always a hot contest between the two powerhouses… and when people thought of pageantry in the 90’s, they only remember those two.
PS: This list covers only the Alpha pageants MU, MI and MW as ME was only conceived in 2000.

Meet the Miss South Africa 2019 Finalists

After the spectacular runs of Rolene Strauss, Demi Leigh Nel Peters and Tamaryn Green as Miss South Africa winners, a new set of winners is about to be named!

This year 16 women will be vying for the honor to become the next Miss Universe SA and Miss World SA aside from the crown of Miss South Africa 2019. Meet the Top 16 in the running to take the coveted honor:
1. Beulah Baduza from Hatfield, Pretoria, is a 23-year old student studying for an LLB degree at the University of Pretoria. She lists her six role models as being her mother, Naomi Campbell, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Winnie Mandela and Serena Williams.
2. 21-year-old Chuma Matsaluka hails from Nyanga, Cape Town, and is currently in her third year in Humanities, majoring in anthropology, industrial sociology and political studies at the University of Cape Town. Describing herself as assertive, intelligent and compassionate, Chuma says people would be surprised to know that is very talkative.
3. Originally from Umhlanga in KZN, Danielle Wallace moved to Cape Town in June this year. She enjoys running, hiking and being outdoors, but she does confess that she loves nothing better than staying in her PJs all day watching Netflix.
4. Eloïse van der Westhuizen is from Panorama, Cape Town, and is a merchandise planner in Parow. A fan of MasterChef Australia, Game of Thrones and Survivor SA, her favourite meal is pulled lamb tagliatelle pasta which she’d love to share with her crush, Ryan Reynolds.
5. BA Law Graduate (Cum Laude) and currently in her first year of her LLB, 22-year old Errin Brits lives in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg. At the gym she listens to hip-hop but when relaxing enjoys Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Hozier and Steve Aoki.
6. Keabetswe Kanyane hails from Mobapane, Pretoria, where she works as an analyst and project coordinator. A real gym bunny, she also enjoys hosting, cooking and planning game nights.

7. Kgothatso Dithebe lives in Centurion, Pretoria, and is currently in her second year studying for an LLB Law Degree with the University of South Africa. She admires former Miss SA and Miss World Rolene Strauss whose grit and determination is something she strongly believes in.
8. Lisa Stoffela, 26, is currently based in Morningside, Johannesburg, but originally comes from Margate in Kwazulu-Natal. She has two older sisters, Tabisa (30) and Yum-Yum (29), who was named after the peanut butter, and would love to meet the actress Viola Davis because she is fierce and unafraid to take risks.
9. Port Elizabeth born and raised, 24-year old Loren Leigh Jenneker lives in Centurion, Pretoria, and is a full-time student doing a B.Com degree in Finance at the University of Johannesburg. An avid reader – currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – she also collects book donations and tutors children who are not at the required reading level.
10. Noluthando Bennett hails from Kagiso, Krugersdorp and is a freelance junior technical sound assistant and an events manager assistant. Previous Miss SA, who has inspired her is Jacqui Mofokeng “because she broke barriers and showed every young black woman that it’s possible to be crowned Miss SA.”
11. Nompumelelo Maduna, 24, from Rockville, Soweto, graduated with a B. Tech Marketing Management from the University of Johannesburg and currently works at a financial institution as a private banker. She keeps fit and active by playing netball and golf and is a trainer at The Model Academy teaching catwalk, confidence building and etiquette.
12. Entrepreneur and model, Sasha-Lee Olivier (26) is currently pursuing a double major in marketing and psychology at Wits University. A former Miss SA that inspires her is Amy Kleinhans-Curd, who in 1992 “displayed courage in choosing not to carry the old South African flag.”

13. Sibabalwe (Siba) Gcilitshana is from a village called Blythswood, close to the town of Nqamakwe in the Eastern Cape, but is now based in Bellville in Cape Town. Siba loves singing, meditating, hiking, cooking, travelling, catching up with current affairs, self-care, spending time with her family, reading and catching up with her favourite TV series Killing Eve.
14. 23-year-old Xia Narain comes from Chatsworth, KwaZulu Natal and is a model affiliated to Topco model agency in Cape Town, Edit Models in Turkey and Models International in Durban. Her role models include Madiba, Princess Diana, Oprah, Ellen De Generes and Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1994 and a Bollywood actress.
15. Zanele Phakathi, 20, from Soweto in Gauteng is a first-year Business Information Technology student at the University of Johannesburg and a model at Boss Models. She has won more than 70 pageant titles, the first being Little Miss Dobsonville in 2011.
16. Zozibini Tunzi currently resides in Gardens, Cape Town but her home is Tsolo, eSdwadweni in the Eastern Cape. She has three sisters, who she counts as her best friends and she would love to meet Caster Semenya to learn more from women like her “because they know what it takes to live an impactful life.”
SOURCE: https://www.channel24.co.za/The-Juice/News/here-are-the-miss-south-africa-2019-top-16-finalists-20190710

Age Requirements for the Alpha Pageants

Today’s blogpost is a reminder of the age limits in four of the biggest pageants: Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss World.
It is nothing new in terms of age limits in the exception for some major updates on the maximum ceiling age in pageants. It seems that all four pageants are becoming more open to women who are in their mid-20’s to later 20’s in terms of participation.

