Male Pageant Winners & the Adult Film Industry Pt2

This is the second and final part of a 2-part series on male pageant winners and candidates who have appeared in the adult film industry.
While most male pageants are doing their best to elevate the image of the male pageant industry, everyone could find a lesson learned with the past errors illustrated in this post.

Michelle Merchán – he was a former candidate of Mister Handsome Venezuela in 2005. He became Maikel Cash after he joined the gay adult film industry and was at one time a gogo dancer is parts of Spain and other countries in Europe. He is signed with Lucas Entertainment.

Joel Garcia Osorio – he was named Mister Puerto Rico in 2014 but was almost stripped off his title following revelation that he had a gay porn video that was released prior to coronation. He was allowed to keep his title following clamor from the public for him to retain his title.
Osmar Sanjurjo Rivera – back in 2012, while he was still a teenager (around 18 years old) he was chosen among the candidates of Misters of Puerto Rico as Mister Teen Globe Puerto Rico. However he now goes with the name of Ashton Summers under gay adult film outfit Lucas Entertainment.

Ryan Oliver – he was named Mister Panama in 2009 but was later dethroned after he was found out to have had a couple of jack-off videos for a porn website called ‘Sean Cody’. He was named ‘Andy’ in those videos.

We can no longer do anything with those that have gone into careers in the adult film industry but what can be done nowadays is to ensure that a feasible career is given by pageant orgs to their winners. It is no longer enough that we see them crowned and post a selfie or two on social media. There is a need for pageant organizations to create a career path for these gentlemen as they set out to do their reign. Organizations cannot just crown winners and leave them off to fend for themselves.
Male pageant orgs and competitions are nowadays “dime a dozen” and it should be their responsibility that their winners should not leave their midst broken or unfulfilled.
Part 1 is on this link


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