Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach’s Travels (So Far)

So far so good for reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach as she has traveled to 11 countries into her reign. The German-Filipina beauty has clocked in several miles into her air mileage having extensively shuttled between key cities in the US and the Philippines aside from her other international travels.

Below are the countries that she has visited so far…
1. Indonesia
2. Canada
3. Peru
4. Ecuador
5. Cayman Islands
6. Thailand
7. Panama
8. Philippines
9. Multiple cities in the USA: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York & Las Vegas
10. United Arab Emirates
11. Singapore


Angelica Alita & Jehza Huelar for Bb Pilipinas 2017?

Will we be seeing Binibining Pilipinas 2016 runners up Angelica Alita and Jehza Huelar in Bb. Pilipinas 2017?

Rumors circulating among pageant insiders is that the two runners up this year will be turning over their titles as reigning beauties for another shot at the nationals next year. Looking at these photos, looks like Angelica has ‘prepared’ more in terms of her looks… gone are the gummy smile that she has been identified with and we see a more mestiza beauty here. Jehza on the other hand could go for the Maricar Balagtas looks where a more dusky countenance would be better suited.

Will we be looking at a 2012 scenario where both runners up (Janine Tugonon and MJ Lastimosa) from the previous year relinquishing their titles for another shot of the title? We will find out later as training & preparations for the nationals will be starting this December and January. Question is whose fate among these two will be that of Janine’s or MJ’s? 

PhotoCollage of the Day: Kian Sumague’s Dapper Pics

 Looking all dapper and devilishly handsome...
Looking all dapper and devilishly handsome…

If there was something I like about Kian Sumague’s face is the fact that he has a masculine face with high cheekbones and strong jawline. This is why he would be a great model for face & beauty products.

Photog: Niño Panagsagan
HaMu: Cheska Fandialan
Styling: Ghune Katigbak
Location: Velvet Stills

Special thanks to Sir Ghune for these pics…

10 Signs that You are Watching an Omega-level Pageant

Yesterday evening I had funny discourse between me and a former colleague in the fashion biz. We were discussing about a controversy about a pageant result which lead to my colleague blurting out a list of signs that a pageant is a ‘minor’ pageant (Omega level pageant if you will). Plus the fact that he is friends with a number of our beauty queens and their horrid and horrible backstage stories would either be a source of laughter, dismay or a full-body cringe.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a number of pageants but we have to agree that because of the over abundance of pageant nowadays (they seem to reproduce like rabbits on Viagra), the standards and the expectations are just quite too high from pageant connoisseurs to be called a certain level of quality.
I wouldn’t take credit on this list as it was not mine, but please take no offense as this was made purely as a joke with loads of sarcasm… I was just entertained with the funny one liners in the conversation…
1. Not enough food for the candidates – when candidates bluntly tell that they are starving, hungry or there is not enough food, that’s a sure sign of a low budgeted production. More so when candidates would post later on that they have to buy food on their own because ‘they ran out of breakfast’ at the hotel… Imagine the scenario of starving skinny beauconeras saying “gutoomm na kameeehhh“…
2. No Finals Night Rundown of events/ script – not this is something that the production team should have. Not having this would make the pageant susceptible to errors in announcement of winners. Just think of this, if a highly produced MU pageant managed to have a mistake last year, how much more for those that don’t have a script.
3. When there is only one or two good looking candidate – for an international competition, this would be bad. Guaranteed that standards of beauty may vary but when the pendulum swings on polar opposites in terms of candidate quality then that might not be a good indicator. More so if those two end up only as runners up with a ‘questionable winner’… or as my friend would say “nautusan lang bumili ng patis tapos beauty queen na nung bumalik“.
4. When there are two reps from one country – this I agree on specially if they represent separate regions/ provinces of that country. How would you feel having a Miss North Philippines, Miss Middle Philippines and a Miss South Philippines all in one pageant? As my friend would say ‘the more, the many-er’…or ‘pandagdag tao sa stage‘…
5. No makeup room/ area, not enough makeup artist & hairdressers– now that’s a sign to be alarmed when candidates do their makeup and hair on the bathroom of the hotel or on the floor of the halls. Gives a whole new meaning to the Andrew E song “Banyo Queen“.
6. When you have multiple versions of the pageant name or have different versions of the same pageant – need we explain more? #pageantversionabc #pageantspamore #misstourismpamore #unlipageant #unlibeauconto888
7. No official sponsors – no makeup sponsor, no swimsuit sponsor, no official media partner, no official hotel/ accommodation partner, etc… makes you question where do they get the money to run the pageant? This would specially be fishy as the money would be coming mainly from the pockets of the candidates or the national org sending candidates. “Yung pinagkakakitaan lang kayo…” as my friend would say.
8. When a National Director also serves as a judge on the finals – we know a number of pageants guilty of this… even an Alpha pageant is found guilty of this last year…
9. Last minute change of pageant format – No sash or trophy for special awardees/ runners up and yet these are announced suddenly during the finals. Or when a candidate suddenly makes top 10 or top 5 without prior information that a candidate will make semis/ top 5 if they win a certain special award – this is just obvious people. Rigging as its best, or what Latinos call ‘tramoya’
10. When a part of the stage collapses during the finals night – remember the Kris Aquino joke in the late 90’s? Well you get the picture…
Can you think of more signs to add to this list? LOLs

PS, photo no relation to the blogpost… And thanks JGBeks for making me laugh with this topic…

Mister Supranational Balarus, Sergey Bindalov

Heat up your Tuesday with a certified hunk! Mister Supranational Belarus Sergey Bindalov is arguably one of the best candidates in this year’s competition!