Miss Earth
– must be between the ages of 18 to 28 years old (until December 30th of the year they are competing).
Miss International – candidates must be of  18 years of age to 28 years of age on or before 1st November of the year they are competing.
Miss Universe – contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 28 as of January 1st in the year of they compete.
Miss World -contestants must be between 17 to 26 years old before the entry date of the Miss World contest (which is usually 2 months prior to the coronation).
The change of the MW age limits happened last 2nd quarter of 2018. This pageant has had some see-saw in it’s age requirements as they have increased the age limits in 2016 to 26, only to bring it back to 25 in 2017and now back up again. An update on the Miss Earth’s age limits was posted earlier this year by the different national franchises. Miss Earth’s contest rules on age doesn’t specify the cut off dates on the ages in their website. So it is assumed that as long as you are 18 to 28 within the year you are competing, then you are eligible.

Also there is still a notion that the cut off age for Miss International is still 24 where this was already increased in the year 2015. However, earlier in 2019, the Miss International official Instagram page posted an IG story announcing that the age limits has been increased to 27. It is all the more surprising that the Miss International further increased the age limits to 28 years old as the age cap last January 8, 2020. It also increased the minimum age from 17 to 18, thus having the same age range as that of the Miss Universe and Miss Earth pageants.

Miss World 2019 and the TW Investment Group/ TW Pageants

Last February 18th, an announcement has been made that Thailand will be hosting the Miss World 2019 pageant. This announcement was made by pageant owner Julia Morley with local organizing host TW Pageants’s Tanawat Wansom.

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Thailand Officially Confirmed as Host for 69th Miss World Final in 2019 The Miss World Organisation has announced the 69th Miss World Final will be hosted in Thailand. This is the first time in the history of Miss World that the month-long festival and final will take place in Thailand. During the press conference held at Phaya Thai Palace in Bangkok, Julia Morley said: "I am delighted to have been invited to hold the 2019 Miss World Final in Thailand. Given the country's rich culture and hospitality, the 'Land of Smiles' is the perfect place to welcome the 130 Miss World Nations." Delegates from 130 countries are scheduled to arrive in Thailand in November with the final to be held in December. During their month in Thailand they will participate in a string of preliminary activities and visit the most spectacular tourism sites across the country as well as take part in 'Beauty With A Purpose' fundraising activities to help good causes in Thailand. Tanawat Wansom, Chief Executive Officer of TW Pageants, said: "Following China, I am honoured to receive the right to host such a major beauty pageant like Miss World in Thailand. Working closely with the brilliant team of the Miss World Organisation, I believe this opportunity will bring tremendous joy to the Thai people as they will get to see the beautiful, talented Miss World contestants in action in their home country. We also expect that hosting the programme will be a major boost to promote Thai tourism, culture and hospitality to a global audience. As the official partner of Miss World Organisation, we will work hard to make sure that this prestigious event comes out perfectly." Photo by @oatnutphon Source: http://prnewswire.com . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #pageant #pageantry #vanessaponce #MissWorld #MissMundo #BeautywithaPurpose #bellezaconunproposito

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During the press conference held at Phaya Thai Palace in Bangkok, Julia Morley said: “I am delighted to have been invited to hold the 2019 Miss World Final in Thailand. Given the country’s rich culture and hospitality, the ‘Land of Smiles’ is the perfect place to welcome the 130 Miss World Nations.”*
One thing that Sashes&Scripts is a bit apprehensive with the Miss World hosting is the fact that the local organizer Tanawat Wansom, Chief Executive Officer of TW Pageants, failed to find sponsors for the Miss Universe pageant last year. Wansom, Chairman of Executive Directors of the TW Investment Group, and his local license for the MU pageant was dropped by the Miss Universe Organization 2 month before the pageant due to shady practices the company has blamed on unethical shareholders**. This prompted TPN 2018 Co., Ltd to take over the responsibility of making arrangements for the pageant in Bangkok last year.

