S/S 2018 Fashion Trend Series: Fabrics and Embellishments Pt.2

Continuing our scheduled #FashionFridays in this 3rd Friday of January is the 2nd part of the fabrics and prints portion of the series.
This coming Spring/ Summer 2018 expect a lot of glitters to come out of everyone’s wardrobe. And show a little (or a lot) of skin as we go into the hot summer months.

* Disco Redux – Sequins as resistance, how about that? At Paco Rabanne, Julien Dossena responded to the terror of the world by looking to Paris’s discotheques for inspiration, sending out catsuits and minidresses dripping with sequins.

* Lamé – Sparkles, sequins in gold and silver shine brightly with a resolutely contemporary energy, reflecting a desire for a dazzling elegance, made all the more magnificent when worn as a full look.

Tulle – It’s festive, it’s glamorous and it’s sheer! Tulle was the fabric of preference at the Milan shows.

Satin and Shine – Satin was the dominant fabric during the London shows for two great reasons. First, its sheen instantly elevates any silhouette; second, its inherent fluidity and lightness makes it comfortable to wear all night long.

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S/S 2018 Fashion Trend Series: Fabrics and Embellishments Pt.1

Just a clarification on this #FashionFridays series, these trends presented here are a summary of all the Spring/ Summer 2018 trends that were sifted as to those that could apply to pageants. I have also included several crossover trends from Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 that could still be very apt for the upcoming pageant season.

* Ostrich Feathers – A flurry of feathers for a touch of couture, the common denominator at Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel. White only, and soft, stylish and poised.

* Polka Dots – A simple but effective motif, polka dots zere all over this season. Use and abuse on one condition: stick to black and white.

* Galactic Prints – From flying saucers to stars via the all-over astronaut prints at Chanel, fashion took flight for new frontiers with interplanetary inspirations. Think little 60s-style dresses, silver-studded denim and silk as light as zero gravity.

Fringe – The Italian runways were brimming with a quintessential celebratory element — made livelier with party pieces that can be shaken from dusk till dawn.

* Ruffles – The spring catwalks are cascading with ruffles and it’s neat to think that perhaps it’s an antidote to all the smooth, languid silks and long, lean silhouettes we enjoyed last season.

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S/S 2018 Fashion Trend Series: The Colors

Fashion trend adoption in pageants tend to be a little late. In fact, the reason why I didn’t do a “best of” among pageant gowns of 2017 is because I felt that all the gowns I have seen were permutations of previous pageant gowns before. In the exception of Maxine Medina’s emerald green fringe dress and Kevin Liliana’s powder blue exaggerated sleeved gown, I didn’t find any new groundbreaking look among pageant gowns in 2017. That is why for the month of January during #FashionFridays, I am out to help poor fashion-unaware pageant girls of the incoming trends for Spring- Summer 2018.

First off are the fashion colors of 2018. Of course the age-old white, nude, gold, silver and red won’t be out of style in pageants. But if every girl are using those colors wouldn’t you want to experiment on something different, color-wise? Here are the colors that you might want to try from the Pantone color NYC forecast…
* Meadowlark – Pantone 13-0646, The bold and lively Meadowlark, a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade highlights the spring 2018 season, glistening with joy and illuminating the world around us.
Cherry Tomato – PANTONE 17-1563, Impulsive Cherry Tomato is a tempestuous orangey red that exudes heat and energy. Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored, shade is viscerally alive.
Little Boy Blue – PANTONE 16-4132, With the expectation of the clear blue sky, Little Boy Blue is no longer for little boys only. Suggestive of expansiveness and continuity, this azure blue shade reassures us with its promise of a new day.
Pink Lavender – PANTONE 14-3207, Pink Lavender is a soft and romantic violet rose that charms with its soothing sense of quiescence.
* Arcadia – PANTONE 16-5533, Hinting at retro yet at the same time modern, Arcadia is a cooler, cleaner take on green that with its tinge of blue undertone takes us into a new direction for the spring 2018 season.
Ultra Violet – PANTONE 18-3838, Conveying originality and ingenuity, the magical Ultra Violet is a distinctive and complex purple shade that fascinates and intrigues.
There are more S/S ’18 colors on the link provided on the source below. My personal pick would be Meadowlark as it has a very come-hither appeal to it. But I would want you to pay closer attention to the color Ultraviolet as it is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year. You might want to try this color to stand out among the rest.
More Spring/ Summer 2018 fashion forecast in the upcoming weeks ahead, so you better stay tuned!

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MU, MW and MI: The Heritage Brands of Pageantry

When we speak of luxury heritage brands in fashion, we speak of the history, craftsmanship and tradition of long withstanding brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Chanel, Dior or TAG Heuer. Some of these brands have been in existence since the 1850’s to the 1950’s and carries with them a sense of timelessness and longevity. For international pageants, only three has come close to be called such: Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International. Among the most popular international pageants, these three has withstood the test of time being in existence for at least 50 years. We can actually nickname Miss World is the Hermes of pageantry, Miss International is Chanel and Miss Universe is Dior.

Technically, the Miss Universe pageant is the oldest international pageant title in existence. Did you know that in 1926, there used to be Miss Universe pageant organized by the International Pageant of Pulchritude? This existed until 1935 and was based in Galveston, Texas. The first Miss Universe Pageant that we now know of was held in Long Beach, California in 1952 by Pacific Knitting Mills, manufacturer of Catalina Swimwear. The pageant was first televised in 1955.  In 1998, Miss Universe, Inc. changed its name to Miss Universe Organization after Donald Trump acquired the pageant. It moved its headquarters from California to New York City in the same year.

