The Classy Miss Elizabeth Clenci

Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Elizabeth Clenci is a masterclass of chic and elegance. To call her classy Clenci is an understatement!

Elizabeth’s wardrobe in Miss Grand International is worth blogging about. Working in the fashion industry for a little over a decade now, I can honestly say that this is how a pageant wardrobe should be like. Liz is masterfully nailing every event with her choice of wardrobe. She has been very hands-on in the selection of her dresses and gowns to which she says, “I know what works for my body”. This is translated with very subdued but ultra-chic  styles. She chose silhouettes that complimented her body without overpowering her.

The wardrobe that she brought to Vietnam is truly enviable. Hopefully,  all our Binibini girls has taken a page from her strategy and that is to never an outfit that you cannot master…. and Liz does quite master her outfits with lots of class.


PhotoCollage of the Day: Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Winners for HIV-AIDS Awareness

The fight against HIV is a multi-disciplinary effort rooted in compassion, love, and a genuine desire to help others. The ever changing face of the epidemic demands a dynamism that can only be achieved with different sectors of society working together and the merging of various disciplines. Together, we can stand and make a difference. – The Red Whistle, @theredwhistle

In the spirit of love and acceptance, let us give our unwavering support to all those who are fighting the battle of HIV and those in the frontline of dealing with the crisis brought about by the epidemic. – Maria Angelica de Leon
In our commitment to forming a society free from barrier and stigma, let us encourage each other to take the bold step to make the right choices towards getting tested and finding out one’s HIV status. – Katarina Rodriguez
We shall empower each other to make the right choices – choices made in the spirit of love and acceptance for oneself, radiating towards love and acceptance for others. Empower others to know their HIV status so that more lives will be saved. – Chanel Olive Thomas

We shall tear down barriers and fight discrimination in all its forms and build a culture of acceptance of the diversity of the community. Acceptance will break the stigma of HIV and bring us closer to resolving the ever worsening crisis brought about by the epidemic. – Nelda Ibe
Let us commit our resolve in winning the battle against the HIV epidemic the Philippines is facing. Let us commit our efforts towards mitigating the spread of the epidemic and towards reconstructing the lives of those affected by it. – Elizabeth Clenci

Let us have open minds. Let us listen to each other’s hearts. Let us grow together, as a community, in love. With love, barriers collapse and authenticity is borne, and from here people can work together in synergy and achieve greatness. With love, we can solve the crisis of the HIV epidemic together. – Rachel Peters

Happy Birthday Queen Rachel!

Today we are extending birthday greetings to Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters! Wishing you all you desire in the Universe!

Fresh from the recent announcement that the Miss Universe tickets are now available online is the special day of Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters. Rachel, who is currently finalizing her trip to Las Vegas, turns another year older today. She has also been taking social media at a frenzy lately with the release of several pictures from her photoshoots… and proving naysayers that she is on tip-top shape for the upcoming pageant in November.

Good news to readers of the blog as well as I am part of the Sash Factor coverage team going to Las Vegas for the MU pageant! So we will be bringing you closer to the MU competition and watch out for our coverage!

Mariel de Leon: A Photogenic Face in Miss International

In Miss International winning the Miss Photogenic title is almost a guarantee of doing well in the pageant. After all at least 7 Miss International winners are also named Miss Photogenic (they are Alejandra Andreu, Consuelo Adler, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Paulina Gálvez, Goizeder Azua, Christie Ellen Claridge, Linda Hooks, Tania Verstak and Stanny van Baer). Countless others who have won the special award has also bagged a runner-up spot or at least a place at the semi-finalist. Would you believe that at least 4 MI 1st runner up winners were also recipient of the that special award? If Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon manages to win the Miss Photogenic award, she might find herself cruising towards the crown.

These latest released photos of Mariel by photographer Raymond Saldana show just how photogenic our MI bet is. The 5’8″ pop-opera singer gets her good looks from her parents who are showbiz royalty. She is going to compete against an expected 61 other candidates from all over the world. Mariel’s task in MI is going to be a tough one as no country has yet made a back to back win in the Tokyo-based pageant. 

The Miss International pageant will be held at the Tokyo Dome on November 14th. Tickets are now available at the MI website for the finals. 

Rachel Peters: Miss Universe Ready

Finally, after fans’ endless clamor for news and updates on Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters, her team has started to release some much awaited photos…

When asked on her remaining preparations prior to flying to Las Vegas here is what she had to say several days ago:
“I use the time I have left for the day, internalizing. I think it’s better that I don’t have to post everything I do for my training for the pageant in November. But we do a lot of things, like, pasarela, personality building, a lot.”
“I have a surprise walk, but I’ll be showing it in Vegas, I’m still working on it. The only hint I could give you is it shows, a lot, of curves!” 
No doubt about it, she is ready for the Universe…

Photographed by Seven Barretto 
Styled by Paris Roxas
HMUA by Jessica Bonoan 

Who is Afraid of Catriona Gray?

Who is Afraid of Catriona Gray? Well apparently everybody is. 

The latest behind-the-scenes photos of the campaign shoot for Jojo Bragais perfumes features Mister Philippines Man of the World and Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray. And guess what?
Catriona’s styling is so perfectly spot on! No wonder we are hearing insider buzz that if Catriona will enter her application to Binibining Pilipinas 2018, a number of returnees are re-thinking of joining in 2019 instead. Well, who wouldn’t blame them? It won’t be easy to knock down someone like Catriona. We have seen how diligent she is and how determined she is if she sets her eyes on something. However, if insider gossips are true that Catriona is indeed thinking of joining Binibining Pilipinas, albeit for 2019, then anyone thinking of joining should re-think their game strategy.

Catriona has the face, height and body, not to mention the fan-following to propel her towards Miss Universe. So you tell me, who shouldn’t afraid of Catriona Gray? 

Where in the Universe is Rachel Peters?

During the previous week’s triple send-off for Bb. Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon, Bb. Pilipinas Grand International Elizabeth Clenci and Bb. Pilipinas Globe, Nelda Ibe the glaring absence of Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters is most talked about. Later, she clarified her absence was due to allergies… But pageant fans are asking why so quiet on her preparations?

Well, here is what we know and have been told by her mentors. Rachel is currently at the thick of final preparations and polishing of her pasarela and wardrobe for the Miss Universe in Las Vegas. She is also perfecting her hair and makeup so that she won’t be reliant on hairstylists and make-up artists provided by the pageant sponsors. On the Sash Factor front, our heads are coordinating with other fans in the US to make sure that we all book tickets in a solid block seating to give louder cheers in Planet Hollywood. As for my part, I have contributed by giving Rachel the list of the MU organization chart for her to be familiar with the faces behind the pageant.

So there is no need to worry as Rachel is doing her homework diligently. Plus it would be too early yet to reveal her cards. All eyes on her, most specially her competitors. So I say, keep her cards close to her chest. At this point in time, pageant fans should be a little more patient. Rachel has to get in and stay in that Miss Universe head-space in the following weeks. All these clamor for her reveal is just proof that she is an anticipated competitor…