Will TW Pageant finally make right with the Miss World pageant? Or will it have the same issues it had just like last year?
* https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/thailand-officially-confirmed-as-host-for-69th-miss-world-final-in-2019-300797175.html

Which is the Bigger Pageant: Miss Universe or Miss World?

For years there has been a debate on which is the bigger pageant between the UK-based Miss World and the US-owned Miss Universe. This blogpost will try to answer that age-old question…
How did the rivalry start? Well it was in the early 50’s that started it all. Rumor has it that the first Miss World pageant was held as a response to rumors that there was a move to revive the old defunct Miss Universe from the late 20’s/ early 30’s. So how do we quantify which is the bigger pageant? By looking at data of course!

Google Analytics paints a very clear picture on which pageant is most searched online. With data going as far back in 2004, we can gauge how the two pageant has performed in terms of popular searches.
Interest Over Time (the popularity of that term over a specified time range) shows us that since 2004, the Miss Universe pageant has dominated search popularity, with Miss World falling behind. The only time that MW has come close to the popularity that the MU pageant is enjoying is in 2013, when Megan Young won the crown in Bali, Indonesia. In the year of Megan’s reign, the Miss world enjoyed online popularity boosted by Filipino pageant fans. However that went on a decline specially in 2015 when Ariadna Gutierrez of Colombia was mistakenly named winner. Pia Wurtzbach  enjoyed one of the most talked about reign with searches for “Miss Universe 2015” outperforming all other editions to date. It also helped that her popularity among Pinoy pageant fans kept much of the spotlight on her reign. The MU sustained its lead in the 2016 edition when the pageant was held in the Philippines.
Originally the Miss World pageant was named Festival Bikini contest with 16 candidates (11 of which were from Great Britain) participating. It was only the press that branded it as Miss World and the name has stuck and was adapted ever since. A year after the first Miss World pageant took place, the Miss Universe was born in Long Beach, California and it attracted 30 candidates on its initial outing.

In terms of pageant participation, the Miss World pageant has the slight advantage with having an average of 72. 17∼ 72 candidates since its inception. The Miss Universe pageant on the other hand has an average of 68.52 ∼69 candidates. We must note here that the Miss Universe pageant has a higher average franchise fee than Miss World, hence the higher number of countries being able to afford the relatively cheaper MW franchise fee.
The most number of Miss World participants was in 2013 with 127 candidates joining. Their least number of participants was in 1952 with only 11 ladies joining. As for the Miss Universe pageant their least number of candidates was in 1953 with 26 countries joining. They had the most number of contestants in 2018 when the pageant was held in Bangkok, Thailand for the 3rd time with 94 entrants.

Going back to the data from Google Analytics, let’s talk about the search volume. Search Volume is simply the amount or quantity of searches that occur for a particular keyword or term. Based on “high volume search” regions the countries that had the most queries on the MU pageant were: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Slovakia (Slovak Rep), United States and the Philippines. For MW searches, the countries that topped the list were: Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Looking at the search per region, inclusive of “low volume search” regions, the pageant that seems to have the biggest slice of the pie is still the Miss Universe pageant. Europe and Asia is a “blue sea” market with both pageants seemingly having equal slice of the pie. Africa leans heavily towards the Miss World pageant while the Miss Universe pageant is basically the number one in North & South America and majority of the Caribbean.
Interest per region shows that in terms of countries, the Miss World pageant has seemingly have a bigger number of countries that have queried the term. If you could also notice that the most searched years of the pageant were years when a Filipina won the crown. Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has surely boosted each of their respective pageant’s interest.

In conclusion, how you interpret the question “which is the bigger pageant” may vary based on your personal biases. However, historical data and Google Analytics don’t lie…

Scandalous Revelations from “Exposing Miss World Contest” Pt.2

How has the Miss World used the Filipino pageant fandom to gain buzz? How has it been using former Miss World Megan Young and the Miss World Philippines national director to further its pageant base in the country?
The Facebook page Exposing Miss World Contest continuous to reveal shocking allegations against the MW pageant.
Disclaimer: these are expose lifted from the page itself and were copied verbatim so as not to alter meaning of the material posted on the page.