Did you know that the Miss World got it name not from the organizers of the pageant but from the press that covered the competition? The first pageant was organized by founder Eric Morley and called it Festival Bikini Contest as it was held at the Festival of Britain celebration held in 1951. The name Miss World stuck to the pageant and was used since then. The first pageant gathered 26 contestants with 10 coming from Great Britain. In 1959, the British Broadcasting Corporation started televising the pageant. And it 1980, the Beauty with a Purpose re-branded the pageant, although the pageant stopped being broadcast in Britain in the year 1988.

Since 1972, the Miss International pageant has been primarily held in Japan, although it traces its roots in Long Beach, California. The pageant was first held in 1960 which saw Stella Marquez besting 51 others for the title. The pageant ownership have changed since moving to Japan and was called Japan Beauty Congress Association. It was in 1975 when the organization was finally renamed International Cultural Association which has remained to this day.
High voltage prestige, being timeless and a long history is one of the key elements to be called a luxury heritage brand. something that the three oldest pageants in the earth could easily boast of. But its not just those that makes these three pageants heritage brands, it is their commitment to their causes that continuously makes them some of the most relevant competitions around.


Miss Earth isn’t included in the list as ME is comparatively too young. The Miss Universe, Miss World & Miss International pageants has been in existence for at least 50 years.

#FashionFridays: Luong Gia Huy in an Asiana-themed Fashion Spread

Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 Luong Gia Huy is quite an in-demand model in his home country of Vietnam. He got hist break from the Vietnam Supermodel contest in 2015. The 22 year old model, who stands at 5’11”, was initially compared to KPop superstar Choi Siwon for his looks.

Luong Gia Huy is a veteran model in Vietnam…

#FashionFridays: Miss Universe Wardrobe Wishlist for Rachel Peters

I have talked a couple of weeks ago about preparing your pageant wardrobe. And today’s #FashionFridays post will be about my take on a pageant wardrobe for Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters.
Rachel has a fun loving free spirited vibe to her. But there is a kind of feminine sensuality in her that isn’t overtly seen. Rachel shines best when she wears clothes without too much frills…no fussy details, no laces, no florals, just clean lines. So I imagined that she would be perfect in a wardrobe that is a shout-out to designers like Balmain, Lanvin and Versace.

The Silhouettes: linear silhouettes to emphasize Rachel’s height and proportions, boned corseted bodices that act like armour, pinched waists
The Colors: Gold, Mango and Canary (only for the key pieces of the collection)
The Fabrics: silk gazaar, silk back crepe, mid-weight coated twill,
The Design Elements: huge flirty flounces, zipper back details on pencil skirts, suede finish crocodile tone-on-tone prints, Swarovski crystals in different shapes & sizes mirroring shattered glass, printed paillettes with matte gold back…

A collection of daywear separates

The first set of clothes is a group of separates that comprises of a corset and cigarette pants that has printed sequins with matte gold back (which changes colors depending on how one pats down the sequins), a pencil skirt with suede croc print and a zip back detail, a loose square blazer with tone-on-tone gold-thread embroidery, a double breasted sleeveless blazer with corseted bodice and slim leg pants both with suede croc print. This set conveys strong empowered young woman.

A collection of more formal clothes for events…

The second group of clothes are dressier outfits that can cross from day to nighttime events. Huge flounces, printed sequins, suede finish crocodile prints and back zip details adds coherence in this group. This has a more decidedly sexy vibe to it but adds some flirty fun into it.

Evening gowns and Interview outfits… The pleated ball gown has a deep V on the back as the front but with gold-thread embroidery.
Evening gowns and Interview outfits…

The last set has a haute couture feel to it that is gonna have people look twice on the wearer. A play on symmetry and pattern manipulation is made on these outfits to have more of an Alber Elbaz’ Lanvin feel to them. Nude tulle detail with embroidery or polymorphic crystal detail ties the gowns together. Bling is dialed down to a minimum but the exaggerated flounces and swags adds enough drama to the entire collection.
This collection is a simple wishlist and an exercise in creativity. Hopefully Rachel would be given a great wardrobe for Miss Universe this year. 

#FashionFridays: Maureen Wroblewitz for StarStyle.Ph

Maureen Wroblewitz is featured on StarStyle.Ph… The German-Filipina, fresh from her win has just been shot by Miguel Almajan and styled by Ryuji Shiomitsu.

Here are snippets of her interview with Starstyle.Ph:
Did you ever feel insecure to live with some of the most beautiful girls in Asia?
Oh I already prepared myself before going there. I was like, “I’m going to feel insecure especially because of my height, my age, and my modeling experience.” It was not even them being beautiful, it was mostly about their modeling experience and their height because I was the shortest. That was what made me really insecure. Especially when they were telling me that I’m “just a pretty face.” That was hard because that was something I always wanted to prove wrong.
Was there ever a time you wanted to give up because of the bullying you experienced?
Oh yeah. There were plenty of times I felt like, “Why am I like still here? Just eliminate me.” There were times of frustration but I always thought to myself—especially when I was the last Filipina left, I knew that this was no time for giving up and it was something I always wanted to prove to myself, that I don’t give up and that I am strong and I can fight haters.

What was your biggest motivation?
My biggest motivation was actually the Philippines. A Filipina has never won the competition so that was one of the biggest motivations. But also my mom because she’s always believed in me and I always wanted to prove to everyone and to myself that I am as strong as she was.
What are you looking forward to the most this year?
I’m looking forward to really living my dream, to really do what I love to do and always waited to do. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of my supporters and to hopefully travel outside of the Philippines.

Source: http://www.starstyle.ph