The Ever Changing NDs of Miss World USA

(1958- 1961) Miss United States, Alfred Patricelli  – National Director
(1962 – 1966) Miss USA World, Alfred Patricelli  – National Director
(1967 – 1977) Miss World USA, Alfred Patricelli  – National Director
(1978-1980) Miss World America, Griff O’Neil – National Director
*(1981 – 1991) Miss USA 1st runner up, under the Miss Universe organization
(1992 – 1997) Miss World America, Richard Guy and Rex Holt – National Directors
(1998 – 2000) Miss World America, Hirsh Wilck – National Director
*(2001) – handpicked by Pageantry Magazine
* (2002) – handpicked by Jean Renard, National Director
(2003 – 2004) US Miss World, Bruce Vermeulen and Geoff Kearney – National Directors
(2005) US Miss World, Barbizon Modeling – License Holder
(2007 – 2011) handpicked by Elite Models – License Holder
(2013) handpicked by Miss California USA – License Holder
(2014 – 2016) Miss World America, Christopher Wilmer – National Director
(2017) America’s Miss World, Elizabeth Safrit and Lynne Scott Safrit – National Directors
(2018) TBA

Those are the names of the titles held by American representatives to Miss World and it still continues to evolve as different national franchise holders changes the titles. Earlier this month, the national directorship of the pageant has changed to Elizabeth Safrit and her mother Lynne Safrit. Elizabeth was a former Miss World 2nd Princess to Rolene Strauss of South Africa. This is the fourth change of franchise holder in a span of 6 years. Alexandria Mills had a different parent org when she won the Miss World title back in 2010 and in 2012 nobody knows who held the license for the US. The US has changed license holders/ national directors at least a dozen times!
* UPDATE (January  30, 2018) – Elizabeth Safrit announced in a Facebook post that she and her mother, Lynne, would be parting ways with the Miss World organization and would no longer hold the US franchise for the pageant. Her letting go of the MW franchise marks the 13th franchise change for the Miss World USA/ America title.

Their case is not unique as the Philippines also have passed on the license from Miss Republic of the Philippines, Mutya ng Pilipinas, Binibining Pilipinas and Miss World Philippines titles. The most recent change was the transfer of the franchise from Cory Quirino to Arnold Vegafria after she held the franchise for 6 years.


2 thoughts on “The Ever Changing NDs of Miss World USA”

  1. Alexandra Mills won Miss World in 2010. The winner of Miss World in 2011 was from Venezuela. Typo as well on the national director of the US in MW. One entry there mentions 1877 instead of 1977. 🙂


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