Age: 29
Height: 1.88 m/ 6’2″
Hometown: Mogilev
Education/Occupation : Sales Manager / Model
Hobbies : reading, motorcycles, martial arts

Did you know that he works as a sales manager in a designer label brand in Greece? Some say it was Armani, hence he looks so dapper in his style. He speaks three languages: Belarussian, English and Russian, though it won’t be surprising to hear him speak Greek.
Where do you put this 6’2″ dusky blonde hunk in your list? A possible winner perhaps? 

A Maria Clara for Catriona Gray’s National Costume

During the press send off of Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray, she sang several lines of the Pinoy OPM classic “Sana’y Wala ng Wakas” as requested by Sir Norman Tinio. That song triggered memories from 2014 when Aces & Queens’ Carlos Buendia and I were mulling over possible Dances of the World options for then Miss World Philippines Valerie Weigmann. One of those options was the Mantones de Seda which was suggested based on Valerie’s mestiza looks (this was later scrapped to give way with a more ethnic-related option to tie-in with her BWAP).

Yes, it takes a lot of research to do three options for Valerie’s possible costume options. One of the multitude of costume ideas/ illustrations I made was inspired from a black and white vintage photograph of an authentic Maria Clara worn by a meztiza in the 1800s. There were two options of this costume, one in black and white, the other in blush pink without the pañuelo (to allow more freedom of movement). It would have been marvelous to have seen this illustration come to life. More so if Catriona would be able to dance to the costume in the Dances of the World segment. Imagine having Catriona dance the Mantones de Seda with the accompaniment of a solo guitar like how the Bayanihan dance company performed it.

As a bonus, I am throwing in a video that became the start-off point of the design, here is the Bayanihan National Folk Dance Company in Pasinaya 2012: CCP Open House Festival…

Nichole Manalo is named Miss Globe 2016 – 3rd Runner up!

Congratulations Nichole Manalo for winning Miss Globe 2016 3rd Runner-up while Miss South Africa is Miss Globe 2016 4th Runner-up!

No, this is not a Steve Harvey moment, but rather an embarrassing fluke of having the names of the third and fourth runner up placed on a different envelope. So it was announced by the organization earlier today together with the crowning and giving of the certificate for Nichole.
More on this news as it unfolds later…

UPDATE 11/29/2016
It was revealed by the Miss Globe Canada national Director that the error was made when the ‘separate envelopes’ containing the names of the 3rd and 4th runners up were not read by the emcee. Miss South Africa, who already left prior to this announcement, will be send her 4th runner up sash and certificate. 

Mister Model Paraguay Edmaycom Silva’s Risque Costume

This has got to be one of the most risque national costumes I have seen recently… Mister Model Paraguay Edmaycom Silva can sure turn heads with this costume as it seems to defy laws of construction. How can his loincloth stand without any (seemingly) form of support? How did his designer, Alfredo Gaona do it?

Ideas anyone?

Mister Supranational Philippines, AR dela Serna

Leaving several days ago for the competition, the 6’0” AR dela Serna is expected to be a hit in Poland with his matinee good looks. The youthful looking, square-jawed AR was one of the lads I have previously interviewed in 2015 when he was still a hopeful for Misters of Filipinas. He has bulked up since then and is now going to compete at the inaugural pageant which drew 36 other competitors around the globe.

Age: 23
Height: 1.83 m/ 6’0″
Hometown: Tagbilaran City
Education/Occupation : BA in Business Administration
Hobbies : swimming, reading, going to the gym

AR is expected to get tough competition from the candidates from Poland, Brazil, India and Venezuela. Nevertheless we wish AR the best of luck in the competition.

Pilar Pilapil on Journey to the Crown on ETC

The Journey to the Crown continues on ETC channel and today we have some pageant trivia on the guest for you!

Binibining Pilipinas Universe 1967 and critically-acclaimed actress Pilar Pilapil is going to be interviewed for today’s show! But didn’t you know that she was underaged when she competed in Miss Universe? She was born in October of 1950 which made her only 16 years old when she competed! The minimum age requirement was 18 years old but she competed nonetheless. Pageant experts from the 60’s believed that despite her being a strong contender, she was bypassed in the MU semis due to suspicion on her age. Rumor has it that she was a favorite by some of the judges  and the organizing committee members and that she could have made it into the list of semi-finalists. In her autobiography, she revealed that she was asked by the officials if she was indeed 18 years old by the time she competed. Had she competed in 1969 at age 18, she could have been our first Miss Universe!

How’s that for a pageant trivia for you. Journey to the Crown  is telecast on ETC channel every Sunday at 7:30pm.