These are some of the shocking revelations…
Post Dated December 12 –  During the couple of days… I have had many messages from Filipinos to speak out against the 2016 results. Although I am not the biggest fan of Catriona (I had my other favourites) that contest was also fixed. MWO decided to no longer continue to crown Mexico (intended winner) after she posed nude on a social media site, Instagram. Which was deleted 3 minutes after. Lupita Jones the former director for Miss World in Mexico had sent the organisation the snapshot. We still don’t know why Lupita would have done such a thing. While the org assumed that it was photoshopped, Miss Mexico 2016 made a public apology to the contestants and organisation for posing nude. Yes, she admitted it! However, Miss World is a conservative brand and rightfully so. Any contestant of the 2016 class would tell you this is true. But the 2016 pageant wasn’t rigged for Catriona. She was lucky to even make it that far. I will be posting more about this soon and telling you how Megan and Arnold are being used for a PR crisis due to the 2016 incident…
Reply to a comment on December 13
Comment – All the results are fixed and Megan was also a personal choice of JM.
Exposing Miss World Contest reply – She was. It was a business deal.
Post Dated December 30 – FILIPINOS, if you all had integrity you will boycott Mr World in your country. Because with Stephanie as advisor to MWO and Beauty With a Purpose ambassador (she took over from the late Irish Indian, Krish Naidoo) will make sure to sabotaged The Philippines. Poor Arnold is being used. When MWO received the backlash from 2016 from Indonesia’s director Lilliana judging. MWO decided to make Arnold a scapegoat. He will be sitting on the judging panel annually to make it seem national directors should judge and justify Stephanie’s win. Since he started judging, Stephen Morley has not invited Crookish Lilliana. Indonesia crown is near but MW doesn’t like the plain janes, Lilliana sends.
Poor Arnold is being used! He will sit on the judging panel thinking Miss World is fair. While Donna, Mike, Andrew and Julia all have the same exact results.

Post Dated December 30, 7:45am – Meet Donna Derby Walsh. The Dance choreographer of Miss World. She is the mother of homosexual Miss World host, Barney Walsh. Barney has been having gay sex with Frankie Cena but Barney has a girlfriend, oh sweet Stephanie Del Valle… Donna has been sitting on the Miss World judging panel every year to manipulate the already known result. Come 2019 Miss World, Donna will be sitting on all the preliminary judging panel and the finale judging panel to fixed the pageant to Stephen Morley wishes. How can an unqualified dance coach have knowledge on Top Model and sit on the judging panel every year? The right questions you guys don’t ask 👀 But I don’t blame you… Mike Dixon profile is coming up next.
Post Dated December 30, 7:50am –  So you have already met Donna Walsh aka Donna Derby. Meet now, one of Britain’s best musical director and a close friend of mine, Mike Dixon. I wouldn’t be too harsh on Mike as he is a nice guy. He is the most talented producer I have ever known. Her majesty recommend him. But Mike, stop this nonsense! Mike has been on the judging panel annually to rigged the competition that is already determined. Hence Miss World under STEPHEN Morley has been using the same judges. This never happened in Eric Morley days.

Post Dated December 30, 7:58 AM – Next profile is the snobbish cunt that is Andrew. Andrew is the official hair and make up stylist of Miss World. In order for Stephen Morley to manipulate the results, Good for nothing Andrew sits on the panel to manipulate the results. Ask yourself why does a hairstylist sit on the panel every year. Aren’t they more qualified judges? Laugh out loud. Franchises are dumb not to see all this mess. I’m happy that delegates are sharing my posts and former national directors. Thank you guys so much. 
Come 2019, Andrew, Donna, Mike and Julia will sit on the panel to manipulate the results. Julia, No longer sits on the preliminary judging panel e.g. top model. Mike, Donna and Andrew still do. They will never invite professional judges.
Post Dated December 10Mexico win was POLITICAL – Miss Mexico 2018, Vanessa Ponce De Leon victory was a political move. She knew she had won Miss World as she was told by the team. Everything was a plan and she was a part of it. Vanessa knew about the Multimedia challenge before anyone. Since July. Hence she started on Mobstar (an app used for the contest) prior every other contestants. She wasn’t the one operating her Mobstar account. There were several people back in her country posting for her. Nepal became a threat for Vanessa. They led the Multimedia competition. A competition Vanessa thought she had. France win in the Top Model fast track was also determined beforehand. They tried to saved her as there wasn’t any other preliminary contest she could have done well in. As I said, France is geared towards winning in the future. This is because of a potential host country of Miss World and before Miss World 1953 from France dies. It is her dream to see France wearing the converted royal blue crown. Stephen Douglas Morley on the day for the Head to Head challenge (round two) told the judges that T&T would get in through the judges choice hence for the three (3) Miss World judges to choose Vanessa. Vanessa upon an invitation with Steve, Eric, Mike and Donna choose the remaining 13 contestants. Possible threats for her such as Australia, Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago (Oxford University Lawyer) were left out. Those three (3) countries should never send delegates to Miss World again. Hence you have seen girls that cannot speak well got in. Also, countries that are good business wise. Delegates were intentionally kept out.
Sashes&Scripts believes that there is more to this story and that we haven’t heard the last of it. We are also waiting for any signs of counter from the Miss World organization as it paints their pageant negatively. The best we can do for now is wait and drink tea…
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