2013-2016: Six Alpha Crowns for the Philippines

When boredom strikes, creativity follows. This is exactly what happened prior to my #Funart banner today. I found myself with nothing to do yesterday with my day off, so I started organizing the hundreds of downloaded photos I have on my computer. Lo and behold! I have kept photos, high resolution at that, of the crowning of our latest Alpha pageant queens from 2013!
Did you know that even if the Philippines only started to compete in the 2010’s, we would have been the fastest country to win all Alpha pageant tiles (Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe, and Miss World) in the shortest span of time. We practically won them all in just a matter of 3 years! Megan Young and Bea Rose Santiago won the Miss World and Miss International titles respectively in 2013 and started the ball rolling. Then our sole Alpha pageant queen in 2014 was courtesy of Miss Earth Jamie Herrell, who then passed on her title to another Filipina in 2015. Angelia Ong proved that a back to back win is indeed difficult but possible winning the title in a European dominated panel of judges in Austria. Then came the icing on the cake, when Pia Wurtzbach won in a very shocking announcement error in Miss Universe 2015. Continuing the winning streak is Kylie Verzosa who wowed the judges in Japan and inching the gap closer between our country and Venezuela with her Miss International win.

Will we continue the winning streak next year? This blogger is sure excited to find that out….especially now that I am privy to several girls who might want to join the nationals next year.


3 thoughts on “2013-2016: Six Alpha Crowns for the Philippines”

  1. MS. the pageant lacks of aadvocacy promotion. they are visible during or the approaching of finals night.MU,MW,NI,ME. advocacy wise. these are visible and transparent pageantry organization.


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