#MANicMondays: Mister Tourism World 2017, Joshua Lennet

25 year old Mister Tourism World is Borneo’s Joshua Lennet and he is the main feature of our #PhotoCollageoftheDay today…

* He is quite tall, standing at 5’11” (180cm) tall.
* He is a fitness buff winning Mister Fitness at Mister Universal Ambassador Malaysia in 2016 and Mister Physique at Mister Sarawak Ethnic London.

* One of his favorites quotes is “Things happen for a Reason”…
* He is multi-lingual, speaking English, Bahasa Malaysia, Sabahan, Sarawak Malay, and Kayan languages
* He obtained a Diploma in Civil Engineering at the UiTM, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak and an Advanced Diploma in Oil Production & Gas at the Institute of Petroleum Technology Petronas.


Sashes&Scripts Mister Tourism World Favorites

Here are the Magnificent 7 hunks that are my favorites for the 2017 Mister Tourism World title.

7. Borneo, Joshua Lennet
6. China, Weijian Zhong
5. Philippines, Angelo Adarlo
4. Australia, Bronson Johnson
3. Vietnam, Trần Mạnh Kiên
2. India, Kunal Arora
1. Italy, Ben Joseph Guevara

Heavy Contenders of Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017 Pt.2

After publishing the first part on the guys that I feel to be among the heavy hitters in this year’s Gentlemen of the Philippines competition, this is the second and final part of the two -part blogpost.

Two Possible Spoilers –  Paul Guarnes & Gerard Bonanza
These two are undeniably among the sexiest guys in the bunch, and that is without even trying. They simply are just that hot hot hot… Paul is indeed one of the guys we can call a threat to any of the contestants. He just can’t seem to dial down the sex appeal. Gerard has that face that looks sexy when he pouts but turns up the charm when he smiles. His good looks very arresting for this criminologist…

Mister Tourism WorldKeny Ong VS Miguel de Castro
These two are among the guys with good physiques in the competition. Its doesn’t hurt that both stand at a respectable 5’10”- 5’11” heights respectively. Keny’s journey is what we can say admirable. He was an underdog who was on the chubby side and transformed himself to this physically-fit and successful entrepreneur. Miguel on the other hand is growing on me day by day, he’s a true definition of a darkhorse in GotPh2017. An OR Nurse by profession, Miguel gives us reasons to visit the hospital to be taken cared off by this good looking fella… 

Mister Universal AmbassadorKevin Hernandez VS Argel Saycon
Arguably these two are among the well-rounded guys in the contest. Kevin stands at a veritable 6’1″ while Argel stands at a respectable 5’11”. They are just a couple of the favorites to win this year. Argel recently won the Darling of the Press award while Kevin bagged the Best in Swimwear at the preliminaries.

I’d have to say that these 12 guys (including the first six in  part 1) are ones to look out for. I also believe that we should be on the look out as well for Kristian Sarmiento, Aaron Sangcap and Christian Castillo. These for me could possibly be the list of the semifinalists that could battle it out for the titles at stake…

#MANicMondays: Hotness Overload of Okkar Min Maung

Mister Tourism World 2016 Okkar Min Maung has mastered taking insanely hot selfies and these photos are proof of it. He surely knows how to sizzle…

The hunk from Myanmar will be turning over his title in his homeland later this December. 

Mister Tourism World Okkar Min Maung in London

Mister Toursim World Okkar Min Maung has recently traveled to London as part of his duties as winner. The 5’11” hunk did a full schedule on his trip to the UK but that is not without sampling the local scenery that London has to offer.

At the iconic red telephone booths…

During his trip he served as one of the judges for the Mister Tourism World UK search. Okkar also went exploring the Royal Borough of Greenwich – where the Mister Tourism World Organization is currently based. Then he had a courtesy call to the Embassy Myanmar in London to discuss points to promote the culture and tourism of Asian nation to the rest of the world. Myanmar will be host this year to the Mister Tourism World competition later in November this year.

Okkar will be playing host to around 25+ countries in Myanmar this year for the 2nd annual Mister Tourism World finals. The pageant date is scheduled on the 4th week of November and will culminate in the finals on December 9th.

Tourism Tour of Mr. Tourism World 1st Runner-up, Sangit Shrestha

It must be cozy to have a tourism-focused international title under your belt as it guarantees you to travel… and we’re not talking just about the main winner but also for the runner-up!

Mister Tourism World 1st Runner-up, Sangit Shrestha has recently concluded a three country tour for the London-based male pageant. The tall hunk from Nepal who placed second to Okkar Min Maung of Myanmar (who is currently busy in the US with study commitments and who had traveled earlier in the year to Indonesia) was a special guest at the Mister Grand Continents Malaysia. Held in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia the pageant saw the Nepalese hunk in the first of his tourism tour. Next stop was his visit to the Philippines where he was invited to grace radio talk shows, walk the runway and appear at pageants as special guest. He visited Bohol, Siquijor, Boracay and Metro Manila before flying off to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

So far the Mister Tourism World is living up to its promise and advocacy in promoting tourism. We wish the organization more power in the years to come…