#FashionFridays: Maureen Wroblewitz for StarStyle.Ph

Maureen Wroblewitz is featured on StarStyle.Ph… The German-Filipina, fresh from her win has just been shot by Miguel Almajan and styled by Ryuji Shiomitsu.

Here are snippets of her interview with Starstyle.Ph:
Did you ever feel insecure to live with some of the most beautiful girls in Asia?
Oh I already prepared myself before going there. I was like, “I’m going to feel insecure especially because of my height, my age, and my modeling experience.” It was not even them being beautiful, it was mostly about their modeling experience and their height because I was the shortest. That was what made me really insecure. Especially when they were telling me that I’m “just a pretty face.” That was hard because that was something I always wanted to prove wrong.
Was there ever a time you wanted to give up because of the bullying you experienced?
Oh yeah. There were plenty of times I felt like, “Why am I like still here? Just eliminate me.” There were times of frustration but I always thought to myself—especially when I was the last Filipina left, I knew that this was no time for giving up and it was something I always wanted to prove to myself, that I don’t give up and that I am strong and I can fight haters.

What was your biggest motivation?
My biggest motivation was actually the Philippines. A Filipina has never won the competition so that was one of the biggest motivations. But also my mom because she’s always believed in me and I always wanted to prove to everyone and to myself that I am as strong as she was.
What are you looking forward to the most this year?
I’m looking forward to really living my dream, to really do what I love to do and always waited to do. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of my supporters and to hopefully travel outside of the Philippines.

Source: http://www.starstyle.ph

Aleksa Gavrilovic for Dolce & Gabbana Capri Collection

It seems that the gorgeous Mister Universal Ambassador Aleksa Gavrilovic is fast becoming a Dolce & Gabbana favorite model.

Today’s #FashionFridays post is on Serbian Aleksa Gavrilovic. The 6’1″ hunk with chiseled jaws is highly visible at the Dolce & Gabbana online store wearing the latest Capri collection from the designer duo. The Capri collection features “the traditional Sicilian majolica ceramics are linked to the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea in the prints of this collection” (as described in the website. Aleksa is featured wearing 7 looks from the collection.

But that is not the only thing going for him as he is also to walk once again for the designer duo’s Alta Sartoria collection (men’s haute couture collection) this coming July 8th.

#FashionFridays: Aleksa Gavrilovic for Men’s Health Magazine

Mister Universal Ambassador Aleksa Gavrilovic is turning out to be one of the busiest and most fashionably booked winner among last year’s bevy of winners. Aleksa is featured in the recent Men’s Health Magazine with a 7 page fashion editorial entitled “Let’s Go to the Beach”. The 6’1″ is on the June 2017 edition of the magazine with pictures shot by fashion photographer Milos Nadazdin.

That gorgeous face of his…


#FashionFridays: Aleksa Gavrilovic for Dolce & Gabbana Sartoria SS’18

It is Friday so it must be time for another #FashionFridays post. 

It’s Menswear Fashion Week in Milan and we see reigning Mister Universal Ambassador Aleksa Gavrilovic walking the secret fashion show of Dolce & Gabbana Sartoria show for Spring-Summer 2018. The show happened the evening before the unveiling of the designer duo’s SS 2018 collection. The Sartoria collection is a much different affair as a handfull journalists were invited to the more intimate show without their knowledge that they will be witnessing the tailoring collection of the Milan-based fashion house.

Aleksa walked the runway at Dolce & Gabbana’s perma-buzzy Martini Bar on Corso Venezia. He was one of the models joining with other Dolce & Gabbana male model favorites like Adam Senn, Sam Webb, Evandro Soldati and Arthur Kulkov.


#FashionFridays: My First Philippine Fashion Week Collection

Allow me to do a self-serving post for today. Instead of a pageant-related #FashionFridays, I thought I’d bring you the first time I showed my menswear collection at the Philippine Fashion Week.

Due to the lightspeed pace backstage, there were some clothes that weren’t worn properly with their respective accessories/ caps…
These two trench coats are actually convertible to jackets with a removable zipper on the lower portion of the coat…

Back in May 2010, I was one of the last New Generation designers to become part of the PFW. The bi-annual celebration of the Philippines’ best fashion creatives was a showcase of creativity and budding talent. Even then I was bitten by the fashion bug to which continues as I still work under the fashion retail industry. Even then my fashion design was visual driven and directional but never reductive or unresearched. My fashions was perhaps not easily palatable to the Philippine market as they were straddling the line of wearability and creative vision. Looking back, I always made clothes for the lean man, which was quite a contrast in those days as most male models were of the bulky masculine sort which was a tailoring challenge. 

The styling reference for the adjustable straps of the long-sleeved shirt..
Perhaps my most favorite outfit in the entire collection is this half-blazer that was the opener of my show…

The Collection Brief:
The collection is infused with K-pop and J-pop elements restrained with the use of linear silhouettes. It emphasizes the details rather than introducing new silhouettes and shapes. Silhouettes are pretty much straight and skinny made interesting by different lengths and volumes.
The highlights of the collection are the jackets and woven shirts with focus on the neck and chest area through different necklines and collars. There are detachable collars for some of the woven tops, tops that morph into other silhouettes, soft cowls and stiff bib details through pleats and facings. Straps, bows and ribbons are the main details of the collection. While ginghams and dots provide the only print direction, a play on their size creates drama. There is only one silhouette for the pants, skinny with waistband focus.

The photos in this blogpost is as much a throwback as a looking forward. It is good to look back at those bygone days to see how I have come so far in my career… Who knows in 5-10 years from now, I might be convinced to open up my own designer label…

Fashion Face-Off: Gwendoline Ruais vs. Mariel de Leon

This is gonna be a #FashionFridays that brings back an old blog series. It has been a long time since I have discontinued the Fashion Face-Off series for the blog. But today I just couldn’t help to do one on 2011 Miss World 1st runner up Gwendoline Ruais and Mariel de Leon. As you can see, both ladies are wearing the similar looking design by Cary Santiago. Gwen was the sleevesless gown version and Mariel as a Philippine terno.
Who do you think wore it best?